The Sovereign Goddess

by Alison Dhuanna

As we enter the year of the Blue Spectral Storm there are many layers unfolding and beneath the chaos and uncertainty of British politics and indeed the world power dynamics lies the awakening of the Goddess of Sovereignty. In previous blogs I have spoken of the Goddess Asteroids Pallas Athena and Ceres, Ceres being discovered the exact same day Britain was legally formed on the 1st January 1801. Eris is a Kuiper Belt object whose frequency is connected to the Asteroid Belt Goddesses and yet is of a more holographic and otherworldly nature.

I first encountered Eris awakening in myself around a year ago. I had been working through The Ladies of the Lake by Caitlin and John Mathews in my creative writing class and had reached the sixth of nine Ladies of Celtic Mythology Enid. Enid is a Goddess/priestess of the Sovereignty of the Land and her blessing has to be bestowed upon the true rulers. Her tests are vigorous and challenging indeed and when she is won by her husband Erec in the Sparrow Hawk contest he has to undergo life threatening tests of love and loyalty. At this time the opportunity to work shamanically with Birds of Prey also unfolded meeting Falconer Silvia Mutterlee who has just completed her dissertation on Healing with Birds of Prey and Eris seems to have a special connection to the very focussed and intense energy of these bird and to the prophesies of Native America of the Return of the Bird Tribes.

At the time of the Brexit vote Ceres was conjunct both Uranus and Eris in Aries and at the New Moon 2nd August is again. Ceres has now returned to Taurus the sign where she was discovered. Eris is currently at 23 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus the planet of unexpected and revolutionary transformation. Underlying the very polarised response of ordinary people to Brexit which will greatly accelerate the breakdown of current global structures leading to chaos, there is also an underlying spiritual awakening of true sovereignty.

Enid like many dark goddess archetypes initially is a horse hand cleaning stables and wearing rags when Eric asks her to be his partner in the Sparrowhawk contest. Only after many initiations is the true nature of Enid revealed and at her wedding her cloak is described thus “The fur lining that was sewn into it was from strange beasts that have completely blond heads and necks as black as mulberries and backs that are bright red on top, with black bellies and indigo tails.” She is clothed in a silk, red dress by Guinevere suggesting that her status also needs to be recognised by another Priestess. These alchemical colours of the Goddess Black, White and Red are very important. In my Goddess Asteroid women’s circle when we journeyed to Eris many of the women experienced her as red and also having cat like features. She reminded me of Sekhmet in character as she has both an extremely fierce nature but is also loving to those who honour freedom. Eris asks us to honour our own sovereignty. Every choice we make has an effect and we can take things to whatever limit we choose. Eris also felt very holographic and multi-dimensional to many who experienced her in this journey.

Last week somebody told me that Jose Arguelles wife Stephanie South calls herself The Red Queen and has written a book called ‘Accessing your Multi-Dimensional Self’. I haven’t read it yet as UK Amazon have sold out but it is wonderful to comprehend that a living archetype of Eris may be living here upon the Earth and sharing her experiences assisting us in connecting more closely with the quantum universe. There are so many indicators and synchronicities too of the weaving of the Native American and Celtic fractal lines into a unified field of consciousness. I have started doing an apprenticeship with don Carlos Miro Quesada called The Path of the Universal Shaman and this unified spiritual vision of the world feels very right to me. Honouring the Sovereignty of the land through song, works of art and creating beauty restores balance and just like Eris the Earth needs us to acknowledge her beauty. In the Arthrurian mysteries it is Enid and not Guinevere who is the true Queen and she is honoured with a kiss from King Arthur after he successfully hunt the White Stag who represents purity and royalty. There are lessons for us here about who the true rulers of Earth actually are. We all have an Eris within us and may step into our true purpose as Guardians of Mother Earth practicing the Indigenous ways in which our ancestors of all nations kept balance and harmony.

I’d like to thank and acknowledge my friend and co-astrologer Margaret-Mary Archer whose emails alerted me to the activates of Eris which I have shared today. Together with a Kinesiologist Shanaz we have planned a very exciting retreat on the Sacred Isle of Anglesey, Wales from the 17-21st October. Only recently I discovered the retreat centre we booked Glan Morfa is a stone’s throw away from Aberffraw the ancient Royal Seat of the Celtic rulers who honoured the Sovereignty of the Goddess. On the retreat we will be creating a mandala from our Mayan Dreamspell chart and I will be playing Gong Baths each day to journey into the cosmic realms. These will be done as Pachakuti Mesa rituals to Earth’s core, Sun and the Hunab Ku anchoring the song of evolution as it flows into our jewel of a planet. Creating a Dreamspell mandala is a very potent way of activating your individual sovereignty and that of the land. My feeling is that it is vitally important to hold and nurture the seed of the new British Isles as a spiritual entity with the 4 directions of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and the Isle of Man in the centre which has always been independent. If you feel a calling to this retreat in the UK please get in touch soon at Cost is £360 including food and accommodation in a room of your own in a stunning eco-nature park close to beautiful beaches and the sea.

Next May I will be working with Silvia Mutterlee and her healing birds Freay the Buzzard and Morgan the Eagle Owl with the energies of Eris, doing fly walks and shamanic practices in the Pachakuti Mesa shamanic tradition so please also get in touch about that if it calls you. Dates are 19-21st May and cost is £170 taking place in the Pennines, West Yorkshire.

Planet Alert August 2016

Hi everyone, I have an idea on how to solve our problem of anger and violence. We could create with our minds some magical sparkly Fairy Dust and spread it all over the world so people could feel it and maybe wake up to the magic and miracles of 6D Earth. Wouldn’t that be fun? It has been so hard for empaths to live in the world as we have known it for so long that it is time for a change.  We are the ones who need to change it by using our thought power to create the reality we choose to live in. I choose to live in a reality of love and peace. This is the reality I am creating for myself. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me.

Did you release all you needed to release during Mars’s trip back into Scorpio in June and July? Are you now ready to drop your baggage and manifest a new reality? During that two month period of time Mars was in a mirror image to Uranus, and that caused a lot of violence over the Middle East and Europe. Now Mars will be affecting Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. The opposite side of the world that will be affected by Mars are the states from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River.  Are you ready for the Mars journey through Sagittarius for the next two months? This ushers in a period of powerful fire energy. Negative fire energy rules violence, wars, fires and volcanic eruptions. Positive fire energy is the spark of love within us.

Saturn is also in Sagittarius, and Mars and Saturn together usually manifest a hard, unsympathetic attitude, and trouble or conflicts with authority figures or government agencies. This energy rules legal affairs or government administration problems. It also rules the military. Sagittarius rules the banking system.

All planets have a positive and negative side to them just like we do. We have the choice of either manifesting positive or negative energy. So, do you think we can negate some of that negative energy from Mars and Saturn and use it is a positive way? Mars rules energy and Saturn brings rewards to us once we have learned the lessons it teaches us. If many people manifest the negative energy of Mars and Saturn, then there will be more chaos on Earth in the next two months.

We have been witnessing a lot of chaos in the United States with our election drama. I try to watch it in observer mode so I don’t get angry with how the candidates are treating each other. Two candidates have been selected to run for president. They are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I have had a strong feeling for months now that the election will not go as planned. What could go wrong? I have no idea if something will happen or not, although that feeling is still there for me.

It looks like Donald Trump will have a very hard time during this Mars/Saturn time period that lasts for all of August until the end of September. Mars and Saturn will be opposing his Sun, North Node, and Uranus. That is a very hard aspect to deal with and will probably bring him a lot of challenges, and possibly anger or violence directed toward him.

Hillary is a very strong woman. She has four planets, plus her node, in Scorpio which is a very powerful sign and her Mars, Pluto and Saturn are all in the fire sign Leo. So far she has had the ability to come through anything that has been thrown at her. She definitely has the strength to hold the job of president, although expect the unexpected because Uranus is also in that mix of planets.

Did you know that Saturn rules and holds in check all of the planets in our solar system except Uranus, Neptune and Pluto?  Vedic Astrology does not use those three planets in their system. Western Astrology uses all the planets in their system. I always wondered why Vedic Astrologers did not use the outer planets. Now I know why after watching David Icke’s latest video on Saturn.  I had been thinking about the Matrix a lot lately and this video has a lot of answers to my questions. Here is the link to his video: Saturn Isn’t What You Think It is Either.

He says that Saturn rules the number 8 and so do a lot of numerologists. The word God (7+6+4=8) adds up to the number 8. We are in the month of August which is also a number 8. The Lion’s Gate always opens during this month. Could this month open up a gateway to Saturn, or to the Gods? Could it also open up the energy of 8D, which is the dimension of the mind? We opened up to 7D on May 21, 2016 when the Sun was conjunct Alcyone, the central Sun of the Pleiadian system. That sun is always in the Photon Belt, which is 7D energy. I’ve heard that our Earth is the 8th planet in the Pleiadian system.

We have been under the control of Saturn for eons of time. The negative controllers set up their system of control on Saturn and use the rings around it as their communication system. Then they send that energy to the moon and then to Earth according to the video. It’s like in the Wizard of Oz, when they looked behind the curtain there was a man who controlled everything. It was all an illusion. It’s time to take off our blinders and become free. We do not need to be controlled anymore. The energy of Mars and Saturn together for the next two months in a fire sign will give us the opportunity to look beyond the curtain. What will we see?

The dark ET controllers used to have a base on the Handle of the Big Dipper. They used that base to control this part of the Solar System. In August of 2011 ships from Arcturus destroyed that base and broke their control. The Arcturians are the guardians of our solar system. We asked for their help and they came. This was the start of the controllers going down.

I watched the movie The Matrix again to see if there were any clues in it that tells us how to get out of the illusion. I think we just need to wake up and realize we live in a false reality and it is time for a new reality. Our minds are very powerful, and with many people working together we have the possibility of breaking through this illusion during this time period. Then we can be ready for the energy of Christ Consciousness to manifest in September. September is a number 9 month, and we have 9-9-9 three times in September. We are also in a nine year getting ready to go into a number 1 year, or new beginning in 2017.

Which reality or dimension do you live in? Maybe we are living in multiple realities at the same time. Have you heard of the Mandala affect?  Here is another interesting video: Top 5 Mandela Effects | Is something editing history?

Expect the unexpected, and stay in love energy as we are going through this challenging time. Not everyone is ready for the new Earth. I don‘t know how many people are ready to move into a new reality at this time, although for those of us who have been holding the light for so many years, and are exhausted from doing that, we are ready to manifest something better. Lets fill our life with laughter, it’s time for some fun in our lives. So Be It!

Thank all of you Earth angels who sent me donations of money last month, they were greatly appreciated.  I’m still open to abundance. I can be reached at and there is a donate button on the front page of my blog  Have a wonderful summer. May your heart glow with love, light and magic, and expect lots of miracles this year.  I send lots of love and blessings to all of you.               Mahala

Astrology Report for August

By Dorene Carrel at AstroConnections.

August is a moderately active month, highlighted by three planetary stations that include Saturn, Mercury and the dwarf planet Ceres.  The Saturn station in mid-month allows us to achieve more stability and focus.  This is welcome after the dynamic,  wilder energies of July that brought some unexpected and unsettling changes.   Later in the month, Mars in Sagittarius will align with Saturn and square Neptune, which can help us follow our ideals and accomplish important tasks.  The challenge will be to stay positive and focused, as it will be easier to get distracted.

The New Moon occurs on August 2 at 11 Leo. This month will emphasize being more self-expressive, creative, generous and self-confident.  The shadow side of Leo is being arrogant and self-centered.  The harmonious trine to Saturn will help to keep us on a productive track.  The Sabian symbol for this degree, “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree,” suggests that we honor new emerging forces as well as the power of tradition.

Also on this day, Mars makes its final move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, where it will travel for the next two years. It already made a brief visit into Sagittarius from March to May.  Mars is more energetic and assertive in this fiery sign, which will encourage more risk-taking.  There will be a desire for more freedom and expanded horizons.   The areas of philosophy, education, travel and recreation will also become more popular and have innovative trends.

The shadow period of Mercury retrograde begins on August 10.  In my experience, the potential for unexpected changes, delays, etc., at that time is nearly as potent as the retrograde cycle itself.  Be careful to communicate clearly and check all important documents for possible errors.  Mercury will turn retrograde on August 30.  See below for more details.

On August 13, Saturn turns stationary direct at 10 Sagittarius.  It has been retrograde since last March, which may have brought a re-evaluation of our priorities. Today Saturn also forms a challenging square to Venus in Virgo.  It may be hard to come to an agreement now in our relationships, or we may feel isolated and misunderstood.  Saturn can help us to stay focused on our true personal goals and plan steps to their achievement.  Also on August 13, Jupiter in Virgo forms a quincunx aspect to Uranus, allowing us to make important adjustments in our openness to change and innovation.  Venus aligns with the North Node on August 15 and trines Pluto on August 17, which favors making positive advancement in our relationships.

The Full Moon occurs on August 18 at 26 Aquarius.  It aligns with the asteroid Pallas and forms a harmonious sextile to Uranus.  With the Aquarian emphasis, this lunation opens us to see a clearer path to making positive changes in our lives.  Pallas brings new ideas in the form of pattern perceptions that may provide important insights.

We can better see how our unique talents can benefit humanity and our personal community.  The Sabian symbols for these degree areas, “After the heavy storm, a rainbow,” and “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer,” suggest that after a period of testing, we will now begin to see benefits and rewards.  Some calendars list this Full Moon as a lunar eclipse.  However, according to the Mountain Astrologer, replies to their inquiries from NASA experts indicate that this lunation is a “near miss” and does not qualify as an eclipse.

On August 24-25, Mars aligns with Saturn and squares Neptune in Pisces.  The aspect with Neptune can heighten our intuition, but also encourage illusion and deception.   Mars/Saturn is also in a challenging sesquiquadrate aspect with Uranus, which can increase the chance for accidents and volatile events.  It is best to be cautious and alert during this period, although it is favorable for accomplishing detailed tasks if one can stay focused.

Mercury turns stationary retrograde on August 30 at 29 Virgo.  It will travel backward through Virgo until September 22, when it turns direct at 15 Virgo.  It is best to postpone signing contracts or making important purchases during this cycle. It is a period of introspection when it is best to cut back on a busy schedule and live more simply.  These weeks can best be spent reviewing, researching and taking a spiritual retreat.   Ceres stations on August 31, helping us to make improvements to our diet and lifestyle.  This is a good time for self-nurturing, as well as to give and receive support in our significant relationships.    Blessings for a joyful summer!

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

The Splendor of Surrender

By Mona Delfino at SacredReconnections.

I would venture to say that today, many of us are feeling that time has speeded up and most of us can agree there is crazy energy abound! However, cutting straight to the chase, (and most important) changes have to come from within. It means a feeling in the heart, a shake up to the soul, or a recognition that we’ve had enough. Physically speaking, being “fed up” abides in our adrenal glands, where we have our fight or flight responses. Many of my dear clients are experiencing this “I can’t breathe well” symptom, which then stems into creating a condition in the body. Whether it be seeming insignificant, like a cough or a sore throat, or foggy brain syndrome, or major body aches and pains. These are only a few that I’ve seen recently which are directly related to not enough oxygen running throughout our system. As my friend and cellular biologist, Dr.Bruce Lipton states so clearly in his books and talks, he says, “malfunction in our health comes from our environment.” This isn’t just physics, it’s mostly mental and emotional. It’s our training, our upbringing, and our “acceptance” of it throughout our lifetime.

What does it mean when I say the splendor of surrender? What surrendering is NOT is giving up. It isn’t not caring. It isn’t even feeling lost or to meek to help your friends and family feel better… What surrendering means is a state of mind with recognition in knowing that attachment to anything causes us to live in that same environmental attachment, no matter what it is. To say we care is wonderful, as long as it’s not “over care” to the degree of getting so involved with others malfunctioning. This becomes harmful to us, not helpful to others. Compassion is a much more healthy way of feeling for loves ones, or even world matters. We all have something we are working through or dealing with, and 90% I’d venture to say is emotional.

Surrender is the self love we have all been looking for. It means a new form of acceptance to life, realizing that control is overrated and definitely underpaid! But control never helped anyone. It actually causes the immune system to work overtime by trying to hold up the boat when there was never a boat there… just our perception of one. Vulnerability is a factor when we decide to “let go” on a mental level… learning to breath as life moves through us. John Lennon said it so well in his song, “Beautiful Boy.” It says, ” Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.” Well, if that doesn’t explain the actions and patterns we continue to live, even though our subconscious is lurking and reacting to the deeper part of us. It’s not always easy to recognize when we are doing too much, or taking on too much, but it’s living in the moment and staying in the silence from time to time, that the body speaks and the answers are always there. Not being afraid of this is when we allow the body to whisper before it screams. It’s only a lesson being taught to our way of living, believing, holding on, and trying to stay in the past by the way we live.

Today we are definitely in new times. Changing our mind is becoming a regular occurrence to some. Hearing yourself getting angry within can erupt like a time bomb to teach that the anger is too strong and doesn’t benefit into a solution. The solution is always in the problem. When you investigate the problem, find the counter definition in the action or the situation, and you will most definitely find the solution. Mostly, I see many more Auto Immune dysfunctions happening. In reading the energy, this is a full blown response to holding onto a situation or a belief that no longer suites the person. That “fed up” feeling can be happening right under our noses, and rather than paying attention to it, we ignore it thinking we have to “just keep going…” A solution might say, find another way. Either our perception needs to change, or we can change the situation.

After all, we are the ones who are co-creators and shifters of our reality. The sooner we consciously understand that, without false identity or even forms of new age jargon,( meaning not getting down to the nitty gritty) the more we will realize the facts of quantum physics. The action comes through recognition of “A-HA’ moments. Some get it through meditation, but some of us get it through living day to day. Waking up in consciousness is not as hard as we’ve made it. Simply stating, we are in charge. So when we feel ourselves being too hard on ourselves, or encouraging old behaviors through thinking the same way, we will soon know it because we “paid attention.” Remember that movie with John Travolta named “MICHAEL.”? He played the role of Arch Angel Michael, and asked Andi McDowell’s character, who claimed she was an Angel Expert, to come with the others to Chicago. When she refused, he said, “You will come with us or I’ll have to tell the others that you are not an Angel Expert and what you really do for a living.” She said, “How did you know that?” He said, “I pay attention.”

The point is, our intuition gets stronger and our awareness gets larger when we live from our true self. Not in denial, and not ignoring your feelings, but really accepting yourself without judgment. Surrender to the Self and those old feelings of holding on, will dissipate within and help you to feel lighter. Cells follow emotion. Carrying the weight of the world is just too much work, they say!!

Splendor comes in lightening your heart. Here’s to us, co-creators of a new world~ Love and Blessings! Mona~

Ceres and the EU Referendum

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

The 4th July is the first New Moon in which Britain has begun energetically to be independent from Europe as the shock of the outcome for many people starts to subside and the politicians who stirred up all the racial tension and hatred have both thankfully resigned. Whilst times ahead hold much uncertainty globally and chaos will almost certainly prevail for some time the Goddess Asteroids are offering an insight into the deeper processes at work. How wonderful that we share this New Moon Independence Day with our American friends who must have felt similar feelings of both exhilaration and fear when they broke free from British rule so many hundreds of years ago.

My first reaction to the outcome of the referendum was shock and grief as hate crimes against Europeans and other settlers in Britain, many who have now been here generations increased by 57%. Emboldened by the outcome many people with racist views felt they could openly now approach people and tell them to go home. I even had a friend from Northern Ireland which is part of the UK get asked this. The country became extremely polarised with families and communities being torn apart by the vitriolic reaction.

The astrology has helped me personally to find inner balance again and see a bigger picture of what is unfolding. Last week Pallas Athena was speaking about Sovereignty and this week as I was writing my new book about Ceres all sorts of connections started to happen.

Ceres was discovered on the 1 January 1801, the first Goddess Asteroid to be discovered. Kepler had predicted her existence and a group of European astronomer’s nick named the ‘Celestial Police’ set out over many years to find her. Despite their resources and being the patriarchal power of astronomy at the time though they did not. Piazzo a mathematician, monk and astronomer in Sicily discovered her and named her after the Patron Saint of his City. A astrologer friend told me last week that Britain was formed politically the same year as Ceres was found and on researching it is true. The Legislative Union of Britain and Ireland took place in 1801 and the first Parliament met on the 2 February 1801. The dates are uncanny – 1/1/1801 and 2/2/1801 and are the first two numbers of the fibonacci sequence when combined 3 and 5. It has been said that the British Isles is a mirror of Ceres on Earth because it is the same size and also because of all the Neolithic sites we have here so I was tremendously excited by this. I have been working shamanically with the power animals of Britain for many years (Cernunnos, Epona, Mona and Artor) and as a spiritual body The British Isles includes Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England with the Isle of Man at the Centre which is independent. It’s a beautiful place where the Atlantean god Mannana is still honoured openly by the people. Also a resident of the Isle of Man told me recently there is a ley line connecting all four parts of Britain and the three legs of Mannanan on their flag are a moving, spiralling ley line. It was fortuitous to meet her as she is one of a few people who knows where it is and she said the true location is hidden to protect the energy. Ceres also feels very important personally because in my relocated chart from Johannesburg where I was born to Hebden Bridge in the UK as she now falls exactly on my mid heaven and in the same place she was discovered at 3 degrees Taurus.

In this same year according to Wikipedia two other important things happened in Britain. A very interesting scientist Thomas Young discovered that light travels in waves and not just particles as put forward by Newton. At age 14 years Young could speak Latin and Greek and was acquainted with 11 other languages. He also decoded many of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs so I’m feeling he was ‘one of us’. This is relevant to Ceres and all planets because their frequencies are carried in light waves to us. The asteroid belt termed the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ by Barbara Hand Clow holds the energetic keys to becoming collective beings in the Aquarian Age – like bees. This is achieved on an emotional and practical level through the reintegration of the Divine Feminine archetypes and the Wounded Healer archetype Chiron the Centaur and the other Centaur bodies. Rainbow light waves are the carrier of these frequencies.

The second thing that happened was that Maria Edgworth, an Irish woman published ‘Belinda’ a very controversial book for its time. Maria was a feminist and this was her first novel about the struggles love brings in life and includes a relationship between an African servant and an English farm girl. The Goddess does like to smash into the boundaries of convention which is why I love her! Freeing ourselves from religious and cultural belief systems is also an important part of the Goddess energies.

At this first New Moon of Independence Ceres is conjunct Uranus in Aries so this is a powerful combination for breaking free from the status quo in her form as Britain. Ceres/Uranus are part of a Nine Pointed star which includes as we orbit round the zodiac Vesta the Priestess in Gemini/MC, Venus in Cancer conjunct New Moon aligned to Sirius, Hygeia in Virgo conjunct Astraea/Jupiter/North Node, Juno in Libra, Mars in Scorpio finally going direct, Saturn in Sag, Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron conjunct Pallas Athena/Neptune/South Node.

Something else very special also happened at this new moon in that the spaceship Juno which set off five years ago reached the orbit of Jupiter. Through Juno’s visit we will discover much more about Jupiter and receive a higher frequency now of its energies which is very apt as it is conjunct the North Node (karmic destiny). The presence of Hygeia and Astraea in this conjunction very much speak of the importance of sound, light, beauty, dance and creativity to integrate these new frequencies. In this 4th Golden Age of light we begin to create works of great beauty in every sphere reflecting the beauty of the Earth, the sky and all her creatures. On iTunes there is a film about the Juno mission you can watch for free for about 5 minutes that connects it to music so it’s good to see Astraea is doing her work on the world stage. Special music has been made by various famous artists to commemorate the occasion. As Juno is Goddess of the Sacred Marriage and Jupiter her consort it feels too that this represents a new portal of possibilities opening for the relationship of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

I do one to one birth charts readings contact me at Cost is £85 for a one hour skype or CD reading.

The next retreat is coming up is 17-21st October Dreamspell Mayan Mandala Retreat at the eco nature park Glan Morfa, Anglesey, Wales. We begin on a Galactic Portal Day creating sacred space through meditation and gong baths to tune into the cosmic frequency of our own Dreamspell and to create a mandala reflecting these. I discovered on my last visit to Anglesey that this area Aberffraw was also the ancient seat of the Royal Celtic family so it seems all the more significant. Cost is £360 for single supplement accommodation and home cooked vegetarian food. There are just 5 spaces left so book soon by contacting Margaret Mary on 01373464929 or email myself. for more information

Astrology Report for July

By Dorene Carrel

July begins with an energized momentum after Mars turned direct in late June.  We can now move forward to accomplish important goals. Mars is still in Scorpio until August 2 when it goes into Sagittarius, providing us more time to re-balance emotions and strengthen intuitive insights. The Saturn-Neptune square is still in effect for most of this month, helping us get further in touch with our ideals and visions. We will tend to feel busier and that time is really speeding up. Later in the month, Uranus turns stationary retrograde, which can bring sudden changes during late July/early August.

On June 20 a full moon/summer solstice occurred at the 0 Aries World Point degree, which brought unexpected historic events, such as Brexit in England, that will have far-reaching consequences.  The Venus emphasis for both lunations resulted in the focus on financial reform.  It also indicates there is a need to search for fair and creative solutions that will restore harmony and equality for everyone.

The New Moon occurs on July 4 at 13 Cancer.  It aligns with both Mercury and Venus in Cancer, while opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  The Cancer emphasis shows much concentrated energy on home and family activities, along with food and security issues. Power and control issues can also arise around these areas.  With six planets in water signs, it is favorable to slow down, get more in touch with your feelings and do some journaling.  Favorable aspects to the lunar nodes, along with Neptune and Jupiter, indicate progress can be made in the areas of relationships and our spiritual path. The Sabian symbols for this degree, “A hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study; the power of the will in shaping character,” suggests we can now connect with our true soul intentions and stand firm in our resolutions.

A series of water grand trine patterns with Chiron and Mars will be forming during this month with several personal planets. On July 6, Venus in Cancer forms a grand trine with Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. The Venus/Mars trine can bring significant new meetings for romance or ideas for creative pursuits.  The other planets involved with Mars/Chiron include Mercury on July 10 and the Sun on July 16. Chiron brings us opportunities for healing a wound from our past involving relationships, resources, communication and/or growth potential.  It also has maverick side, which can be used to flaunt our unique differences. It will be interesting to see how the major US Republican and Democratic conventions held during July use this Chiron energy.  There will be an opportunity for each political party to heal their internal differences and create more unity.  However, the upcoming Uranus station will bring out the maverick side, so the more unconventional and radical points of view will demand to be heard and acknowledged.    I plan to write about my observations on the candidates in an upcoming blog (see below).

On July 19 the Full Moon occurs at 28 Capricorn.  The Sun and Moon form a t-square with Uranus in Aries and favorably aspect both Mars and Chiron.  Capricorn brings a more structured energy to our feeling expression and puts more focus on security issues.  What needs to be restructured and reorganized in our lives so we can experience more ease?  Uranus encourages us to break free from any undue restrictions, while Mars and Chiron provide courage and healing.  The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees, “Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions,” and “The enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself with their implications,” suggest we can benefit by having more contact with nature and seeing the harmonious integration of matter and spirit.

Uranus turns stationary retrograde on July 29 at 24 Aries 30.  Although Uranus is stationary most of this month, the week before this date may contain more changes, instability and revolutions.  There may also be earth changes, so it is best to be prepared.  On inner levels, we may feel a need to rebel from any limitations or become more independent and detached.  Venus in Leo trines Uranus on July 31, which can bring an energizing and exciting new connection that will open doors for us on many levels.

In August Saturn turns direct, Mercury turns retrograde and we have another Lunar Eclipse!  Blessings to all and stay tuned.

* * * * * * * * *

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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The Astrology of the EU Referendum

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

As a tsunami wave of emotion has hit the UK over the Out vote in the EU referendum there is a tremendous amount of energy being released that has the potential to be channeled into new democratic structures. In my last blog for this New Moon cycle I wrote about the rise of Pallas Athena who embodies the deep desire for ‘sovereignty’ and oh boy has Britannia risen up against the interference of the Brussels bureaucrats in a way that has left the country reeling. On the day of the EU referendum Pallas Athena was conjunct the south node (the past), Neptune and Chiron. This is very interesting as many older people voted ‘Out’ and what was being expressed was a desire for Britain to return to its sovereign status, return to the way they remembered it. A lot of suppressed anger over many years at being politically disenfranchised was also expressed which explains to why many Labor areas also voted ‘Out’.

Whilst there is a racist element in the population it feels important to acknowledge that this deep desire for ‘sovereignty’ on both a personal and collective level is a positive thing and something which can be harnessed for the good of all. There is an old story about King Arthur being given one year to find out ‘what women want’ otherwise he would lose his life. The answer in the end comes from a hag he meets in the deep forest representing the Dark Goddess and in psychological terms the repressed subconscious. This old woman is one and the same with the ‘sovereignty’ of the land. The answer is simple but powerful – what women and the land want is ‘to be able to decide for themselves’. The Pallas Athena stellium was also in a challenging square to Saturn in Sagittarius and Vesta and Mercury in Gemini and also opposing Jupiter. When Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter meet in a square/opposition the energy is very difficult because Saturn is restricting vision and aspiration in Sag and asking for a reality check, Neptune is dissolving into oceanic consciousness and Jupiter is wanting limitless expansion. Vesta (Priestess) and Mercury in Gemini the sign of communication is interesting too as I think this represents a great challenge for those of us on a spiritual path whose instincts are towards unity with Europe. Ultimately we are the new leaders, or at least the forerunners of the new leaders to step into our power, refuse to polarise and keep our hearts open and use the many skills we have learnt over life times to stabilize the planet energetically in these times of great transformation.

This week whilst processing very deep emotions myself about the referendum I uncovered a lost piece of history about a Welsh Warrior Princess called Gwenllian. There is a link to that blog at the bottom of the page but actually it got me thinking a lot about the issue of ‘sovereignty’. Wales historically has had very difficult time being ‘sovereign’. Once a peaceful and highly advanced civilization they were invaded first by the Romans and then the Normans in a brutal fashion. Those in power seem to have an uncanny knack of getting people to turn against each other – divide and rule and Gwenllian’s story is a sad one with the betrayal of her Father to his country and family getting lured by sex, power and alcohol by the Norman King Henry I. It’s a true story where the evidence that ‘desire’ is the undoing of many a good person and leads to very real tragedy. It feels very much that what the higher intelligence of the happenings of the past week are that we need to recognize our need as individuals, communities and nations for sovereignty but lets not give the power we have away to politicians or let the most fearful section of society who openly express racism take the lead here. Whilst sovereignty is important, beneath this and for it not to become fuel for war, we also need to recognize that nothing is ‘ours’. The Earth supports us, supports all life and all human beings of every creed and color, gender and sexuality and are equally loved children in her eyes and in the eyes of Great Spirit.

The Uranus Pluto square has heralded the breakdown of the structures of the old order and the decision of Britain to leave the EU will certainly accelerate this process greatly. Now more than ever we must ceremony, use all the healing techniques we have in our collective Medicine Bag to bring soothing, loving energies to the fractured heart of Britain and Europe and hold the vision of a future where people can be both sovereign and yet inter connected on a much deeper level. We are in that strange void right now of endings and beginnings which is the most powerful time to do energetic work and influence the outcome.

Last night as I went to sleep listening to my Buddhist music mantras I sent the positive energy of the words out into world and had the thought……what if thousands more were doing the very same thing. We have the power to create the future together.

Many of us are now living in the Fifth Dimension where the idea we have to fight over limited resources seems a million miles away but we need to recognize that for many people the fear survival buttons are still easily pressed. This is essentially why the fear of refugees really connects with people because culturally we have been brainwashed to believe we have to fight over the crumbs of the pie. The question is how do we bring people across the rainbow bridge with us? Many of us have incarnated lifetimes to prepare karmically for this one where the potential for transformation of human consciousness is greatest. Now is the time to enter the matrix.

Gwenllian The Welsh Warrior Princess

Planet Alert July 2016

Today is June 24 and England just left the European Common Market. This is a really big deal and I don’t think there are too many people who realize the extent of this event. The Stock Markets around the world lost a total of trillions of dollars in one day. Money talks and the loss of it has a tendency to upset people very much. This makes people start thinking about money and who controls all of this money?

The Vatican Bank is at the top of the pyramid. It had total control of the banking world for a long time. This Bank was very corrupt in the past. The next in power has been the Bank of England and our Federal Reserve Bank is tied to this bank. The 1957 Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community. Brussels put in an application to be the meeting place for the officials of this union. Chateau of Val-Duchesse became the temporary meeting place in Brussels. Now it is in Central Brussels. The top people from the European Union meet there. I just heard that Brussels is making an agreement with China. There will be a meeting in Beijing in the first half of July. It looks like we will be hearing more about the BRICS Union (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) in the near future. BRICS is a new financial system and their World Bank is in Beijing.

Now the head of The International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, is in court charged with embezzlement. This started in May of 2016 and the trial is ongoing. Her conviction could leave the monetary system in turmoil and plunge the banks into chaos. The IMF is an organization of 189 countries and their job has been to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, sustain economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. Now we have corruption at the top of this organization. Christine Lagarde is from France. How will this affect the world? Europe is already in chaos.

Mona Delfino , a friend of mine who channels Izora, said on April 22, 2016 that the European Common Market would collapse because of all the refugees that are moving into Europe and overstressing their systems. She said the unrest will continue to escalate until it reaches a breaking point, which just happened in England. Now the after effects of this event are causing Britons to ask for a second referendum to repeal the vote to exit the European Union because of the trauma it has caused in the money system of England and financial systems all over the world. We will see what happens next.

The Dreamspell Glyph on the day of the full moon/solstice was abundance. Maybe this event will usher in a new financial system that will be honest and a benefit to the whole world. Incidentally, the Summer Solstice always focuses into Stonehenge in England and activates the energy there. This energy comes from the great central sun that is on 29 degrees Virgo and it holds 27 galaxies in place, plus our Milky Way System. The energy from that Sun goes to our Galactic Center, then to Alcyone, and then to Earth. This is very powerful energy and being it was also the full moon on that day, events were set into motion.

On June 18/19 our magnetic field moved 3-5 degrees. Magnetic north used to line-up with the North Star. After this past weekend it no longer lines up with that star. Our magnetic field was oscillating from 3-5 degrees all weekend, or longer. This oscillation appears to be causing a lot of trauma, look at what is going on in Europe. Do you feel this energy personally by being dizzy, nauseated, blurry eyes, or other body aches and pains? I always feel the energy when something is going on with our magnetic field.

I think we probably would have had a magnetic reversal within the past couple of months if the ring node of Planet 9 had not grabbed onto our magnetic core to hold it steady. It’s my understanding that Planet 9 is part of what they call the Nibiru or Nemesis Planetary system. It’s also my understanding that this system is the companion of our solar system and the main planet is called Nemesis, which is our second sun.

Astronomers told us in the past that we have a second sun that comes our way every few thousand years and it is called Nemesis. I read an article a few years ago that the Astronomers were working on figuring out when it would be here, and they came up with the year 2012. Then another article came out and said they had recalculated and it would be here by 2020. Well guess what? It is here now, and visible in our heavens at sunrise. Nostradamus told us a long time ago that at the end of the old system we would have two suns.

We are living in a very exciting time period. I consider it a privilege to be living on Earth at this time of change, except that I did not realize when I signed up for this job how long it would take us to reach the goal of living on a new Earth. Some of us have been working on clearing our subconscious mind from fear for years so we can become clear channels of light. It is such a joy to see the progress we have made. Love has won! It may not appear like love has won but it has and we are now on 5D Earth.

The Earth jumped into the 5D timeline on the equinox of March 19, 2016. Many of us were already manifesting 5D and 6D energy although now the whole Earth will be able to do that. It may take a while to integrate this energy because we need to finish going through the process of integration. On May 21st when the sun lined up with Alcyone we activated 7D energy. This is the energy of sound, and now sound healing will work very well.

The Lions Gate opens every year. Maybe this year we will activate 8D energy on August 8, 2016 with the opening of the Lions Gate because we are now living on a higher frequency Earth. Then September is the 9th month of the year. We will have 9-9-9 on September 9th-18th and 27th. The number 9 is Christ Consciousness. The word love adds up to the number 9 (3+6+4+5 =18/9) The Earth will stay in 5/6 D although we will be able to manifest our personal consciousness all the way to 13D.

Many people cannot adjust to the high energy and they go crazy and do crazy things, and that causes more traumas. Mother Earth is also cleaning her body. It started on December 26, 2004 when the Tsunami in Sumatra occurred. There has been a lot of storms and flooding ever since then, along with earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and fires all over the world. These Earth changes will continue until she is totally cleansed.

Saturn is in Sagittarius right now and one of the things that sign rules is the Banking System. It also rules the court system, higher consciousness, fire, and freedom. There will be a lot of fires and heat this summer. Pluto is in Capricorn on 16 degrees right now. New York is affected by 16 degrees Cancer and that is where our Stock Market is located. Look what happened on June 24, the market crashed. Cancer is the opposite sign of Capricorn and this aspect caused large flooding in both China and the East Coast of the USA. There will continue to be more large storms on the East Coast and China, along with storms in other parts of the world.

We are transforming into the new so stay in the now, manifest love, and think with your heart. It is also very important to let go of all old thinking because the old will not work anymore. I send you my love and blessings and I wish everyone living in the great USA a very Happy and safe 4th of July. *Mahala Gayle*

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Pilgrimage to the Well of St Seiriol

Guest article by Alison GoddessAsteroids


An old friend who has just finished her dissertation on Water and we are meeting after many years. Anglesey has so many beautiful and special places to visit and she has been researching wells and read about Penmon Priory, so we set off to this beautiful peninsular on the North East corner of the island looking out to Puffin Island. The Well of St Seiriol lies in a beautiful grove of rocks, a sheltered place where the spring once ran freely from the rocks. Now a structure has been built around the well and on past visits it has put me off the actual well and I have spent my time relaxing on the soft grass of the grove. However due to the interest of my friend, we have been immersed in talking about Water as a sentient being, I take a closer peek. She points out that she nearly stood in the well as the water is so still there appears to be nothing there. Later on a few people come over and the man who is older than the young American woman he is showing around tells her how many people step right into the well. Curious I go inside the well structure and sit on the inner wall slate stone seat. Im pleased to notice that what appeared to be sweetie wrappers left as litter are in fact crystals and a ribbon which soothes my agitation about visitors not honouring the place. The water is incredibly still even though it must be seeping in from somewhere. My hands are tingling and I stroke the surface of the water creating an infinity sign. The water feels very pleasant – it is healing me as I feel my mind relax and perhaps my tingling fingers are reciprocating. I am able to sit quietly for a while enjoying the special essence of this still water. It comes to me that this is the same water that was here at the time St Seiriol in 6AD, and the grass and plants are the same albeit in new growth cycles. There is a profound connection to the continuity of nature in a place whilst people and indeed whole civilisations may come and go.

Whilst here we have a conversation about the Kogi Indians as my friend is going to be archiving footage of their incredible culture in Columbia and the message they are wishing to share with the world through a film called Aluna. Many synchronicities have arisen since the visit for both of us and it feels the water of the earth is really crying out to be heard, to be taken care of.

The Priory is close by and we enter the quiet, old church. There are beautiful stained glass windows, Celtic Crosses dating to 1000 AD and most excitingly a rather worn Sheela Na Gig, but there she is on the wall displaying her sacred sexuality and next to her sits a carving of a bearded man who I think of as St Seiriol looking rather like a wild man of the forest.

Many of the Druid Priests and Priestesses converted to Celtic Christianity in fear of persecution from the Romans but they retain Pagan rituals. St Seiriol appears to have been dedicated to a weekly Solar Ritual walking some 25 miles to meet his friend St Cybi from Holy Island at a halfway point. St Seiriol Wyn (Pale) was so named because he walked from East to West with the Sun always behind him. St Cybi Fely was so named as he was Golden  from walking into the Sun from West to East.

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The world has many naturally gifted people in it, each of them fulfilling a destiny and covenant with Spirit. Many can execute their skills in the arts but few are able to articulate the message, activate the spirit and liberate and teach the individual as Brian does.  Over the years I have called upon him to do his remote energy clearing work for others and myself and always to be naturally abundantly satisfied. He walks in the Tao. He is humble. He inspires us because he knows the keys for the Ascension process, to meditate, to be of service, to study and keep challenging oneself onward & upward.

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