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Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert September 2015

The magical month of September has arrived and it really came in with a roar here in Washington State with a major wind storm. At the time of the full moon of August 29th the planet Uranus, which rules wind and storms was conjunct the dark moon Lilith. This activated storm energy here in Washington because Saturn is still on 29 degrees Scorpio, which rules the West Coast, including Oregon and Northern California.

Uranus also has been activating fire energy all summer because it is in the fire sign Aries. We have had the worst fires ever in Washington State. The fire asteroid Vesta has also been in Aries activating Mars in Leo, another fire sign. The Earth will be in fire energy for a long time. When Saturn goes into Sagittarius that planet will be in a fire sign. Uranus will be in Aries for another three plus years and Saturn will be in Sagittarius for the next two and a half years. Doesn’t the Bible say the end comes with fire? I think we have made it to the end of an age, and ready to move into New Earth energy. It’s also my understanding that the fire initiation is the last of the initiations and it activates the energy of Love.

Many people have been looking forward to the arrival of September because of all the events that are predicted to happen this month. The largest one is the culmination of the waves that have been hitting Earth all summer. These waves started coming in at the Spring Equinox when Saturn moved back onto 29 degrees Scorpio. I felt the first wave hit on Sunday June 28 and the energy felt really good to me. The waves have continued to come in all summer and this has caused the energy to become very intense. The culmination of these electromagnetic waves may occur on September 13th when Lilith, the hidden Goddess, will be conjunct Alcyone in opposition to Saturn on that eclipse day. The hidden Goddess is returning in all her power.

People have been calling this energy Wave X and say it is a Wave of Love. I agree with them. The energy of love has become very strong if you tune into it.  I received an email from Simone M. Matthews. Here is a link to her article at: Universal Life Tools.com. She is talking about the Wave of Love and has several graphics in her article. When I first looked at the graphic of the Galactic Alignment I realized that our Solar System will be lined up with our three major suns-Alcyone, Sirius, and the Galactic Center in September. If you have seen the movie The Dark Crystal you will know what I am talking about. In the movie the crystal had to be in the proper alignment at the time the three suns lined up in order to save the Earth. It looks like we will reach that point in September 2015.

We first started our journey toward the Galactic Center in 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of that year. Then we started getting really close in 1998 when the Earth first reached zero magnetics on November 9, 1998 for a short period of time. Then we crossed the Galactic Plain on December 21, 2012. This is when we moved into an area that has very high energy and this is when we started to move into no-time, which is fast approaching. Time is moving so fast now I can hardly keep up with everything I have to do. I guess we need to slow down to manifest zero magnetics so everything can change.

The waves that are coming in now are electromagnetic waves of love. The energy from the Photon Belt has been coming to Earth all summer because of the Saturn/Alcyone opposition. Alcyone tones down the energy from the Galactic Center and from there it comes to Earth.

In my last article I said that the Earth was the 8th star of the Pleiadian Star System. I was wrong. I should have said our Sun is the 8th Star. It says in the book The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow that Alcyone is always in the Photon Belt. It’s my understanding that Alcyone has 7D energy and that is what we have been experiencing all summer because Saturn has been exactly opposing Alcyone all summer. Alcyone is on 29 degrees Taurus and Saturn is on 29 Scorpio. Have you felt the intensity of this energy?

When Saturn moves into Sagittarius on September 17th the focus will start being on things like our higher mind, college, philosophy, law, travel, religion, and freedom. Mercury also turns retrograde on September 17th. Because Uranus is in Aries, which will make a nice trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, the energy will be ‘Don’t tell me what to do, I will not be controlled any longer, I want my freedom’. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is now in the sign of Virgo, the Goddess. Lots of love energy was coming to Earth last year when Jupiter was in Leo and our hearts were opened, some with heart attacks. Now that Jupiter is in Virgo it is time to manifest heart energy. Just be the Love that you are.

Other events that are predicted to happen in September are two eclipses. The first will be a solar eclipse on September 13th and the second a blood moon eclipse on September 27th at 7:50 pm PDT. September 13th is the last day of the Shemittah and then we enter the year of Jubilee. Every seven years there is a financial crash, or slow down and that has already happened with the crash of the Chinese Stock Market in July. Then in August the Stock Markets of the whole world went down. We will probably feel the effects of that crash for a while, although we are about to enter a year of celebration. What will that bring?

The Earth is still in her cleansing cycle and this will continue for a few more years. We do not have to be concerned with this energy if we manifest love. With love you can walk through fire without getting burned. And whoever manifests from a higher dimension Earth may not even be aware of what is happening on the lower dimension Earth. I think it is time for the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

Rosh Hannah, the Jewish new year is on September 13, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment, is on September 23. This is the day the Pope will meet with President Obama and the next day he will address our Congress. On September 25 he will speak before the United Nations. Then the Harvest full moon will be on September 27th.This will be the final blood moon of the series of four.

We will have an interesting month. I’m looking forward to it because I think the culmination of the waves of love will move us into a much higher energy. Welcome to the New Earth. It’s time to live in the wonder and awe of magic and miracles and to manifest our spiritual gifts. We do live in exciting times.   All is well in my World!      So Be It!


I am open to Love donations. It is always fun to receive a gift from an angel of love. Thank you in advance.  My PayPal account is planetalert@hotmail.com       Lots of love to everyone.    *****  Mahala Gayle *****

Astrology Report for September

Guest article by Dorene Carrel from AstroConnections.

September is a very active month, with both a solar and lunar eclipse and four planetary stations. Eclipses are extra potent new and full moons that bring opportunities for greater transformation. Venus and Ceres turn direct in early September, providing more support for relationships and finances. Mercury in Libra turns retrograde in mid-month, bringing challenges to the communication and technology areas. Pluto turns direct in late September, impacting the areas of finances and personal power. Finally, Saturn enters Sagittarius in mid-month, which can bring more clarity about philosophy, ideals and spiritual purpose over the next two years.

Venus, which has been in retrograde motion since July 25, now turns direct on September 6 at 14 Leo. During this period, we have had the opportunity to re-evaluate our values and approach in relationships and finances. An important relationship from the past may have reappeared for clarity and healing or we have achieved a new understanding about a present relationship. We may also have gained a new awareness of the role of art, beauty and harmony in our lives. Now we can move forward with a more authentic expression of our new insights.

The New Moon, Solar Eclipse occurs on September 12 at 20 Virgo. This partial eclipse aligns with Chiron and Uranus. This is a good month to focus on how we can improve our health and diet, be of service and replace flaw-finding with discernment and humility. Uranus in Aries guides us in using our ideas and technology in visionary ways, while Chiron in Pisces allows for compassion and healing. This is a North Node eclipse, which favors expansion and new beginnings. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A girl’s basketball team; physical training as a means to inculcate the feeling of participation in a collective culture,” suggests the importance of focus and working together with like-minded others to accomplish higher objectives.

On September 14 the dwarf planet Ceres turns direct in Capricorn. This is a favorable time to give and receive support from others. It could also be a beneficial time to seek nutritional information and make improvements to one’s diet.  Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on September 16, which brings our higher ideals into focus, but we need discernment about the practical steps that can be taken at this time.

September 17 is a busy and critical day. Mercury in Libra turns retrograde, traveling backward through Libra until October 9. It is best to avoid starting major projects or signing contracts during this period. With the Libra focus, old relationship patterns (or persons) may come up for review. Be mindful about communications as misunderstandings are more likely. Also on this day, Saturn enters Sagittarius for the next two years. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that rules long distance journeys, higher education, dreams and one’s path to higher awareness. It’s time to give these areas more structure and practical focus.

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 23, when the Sun enters Libra. This is a good time for group ritual, meditation or perhaps some time spent journaling about our dreams and visions for the future. On September 24 Pluto in Capricorn turns direct, which brings an increased intensity to daily events this week, along with heightened awareness of power and control issues. These tendencies will be amplified by a challenging square between Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius on September 25, which can bring delays, obstacles and/or restrictions. Remember that Mercury retrograde, still in effect, favors becoming more flexible and adaptable.

The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 27 at 5 Aries. This eclipse aligns with Mercury, the lunar nodes, and the asteroids Juno and Vesta. The focus with this full moon eclipse will be on balancing our need for independence with our desire for intimacy. There is a need for authentic communication in close relationships (Mercury in Libra). How can we cooperate with each other to achieve our greater visions? Juno and Vesta bring in themes of dedication, loyalty and equality. This is a South Node eclipse, which provides us an opportunity to release old patterns. The Sabian symbols for these degrees, “A triangle with wings; the capacity for self-transcending,” and “A man revealing to this students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘New World’ could be built,” suggest the opening of a new evolutionary gateway or turning point.

October brings another lucky Venus/Jupiter alignment. Blessings for a joyous Autumn.

* * * * * * * * *

Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience. Donations towards this column are appreciated. Checks and Paypal accepted (please use dorenea5@yahoo.com as reference).

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

Opening the Keys of Enoch

Guest Ariticle by Alison McCabe UK Astrologer

Two streams of cosmic happenings have been fascinating me this month: The Lion’s Gate Opening and the Keys of Enoch. A wondrous combination of planets and asteroids have been travelling through the sign of Leo in this powerful Blue Moon period culminating in a Venus Jupiter conjunction aligned to Regulus, one of the four Royal Watcher Stars at 29 degrees Leo. However whilst one might expected only good things to happen in this period a square from Saturn to Jupiter has been in my experience a big challenge to move to a different level away from the material into the spiritual realms where in connection with the Quantum Field there is a complete feeling of bliss and abundance which surpasses material advantage. Also it was heart breaking but fascinating that a famous lion in Zimbabwe Cecil was shot by a hunter in this period. Zimbabwe means ‘Place of the Lion’ and beyond all the political issues is a very sacred place. There was a global focussing on the moral issues of hunting endangered animals and a big heart opening towards the lions. As a result of global internet campaigns a number of airlines have now banned carrying endangered animals. The only consolation in Cecil’s death is that he ascended back to the stars where all the sacred lions originate from and opened many hearts.

I have been fascinated too by the connection of a number of Sacred Sites in Britain to the Keys of Enoch and presently focussed on the Sacred Isle of Anglesey (Mona) in North Wales where our boat Simba (meaning Lion) is moored. The book Uriels Machine is a decoding of the Book of Enoch and talks of how Enoch was brought to Britain before a massive comet hit so he could record the importance of these sites in the Orkney Islands, Newgrange in Ireland and Bryn Celli Dhu on Anglesey. Bryn Celli Dhu is aligned to the Winter Solstice and the 8 year transit of Venus and the Holders of the Spiritual Keys for those ancient Druid communities were born at this time in the chamber having this special connection with Venus. Recently a friend lent me a book published in 1973 called The Book of Knowledge: the Keys of Enoch which confirms many of the recent teachings which have been emerging in our group of healers who have formed an astrology circle downloading this information. Some of these key teachings are that our DNA is changing through quanta of light in our tRNA (third strand) and our meridians reconnecting to the cosmic source which releases survival fears at the deepest level. It is these survival fears which are primarily keeping us trapped in 3D. Both tRNA which instructs the DNA on which chemical combinations to form and our cellular membranes are able to resonate fully with 9 dimensions of consciousness and the quanta of light flowing from the Galactic Centre at this time but which are cut off by survival fears. There are 64 cellular keys which relate to the 64 I Ching Hexagrams of different variations that DNA can take and a kinesiologist within our group has been working with an amazing new system to open these keys so the light can flow unimpeded through our systems. I started to feel in my bones a connection between the Lion’s Gate opening and the Keys of Enoch!

Below is an image which is Plate 5 in the Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J Hurtak called The Sphinx Vehicle of Light as the Key to Crossing the Solar Spectrum. The image is useful to contemplate and it shows how we break free from the limitations of our Solar Self as we ascend to the Aquarian self.

Sphinx Vehicle of Light

On our most recent visit to Anglesey we visited a male and female stone of massive proportions, isolated in farmers fields we arrived totally alone on a still, sunny early morning. The male stone is visible first walking across the golden Fields of Barley, an enormous 15 feet and made from granite. The female is perhaps the most incredible stone I have ever seen. She is 10 foot high and almost entirely quartz with a rose quartz inclusion down her spine, all covered in lichen. The stones have many snails upon them and they seem like little spiralling galaxies. We discover a hole in the male stone full of insects devouring a dead snail and this feels like it is a metaphor for the Galactic Centre Black Hole, a profound place of death and rebirth. As we stand between the stones we are transported into a Vast Pillar of Glorious Light and a feeling where nothing could ever make you feel afraid ever again. The Pillar of Light is clearly activated by the polarisation of these two stones standing together for thousands of years. On the path back we discover rare butterflies we have never seen before, pure white with black, red and orange spots. The butterflies seem to represent a new and beautiful state of transformation touching this light light.

On another early morning jaunt we journey to Penmon Priory. This was where St Seiriol the Fair set up his hermitage next to a sacred spring in the 4th Century. He arrived on the island with his friend St Cybbi the Dark who set up at the other side of Anglesey facing America on Holy Island. The two monks used to walk once a week many miles to a central meeting place which would have taken considerable effort. St Cybbi walked from West to East with the Sun on his front there and back which is apparently why he was called ‘dark’ from his suntan! St Seiriol walked from East to West with the Sun on his back each way which is why he was ‘fair’. Many of these early Celtic monks had previously been Druids and converted to Celtic Christianity to protect their lives under Roman invasion. At the Priory there is a Sheila-Na-Gig, an ancient form of the Mother Goddess revealing her most fertile parts. There is no mention of her in the church information but she is clearly visible and even the guide didn’t know about her. My source of much of the above information is a little book called The Sacred Sites of Anglesey by Neil McDonald which alerted me to the presence of the Sheela Na Gig. Here we have the Ancient Crone Mother sitting open legged and peacefully in the same space as a beautiful Stained Glass Window of Jesus emanating fiery light and surrounded by the Lion (Leo), Angel (Aquarius), Bull (Taurus) and Eagle (Scorpio). It is wonderful to have such a potent reminder that in the past Christianity and the Goddess were woven together in this way.

My feeling is that St Seiriol and St Cybbi were doing a repolarising of the solar energy each week not a random walk given the effort it would have taken. In recent months I have become fascinated by same gender polarisations in the asteroid bodies which seem to be the access to these higher codes within our solar system. See previous blogs of Elatus and Chiron Centaur bodies and Hygiea and Astraea Goddess Asteroids polarising with each other. Being in a same sex relationship now with my Priestess other half, after spending most of my adult life in heterosexual relationships and working spiritually polarising with priests, I am curious about the difference in feeling between these different combinations which I believe we can all experience no matter what our current sexual orientation is. Lying by the sacred well emerging from rocks etched with quartz we meditate and chant the Hebrew words which open the light pathways ‘Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth’ and as we open our eyes smoke rises from the grass in front of us. Perhaps the sun pulling the early morning dew from the grass it is incredibly magical to witness.

I hope this journey to the sacred sites brings you there in your imagination. Use these sacred fire Hebrew words whenever and as often as you can, especially when you feel afraid or disturbed to connect you to the light.

I am facilitating a 4 day retreat to Anglesey from 4-8th October 2015 doing astrology and visiting sacred sites. Shanaz Creative Kinesiologist will be Opening the Gene Keys and Geraldine Higson doing DRU (North Star) yoga with us. I specialise in chart readings of the Goddess Asteroids and Centaurs. Please contact me at astroalison@gmail.com for further information.

Astrology Report for August

Guest article by Dorene Carrel

           August contains important Saturn/Jupiter transition cycles, along with Venus aspects that can bring heightened opportunities.  Saturn turning direct on August 1 and Jupiter entering the sign of Virgo on August 11 are the major transition cycles.  Venus brings opportunity periods for both love and money as she aligns with Jupiter on August 4, the New Moon on August 14, and Mars on August 31.  As the month begins, we are still in the July Cancer new moon period, with a focus on home, family and security issues.  Venus is still traveling in retrograde motion back into Leo, which is a period for re-evaluating matters connected with relationships, finances and values.  It is a good time for releasing what is no longer of value.

On August 1 Saturn in Scorpio turns direct after a five-month retrograde phase. When a planet changes direction, its energies are heightened one week before and after the change.  Saturn themes include control, fear, discipline and structure.  With Saturn in Scorpio, it is favorable to take a deeper approach to resolve any issues in these areas before Saturn goes into Sagittarius in September.  As Saturn continues its direct motion, our sense of productivity will increase as we can move more quickly towards our goals.

August 3-5 contains contrasting energies as Jupiter and Venus align together with Saturn.  Jupiter squares Saturn on August 3, which brings our urge to expand in conflict with our need for contraction. The focus will be on directing our ideals into more constructive channels.  The Venus/Jupiter alignment in Leo on August 4 can bring a good outcome to a long-term project, and also a good day for socializing and recreation. It can be a lucky day too, but only if we have done some good preparation first.  On August 5 the Venus square to Saturn is more sober, as we may receive a reality check in the relationship and financial areas.  August 6-7 is a good time to put new plans into action, especially as Mercury aligns with Jupiter on August 7.

Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11.  This is a major 13-month cycle, with a focus on natural healing, purification, being of service and manifesting our creative ideas. This energy helps us to be better organized, release clutter and simplify our lives. Since Virgo is an earth sign, we can receive new energy and inspiration by taking daily walks in nature.  We can also check out the voluntary simplicity and slow food movements.

The New Moon occurs on August 14 at 21 Leo 31.  It makes alignments with Venus, Saturn and Uranus.  The focus on Venus gives this lunation a heart-centered quality, along with the Leo emphasis on creative expression and being more authentic. Relationships, finances and values will be in focus over the next month. The challenging square to Saturn may draw in some unresolved relationship issues that could be healed at this time.  The harmonious trine from Uranus helps us to be more open-minded about new solutions and adventures.  The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission; spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind,” suggests cultivating a dedication to develop our own unique service to others.

On August 26 the Sun aligns with Jupiter in Virgo, which is a great time for new beginnings of any kind.  Jupiter especially favors travel, publishing, education, prosperity and spiritual pursuits.  This would be a good day to start a business in any of the above areas, or simply to buy a lotto ticket.

On August 29 the Full Moon occurs at 6 Pisces.  This lunation makes alignments with Jupiter and Neptune.  This is a SuperMoon, which is said to bring larger shifts in one’s consciousness.  This combination is very expansive, idealistic, compassionate, and is favorable for humanitarian work.  On a spiritual level, one can open to receive more faith and grace in daily living.  The shadow side is escapism, illusion and delusion. The wide trine to Pluto can bring in transformational changes. The Sabian symbol keynotes for the Sun/Moon degrees, “A fateful (even if sought after) subservience to the vagaries or desires of the emotional nature,” and “The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth” suggests the benefits of following one’s higher calling in all matters.

Venus in Leo makes her second of three conjunctions with Mars on August 31. The third one will be on November 2 in Virgo.  This time is especially favorable for making connections that will lead to beneficial personal relationships.  Now that Venus is a morning star, there is stronger energy for taking positive actions toward personal fulfillment.

September brings solar and lunar eclipses!  Blessings to all and stay tuned.

* * * * * * * * *

          Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience.  For more information on readings, contact dorenea5@yahoo.com.  Donations towards this column are appreciated.  Paypal accepted (please use my email as reference).

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

Planet Alert August 2015

Today is July 28th and I wanted to write about the Dreamspell New Year earlier but life got in my way, so I am writing about it now. The first day of the New Year was on July 26, 2015 and it was on the glyph of the White Planetary Wizard. I think everyone knows what a Wizard is; it is someone who can create magic. This means that we are in the year when magic and miracles will start to happen in abundance. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? Of course you have to be out of the energy of fear before you can create magic.

The White Wizard is ruled by Lilith, the dark moon that orbits around our Sun. She can only be seen or photographed when she is in front of our Sun.  She then appears as a Red Ball of Light. Maybe we will start to see her soon. She has been on a vibration that we have not been able to see because we were manifesting a lower consciousness like 3D, 4D, or 5D. Lilith rules magic and miracles. Maybe we will be able to see her when we start manifesting 6D energy.  It’s my understanding that we were on a 6D Earth when we fell into a 3D Earth. We need to get back into 6D and experience the energy of magic and miracles.

The White Wizard is known as the healer, or a magician. The Wizard is a tool of light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise Wizard allows magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. In the past people who were born under this sign were chosen to be priests or priestesses. The tone of the White Wizard is planetary, and is one of manifestation. The power of manifestation is love. With love you can access the freedom and power to experience whatever you desire.

The first day of the Dreamspell calendar is based on the star Sirius rising over Egypt on July 26th every year. This is when Sirius rises at the same time as our Sun and we can see two Suns in our heaven if we live in Egypt, or the surrounding area. Sirius is a Blue Star Sun. Some people consider Sirius the mother of our Sun. There is also a black hole on 3 degrees Leo which opens to a different dimension, and I think that is why it is called the Lion’s Gate. This may be the gate to ascension. In ancient times people used to go into the pyramids and go through a ceremony to ascend to a higher frequency. Some made it and others did not.

Many people think that the Mayan calendar was complete on December 21, 2012. That cycle did complete and one calendar was over, although other Mayan calendars go on for eternity. The Dreamspell Calendar was brought to our attention by Jose Arguelles when he created the first mass consciousness holiday called the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987.

This gathering of people from all over the world jumped us into a 4th dimension time- line, and that is when a lot of people woke up and started their journey toward the light. The 4th dimension is also where the controllers live, and they control the world, both 3 & 4 D from the 4th dimension. That dimension includes everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are manifesting 5D energy they cannot control you. Their time is now up because we have moved into a higher dimension consciousness where freedom will soon manifest.

We are manifesting the part in Revelation where the controllers go down and they are thrown into the pit of fire. After their fall we will start to manifest a New Heaven and a New Earth. Isn’t that exciting?  A lot of people are in a lot of fear right now because they have not released all of the fear that is in them. It’s time to finish releasing that fear and move into the love vibration. Love is all there is.  I look at this upcoming time as one of magic and miracles. I am working on feeling only love and to not judge anyone for anything they do or think. We are all children of the One.

We have been in the energy of Saturn Square Jupiter for several months now. This is the energy of financial ups and downs, which has been very apparent on Earth. Right after this full moon of July 31st the square between these two planets will be complete on August 3 at 3:37 AM PDT. I’m not saying that the financial challenge will be over at this time but as we look back at this day we will see that it was the turning point.

Saturn moves into direct motion on August 1st and I wonder if this will be the end of a karmic cycle, and the beginning of something new. Saturn will still be opposing Alcyone and busy raising the frequency on Earth until mid- September, but Saturn is now in forward motion moving toward Sagittarius. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius this is the time period when we will start to manifest freedom, and a new financial system.

The Lions Gate is complete on August 8, 2015 (8-8-8). What a powerful day that will be. People are calling this the Magdalene (Goddess) Gateway. The number eight is one of the numbers of the Goddess, along with the numbers 5 and 13. Venus is the planet of the Goddess and that planet is associated with the numbers 5 and 8 because of its orbit through our solar system which ends up forming a 5 pointed star.

The number 13 is associated with our Sun and has always been considered one of the Goddess numbers. The Dreamspell calendar is based on the numbers 13 and 20. There are 13 cycles and 20 glyphs. The Mayans look to the Pleiadean Star System as their home. Alcyone is the central sun of that system and Earth is also part of that system. We are the 8th planet in the Pleiadean Star System.

What exciting times we have to look forward to as soon as we wake up to the great Beings we are and to start living only in love. Love can move mountains, and love is the glue that holds the Universe together. With love we move into Unity Consciousness. United we stand, divided we fall. It is our choice. In the presence of love all is well.       So Be It!

I send you all love, light and blessings of abundance.

*****     Mahala Gayle    *****

Cosmic Contacts With Pam and Mona Delfino

Announcement from Pam

Welcome Everyone to Cosmic Contacts Show, sit back and get ready for another amazing Cosmic Journey.

To easily access the show go to www.blogtalkradio.com/renford Monday July 27th., 4:30 pm PCT or 6:30 pm CST. If you wish to call in or have a ‘health question’ call in 347-838-9142, Annie the moderator will get you in.

My ‘special’ guest Mona Delfino is a Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Healer and Massage Therapist.

She has been an exceptional body worker for over 30 years. Coming into this field of healing naturally, her passion and abilities as a healer became apparent at a very young age.
Mona is an internationally renown author, sought after speaker & extraordinary healer. She has a vibrant, nurturing uplifting energy of well-being & pure joy. She is a Coach and a Mentor with the Institute of HeartMath, a recognized & accomplished Spiritual Priestess & Shaman, and she has a truly remarkable track record of healing abilities. She helps you to understand and clear old unwanted patterns that have not yet been brought to the Conscious mind.
Individual sessions are done over Skype, phone, and in person. Mona holds retreats, teaches Energy Mechanics classes, and is a professor at COCC for Lomi Lomi.
In addition to her teachings in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Sound Therapy, Toning, Crystal healing and Structural Therapy, Mona has studied with Native American teachers and Medicine Men and Woman, Hawaiian Kapuna, Dr. Jeffery Thompson for Sound Healing,  and many others. She firmly sees and encourages everyone to know that all healing comes from love. Contact info: sacredreconnections.com – 541-639-1814

From the HeartEmoji


The Adolescence of Humanity

Guest article by Mona from http://www.sacredreconnections.com/.

Since 2015 arrived, I remember channeling my Pleadian friend, Izora, and wrote a past article on what she had mentioned on December 20th, 2014. She said, “In 2015, humanity will be “kneading the dough.” We will be creating a new taste for our future. She mentioned we would be kneading it and getting it ready for the oven by adding our own flavors, spice, and get our fingers in it to create something very tasty. In 2016 we would be putting the dough in the oven. By 2017, we would eat the bread!”

This was really intriguing to me, and also very informative! To me it meant that kneading the dough was recreating our world. Getting our fingers in it was taking action where action was “kneaded.” I loved the analogy.

So as I began to “pull it apart”, I started realizing that this was incredibly important!! Recently, Princeton University, Stanford, and Berkley came out with articles in their journals of science about this time in history being the 6th Extinction of the Human Race. Bruce Lipton Ph.D and Cellular Biologist, had mentioned it as well and also what we can do about shifting this cycle that occurs every 26.000 years! “It’s not the Earth, it’s the Human Race” he mentions. Humans, as a collective consciousness, can make or break the energy of where we are going as a full blown society. It’s our choices, and of course, where 2 or more are gathered… we can really change if we choose to!!

So here’s how my mind and heart have seen it, putting it very simply to be understood, about how we are on an overview in the human race…

Humanity is in the adolescence stages. What does that really mean? Well, recently we have agreed to pass the legalization of Marijuana and gay marriages. We have seen ourselves change the past by “outgrowing” the old traditional ways of our parents. Religions are outdating as Spirituality is growing and Oneness is reigning. Science has become more relevant in its teachings of the human heart, the cosmos, Solar Flares relating to human behavior, etc. We seem to be opening our minds to recognizing true health care! (my big teaching personally) Old lies and outspoken opinions of government decisions are exploited, and new banking systems and ideas are taking effect!

It’s like we left the nest of our parents and are going out on our own to explore a free life, yet we must remember that freedom always comes with a cost… the cost of being responsible for our actions! We still have to pay the rent!! However, we are growing up. On the whole, when we witness changes, even if we don’t like them, we need to remember that life is like that! Challenges are really blessings in disguise! They are lessons meant for learning, growing, and becoming more balanced in a maturity that we will eventually be grateful for.

My friend Mahala is a well known global astrologer. She recently posted an article on her website at mahalasastrology.com. I highly recommend “tuning in” to it as she is perceptive, clear, and totally right on. I asked her today to send me a quote about the latest Venus/Jupiter conjunction that we witnessed on June 28th. On July 1st, we had a Full Moon, which was in relation to much change and redirection from the old to the new… totally with our hearts! Here is the quote she so graciously shares with us:

“On the full moon of July 1, 2015 Venus and Jupiter were in an exact conjunct in the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. This is a combination of the two most benevolent planets in our solar system. Jupiter rules money, and Venus rules love. This opened a doorway to abundance. I felt the energy of the conjunction on the morning of June 28th. I knew that something had changed and it felt wonderful. Venus will be in Leo until October 8th so make use of this wonderful energy. Watch your thoughts and Think with your Heart. Those who do that can start creating a wonderful reality for themselves.” Mahala~

Another wonderful astrologer also from Prist Rivir Idaho, is Govinda. He states in his last article that “This is a year of major breakthroughs and expansions in the realm of health and healing, as well as institutions that serve the wellbeing of humanity.”

Truly the signs are in the stars, and you know they are on target every time! It’s like a book can be read through them on a day to day basis!

So we need to understand as a human race that we certainly are open to choices more now than ever! Judgements are going by the wayside as they have no place in this big Neverland of growth!! Will we choose how to be stronger in our convictions and learn that we all have a voice? Will we come from heart centered living and recognize Self Empowerment to mean that we are not victims and we are ready to “take our stand?” Are we aware we are starting over as we follow our hearts and do what Joseph Campbell, (the late Myth and Legend teacher) had said… Follow your Bliss!

This is not as hard as we perceive it to be. For in recognizing the truth of letting go and diving in to our new surroundings, we must see that every day counts. Breathing deeper, knowing that survival is a thing of the past and taking our power back is front and center. The most important realization for today in my book is that Medicine is Truth, and Truth is Medicine. Allowance for new beginnings takes courage, but that’s where we live today! No more sleeping from the pasts big picture, and no beating yourself up from the past. We are not a powerless society. We are full of power, or “Power-full!”

The late Robin Williams would have been 64 a few days ago. His words in the movie Dead Poets Society ring true as they remain simply put and put simply… Carpe Diem. Live for the day~ Here’s to recognizing starting over !! All my love!! Mona~

Astrology and Horse Healing

Guest article by Alison McCabe, contact astroalison@gmail.com       

I first met Amanda and the herd at In Harmony with Horses in 2014 when my adopted son was referred for Equine Assisted Therapy as he was not coping in mainstream school. We clicked immediately. I’ve have a horse Sappho and greatly admired Amandas’s work having read many books on the subject such as The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov. As time went on we discovered we are both Virgos, single mums with boys, also enjoy sailing and work shamanically in our different fields. We decided to do a Chiron’s Way workshop integrating astrology with horse healing to see what would happen and were we blown away.

Chiron has, since I started studying astrology aged 26 years, been of great interest to me. In my early twenties I spent seven years in an underworld of depression and went on to run a holistic crisis house for a further seven years in my late twenties as an alternative to psychiatric hospital admission. The crisis house called Anam Cara meaning ‘soul friend’ was very successful and I travelled all over the world communicating that ‘being with’ people was far more effective than medicating them for recovery. Chiron as a ‘wounded healer’ archetype was one I immediately resonated with as do so many people I meet these days.

We have timed this workshop to coincide with a rare Chiron Elatus opposition on the Pisces Virgo axis (a previous blog goes into some detail about the first opposition on the 20th May). Elatus first came into my consciousness when I did a birth chart for Zan an American Quarter horse crossed with a Painted horse. Zan is only 3 years old and has one blue and one brown eye giving him a striking appearance. Zan as a youngster is quite boisterous, breaking boundaries all the time and is an Aries Fire Horse so not a boy to be trifled with. He ripped half his face off as a colt so he cannot be ridden with a bit and has not yet been ridden at all. Zan is very attached to Millie the matriarch of the herd and feels insecure without her presence. I was somewhat surprised given his scary demeanour to find that Zan had all the Goddess Asteroids very strongly placed in his chart and had a mysterious Centaur Elatus bang on his Midheaven (career path). On doing a bit of research I discovered Elatus is described as an ‘inner saboteur’ by Zane Stein and another website mentioned his archetype as similar to The Wizard of Earth Sea hero by Ursula LeGuin. Syncronistically a friend handed me a DVD of this same film later that day. The character is an interesting one who constantly sabotages himself due to guilt and low self esteem.

We have releasing ‘guilt’ as a central theme of this Chiron day which resonates with the group as something which is stopping them fulfill their potential and creating heaviness in the heart. Many of the mothers present carry guilt about their children, those who are not mothers feel guilty about animals in their care and partners who are struggling. The Chiron readings tend to help people giving meaning to painful experiences rather than wishing they never happened. Chiron asks us to now devote the gifts we have gleaned from these wounds and to feel compassion for others. Almost everybody present has had powerful experiences communicating and being healed by animals including horses, dogs and rabbits. At first they are almost afraid to say so, but as they realize they are in safe company the stories of these wonderful healing experiences with animals expand.

The other issue which also seems to arise with Chiron is the race issue and several of the workshop participants have lived and worked in Africa. Feeling guilty about the past misdemeanors of countries like Britain and South Africa simply keeps us all stuck. We need to move on together creating a new world of love, equality and unity. We talk about appropriately apportioning responsibility taking into account factors such as poverty and cultural ideologies we were born into or on the other hand wealth and privilege. When we own and take responsibility for our small slice of the pie we then allow others to do the same. Forgiveness of ourselves seems so important and that what ever we might have done we STILL have gifts to offer.

For the first session three horses are chosen at random by the group, Zan, Sappho and Millie. Sappho is my horse only recently joined the herd and I am curious if she will spontaneously join in the healing. The horses hold an energy field and sometimes beam energy, at other times they approach people and give healing through their faces directly into chakras. Sappho seems to know just what do and gives various people healing including one woman down the entire length of her spine which it turns out is injured. The horses also reflect to people issues which Amanda and myself later interpret in relation to their charts. I think this is the way humans are too, that when we join the quantum field of healing we know just what to do but our minds interfere comparing ourselves with others, doubting our abilities and feeling unworthy of such light and wonder. Sappho untroubled by such things gets into the swing. Millie who has had injured legs for most of her life, a very typical Chiron wound, is the most experienced of the three and seems quietly to be directing the younger, inexperienced horses. Zan enthusiastically licks the hands and chakras of a woman sitting cross legged and it brings to mind the constellation Alpha Centauri where Chiron approaches an altar with an offering. What we have to give in devotion to Spirit through our hands is the key which transforms the painful wound.

My feeling is with Zan having done his chart is that he forces women to be in their power and set boundaries about what is comfortable. It is also interesting that Amanda had a whole male group on a heart opening workshop and Zan was the main horse reflecting their issues. This is one of the most powerful healings the horses give on this workshop, that it is ok to put down boundaries when we are feeling uncomfortable and not persist because of guilty feelings in overriding our instincts. We delay others spiritual growth when we refuse to allow them to take responsibility for their own healing. For the first time one of the collie dogs Luna also joins in actively healing one of the participants so the quantum leap it seems is infectious!

In the second horse healing Laddie the herd leader and Arko a gorgeous Halflinger are chosen. Laddie is a gypsy cob and when I once painted him (on his body) I felt moved to create a saddle made of diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Amanda told me afterwards in a heart drumming a few weeks previously Laddie had said he wanted jewels. As leader of this pioneering group of Cosmic Healing Horses he is a very great noble spirit of high equine spiritual leadership and yet in a very ordinary form. The two males move mirroring each other in the round pen before we enter arriving at a point together. I feel as if they are moving as Chiron and Elatus in opposition and then repolarising as they come together into harmonic resonance. This represents the point we understand the purpose of our own inner Elatus and turn our inner Chiron wounds outwardly to compassionate acts of giving. The most amazing aspect in these workshops is that the horses have often behaved like planetary bodies orbiting the round pen. Another round of healing opens and by the end we are all pretty much sitting round the other edge in a totally, relaxed and present state.

Guilt issues and Inner Saboteurs are impossible to face head on. Mindfulness and perhaps creative exercises with the unconscious part of the self are necessary to understand the purpose of an Inner Saboteur. The Buddhist exercise Tonglen is also a very powerful way to transform any negative emotion. Some people recoil at the idea of this but it is very heart opening.

Step 1. Breath in your negative emotion and breath out its solution e.g courage, lightness, forgiveness

Step 2. Bring to mind someone else’s experience you know about the same as yours and breath in their negative feeling into your heart and breath out the solution. This second step is good with someone you know and like.

Step 3. Bring to mind people in your country and spread out across the globe who you know have the same issue as you. Breath inall their negative experience and breath out the solution. I have underlined IN because this is the part most people will feel resistant too. If you try it in its fullness Tonglen will change your whole perspective from personal to collective which is the role that Chiron plays as the Rainbow Bridge.

Amanda has been researching her work with Leeds University and we may be the first people in the world to be doing astrology with horses but I hope this blog may spark others to see their horses and herds in a new light! I feel sure these horses have come from the stars to give us some special love and help in the evolution of our wonderful Living Planet. I believe that all horses, all animals and humans can step into this higher vibration of quantum light now. So if you are carrying a heavy burden of guilt let it go and allow yourself to believe you, me, we all have a special destiny awaiting no matter what we have done in the past. Apportion responsibility appropriately.

Amanda and I are expanding our work into Whispering with Whales and Dolphins in September 2015 where we will be enjoying the final Blood Moon eclipse and downloading the Sirius frequencies in the ocean between Tenerife and La Gomera and visiting both islands by yacht. Pilot whales live permanently in this channel and other whale species visit too. We will be visiting sacred sites (pyramids, volcanoes, Jurassic age forest and a Black Madonna) and swimming with turtles too. See the link below for full details and book your place soon if you feel moved to come along. This is a special trip by yacht, no noisy engines and spending as much time as is necessary with the Sirius Sea creatures. La Gomera has a special connection with America as it’s where Columbus set out from to discover the Americas. La Gomera is often recognised as one of he last islands of Atlantis.


I specialise in Goddess Asteroid and Centaur chart readings which take you deeper into your spiritual purpose and open portals to these energies. Please contact me at astroalison@gmail.com for further information.

New Moon Update for July 15, 2015

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction on June 30th /July 1st opened a doorway to abundance. I have felt that energy in my life and it feels good. I actually felt it open on Sunday June 28th. It felt like a whole new energy had just opened up. Now we have this upcoming New Moon on July 15, 2015. This is going to be a major New Moon. This is when Mars will be opposing Pluto exactly on 14 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. These two power-planets will be in exact opposition to each other. I think they are the two most powerful planets in our Solar System.

Mars has always been considered the War/violent planet, and Pluto is considered the hidden God of the Underworld. For years there have been several wars going on in our heavens and on Earth. There have been banking wars, computer wars, weather wars, drug wars, and physical wars. The banking wars and the computer wars have been played out on the 4D Earth. The weather wars, drug wars, and the physical wars have been played out on 3D earth.

Now we are coming to the culmination of these wars, especially the financial war. This New Moon will be the turning point. Greece just reached a desperately needed deal with the Eurozone in a historic agreement to prevent Greece from crashing out of the European single currency, and I just heard that a deal with Iran was imminent. This is all good. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) formally came online the end of June. The headquarters of this new bank will be in Beijing, China. The related New Development Bank (NDB) is also making the news brics-summit-putin-russia-sco-currency.

By longitude, Mars will be exactly over Washington, D.C. on this New Moon, and Pluto will be over Hong Kong. What is going on in Hong Kong right now? Didn’t they just have a Stock Market crash? What effect will this crash have on China? What is going on behind the scenes between China and the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington D.C.? What will be the outcome of this final power struggle that has been going on for so long? The Mars/Pluto energy also causes fires, explosions, and volcanic eruptions. The Mercury conjunct Mars energy will cause storms and accidents.

The Blood Moon that occurred April 15, 2014 was the first Blood Moon of the series of four. September 27/28 will be the last Blood Moon of the series and this is one of the reasons why September will be so important this year. In the Jewish prophecies it is the end of the Shemitah year. The financial system goes through a financial reset every 7 years and at the end of 49 years there is a year of celebration. Well, from September of this year until September of next year it will be the year of Jubilee, or a year of celebration.

The Pope will meet with President Obama on September 23, 2015 on the Day of Yom Kippur (judgment day). According to Astrology the Sun will be conjunct the north node on that day, and this starts a whole new cycle. On September 27 Venus will be on 22 degrees Leo. This is the degree where the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter happened on the full moon of July 1, 2015. This means that energy will be activated again. This will be the beginning of a whole New World.

A video of Astana, Kazakhstan was brought to my attention that I wanted to share A New Masonic Capital. I tried searching for a list of the seventeen religious denominations, but nothing comes up. Please see 5:25-5:30 into this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv64nB40CKg). Here is a picture.



Here is another video from Jonathan Newell.

In the meantime it is very important to watch your thoughts. As the Shuman resonance goes higher and higher, what you think will happen instantly, and this is why it is so important to watch what you think. What you think and feel is what you will create, so please release your negative emotions quickly. Live in the vibration of love. The energy wave that is coming in this summer, especially in September, will change everything. This will cause the great awakening. Choose love, and everything is going to be OK!     So Be It!

*****     Mahala Gayle    *****

Planet Alert July 2015

What a month June turned out to be. Did you feel the intensity? I started feeling the intensity in the afternoon of the full moon on June 2, 2015 and it continued all month. If we thought June was intense, just wait and see what July will bring. This month starts out pretty good with a full moon on July 1, 2015 at 7:20 PM PDT. This moon is called “The Moon of Blessings and Magic” and Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct at this time. This indicates the Return of the Christ energy (Goddess energy) that is within all of us.

I received an email today with a headline saying “Star of Bethlehem returns for the first time in 2,000 years on 22 degrees Leo, which is the degree of Wealth, Esteem, and Power. Astronomers are calling this conjunction the return of the Star of Bethlehem because this is what the magi (astronomers/astrologers) have been watching and waiting for. This event will be like an announcement in the heavens of the long expected second coming when divine enlightenment rises like the sun, from the east to the west”.

The meaning of this conjunction on 22 degrees Leo is “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission, or Spirituality in terms of training for service to mankind.” We now have the successfully trained carrier Pigeon delivering the message it was meant to carry. This refers to spiritual energies that can now be used constructively, and it also means it is now time for us to educate the masses.

NASA says that Jupiter and Venus will merge into a dazzling “super star” in the Western horizon by the end of June, which means right now. It’s time to tune into this energy, which is one of the best aspects you can have in your chart. It rules love and money. It’s also a very good time to get married or have a party. The planet Uranus is making a perfect trine to that conjunction and Uranus rules change that brings in a new way of doing things. This means we will be going through a lot of changes, which could become kind of chaotic for the next couple of months.

Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, is the third star in this alignment in the heavens. Regulus is now on zero degrees Virgo and this brings in the Goddess energy. The sign of Virgo is the Goddess sign. This energy will be in effect for the next 2,000 years. Jupiter is considered the Father in Astrology and Venus the Mother. In other words this is telling us that the polarity we have been going through for thousands of years is about to change. The masculine and feminine energy is being balanced within us so we can focus on Love Energy.

Venus moves onto zero degrees Virgo on July 19th and turns retrograde on July 25th. Venus will stay retrograde until September 5, 2015 and on September 27th Venus will be on 22 degrees Leo, which was the degree of its conjunction. This may be the time when everything starts moving in a positive direction.

Next year on August 27, 2016 there will be another conjunction of these two planets. This next conjunction will be on 28 degrees Virgo. This past year, as Jupiter was moving through Leo, we learned how to open our hearts to more love. This manifested in some people as heart attacks. For most people what appeared as a heart event was just a symptom of their heart opening. Jupiter moves out of Leo into Virgo on August 9, 2015, where it will stay for one year.

It’s interesting that Greece is in a major monetary crisis now as this conjunction is occurring. Does this mean that the domino is about to fall and Greece is the trigger for a world monetary change? We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is about to come online in July 2015, and be fully established by the end of 2015. There are 57 countries that have joined this bank. The United States and Japan have not joined yet.   In September we may start to feel the full effects of this new banking system. Financial events are happening now like President Obama announcing a Major Overtime Expansion Payment today on TV.

There are a lot of events that will occur this month. In my last article I talked about the Mars/Pluto opposition that will occur on the upcoming new moon on July 15th. At that time Mars will be on 14 degrees Cancer, right over Washington, D.C and Pluto will be on 14 degrees Capricorn. The Sun is almost on 14 degrees Cancer right now and we are already feeling the effects of this Mars/Pluto aspect because one of the manifestations of this energy is power and control over money. Look at what happened to the Stock Market on Monday, June 29th.

Maybe it is time to concentrate on any anger or frustration that is still hidden inside of us and bring it up to look at and release. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. If enough people would do this we might be able to negate the negative effects from the Mars/Pluto aspect that is now in effect on 3D Earth.

Another meaning of the Mars/Pluto aspect is the possibility of war-like energy, including violence, riots, revolutions, fires, explosions, and power struggles between different countries. Washington D.C. is under the Mars aspect this month and Russia is under the Pluto aspect. Does this mean there will be more confrontations between those two countries? The Saturn Retrograde energy is over the Middle East and Africa. It looks like more violence or Earth changes will occur in those areas, and we might start hearing more from Iran.

According to Astrology, the next two months will still see people releasing things from their past. This also includes negative world events coming to light for everyone to see. There are several different realities in affect right now and you have the choice of which reality you choose to live in. If you choose the higher dimension world, the negative part will cease to exist in your reality. There will be a lot of light coming to Earth in the next two months. This means the Hertz level of Earth (Earth’s heartbeat) will become higher, and this will make it easier to vibrate to a higher dimension Earth. I believe that by September, or before, those who are ready will be able to start manifesting heaven on Earth.

Then we have major events coming up in September. One of them is the visit of the Pope to the United States in September where he will speak before congress and the United Nations. He will announce the creation of a new organization that will be above the World Controllers and will include all countries. This sounds like a manifestation of the New World Order which could upset many people, but then it might be the best thing that has ever happened to us if we create it as positive. The whole world will be coming together as one. The goal of this organization will be centered on what to do about weather changes and how we can deal with them.  The Pope has written a letter that is 184 pages long. You can read if you like. Check out the ZeroHedge article “God’s Man On Earth Tells Goldman It Isn’t Doing ‘God’s Work‘”.

As the sun and Mars move through the sign of Cancer, the East Coast of the United States will be affected. Cancer is a water sign, which rules rain and flooding and Mars is a fire sign. Mercury is still in Gemini, which is an air sign and rules storms and this energy was over the area from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River in June. A lot of storms were felt in those areas in June. Now they will be felt in other parts of the world.

There are Earth changes happening all over the world. Japan is a very active area and so is Taiwan and the Philippines. And there was a large Earthquake in New Zealand about a week ago. Even though the sun will be going through Cancer this month there is a lot of fire energy in force right now. It’s my understanding that fire energy is also Love Energy. Let’s use the positive side of this fire energy and start creating Heaven on Earth.  All is Well in My World!   So Be It!        Written in Love and Light.

*****  Mahala Gayle  *****

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