Soul Connection Series

From Mona:

I am hosting a series called “SOUL CONNECTIONS” that you are welcome to join in with! There are different topics and replays for those who cannot tune in on the live call. Just go to the website (Sacred Reconnections) and sign up there, and you will receive the call-in number. THIS month, it’s on “The Meaning of Dreaming.” It starts at 4:30 PST. I hope you can join us!!

Details from her new website…

Soul Connections Details

Soul Connection is an Ongoing Series

 Through December 2018.

Connecting with your soul desires, Mona will help you work on your life purpose with monthly connections to the differing aspects of the inner work to reach your soul desires and purpose. Each month, Mona will delve into different aspects of ways to connect with your soul. She will help you to also connect deeply with your feminine power and create a stronger sense of self and creating a lightness of being.

** Replays available after the call. 

$10 / Month Online Session 

Sign-up available after each month.

  • September 21st – Crystal Clarity and Healing
  • October 19th – Hidden Fears / Shadow Self
  • November 16th – Thankfulness
  • December 21st – Opening to Your Higher Self: Year End Wrap Up: 2 hour call 

Let this month of August bring you a new receiving energy of that which is lovely, benevolent, and peaceful!

It feels like this event will be a fruitful one.


News Flash August 2018

I am writing this article at the time of the Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018. The major event connected with this eclipse is the fact that the sun and moon are both on 18 degrees Leo. This is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This is the time we have been waiting for and it has taken us 19 years to reach this point.  Let’s take advantage of this degree and open our hearts and let love flow through us. We just walked through the Lion’s Gate and who knows what is now ahead of us. We have entered the unknown.

We are in the time period where the Bible says “two people will be in the field, one will be taken and one will be left.”   This sounds to me like there will be a separation between people who are on different frequencies. Maybe we will just wake up one day in a different reality and start living on the New Earth. It’s like turning to a different station on the TV. We have been watching one station for a long time and all of a sudden we change stations. The frequency of the higher reality is heart centered energy. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you manifest heart energy.

The information about the separation is in the 24th chapter of Matthew. If you read that chapter I am sure you will find it very interesting because it talks about what we are going through right now. The Holy Land spoken of in that chapter is the United States because we became the ruler of the world. It says in that chapter that we will see the sign of the son of man in the heavens and he will come in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  Have you seen any UFOs lately?  There has been a war in the heavens between the light and the dark ships for a long time. The light ones do not fight. They just put up their shields and the negative energy goes back to the dark ship. The light has won and we will soon see beautiful light ships in our heavens.

There are different types of beings in the ships although I think the majority look just like us. We were created by ETs that look like us who are called the Anunnaki. Enki and Enlil were two brothers who came to Earth and the Old Testament in the Bible is the story about what happened at that time. Enlil is called Jehovah and Enki is called Yahweh. Jehovah was a fierce fighting god and Enki was the one who wanted to help his people because Enki and his sister Ninhursag were the ones who created us. Actually it was a group of people called the Elohim. Ninhursag was the one in charge. The Elohim were creator Goddess.

Most of the Anunnaki left Earth when a nuclear war happened although there were a few who stayed here. Scientists have found evidence of this war in the Middle East.  Babaji was one of the ones who stayed here and he was the son of Enki. If you are not familiar with Babaji look up the information on the Internet. He is one of the masters living in the Himalayan Mountains who has been here for thousands of years. It is my understanding that he was the teacher of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. If you are interested in more information about the creation story read “The 12th planet by Zecharia Sitchin”.

I recently had a dream that there was a major celebration happening and we were preparing for it by decorating for Christmas. Everyone in my dream was very happy. I woke up happy. Now this was just a dream but I think we are close to a major change. We are at a turning point right now with this eclipse being on the degree of Christ Consciousness. I believe we will see many changes between this eclipse and the fall Equinox, which is on September 22, 2018. The major festival of Sukkoth (harvest festival) starts on the full moon of September 24 this year. That is considered a very special holiday. It would be nice if this was the holiday in my dream instead of Christmas. Maybe my Christian upbringing had something to do with creating Christmas in my dream. Anyway, there is a celebration coming soon.

Now, what are the planets doing between now and the Fall Equinox? For the past five days I have been very electrical and have had bolts of electricity running through my body. This has not been fun. Has anyone else experienced that energy? We start feeling a solar eclipse for about a week before it happens. This eclipse has the dark moon Lilith exactly on top of Uranus (the electrical planet) on two degrees Taurus in a square to Mars in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. I looked at that aspect and said to myself “no wonder I have been so electrical for the past few days.”

The Uranus/Mars aspect is also making a trine to Saturn on three degrees Capricorn.  Because Lilith was conjunct Uranus at the time of this eclipse she is giving Uranus the power to change things in the government of the United States.  Because this energy also tunes into Jupiter in Scorpio, more scandals have come to light in our government. A few days ago Rep Chris Collins was accused of being an inside trader and is now in big trouble. Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing issues from the past out into the light for everyone to see.  Mercury is also helping Uranus  bring up old issues by being retrograde. Mercury turns direct on August 19. The planets do not really turn backward in the heavens; it just appears that way to the people on Earth.

Right now there are six planets retrograde and when they are that way it is like they are spinning their wheels and going nowhere. Jupiter and Venus are considered good planets and they are not retrograde right now. This means that we are having help from those planets. Mars will move into Capricorn on August 13 and stay in that sign until September 10.  This eclipse will give Mars a lot of energy to change things in our government. Mars is the planet of action. It says “Let’s get things done”. Uranus just turned retrograde in Taurus on 8 8 8 the Lions Gate (August 8 2018). Isn’t that interesting? Maybe Uranus was holding the light for us to go through that doorway.

Now Saturn, Mars and Pluto are all in Capricorn and in aspect by declination. These are considered the three challenging planets and being they are all in Capricorn we will see much activity in our governments. From now until mid-September the Asteroid that causes chaos will be in a square to Vesta, the powerful fire goddess. This goddess says it is time to get things done so let’s work with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto to bring about a lot of changes

Vesta is in the fire sign Sagittarius and look at all the fires that are burning in California and around the world right now. There are also a lot of volcanoes that are erupting and shooting out fire. Sagittarius also rules judges, trials and lawsuits. Here in the United States we are going through some very powerful court trials right now which will change our government. Do we really need people to control us? Isn’t it time to jump out of the Matrix and become free?

The degree of the sun and moon in this eclipse brings in the energy of Christ Consciousness and it also brings in the energy of a party.  This degree brings in the enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behavior. Maybe this is why I had a dream of a large party where many people were very happy. We do live in interesting times.

Be ready for anything to happen. We could be living in a higher reality tomorrow or before the end of 2018. Who knows exactly what will happen? It is time to stand in your own power, manifest love and light and shine your light for all to see. Live in Unity Consciousness.  We are at the time of the end and the new beginning. The time is now!   So Be It.

I send you my love. * Mahala Gayle *

Mundane Interpretation of the Bitcoin Natal

In my previous Bitcoin post, The Personality of Bitcoin, I showed how I got to the birth time and location of Bitcoin. I then ran a standard Cosmo Natal Report on that time. Reading the report as if Bitcoin where a person, the personality traits seemed to fit.

In this post, I’m going to look at the wheel as if it’s a collection of people, or an organization, so that I can look at it in a more mundane way.

Here is the birth chart again.

For those of you that like the information in data form. I’ve included the basic data at the end of this posting.


Because we have a first mined block time and a reasonable time zone, the houses can come into play for the interpretation.


The Sun is 13 degrees Capricorn and positioned in the 6th house. The Sun is going to represent the types of energies that will drive the leaders of the Bitcoin movement. Over time, these leaders will show the characteristics embodied by this location. As it turns out, the 6th house represents service to the community. It’s a location that brings out public service, political stability, good health, financial solvency and alignment with labor unions. All this is positioned in a sign that wants to bring up responsibility, discipline and self-control. There is the possibility that this group could come across as know-it-alls or condescending, but they are committed to quality craftsmanship. The influences here would say that they take their position seriously. The energies hint that these leaders will make realistic plans and deliver on them.

The ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn which sits in the 3rd house indicating that the restrictions that the leaders of this movement will have to overcome will be related to communication and government. On the communication side of things, they will probably be restricted on all forms in all ways. This 3rd house also deals with authors and philosophers suggesting that the leaders of Bitcoin will end up having to deal with core philosophical issues. As we all know, when you challenge someone’s philosophies, you’re in for an eye opening debate.


The Moon is 4 degrees Aries positioned in the 9th house. The Moon is generally thought of as the planet that represents the energy of the common person. It represents how the commoner will see the situation and what their attention will be drawn too. In this case, we’re dealing with a house of higher thinking and intellectual pursuits. This Moon suggests that the people’s attention will be brought to focus on legal issues, courts, philosophical debates (involving professors and other intellectuals) and involvement from universities. People will see long distance connections, including commerce and diplomatic behavior.

On top of that, the Moon is sitting in Aries. This is going to set a fire under what the people witness and experience. The people will be optimistic, passionate, determined, impatient, moody, short-tempered and aggressive. Inactivity and delays will rub the people the wrong way. People will expect results and good competition.

To complicate matters, the Moon is square both Mars and Pluto. When it comes to the Mars situation, the people will find in your face confrontation. Mars rules the disputes, strikes and conflicts. Pluto represents change and rebirth suggesting that the people will find the aggressive situations that force deep changes to how things are done. Pluto also represents the energies that exist in the darkness or hidden places in life. There will be influential energy from the space of organized crime and the political underground.

The Moon is also sextile Mercury suggesting that the channels of communication will be fundamental to how the people see this Bitcoin environment. The people will most likely depend heavily on what they are told and, because it’s the Moon, they will most likely react emotionally rather then rationally.

The Planets

When it comes to the planets, we could follow the same progression of thinking and outline each one, but I would rather skip ahead to a few aspects worth considering. If you would like me to cover the individual planets, just let me know.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn

Here we have an amplification situation in the 6th house. As we see above in the section of the Sun, this house deals with civil service, financial solvency, trade unions and the like. Yet, with this configuration, we’re combining all matters of communication with the planet that tends to amplify the scope of things. Jupiter tends to deal with religious leaders, judges, the nation state, national inquests, the nations wealth, banks and bankers. Seeing that Bitcoin was designed to confront these particular institutions, this conjunction will most likely take the fight directly into the mass media.

It’s also worth noting that this conjunction is on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius. Jupiter is sitting on the edge of an Earth and Air sign showing that there will be conflicting energies as to how the influence will work out. At times, we should see the Capricorn energy showing the project as responsible and controlled. At other times, we’ll see it as more progressive, original, temperamental and uncompromising. I would expect that we would look for transiting planets to see how this situation will be triggered.

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

We have another amplification situation sitting at the first few degrees in Capricorn. This time it brings up aggressive transformations for the 5th house. What does the 5th house represent? This house represents elements of the ‘high society’. This includes all things that are speculative in nature including investments, stock exchanges, sporting events, gambling, sexual conquests and the like. This house can be thought of as being connected to amusement, entertainment and pleasure. Pluto, being the planet of change and rebirth shows that this energy will have an aggressive transformational influence over the speculative aspects that people deal with. Seeing that Bitcoin is a financial instrument, it would seem that it will directly confront the financial sector.

Venus on the cusp of Pisces

Venus is going to represent the more feminine energies associated with this project. It brings in energies that are artistic in the areas of entertainment, sports, music and peaceful resolutions. It is the artistic expression that we should see and the relationships that are formed.

Let’s first look at the signs. I say signs, because it’s just barely moved into Pisces which will accentuate the watery emotions. We should see times when the feminine energy behind this project is very compassionate, artistic, intuitive and wise. Yet, because it’s water, we should see just as much time where the energy triggers fear, the desire to escape and or victim mentality.

Then, because it’s on the cusp, we might see other times when Venus carries Aquarius energy which will make things look progressive, independent, humanitarian, temperamental, uncompromising and aloof. When it comes to these highly emotional situations, we may find situations where people feel like promises have been broken.

Now, this potentially bipolar emotional behavior sits in the 8th house of death. The energies associated with this house deal with public mortality, financial relations, foreign countries, the beliefs of the masses, fatal accidents, gold, capital gains, floods, earthquakes and cyclones!

To go with all this, the ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune. Neptune is just outside a conjunction sitting in the 7th house in Aquarius. The 7th house deals with foreign affairs, relations between countries, political or commercial relations. It’s about foreign business, affairs and agreements. Neptune represents the energies that center around socialism and communism with specific highlights being linked to mobs, secret plots, sedition, fraud, swindling and all illicit undertakings.

This pair of planets, leads me to believe that the catalysts for the emotional swings that will accompany this project will be triggered by aspects to Neptune and Venus.

Uranus opposing Saturn

Here we have Uranus 19 degrees Pisces in opposition to Saturn at almost 22 degrees Virgo. Uranus is going to represent tensions related to everything political. It can be rioting, fascism, individualism and right-wing political ideas. Yet it also touches on scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Uranus is sitting in the 9th house which rules the judicial system, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, scientific institutions and long-distance travel.

Saturn is going to being up lessons that are painful, particularly on a public scale which can cause widespread sadness. Saturn tends to represent land, farmers, mines, metals, minerals. Saturn is also sitting in the 3rd house which represents physical locomotion and communication. It’s all means of disseminating information. Particular, it’s communication between the government and the people, democracy and peace talks.

Both these planets are going to be going head-to-head with the emotional overflow triggering Neptune in Aquarius.


This project has, at the root of it, strong self-confident leaders that have taken on the energy of public servants. They are confronting strong political energies which will have a large emotional impact on the people and the battlefield looks to be in the realm of communication. Ultimately, there will be deep judicial and political lessons to go through which makes for a very emotional experience.

I look forward to hearing how you all interpret Bitcoin’s natal chart and stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll write about some of the transits before too long!


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Reference Data

Bitcoin Natal

January 3, 2009

6:15:05 PM

Greenwich, England

Calculated for:
Time Zone 0 hours West
Latitude: 51 N 29
Longitude: 0 W 00

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     position  is  13 deg.  31 min.  of  Capricorn
Moon    position  is   4 deg.  33 min.  of  Aries
Mercury position  is   2 deg.  48 min.  of  Aquarius
Venus   position  is   0 deg.  15 min.  of  Pisces
Mars    position  is   5 deg.  36 min.  of  Capricorn
Jupiter position  is  29 deg.  34 min.  of  Capricorn
Saturn  position  is  21 deg.  46 min.  of  Virgo
Uranus  position  is  19 deg.  19 min.  of  Pisces
Neptune position  is  22 deg.  31 min.  of  Aquarius
Pluto   position  is   1 deg.  21 min.  of  Capricorn
Asc.    position  is   8 deg.  58 min.  of  Leo

Return to Eden

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As the longest Total Lunar Eclipse for a Century covered our whole Earth on the cusp of Red Cosmic Moon Galactic Year beginning, it took humanity into the heart of our origins. I had a literal ‘Return to Eden’ in this period visiting the River Eden, which runs South to North, in the North of England. Far more than that a somatic body return to a point of conception and the opening of the Holographic universe at a much deeper level than I had previously experienced occurred. Inner and outer Eden met in perfect precision in the Womb of Gaia.

The Partial Solar Eclipse on the 11th August takes place in Leo and it has strong energetic connections to the annual Lion’s Gate opening and the rising of Sirius. The Sphinx is a representation of a sacred astrological axis of the Lion Leo and the Human Aquarius.  This theme of individual creativity balanced with Collective service has been an unfolding theme for the past few years with many of the eclipses falling on this axis.

The eclipse is conjunct Pallas Athena and Mercury suggesting that confident communication and assertiveness is important right now. We have seen another wave of strong women rising to meet political challenges in the USA, Britain and elsewhere and I saw on Facebook an awesome performance by a very ‘Pallas Athena’ woman from Americas Got Talent who went viral. All good stuff showing shifts taking place in mainstream consciousness. Our mantra for communication should be ‘how can we synthesize instead of polarize?’.

The eclipse is opposing Mars making its closest approach to Earth. In my last blog I posted a poem about The Red Troubadour. As I climbed a narrow path of the ‘folding and furling’ red sandstone bank of River Eden, where ancient Guardian faces had been carved, perhaps thousands of years ago, I experienced being inside the Red Cape of Mother Earth and her being the Red Troubadour. At night then as the Blood Moon eclipse drew closer and Mars shone like a ruby on the horizon, I had the intense feeling that we are in the ‘Rubedo’ phase of alchemical transformation.

Rubedo means ‘conjunction’ and the Red Phoenix. This red phase of alchemy begins with the Alchemical Wedding of the Sun and the Moon which is an eclipse. On their wedding night the vessel is heated to increase their passion and the two become one in the fires of love. As fixed Philosophic Sulphur and volatile Philosophic Mercury unite, matter dries completely and becomes a bright, red powder. Within this intense fire of passion, they conceive their child The Philosophers Stone. We all have within us a Philosopher’s Stone which is the perfect fractal of self-revealed by astrology.

Along the River Eden is also a wonderful stone circle called Long Meg and her Daughters. At this stone circle we witnessed a Mother Buzzard teaching her two fledglings to fly. Their cries were incredible and finally one flapping its wings wildly managed to rise above us. That night I dreamt of a Rite of Passage between a Mother and her Daughter. This felt very right for the times because a lot has been coming through the Goddess Asteroids about the importance of Rites of Passage and the sacred relationship with our parents. I am aware for some this is a difficult place, but in my experience it also possible to do Rites of Passage as an adult to rebalance childhood and adolescent issues. For some ten years I was part of a clan that practiced The Four Shields tradition which was birthed in the USA by Meredith Little (link below). We always have a Cosmic Mother and Father we can connect to if our own parenting had gaps.

Eden is a place within our DNA which was created at the time of our conception in a supernova of energy as the sperm of your Father entered the Ovum of your Mother. I was therefore delighted to see that the Holy Grail Goddess Asteroids Astraea and Hygeia along with Chiron are in Aries in the 6th house of the body for this final eclipse on the 11th August. What does it feel like when the Holy Grail opens inside you?  Its feels Holographic in nature and that you are continuously being deeply fed and nurtured by spirit. I have found also the ritual of Holy Communion taken regularly in great awareness of being ‘One Body’ with all other living beings a powerful and beautiful way to open this part of ourselves up.

Ceres is in Virgo at the moment exactly 30 degrees away from the eclipse and so this takes us very powerfully into the primal issue of food. Synchronicities with the ‘Bread and Loaves’ are continuing and it feels that to contemplate this story is to open up a great mystery of abundance. What is interesting about this story is that the following day after feeding 5 thousand people, the crowds were asking for another miracle to prove they should follow Jesus. It sounds like people haven’t changed much in 2000 years. Many people are starving spiritually and yet the answer is just a thought, a feeling away all the time. Stop focusing on material wealth and focus on human relationships and service and it will all come good. My prayer is that this eclipse will bring people a much-needed sip from the Holy Grail of spiritual nurturance. Ceres is forming a Grand Trine in Earth with Juno Goddess of Sacred Relationships in Taurus the sensual sign of love, and Pluto in Capricorn bringing in the powerful Phoenix energy of rebirth.

For Red Cosmic Moon year, I’m going to offer ‘Rites of Passage’ readings and ceremony to people in person in the North of England or through internet/cd communication overseas. This can be done alone or with a parent or child.  The process of ‘initiation’ is triggered in our body clock around age 9 years and a Rite of Passage can take place any time after this. The process will differ for each person depending on the issues. Please email me at for more information. I continue to offer my usual readings by CD.

If you missed The Red Troubadour here she is again

The Four Shields Initiation process –

Mahala’s Astrology Community Update August 2, 2018

There are three new posts in the Community. If you bought a One Year Subscription, you’ll want to read the first one. I need to gather a bit more information in order to run a Solar Return for you.

Get Ready for a Solar Return Report


The Cosmo Forecast Reports have been posted

Finally, a question was asked by a Subscriber regarding locating current planetary positions in the Natal Wheel. Here is a link to that posting.

Locating Planets in your Natal Wheel

What’s coming?

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Partial Solar Eclipse August 11th, 2018 (part II)

By Dave

In Part I of this post, I looked at the astrological aspects that will be playing out come the Partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th 2018. In this post, I’m going to look at where these influences will have the greatest impact.

Part II

Now, who gets to see this show? This is where Mahala’s map comes to play.

As you can see, the main eclipse conjunction has the front side centered mid-Atlantic. The longitudinal lines extend all the way down through eastern Brazil in the Rio de Janerio area on the south side. The opposite location aligns with north central Australia and extends up through Papua Indonesia and up into Japan just south of Tokyo. Look for these areas to know what needs to be done and they act accordingly. A major news article or report (since we’re dealing with Mercury) may come out in these areas that shows progress towards a solution.

The square from Jupiter starts from western Madagascar up through Somalia, Yemen, directly over Riyadh Saudi Arabia, nearly over Baghdad Iraq, through western Iran, Armenia, Georgia, and straight up to just east of Moscow Russia. This is an area where there will be an abundance of stubborn energy that is going to fight or die trying. Yet we know that it’s all words, intellectual (Mercury in Eclipse).

The Quincunx from Pluto starts just off the coast of Australia runs up just west of Jakarta to skirt eastern Vietnam to extend into China west of Hong Kong ending in eastern Mongolia or now-where-ville central Russia. The opposite echo starts around New York runs down through Haiti into Colombia and all the way down the west coast of South America. Pluto is going to drive people along these lines to get the deeper meaning of the program and to look within to see what is hidden. The show might be obvious to these people and they probably won’t stand for it.

The Sesquiquadrate form Saturn starts just west of Australia and extends north along the Bangladesh and Burma boarder continuing into central China and western Mongolia. The opposite side runs from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, Honduras to Alabama to Michigan in the United States. These are areas we should find more restricted. Expect more regulation along this line.

The Quincunx with Neptune is centered eastern Solomon Islands extending down into southern New Zealand north to eastern Russia. The opposite location is centered west central Africa: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia, Senegal and continues up the west coast to eventually end up in eastern Iceland. The energy here may lead people to feel like they are watching a bad dream. It may trigger the need to escape.

Now Venus. It’s trine Mars and Square Saturn. Venus is centered over Nigeria and Niger and extends northward through eastern Algeria up through eastern France to Belgium and the Netherlands. As mentioned above, the mars energy will most likely bring out a love it or hate it dichotomy with the people along this line and then Saturn will bring in dissident energy to make it so that anyone that is soft will feel damaged by the rough, abrasive energy.

The alignment of Mars starts in western Australia and extends up through Indonesia along the west coast of the Philippines, just along Taiwan and continues along the east cost of China, just east of Beijing and up into Siberian Russia. The Opposite location is off the east coast of the US and extends down into Guyana, Central Brazil, Paraguay and north eastern Argentina. Mars is going to stir the fire in these areas particularly with regards to issues from the past that will come up again. But the fire is with Venus so it may be a bit more passionate.

Finally, we get an electric Uranus. The frontal side is safely out in the pacific. The opposite echo is directly over Mazambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and extends north through Uganda, Sudan, Eastern Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine to just west of Moscow. This is where the Uranian energy of rebellion and revolution might be triggered. Since Saturn is mixed in the equation, expect the energy to be directed towards, or from, ruling institutions.

With all that being said, how long might we expect this to last? Anything born during this timeframe will carry this energy as it’s birth chart. This will include any treaty signed, any company formed, any product launch, etc.

Now, we watch to see what happens.


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Partial Solar Eclipse August 11th, 2018 (part I)

By Dave

I have always loved Eclipses whether it’s solar or lunar, it doesn’t really matter to me. I know that energy will be intense leading up to the event and through it, if only for a fleeting moment.

Not only are they interesting astrologically, they’re probably more interesting energetically. Before we look ahead at the energies coming our way, I found a couple GIFs from the NASA site to share. This first link Partial Solar Eclipse of 2018 Aug 11 is an image showing the path of the greatest eclipse. This second link is an animated GIF that shows the shadow Aug 11 2018 Eclipse. As you can see, it’s going to be up north. This removes the bulk of us from enjoying the physical activity of the show.

Energetically, there are a few aspects worth talking about. Here is a wheel representing the event.

Because it’s an eclipse, the Sun and Moon are conjunct on 18 degrees Leo.


  • Sun and Moon Conjunct 18 degrees Leo
  • Mercury joins the conjunction at 14 degrees Leo
  • This triple conjunction is square Jupiter 15 degrees into Scorpio
  • This triple conjunction is Quincunx Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn
  • This triple conjunction is Sesquiquadrate Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn
  • This triple conjunction is nearly Quincunx Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces (Mercury is closest)
  • Venus 4 degrees Libra is trine Mars on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius
  • Venus is also square Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn
  • Mars square Uranus 2 degrees Taurus
  • Mars Semi-square Neptune
  • Jupiter and Neptune trine
  • Saturn and Uranus in trine
  • Saturn and Neptune Quintile

On top of all that, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all in retrograde. As we all know, retrograde planets give us the opportunity to look back on things that have happened in the past. They highlight the karma. We’re going to get to revisit what we have done in a new way. So, we’ll keep that in mind when reviewing the aspects above.

The Sun and Moon represent the masculine and feminine energy and the conjunction shows it coming together in a unified manner. It is a focused, driven, aware, intuitive combination. It represents an energy of knowing what needs to be done and being able to make that happen. It can also be a powerful emotional combination, or emotion with power.

Now, where is this eclipse? In Leo. We’re going to get a show. Leo loves the limelight and wants to put on a show. There will be theatrics. It will be strong, in your face type of energy. We’ll probably see some very opinionated people make a lot of noise, or someone try to motivate people into action or see leaders stand up for something in a dynamic drama centered way. Expect it to be spirited, grandiose and egocentric, it will paint the stage.

What’s the first planet to join this conjunction? The messenger Mercury which dominates communication, intellect and our thought processes. Seeing that it’s conjunct this theatrical Leo, I would expect that this show we’re going to see will be spoken, or written, yet very calculated. Seeing that mercury is retrograde, there might be some big show about issues that should have stayed in the past. Or, someone may sing and dance trying to bring previous issues back to the surface. The show will be mentally stimulating and require active participation in order to track all the details.

With this triple conjunction, we find that it’s square Jupiter. Jupiter brings abundance, purpose, Optimism, yet the square will most likely bring out a more forced type of energy like being over-optimistic. Being in Scorpio, we find the influence can be serious, it wants to drive things forward, it’s stubborn and doesn’t want to lose. It would seem that this square is going to put some real zeal behind the theatrics that will be playing out in the conjunction. We’ll probably find that the news stories, or propaganda, could be seen as having that kill before we’re killed type of sting to them. The Mercury aspect of this square will tend to confuse the ability to focus. Think of going to a magic show and being stupefied by the disappearing elephant in the center of the room. So be careful, it’s just a show.

This eclipse conjunction also makes two aspects into Capricorn to Pluto and Saturn. As we know, Capricorn brings in energy that is determined, ambitious and realistic. Saturn tends to reign things in or put a noose on them. It wants to bring structure, rules, boundaries to situations. This hard aspect may bring out energy that is cynical or callus. We’ll probably have to look really close in order to see any real joy in this situation. Pluto wants to bring out what’s hidden and drive people to get to the deeper meanings of things. Being in Capricorn, people will not, generally, be open hearted or empathic to the situation. Bringing this back to the show, we will probably be critical of the details that we cannot see and not believe what we’re presented. There will probably be hidden meanings behind the outward theatrics, but it will not be greeted with open arms.

Finally, for this conjunction, it’s also triggered by Neptune. This planet will accentuate the imaginations and dreams of people or feed the illusion. On it’s good days, it might be a lighthearted song and dance, but in this case it’s Quincunx which is going to create a state of not understanding. This trigger could bring out the darker aspects like delusions or escapism. And, it’s also retrograde which may make us feel like we’re being forced to watch a bad movie again. The Neptunian energy could make people want to turn to mysticism in order to get a handle on what just happened.

On a bright side, we have Venus trine Mars which may accentuate the duality of situations. It may be that people love it or hate it, but there probably isn’t much middle ground. Mars is also retrograde moving back into Capricorn showing that there might still be some work left that must be looked at before we can move on.

Venus is also in Libra which is fairly soft. It brings out kind, evenhanded energy with a strong willingness to get along, but that is being attacked by a square Saturn which will probably upset a bunch of delicate people. Saturn doesn’t want to make it easy for anyone who wants to get along at this time. Think of it as wanting to get along, but you’re so pissed off that you just stand there with close fists fuming about the situation.

It gets even better when we look to see that Mars is square Uranus and Semi-square Neptune. Mars is going to light a fire under the situations that transpire around this eclipse. It is a planet of doing and it’s pronounced in these aspects. Mars, under the Uranus influence will bring out the I want it and I want it NOW type of energy. It’s impatient, high-strung and tense. This may show that whatever the show is that we’ll be going through, we will most likely be on the edge of our seats demanding it to stop regardless of the consequences.

Now that we’ve gotten through the bulk of the harder aspects, is there any good news?

Jupiter is trine Neptune. Jupiter is a source of abundant energy and Neptune is linked to mysteries and illusions. Dreams and abstract thoughts are ruled by Neptune and it’s sitting in a water sign which should amplify the emotional impact of things. We’ll probably find ourselves looking for the path of least resistance in order to get through the show, whatever that is.

The Saturn, Uranus trine should bring challenges and restrictions to high technologies. Uranus will want to bring up revolutionary and rebellious energy. Saturn will probably put some order to it or link it to the governing bodies.


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Yellow Crystal Star – the Heart of the Swan

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Yellow Crystal Star marks the Day Out of Time on the 25th July and then we begin the Galactic New Year of Red Cosmic Moon with the longest Total Lunar Eclipse recorded this century. These momentous events lead us into the final 13 years of Purification in the Mayan calendar and the number 13 is going to be important for this coming cycle. In this final year of Purification, we can call upon the Waters of Life to baptize and cleanse us. I feel in the same way St John the Baptist came to prepare the people for Christ, we are being prepared for a new wave of Christ consciousness.

The number 13 embodies the Holy Mother, Father and child’ the Sacred Trinity of Life. In the Golden Mean spiral the third energy is that of synthesis. It is a wonderful thing to find the good in both the thesis and antithesis and depolarize situations. When our mind enters the realm of 3 we can see beyond the limited truth we are presented with to the spiritual abundance and peace beyond. The notion of the Mother as the Holy Ghost always leaves me with a feeling that something is wrong because a Ghost is only half there. This does however perfectly describe how many people are living right now. So many have given up on their dreams and talents, the life they were born to lead and out of fear and believing in the limited vision offered to us by a failed system are deeply afraid to live.

The good news is that we are receiving powerful transmissions, and I’m sure many Lightworkers are embodying and channeling this now, from the Swan Cygnus who is orientated north in the heavens. The ancients showed that Cygnus fell in the Womb of Nuit (see the video below). Science has shown that the unique radiation from Cygnus has been responsible for evolutionary leaps before in humanity and now the portal is open for a new wave of life giving radiation. I perceive that Yellow Crystal Star Day Out of Time is an opportunity to open your own portal to the Heart of the Swan. There are so many beautiful stories, songs and mythologies about the swan from which to choose. Ultimately the Swan is connected to the Soul and being connecting with our soul means living a full life. Below is a link to my own poem The Red Troubadour about 1.5 mins.

Recently this poem emerged in my morning writings and the image on the video from left handed drawing – both perfect tools for accessing your sub-conscious. The well-known book The Artist’s Way is a wonderful book to work with in Red Cosmic Moon year because it’s all about accessing the sub-conscious realms.

Pallas Athena is conjunct the North Node and Sun at this Total Lunar Eclipse. She stands upon the mountain quiet, still and composed with her Magenta Spear of Fire. Her Shield reflects the Sun just as the Moon does, and she is able to deflect and transmute negative energies in her environment and self through her mastery of spiritual martial arts.  She carefully considers how and when she will respond for maximum effect understanding the patterns beyond the patterns and the laws of cause and effect.

Ceres and Venus embrace in the green and fertile sign of Virgo the Earth Goddess. This is such wonderful healing energy for the feminine. In my last blog I wrote about the teaching of Jesus with the bread and fish which expanded exponentially. I have been working with this and it is wonderful and miraculous. How will we the Lightworkers and healers of the world feed all those from the Grail Cup so that they may blossom into God’s perfect creation? When we ask this question, we enter into the realm of service and may access this realm of abundance.

Astrology is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and your family and to align yourself with the Divine Mind. Mahala’s new community is a perfect way to get regular reports to keep you on track. Details can be found on the website. I continue to provide one to one chart readings, please email me at for details. Here’s what one of my recent clients said

WOWOW – Alison Dhuanna sure wished I was doing radio again – it would be so exciting to share with humanity your superior skills as a reader and counselor.  The upliftment and directive you bring to others allows them to see and experience to higher degrees a way to capture their natural essence within their soul and grow.

Alison, there are no words for what you have directed my way in support of this next part of my journey … it was truly validating. I have never known anyone with such descriptive ways of delivering techniques to master what needs to be on one’s plate. Tazz Powers

Here is a link to Andrew Collins speaking at a conference recently in Glastonbury about The Cygnus Key – its about 1 hour long

Planet Alert August 2018

This is my August article although I am still talking about events that happened in July, and some that are still to happen. The first eclipse was a solar eclipse on July 12/13 depending on where you live. It was on July 12 here in Seattle. That was a very powerful eclipse because the sun and moon were in exact opposition to Pluto, the transformer, or the god of the underworld. Pluto is in Capricorn and that sign rules governments.

Saturn is also in Capricorn and is on 4 degrees of that sign.  Pluto is on 20 degrees and the difference between them is 16 degrees. This means the midpoint between those two planets was right over Washington D. C. at that eclipse. This means that Washington, D.C. was the main point of that eclipse. There has been a lot of talk about Trump and his meeting with Putin since then. The sun and moon were also in Cancer (water) which rules the East Coast and there were large storms all along the coast last weekend.

The word Trump adds up to the number 16. In the Tarot Cards number 16 is the Tower Struck with Lightning. The meeting between Trump and Putin was on Monday July 16th.  The outcome of that meeting really shook up some people in the United States because many of them thought Trump had given the United States over to Putin. This caused much dissension in our world and the result is more chaos.

Because the name Trump adds up to 16, it means he became president so he could tear down the structure of our government which is affecting the whole world. He is doing a good job. We have needed something to shake us up so we can move out of the control of the Matrix. We have been caught in the Matrix long enough and it is time we open our eyes and get ourselves out of that control. We need to be free. Here is an article about the Matrix that you might like to read. Do you choose the Matrix or Truth?.

Donald Trump was born with his Saturn on 23 degrees Cancer. The dwarf planet Eris, which is the Goddess that rules chaos, is on 23 degrees Aries making a perfect 90 degree angle to Trump’s Saturn.  This means that he came in to cause chaos and chaos has been the name of the game since he came to office. Right now Vesta, the powerful fire Goddess is on 23 degrees Sagittarius making a perfect trine to Eris the goddess of chaos. These two dwarf planets will be in that same aspect until mid-September when Vesta moves into Capricorn. Be open to many changes as we continue to move through this chaotic energy.

We are about to enter the new Mayan Dreamspell year of the Red Moon on July 26, 2018.  The Red Moon is a year of very intense feelings and emotions so it will be a year of working on staying balanced. This New Year also corresponds with the total red blood lunar eclipse on July 27. Mars will also be at its closest point to Earth at that time and will be making a 90 degree angle to Uranus.  This creates a very unexpected and explosive energy. Mercury also turns retrograde at that time. This will add to the chaotic energy. This will be a very powerful full moon.

July 27-28th, 2018

This upcoming total lunar eclipse will be on July 27 at 1:20 PM PDT. The moon will be exactly conjunct the south node which will be an accumulation of things from the past that will surface and come to light. Mars will be conjunct the moon and the node at this full moon and square Uranus. This is explosive fire energy and it will be over North Korea. It could also manifest as volcanic eruptions in various parts of the world. I hear there was a large fissure that just opened in Yellowstone. Here is a link: Hidden Falls closure is indefinite, for now. We are in the time of fire which can also cause angry feelings. Try to keep calm and stay balanced.

The meaning of this eclipse degree is “A council of ancestors is seen implanting the efforts of a new leader. The root foundation of past performances will power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual”.  This sounds like what is happening in the United States government. Vesta Is in Sagittarius and is in a perfect square to Eris which means the energy for jury trials is in the air.

The trial of Paul Manafort will start in this upcoming week and who knows what will come out in that trial. He was the campaign manager for Trump. We know the Russians interfered with our election and Trump also knows that. Will this come to light in this upcoming trial of Paul Manafort?  The moon will be conjunct the south node which means that things from the past will come to the surface and Mercury is in the shadow of being retrograde.

I really do not like to write about politics because everyone has their likes and dislikes and that is their choice.  I try to remain neutral and be an observer because it is as it is. I am writing about this because politics is affecting the whole world right now and we have reached the crisis point of this energy. We are going through a major change and we could be living in a whole new environment soon.

August 11th, 2018

The solar eclipse that will be occurring on August 11, 2018 will be on 18 degrees Leo, which is on the degree of Christ Consciousness. Those who are ready will be able to start manifesting that energy. I think that is great. Christ Consciousness is Love. On August 11, 1999 there was a total solar eclipse in England with a perfect fixed cross in the heavens. This was the beginning of the opening of Christ Consciousness. It has taken us a long time to go through the process of learning how to manifest that energy by releasing our past. It is now time for us to stand up for what we believe and start manifesting our great light. We are magnificent Beings of light.

The Lion’s Gate starts to open on July 26th when we enter the New Year of the Dreamspell Calendar. There is a black hole on 3 degrees Leo. That sign has the symbol of the Lion and that is why they call it The Lions Gate. This Gate will probably stay open until the eclipse on August 11, 2018. The ancient Egyptians celebrated this event at the time the star Sirius rose in the heavens over Egypt. It was a major celebration.

White crystals are Christ energy in a solid form. We have been working for a long time to turn our bodies into crystal bodies of light. There will be a large influx of light during this time period and we can now start shining our light for all to see. The Earth also has large crystals at its core. These crystals are being activated and will also start glowing with a lot of light. The light has won. It is only a matter of time before this becomes apparent in our world.

Please join us in meditation at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 27 at 1:20 pm PDT, if you feel inclined to do that. I don’t know what time the eclipse will be where you live so just meditate at the time of the eclipse in your area. Let’s fill the Earth with love and light so it shines like a jewel in the heavens.  So Be It!

Written in love and light by Mahala Gayle The Yellow Star in the Dreamspell calendar.


I would like to thank all the people that have joined the community to receive astrology and divinity reports. When you buy the subscription, you will receive a bunch of different personalized reports while also supporting the work that I do. My son has put together an amazing package of reports and I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. To learn more about the report package, see the purchase page of my website. If you would like to see the work my son is doing, please see the community page of my website. Finally, I’m told that if you signed up and have not received your first reports, send him an email so he can record your birth information. You can sign up at any time and not miss out on the information, but we will only have the introductory offer up for the first 100 people to sign up. I look forward to seeing the community grow.


Energy Report for July 16th, 2018

In the following video, Mahala talks about the position of the planets while she shows them on her map.

Link to 800 Jews, Christians, Muslims sing ‘One Love’ in Jerusalem

I have also included an image showing the locations of the planets and signs so if you can’t see them in the video, at least you can click this image and get a better view.

If you have questions or comments please let us know.