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The Appulse Lunar Eclipse

by Alison Dhuanna

Insofar as none of us could ever access the full picture, therefore complete knowledge, we must interact with others to listen and to share our own ideas. The quality of these interactions is inextricably bound to the quality of the communication methods used. We learn that linguistics have great importance, yet so too does the technology that allows the exchange of words – the printing press, telephone wires and the Internet for example.

One of the key forms of communication being explored in my online Venus Moon Mystery School is Light Language through voice, gesture and intention. I have an Astrology Conversation every week on an asteroid or TNO that is active in the cosmic download of the moment and Aquarian style healing ceremonies. You can join me by subscribing to from $55 a month and also have access to my Gene Keys programmes.

My website is where you can check out my readings.

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