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Mahala Gayle


Radio show announcement – Cosmic Contacts Show

From Pam.

Welcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show!

To easily access the internet show go to www.blogtalkradio.com/renford, 4:30 pm PDT or 6:30 pm CST.

My ‘special guest’ this Monday May 18th., is Mahala World Astrologer, we are always excited and blessed to have her on the show. Mahala says to get ready because of the higher electro- magnetic energy coming in through September, we will definitely be experiencing more changes.  Mahala calls it the ‘Earth’s Resonance Rising (Hz)’ as we continue to make this quantum shift into our light bodies. Get on line early to find out what the changes are and how they will effect us.  Call in if you have a question for Mahala 347-838-9142, Annie the moderator will get you in. To contact Mahala’s web-site, www.mahalasastrology.com and be sure and sign up for her ‘free’ monthly newsletter,planetalert@hotmail.com.

From the HeartEmoji



Guest article by Alison McCabe

Since the Total Solar Eclipse at the Equinox the Goddess Asteroids Hygeia and Astraea have been calling to have their story told. If you didn’t see the first blog about Hygeia recently read it alongside this one.

When Hygeia was discovered in the 1800’s she was at 6 degrees Libra and in opposition to Astraea at 7 degrees Aries. Lying opposite each other they create a polarizing magnetic force in the center of which the Human Light Body is woven and we become more and more able to living in the new photon belt. In ancient Egypt there are many depictions of two Priestesses creating an energy field and the lightbody appearing as a rainbow cloak, golden cloak or my favorite from India is the Buddha with an Aura of a Billion Stars. How exciting that we can all weave our own divine auric cloak at this time!

Dolly Parton has a beautiful song on her album Blue Smoke called the Cloak of Many Colors inspired by the story of Joseph and his Rainbow Cloak and he is associated with the 13th sign of the zodiac Ophiuchus holding up two healing serpents. Asclepius the Father of Medicine and Hygeia is also associated with this sign. Libra and Aries are the all-important axis on which the lunar eclipses have been taking place in the past few years on Jewish holy days. It is interesting that Joseph was kept informed by the spirit world through dreams, much the same as Hygeia.

This energy is connected with the ‘Rainbow Brain’ which in kinesiology is a system for working on fine tuning the energy of the soul’s path. The Rainbow Arc chakra flows from the back of the neck to the third eye and enables an expansion of consciousness. The total solar eclipse brought in a powerful wave of this rainbow energy. Read about our trip to the ancient standing stones of the Orkneys in a March blog which lies between two huge lochs and very much resembles a brain on the landscape where we witnessed this very phenomena in nature. Thank you to my kinesiologist Shanaz who helped me to see the deeper meaning of what nature was teaching.

Astraea is a Goddess of culture, justice and bringing the gift of the arts to humanity. Whilst these might seem a luxury clearly for a Golden Age to be in existence humanity needs to refocus on beauty rather than productivity. The teachings which have been coming through our little Celestial group here in Britain are about the importance of creating space to do things which have no purpose but joy, play and creativity. In such a space something very special and magical happens which is impossible to capture in words. In a nutshell though one hour spent in Astraea’s company could generate billions of genius ideas and insights than slogging over a desk for twelve. A number of our group have started going to Balkan Circle Dancing before we do astrology which is very ancient and the wonderful feeling of connection and joy it generates is divine bliss. It feels very much that this circle dance has become energetically connected to our astrology circle through Astraea.

Working together Hygeia and Astraea bring teachings of how to adjust to the new photon belt energy. This week we were hit again by a massive CME and solar flare and the electromagnetic field of the earth is in constant flux. Their teachings seem to be that lots of sleep and rest time and also making some time in the week for creative space is important. ‘Purposeless Will’ exercises and their effect is one of the most powerful lessons I had as a priestess. An easy one to start with is emptying a box of matches every day and putting them back in one by one. This may bring up quite a lot of resistance and emotion as we are very much hard wired in Western countries to be doing something purposeful. However if you persevere you will be rewarded with the magical space that opens up and it feels this sense of ‘space’ is crucial to integrating the new arriving energies.

At present Astraea is travelling with Mars in Taurus hence why she seems to have woken up in a new way. Whilst she is heading towards alignment with Alcyone at 28 degrees Taurus Hygeia is heading towards alignment with Sirius at 13 degrees Cancer so we are in for more energy hits from these Goddesses as they align with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. Connect up with them in whatever ways your intuition guides you and I’d love to hear your experiences to get a better understanding of how they are working with different people.

I specialize in Goddess asteroid and centaur charts so if you want to find out what Hygeia and Astraea and the other asteroid bodies are up to in your chart get in touch for a reading at astroalison@gmail.com. I’m running several Chiron workshops with a horse whisperer and very special and highly evolved herd of horses (they do astrology and chakra healing!)  this summer in the UK, details are at www.inharmonywithhorses.co.uk

Planet Alert May 2015

We are now in the beautiful month of May and as I am writing this article it is May Day. I love spring with the weather starting to get warm and the flowers in bloom. The tulips bloomed in April, along with the blooming trees. The Rhododendrons and other flowers bloom in May, which makes this month very beautiful, and it is a pleasure to be alive to enjoy this beauty.

April was a very active month in regard to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The sun has been in Taurus, along with Mars. Taurus is an Earth sign. When the Sun is in an Earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, earthquakes increase. Mars, the energy planet, was also in Taurus and this created very powerful earth energy and the quake in Nepal occurred. What a disaster that is. Be compassionate but please don’t get caught in the drama of it all because that does not help anyone. Stay in the light, and then send light and love to the people in Nepal for their highest and best good. Sending money to help those people would also be nice.

Saturn is in Sagittarius right now, although it does retrograde back into Scorpio in mid-June where it will stay until mid-September 2015.  The areas that will be affected by Saturn in Sagittarius for the next two plus years will be the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. There was also a major flood in Pakistan at the same time the earthquake in Nepal happened. The opposite sign of Sagittarius is Gemini, and that area of the world will also be affected which is from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River.

Taurus/Scorpio rules the west coast of America and there were two earthquakes along this coast on April 24th. One was in Northern California and another off Queen Charlotte Island in British Columbia. There may be more quakes as the sun continues its journey through Taurus. On May 20th the sun will move into Gemini and southern California will then be affected, probably with more fires because it is a dry state. We are in the time of great Earth changes until the last blood red moon on September 27, 2015. I’m not saying that is the end of Earth changes because they will continue. I am saying that we are in a critical time period until the end of September.

We are in a time period of major consciousness change. It is time to wake up to the beautiful Light Beings we are and to manifest that beauty. Think about how lucky you are to be alive during this great change. We are moving from the energy of duality to one of Unity consciousness, and we are moving from a carbon based Being to a Crystal Being. Think how nice it will be when we can see everyone’s Crystal Light Body and watch the beautiful glow that will be around people. The change to a Crystal Light Being has not been an easy process, and we are not done yet.

When Uranus moved into Aries about four years ago we started a major process of change. Actually it moved into Aries in March of 2011 when the Tsunami in Japan happened, and the war in North Africa was just starting. That war continues to this day. Syria is still in it along with other countries, as well as I.S.I.S. Now the focus is on Yemen and Iran. I heard there are several ships off the coast of Yemen. Some are from the United States, and some from other countries like Iran and Russia. It’s my understanding that there is an underground base off the coast of Yemen. I heard it is a base of good ETs. That was in the news a few years ago when another event happened in that area.

Aries rules our head and brain and Uranus rules change. There have been a lot of brain and nervous system changes which involve our whole body. In fact our nervous system has been going through a major rewiring. This has caused a lot of challenges in our bodies. Our eyes have become blurred on occasion, especially when the Sun erupts. I can always tell when there has been a sun eruption because my eyes become blurred. There have also been all kinds of body pain with this change. If you go to the doctor and he/she says there is nothing wrong with you then you will know that what you are experiencing is an Ascension symptom.

Uranus in Aries rules revolutions and riots, and this energy has caused a lot of trauma and violence on Earth. People who cannot handle the high energy that is now coming to Earth tend to go crazy and kill people because their brains cannot handle the energy. This is the real reason people appear to be so violent lately. When I was in school many years ago there was no thought of being shot just because I was in school. Now many children have that fear because there are so many shootings everywhere. We have had several shootings in the Seattle area. Uranus will be in Aries for three more years of change. Let’s make the next three years a time of peace and harmony.

Then we have the Middle East where there is daily violence. Hopefully this will change soon. Saturn was in Scorpio for almost three years, and this sign rules the Middle East. This is why it has been so violent in those countries. Pluto, which rules Scorpio, is considered the transformer and it is also considered the God of the Underworld. All deep dark secrets are being uncovered and brought out into the open and this affects everyone.

All of the deep fears held in our bodies and our subconscious minds were brought forward in the past three years to look at and release. This is why it has been so painful to our bodies and our minds as all our fears were brought to the surface. There may be a few more fears to clear out between now and mid-September. That is when Saturn goes back into Sagittarius and the energy changes to one of a more spiritual nature. Welcome to the New World.

Taurus also rules money. There is a new money system being set up in the world. This has been going on for a long time and I think it is ready to come forward. It is called BRICS. China will be the head of it and they already have their world bank set up, and I think it is ready to go. I think most of the world has signed up to be part of this system. Only the United States has objected to it.

The full moon is on May 3 at 8:42 pm PDT. It is also the Wesak festival. This is an ancient festival that has been celebrated for thousands of years. It happens in a valley in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. It is interesting that the earthquake in Nepal happened shortly before this celebration. Nepal is north of India on the border of Tibet.

The Wesak festival is when a lot of high Beings appear in the Wesak valley in their etheric bodies plus some in their physical bodies. There are a lot of things that happen at this festival including the Buddha appearing in the sky above the people. There are people giving talks and for anyone who is ready, it is graduation time. It is a very fun celebration. The people there send out love to the world and you can join them in sending love, if you so choose.

Then we have Mother’s Day on May 10th. Honor your mother, she will love it. And I think it is an honor to be a mother.  If you don’t have a mother, I think this is a good day to honor Mother Earth. After all, she is the Mother of all the people on Earth. Without her we would be in a bad fix. Happy Mother’s Day!


So Be It!                Written in love and light.             *** Mahala Gayle ***

I am still doing Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings for a donation of $30. If you are interested in having a chart done please email me at planetalert@hotmail.com with reading in the subject line. I will need your birth information month, day, year you were born, time you were born, and where you were born. Then I will need a donation paid to Paypal.com. Just go into my blog and click on the donate button which is on the front page of my blog www.mahalasastrology.com  in the top right hand corner. If you have already ordered one and have not received it yet please let me know. My computer was down for about 10 days.

Love and blessings to everyone.   Mahala

Astrology Report for May

Guest article by Dorene Carrel

May contains abundant energy for examining and refining our long-term goals, values and beliefs. However, there are some notable challenges along the way. Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde in mid-month, which will affect our communications, travels and how we process information.  Since Mercury is in its own sign, the effects will be more pronounced.  We are still under the influence of the April New Moon in Aries until mid-month, with a theme of being self-assertive, pioneering and competitive.   The mid-month period also contains potential for conflicting energies and a need for caution.  Hence we have an underlying theme of the need to establish clarity before taking action, along with using discernment and discrimination.

On May 3 the Full Moon occurs at 13 Scorpio 23.  This lunation forms a challenging t-square to Jupiter in Leo, while in favorable alignment with Neptune and Pluto.  The influence of a fixed-sign pattern (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) encourages us to examine long-term patterns, goals and beliefs.  Jupiter provides expansive energy to assist in knowing and manifesting our true ideals and goals.  On the highest level it provides greater spiritual meaning and perspective. The Scorpio energy allows us to release and transform any lingering power and control issues, along with limiting beliefs.  It can also bring more depth, emotional intensity, resourcefulness and determination. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees include: “Returning to simpler joys for revitalization,” and “The need to establish new channels of communication.” We can ask our higher guidance to bring the deeper messages and insights we need to hear at this time for our greater growth and balance.

The Mercury retrograde shadow period begins on May 4.  Be alert for mistakes, delays and breakdowns beginning at this time.  Mercury in Gemini forms a challenging square to Neptune on May 9.  This aspect will repeat two more times over the next few months due to Mercury retrograde.  Our sensitivities are heightened and confusion and illusion may predominate.  It is best not to make important decisions at this time, as your feelings are likely to change later on.  On May 14, Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, which can bring unexpected delays, restrictions or limitations.  If possible, strive for a compromise in any disagreements.

The New Moon occurs on May 17 at 27 Taurus.  This lunation highlights our possessions, finances and values. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Cancer, which also brings focus to the home, family and our sense of security.  This month we can reflect on whether our home suits our needs for comfort and security, and what we can do to make improvements.  Instead of the usual new beginnings theme, it is best to think of renovating or rethinking our plans.  We can also develop our capacity for dependability, patience, practicality and stability. The shadow side of Taurus is stubbornness and being overly rigid. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by; peaceful adaptation to collective needs.”  We can now discover what has true value for us as well as the value of our gifts to others.

Mercury turns retrograde on May 18 at 13 Gemini.  It moves backward until June 11, when it turns direct at 4 Gemini.  During this cycle, it’s best to be more mindful concerning communication, technology and transportation. It is favorable to have another option in place for sudden changes. As breakdowns and misunderstandings are more likely to occur, it is best to be more cautious and clear when speaking or writing emails.  It is also advisable to avoid buying expensive items or signing important contracts.

Another challenging period for relationships and finances is May 21-25 when Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.  There can also be breakthroughs in these areas, if we are open-minded about making needed changes.  On May 25 a Mars-Neptune square can bring a lack of focus and possibility for deception.  A Mercury/Mars alignment on May 27 is good for reworking an older idea. Mercury forms a second square to Neptune on May 28, which brings the possibility to further clarify and refine what began during the first square on May 9.  We may also practice refining our intuition, or wait until the third square on June 23.  The Sun aligns with Mercury in Gemini on May 30, which is favorable for mental renewal and contemplation.

Saturn moves back into Scorpio in mid-June.  Have a great month!

* * * * * * * * *

Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience.  For more information on readings, contact dorenea5@yahoo.com.  Donations towards this column (even small ones) are appreciated.  Paypal accepted; use my email as reference.

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

Empower Yourself, Empower our World

Guest article by Mona @ www.sacredreconnections.com.

Recently many people have been asking me about how these changes can work when they feel lost, or stuck. I say that you really are not lost, or stuck, even though it feels like that! Truthfully, you are in transition and as with any shift, even with diets, we hit a plateau. In the world of internal change, this can feel stuck or lost. Recognizing anything is called an “A-HA” moment. When we recognize an internal sadness or discomfort, we can begin to see that it’s time for change. It’s important to feel what we are experiencing. That alone can change the old cellular patterns just by acknowledging that you’re ready to move forward, and sometimes that comes with the sensation of feeling alone, lost, stuck, unaccepted, disappointed with life, not understood, etc. If we are able to shift the perspectives as we feel these emotion, we will feel the internal support that will get us through these ominous times.

When I read people and where they are energetically, I witness each person on a verge of some change. My Cherokee mentor of 12 years, Karen Land, used to say there are 2 ways to get things done in this world.. the easy way and the hard way! When we feel these shifts occurring, we may take the hard road , not because we want it that way consciously, but because it pulls in a stronger meaning to some people to know you are capable, consistent, and sometimes, a diehard!

Yet, we have to ask ourselves if that is even truly necessary in the way of shifting gears in our lives. Most of the time, you’ll find it really isn’t. We look back on our experiences and have to ask ourselves why we did the things we did in the past, even though that was the best we knew at the time! So now here we are. A new experience is happening that will change you forever from the past to the internal moment of now…. but how?

Your experiences are your own, however, it’s a small world and sooner or later you come across someone who resonates to the same thing you’ve been through! You learn by listening to what they did in their situation, and either feel that you could do what they did, or just basically say, “I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that!” Either way, this synchronistic occurrence is a blessing at the time you are in the throws of change. So here are a few pointers for abiding by these changes for your own internal shifting, which all roads leads to Self Empowerment!

  1. Be OK with the changes you feel and recognize them.
  2. Realize that you are “being prepared” by letting go internally to the things that do not work in your life anymore.
  3. Know that internal dialogue is important and be the observer as you experience these emotional changes.
  4. Be watchful so as to not judge yourself, you are now re-creating the real you to become the master of your own thoughts, decisions, ideas, and mostly, your soul’s satisfaction.
  5. Remember that the old ways don’t support you. Blame, anger, guilt, etc. are unproductive emotions and cannot move you forward ,and they certainly do not create empowerment.
  6. Pay attention to others and see that you are not alone.
  7. Give yourself credit in all you’ve learned, and know you are coming into the best time of your life by being patient, and observant.
  8. Go with what makes you feel alive and passionate!
  9. See life as a purpose, not that you have to have a purpose to be alive.
  10. Love is everywhere, we are just re-designing it for ourselves!

Self Empowerment is front and center! I did a channeling in December of last year, and the information that came through says it best. “2015 will be like kneading the dough. You knead the dough and add all of the good ingredients and create a consistency that will rise. Add the spices, the salt, the yeast, the enjoyment of the kneading. Then in 2016, we’ll put the bread in the oven as it solidifies into more awareness. In 2017, you eat the bread you made.

So let’s make this tasty and create the reality of who we are, without judgment, only with an understanding that all is in perfect divine timing. Empowerment is about trust in yourself. It is also about listening and realizing that you are capable of doing anything you put your heart into! Receive new things and take back the power that is yours, and not someone else’s.

Did you know that when you abide by these wonderful feelings and conditions, that the old conditions that caused illness will not have a place in our body? It’s natural law….As above, so below!

Here’s to you!! Here’s to us, and to our world as we really become ONE inside and out!! Mona~


Guest article by Alison McCabe.

In the emerging energies following the Solar and Lunar eclipses both Hygeia and Astraea seemed very important. In this blog I shall focus on Hygeia but keep an eye out on Planet Alert for a further blog about Astraea. My research into Hygeia has revealed that the day I am writing this is her birthday as she was discovered 12th April 1849 in Naples by Annibale de Gasparis who discovered Nine asteroids.

Hygeia by Klimt.jpg

Hygeia is in the main asteroid belt and is the fourth largest asteroid, however because of her distance from the sun and the dark matter of her mantle she is very hard to see. This seems very apt for a Goddess of Healing Dreams that she has herself a certain intangible quality. Also she has a very low density more like Jupiter than a rocky planet. She rotates very slowly every 27 hours and possibly in a retrograde direction which again feels important that her energy is very much about the healing power of rest and slowing down.

Hygeia is one of the daughters of Asclepius the Father of Medicine who learnt his trade from Chiron. The word ‘ hygiene’ comes from Hygeia. She has a sister Panacea who is also an asteroid body and together they are the breasts of Rhea the Earth Mother. In this sense Hygeia could be said to have a strong connection to the breasts and their healing powers through erotic love and nurturing milk. As women we may be aware of this special power of healing when we hold a child, animal or a lover to our breast. In Greece Hygeia had healing temples where people would come with their ailments and problems. Hygeia and her priestesses would provide comfort and a place to rest deeply and it was through dreams that people found their healing.

Hygeia has been present on my Solar Fire software for a while but not really calling me strongly in chart readings. I had done a group of children’s charts in Steiner School about a year ago and felt more that Hygeia was an emerging energy as she was very strongly placed in their charts. However following the equinox eclipse she was making herself very known as if awakening from a deep sleep herself.

In the days following the Total Solar Eclipse the first Goddess chart reading I did was for a guy in Portland who had some very interesting Aquarian Goddess influences. That night as I slept though Hygeia came to me to say I had missed her (she was in the hidden 12th house) and that she was aligned to the Great Central Sun Sirius in this particular chart. On awakening I checked and so it was, and the great thing is Hygeia is now once again in Cancer and approaching conjunction with Sirius again.  Hygeia works through dreams and invisible forces and it feel very much to me that she is communicating an important message from the Greater Central Sun which is as simple as ‘allow yourself to rest and heal, get off the conveyor belt of doing, trying so hard and trust that all is unfolding’. For many of us this may mean some adjustments in what we feel we need to have a happy life and paring back to what we truly value. However it is also true that creative energy can generate just as much abundance as the work, work, work philosophy. Hygeia also has a strong connection to Alcyone as Venus was aligned to this star on the day she was discovered. Hygeia very much seems to embody an important evolutionary impulse from both Sirius and Alcyone.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees Libra where Hygeia was discovered is “A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision: the need to visualise clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual. Over the period of the past 6 months one of my groups has been working creatively with the Nine Ladies of the Lake of Celtic mythology in the legends of King Arthur. These Ladies are often invisible forces, often maligned and misunderstood by the patriarchy but they are the main protagonists and catalysts for the unfolding events in the world of men. During this time Nine holes of Dark Matter were found in our solar system and this was another reminder that it is invisible forces that shape the unfolding story and we would be wise to pay attention to these.

I had many synchronistic connections with Hygeia following the latest eclipses including having the same dream as my partner at the same time where we were feasting with Hygeia! On the other side of the world in America it seems Hygeia was very active too. Whilst I was doing the chart reading in the UK bees were starting to accumulate in the front door cove of the guy I was reading for, hundreds of them. This was also the same day there was a massive solar flare aimed at Earth which caused a lot of disruption in the electromagnetic field (26/03/15). From the description a Queen Bee may well have taken up home with him and his wife right outside the front door.  Hygeia it seems may well carry the energy of bees and one element which definitely seems to have changed since the eclipse is that people seem to be communicating much more psychically with each other as if we are tuned in on an invisible level. I would be interested to hear if anybody else is experiencing an increase in this type of telepathic communication, which the bees do so effortlessly through their smells and dances? If you didn’t read my blog on mushrooms go back and have a look because mushrooms seem very much the bees of the plant kingdom.

Hygeia as a healing goddess of dreams seems to me very much connected with the deeper and invisible functions of health. I’ve been really convinced in the last few years that attuning to the day and night cycle is a vital first step in reconnecting to cosmic energies and the natural vitality that comes from this. Sleep is of vital importance in healing the body and mind.

Hygeia in the birth chart indicates healing abilities especially with dreams, shamanism and certain kinds of creativity which tap into the unconscious. Hygeia seems to me very much connected with the Virgo Pisces axis. Virgo is the Goddess and often associated with health and Pisces cosmic consciousness and the realm of dreams.  Hygeia in aspect to Neptune, Pluto and in the 12th house may bring particularly deep insights. Her nodes were in fact running from Pisces to Virgo at her birth time. You can contact Hygeia easily by entering her temple before you go to sleep and asking her for healing.

If you would like to go deeper into your chart with a Goddess asteroid and centaur reading please get in touch at astroalison@gmail.com. For those of you in the UK we have some exciting Chiron workshops with the In Harmony with Horses herd in the Pennines. Check out www.inharmonywithhorses.co.uk for more details.

Astrology Report for April

Guest article by Dorene Carrel @ www.astroconnections.blogspot.com

          April is a fairly active month, featuring a Lunar Eclipse and the planetary stations of Jupiter and Pluto.  These particular cycles bring intense and transformational changes that can produce life-changing events. We began this lunar cycle in late March with a new moon solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces, quickly followed by the spring equinox. The March 20 equinox signified new beginnings, while Pisces themes are about releasing the past. So we may experience significant endings that could open the way for some favorable new beginnings.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on April 4 at 14 Libra. Libra themes involve relationships and partnerships of all kinds, as well as cooperation, balance and equality. This is a challenging eclipse due to the alignment with Uranus and square to Pluto.  It has a breakdown or breakthrough, shape-shifting quality that asks us to confront the need for change in some area of our life.  Those with prominent planets in the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) will be most deeply affected. World events will continue to have unexpected and even bizarre outcomes (Uranus), but will also show reforms (Pluto) that need to be made.  Saturn in Sagittarius over the next couple of years will highlight the transportation areas.

This eclipse also connects with the October 8 eclipse, which occurred at the opposite degree in Aries. With both eclipses, we are being called to evaluate our personal needs with those of close relationships (self vs. other theme).  What was begun last October that needs change or completion at this time? Since this is a North Node eclipse, there is a more expansive quality. We can use our new insights to create new beginnings.

The Sabian symbols for these degrees speak to the great growth potential of this full moon/eclipse cycle: “An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket; projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment,” and “Circular paths; coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity.” Circular paths can also refer to the ability to see significant patterns and shifts in one’s life events over time.

Also on April 4, Mercury aligns with the South Node in Aries, which can help us connect with past memories to achieve a higher perspective.  As this aspect can bring up old patterns of thinking, it is important to release any feelings of worry, anxiety or discouragement at this time.  Significant Mercury aspects between April 5-8 can bring exciting news and creative ideas, if we can stay open-minded and release outmoded ways of thinking.

On April 8 Jupiter turns direct at 12 Leo 35, encouraging creative self-expression and taking a leadership role.  This is a good time to get in touch with and act on our heart-centered desires and needs. Jupiter is at home in Leo, which brings out its expansive and risk-taking side. The shadow side is arrogance and being too ego-centered.  Jupiter will be in Leo until mid-August 2015.

Venus in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius on April 14, which may be challenging for relationships, but can help us tune into our real needs in this area.  Where can we compromise to achieve a win-win situation?  Communicating from a broader perspective can bring more satisfying results.

Pluto turns retrograde on April 16 at 15 Capricorn 32.  Powerful changes and shifts can occur this week that may surface in a more outward way later in the year. During this period, we may do more internal processing on the effects of power and control issues and what needs to be released and transformed in our lives.

On April 18 the New Moon occurs at 28 Aries 25.  Aries is self-assertive, impetuous, pioneering and can be very competitive.  Along with the spring equinox, this is also one of the best times for taking that leap of faith to start a new enterprise or travel a new path in some life area.  In what life area can we be a little bolder and more self-confident?  The Sabian Symbol for this degree, “The music of the spheres; attunement to cosmic order,” suggests that learning to listen and trust in one’s inner voice is also part of this important process.

Another good cycle for taking action occurs on April 21-22 when Mercury aligns with Mars in Taurus and trines Pluto in Capricorn. These earth signs encourage constructive activities that will lead to tangible and profitable results.

Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde in mid-May.  Blessings for a peaceful and prosperous month!

* * * * * * * * *

          Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience.  For more information on readings, contact dorenea5@yahoo.com.  Donations towards this column (even small ones) are accepted and appreciated.  Paypal accepted; use my email as reference.

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.  I will be posting a blog on the Amanda Knox trail outcome in the near future.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

Planet Alert April 2015

We have another full moon lunar eclipse coming up on April 4, 2015 at 5:05 AM PDT. This will be the third red blood moon in the series of four. The last one will be on September 27, 2015. On the second one, which was on October 8, 2014 we started weaving our light bodies because the moon was on 15 degrees Aries, and weaving our light bodies is what that degree means.

What my Sabian Symbol book says about that degree is “The I Ching symbol implied is the profound task of the weaving of our immortal body, the cosmic Robe of Glory. There is a moment in every cycle when, to however small a degree, every individual may be confronted with the potentiality of a fulfilling act of self-realization and may find himself/herself clothed in light”. I believe this past October full moon was the beginning of a major process of Ascension for many of us.

Now we have another full moon eclipse coming up on April 4th, which is on the first day of Passover and Easter Sunday is April 5th. Easter is the celebration of the risen Christ, or the Christ consciousness that is within all of us. At this time the Sun will be on 14 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus on 16 degrees Aries, and the midpoint is 15 degrees Aries. So here we are six months later with the same configuration in the heavens.

We have also had the Uranus/Pluto square in effect, Uranus was on 15 degrees Aries, and Pluto 15 degrees Capricorn from March 11th to March 28th. Does this mean that some of us are completing our Ascension cycle, which culminates with this upcoming full moon, and are ready to start living on a higher frequency Earth where love and peace reign?

Uranus is considered the great awakener. It rules electricity, which in turn rules our nervous system. For the past six months our nervous system has been going through a major rewiring. Mercury rules stress and anxiety and there has been a lot of that energy around in the past six months. Uranus also rules high technology like computers, the Internet, cell phones, wind and storms, lightning, airplanes, revolutions, rebellions, eruptions, Aliens, and UFOs. That is just a few things Uranus rules.

One of the main effects for the past four years has been how Uranus has affected people’s brains. It has affected people in different ways, and that is why there have been so many crazy things going on in the world. Aries rules our head and our brains and with the high frequency energy we have been receiving from the cosmos, it has caused a lot of people to go crazy in various ways. One example is the recent airplane crash in the French Alps where the co-pilot crashed his plane into a mountain and killed everyone on board. His brain was not on a high enough frequency to integrate this energy and he went crazy. That crash was very tragic and I have a lot of compassion for the people who lost loved ones on that plane.

Uranus has been in Aries since June of 2010. It takes Uranus seven years to go through each sign. Uranus will be in Aries for another couple of years. This position of Uranus has also caused a lot of rebellion all over the world. Look at the Middle East and the revolution that started in North Africa in January of 2011, and continues to this day. Now Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have entered into this revolution. This upcoming full moon will highlight the Middle East which includes Israel. It will also be affecting Russia and the Ukraine.

The good news is that on March 23 we entered a 65 day period of heart energy in the Dreamspell calendar. On this upcoming full moon on April 4th we enter a new 52 day cycle called the Red Eastern Castle of Turning. And the glyph for April 4th is the Red Magnetic Dragon, which rules birth. This full moon is on a vortex day which means a doorway opens to a different dimension. The Red Dragon represents the root source of life, the nurturance and support of primary being, and within it is found the primal waters of unity. It is the primal spiral of creation whose face can be seen as the primordial Mother in sacred union with the spiral of God.

Along with this moon representing birth, it is also the beginning of the moon of Manifestation for 28 days. Watch what you think because everything is moving so fast that manifestation is almost instant these days. The creation process goes from our thoughts, to our emotions, to our physical body. Our thoughts affect our emotions (energy in motion) and this brings the object of our thoughts into manifestation. We will have a great opportunity to create what we choose to experience this month. Let’s think positive thoughts.

Neptune represents the Universal Mother Goddess and she is a beautiful giant ice blue planet that glows like a gem in our heavens. It’s my understanding that she was the first planet created in our solar system. It is said that the Fisher Kings and Queens, who are our creators, came from that planet. The story of the Ring Lords pertains to that planet.  Have you read the book ‘The Realm of the Ring Lords’ by Laurence Gardner? It is a very interesting book.

So we have Neptune as the female higher mind and Uranus as the male higher mind. Now it is time to merge the two together to become one and manifest Unity consciousness. Neptune, in its highest manifestation, rules the soft gentle energy of Pisces. Neptune will be in Pisces for several years so if we pull into this gentle energy it will be easier to start ‘Thinking with our Hearts’.

Neptune rules magnetics, and the strongest power in our body is our magnetic heart. The inner part of our hearts is where our power comes from and this is our spark of light, or Christ Consciousness. This is why it is time to open your heart and feel the love that is there. Jupiter is in Leo right now and this sign rules our physical hearts and backs. This is why there have been so many heart attacks lately, and false heart attacks which are really ascension symptoms.

It appears like the world is in total chaos right now, but out of this chaos will come a new creation. The most important thing for us to do right now is to raise our frequency above all this chaos. Become cool, calm, and collected. Deep breathe when you feel stressed, and also when you don’t feel stressed. Deep breathing moves our bodies out of fight and flight into serenity. Look at things as an observer and don’t get emotionally involved. Let there be peace in the world and let it continue with me.

This upcoming full moon may appear to get out of control because Uranus will be dominant and that planet rules change. It is very important to stay in peace, manifest joy, and walk softly on this beautiful planet. I wish everyone Happy Easter, and also happy Passover to those who celebrate that festival. They are both important celebrations. Congratulations to those who may graduate during this time period and find themselves living on a higher frequency Earth! There will be another opportunity to graduate at the time of the last Red Blood Moon Eclipse on September 27th. That celebration occurs on the Harvest Festival.

We did move into a different time-line this past January 16, 2015, so the doorway is now open to a higher frequency Earth.  There is no set time period for entering the New Earth.  Everyone goes by their own clock. Ascension is not a one day event. Ascension means to raise your frequency high enough so you can live on a peaceful Earth. It’s our job to change this world.                  ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD.               So Be It!

I am still doing Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings for anyone who would like one for a donation of $30. If you have already ordered one and have not received it yet, please let me know. I will need your birth info, month, day, year you were born, time of birth, and place of birth.     My love to everyone!             Mahala Gayle

‘The Ugly Duckling becomes an Eagle’ Eclipse

Guest Article by Alison McCabe (astroalison@gmail.com)

Seven of us heard the call to go to the Orkney Islands to witness the Total Solar Eclipse from the oldest and one of the largest Neolithic sites in Britain dating to 5000BC. The Stones of Stenness is where our journey began calling the Ancient Animal guardians of Britain; Cernunnos the Great Stag in the East, Epona the White Horse in the South, Mona the Sacred Cow from the Isle of Angelsey in the West and Artor the Bear in the North.

20150320_090716Stenness is a Solar temple and once had 12 stones so the passage of the Sun around the zodiac could be observed. We also had been gifted Tibetan prayer flags and a Tibetan spinning gong and we had Kushi wind chimes attuned to the elements which I must say the numerous faery folk of Orkney loved very much.

20150320_084236Just as we arrived at Stenness at 8 am it was bucketing down, however soon a lovely blue ring of sky opened up above us. We set off along the ancient pathway to the Ring of Brodgar. The Lunar Temple was one mile away across this wild landscape on thin litmus of land with the Lochs of Harray and Stenness on each side. At the narrowest part of the road, which felt very much a threshold between our world and the underworld, we were amazed as a full rainbow formed arching right across our path. It has been shown by archeological remains that this pathway was used traditionally to journey into the underworld so we felt right on track.

We noticed a swan mother and father with seven cygnets. I felt this was highly significant as the swan symbolizes the ‘sacred marriage’ as does an eclipse of the Sun and Moon. The Child of the Sun and Moon is the Philosophers Stone which is what we all are in this new cycle. Also in Celtic mythology the Seven Faery Children of Lir appear as swans and they are the power animal that helps humans enter other dimensions.

The cygnets were behaving in an interesting way too. Three were happily hanging out with mum and dad, two were making their way into the open sea on the other side of the bridge and one was swimming up and down very interested in us! The swans also made me think of the archetypal story of the ‘ugly duckling’. This was exciting as nature was confirming my own intuitive feeling that those in our group needed to be totally affirmed and loved by Mother Moon and Father Sun in this new cycle and leave any baggage behind.

20150320_095733As we walked along moving softly with the wind behind us we could see the eclipse slowly making its way towards totality. Up ahead we could then start to see the enormous Ring of Broghar a lunar temple which once had 60 stones and now has 27. There were some other people there who had come by car. The eclipse was perfectly aligned with the path between Stenness and Broghar which was also very exciting.

We entered in this traditional way from the East rather than from the car park and so we were oblivious to the many cordons preventing people going to the center of the circle. This felt a natural place for us to be and where we went to download the power of the eclipse and send it across the world with our spinning gong and Tibetan prayer flags and the authorities left us in peace to do this.

20150320_093512I will mention too that an American woman from near Yellowstone National Park joined us and at one point somebody took a photo of us back to back between two very powerful stones and said ‘ you look like an eclipse’. It did feel that the energies of both Britain and America were important with this eclipse, perhaps bringing the winds of change for both countries. Speaking of winds, the solar winds were also very high bringing viewings of the Northern Lights across Scotland over the eclipse period.

In the days that followed we explored the Neolithic sites left by the giant, red headed people who once lived here and knew this Scotland to be a key power place on the planet as it predates all other sites around the world and Stonehenge. At the time these sites were abandoned, the pyramids started to be built in Egypt and there are many connections, not least that both sites may be aligned to Orion. The Ness of Broghar, an archeological site partly funded by Friends from America, is uncovering an incredible temple complex including a pyramid in this area. They have a Facebook page.

20150321_075642We visited Skara Brae and Brock of Gurness, spiraling stone homesteads almost within the earth and were inspired by how these people lived so harmoniously with nature. At the breath taking cliffs of the ‘Tomb of the Eagles’ we went inside the tomb where our auras magnified as shown by the photos. We saw there among the treasures of human, eagle and mineral artifacts, a newspaper article of a skull found with an elongated crown resembling Egyptian kings and queens. We were left in no doubt as to the origin of the Star Beings that once lived here.

We were all very aware of the karmic issues the Star people brought to earth, on the negative side the misuse of sexual power and problems surrounding the use of metal, especially as money. The eclipse coincided with the final Uranus Pluto square and the continuing exposure of misuses of power (Pluto in Capricorn) and a news story broke on March 16th as various ex British cabinet ministers were arrested and charged for being part of an extensive pedophile ring. This case will expose the corrupt heart of the establishment and in our prayers we asked for the noble and courageous heart to arise in humanity, and for new leaders to replace those who have misused their power, in the most appalling way, and those in the police and other organizations who helped to cover it up to be exposed too.

On the cliffs of the Tomb of Eagles we did some ‘Eagle’ yoga and felt like we were literally  being picked up by the wind and soaring. Disapproval of ourselves generated by others who can’t recognize our beauty and talents can be very disempowering. My feeling is that the theme of the ‘ugly duckling’ transforming to the powerful Eagle is an important key to unlocking humanity’s potential at this time.

Our ancestors reminded us of how their homes, agriculture and lives were intimately woven into cosmic cycles and that there is great wisdom in working with nature rather than against her. The Orkneys are a magical time tardis where people can reconnect to primal energies of a vision which began thousands of years ago and was reborn at the Spring Equinox 2015.

Thanks to the Planet Alert blog some very important connections were made. Two people came on the trip after reading the blog and it turns out they were born one day after each other. The woman F was born Dark Moon in Aries and the man T was born New Moon Aries in 1956 so as they pointed out they were a Yin and a Yang from opposite sides of the country.

Also we connected with a mandala artist M near Glastonbury who took a group to White Sheet Hill crop circle formed in 2010 following a lunar eclipse close to the equinox.  This is a link to a photo of this awesome crop circle. http://www.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/2010/mere-cropcircle-2010.shtml

People connected to the Orkneys across the world which was great, a swarm of global bees drawn to wherever we needed to BEE…….and happy to BEE who we are.

If you want to get deeper into your chart contact me about a Goddess asteroid and Centaur reading on CD. If you live in the North West UK we have regular groups and workshops. Contact me at astroalison@gmail.com for more information.

Our next journey exploring the sacred sites connected to the red headed giants will be by yacht in Tenerife and La Gomera September 2015 to download the final Blood Moon eclipse and to spend lots of time with the whales who migrate and live in this special Atlantic corridor.  There are many who believe La Gomera, which is a strange misty Jurassic age forest, may have been part of Atlantis and it is where Columbus set off from to discover America which I’m sure karmically is going to turn out to be very important. The indigenous people of these two islands are called Guanches, very tall red headed people.



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