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I am excited to share that we are now offering Lunar Return Reports. My son is providing these reports which are based on the work of Horacio Valsecia. They can either be emailed to you or placed on a personal account on the website that only you can log into.

Each Lunar Return is composed of two parts: A Wheel and a Report. These are two separate PDF files.

The package that we’re selling here is your next 3 full reports, the current return that you are in and your natal wheel. Because each Lunar Return covers a 28-day period of time, the four reports will cover at least 74 days and maybe up to the full 112 days.

Please note that the One Year Subscribers will also receive these Lunar Return reports (as well as many others). For about the cost of a year’s worth of Lunar Returns, you can become a member and receive all the Lunar Returns along with all the other reports that are published for Community Members.

Here is a video he put together to give you a better understanding of this particular  report.

In order to get an accurate report, we will need to know exactly when and where you were born. This includes the exact time of day. If you do not know the time, the report will not be very useful for transits involving the moon are very time sensitive.

If you want to ask questions about the process or seek more information, feel free to email Dave at AmorStyleYoga @ Hotmail dot com.

Ordering Process:

Step one, fill out the Lunar Return Report form (below). Step two, pay via Paypal at the bottom of the page. (If you would like to arrange other payment options, please email Dave.)

Note that when you press the “send” button in the Lunar Return Report form below, the website will automatically (immediately) send both you, and Dave, an email. That email will be from reports at Mahalas Astrology dot com. The duplicate information will be sent to AmorStyleYoga at hotmail dot com. Please make sure that these emails don’t end up in your junk folder or, better yet, mark these senders as safe.

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The information needed to create your report comes to us when you click the “send” button above. Once that happens, you can complete the transaction by adding it to your cart (button below) and checking out via PayPal. Note that when you add this item to your cart, the page will refresh and the item will show up in your cart so that you can checkout via PayPal. Once the PayPal transaction has come through, we’ll run your report and send it to you in email.

Paypal $27.27 +  $2.73 tax = $30.00 (required):

Special Note

If for any reason you are unable to fill out the form above, the process can be handled via email. If you’re familiar with Paypal, just send the donation to AmorStyleYoga at Hotmail dot com. Then, email your birth date (month, day, year), time of birth (include am/pm), location of birth (city, state, country) and current location (city, state, country) to the same email address.


All astrology reports are based upon the position of the planets. Every person is born in a specific place at a specific time. At that instant in time, the planets influence your life. At any moment in time after that, the planets will continue to influence your life, and you’ll get harmonic or in-harmonic relationships with the birth planetary configuration. As time goes on, there are critical days or cycles that we all have that seem of have a more significant influence upon us. If you are aware of the cycles that you’re in, you can learn to anticipate them beforehand.

Now, when it comes to the Lunar Return, astrologers have discovered that when the transiting moon comes into conjunction with the natal moon, the energies described by all the planets in the chart seem to have an effect on the person for the entire moon cycle. The energies tend to be more feminine and revolve around emotional situations. Particularly, if the moon plays any type of major role in your natal astrology chart or if you feel like the moon moves moods within you.