The Big Shift

Guest article by Mona Delfino of SacredReconnections

We are not victims of illness, we are creators of health!  Mona Delfino

The Big Shift

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have been observing so many of us on the planet (and working with their internal shifting) that I thought I’d share with you the current experiences, mainly because we are in Unity Consciousness more today than I have ever seen! As a healer, it pleases me to bring people together, realizing none of us are ever alone! To hear what others experience might give you a better understanding that you too might be feeling a certain way, or even get an idea of a better way to respond to your situation.

If you haven’t noticed lately, people are shifting inside on their perspectives, beliefs, emotions, and learning new identities through opening their minds to current events, as well as getting stronger within. Many people have had anger issues for a long time, or have been holding grudges from past experiences that hadn’t given them clarity… sometimes needing to forgive the past instead of being angry and holding on. So rather than telling you all the details that I’ve witnessed, I felt it was more important to share the “bottom line” simply by seeing the results on a daily basis!

For people to truly shift gears and start living a 5D life by not holding on to anger, disappointment, and all of those emotions that hold us back, we have to want to change. That’s the first step. This will change your body’s functioning. When you are used to old patterns, the body reacts. Therefore, the adrenal glands (fight or flight) have been taxed, and unfortunately, used to it… which is why so many are coming down with auto immune dysfunctions.

By making conscious decisions to surrender, that means we must let go of ideas that holding on to the past emotions is for our protection or safety. Actually, it’s just the opposite. Protection is a form of conditioning based in an idea that you are avoiding harm. However, it is a survival instinct that bears no encouragement for your future endeavors. It puts a wall up and refuses to accept signs to relieve you from the stronghold. That also keeps the flight or fight active, and rest is obsolete. The body needs calm to heal itself.

Today many people are fed up with not feeling well. Again, we are saying “enough is enough.” NOW comes surrender… a time when life is needing to be recognized as an open door. As we become more open ourselves about this process of surrendering the patterns, thoughts, ideas and emotions, we are more apt to thrive and definitely not survive! Survival takes effort. Surrender means you are clearly allowing yourself to walk your talk and hear more of what is happening around you without defense.

We are all changing, Chiron is just moving out of Pisces, which is sometimes called the poor-me sign and Pisces people are very emotional. Our emotions are what needed to be cleared in the past seven years. Chiron has been in Pisces since 2011 and now it is just moving into Aries, a fire sign and a sign of new beginnings. I think this energy will bring in a new way of healing ourselves and others.

Today, it is a more adjusting time to new love waves coming through that we are unsure of. Be assured: this Spirit is Love and we are now in the throes of recognition of it. Rejoice on the Pink Full moon on the 30th of April! Our time of love in Unity Consciousness has arrived! Stay loving, stay healthy,    Mona~

New Flash April 2018

The planets are very intense on this 13th day of April 2018 and will stay that way until the full moon of this month, which is on April 29, 2018. The sun is now in the fire sign Aries which is ruled by Mars. The sun plus Mercury, which is still retrograde until April 15, are in Aries along with Uranus and Eris. Mars activates a lot of energy, which can be either positive or negative. (I just heard on TV that the war energy of Mars was activated and the United States, France, and England are now bombing Syria). It looks like the negative side of Mars was activated. Syria is a possible trigger point for more war energy in the Middle East. Jupiter is over the Middle East right now and is activating the Aries sun.

It looks like the Saturn energy is being activated also because Mars is conjunct Saturn. The planet Saturn rules governments or structure. It looks like many structures are being destroyed by bombs right now. You may also be experiencing the Capricorn energy which makes you stay glued to the TV to see what is going on with your government, at least here in the United States. There are four planets in the Earth sign Capricorn which are Vesta the fire Asteroid of great power, Saturn, Mars the God of war, and Pluto the god of transformation. That is quite a full house and all of these Capricorn planets make a 90 degree angle to the Aries planets.

Along with all this intense energy, Mars and Saturn are opposing the sun in the United States birth chart. This is not the best energy to have affecting the United States. This can cause much challenging energy to arise and this energy has caused much chaos in our government. A lot of people are angry at what is happening in our government and this adds to the energy of chaos or destruction.

Scorpio rules the Middle East and the West Coast of the United States. Jupiter is in Scorpio right now and is affecting the Middle East and causing a lot of trouble in Syria. There are many people still fighting in that country which includes Turkey, Iran, Russia, and the United States. Israel also bombed that country a few days ago. Fighting does not solve anything. I can hardly wait until Mars moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius and Uranus moves into Taurus in mid-May. Hopefully we will start feeling a more peaceful energy at that time.

I was thinking about all the chaos that is going on in our government right now. This is caused by all of the disagreements going on in our government and the arguments that turn people against each other. Mars energy has been dominant during Trump’s presidency. I was reading a book the other day that was talking about anger. It says that Love is the creative force and Anger is the destructive force. Anger usually leads to destruction in one form or another and the anger energy has been dominant for a long time now. Destruction is considered negative energy. If you are angry at someone or something that means you no intentional harm, then this is also negative energy because it brings up the emotion of anger.

What happens when your anger is directed at another destructive action? You are allowed to get mad at injustice, cruelty and things of this nature. Still, the emotion you feel is one of destruction and is negative in its effect. You must use extreme caution when dealing with these negative emotions, even when they are intended for use in a positive outcome. This type of anger is sometimes referred to as “Righteous Anger” and although it can have its place, it has been the justification of much tragedy in our world.  The simple solution is to learn what causes you to be angry and then either eliminate the causes from your life, or change your responses to them.  The fastest way to change your life is to change your perception of things.

I always thought fear was the opposite of love and that people needed to release their fears to be able to manifest love. It is very good to release all of your fear although I now see how destructive anger can be in our world.  Anger is ruled by Mars and that has been considered the planet of war and violence. Mars rules guns and the violence caused by them. Don’t you think it is time to look at your anger so we can release all of that destructive energy and bring peace to our world?

The old needs to go out before the new can come in and we are going through that process right now.  It would be nice to use our power to create a world of love and peace. Out of chaos comes a new reality. Have you ever added up the letters in Trump’s name? The name Trump adds up to the number 16 which is the Tower Struck with lightning in the Tarot cards. He is doing a good job of manifesting chaos so a new creation can come out of this energy.

Manifesting love is the answer to creating a new reality of peace, love and unity consciousness. Instead of getting angry and adding that energy to the anger that is already out there, release it and think about peace. You could start seeing Mars as being the planet of peace. It did go through a transformation a few years ago when an Asteroid flew by Mars and got a little too close to it and caused a huge explosion of light which was beautiful to watch. Mars no longer has to manifest violence. The word love adds up to 18/9. The word anger adds up to 18/9.  This is a combination of positive and negative energy. Which energy do you choose to manifest, love or anger?

Keep calm as we move through this very intense energy. Release any anger you may still have inside of you and be grateful for everything you have. Create an attitude of gratitude, take a walk in nature. Talk to the trees and tell them you love them. Raise your frequency so we can finish moving into the higher frequency world. The wave of love is still on its way.      So Be It.

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I send blessings to all of you beautiful angels.      Love and Light    * Mahala  Gayle*

I am the yellow star Mayan Glyph

The She-Bishop Awakens

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Vesta was crossing the Galactic Center at the Easter Blue Moon and has now entered the Spiritual Rebirth sign of Capricorn, and so this is a potent time when new information may be received about her healing properties for human beings. She has been travelling with Mars also this year which brings a passion and energy to her mission and a uniting with the masculine energies. Vesta is the archetype of the Priestess and one area that is vitally important to her is the ‘rebalancing’ of the role of women within spiritual traditions.

On Easter Sunday, an article in the Sunday Telegraph (UK newspaper) entitled ‘Early Church gave Women First Chance to be Bishops’ caught my eye. How the newspaper happened to come to me is a miracle. A beautiful fresco has been restored in Italy which shows what appears to be a female Bishop. This can be gleaned from the gospels open around her and the Chi-Rho symbol above her head.

The fresco dates from the 5th Century and the name of the Bishop is Cerula. This is a variation of the name Ceres which was the first Goddess Asteroid discovered on the 1st January 1801 and astrologically embodies the 3 main Goddess Asteroids Vesta, Pallas Athena and Juno.

The spiritual position of women in all mainstream religions is one of the root causes of oppression and imbalance on our planet. This rebalancing is central to the Ascension process as is the Gnostic understanding that God resides inside ourselves and in everything. Some of the most insidious and damaging ideas about women have filtered down through patriarchal religion, that women are somehow dirty and tainted with evil. This is absolute nonsense of course, but is surprisingly deeply ingrained in our culture.

One only has to take a cursory look at the lives of Jesus and Mohammed to know that both were advocates of the equality of women. The two women who were interviewed for the newspaper article, Professor Joan Taylor of Kings College, London and Professor Helen Bond of Edinburgh University, have also made a documentary for Channel 4 (UK) called Jesus’ Female Disciples:  The New Evidence. I’m sure it will become available globally and it is well worth watching.

The documentary explores Mary Magdalene of course but also 2 others I hadn’t heard of called Joanna and Salome. All the evidence is from ancient sites in Israel and Palestine and the gospels, so it is in full view all this time but has been ignored. A big turning point came in Christianity with Emperor Constantine in the 4th century when a more militant style of Christianity came to the fore. Christ the Shepherd and the advocate of justice, which was his true nature, seems sadly to have been side lined at this time along with the role of the female disciples. The change in how women were represented in religious art for example was very marked, becoming completely invisible in some cases.

One stunning piece of evidence revealed is that the original ancient text in Greek says that a ‘Duo’ of 12 disciples were sent out. As in Noah and the Ark this was one male and one female. This apparently makes a lot of sense as culturally men would not have been allowed to anoint women who were strangers with oil or baptize them, which would have greatly limited their capacity to spread the word. Sending a male and female out together would make perfect sense and give the disciples a much greater chance of reaching more of the population with their teachings. I recently watched the trailer of the new Mary Magdalena film and it feels this will be a further step in setting the record straight.

This isn’t just about justice though, about the invisible voices being heard. There is a more profound issue that there can never be peace in our world, the Holy Spirit cannot completely descend through people of any religion, where this oppression still corrupts the heart. Justice and the eradication of oppression of all forms must therefore be at the center of our spiritual actions now.

Another incredible event which didn’t make the news this week was the Aboriginal ceremony of world peace and unity that opened the Commonwealth Games in Australia, with a white Migaloo whale swimming between all the countries of Earth and an Eagle taking flight across the world. The ceremonial dance showed the history of the Earth from when there was one continent Pangea until now where we have the world as we know it. My partner and I were weeping as we watched it, and so joyful because it really spoke to the heart and was very powerful.

It is gratifying to me that the Creator has a plan. As Vesta crosses the Galactic Center with Mars and enters Capricorn things are unfolding. The Mary Magdalena film will be seen by millions and attitudes will shift even further towards understanding the beautiful and pure nature of women in spirituality. Where we work together, as Jesus and Mary Magdalena did on deeper levels, miracles can occur.

Link to original article

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Ideas to share about The Event

Guest article by Dave

If you are an empath (sensitive), you are most likely experiencing the new energies of The Event. These energies are in our environment and have been manifesting through sensitive people as influences of intuitive change. They are subtle, yet present.

If you feel the energy, understand it, and are ok with it. Well, this article might not be for you. If you’re not quite feeling it, need some logical connection or need to explore if you’re comfortable with it, well, I’ve made some observations to share that you might find helpful.

What is important enough to share? Well, what this new energy is and how you are changing due to its presence. Particularly, I would like to help connect a few dots for you.

In order to do this (in text), I’d like to refresh your memory regarding 1) what energy is, 2) what Bruce Lipton taught us about DNA and 3) remember or get you thinking about how light works within the body. After setting this context, I’ll guess at what is unfolding.

Is there evidence of new energy?

First off, let’s look at what energy is. Here is a chart that I found to help remind you that energy is a wave, or particle, that has the capacity to perform work. Energy comes in all different wavelengths where only a small fraction is classified as visible light.

It’s important to note that we are all familiar with many different forms of this energy: Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infrared, etc. These different types of energy are around us all the time and many can be physically measured. Please note how small the band is for visible light (bottom of chart).

It’s also important to notice that the body can register the presence of different kinds of wavelengths. For instance, if you stand next to a fire, you will be able to feel the infrared radiation. Through your eyes, you see visible light. If you expose yourself to sunlight, the UVA radiation is what makes people tan (triggers the production of melanin).

As it turns out, the sun radiates a full spectrum of energy and it is not constant. Or, said differently, it is not always the same mixture of wavelengths all the time.

Physical Observation

Some of you might be following the work that Mrmbb333 does on YouTube and the experiment he started last summer. He lives in the Phoenix area and observed that street signs in his area where overly faded. Long story short, he purchased a UV detector so he could measure the UV levels. In time, he started talking about UVA and UVB. Just recently he posted a video about UVC that you might want to view. It’s just over 7 minutes long.

The key thing to note here is that he’s measuring UVC at ground level and, he is surprised by this. Should it be? Why is it? Is this bad? Good?

My Observation

Some things in life are relatively constant. For instance, the sun follows a consistent pattern across the sky – day in and day out. Stars stick together to form constellations that last hundreds of generations. When it comes to sunlight, we usually don’t think about the subtleties like the brightness or color hues we just see it as daylight. It’s either daylight or not. Simple on or off.

When it comes to analyzing the full spectrum of radiation that the sun emits, who’s to say that it will always be the same percentages across the entire spectrum? In other words, what if a year ago the sun was emitting a very small portion of UVC rays, which got absorbed in the atmosphere thus not making it to the ground to be detected. Whereas now, the sun emits enough so that these rays now penetrate the atmosphere far enough to be detected by us ground dwellers.

This should make you think about the other wavelengths too. What about x-rays and gamma rays that can penetrate structures? Has the composition of the other wavelengths changed? Might one of these other rays trigger the body to create a new type of melanin?

What might a change of this type mean to humanity?

What did Bruce Lipton teach us about the role of the DNA?

If you haven’t researched the work of Bruce Lipton, I would encourage you to take some time to do so. His work is unique and challenges the dogma of today’s scientific understanding of how DNA works.

His work shows that the DNA of a cell is a complex blue print that allows the cell to create molecules so that it can respond to changes in the cell’s environment. To be clear, the DNA is not the brains of the cell. The DNA is not some spiritual antenna that allows you to connect to something metaphysical. The DNA is a template for creating molecules that can be used in our environment.

If the DNA is used to replicate useful tools for the cell, when does it do this? Well, the simple answer is that it will do this when the environment dictates it. The environment triggers the cell to respond.

Why is this important? Well, see the previous section, our environment is changing.

How does light work in the body?

Well, many different ways via many different wavelengths. The body stays warm by ‘burning’ calories. It is the ATP process by which sunlight is released within the body to keep it warm. Another way is via the retina in the eyes. When a photon of visible light touches the retina molecule, the molecule bends so as to pass that signal along so it can be interpreted and processed. The retina molecules are specialized enough so that they pick up very specific wavelengths of visible light. Yet, these are just physical examples.

As many of you are aware, there are energetic systems that intermingle with the physical body but are not contained by the physical body. One example is the meridians or the chakra system. Another is memory. I’ll leave it at that. If you’re reading this far you probably are well aware of energetic systems within the body.

Yet, another system that has been talked about for-seemingly-ever is the human aura. Why is it that some people can see auras and others cannot? Do they not exist because some people can’t see them?

Do the chakras not exist because people, generally, cannot see them?

Now my questions

This makes me wonder. If someone is able to see auras, could they have been exposed to different energies which triggered their DNA to create retina molecules that are slightly different then normal retina molecules?

Likewise, with Empaths, were they exposed to energies that triggered their cells to unlock the DNA in order to produce molecules that could be used to sense other people’s energy at a distance?

People that play with and feel Reiki energy, was their DNA unlocked in a way that created molecules so that they can channel or use this energy?

My Guess

I have a feeling that the new energy spectrum that we are being exposed too is going to force our bodies to adapt. In the process of adapting, our bodies will instinctively build new molecules that will help it deal with the new energies. This may enhance existing systems or activate dormant systems that we already have.

What we have heard from many spiritual leaders is that the new energies will in fact activate dormant systems and trigger new abilities. We will be energized so as to be able to sense and perceive energies outside of our normal (average) experience.

Ultimately, the sun energy (or cosmic energy) has changed in a way that people are starting to notice. These changes will have an effect on all living organisms.

Lastly, light is just energy. What makes this energy interesting is consciousness. We are consciousness Beings that use light as a way to perceive. Light is the avenue by which we, as inner Beings, get to interact with our environment. It is the carrier of emotions and trigger for feelings. And, as we have all experienced, if you bring your conscious awareness to the activity of being sensitive, your interaction is greatly enhanced.

Reach out to others that are sensitive and see what they are doing to consciously improve their sensitivities and, if it works, do it and share. Practice.

Make this inevitable transition a conscious one.


Planet Alert April 2018

Happy holiday or holy days to everyone, enjoy the season of spring.  Easter is the holiday of the risen Christ and it is also a very beautiful time of year. The flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is shining and it is very beautiful here in Seattle. The egg is starting to crack and people are waking up because of all the high energy that has been flowing to Earth in this ascension process.

The young people are starting to wake up and they are saying “no more violence, we have had enough, enough is enough. No more shootings in our schools”. I am so proud of all those young people who attended the walk last Saturday at the beginning of The Holy Week of Easter. This is a very special holiday to Christians all over the world. It is the celebrations of the risen Christ.

Now we are in the Goddess energy which has the symbol of a white diamond consisting of two triangles, one pointing up and one down. The diamond Christ star first appeared over Norway several years ago. This is the star of the Goddess/Sophia. It is white crystal light in the form of a diamond.  Now it is time to manifest this Goddess energy, which is love. This is why all of the white crystals were reprogrammed this past January when the sun was at the closest point to Earth which was January 3, 2018. On March 26 a diamond star again appeared in the heavens. Here is a link to that picture.  Golden Cross as seen by KeleenaMalnar Facebook

We have been in the Ascension Event for a few weeks now and it has not been an easy time for a lot of people. I found it to be a very purging time as we released our challenges from the past so we too can become the risen Christ. This is what Easter is all about. It is time for many people to start vibrating at a much higher frequency where we can all become the risen Christ.

On this full moon of March 31, 2018 at 5:37AM PDT Venus will move into Taurus which is a more peaceful sign than Aries. Taurus is ruled by Venus. If we tune into the planet Venus at this full moon we may start to feel love energy in full force. Then maybe we can help other people who tune into the Mars/Saturn conjunction which is a challenging energy and also happens at this full moon.

There will be three planets in Capricorn at this full moon. They are Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Capricorn rules governments and their leaders. Mars conjunct Saturn is the energy of professional problems, frustrations, and is likely to activate legal battles and conflicts with authorities and government agencies.

If you have this aspect in your personal chart you may be subject to hardships, physical danger, or even arrest. In Donald Trump’s chart his Mercury is on 8 degrees Cancer. This upcoming aspect will be on 8 degrees Capricorn which is in exact opposition to his Mercury.  He will be feeling this energy very strongly and it is not the best energy for him.  When Saturn opposes your Mercury it brings up legal difficulties that can lead to depression and could cause ill health.  Adverse publicity is likely to affect his status and reputation. This energy will be in effect until the full moon of April 29, 2018 when Mars will be conjunct Pluto and oppose Trump’s Saturn. This is very strong energy.

It looks to me like Uranus is dominant in this full moon chart and Uranus rules light. There is a T cross in the heavens at this full moon. It is between Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Uranus is dominant because it is in the sign of Aries and so is the sun and Mercury. Uranus is making a square to Mars, Saturn and Pluto.  We have almost reached the end and we are in the time of major changes.

We are in the Ascension Event and the energy is getting stronger and stronger. There might be a large burst of light or love with this upcoming full moon. If not, it is still on its way to Earth. I know a lot of people who have been in a very challenging position for the past month or so. The end and the new beginning are now in sight so hang in there. Manifesting love is the answer to everything.

The world has been in a divided state for a long time. Here in the United States our government is divided. Our Congress is divided into the Republicans and the Democrats and they fight each other all the time. This will not work in the higher frequency Earth. United you stand, divided you fall. This divided state is the process we are in right now. Are you caught up in this process or have you learned to be neutral and watch the drama in observation mode?  Soon we may not have a government to rule us. We will have a new system based on community and unity consciousness.

I believe that Donald Trump became our president to take down our government and he is doing a good job of that. We should bless him for what he has done. Who else would want to do a job like that? All of the corruption had to come out into the open for everyone to see. We are going through the last paragraph of the 20th chapter of Revelation and the 21 and 22 chapters are all about the new heaven and the new Earth. We are almost there. Once this huge wave of light /love hits the Earth everything will change.

Many of us have held the light for a long period of time and it has not been easy. I would like to thank everyone who came here to help the world move into a higher consciousness. Even if the world seems like it is still dark and the drums of war are still beating, there will be no war. That cycle has ended. The ET’s who have been protecting us for a long time will not allow another war to happen because we are now in a new energy. Soon peace will reign on Earth because we will be living on a higher frequency Earth. Walk softly on this beautiful planet. Love is soft and gentle.                 So Be It!

Edgar Cayce Past Life readings are still available for a donation of $30. If this is something you might be interested in receiving check out the front page of my blog   and click on the button that says Edgar Cayce Past life readings. Thank you for your donations. I send my love and blessing to all of you!

***** Mahala Gayle *****

Preparing for The Event

Guest Article by Dave

As many of you can already feel, there is an energy, currently coming our way, that carries a sense of hope and reassurance that things are going to be ok. Specifically, with regards to the evolution of the human consciousness, you can probably feel the excitement. It’s like a birthing sensation and we, as a collective, are currently experiencing it.

Throughout the month of March, many extra-sensitive people have tuned into this energy and shared their interpretation. They have labeled it The Event. I encourage you to spend a little time researching The Event to see if you can feel what the others are feeling. I have. I can feel it.

If you are not familiar with The Event, by all means go and research it. After you have a reasonable understanding, come back here and read on.

No matter how many psychics, mediums or hypnotherapists you talk too, to truly feel what is going on, you need to get involved. Each person is going to need to pay attention to what is happening and make sure it happens in harmony with the divine spirit that is within each of us. It is a time of action. This energy is a call to action.

As many of you know, we are light Beings. Light is the fuel that moves us, it is the medium of memory and the tool of creation. Consciousness controls light. Light comes in all different wavelengths, we only see a small band of the light spectrum. If you look closely at the body, it is the perfect instrument from which we get to experience energy. Different aspects of the mind uses light of different wavelengths for specific activities. Thus, the addition of light means that aspects of our Being which has little light today may be greatly accentuated by the addition of new ambient energy.

As this energy comes in, we will be ‘amped up’. But the question is, will it be that our entire Being will be amped up, or will it be specific capabilities that will be enhanced? My feeling is that this energy will be holistic. If you feel like a candle today, you will feel like a spotlight in the near future.

With this as the background, there are three things that I feel impressed to share with all of you, 1) Be aware that your perceptions will change, 2) The Event will be of our own making and 3) We need to make it happen.

Kundalini Awakening Process

What has come to me intuitively is that the awakening process will be similar to the kundalini awakening process – with a slight difference. The key difference is that rather then being an individual going through the process, it will be a collective of people going through the same process. Why does this matter? It matters because to keep the kundalini flame lit, we need to work collectively – consciously – to hold onto the energy.

At this point, I would love to draw your attention to a shaman that I recently came in contact with. This practitioner is Deborah of Below, I’m going to link in all four videos that she’s shared on YouTube. And, I need to warn you that you will most likely be touched by her raw energy.

But there is a reason why I’ve brought these videos in here. In the videos she mentions that the energy awakening essentially ‘freaked her out.’ The experiences that came with the new energy flows made her experience things that are simply not part of the cultural norm. There are things that she can do with the energy that others simply don’t understand and, more importantly, can’t relate too. I have a strong feeling that what she has experienced could be a prelude to what people may experience on a global scale.

Also, if you feel a connection with Deborah, please let her know or consider showing your love buying a session. I have confidence that there is a divine connection there. She will see you and, if you are open, you will feel her.

Feel free to skip below these videos to see how we can manifest this great event!

The Peculiar Daughter My Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening-Part 1

The Peculiar Daughter My Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening-Part 2

The Peculiar Daughter My Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening-Part 3

The Peculiar Daughter My Experiences On The New Earth, The Event, and Some Messages

Manifesting The Event

The above information can help you be aware of what is coming. What follows here is an exercise that we should all be doing to help manifest The Event. That exercise is:

Allow yourself to be seen and See others

I’m sure everyone reading this article has done eye gazing and felt something during that activity. To make sure we’re all on the same page, when eye gazing is done properly, you will feel a lightening within the body starting around the heart. This activity is also known as bonding. It’s what instinctively happens between a mother and child when the mother takes time to look into the child’s eyes and allow herself to be felt. Babies do this naturally.

Even though mothers and babies do this naturally, it is a consciousness activity that can be done with anyone. The problem is that when you bond with someone, you will feel vulnerable to them and what they go through. If you unknowingly bond with someone, you might feel like you’ve fallen in love with the wrong person. Once bonded, you will feel what that other person goes through and you’ll be directly affected – connected – to their emotions. You will feel what they go through.

If you enter into this activity consciously, you can create intentional bonds with like minded people. When you do, it is very important to do so with intention. Both people need to commit to allowing the other person to ‘see’ into themselves and allow their inner Being to be illuminated by the light of the other. It needs to be considered and treated as a sacred activity.

In it’s simplest form, two people come together with the intent of allowing the other in. You may find that sitting directly in front of the other person is powerful and then allow conversation with holding eye contact. Both people need to commit – verbally – to telling the truth and then ask personal questions. Ask things that are private yet be gentle. All the while, you need to be aware of how you feel for the emotions that are projected from one person will be felt by the other. To make sure the bonding is not just one way, both people need to ask questions and both people need to have some type of emotional response that can be felt by the other.

Now, why is this important? When you are bonded with another person, you will instinctively feel what they are going through regardless of the words. It establishes the intuitive connection with another. It spans space and time. You don’t have to be in the presence of someone to feel what they are going though. Likewise, they don’t have to be near you to feel what you’re going through. It works both ways.

This instinctive connection will build a path of conscious intent for the new energies that are coming our way to travel. As it charges up one person, it will likewise charge up everyone that is bonded to that person.

This pathway will provide the connection as needed as a collective to maintain a higher state of energy. Looking back at the kundalini experiences, most people that go through this experience find that they cannot hold the heightened energetic state. The things that they are bonded too bring them down. As we move forward, we need to be bonded to enough people so that we have connections that can feed each other so that we are not brought back down by those that refuse to evolve.

It’s a chicken and egg situation. We won’t be able to hold the heightened state of energy if we don’t consciously come together as a collective and if we don’t put the energy into preparing for this heightened state, the state will never come our way.

Remember, we are light Beings and consciousness directs light. We have to consciously light our own flames and help each other keep that flame going.

Hoping you the best!


PS: If you understand and resonate with this information, please share it with people that are confident to create and teach others how to create these personal bonds.

The Second Blue Moon and the Rainbow Light Body

Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The Blue Moon on the 31st March is the second of this year and also falls the day after Good Friday and Passover. This is a beautiful event in the heavens marking the possibilities for a resurrection for humanity.

Firstly, the Blue Moon has a cardinal cross pattern which is a powerful transforming aspect. The horizontal arms of the cross are the Moon in Libra crossing to Sun and Mercury in Aries. The Spring Equinox is upon us, the seasons are changing but it feels this year a much deeper level of alchemical transmutation is taking place too. The top of the cross aligns to Sirius which is assisting this transition through sacred geometry in light.

At present, Vesta the Sacred priestess is crossing the Galactic Center and ahead of her are Mars and Saturn in Capricorn forming the base of the cross. This is about the control and structuring of life force energy. How will we create and sculpt our lives and creative forms as the new energies pulse into our atmosphere? The practical and grounding energies of Capricorn can be very useful at these times of major change. In the past few weeks I’ve seen quite a few pictures of goats clinging precariously onto cliffs – they are incredible climbers in seemingly the most impossible and hostile of environments.

What is really lighting me up at this Blue Moon is the line up of planets/asteroids in Pisces – Chiron the Wounded Healer showing us that we only get those breakthrough’s of light when we can look at our own suffering with love, become more human because of it. Juno the Goddess of the Sacred Marriage and mistress of alchemy is now joined with boundless Neptune whose high frequencies are purifying further our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Neptune can also make us a bit dizzy and dreamy. Its’ as if we are on an ‘albedo’ long spin in the cosmic washing machine. It is an excellent time for a physical detox – you may feel forced to do one through feeling unwell with toxic overload.

Hygeia and Astraea then follow closely behind. I have visioned these three walking in a Triangle with Hygeia holding the Chalice and Astraea the Spear which drips blood. This symbolizes the magical fusion of water and fire, female and male. This image of the Holy Grail appears in the story of Parsifal who sees this spectacle when he stumbles upon the Fisher King’s Castle. The first known version I recently discovered was by a Persian astrologer called Flegatanis and was transferred to the Western Mystery tradition by the Knights Templars. Fleganatis was a descendant of King Solomon on the matriarchal side. It is not recorded exactly what he saw in the heavens, but it is interested that it was a star transmission that things were about to change.

The Holy Grail is generally accepted as bringing health and immortality to those it touches. It can be seen as many things including a stone, a platter, a chalice or a spear. My feeling is in these Aquarian times we need to see our own bodies as the Holy Grail, capable of attaining immortal life through the emergent light body. Emerald and moldavite are the stones most connected with the many legends so it may be helpful to work with these to anchor and open the energies.

Juno completes the triangle with her headdress of Peacock Feathers representing sovereignty. It is sometimes useful to think beyond the Roman archetypes; they are central to our Western ways of evolving but there are other equally powerful archetypes we can tune into further back and across cultures. For example Hygiea’s symbol is the Caduceus. We could associate this with Isis as the alchemist who makes Osiris whole for example.

In the past year I have felt drawn to explore Christianity and attending church each week is giving me a much greater insight into the alchemical teachings of Christ and the awakening of the Light body.

The Transfiguration is one of the first times we glimpse that Jesus’s powers of healing are closely connected to light. He already knows he is going to die and is building his light body, with the assistance of Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene and his disciples in preparation for death and resurrection. It feels important to say this as the light body awakens in groups much more powerfully than single, isolated individuals. In following this path of death, Jesus chooses to ‘transfigure’ the shadow of the collective out of his love for humanity. Its’ astounding the more you contemplate it. One thing that is clear is that the light body cellular experience comes from this devotion to humanity, the willingness to take on the shadow of the collective.

The Last Supper and Holy Communion give us further insights. The blessing of food and wine (or water) is what creates light within the food and our bodies. The mysteries that have unfolded the past 5 years through Ceres are all about food – not just what we’re are eating but how we feel about our own body and food.

Food also has a special ability to help us overcome fear of others.  There was a program on recently about how the BBC World Service have a ‘bring and share’ lunch every week, with a representative of every country in the world. The buzz around this weekly event was amazing, and so much love and curiosity about other cultures and religions.

I feel food is going to be central in the awakening of humanity. There is however something even more important in the Holy Communion rite and that is that we are one human organism. When we truly feel this love for each other all violence and wars will cease.

I feel that the children and young people of America protesting against guns is a pure reflection of this beautiful awakening energy. As Martin Luther King’s Jnr grand daughter Yolanda Renne King says so eloquently “I have a dream that enough is enough. And this should be a gun free world, period”.

Venus has just entered Taurus, and as the ruler of love, plants and the heart centered color of green, this is wonderful news. In this position Venus is all about love and peace. The Cosmos is definitely lining up with Yolanda. In this image by Johfra, Venus shines as the Morning Star above Isis who holds the inner mysteries and Europa representing the world of plants. The duality of Gemini has been resolved by Eros who leads the two doves. Mars the god of war has fallen fast asleep.

I offer one to one chart readings, so please do get in touch if you would like some unique insights into your life. Email me at for more information.

I am co-facilitating a women’s retreat called Return to Innocence of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. There is a wonderful stone circle called Callanish where we will be visiting for summer solstice and many other places including a hermitage of Black Nuns who used to live in a remote part of the island. There are a few places left so please get in touch if you feel called to this wilderness island where the land itself feels untouched and innocent.


The Goddess does the Oscar’s

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The Oscar’s are always a good test of where Western society is at as ideas tend to appear first in the arts, and are then transmitted to the rest of the people. Astraea, Goddess of the Sacred Arts is in the big line up at this Pisces new Moon so it seems fitting to share this today.

We went to watch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in our 1930’s Cinema in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire where you can enjoy a mug of tea whilst watching your film. It’s a delightful experience. We were blown away by the power of the film, I barely slept that night processing it all.

The story, whether consciously or not, is based on the archetypal journey of Ceres. Her daughter Persephone is abducted into the underworld and raped and Ceres enters a state of despair where she brings a famine upon the Earth. That women have been dishonored is central to the healing of the land. This very much accords with the Kali Yoga period of history from which we are emerging. Ceres is in Leo this year and so becoming more visible in the world through this film is very apt. The success of the film speaks of the collective transmutation of ‘Ceres’ consciousness that is underway.

The transformation of the male characters in the story is very profound too, reflecting Pluto themes and the many ways men might react to ‘Ceres’ issues. The police chief who is dying is sympathetic to the central character’s despair, even though it is his name on the billboard. His sergeant, who is not very likable for most of the film, ends up being the hero after embracing love. It is truly brilliant alchemical storytelling.

The central character played by Frances McDormand, who won Best Lead Actress has many Pallas Athena traits as she is androgynous in appearance and mannerisms. She certainly breaks with what Hollywood has considered central to success of a film, a feminine, beautiful leading lady.  I like that the film challenges ideas around beauty. For me her intense grief creates a beauty in itself. There were also many older actresses presenting at the Oscars and so it felt like a real honoring of elder women all round.

Following hot on the heels of Three Billboards came The Shape of Water to our cinema. In the past year, many of us reading this are connecting with the ‘Fish people’. I feel them as an aspect of the Hathor’s and channel them often through gong baths and sound healing. They have a great resonance with whale and dolphin consciousness, healing flowing to Earth through the star Sirius.

By incredible synchronicity the day before seeing the Shape of Water I was reading about the origins of the fish gods’, also known as the ‘Fisher king’ in Persia, which is current day Iran and Syria. These mysteries were transferred to Europe via the Knights Templar and became our King Arthur Holy Grail mysteries. To direct our prayers and energy towards peace and healing in these areas of the world is of monumental importance in this big shift we are experiencing. Simply to acknowledge and honor the Eastern origins of our Western philosophies, medicine and spirituality is a great healing act. The true history of the world is being revealed and its’ just as the Mayan astrologers said it was. Transmissions from East to West and visa versa programme the ‘world brain’. The book I refer to is The Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Waters of Life by Mark Amaru Pinkham. It’s well worth reading if this is resonating with you.

The Shape of Water also reflects many unfolding Vesta themes this year as she travels with Mars such as ‘what is God or divinity’, challenging patriarchal ideas around the assumed superiority of white men as reflecting the image of God.

The Fisher King in astrology relates to Chiron, the Centaur and Wounded Healer archetype. There is a long tradition of the Holy Grail Guardians being wounded and yet also very magical and immortal beings. Transforming Chiron in our birth charts is one of the key bodies to shifting from a personal to a transpersonal perspective, readying ourselves for devoted service to the Creator and obedience to the Divine Laws of Creation. Chiron opens the key that turns suffering to compassion.

As if to give me a perfect reference point in social history for my intuitive thoughts about the Oscar winning films, yesterday we went to watch Some Like It Hot. Some Like It Hot is a 1959 American romantic comedy film set in 1929, directed and produced by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon.

It’s funny in a large part because the male actors, dressed as women, discover what women have to put up with being groped a lot. Marilyn Monroe is vulnerable, an addict and someone I would relate to in my twenties when I felt incapable of standing up to or saying no to men around me. Pallas Athena, who is the assertive part of us, was wounded I feel in both of us. I felt a sadness for her death and wondering how it was for her being the woman she was in the 1950’s. I’m sure she was considered a great icon for many women then. If that was your era I’d love to hear your views about how she influenced women’s rights or issues then.

I am co-facilitating a retreat on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides from 17-22nd June called ‘A Return to Innocence for women. We will be visiting the Callanish Stones at summer solstice along with other sacred site visits and healing practices. If you would like to see the flyer please email me.

I also offer one to one chart readings, please email at for further information. Many love and blessings.

Equinox Energy – It has begun!

Hi everyone,

I have been feeling the energy come in big time for the last two days. This is the strongest energy I have felt in a long time.  My whole body hurts and I know it is from the energy that is coming in right now. It looks like this might be the beginning of the massive energy that is expected this month.

With every Solstice and Equinox there is always a lot of energy that comes to Earth. This has been going on for a long time and that is why people celebrate at this time of year.  They celebrate to enjoy or ground the energy that comes in. Because the energy coming to Earth from the planets is so strong this year the energy coming in on this Equinox will be amplified and continue to be amplified during March and April. The Equinox is on March 20, 2018. We are already feeling the energy.

I received an email sometime last week that talked about the emerald light appearing first. Here is a picture from to March 10th, 2018 showing the beautiful emerald light that arrived.

I would like to share a few emails I have received in the past few days because I think you might be interested in them.  Here are the links:

The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will

March Amplifications: Solar Flashes and the Ascended Lightbody

NEW Embodiment Level Incoming Now by Denise

Coronal Hole in Sun on

Northern Lights

Love and blessing to all of you.

Energy Report for March 8th, 2018

Mahala and I recorded another Energy Report this morning. In that recording, Mahala read from and talked about a few articles and videos. Because it’s fun, I’ve duplicated the relevant information here in chronological order.

Here is the video. Below that is information that Mahala reads that you can follow along with if you’d like.

From Romeo Baron’s Facebook post:

“The Cosmic Event is Coming!

The Planetary Ascension – The Dimensional Shift – The New Earth

We stand at the threshold of a Great Dawning. There will be a massive wave of cosmic Golden Light that will completely descend upon our Earth, raising the vibrational frequency like no other. The Light codes will shine down and interpenetrate the density of matter, making it translucent, less dense. We will experience a dynamic re-calibration in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth’s grid system on a global scale.

This energetic wave pattern Event is what will trigger a radical shift in consciousness, activating our highest DNA potential. Resurrecting the ability for full regeneration that is our natural state. The activation of our bio-circuitry system, new neural pathways, and the recalibration of our DNA will trigger new perceptions, and new sensory impulses.

As our Earth transforms from the inside out which is a necessary purification, a great purge of all that is not in resonant with our ascending planet and all within us, the veil will be lifted, and our new earth will emerge. The formless will take form, the form that animates our divine blueprint. And we will perceive the world with unimaginable beauty. Multi-Dimensional reality and the interconnectedness to all things will be as clear as Sunlight.

Our majestic radiance of Cosmic Christ Light, Expanded Consciousness will set the world a Light in its magnificence. Our new Earth will be without fear, without war, without greed. In a safe custodianship of an awakened divine human species. Manifesting peace, love, light, and celebration.

Released and transformed, into a multi-dimensional, Soul Humanity. Conscious, Whole, and Free. ✨🌎✨

~Romeo Baron

Next, from Gary Stearman on June 9, 2015:

“Strange Trumpets – Is the World Being Warned?

Among the many strange phenomena we’re watching, a new development has emerged. There is a mystery afoot. For nearly a decade now, all over the world, people have begun to hear strange sounds … bone-chilling unexplainable, echoing, resonating, crashing, metallic clamoring racket. But it is most intriguing that many of them sound like a trumpet … or a chorus of trumpets. This phenomenon has forced many to think again about the coming apocalypse.

All over the world, people are experiencing strange, discordant music and noise from the earth and the firmament above. Sometimes, it comes from the sky as droning trumpets that sound notes in the lower to middle registers, but are nevertheless musical in nature. Lately, high-pitched trumpets are emerging. …”

Next, the video from Alison Coe

[Video link]

Yet again, the woman who lost her son that started receiving information. Two different videos.

This video is the first link: Message from the Other Side about FUTURE 2018, there are other videos too: Messages From The New Earth (EVENT) [Angela Gabrielle]

Next to last, the Easter article

Mary Magdalene and the Easter Egg.

“According to tradition, after Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, the Magdalene—a wealthy woman of some importance—boldly presented herself to the Emperor Tiberius Caesar in Rome to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with an egg in hand to illustrate her message.

Holding the egg out to him, she exclaimed for the first time what is now the universal Easter proclamation among Christians, “Christ is risen!”

The emperor, mocking her, said that Jesus had no more risen than the egg in her hand was red. Immediately, the egg turned red as a sign from God to illustrate the truth of her message. The Emperor then heeded her complaints about Pilate condemning an innocent man to death, and had Pilate removed from Jerusalem under imperial displeasure. …”

Finally, the “Snow White” link from Wikipedia information.

(225088) 2007 OR10 is a binary trans-Neptunian object orbiting the Sun in the scattered disc, approximately 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) in diameter. It is the fourth-largest known body in the Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune,[9][10][14] and continues to be the largest known body in the Solar System without a name.[15]


Brown nicknamed the object “Snow White” for its presumed white color,[16] because it would have to be very large or very bright to be detected by their survey.[15] By that time, Brown’s team had already discovered “seven dwarves“: Quaoar in 2002, Sedna in 2003, Haumea, Salacia and Orcus in 2004, and Makemake and Eris in 2005. However, 2007 OR10 turned out to be one of the reddest objects in the Kuiper belt, comparable only to Quaoar, so the nickname was dropped.”

And yes, the affiliate link to the Pure-Light website

Have a great day!