Living From Spiritual Wisdom

Guest article by Mona Delfino.

In today’s world, it’s very easy to get caught up in the drama and confusion that seems to be circling the world. Sometimes people think that the world is going down so bad that we may not make it through another year! And yet, beautiful babies are being born that are so enlightened; produce and flowers are blooming like never before; the rain came back to California, and the American people are being given an opportunity to think and feel for themselves in these major times of change.

It might be best if we understand that in the world of spirit, there is no right or wrong, bad or good, however there is light and dark. The dark stems from the light and the light stems from the dark. When I was being trained many moons ago by my Cherokee mentor, Karen Land, she used to say that the light cannot live without the dark and the dark cannot live without the light. Therefore, she said it will never be a perfect world as lessons will always present themselves in order for us to be wiser. If we were learning from all that has been in our lives, we would not only help achieve a more peaceful world inside and out, but we would also be able to intuit each other much more easily and humanity could live without judgment.

The other day I was driving to see my brand-new baby grandson, and as I was on the road, I received this message:

“We need to perceive the word “challenge” in a new way. When we see life as a challenge, we can feel victimized. It is a blessing within a challenge that is needed in order to see clearer. We make better choices when we learn lessons. Life is constantly changing and so are we. How we do that is up to us. It’s important to realize that we can make choices based on what we are feeling in the moment. We could be better grateful for these lessons called challenges that provide for us a deeper wisdom and a greater learning. When we learn these lessons, we can become better balanced and are able to make higher and clearer decisions according to our souls contract. It’s fun to know that we are creative beings without limitation. Taking life a day at a time and appreciating it every step of the way will help us to lighten up and achieve more recognition that truly, we really have always been taken care of. When we understand this, we will soon begin to live in gratitude and make it become a part of our daily living. Freedom of knowing that we have a free will and choice is true power. It stems from the love of source, God, Our higher self or whatever you want to call it. It’s a love that encompasses all around us when we don’t even know it’s happening.”

Living from spiritual wisdom is allowing and becoming more resilient as time goes on. It’s recognition that we are making choices to suit our better good, our deeper feelings and acceptance of ourselves more than anything else. Judging is a factor that has been done for so many years that sometimes we don’t even know or are aware we are doing it.

In the work that I have done for practically my whole life, I learned that people have been hurt and became attached to that pain instead of learning from it and moving on. If anything, this is what I have seen that has held us back more than anything else. If we really recognized what was in our hearts and in our muscle memory, I feel most of us would make better choices and wash away the past so that we can become new every single day. Nature is the first one to teach us this wisdom. Animals are next. Nature is made of balance and unconditional love… Animals come from that same energy. My wish for our entire world is for us to see each other as individuals who have all had pain at some point in time, and teach each other to recognize more of what today brings. Being real, being honest, and realizing you are never alone is the most comforting peace a person can have.

Here’s to our new world and our new spiritual living with eyes wide open!

Love and blessings, Mona~

If you would like to hear more about what Mona has to say, she has regular “Soul Connection” webinars which you can sign up for on her website:

News Flash September 2018

Fall is here. One day it was summer and the next day it was fall.  It was amazing how fast the weather changed from summer to fall here in Seattle. In a few days we will experience the Fall Equinox which is on September 22, 2018 at 6:54 PM PDT.  Two days later it will be the Full Moon on September 24, 2018 at 7:52 PM PDT.  This full moon will be the beginning of the Harvest Festival in the Jewish tradition. Then in October there are holiday festivals all over the world. It’s time to enjoy the festivals and have fun.


Full Moon

The Fall Equinox has a very interesting chart. It favors healing on all levels. The healing planet Chiron is on the ascendant on 0 degrees Aries and is in direct opposition to the Sun and Mercury on 1 degree Libra. Actually, there is a T cross in the heavens with the great fire goddess Vesta on the top of the chart on 1 degree Capricorn. That sign rules governments so maybe this will be the beginning of some healing energy for our government. This healing energy will be very powerful until the Winter Solstice. Chiron will be in Aries for nine years so there is still time for more healing.  Aries rules the head and it is the sign of new beginnings.

The fire goddess Vesta will be conjunct Saturn, which is on 2 degrees Capricorn, in the Fall Equinox chart.   This will give a lot of power to that degree. The meaning of that degree refers to the disruptive consequences of negativity. The leaders who claim power over the people to lead them must reckon with the consequences of their too-impulsive use of power.  Saturn is/was the karmic planet and whoever uses their power in a negative way will be called on to pay their debt.  This energy is occurring right now with the leaders of the USA.

We have had a divided country for a long time and we have reached the point where, United we stand, divided we fall. We are not the only country that has been going through a crisis. The energy of chaos has been all over the world. People who have not been able to handle this energy have gone off the deep end and some have become very violent. This will start to change as soon as people start to realize that we have been living in a very interesting computer game. We have been stuck in the Matrix and that energy has now been pierced. We are now free if we just claim that freedom. The most important thing we can do right now is to use our higher mind to create peace within us.

Look at how we changed the wind level of Hurricane Florence.  It had very strong winds as it started to come close to land and then the wind-speed changed. The wind-speed went down to a category 1 storm.  There is still extreme damage from the rain and flooding that is still happening, but it would have been even more disastrous if we had not calmed the wind. Many people sent energy to calm it down.  We are very powerful Beings of light and when we put our minds to something we can accomplish whatever we focus on. It is time to create the life we choose to experience; just remember to create what you want to experience from the energy of love.

The Uranus/Mars square has been very disruptive. That energy was over the area of the Philippines and an extremely large Typhoon blew into that country and caused much damage.  Today that storm went into South China and is causing much damage to that country. This explosive energy was felt all over the world and several houses exploded here in the USA and caught fire by a gas leak in Massachusetts.

I love the fall energy with the cool clear days and the beautiful colored leaves. They make me feel like being out in nature and enjoying this beautiful energy. It is a nice time to take long walks in nature. This upcoming full moon on September 24, 2018 will be very intense so please stay centered. Help calm the emotional storm.

At this full moon Uranus will be on the ascendant for us living here on the West Coast. Uranus will be on one degree Taurus. Because Uranus is still making a square aspect to Mars and a trine to Saturn there could be some kind of event on the coast or off our coast.  Uranus rules storms. Maybe we will have a large storm here or an off-shore earthquake.  Uranus rules storms and unexpected events so whatever happens will be unexpected.  Uranus also rules UFOs. There have been many sightings of UFOs lately. The light ships are here in mass to help us if they are needed. Sometimes they hold the energy to protect an area from a disaster.

Because Uranus is active there will probably be more storms, quakes or volcanic eruptions in the Ring of Fire, especially in the areas of Japan, Korea, the Philippines, or the Islands just above Australia. The Earth is now in the time of major Earth changes. The Ring of Fire has been very active for several months and this will continue as long as Saturn stays in Capricorn (two more years) and Uranus in Taurus.  Both Taurus and Capricorn are Earth signs. Saturn will be affecting China in a big way for the next two years. It will also be affecting the East Coast because that is the opposite side of that energy.

The sun will be on two degrees Libra at the time of this full moon. This degree means the transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed of a new creation. This leads to a repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative consciousness. Now we will be able to access higher consciousness and the beginning of a new creation.  How great is that?

The planets are very intense right now because of the configurations they are in and the activity on the sun. Holes have opened up on the Sun and there are breaks in the Earth’s magnetic field. This will continue until the Full Moon of September so keep your cool and stay balanced as we continue through this intense time period. I think we will reach some kind of inner break-through by this upcoming full moon.

Here is a link to some articles I thought you might enjoy. The Ascension is Complete, Creating starts now, 6 More Solar Observatories closed and this could be the reason!, Update by Anrita Melchizedek, Q&A Solar Activity & the Event.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings. I enjoyed them and I had a wonderful birthday. I would also like to thank everyone who has joined our Astrology community. Dave has been working really hard posting charts and reports for each community member. If you would like to learn more about yourself and see what types of influences are coming your way, please look into purchasing a One Year Subscription to the Community. I’m still offering Edgar Cayce Past Life reports and we are just now offering Lunar Return Reports. Please visit the for more details. I think the charts are great and there is so much more to come.

I send lots of love and light to all of you. Hang in there because we are at the turning point right now for a better tomorrow. Of course, we need to create our own reality although maybe we will have some Divine Intervention to help us through this change.

 **** Mahala Gayle ****

For Community Members, More Reports are Up!

This post is to announce that there are a few more reports up for your enjoyment. If you are a community member, please login on the reports page to see your latest reports.

This is the Book of Destiny – Yearly, Karma and Money & Success reports. Please note that some card configurations do not have karma cards, thus a couple of you did not get karma reports. At this point, I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. But I do know that it is what it is so I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s worth noting that when I ran the Book of Destiny Reports for you, the report software requires that the birth card be selected for every report. To that, you can add other cards like your planetary ruler or the karma cards. So, with your karma reports, you’re going to find that the first half of the report is a repeat of your yearly report birth card. I wish I could have filtered that out, but it is what it is. We’ll just have to skip over it to get to the karma cards.

I hope you enjoy these reports. I find it fascinating how much things seem predetermined via this card system!

If you don’t know what our Community Program is, you’re missing out on the fun! Please check out our One Year Subscription. Most members have anywhere from 12-16 reports posted so far and I have a couple more in the works that should be posted within a couple weeks. I’ll let everyone know more about the reports closer to posting time.


Alchemical Mermaids

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Haumea the Hawaiian Mermaid Goddess swirls her powerful tail. Salty ocean crashes into the molten fires, an alchemical collision of elements.

As the Saturn Pluto conjunction moves ever closer together, culminating in 2020, the intensity of the breakdown of forms of government, church and all known institutions will intensify. Saturn and Pluto are both signifiers of deep transformation so there will be no escape or respite from the chaos except through finding the stillness within. Like the volcanic fires in the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii, this will be both terrifying and beautiful. It is an apocalyptic energy, but the Goddess energies are holding out a hand, offering us a way to birth the new seeds of the future and begin to build new forms. In order to do this, we will be learning the great gift of Saturn ‘Restraint’ and the great gift of Pluto ‘Transfiguration’.

Colonial America is a seed that fell from the old plant of Europe. Those who set off to build a new world were full of pioneering spirit and this is the essence of America. The latest form of America may be dying but the essence will live on.

Britain is dying too. Sexual abuse scandals which went through government, police and social services have made huge holes in the stranglehold of a highly toxic ruling class as Pluto has been doing his work uncovering secrets in the past 10 years. Brexit is the way in which the old systems are now being dismantled apace. Literally every piece of legislation has to be rewritten and 38 Degrees are ensuring people have their say in that.

The Pope’s visit to Ireland comes at an interesting time. His willingness to really listen to the victims of abuse may well determine if the Catholic church survives as a true vehicle for God’s will in the future. The same could be said of all religions. If they become incapable of carrying any positive spiritual essence through becoming so bogged down in rules and corruption, they will eventually wither and die. We are in a very dangerous phase of history, but we also have resources at our disposal we have never had before like the internet and global peace movements that transcend nation states. Christ consciousness is awakening and searching for the new forms in which to affect life.

The Cosmic Mermaids and Centaurs hold the keys to this transformation that is upon us. Some new mermaids like Salacia exploded into my life this week when I watched a wonderful podcast by M. Kelly Hunter. I had just performed The Mermaid of Zennor with folk singer Kath Reade for the first time, when I was forwarded the link by my wonderful friend M. Watching the podcast opened up the deeper significance of our play which is a ‘transmission’ of some power. The song I wrote for our play is

Time is coming back to meet me
All the things I left behind
Are spiraling like ghosts across this land
From the Tigris and Euphrates, a Siren’s voice is heard
And I’m gathering all I left behind

In the involution of time, we are now moving back through the Kali Yuga to open the memories of Lemuria and Atlantis in a more mainstream way. There are of course those who have always had access to these realms. My experience as an astrologer is that when bodies jump into my consciousness is when larger parts of the community are ready to integrate the energies.

Saturn and Pluto both take us into core parts of our psyche that were imprinted during our womb time. They represent deep seated wounds that are difficult to heal because they are wired into our very DNA. Pluto is conjunct Chariklo at the moment, the beloved of Chiron. I have explored Chariklo deeply as the ‘Carer’ archetype, but M. Kelly Hunter opened up a new level of her that she is also a Mermaid in origin. Through the power of her love she turned herself from a Mermaid (water, air) into a Centaur (Earth and Fire).

As I was contemplating this blog yesterday we went for a walk with the dogs in a beautiful woodland Hardcastle Craggs. Something had happened the day before that had set off one of my most primal wounds, feeling cast out. We reached a cragg we often visit – it is really incredible with a pine tree growing right out the top of it. I went over to the rock and had a bit of a cry. As my partner came over with the dogs she cried ‘look Ali’, and there was a mother frog right by us with a tiny baby. The baby had such divine green geometric shapes. They were perfectly still, and the dogs thankfully didn’t notice them.

A short while later I saw a gleam of red fur through the trees up ahead in the dappled autumn light. It was a deer with her young. Our Jack Russel Lily sensed their presence, but the undergrowth was thick, and she couldn’t get to them. Again, they stood perfectly still in the face of the threat.

As we walked again, all sorrows passing as they do, we heard the cries of buzzards. Finally, as we reached the car park and a gap in the trees we could see them above us – a Mother and her young one. Afterwards it came to me that we had seen the old and the young in 3 elements – water, earth and air.

I feel this is a teaching about the alchemy of Chariklo. Her healing comes from the power of her heart. She transformed herself into a Centaur to be with her beloved Chiron. Later she helped him become Alpha Centauri the star when he was wounded, and she became Chariklo in the heavens. She is a master alchemist, and conjunct Pluto as she is now this is greatly enhanced.

Quaoar is conjunct Saturn and he is a trickster god who refuses to follow the rules. Trump is actually a perfect embodiment of this energy. It turns all the rules on its head, creates chaos and breaks up old forms. My adopted son was born on a third wave of children with Quaoar conjunct Pluto in 2002 so I’ve lived first hand with this powerful energy. It is highly disruptive and challenging to authority – very hard when you happen to be the authority it is directed towards. His presence with Saturn will certainly help to break down the old forms apace.

Chiron is presently conjunct Salacia. Salacia was the wife of Neptune and she embodies the beautiful energy of sunlight on water. The dance of fire and water, but this time more delicate and brings such delight to the heart when you see it. Salacia is derived from the word ‘salt’, which in alchemy is an important substance. It is the third substance that catalyses the joining of Philosophic Sulphur and Philosophic Mercury. It is Mercury holding the Caduceus. It’s very exciting therefore that she is also conjunct Hygeia whose symbol is the Caduceus and the uniting of the golden male and black female serpents. Hygeia represents attunement to natural rhythms, which I feel is the foundation of awakening and embodiment of soul at this time. Together with Astraea she is a Guardian of the Holy Grail energies which are manifesting on the planet at the moment. There was much on my recent journey to Glastonbury that suggests this is all still happening and the raising of Albion is well underway.

I was delighted to see in Mamma Mia 2 the strong theme of the importance of mother and daughter relationships, and indeed mother and father (represented by Hygiea who had a very positive relationship with her father). In the final song I felt the energy I have been feeling literally pouring into the world. Now is the time that the Balm of Gilhead may heal the daughters once again.

Strengthening family and community bonds seems very important at the moment and historically it is the way we naturally deal with crisis by coming together. Healing the wounds of sexual and other abuse is also vitally important. The level of distress felt by people as we go through these changes is in many ways connected to the level of attachment to the old forms. When we can let go of the old and embrace the new, the young then we have hope of navigating the dangerous waters ahead. At the same time, we can preserve the essence of all that is precious in the old forms and that we value in our cultures. Astraea as Goddess of the Sacred Arts is central in this. We are the cosmic gardeners of the new seeds that are now falling to the Earth.

I am going on a 3-month pilgrimage to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland which will be a wonderful place to explore the Mermaid and Selki mysteries. I offer one to one chart readings and for the next few months will offer a special Mermaid/Merman reading including Sedna, Salacia, Haumea and Chariklo. Please email me for further information on

I am co-facilitating a Mysteries of the Crone retreat for women on Lewis, Scotland exploring the Callanish stones, Hag Mountain and the many other natural Goddess formations. The central intention of the retreat is to go deeper into healing our wounds that often resurface during menopause, drawing on the Crone energy. She is Saturn in astrology so it a very powerful time to work with her. The Lemurian energies are very strong here too, it’s a place out of time and space …. hard to describe. The retreat is from the 28th October – 2nd November –

M. Kelly Hunters web site is and her podcast is entitled Cosmic Mermaids. It cost $25

Planet Alert September 2018

Today is the full moon day of August 26, 2018. This is a very powerful full moon. At the time of the full moon this morning a reverse polarity sunspot appeared. This sunspot was strange because its magnetic polarity is reversed. Then a crack opened in the Earth’s magnetic field and solar wind poured in to fuel a strong G3 geomagnetic storm. It is my understandings that reverse polarity is feminine energy. I think this solar event opened us up to a whole new energy. We will see what happens next.

This kind of magnetic energy really affects me. This morning when I woke up my phone did not work. This is typical of that energy because electronics seem to do their own thing when that energy is in effect. My computer also opened up to instead of my email. It looks like I was meant to look at that site before I did anything else. You might want to check out that site for more information on August 26/27. You will also see beautiful emerald green Northern Lights.  They are awesome.

When I looked at the Astrology of the full moon I was amazed. There was a perfect trine between the Sun, Saturn and Uranus. The sun was on three degrees Virgo. This degree means we have invisible help in a time of crisis. Does this mean that it is time for us to have help from our good ET brothers and sisters from space? Is that why there have been so many sightings of UFOs recently? Uranus rules UFOs and it also rules the unexpected so keep your eyes open.

Uranus is the planet of light and it is on two degrees Taurus. The meaning of two degrees Taurus is called an electrical storm. This storm will be able to transform cosmic power and all of our natural existence will change. This storm happened on the Sun last night. Uranus is also the planet of change. We just had a major change in the energy of the sun and the Earth at the time of the full moon.

Two degrees Taurus also means that in back of every self-expression stands the tremendous power of the “Soul Field” which is one of the aspects of the Creative Word that is the origin of this Universe. Now is the time to accept the spiritual potentials of this high celestial destiny. A lot of us have been waiting for years for this frequency change to happen. We have now reached that point in time. After being activated by this electrical energy the pure water of the mountain streams can cleanse everything including us. Look at all the flooding in Hawaii right now.

Then we have Saturn on two degrees Capricorn. This degree means that any individual using this degree of power for their own negative use will lead to their own destruction. The chief who claims power from his tribe in order to lead or save them must deal with the consequences of this power. If in his ambition for power he seeks to be the victorious leader glorified by his people than he will fail.

Right now, there are three planets in Capricorn, which rules governments. They are Mars, Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn is the karmic planet and we have been experiencing much chaos lately, especially in the past couple of years. This means we are about to start a new creation because out of the chaos comes a new way of life. Mars is the energy planet that gets things done and Mars is turning direct now so it is moving into fast speed. This means there will be a lot of events that will happen one right after another.

Here is a video by a Vedic Astrologer called “The Best Day of the Year” referring to September 13 which is also my birthday. This is right after Mars moves into Aquarius on September 11. Here is a link to her video Best Day Ever.

Here is an interesting article by Lisa Brown that talks about this past full moon. 144 Template & Grid – Avatar Consciousness.

Here is another interesting article. Geomagnetic Storm with the Gateway Opening – Here We Glow!

The south node is on four degrees Aquarius right now. This degree means the disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend nature through mind. We need to transform through our heart energy, not our minds.

Neptune is in a trine to Jupiter which is in Scorpio. Neptune rules smoke and we have sure had our share of smoke up and down the West Coast. It has not been fun although I am grateful we are not going through a major earthquake, storm, flood, or a fire event here in Seattle. I think about all the people that are going through major life events right now and I am very grateful that we have only had to deal with smoke, although that can be very harmful to sensitive people.

The energy from Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing up negative events from the past. Scorpio rules sex and that is why so many issues around sexual misconduct are coming out in the open for everyone to see. This also includes all of the Catholic Priests that have been accused of sexual misconduct.  Jupiter moved into Scorpio in October of last year and will move into Sagittarius on November 8, 2018. Sagittarius is a different type of energy. It rules higher consciousness.

We are now in a lot of Earth energy with three planets in Capricorn and the sun is now moving through the Earth sign Virgo. This energy is causing a lot of earthquakes all over the world. This will continue for quite a while because Saturn will be in Capricorn for two more years. The Ring of Fire has been lit-up with quakes for at least a month.  In fact, there has been a large quake over six points almost every day and one of them was off the Oregon Coast.  Large earthquakes almost every day is very unusual.

Hawaii had a fire event with the eruption of one of her volcanos. Now Hawaii is having massive flooding.  Hawaii has been under so much stress because Eris, the Goddess of Chaos is over that area and that is the point on Earth that connects to all of the other planets in our Solar System. Apparently that area needed to be cleansed. My compassion goes out to all those people who experienced trauma because of that event.

We are now in transformation to a higher frequency Earth of love, peace and Unity consciousness.  It is time to manifest love and become peaceful within. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. Shine your light in all its glory. It only takes one little candle to light a dark room. Those who are ready to experience the New Earth will experience a lot of joy and happiness. There is a large celebration coming.   So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!                 *** Mahala Gayle ***

Mundane Solar Return for Litecoin 2018

This is a forward-looking review of the Litecoin project for the Solar Return starting October 7th, 2018. The effects from this Solar Return last for about one year. The idea behind this post is to read the Solar Return chart in a mundane way in order to get a feel for the overall energies that will act upon different parts of the project. From the energies, interpret the types of things that the community might have to deal with.

If you would like to see my research in the historical-looking report, please see the Mundane Solar Return for Litecoin 2017 article that I recently posted.

As always, I always list my summation of the report first.


The key energies, expressed in the Solar Return for 2018, show that for the upcoming year, the leaders, the community members and the press will all be watching the new relationships that are being built within the Litecoin community. The energies are all about forming partnerships and making long term deals and commitments. These would be working relationships that are mutually supportive and applicable for the industry.

In the process of making deals, the leaders of the community will also be put in situations where they will have to re-evaluate previous work and old functionality. The energies are such as to bring about a solid reflection upon what works and what doesn’t. Based on this information, the leaders will make responsible, reasonable and understandable compromises that will be seen as appropriate. The chart indicates that the solutions will be rolled back into the project and put to work.

The people in the community are onboard and support the move towards looking for and building new partnerships. The greater community will be inspired to participate in any way that they can. When activated, the community members will take the involvement in forming these new partnership seriously and pay close attention to the details to make sure there is closure in the deals.

The chart also suggests that there will be a very strong outside influence that will try to disrupt or change the core philosophies that Litecoin was built around. This energy aligns to the left and will come in emotionally charged. Both the people and the leaders of this project will consider this an attack on the core principles upon which the project is founded. Expect people to have emotional responses to this meddling and react in ways that defy logical thinking.

Uranus is in a position of influence for the year. It suggests that the technical innovations that go to make up what Litecoin is all about will be put into use, in some form, during the year. The restrictions imposed upon the technical innovations may reduce the exposure to the Litecoin Test Net rather than the full network. The position of Uranus also suggests that this is the point in time where Litecoin will really get to start exploring what it’s capable of doing. It’s just starting to perform the work that it was designed to do.

The relationship between the masculine and feminine will be a push and pull throughout the year. Imagine chaining a soldier to an artist and sending them to a political rally. It’s going to be back and forth, up and down emotionally.

The issues with regards to speculation and the gamble for wealth that were so prevalent last year have dissolved. The energies associated with wealth has no outright resistance during the year and now real amplification. Expect the influences that Jupiter bring in to work in a natural unobstructed way. Being in the house of unexpected surprises, it wouldn’t be unexpected to forecast that big things could happen right out of the blue.

It doesn’t look like there is much energy towards speculation of gambling in this chart. This looks like a chart showing that there will be steady progress made towards a functioning system through a sequence of test, refine, practice and the recycle. It’s not about outputting a utopian system, but getting down and dirty to put the developed system in play and then working out the kinks.

The biggest issue that I see comes from Neptune on the Ascendant. This will amplify emotional situations that the people and leaders of the community really don’t want to deal with. The second largest is how Uranus is rolling into the 2nd house. This will represent the activation of the next phases of the Litecoin project.

If you would like to see how I came to these conclusions, please continue reading.

Analysis & Data

Please see my article Picking Litecoin’s Birth Time for an explanation of how I determined the birth time of Litecoin. Here is that time.

GMT: Friday, October 7, 2011 7:31:05 AM
Your time zone: Friday, October 7, 2011 12:31:05 AM GMT-07:00 DST

Natal Chart.

Solar Return chart for 2018.

Solar Return Data

Sun           13 Libra 42         7th House
Moon          15 Virgo 10         7th House
Mercury       25 Libra 16         7th House
Venus         10 Scorpio 49       8th House       Retrograde
Mars           8 Aquarius 26     12th House
Jupiter       23 Scorpio 13       8th House
Saturn         3 Capricorn 18    10th House
Uranus         1 Taurus 14        2nd House       Retrograde
Neptune       14 Pisces 19       12th House       Retrograde
Pluto         18 Capricorn 46    11th House


Sun Trine Mars
Sun Square Pluto
Sun Quincunx (Neptune + ASC)
Sun semisextile Moon
Moon Opposition (Neptune + ASC)
Moon Trine Pluto
Moon square MC
Neptune Conjunct ASC
(Neptune + ASC) Opposition with Moon
(Neptune + ASC) Quincunx Sun
(Neptune + ASC) Trine Venus
(Neptune + ASC) Square MC
Uranus Opposition Mercury
Uranus Opposition Venus
Uranus Trine Saturn
Uranus Square Mars
Pluto Square Mercury
Mars Square Venus

Aspects of the Solar Return

We always want to look at the energy directed towards the key players in this space first.


As always, the Sun represents where the power is. It is associated with the leaders, or top influencers. Think of it as representing those that have the power to stir how the Litecoin project evolves. To give this some keywords, it’s the people in positions of authority within the project. It’s the leader, CEO, head architect, people in control of the purse. It is the focal point of the project.

The Sun is sitting in the 7th House which represents the actions of just starting to look beyond self in order to investigate what it’s like to make emotional attachments to others. Symbolically, the previous houses would have built confidence, character and efficient ways of doing things. Here it’s reaching out and being open to the new relationships where bonds are built with others. This is where the types of agreements are made that show the type of character of the leaders. This is also the house that deals with how people form opinions about what Litecoin is and what it’s all about.

The harmonic traits that represent how we will see the leaders is drawn out of Libra. At it’s best, they will come across as cooperative, diplomatic, gracious and fair-minded, but when under stress, we could see indecisive or avoidance behavior.  The hardest thing might be the stress of feeling that they’ve made the wrong choices in the relationships that they are building, but the energy suggests that they will think about it and measure all the aspects of it before making any decisions.

Sun Trine Mars

Mars, which carries that strong masculine energy of action, getting things done at all costs, motivating by lighting a fire under things is just now transitioning into the 12th House. This house represents the closing of the cycle or the time that you reflect upon what has happened as if doing a post mortem to figure out what has gone well and what hasn’t. The unwind process is not always easy and in this case, we have just changed focus from allowing the Leaders of the community to live their dream to a situation where they are forced to re-evaluate how things are going.

The traits, that Mars brings with it on its journey through this house, are that of Aquarius. It’s going to feel progressive, original, independent. Energies will make it want to be friendly with everyone while at the same time empower it to fight for the cause.

All this energy is in a Trine with the leaders of the community suggesting that this sharp change of houses for Mars is going to feedback to the leaders in a positive way. The leaders will probably seriously analyze what has been successful and what hasn’t, and not drag their feet about it. This situation will influence them to make transformational changes without hesitation. Imagine the gardener revisiting property that he worked a year ago to find that the original plans that he laid down for some tree just didn’t work. He re-evaluates the situation taking special care to note what worked and then he prunes out half the tree completely changing from the original plan. What we will see in a year will be different than what was set in motion last year. The deadwood is going to be trimmed out.

Sun Square Pluto

Pluto is also influencing the leaders of the community. Being the planet of change and rebirth, yet with an eye towards that which is hidden deep within, this planet will bring up some dark opposition to change or create some hard obstacles to overcome.

When you look at what it’s focusing on, we find it in the house of hopes and dreams. This is the house where you would realize that you’re living your dream. All the effort that you’ve put into the project is there for everyone to see and this is it. This is the house that would represent the types of group wide debates that are in harmony with driving the project forward for the benefit of all life as we know it in the universe, yet it doesn’t look like the project has made it to that point yet.

The hard part about this influence is that it comes when Pluto is in Capricorn. We normally think of Capricorn as bringing good managerial skills to the project. In this case, there might be know-it-alls that unduly influence the project. There could be a nervous feeling that things just aren’t right, or situations have been setup that the community is not quite ready for and the influences here could make the leaders feel like it’s time to expect the worst.

Thinking of this in relations to the Mars Trine, the leaders are probably going to figure out what the transformation is fairly quickly and changes will be made. Ultimately, the influence doesn’t look destructive to the community making progress.

Neptune Conjunct ASC

Here we have a rather significant conjunction that will emotionally influence the heart of what Litecoin is. The Ascendant represents the identity of the project, how it interacts with the world and how others see it behaving. Overall, the Ascendant sits in Pisces which gives the overall project a gentle, artistic, easy to love type of feeling. Being connected to Litecoin feels romantic, compassionate, wise and musical.

To this, we add Neptune which is amplifying all the above Piscean traits yet it’s sitting in retrograde during the conjunction. Neptune is associated with left-wing political ideals, socialism, communism and covert plots, fraud, illicit activities and the corresponding loss.

This Neptunian energy will probably bring up ideas that are socialistic or communistic by nature and try to project them onto the fundamental idea of what Litecoin is and how it should function. How will it do this? Very gently. It will be that sensual whisper in the ear and the corresponding rub on the shoulders that you can’t help but give attention too.

Sun Quincunx (Neptune + ASC)

This seductive energy will be in complete mis-alignment with how the leaders of the community see things. The Quincunx shows that the way Neptune is going about influencing the community is not understood is simply can’t be understood or more likely so fundamentally opposed to what the leaders have planed that they will just get emotionally disturbed if they are forced to talk about it or even entertain the ideas of socialism as being a correct aspect of the project.

Sun semisextile Moon

This little semisextile aspect shows that the people of the community are starting to understand what the leaders are doing and they are aligned energetically with it.


The Moon is here to show us the energies that the people of the community will be drawn to or where their awareness will be focused.

To start with, the Moon as just entered the 7th House. This aligns the work that the leaders are doing and what the people will be aware of during the year. There will be synergy with regards to making those important relationships and the people will get involved.

The approach that the people use to get involved will be different than the approach that the leaders deploy. The influences on the people are coming from Virgo which will make them very practical, analytical, loyal and hard working. They will pay attention to the smallest detail to assure that there is nothing left out or not considered. Because Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, we’ll probably find the people tracking all forms of communication in a meticulous way.

As an aside, Mercury is also in the 7th House reaffirming the focus on setting up new relationships and using all forms of communication to do this.

Moon Opposition (Neptune + ASC)

The biggest emotional trigger for the people, something that they will be completely opposed to, is the Neptunian influences on the core philosophies of what Litecoin is. I would not expect anyone in the community will stand for any type of outside influence that threatens the core values of this project. Yet, this aspect shows that the people will most likely be involved in experiencing this during the year.

Moon Trine Pluto

The transformational energies that Pluto brings in will be aligned to what the people see as needing to change and they probably won’t provide much resistance. This could put the people in what appears to be a very supportive position to the management of this project as it re-evaluates and applies the changes that need to be made in order to move forward.

Moon square MC

Over the next year, the people of the community will be at odds with the socialistic changes that are trying to work their way into the project, and, because of this aspect, they will be forced to reconsider what it all means. Being square the Midheaven suggests that what the people think this project is, and what it really is, will come into question. It’s as if there will be some maturing as to what Litecoin’s role is in the world.


Looking at the details, it will be worthwhile to investigate exactly what the retrograde cycles are for both Neptune and Uranus. Both these planets are flirting with a cusp of the 1st house. As time permits, I will look into charting the paths and key influences for both these planets for the upcoming year. Yet for now, we’ll look at what the Solar Return is telling us.


As mentioned above, Neptune is associated with left-wing political movements and ideals. To anyone that’s been paying attention, there is lots of support from people in high places regarding left-leaning programs and ideas right now.

The Litecoin Solar Return shows that these types of energies will try to influence Litecoin in the coming year. Seeing that Neptune is in retrograde, these energies are going to be ruthless as they try to get a foothold in the project.

As already mentioned above, the opposition to the Moon will create a situation where the people of the community will be in total resistance to the Neptunian ideas. The aspect that is made with the sun shows that the leaders are fundamentally at odds with the changes that Neptune wants to bring.

(Neptune + ASC) Trine Venus

Venus, being the planet that represents soft feminine and artistic energies, is in a position to support the core changes that Neptune brings. Venus is associated with marriage, musicians, artists, entertainment and diplomatic resolutions. It wants peace and will work to keep the situation harmonious.

The interesting part is that Venus is in the 8th house which is based on strong emotional attachments and situations which you cannot control. This house deals with death, rebirth, natural disasters, accidents, epidemics, delays and obstructions.

To this, Venus will be behaving with the traits of Scorpio. This will bring out the brave, passionate, stubborn, true friend that will not tolerate any dishonesty. It will amplify the emotions, yet come across as calm and collected.

(Neptune + ASC) Square MC

Working against Neptune is the square aspect to the Midheaven. This may indicate that the energies that Neptune is bringing in is not aligned with what Litecoin wants to be. We’ll want to watch Neptune and what triggers it during the year.


As for reaching out to disrupt things, the retrograde Uranus is stepping up to make sure things are stirred up for the upcoming year.

Similar to Neptune, Uranus bring in political energies of influence. Yet this time, they are from the other side of the spectrum. It is associated with Fascism, Individualism and everything that drives a free market, rebellions, strikes and riots. It rules scientific breakthroughs, technology and discoveries.

All this energy is just entering the 2nd house which is where the community will find what it thinks is valuable. This is the house where projects just start to apply themselves. It is the house where, through trial and error, the community will figure out what is worth fighting for and what isn’t. This is the house that suggests that Litecoin may try to actually function as a currency in the coming year.

Uranus will bring as sense of being to how Litecoin starts to apply itself that will align with Taurus. This is a reliable, patient, practical, stable type of energy that can also be stubborn and uncompromising. It loves things of quality and is willing to work with its hands. Uranus will be willing to stick it out and endure until it gets to what it thinks is satisfactory.

Uranus is going to have an impact on Litecoin during the following year in a real and tangible way.

Uranus Opposition Mercury

Mercury, briefly covered above, is in the 7th house which wants to emphasize building relationships through communication.

The Opposition would indicate that the technological breakthroughs or scientific research will not be well communicated to the public. Or, all the activity that is going to happen that allows Litecoin to really start being what it needs to be will not be carried in the news. Expect to hear about everything except any of the good work that’s going to happen to allow Litecoin to start to function. I would expect the emotional influences regarding what Litecoin should be to be a forced debate that distracts from the real business that’s happening.

Uranus Opposition Venus

Venus, also covered briefly above, is sitting in the 8th house of deep emotional bonds and things that cannot be controlled. That soft, emotionally charged energy is in direct opposition to Uranus. The actual activities that unfold under the care of Uranus will probably trigger those that are soft or in sync with the Neptunian influences.

Uranus Trine Saturn

The only aspect to bring in Saturn this year comes from Uranus. Saturn is in the 10th house of intent with regards to how Litecoin does the work that it does. This is the house of choosing how you want to do it and following through. This is about standing with conviction and dedicating all your energy towards a cause. This is about making decisions with authority and experience.

Saturn is going to carry Capricorn traits which will put it in a position of self-control and disciplined. It will come in as grounded and in touch with manifesting the work that needs to be done. Even though the planet is all about restrictions, lessons and constriction, the aspect allows for a harmonious exchange of energy with Uranus.

This may suggest that the technical innovation that Litecoin is just now bringing forward will come in bits and starts. It could be that the technology will be stripped down to the bare essentials so that only what is need is made public. That Saturn influence would probably delay or remove any fluffy features or untested functionality from going public.

Uranus Square Mars

Mars, which has also been covered above, sits in a difficult aspect to Uranus. This would help cement the idea that as the new aspects of Litecoin try to roll out, the hard, aggressive, careless, insensitive aspects, or the least desirable aspects, of Mars will make the adoption of the new technology rough or difficult.


Jupiter is unobstructed.

Being in Scorpio, it may be seen as calm and collected throughout the year. It will most likely be seen as a true friend this year and assert itself in a resourceful, passionate way.

Jupiter is associated with law, legal proceedings, royalty, ceremonies, prosperity, generosity and material wealth.

Being in the 8th house, which brings in the energy of having to deal with the unexpected, we’ll find big issues or joys that will come out of the blue, which the community will deal with in an ordered and resourceful way.

Expect really big things to happen out of the blue that will have a deep emotional impact on the project and community.

On top of this, Jupiter is semisextile the Midheaven showing that what Litecoin is meant to be this year is in harmony be being big and grandiose.


If you read my previous review of Litecoin (see Mundane Solar Return for Litecoin 2017) you’ll notice that I did not include a bi-wheel representing the Solar Return influences on the natal chart. From my analysis in the last report, the energies of influence did not really seem strong enough to warrant the time spent on the analysis of those aspects. Instead, I will generate a list of transits to watch for the coming year. As each one comes along, I will (hopefully) publish a write-up of that transit. If you want to contribute to the list of important dates, please comment on this article with the aspect and time.

Would love to see your comments on this interpretation. Particularly, if you have something, or are willing to point out something, that you think will add value to the current offering.

Now we get to wait and watch!


I would love to run some personalized astrology reports just for you. Please consider joining the Mahala’s Astrology Community by becoming a One Year Subscriber. Keep in mind that when you support us by becoming a community member, you benefit directly. It’s a win-win situation.

Mundane Solar Return for Litecoin 2017

At the time of writing this report, it’s the middle of august 2018. This puts us ten months into this 2017 Solar Return. The idea and intention of this report is to observe the aspects presented by the charts and then relate that to what can be observed to have happened to Litecoin during this same period. The ultimate goal is to find correlations between the aspects and what we observe so as to be able to apply this understanding to the forward-looking Solar Return for 2018.

After reviewing all the information below, here is the summary.


To me, the Solar Return chart highlights the very strong desire behind the leaders running this crypto-currency to really get down to work and make their reality happen. They want desperately to get a working system that meets their expectations, but the chart is littered with obstructions and restrictions.

The people participating in the project are emotionally tied to making money. This is the big gamble. They are looking for the technological transformation to come out of this project and expect it to pay off big. The problem is that the gamble is squashed by Jupiter and is treated as another big lesion to those that took the chance.

The passion and drive to really put together something that shines for everyone to see has lots of energy but it’s being forced to happen rather than simply falling into place. This very passionate drive to really deliver what the world needs, is up against strong resistance that will test the emotions of everyone participating in the activities.

During the year, all the people that jumped into the hype during the bull market in the fall are now sitting underwater with regards to their investments. The gamble for riches hit the resistance of Jupiter.

Just after the bull run last fall, word circulated that the founder sold all his coin into the strength of the market. This lead to fear and uncertainty that many found hard to comprehend.

The big announcement and hype that the leaders of the community pushed that was related to LitePay jazzed people up and then crushed them as that deal could not deliver what the market was expecting.

The Anarchapulco conference that happened in mid-February turned out to be very favorable for Litecoin and that conference turned out to be the key conference so far for the year. The main takeaway was that everyone should own Litecoin. You could see and feel the excitement from the social influencers that talked about it after the conference, but they really couldn’t explain it to the viewers and the energy has simply faded.

Recently, the Litecoin foundation has purchased a 10% stake in a German bank. This is another situation where the leaders of the project have made a decision that is rather significant that they have failed to be able to adequately explain to the participants in the system. It’s a ‘trust us’ type of situation. This will probably bring up the darker elements in this chart that have yet to really been seen.

Overall, it seems to me like the influential energies described in this Solar Return could be seen and did apply to what was seen during the year. It will be worthwhile to investigate the next Solar Return so it can be mapped closer throughout the year.

If you would like to see how I came to these conclusions, please feel free to read through the analysis that follows.

Analysis & Data

Please see my article Picking Litecoin’s Birth Time for an explanation of how I determined the birth time of Litecoin. Here is that time.

GMT: Friday, October 7, 2011 7:31:05 AM
Your time zone: Friday, October 7, 2011 12:31:05 AM GMT-07:00 DST

Natal Chart.

Solar Return chart for 2017.

Solar Return Data

Sun          13 Libra 42         10th House
Moon         26 Aries 48          5th House
Mercury      12 Libra 6          10th House
Venus        20 Virgo 32          9th House
Mars         19 Virgo 53          9th House
Jupiter      29 Libra 11         11th House
Saturn       22 Sagittarius 36    1st House
Uranus       27 Aries 3           5th House         Retrograde
Neptune      12 Pisces 2          3rd House         Retrograde
Pluto        16 Capricorn 52      2nd House

Sun Conjunct Mercury
Venus Conjunct Mars On MC
Moon Conjunct Uranus
Jupiter Opposition (Moon + Uranus)
Neptune Opposition (Venus + Mars + MC)
Saturn Trine (Moon + Uranus)
Pluto Trine (Venus + Mars + MC)
Saturn Square (Venus + Mars + MC)
Pluto Square (Sun + Mercury)
Neptune Quincunx (Sun + Mercury)
Neptune Square ASC
Aspects of the Solar Return

Let’s look at all the major aspects that act directly on the leadership of this community.


A Libra Sun + Mercury Conjunction in the 10th House

Sun: Leaders, key influencers, CEO, core foundation, large investors

Mercury: Communication, education, teaching, to propaganda, rumors

Libra: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious to indecisive, avoidance, self-pity

10th House: Drive and desire to get involved with intent. This is about choosing to do something rather then being told to do something.

Conjunction: Energies work together, combine and magnify observable events.

Pluto Square (Sun + Mercury)

Pluto: Transformation, underworld, secrets, what is hidden.

Capricorn: Responsible, disciplined, self-control to know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, likes craftmanship, learns from mistakes

2nd House: Value, wealth, learning how to function

Square: High Discord, blocks, frustrations, obstacles, violent responses

Neptune Quincunx (Sun + Mercury)

Neptune: Left-wing political, covert activities, loss, alcohol, idealism

Pisces: Compassionate, intuitive, gentle to fearful, overly trusting, sad, dislikes unresolved issues

3rd House: Refining skills, learning, communicating, forming relationships

Quincunx: Unable to communicate, misunderstandings, redirecting, challenging, adjustments


There are three clear aspects of influence on the key movers and shakers in the Litecoin leadership. The first one brings to the forefront how the leaders of the community communicate what they do. Everything that is said or done by the leaders will be closely monitored, dissected and scrutinized. The Leaders will have a very strong drive to push their ideas forward and it will be fueled by their passion. There is a strong inner sense that they are doing the right thing and that this is what they’ve been working towards.

I would expect that this year would come with a high focus on building the network. This could be both structurally and intellectually. Keep in mind that the Litecoin project IS a network and communication is fundamental to how it operates as a technology. As an observer, the progress made on the structural enhancements may be harder to see.

Outwardly, what is seen has two inharmonious influences that will make it hard for the people that follow this community to really see what is going on.

On one side there is this dissident transformational energy that’s sitting in the house of money and values. The leadership is going to have to deal with money issues that fundamental change things or situations. Combining this with the idea of communication, the leaders my have a hard time explaining exactly what they are doing or be seen as acting like criminals, dealing with money in the background, hiding their operations.

On the other side, the leaders are also influenced by an aspect that leads to misunderstandings. The influence would drive them to redirect attention where they can make adjustments on the fly and ultimately find it hard to convey that they are good-minded managers of the system. This dissident influence is also sitting in the house that deals with fundamental relationships and the refinements of your skill set.

These two hard aspects will challenge the dream of what Litecoin can do down to a fundamental level. The transformations will go deep into the core aspect of what the community is and what it values.


This next collection of aspects look directly at how the people will see the situation.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Moon: Common person, where attention is drawn too, what the people experience

Uranus: Right-wing political, innovation, sudden change, anarchy, upheaval, inventors and invention, unexpected events.

Aries: Courageous, determined, optimistic, confident to impatient, moody, short-tempered, aggressive.

5th House: Taking the gamble, wanting to stand out, entertainment, getting out in public, being seen, interacting

Conjunction: synergetic, in tune

Jupiter Opposition (Moon + Uranus)

Jupiter: Prosperity, law, powerful people outside the community, generosity, material wealth, banks and bankers, advisors

Libra: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious to indecisive, avoidance, self-pity

11th House: Working on your dream, accomplishing your goals, collective rule, debate, long term plans, developing allies

Opposition: High Discord separation, deadly conflict

Saturn Trine (Moon + Uranus)

Saturn: order, restriction, structure, rules & regulations, stability, poverty, lessons, death, public sadness, sorrow

Sagittarius: Generous, Idealistic to very impatient, speaking your mind without regard, promising more than can be delivered.

1st House: Discovering your core identity, finding common culture, discovering what the group does, exploring your collective skillset

Trine: Good fortune, luck, harmonious


The Moon, representing the people in the community and what their attention will be drawn to, sits in a near perfect conjunction with the energies of technology, invention and upheaval. The people’s attention will be drawn to sudden changes and there should be right-wing political influences. Being conjoined in Aries, gives the union a determined, courageous, fighting spirit. If that energy gets pushed too hard, the people will get impatient and short-tempered. They will not seriously think about what they are doing, but they will jump in with both hands and feet. This conjunction is fed by the energies of the 5th house which will make the people feel like they are joining the cause. It brings with it speculation and the willingness to gamble. The people will feel like it’s all about how the community is seen and how it presents itself.

There are two major accentuating influences that will color how the people are willing to speculate on this project. The hardest one is the opposition which puts the speculation directly at odds with wealth creation. Jupiter is sitting in the house that represents the culmination of working your dreams and accomplishing your goals, thus it’s directly in opposition of the speculators expectations. This suggests that speculating for wealth is probably not the right thing to do here.

In what looks like an uplifting situation, yet it isn’t, Saturn sits trine the people’s wants and desires. The restrictive, structured energy, that brings rules & regulations which lead to lessons learned is open to flow directly towards the people in the community. The people will be open to seeing exactly how the Litecoin community works and they will be aware of the core fundamentals, but it brings lessons with regards to speculations – particularly with regards to wealth.

This combination would make me think that the people’s attention will be divided between speculation to make money and the core fundamentals of the innovative activities that are taking place within the community.


These next aspects show key influences throughout the year.

Venus Conjunct Mars On MC

Venus: Feminine, artistic, nurturing, musical, entertaining, peaceful resolutions, diplomatic solutions, soft, attention to values

Mars: Masculine, confrontational, prone to conflicts, attacks, disputes, structured resistance, force, violent, fire

MC: Image of self, self-perception

Virgo: Loyal, Analytical, kind, hardworking, practical to worrying, overly critical, all work no play.

9th House: Heightened understandings, education, high technology, wisdom, philosophies

Conjunction: Energies work together, combine and magnify observable events.

Neptune Opposition (Venus + Mars + MC)

Neptune: Left-wing political, covert activities, loss, alcohol, idealism

Pisces: Compassionate, intuitive, gentle to fearful, overly trusting, sad, dislikes unresolved issues

3rd House: Refining skills, learning, communicating, forming relationships

Opposition: High Discord separation, deadly conflict

Pluto Trine (Venus + Mars + MC)

Pluto: Transformation, underworld, secrets, what is hidden.

Capricorn: Responsible, disciplined, self-control to know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, likes craftmanship, learns from mistakes

2nd House: Value, wealth, learning how to function

Trine: Good fortune, luck, harmonious

Saturn Square (Venus + Mars + MC)

Saturn: order, restriction, structure, rules & regulations, stability, poverty, lessons, death, public sadness, sorrow

Sagittarius: Generous, Idealistic to very impatient, speaking your mind without regard, promising more than can be delivered.

1st House: Discovering your core identity, finding common culture, discovering what the group does, exploring your collective skillset

Square: High Discord, blocks, frustrations, obstacles, violent responses


This next collection of influences links directly into the drive, passion and self-image associated with this project. In a three-way conjunction, we have all the energies associated with Mars, Venus and the Midheaven all working together for the year in an amplified mix.

They are sitting in the 9th house which carries with it the full understanding regarding why higher education is needed and how these types of studies benefit everyone. This directly relates to scientific institutions and the corresponding research. This house is about wisdom, being diplomatic and making strategic partnerships. Overall, this house is about doing the work that benefits everyone.

What type of work will be done? This conjunction is in Virgo which brings out the analytical, hardworking, practical minded projects. The thing the project will need to look out for is the fault of becoming overly critical of self and what that will mean to the image of the Litecoin community. This energy could also lead to misunderstandings from not being able to full express what is being worked on or that they need to polish things up before they will full accept what they have created as being worthy of announcement.

So here we see that all the artistry and passion carried by Venus and all the action, fighting spirit and competition brought forth from Mars which is all unleashed on the nit-picky, detailed oriented work that eventually benefits everyone – but only after they are able to accept that it is up to their standards.

Now that we see what the community is up against, well take a look at the direct opposition to these desires that comes from Neptune. This planet is sitting in Pisces which would normally accentuate the compassionate, artistic, intuitive and gentle side of things; particularly those aspects of Venus, yet it’s diametrically opposed to that. We should expect the rough aspects of Pisces to be activated from this aspect. This will bring up fear, sadness, the questioning of things, situations of inappropriately extending trust, being criticized, cruelty and being reminded of failures from the past. As it reaches out to the conjunction that it opposes, we would expect that the dreams and scientific research will be subject to a very emotional doubt filled scrutiny.

Keep in mind that Neptune is associated with idealism, socialism, fraud, deception and loss and is sitting in the 3rd house.

The 3rd house is the house where things are made more efficient. This is where, what is desirable has been figured out and changes are made in order to refine fulfilling those desires. It’s about learning, refining and polishing. It’s about exploring what is at your disposal that improves communication and enhances relationships. All means of discriminating information is covered by this house.

Flipping this opposition around, all the work that Neptune wants to emphasis as it works through this house is being blocked by the Venus + Mars conjunction. This would indicate that all this forward progress that we would expect will find nothing but block after emotional block as the project tries to take advantage of the communication channels over the year.

Looking back at the Virgo Venus + Mars conjunction dealing with the idealism and technologies that can change the world, we see that its Trine Pluto.

Pluto brings transformations. It rules the underworld or mysteries and is associated with the political undergrounds, espionage, organized crime, great wealth and power and the activities that happen in the background to maintain that power.

This planet is sitting in the 2nd house that represents national wealth, revenue, activities involved with making money, banks, exchanges and financial stability.

Pluto will be behaving like a Capricorn for the year, so it should be responsible, disciplined and in self-control. It may be serious and possess independence or may be seen as being on its best behavior.

Looking at Pluto independently, there will be changes with regards to how the community members see money and wealth. There will most likely be undertones of criminality, but that will not be directed towards the people of the community (some energy towards the leaders) but it could overflow into the work being performed in the scientific institutions or larger institutions that are performing research. This might be hard to see.

The last aspect creates blocks or obstacles and this time it’s between Venus + Mars and Saturn.

Saturn is in Sagittarius which has weaknesses of promising more than can be delivered, or being very impatient or saying things regardless of the situation or circumstances. It is sitting in the house that relates directly to the people in the community and their general state of being. It’s about reputation, self-governance, law & order. And Saturn itself brings limitations, borders, restrictions, regulations, poverty, death, public sorrow or disappointment.

So, when we look at this square, we see more energies that are working to prevent Litecoin from fulling executing on the research that it knows needs to be done in order to find the full expression of the project. The passion and drive that is strong in Litecoin right now is, on one hand restricted by Saturn and the other mired in doubt from Neptune.

Neptune Square ASC

Neptune: Left-wing political, covert activities, loss, alcohol, idealism

ASC: how others see you

Pisces: Compassionate, intuitive, gentle to fearful, overly trusting, sad, dislikes unresolved issues

3rd House: Refining skills, learning, communicating, forming relationships

Square: High discord, blocks, frustrations, obstacles, violent responses

This section is left as an exercise for the reader.

Aspects to Natal

Bi-wheel for Solar Return and Natal chart. Here, I’m looking for any aspects that might trigger key aspects in the natal chart.


With an eye towards simplification, the orbs have been reduced to 1 degree in this bi-wheel.

When looking at the different aspects, there are two that I’d like to consider.

(Uranus + Moon) Opposition natal Venus


The Uranus + Moon conjunction was covered above showing that the people of the community will have their attention on the technologies throughout the year. The problem is that this conjunction is opposing Venus which is all about peaceful resolutions and being diplomatic when handling situations. The natal Venus is sitting in the house of resources and what you can do with them. As this opposition may bring up thoughts that the community is not using its resources correctly or spending time on the wrong arts. It will hit back at why people got into this project in the first place.

(Mars + Venus + MC) Quincunx natal Moon


The Mars + Venus conjunction that is also covered above is one that is amplified passion and activity. All this energy that is directed towards the scientific research and perfecting that Litecoin is, is in an aspect of complete misunderstanding with the people of the project. Even though the leaders may want the perfect technology to fulfill their desires, the core people are not able to understand. Keep in mind that the natal moon of the people is in the 8th house which is death, financial loss, fatal accidents and the like. The conjunction passion could be seen by the people as being misdirected (as this time) and they (the people of the community) are left to suffer loss and death.

Saturn Quincunx natal ASC

ASC Trine Natal MC

Jupiter Trine natal Neptune

(Mars + Venus + MC) Sextile natal ASC

(Mars + Venus + MC) Semisextile natal (Saturn + Mercury)

Historical Recap of the Year

Keep in mind that the year that we want to review starts on October 7th, 2017 and stretches to October 7th, 2018.

Key data points for the year.


  • November & December Crypto bull Market (see chart below)


  • February 4th, LitePay announcement and failure
  • February 6th, Aliant Payment Systems announcement
  • February 18th and 19th Anarchapulco conference
  • March 4th, Litecoin Foundation formation


  • April 26th, TokenPay announcement
  • June 10th, bitcoin conference


  • July 10th, Announcement of 10% stake in German Bank

The price action can be thought of as fluid and representing the emotions of the people involved in the community.


To get an overall feeling regarding what happened throughout the year, I would say the Solar Return shows us that energy.

Stay tuned for a similar review of the upcoming Solar Return for 2018. The best part about the next report is that we’ll be able to track it through the year!


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Mundane Solar Return for Bitcoin 2019

As promised, this post is a mundane interpretation of the next Solar Return for Bitcoin. This Solar Return happens on the 4th of January, 2019 @ 4:40:37 AM centered over Greenwich, England.

The fun part about this interpretation is that it’s a bit more than four months from now. In the realm of crypto currencies, this is a relative lifetime. We should expect definite personality changes and new ways of looking at this entire technological area. Even though it’s four months out, keep in mind that when looking at Solar Returns, there will be a little build up to the return time that we should see unfold in late November up to the key date of January 4th.

What seems reasonable is to give you my conclusion and then follow that will how I came to this conclusion.

Let’s get to it.


The Solar Return suggests that Bitcoin Leaders will be seen as capable and responsible while being up against big challenges. We will probably witness situations where they will demonstrate that they have learned from their mistakes. This progress will probably be done in some grand kind of way. There are strong influences are coming through the 2nd house, so it’s all going to be about money. Pluto will bring in the darker, illicit activities, but more in the form of lessons learned. Maybe we’ll see the leaders create systems that defend against the criminal element that wants power in this system. In any case, the energies don’t come across as destructive, but rather constructive.

There are good aspects with Neptune and Jupiter indicating that the energy here should help, rather than hurt, the progress that the leaders are making. In some way, the leadership will feel like they’ve “brought it home”, or made it more personal. There may be the feeling that they did it with style or without conflict.

We might get to witness, or be entertained by, the hard aspects from Venus in the 12th house. Here, one would expect theatrics from, or related to, the criminal element that will create drama and financial lose for some – or a specific individual rather than the entire community. Overall, whatever this event is, it will have drama.

For the people playing along in the community, we have much lighter configurations and energy that will drive people to want to participate. There will be energy that drives speculation and the revisiting of past enthusiasm. People are going to be paying close attention to all information published about the project and they will get fired up. Everyone will probably have an opinion and be willing to fight. This fighting energy seems to be double amplified in the Solar Return transit of Mars. Not in a bad way, but think of this as the type of energy that you might experience after a major sporting event where the people line the streets and trash the environment because they are so excited. People will be willing to take risks and they will do it quickly. They will probably act on any information or rumors of information, but when they do, it will come with conflict.

The harder aspect between Uranus and Jupiter hints that people outside the Bitcoin community are going to see actions from the power elite that are going to try to influence the people in any way that they can so to continue the meme that Bitcoin is used by criminals. The positive aspects with the Moon suggest that the people will be able to see right through these activities.

Note that this is in contrast with the last Solar Return. If you look back at the last Solar Return, it had a couple conjunctions that had hard aspects to them and Quincunxes that created a dichotomy and opposing points of view.

Last year we saw criminal behavior that enraged community members and leaders alike. The hard aspects setup a condition where they could get away with it. Looking forward, the situation has changed so that these influences should not be a factor for anything other than entertainment and an emotional disturbance. Sure, people will get mad, but the negative influences that the disrupters had last year doesn’t exist into this next year.

Ok, that’s it. I know it was long, but it’s something I needed to work through – and share with you. Please let me know if you have insights to share on this or if there were any significant aspects that I missed out on.

Now, here is how I came to that conclusion.


Visuals please. This is the chart for the next Solar Return.

Also, it never hurts to run a Solar Return Report to see how the event would be interpreted as if Bitcoin where a person. Thus, here is the link to the Bitcoin Solar Return PDF file.

What are we looking for?

It’s always worth setting expectations with regards to what a report like this can do for us. So, what we want to look at is the energetic influences directed towards the leaders and community members looking specifically at the major characteristic that will be accentuated or agitated. We expect that there will be some buildup to the return date and then the major energies of influence will extend out for the bulk of the year. The Solar Return doesn’t give trigger dates like you would see in a transit report, so we’re looking for greater overall trends and influences.

Where do we find this info?

Let’s start with the Solar Return date aspects and then finish with a bi-wheel that will show the transit influences to birth natal at the end.

First, the Solar Return aspects.

Capricorn Sun in 2nd house Conjunct Saturn + Pluto

Here we have a strong conjunction setting up for the leaders of the Bitcoin community. Because we’re dealing with three planets in Capricorn, we could see the responsible, disciplined, good managers that we would want, or we could see the know-it-all, unforgiving and condescending behaviors that no one really favors. The Capricorn energy suggests that the activities that will be happening will be considered serious and that the people addressing these issues will have the ability to lead through them. This energy would suggest that the leaders will learn from their mistakes. Because we’re dealing with an Earth sign here, we’ll expect that the leaders will be stubborn with regards to their current tasks and they will have a hard time committing to or entertaining any far out ideas.

Saturn, being the ruling planet of Capricorn, should make this next year a learning experience for those that are guiding the community. It’s going to feel natural that at every turn, these people are going to feel like they are up against something big and that everything is a challenge. We may see situations where the influencers in the Bitcoin community will be a bit harsh or callus to criticism of their actions.

Keep in mind that the key part of this conjunction is related to the Sun. The Sun represents the leaders of the project. It is all the people that are in positions of leadership to make decisions on how the project moves forward. Those observing the Bitcoin community will witness these people in interviews, through tweets and other press releases. This energy is also extended to the big players or happy-go-lucky individuals that catch the public’s attention.

This conjunction is located in the 2nd house which deals with all things money related. Think of it as the house that influences all the big things that can happen with financial situations. For instance, it’s national wealth, banks, financial institutions, money markets, large scale trade, financial stability, strength of currency, etc.

In the conjunction, we see Pluto. This is a transformational planet that represents change and rebirth. This change is not limited to what can be seen, for Pluto tends to accent deep dark dirty things. This touches into the political underground, espionage, organized crime, great wealth and power, violence, death and secrets.

Just thinking of this one conjunction, the energies would suggest that the leaders of the community are in for some big lessons with regards to money on a grand scale. In harmonious situations, the leaders will be seen as capable. Under stress, they may come across as callus and cold. Whatever they do, it will be transformational but there is the high probability that we’ll see more signs of corruption at the top or more cases of organized crime from very capable people.

To this, we want to know the triggers are.

Sun sextile Neptune, semisextile Jupiter

Looking towards Neptune & Jupiter, we find that they are in supportive positions for the leaders and influencers.

Neptune represents left-wing political ideas along with plots, fraud, illicit activities, mobs, secret plots, sedition, bogus companies and so on. Along with that, Neptune is sitting in a water sign that is going to highlight emotional capacity. On the bright side, it’s artistic, wise, gentle and musical. On the darker side there is fear, sadness, escapism, victim, martyr and overly trusting. The Piscean energy is not going to like a know-it-all Capricorn or situations where things are overly critical. But it will tolerate responsible, disciplined leaders.

We find this energy in the 3rd house which represents all means by which people interact and communicate. Think of all forms of locomotion and just about all the different technologies that handle information transfer: internet, telephones, publications, etc.

Jupiter represents the energies that move religious and judicial leaders, priests, judges, etc. It also deals what wealth, banks, bankers, advisors, teachers etc. This energy is associated with excess in all these categories.

This energy is focused on the values of the 1st house which touches on the inhabitants of a country, their condition and prosperity, health, their general outlook, etc.

So, how might these two aspects to the leadership conjunction be interpreted? It would seem to me that both these aspects are going to work in harmony with what the leadership chooses to do and how they do it. The influences from Jupiter will keep the Bitcoin leadership engaged in matters of money on a grand scale along with keeping them connected with advisors and teachers that are able to interact in positive ways. The Neptunian energy is going to create situations where the leaders will be seen as getting along emotionally, or being seen as being gentler in their recorded interactions. The dealings that they will have with communication should go smoother than it did in the last Solar Return.

Sun Semisquare Venus

The one wildcard that acts on the Sun (Bitcoin Leadership) is the semisquare situation with Venus that’s on the edge of the 12th house. This house is associated with prisons, reformatories, criminals, spies, secret enemies, asylums, secret societies, the occult, financial loss, mishaps, wars and the like.

Venus brings with it a strong feminine energy that would be likened to artistic expression, sports, entertainment, cinema, diplomatic resolutions, etc.

The Semisquare energy that Venus brings to challenge the Sun may make for entertaining situations. The situations may be full of drama or they may be orchestrated, in either case, I would expect if we do see this play out, it will be associated with some type of criminal behavior that would involve financial loss or events that sent leaders to prison. Yet, I don’t really see any aggressive energy in the different aspects so far. It’s more like theater rather than death or loss.

So far, we’ve covered the leaders, where are the people?

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Uranus

The Moon is going to represent all the people that follow along in the Bitcoin community. For the upcoming year, the Moon is in the first house and its traits align with Sagittarius.

Keep in mind that the traits associated with Sagittarius are rooted in fire. Yet, it’s a generous, idealistic feeling that likes freedom and is willing to be philosophical. It brings open mindedness and the willingness to explore. It brings the energy of achieving your goals and accomplishing what you put your mind too.

If you remember from above, the first house deals with the people’s situations, prosperity and health. It represents people’s outlook on life along with law and order.

In the synergistic aspect, Uranus is in the 5th house and it’s retrograde. This is the house of public entertainment and pleasure. It’s sports, speculation, gambling and the like. It’s also associated with elites, dignitaries and people with power. It rules the stock exchange, investments, morals and values of the people. The retrograde movement will probably bring back feelings from the past aligned to this speculative type of energy.

Can’t forget the Aries aspect of Uranus. On the positive side we have confident, enthusiastic and optimistic energy. On the downside, we have impatient, moody and aggressive influences.

So far, the people are put in a position where they are probably going to feel good about their situations. They will probably be willing to explore more about what Bitcoin means and feel that there is an essence of speculation or sport about the situation. There may even be stories that come up about the past that inspire people to get more involved. There may be a heightened sense of speculation from this aspect.

Moon conjunct Mercury Square Mars

The one situation that may stir up the pot a little is Mercury and it’s square with Mars. Mercury deals with all energies associated with communication. It brings messenger energy. It covers propaganda, news, reporters, trade, strategists, advisors and intellect. It also has traits that suggest that it may promise more than it can deliver, it’s idealistic or off-the-wall with the theories.

This is going to be triggered by Mars. If you remember, Mars brings with it militaristic or police actions type of energy. It brings strikes, conflicts, disputes, war, etc. These energies are combined with the 4th house which brings in resources and what you can do with those resources. Being in Aries, it will make everything feel more energetic, turbulent, dynamic and impulsive.

Bringing the two aspects together leads me to believe that there will be a sting in the news reports that the people of the community read. Or, as they follow the information,  the community will be emotionally charged which may make the situation feel turbulent, dynamic or somewhat out of control.

Now, we tuck this aspect in to make Mercury conjunct the Moon and we should get the idea that the people will be directly tied to the activities of Mercury over the next year. It’s all going to be about the communication which will be on fire in a hard kind of way. Knowing that Mercury is a fast-moving planet, the aspect that it’s making here will probably be something that comes and goes over and over again throughout the year taking the people in and out of the hard aspect. When Mercury is not triggered by Mars, the people will probably be feeling pretty good about their situations. When Mars triggers it, they will probably want to run for the hills and take cover.

More observations

Another thing worth noting is that all the planets, with the exception of Venus, are all on the bottom of the chart in houses 1-5. This is the area that deals with personal identity and expression. Jupiter, the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, the Sun, Pluto and Neptune are all in areas that represent who and what bitcoin is. It’s as if both the leaders and the followers are really going to be able to identify with what bitcoin is in the coming year. Mars and Uranus fall into the expression areas where Mars brings up the forceful energy and Uranus is going to be stuck on reliving the past.

Now that the stage is set, are their aspects to the natal that are worth pointing out?

Aspects to birth chart

Finding the aspects to the natal chart for Bitcoin is a little more challenging. To do this, we’ll start with a bi-wheel that has the natal chart on the inside and the Solar Return on the outside. Unfortunately, the number of aspects is ridiculously high, thus I’ve reduced the aspects down to very tight orbs.

Solar Return Saturn conjunct natal Sun

The energy associated with Saturn brings with it lessons. They are usually hard lessons that manifest through funerals, sickness or anything that revolves around death. It’s connected with the mineral world and the extraction of energy. There could also be aspects of servitude or being forced to be submissive.

Since we’re dealing with the Sun, we should look towards the leaders or influencers of the Bitcoin movement to be challenged and have to deal with hard issues, but because this is a conjunction rather then square, they will most likely get through the events, but they probably won’t be happy about them.

This activity is also sitting in the 6th house, which deals with national services, civil service, trade unions, relationships with neighbors, general health, litigations, judicial functioning, etc.

With this in mind, I would expect that the leaders are going to have to deal with situations that arise in all these different areas. We might see the leaders faced with situations where they have to work with different groups, which might be hard for them to adjust too, or that they may have to give up some of their hard-core philosophies which could make them feel sick about what they have done. Yet, this aspect should come across in a relatively positive way.

Solar Return Mars conjunct natal Moon

When we look at how the people in the community will see things, the natal Moon, which sits in the 9th house that deals with shipping, aerospace, commerce, international communications, religious organizations, universities, scientific institutions and publications. The community’s awareness of these types of issues will be amplified by Mars which might bring in that energy of wanting to fight, or the willingness to fight for the cause. Keep in mind that Mars is associated with soldiers, police, opposition forces, strikes and conflict.

The good news in this conjunction is that the people will be amped up with the Mars energy, but it should be viewed in a positive way. The conjunction helps energize the people into action and participation, but probably not to the point of rioting or going on strike which would indicate opposition to the situation.

Solar Return Moon square Natal Saturn

As we saw above, the Solar Return Moon brings with it the energy from the 5th house regarding gambling or the desire to take risks. This is in a hard aspect with Saturn which is about lessons and it’s in the house of communication or news.

I would expect that the Bitcoin community still has some lessons to learn about gambling in this space. Seeing that the Solar Return Moon in in Sagittarius, the people in the community might once again fall for projects that don’t deliver what they claim, or they will fall into situations where they are just not patient enough. They will be amped up from Mars, hopefully, they can keep their thoughts and emotions in check.

Solar Return Uranus Square Natal Jupiter

This is a nearly exact square and it will remain that way well into the year. To review, the natal Jupiter is in the 6th house with deals with health, civil service, workers, employees, political stability, financial solvency, communal harmony, etc. Being Jupiter, the participants should be leaders and influencers along with people in positions to judge or fund projects. High level diplomacy would also fall into this energy category. To be clear, the leaders represented by Jupiter are those that have power but that power is outside the Bitcoin community.

The hard aspect comes from Uranus in the 10th house. This house is all about the people in power. People with authority, royalty, fame, etc. It’s about the bigger aspects of trade, credit, foreign trade, law and order.

The square is going to bring these Uranian influences in, in a big way. The energy doesn’t seem to be directed towards the leaders nor the community members themselves. It’s as if this energy would come in to influence everyone else. It’s also worth noting that Uranus is retrograde in the Solar Return hinting that the energies may not be new and creative, but rather rehashed from the past. This might suggest that the leaders and long-time community members will see right through these influences.

Keep in mind that Uranus rules over technologies and Jupiter rules money. This is an aspect that we should watch throughout the year.

Solar Return Mars Square Natal Pluto

This Solar Return Mars energy should also amp up the transformational energy that Pluto brings in the 5th house. If you remember, that 5th house is all about speculation and gambling. This will probably bring up that fighting energy towards making the transformation and making it now. Being a hard aspect, this transformation will come at a cost. It will be interesting to find out what the cost will be.

Solar Return Moon Sextile Natal Neptune

The Natal Neptune, which is associated with plots, fraud, illicit activities along with left-wing political ideas sits in the house of foreign affairs, marriage/divorce, pleasure, amusement, business establishments, etc. is being activated by the Solar Return Moon that sits in the house of speculation and gambling.

It would seem that this energy will help the people of the community find connections to, or feel connected to the activities that Bitcoin is involved in. It could come across as if people will feel married to their projects and feel a sense of responsibility for them. People may start to really feel connected to what’s going on.

Solar Return Neptune Sextile Natal Sun

In this situation, Neptune is setup to influence the leaders of the community for the year. Being in the eight house, it will bring in energy of delays and obstructions, accidents, capital gains, wild weather, etc. Remember, Uranian energy comes in as secret plots, sedition, fraud, swindling and what not.

So, once again, we have this illicit energy influencing the leaders of the community. The good part is that it’s a positive aspect indicating that the leaders may react emotionally about it, but they will probably recognize it and defend against it rather then getting rolled over by it.

Solar Return Mars Sextile Natal Mercury

And finally, the Aries Mars is in a perfect sextile with the natal Mercury. Mercury is the messenger. It deals with all forms of communication. It’s in the 6th house dealing with national services, general health, political stability, etc.

This aspect would suggest that the information associated with this project will be hot and heavy. It will most likely be seen as positive news particularly form scientific institutions, professors, universities and other intellectual professionals.


It seems like the heavy aspects that we experienced last year have lightened up a lot. If you see any aspects that would change how I should have interpreted the situation, feel free to share.

Over the year, I expect that there will be some major transits worth writing about. If you can think of any, please let me know.


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Mundane Solar Return for Bitcoin 2018

Looking at a Solar Return is a great way to get a feeling for the types of influential energies that will come your way for the next year. This type of report covers the time period between your birthdays. The time that represents the Solar Return is the moment when the transiting Sun is directly over your birth Sun. It’s calculated, not at the place where you were born, but rather where you are on your birthday.

Because we can do this for a person, we should also be able to extrapolate this principle to organizations and social movements using the principles of mundane astrology.

A Solar Return for Bitcoin would represent the time between January 3 of the first year to January 3 of the next. Seeing that it’s now the middle of August 2018, we’re 2/3rds of our way through Bitcoin’s 2018 Solar Return. That means that the return that I’m going to review will be part historical and part forecast because we have more then four months remaining in the year.

The chart review is included below my conclusion. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did creating it.


There are some really strong configurations that are showing up for Bitcoin this year, both directed towards the leaders and those participating in the project.

The leaders of the Bitcoin community have energies of influence that drive them to work hard on the project as if behind the scenes while at the same time they will be seen as reasonably good managers. They will be seen as making progress towards their goals, the energies suggest forward progress. These leaders will be emotional, yet they will lean towards seeking peaceful resolutions to situations rather than confrontation. There is a strong hidden influence that will make them want to make transformational changes. At the same time, these transformative energies will be secretive or guarded. They will conducted business in private.

The people will be agitated and conflicted. They will feel taken advantage of and separated from the leadership of the project. The people will not understand what the leaders are doing and the leaders will not be able to convey what they are doing which creates fear and instability in the community. This is also amplified by another quincunx that directs the people’s attention to criminal activities. There are strong aspects of mis-communication or misunderstanding what is said between the leaders and the followers.

To this confusion, we add another conjunction of Jupiter and Mars which makes for explosive big moves. Jupiter rules money sitting in the house of money, the emotional impact will probably be about money, which we can clearly see transpired. Now we add the hard aspect to the Moon and the impact of the explosive money situation becomes an emotional in your face experience for the Bitcoin community members.

The condition of Uranus square Pluto will bring up the aspects of death or great loss. Things will be transformed in a way that will not be comfortable. The experiences will have that sick to your stomach kind of feeling (Saturn conjunct natal Pluto). The people will be transformed, the leaders of the community will be transformed the state of the project will change during this year.

Having watched the news headlines, I would say that the mundane association of the planets really are playing out for anyone that cares to look. It’s been a gut-wrenching experience for all those playing along. The leaders have stepped back and the focus has been on the criminal behavior that has turned the community hard.

The unfortunate part is that I’m not seeing where these energy patterns break. I guess I’ll have to look at some specific transits to see where these major conjunctions start to break down. When I do, I’ll write about what I find.

Now, if you want to know how I came to this conclusion, read on.

Analysis & Data

Here are the charts. The first one is the Bitcoin Natal chart, the second is the location of the planets during its last Solar Return.

First Block

Solar Return

It’s also interesting to treat Bitcoin like a person and run a Solar Return for it. Here is the Bitcoin Solar Return Report for 2018. When you read that report, you’ll have to project the personal human traits onto the Bitcoin community because the standard Solar Returns are personal reports rather than mundane.

What are we looking for?

When you interpret a Solar Return, you’re looking at the energies of influence that will be present for the entire year. Not only do you get to look at it as if it’s a one year natal, but you get to see transits to the birth natal.

When you look at this year’s return, there are a number of situations that stand out. There are some strong energetic conditions influencing this community, let’s take a look.

Aspects on the Solar Return Birthday

Capricorn Sun in 4th house

To start with, we have a Capricorn Sun in the 4th house. In this interpretation, the Sun represents the key leaders in the Bitcoin community. Not only does it rule those that have the ability to modify the code, but it rules the influencers and speakers that attend the conventions and make the decisions. The Capricorn traits should show them as being responsible, disciplined and relatively good managers. The energy brings the ability to make realistic plans and be able to actually lead the way. It’s a solid earth sign which should being the ability to manifest what they create.

Being in the 4th house, this energy will be directed towards building or growing the project. This house is associated with natural resources, peace, political stability, educational institutions, law & order along with communal harmony.

Looking just at the Sun, we are led to believe that the leaders of this movement have reasonable plans that they will be making progress on. We might also interpret that these energies will create a politically stable environment for the leaders.

But it doesn’t end here.

Capricorn Venus, Sun & Pluto Conjunction in the 4th house.

Now we bring in Venus. This planet brings in feminine and artistic qualities. Think artists, entertainers, musicians and peaceful resolutions to problems. Think social, for it brings that fluid connection at a distance that triggers emotions and feelings.

With this in mind, Pluto is added to the mix. Just on the far edge of a conjunction with the Sun, Pluto is going to bring up what’s hidden. It’s transformative and has links with that which is normally kept out of sight (and out of mind).

Looking at all three of these together, the energy would suggest that the leaders of the Bitcoin movement will want to seek peaceful resolutions to confrontational situations yet there will be a hidden desire to tap into the Pluto energy to cause transformation. The energy from Pluto should be tempered by the disciplined aspects of Capricorn. It’s as if the transformations are hidden and part of the plan both at the same time.

Leo Moon in 11th house

Moving across the chart, we see that the Moon is in the 11th house which is the house that is associated with councils, lawmakers, groups that make decisions, legislation and relationships with other groups. Knowing that the Moon represents the people participating in the Bitcoin movement, we should expect the people will start talking and debating amongst themselves on an emotional level. Picture the scene in a movie where the king and his knights are center stage explaining the situation to the peasants and you get those voices that rise up out of the crowd challenging the words of the king. It’s a situation where the masses question future plans in an emotional, rather than logical, way. Keep in mind that the crowd sits in Leo, thus we’ll see this questioning done with passion and enthusiasm. It will be loud and big hearted. The people will feel like they are helping, but the planets are not aligned for the feedback to be cooperative or helpful.

Why is this?

Moon Quincunx Venus, Sun & Pluto conjunction

The complication is that there is a Quincunx between the Moon and the Sun + Venus + Pluto conjunction. This is going to cause a feeling of separation between the leaders and the followers. The energy is such that when they talk, they will both approach the project from different angles and neither will really be able to hear what the other group wants or says.

To complicate this situation, we have…

Moon Quincunx Neptune in Pisces in the 6th house

Neptune is associated with left-wing political ideas like socialism and communism, while also being the planet that covers plots, fraud, illicit activities and loss. The 6th house deals with financial solvency at a national level, litigations, judicial functioning, labor unions, workers and employees. With all these areas, it also deals with sickness and epidemics. Being in Pisces, we have the compassionate, artistic, intuitive that is gentle, yet prone to being fearful or playing the victim.

The quincunx aspect between the Moon and Neptune will create a condition of not being able to understand what’s really going on, which will lead to situations where the negative emotions can take over. It could be really easy for the masses to feel like they are being taken for a ride or that there are illicit activities going on because they will not be able to understand what the leaders are saying – even though the leaders have good intent behind what they are working towards.

To complicate the two quincunx aspects, we have a square that will probably get right to the heart of it. But first, Mars and Jupiter.

Scorpio Mars and Jupiter Conjunct in 2nd house.

These two planets are nearly sitting on top of each other in the second house. This is the house of money. It’s all about the activities which make money, where it is kept (banks), the exchanges, financial institutions and trade. It is energy about financial stability, national income and strength of the currency.

With that as the backdrop, add Mars. This is a masculine energy that amplifies confrontation and opposition. It carries with it the willingness to fight, or burn it up. To this we add Jupiter which also rules wealth, the banks, bankers along with heads of state, teachers and money systems.

Then, we give this conjunction the traits found in Scorpio which at it’s best can be resourceful, brave, passionate and stubborn, and at it’s worst distrusting, jealous, secretive and violent.

Having Jupiter and Mars both in the house of money and Jupiter the planet that rules money, it makes sense that any issues where will probably be centered around money. I would expect that this conjunction is going to be loaded with explosive capabilities. The combination is one that will move things and make big impacts in the community.

Moon square Mars & Jupiter conjunction

The Mars + Jupiter conjunction is trine a Pisces Neptune in the 6th House

So, where does the complication come in? This conjunction is square the people (Moon) and it’s in trine (harmony) with Neptune. The masses that are feeling like they are being taken advantage of have this square energy amplifying the situation. The money aspects associated with the conjunction in the second house will probably not be smooth or happy. This energy is going to be amplified via the emotional Neptunian energy that feeds into the Mars + Jupiter conjunction.

The Mars & Jupiter conjunction is Sextile a Venus, Sun & Pluto conjunction in the 4th House and Capricorn which is Sextile Neptune in the 6th house.

Just when you think the situation is amped up enough, we get to bring in two Sextile situations. The energy from the Mars + Jupiter conjunction is going to resonate with the Venus + Sun + Pluto conjunction which in turn will resonate with Neptune. We have a resonate situation that will set things on edge.

Uranus Square Pluto

When it comes to the Solar Return Aspects, the last one that really stands out is a square between Pluto and Uranus.

I haven’t covered Uranus yet, it’s in the house of death. Its about how people die, public mortality, financial situations, foreign countries, accidents, delays, obstructions, etc. Uranus is also in Aries which can be short-tempered, impulsive and aggressive. Keep in mind that Uranus tends to rule technology and new scientific adventures. You could think of this planet as being a key player for any aspects that happen in the Bitcoin project.

With Pluto being the planet of transformation, we would expect the Uranus energies to be pushed over the edge. Look for obstructions, financial binds and complications, the feeling that things have died and that all this happens in an aggressive, impulsive way. I would expect that the feelings associated with great loss will be experienced.

Aspects to Natal

To look at these next aspects, it’s helpful to use a bi-wheel which shows the Bitcoin natal chart as the inner chart and Solar Return as the outer chart. I’ve provided that here.

You might see more, but there are a couple situations that stand out to me.

Saturn Conjunct Natal Pluto (within minutes) and Mars

For this year, Saturn is sitting on top of Bitcoin’s natal Pluto. Saturn is going to bring up lessons. It carries with it sickness, epidemics, funerals and anything that would cause public sadness. This energy is going to be coupled with the planet of transformation. Pluto brings in the energy of the underworld and all things hidden.

This combination will probably create a situation where people will feel sick to their stomachs with regards to the transformations that are occurring in this space. People could be sickened by discovering that there is organized crime in this space or that there is violence and death that happens just out of sight.

Saturn is also just barley in a conjunction with the natal Mars. Sticking with the theme from above that Saturn is bringing lessons, the Mars energy is going to make people fighting mad, or, it will make sure that the lessons land hard and fast. The transformation will be aggressive or confrontational.

In any case, this threesome is going to make it so the Bitcoin community will learn something about this space during the year. Those lessons may have a lasting impact.

Venus Conjunct Natal Sun

The aspect of Venus conjunct the natal Sun may help temper the Mars energy that is triggered by Saturn. This is a softer energy that will combine with the Sun which will act directly on the leaders of the community. They will probably be able to empathize with what’s happening in the community, yet they will still be disconnected.

Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun

Also, right on the fringe of a conjunction, we have the Solar Return Pluto conjunct the natal Sun. From this, we may find that new people will be standing up to help lead the Bitcoin community. We’ll probably see some type of transformation at the top. People that the community has been following for a long time may go silent or we’ll find that more outspoken people step up to replace them. We may find new leadership sometime during this year.


My conclusion is posted above, but keep in mind that it’s based on the above aspects. Please let me know if you see something in these charts that should have been included in this writeup that might change how I interpreted the energies directed towards the Bitcoin community for its Solar Return year of 2018


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