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Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert July 2015

What a month June turned out to be. Did you feel the intensity? I started feeling the intensity in the afternoon of the full moon on June 2, 2015 and it continued all month. If we thought June was intense, just wait and see what July will bring. This month starts out pretty good with a full moon on July 1, 2015 at 7:20 PM PDT. This moon is called “The Moon of Blessings and Magic” and Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct at this time. This indicates the Return of the Christ energy (Goddess energy) that is within all of us.

I received an email today with a headline saying “Star of Bethlehem returns for the first time in 2,000 years on 22 degrees Leo, which is the degree of Wealth, Esteem, and Power. Astronomers are calling this conjunction the return of the Star of Bethlehem because this is what the magi (astronomers/astrologers) have been watching and waiting for. This event will be like an announcement in the heavens of the long expected second coming when divine enlightenment rises like the sun, from the east to the west”.

The meaning of this conjunction on 22 degrees Leo is “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission, or Spirituality in terms of training for service to mankind.” We now have the successfully trained carrier Pigeon delivering the message it was meant to carry. This refers to spiritual energies that can now be used constructively, and it also means it is now time for us to educate the masses.

NASA says that Jupiter and Venus will merge into a dazzling “super star” in the Western horizon by the end of June, which means right now. It’s time to tune into this energy, which is one of the best aspects you can have in your chart. It rules love and money. It’s also a very good time to get married or have a party. The planet Uranus is making a perfect trine to that conjunction and Uranus rules change that brings in a new way of doing things. This means we will be going through a lot of changes, which could become kind of chaotic for the next couple of months.

Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, is the third star in this alignment in the heavens. Regulus is now on zero degrees Virgo and this brings in the Goddess energy. The sign of Virgo is the Goddess sign. This energy will be in effect for the next 2,000 years. Jupiter is considered the Father in Astrology and Venus the Mother. In other words this is telling us that the polarity we have been going through for thousands of years is about to change. The masculine and feminine energy is being balanced within us so we can focus on Love Energy.

Venus moves onto zero degrees Virgo on July 19th and turns retrograde on July 25th. Venus will stay retrograde until September 5, 2015 and on September 27th Venus will be on 22 degrees Leo, which was the degree of its conjunction. This may be the time when everything starts moving in a positive direction.

Next year on August 27, 2016 there will be another conjunction of these two planets. This next conjunction will be on 28 degrees Virgo. This past year, as Jupiter was moving through Leo, we learned how to open our hearts to more love. This manifested in some people as heart attacks. For most people what appeared as a heart event was just a symptom of their heart opening. Jupiter moves out of Leo into Virgo on August 9, 2015, where it will stay for one year.

It’s interesting that Greece is in a major monetary crisis now as this conjunction is occurring. Does this mean that the domino is about to fall and Greece is the trigger for a world monetary change? We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is about to come online in July 2015, and be fully established by the end of 2015. There are 57 countries that have joined this bank. The United States and Japan have not joined yet.   In September we may start to feel the full effects of this new banking system. Financial events are happening now like President Obama announcing a Major Overtime Expansion Payment today on TV.

There are a lot of events that will occur this month. In my last article I talked about the Mars/Pluto opposition that will occur on the upcoming new moon on July 15th. At that time Mars will be on 14 degrees Cancer, right over Washington, D.C and Pluto will be on 14 degrees Capricorn. The Sun is almost on 14 degrees Cancer right now and we are already feeling the effects of this Mars/Pluto aspect because one of the manifestations of this energy is power and control over money. Look at what happened to the Stock Market on Monday, June 29th.

Maybe it is time to concentrate on any anger or frustration that is still hidden inside of us and bring it up to look at and release. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. If enough people would do this we might be able to negate the negative effects from the Mars/Pluto aspect that is now in effect on 3D Earth.

Another meaning of the Mars/Pluto aspect is the possibility of war-like energy, including violence, riots, revolutions, fires, explosions, and power struggles between different countries. Washington D.C. is under the Mars aspect this month and Russia is under the Pluto aspect. Does this mean there will be more confrontations between those two countries? The Saturn Retrograde energy is over the Middle East and Africa. It looks like more violence or Earth changes will occur in those areas, and we might start hearing more from Iran.

According to Astrology, the next two months will still see people releasing things from their past. This also includes negative world events coming to light for everyone to see. There are several different realities in affect right now and you have the choice of which reality you choose to live in. If you choose the higher dimension world, the negative part will cease to exist in your reality. There will be a lot of light coming to Earth in the next two months. This means the Hertz level of Earth (Earth’s heartbeat) will become higher, and this will make it easier to vibrate to a higher dimension Earth. I believe that by September, or before, those who are ready will be able to start manifesting heaven on Earth.

Then we have major events coming up in September. One of them is the visit of the Pope to the United States in September where he will speak before congress and the United Nations. He will announce the creation of a new organization that will be above the World Controllers and will include all countries. This sounds like a manifestation of the New World Order which could upset many people, but then it might be the best thing that has ever happened to us if we create it as positive. The whole world will be coming together as one. The goal of this organization will be centered on what to do about weather changes and how we can deal with them.  The Pope has written a letter that is 184 pages long. You can read if you like. Check out the ZeroHedge article “God’s Man On Earth Tells Goldman It Isn’t Doing ‘God’s Work‘”.

As the sun and Mars move through the sign of Cancer, the East Coast of the United States will be affected. Cancer is a water sign, which rules rain and flooding and Mars is a fire sign. Mercury is still in Gemini, which is an air sign and rules storms and this energy was over the area from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River in June. A lot of storms were felt in those areas in June. Now they will be felt in other parts of the world.

There are Earth changes happening all over the world. Japan is a very active area and so is Taiwan and the Philippines. And there was a large Earthquake in New Zealand about a week ago. Even though the sun will be going through Cancer this month there is a lot of fire energy in force right now. It’s my understanding that fire energy is also Love Energy. Let’s use the positive side of this fire energy and start creating Heaven on Earth.  All is Well in My World!   So Be It!        Written in Love and Light.

*****  Mahala Gayle  *****

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Astrology Report for July

Guest article by Dorene Carrel @ AstroConnections.

July is highlighted by a rare Blue Moon and Venus retrograde. It is a fairly active month, with challenging Mars aspects to Uranus/Pluto. Mid-July looks like a very intense and volatile period, and also later in July when Uranus turns retrograde. We begin this month still under a June lunation cycle in Gemini, with a focus on perception, communication and education.

The Full Moon occurs on July 1 at 10 Capricorn. This lunation aligns with Pluto and Mars, which suggests that we are still in an intense period of heavy changes and learning the responsible use of power and control. The Capricorn influence brings focus to the use of structure, discipline and taking an organized approach towards our goals. This is a good period to be physically active, if possible, to work through any tensions. A harmonious trine to Neptune brings compassion, faith and grace. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees in Cancer/Capricorn remind us to be persevering and to have courage: “The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal,” and “The overcoming of fear and its rewards.”

Also on July 1, Venus aligns with Jupiter at 22 Leo, which is the first of three conjunctions. The second is on August 4 and the third on October 25. Opening to creative inspiration or social networking is a good use for these energies. This is also known as a good luck and prosperity aspect, as well as a favorable time for a wedding or other heart-centered activities.

From July 13-15 there is a dynamic series of aspects involving Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Notable world events can occur at this time, which may involve earth changes, shifts of power or other major political/financial changes. On July 13, Venus in Leo makes a challenging square to Saturn in Scorpio, leading to a tense time for relationships due to a clash of wills. There may also be a financial hardship to resolve. Working together on a compromise may create more harmony.

The New Moon occurs on July 15 at 23 Cancer 14. It is widely aligned with Mars/Mercury and tightly square to Uranus. Cancer rules the foundations of home, family and security issues, while Uranus can bring breakdowns or breakthroughs. This lunation period can result in sudden changes that can bring insecurity at first, but end up being more favorable as time goes on. This lunation also makes a water grand trine with Chiron and Saturn, which will help us to heal lingering fear issues and wounds from the past. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A woman and two men castaways on a small island of the South Seas; the focalization of complex inner potentialities in harmonic and concrete relationships,” suggests the integration of our emotions with our mental and spiritual aspects to gain more harmony and personal power.

On this same day, Mercury and Mars align in Cancer and oppose Pluto in Capricorn, making this a powerful lunation period. This is the fourth lunation in a row with a Mars aspect, which focuses on the archetype of the spiritual warrior. On the world stage, there is the potential for both volatility and secret activities. These energies can also be used to make a deep and powerful commitment to an intention or relationship.

Venus begins her retrograde period on July 25 at 0 Virgo 46, turning direct on September 6 at 14 Leo. Venus only turns retrograde about every 18 months, which makes this cycle more significant. Venus rules relationships, finances and values, which will go through a period of review and revision so that they realign with your own personal growth and frequency at this time. This cycle is said to not be favorable for marriage or any new starts in the above areas. (See Special below).

Mars squares Uranus on July 25, and then goes retrograde on July 26. These cycles combine with Venus retrograde to bring sudden changes to our feelings about things and people that we once held in a higher or lower value. There is a stronger need for freedom and independence at this unstable time.

The second Full Moon occurs on July 31 at 7 Aquarius 56. Thus it becomes a Blue Moon, which generally occurs once every two-three years. During this period, we may become more progressive, independent and community-minded. The shadow side of Aquarius is being eccentric, unpredictable and rebellious. This is a good period for breaking out of any undesirable patterns or habits to implement positive changes. As this lunation aligns with Ceres, it is especially favorable for making dietary changes and reaching out for more support. The Sabian symbol for these degrees, “A Communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals,” and “Beautifully gowned wax figures on display,” suggest we are ready for a new paradigm shift in our ideals and values.

Jupiter enters Virgo in August. Blessings for a prosperous Summer.

* * * * * * * * *

Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience. For more information on readings, contact dorenea5@yahoo.com. Donations towards this column (even small ones) are appreciated. Paypal accepted (please use my email as reference).

Curious about where Venus retrograde appears in your chart? Specials on short email transit readings offered for July/August. Contact Dorene for more details.

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

Into the Wilderness with Chiron

Into the Wilderness with Chiron and Building Bridges with Elatus

This guest article was written by Alison McGabe who lives in the UK. Her email is alisonmccabe122@gmail.com if you would like to contact her.

The essence of this journey begins a week before our Handfasting at Beltane when I experience for the first time a powerful form of healing with shells with my awesome friend Michele. In this healing there is a clear message that “it doesn’t matter what is happening at the surface of the ocean, its what’s happening in the deep currents that counts.” I have entered the healing with a wave of grief about the upcoming election in Britain but actually if I consider the teaching I have lived under the Apartheid regime in South Africa as a child and both Labour and Conservative in this country. It is financiers who really hold the power and darker forces within them but beyond that there are the winds of change even they cannot tamper with as civilisations rise and fall. These are the deep currents of change which are active now as earth enters the photon belt. In the shell healing my first African maid Violet appears; in my sensory memory it is her skin I remember and her smell of carbolic soap and her I bonded with as my mum returned to work just after I was born and Violet who adored me carried me with her all day on her back. She had no children of her own and fell in love with me. She was murdered by her boyfriend when I was 18 months old after she came on holiday with us to and he became very jealous. Here again a deep wound has erupted, a leaden guilt carried for so many years.

For our honeymoon we are moving our small yacht Simba from Whitehaven in Cumbria to the sacred Isle of Anglesey in Wales, which was the last stronghold of the Druids and has many wonderful Neolithic sites. I want to take this opportunity to ask the sea for a further teaching about the way it works and what teachings it has for humanity right now. Also my feeling is that this is to be a Chiron journey into “wilderness of spirit” which is a most fascinating section of astrologer Melanie Reinhard’s book about Chiron.

This week (20th May) and on 3rd July there is a very rare opposition of Chiron with another centaur body Elatus. These two asteroids orbit in the same field as each other and whilst the sabian symbol for the discovery point of Chiron is ‘A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow’ and is often connected with a ‘rainbow bridge’, the symbol for the discovery of Elatus in 1999 is “a cantilever bridge over a deep gorge“, in other words a bridge which must be intentionally built. ‘Building bridges’ is very much connected with guilt and forgiveness in our language. It feels these Centaurs will be guiding our journey.

Before we hit the high seas on this adventure there is one very important bit of information to share. In the 1940’s a brilliant but little know scientist Viktor Schauberger discovered that water moves in the same way as planetary bodies. Firstly it spins on its axis (rotates) and it also has an orbiting motion as water tends to travel in spiralling arcs pulled by gravity.

We leave Whitehaven, Cumbria 3 days later than expected as the wind is very high. Sleeping on a boat on dry dock we are well removed from our comfort zone. “Wilderness of Spirit” is a state of mind which anybody anywhere can attain however this first step of being outside our comfort zone in the Saturn state seems important to trigger the process. Chiron and Elatus cross the orbit of Saturn first in their strange wanderings across the heavens and Saturn represents both restrictions and obstacles but it also sharpens our survival instincts. My favourite Saturn phrase is ‘necessity is the Mother of all good fortune’.

Finally there is a drop in the wind and the huge crane lifts Simba into the harbour. I clap with glee as she touches water after so many months. Last summer when she was dragged out leaking I felt a huge sense of grief seeing her lifted out as if all my hopes and dreams were going with her. Jay spends a few minutes trying to get the spluttering engine to start and my heart is in my mouth, but finally she comes to life.

We set off at dawn the next morning with some trepidation. The engine is not great and the toilet is broken but we both feel that it is time to depart these fair shores of England for the Isle of Man. The sea state is terrible throwing the boat up and down and it’s like being in a washing machine. It is a confused sea state and the reality of spending the next 11 hours in it is just dawning on me! Amidst waves of nausea I have plenty of time to contemplate if this is how the new photon belt is, as nature tends to follow her own line of creation. As a solar flare hits earth and the electro magnetic field is blasted with photons it may be like being in this confused sea state.

In the distance the Isle of Man looks like a magical island we are moving like a slow dot towards with a big mountain in its centre. I recall the story from the Mabinogion the ancient Welsh folklore of Mannanan whom this island is name for. In this story the goddess Ariahnrod has her virginity tested to be the foot holder of King Math and as always with Celtic goddesses  in matters of chastity fails the test, unexpectedly producing two sons Mannanan and Llew (light) . In her anger she rejects both of them and returns to her home in the Corona Borealis stars. Mannanan who is a Fish Man swims to this small island to make it his home. In the Mabonogion the ancient faery peoples appear to live simultaneously in the realm of the stars, the inner earth and when conditions allow them in the third dimension with humans. These faery people are not small with wings, rather they are tall and slim and are often reported as having violet eyes. They are called the Tuatha De Danann.

Finally after 11 hours we arrive at Douglas port with aches in my body I didn’t know were possible. Parts of the journey have been terrifying and I feel shaken but also exuberant that we made it. The Isle of Man is independent from Britain and it has a certain lightness about it, free from the greater political power struggles in the world. The people are proud of their island and very friendly, no doubt curious about these two tall woman wind swept in from the sea on their small, old yacht. We have both bonded with Simba deeply and are mightily impressed at how she managed the rough crossing and most importantly the engine has worked well. The symbol of Man is a striking three legs and these are said to be the three legs if Mannanan who could never fall. The island has a wonderfully quaint transport system of steam and old electric trains and horse drawn trams along the promenade. The first day we travel on the cranking electric train up the mountain we could see in the distance from sea called Snaefell. On a clear day it is said you can see the Seven Kingdoms of England (east), Scotland (north), Wales (south) and Ireland (west) and then heaven and earth.  It is a howling gale when we reach the top with the swirling mists of Mannanan flying around us.

On the second day we visit the Mannanan museum which is an intriguing history of the island beginning with the Celtic peoples. A story describes how at Samhain winter solstice a maiden woman Brigit and a crone Mona appear from a crack in the earth. Described as ancestors they could equally be the Goddess of these islands. Brigit and Mona are both very ancient Goddesses, Mona often depicted as the sacred cow with many similarities to Hathor. Mona is very close to my heart and indeed we feel that it is her who has called us to Angelsey our next destination. A depiction of a female rider of a horse on a tombstone also catches my eye as there is one close to Whitehaven in the Roman museum depicting Rhiannon also known as Epona the Horse Goddess.

The boat moored next to us we discover is also a crew of woman sailors, two from America who have moved to live here. One of their number is a Manx meaning from the island. She shouts out as they sail off for the day that there is a very good folk singer called Vin Garbutt on tonight in Peel across the island. Following our visit to Mannanan’s house in Peel we wonder the streets looking for the small gift shop where tickets to the concert can be purchased. Syncronistically the only person we ask where the shop is IS Vin Garbutt walking along the cobbled streets. Later at the concert we find out Vin is not a Manx folk singer but from Teeside calling himself a troubadour, a singer of sacred songs. There is one song that stands out from all the others because it is so much about the Chiron journey and by the end of it the entire audience are in tears. The song is called Silver and Gold and it concerns a coal miner who at age 50 years (his Chiron return) lost his job with thousands of others as the mines closed. Whole communities collapsed and poverty engulfed people. This miner however followed his intuition and signed up in a local dressmaking class as the only man. One can imagine the kind of courage this took for a working class man used to being in a male environment. This is a very important Chiron theme, the crossing of gender identity boundaries. It turned out he was very talented at dressmaking and made his daughter’s wedding dress. Others noticed how beautiful it was and he subsequently became a very successful wedding dress designer. Silver of course is the metal of the Moon and Gold the Sun and the song also describes a beautiful alchemical journey from working with metal threads in the sooty mines to weaving them into dresses.

The wind is high and against our passage south  and I’m vaguely wondering if there is something else for us to discover when I am amazed to find in a book I’m reading about Angelsey megalithic sites that there is a burial chamber on the Isle of Man. We hop on the steam train and intuitively get off at Glen Mona stop.


Glen Mona we notice with great excitement feels like a very sacred place with beautiful rivers, two fjord crossings which to the Celts are places one enters the otherworld. The stones are in a stunning location overlooking the sea and mountains.


There is a forecourt where the ceremony would have started and then the priests and priestesses would have entered the portal into the once covered chambers. Now exposed to the elements there are clearly 5 chambers one would have passed through in this rebirthing ceremony. The site is on an exact north south alignment and would align to the winter solstice but perhaps too like Bryn Celli Dhu on Angelsey and Maes Howe in the Orkneys also to the 8 year cycle of Venus where she forms a 5 pointed star as she journeys behind the sun in her ancient cycle of rebirth.

Conditions are perfect to depart to Angelsey the next day and we set off feeling a renewed confidence in Simba. The wind coming from the north is perfect and the waves are much more settled today. Its freezing cold despite the seven layers of clothes we have on but the sea is very hypnotic and I have trouble staying awake jolted every now again by a big wave or a splash in the face. For many hours the Irish sea seems strangely devoid of life and there is no view of land. The seas have been badly managed over the years and the great shoals of fish have all but gone now.

It was someway off the coast of Angelsey that the power of the outgoing tide starts to make itself known. Simba slows to 3 knots an hour even with the wind still in our favour and the engine now on and we make slow progress towards Puffin Island where will enter the narrow Menai straits between mainland Wales and Angelsey. When we enter the straits it is like a labyrinth of buoys and we can feel the cross currents beneath us and when I take the tiller for just a moment the boat starts to spin around. The Druids used this island as their last stronghold against the invading Romans with these dangerous tides and the shifting sands and rocks beneath and just as I am wondering how they managed to navigate it before buoy markers and navigation equipment a cormorant moves into the exact lines of passage twice and flies before us along the safe line to travel.

The sea feels rich with life here, too dangerous for fishing boats to plunder. A flock of Artic Terns cries exuberantly and dives for fish and a dolphin swims close by. However we are bruised from head to toe and battered by the cold and wind and after 14 hours and I’m feeling a kind of exhaustion I’ve never known. We moor up outside the Gazelle Hotel and have to row to shore in the dingy which feels like an epic journey. The wind is high and the sea choppy and the power of the rushing tide is very powerful and my nerves feel they are failing me. In the dingy I feel a compulsive need to moan even though I know we are in the same state. I feel as though the stoicism I generally carry has cracked to reveal a vulnerable Elatus saboteur beneath. All the failures of the crossing pile in on my mind awakening old wounds of helplessness. We decide to row the dingy straight to shore and walk along the beach to the Gazelle Hotel but as soon as I climb out the dingy I’m up to my knees in mud. Desperate to get on land I lurch forward but I can’t get my boots out and feel panic rising that I’m in sinking sand. I somehow release my legs from the mud and somersault back into the dingy bringing piles of stinky mud with me. Now I’ve really got something to complain about I let loose and feel my usual calm, controlled self has all but disintegrated.

Finally we enter the hotel looking like two crazy women with our multiple layers but they seem non plussed probably used to sailors arriving by sea. We eat a couple of packets of peanuts like a cave women. The tide is turning so this is a flash visit. Slavering over the menu in the pub but having to be content with peanuts is the final straw and I climb into bed back on board weeping . I fall asleep dreaming that a secret agency such as the Illuminati are trying to kill us but there is a dolphin helping us.

In the morning I awake and am soothed by my partner sharing with me that even Ellen McCartney who sailed around the world single handedly said she cried and felt afraid most of the time, but it spurred her on. My admiration for this brave woman has grown in the last week and I start to see the accomplishments I have made rather than the failures. I cry and cry about Violet my long lost African mother and somehow seem to eventually reach a place of peace that I am not to blame for her death because she loved me. It feels as though this African Mother of a little white baby is here so strong in my heart. I feel a breakthrough to the second orbital path of Chiron and Elatus of Uranus – Freedom.


I always think if you want to know what the meaning of a transit is see what happens on that day. Due to numerous delays we arrived in Angelsey on 20th May the first exact opposition if Chiron and Elatus on the Pisces Virgo axis. The second opposition is on the 3rd July and this seems a time we can discover how the guilt we carry stops us being the powerful, good beings we can be and turns our wounds to compassion for others and our gifts alchemise to higher levels. Let us weave a new story for the world from threads of silver and hold.

On the last evening we called the sacred Animals of Britain Cernunnos the Stag, Epona the White Horse, Mona the Cow and Artor the Bear and throw 2 small pieces of quartz from near the Chambered Tomb on the Isle of Man into the sea asking for peace and equality in the world. On entering the cabin Sam Cooke is croonin Change is Coming and we have another good cry, but our faith feels strong in the future. It feels like a very significant song.

On our return home we watch the Eurovision Song Contest the theme of which is ‘Building Bridges’ and Ireland votes a big YES for gay marriage which is a huge change in consciousness and shedding of religious guilt. Rainbows fill Dublin with joy.

I do Goddess Asteroid and Centaur charts and also this summer in July we are having a Cowgirl sleep out with Country and Western music, storytelling, astrology and horse healing in West Yorkshire. We will be sleeping in teepee under the stars and exploring our dreams as young girls. We have other Chiron days coming up in the autumn which are for men and women and a creative writing day with the horses called ‘Entering the Dreamtime’ in June. Please contact me at astroalison@gmail.com for more information about chart readings which cost £65 for approximately an hour cd and for more information about the workshops visit www.inharmonywithhorses.co.uk.

We are also doing a whale watching and sacred sites tour of Tenerife and La Gomera in September 2015 on board a luxury yacht details of which are on the above web site.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbO2_077ixs      Sam Cooke Change Is Coming

http://www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=VCRdVUXBHvs  A version of Silver and Gold…..A very Chiron song


Planet Alert June 2015

Have you noticed how fast time is moving? Pretty soon we will be in no-time and then we will be living in the NOW. The higher the frequency on Earth, the faster time moves. If time continues to move this fast we might just be in the time of no-time by the end of September, and we might find ourselves living on a higher dimension Earth. We do live in exciting times.

There will be four main planetary aspects in June. The first one is that Mercury will turn direct on June 11th, and the second one will be Neptune turning retrograde on June 12th for several months. Neptune will be stationary for a couple of months on nine degrees Pisces. The focus of that degree will be “Man’s ability to develop powers and skills which by transcending natural limitations allow him/her to operate in the mental-spiritual realms.” This will be a good vibrational energy and will allow us to integrate the strong energy that will be coming in from the Saturn/Alcyone opposition all summer.

The third planetary aspect will be Saturn turning retrograde back into Scorpio on June 14th, where it will stay until mid–September. Our solar system orbits around Alcyone, the central Sun of the Pleiadean system. It takes approximately 26,000 years for the complete rotation. Alcyone manifests very high energy. We will be bombarded with this high frequency energy for three months. Be prepared for this energy by being calm inside or you may have some challenges with it. It looks like this energy may cause the Shuman Resonance to go really high, like maybe up to 13 Hertz by September. It’s around 9 Hertz right now. It’s my understanding that various parts of the world have different Hertz ratings. Some areas have a low vibration and other areas have a very high vibration.

A planetary aspect can be stationary and inactive in the heavens until a planet or moon triggers an event. This means there will be quiet times in between the trigger points. When the moon will be in Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo, the Saturn Alcyone aspect will be triggered. And when Jupiter moves onto 28 degrees Leo, the first 10 days of August we will see a very strong energy for Earth changes. Now this aspect could cause a large quake in the Middle East, or at the opposite point which is the West Coast of America, or the Leo part which is Japan, the Koreas and that part of the world. On August 7th Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter will be conjunct in Leo around 28 degrees, the moon will be in Taurus, and Saturn will be in Scorpio. This will make a T cross in the heavens. The declinations of the planets will be on low latitude like 34-40 N. This could mean an earthquake In the Middle East, possibly Iran.

Then on September 23-24 Mars will be on zero degrees Virgo. This is now the degree of Regulus, The Royal Star of the Lion. Virgo is the sign of the Goddess energy. A 2,160 year cycle of Virgo, the Goddess started on July 11, 1991. We have slowly integrated this Goddess/love energy into planet Earth.

This aspect will be right before the fourth red blood moon eclipse. It will be interesting to see what that brings. This might activate an electromagnetic wave like Dr. Simon Atkins talks about on a radio program Phoenix Rising Radio 2015-05-07 Dr Simon Atkins with Amazing Predictions! He says this wave will hit Earth in September. This could be the time when Mother Earth decides to Ascend into a fifth dimension Earth.

We actually lived on a sixth dimension Earth a long time ago, and we fell to a third dimension Earth. This is what the fall of Lucifer was all about. We chose to experience what it would be like to live on a third dimension Earth. It has not been easy and it has taken a long time to raise the vibration of Earth to what it is now. In August of 1987, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, we moved into a new time-line of a fourth dimension Earth. The fourth dimension Earth is where everything manifests, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now we are reaching for a fifth dimension Earth which is one of Unity Consciousness. This will be a much better place to live. Then on to a sixth dimension Earth.

I believe that the sixth dimension Earth still exists and that is what is considered the New Earth, which is one of love. The sound of love is 528 Hertz which breaks down to the number 15 or 6. We have to raise our vibration high enough so we can see the New Earth in order to live on it. It is also the dimension of magic and miracles.

The fourth planetary aspect will be Mars moving into Cancer on June 24th. Right now Mars is in Gemini along with Mercury and our Sun. Gemini is the sign that rules the area from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River. I received several emails talking about a possible 9 plus earthquake in southern California on May 28th. I looked at the planets and said ‘this will not happen in California’ because the main energy from the planets is over Texas and Oklahoma, plus other areas of Earth.

There was a 6.7 earthquake on May 28th off the islands off Alaska. There were also volcanic eruptions in Japan and Chili on that day. And there was a 7.8 quake in southern Japan on May 30th. The sun and Mars will continue to travel over the Gemini areas until June 21 -24th so look for more earth changes in the Southwest. There will probably be more storms because that is what Mercury rules, and that planet rules Gemini.

The planet Mars moving through Cancer from June 24 to August 8th may prove challenging. Pluto will turn direct on September 24th. This means that Pluto will be retrograde all summer. Pluto is always very powerful when it is in the retrograde phase. On the new moon of July 15th Mars will be opposing Pluto. This is normally a violent aspect and causes events like riots, demonstrations, police action, military action, fires and explosions. There could be lots of fires and heat during this time period. The degree Pluto will be on is “A fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.” It looks like we will have a long hot summer ahead of us in various areas. Mars will be affecting the areas from the Mississippi River to the East Coast during its journey through the sign of Cancer.

Uranus is still in Aries and is on 19 degrees. This is a very powerful degree. The sun has always been exalted on that degree. The meaning of this degree is ‘The Magic Carpet and the use of creative imagination’ Uranus will be interacting with Eris and that asteroid can cause a bit of havoc like riots, demonstration, etc.

Then we have the Summer Solstice on June 21st at 9:38 AM PDT. There is always a lot of energy that comes in during this time period, use it wisely. Actually, I think we are moving into a very auspicious time and if we stay strong and loving we will get through this summer with flying colors. With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio there may be some more stuff coming up for us to look at and release. Those who have finished releasing their challenges can just sit back and enjoy the high frequency energy. People who are living on the fourth dimension Earth may have some problems. The ones who are manifesting fifth dimension energy will be fine.

In September, when Saturn moves back into Sagittarius we will probably see lots of changes in the area of freedom. This sign is very freedom loving and it is hard to keep a Sagittarian down. They bounce right back up. This sign rules the banking system, courts of law, lawyers, teachers, mountains, religion and the higher mind. During this time period is when we will see the manifestation of a new financial system, a new court system, and new governing systems. The old will be gone and the new will arrive. Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two and a half years.

Enjoy your summer and please walk softly on this beautiful planet. We are a beautiful jewel in this solar system and the more light that comes in the more the Earth will sparkle. We create everything by our thoughts and actions so please use your mind wisely and start thinking with your heart.   So Be It!

Love to everyone!                                 Mahala Gayle

Astrology report for June

Guest article By Dorene Carrel

June is a fairly active month with four planetary stations, Saturn returning back to Scorpio and the Summer Solstice. We are now in the middle of a Mercury retrograde cycle, which began last month and will end on June 11. Since Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini, it affects communications, travel, link-ups and how we receive and process information. It is best to refine our plans now, rather than moving forward. We are also still under the influence of the May New Moon in Taurus until mid-month, which brings focus to our finances, resources and values, as well as our need for comfort and stability.

On June 2 the Full Moon occurs at 11 Sagittarius 49. This lunation aligns with Mercury and Mars, and is square to Neptune. Mercury/Mars produces much mental and physical energy that gets compromised by the Neptune influence, which tends to bring illusion, confusion, deception and lowered energies. Maintaining a less ambitious agenda is favorable, while also being more cautious and flexible. We can best use this cycle to re-examine our personal philosophy and beliefs from a higher spiritual perspective. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees, “Liberation from the ghosts of the past,” and “The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestation,” suggests a forward-moving, evolving theme.

On this same day the dwarf planet Ceres turns retrograde. Ceres represents the Earth Mother archetype and also rules agriculture, gardening and cooking. Issues around nurturing or nutrition may come into focus. Other areas ruled by Ceres include eating disorders, custody issues and feelings of abandonment or possessiveness.

On June 11, Mercury in Gemini turns direct at 4 Gemini 33. This period can be very mentally active and busy. Neptune turns retrograde the next day, which brings in aspects of confusion, illusion and escapism. If these feelings arise, it is best to slow down. Gradually, our thinking and communications will become clearer and our connections will be more successful. It is best to wait until after the New Moon before starting any major projects.

Saturn in Sagittarius retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 14, where it will stay until September 18. This period gives us a final opportunity to clear out any remaining unconscious patterns that are in the way of our higher growth. Also on this day, the Sun aligns with Mars in Gemini, which can be energetic as well as combative. Physical activity can provide needed grounding for restless minds.

The New Moon occurs on June 16 at 25 Gemini 07. It is aligned with Mars in Gemini and forms a challenging square aspect to Chiron. This lunation favors a focus on how we think, learn and communicate, as well as receive and give information to others. Are we able to be compassionate, sensitive and caring to both ourselves and others? Chiron reminds us that our words can either be wounding or healing. The alignment with Mars provides an abundance of physical and mental energy to move forward toward our intended goals. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “Frost-covered trees against winter skies; the revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence,” suggests the ability to view our lives from a higher perspective.

The Summer Solstice occurs on June 21, which is a time of greater light that can bring inner renewal. The Sun enters the sign Cancer on this day, which reminds us of the importance of our inner spiritual foundations of security.

On June 22 Jupiter in Leo forms a harmonious trine aspect to Uranus in Aries, which is a dynamic energy for creative manifestation. Since this is the third and final time this aspect will occur, be sure to take full advantage of this period. It will extend over the next week to June 28, when Venus joins Jupiter. This time is very promising for relationships and business partnerships, as well as launching creative projects that bring prosperity. It is also a favorable time for weddings.

The final planetary station is on June 24 when Chiron turns retrograde at 21 Pisces 33. Chiron represents the wounded healer, as well as the power that can be generated from healing our deeper wounds. This period can be used to heal patterns that have created wounds in our relationship to self and others, as well as our relationship to prosperity on all levels.

The month ends with Venus in Leo forming an exact trine to Uranus in Aries, which can bring sudden favorable events into our lives, depending on where it falls in one’s chart.

July brings a rare Venus retrograde in Leo/Virgo. Blessings to all for a joyful Summer Solstice.

* * * * * * * * *

Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience. For more information on readings, contact dorenea5@yahoo.com. Donations towards this column (even small ones) are appreciated. Paypal accepted (please use my email as reference).

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

Cosmic Contacts Show

For anyone that might have missed the show last Monday, here is a link to the recording.


Radio show announcement – Cosmic Contacts Show

From Pam.

Welcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show!

To easily access the internet show go to www.blogtalkradio.com/renford, 4:30 pm PDT or 6:30 pm CST.

My ‘special guest’ this Monday May 18th., is Mahala World Astrologer, we are always excited and blessed to have her on the show. Mahala says to get ready because of the higher electro- magnetic energy coming in through September, we will definitely be experiencing more changes.  Mahala calls it the ‘Earth’s Resonance Rising (Hz)’ as we continue to make this quantum shift into our light bodies. Get on line early to find out what the changes are and how they will effect us.  Call in if you have a question for Mahala 347-838-9142, Annie the moderator will get you in. To contact Mahala’s web-site, www.mahalasastrology.com and be sure and sign up for her ‘free’ monthly newsletter,planetalert@hotmail.com.

From the HeartEmoji



Guest article by Alison McCabe

Since the Total Solar Eclipse at the Equinox the Goddess Asteroids Hygeia and Astraea have been calling to have their story told. If you didn’t see the first blog about Hygeia recently read it alongside this one.

When Hygeia was discovered in the 1800’s she was at 6 degrees Libra and in opposition to Astraea at 7 degrees Aries. Lying opposite each other they create a polarizing magnetic force in the center of which the Human Light Body is woven and we become more and more able to living in the new photon belt. In ancient Egypt there are many depictions of two Priestesses creating an energy field and the lightbody appearing as a rainbow cloak, golden cloak or my favorite from India is the Buddha with an Aura of a Billion Stars. How exciting that we can all weave our own divine auric cloak at this time!

Dolly Parton has a beautiful song on her album Blue Smoke called the Cloak of Many Colors inspired by the story of Joseph and his Rainbow Cloak and he is associated with the 13th sign of the zodiac Ophiuchus holding up two healing serpents. Asclepius the Father of Medicine and Hygeia is also associated with this sign. Libra and Aries are the all-important axis on which the lunar eclipses have been taking place in the past few years on Jewish holy days. It is interesting that Joseph was kept informed by the spirit world through dreams, much the same as Hygeia.

This energy is connected with the ‘Rainbow Brain’ which in kinesiology is a system for working on fine tuning the energy of the soul’s path. The Rainbow Arc chakra flows from the back of the neck to the third eye and enables an expansion of consciousness. The total solar eclipse brought in a powerful wave of this rainbow energy. Read about our trip to the ancient standing stones of the Orkneys in a March blog which lies between two huge lochs and very much resembles a brain on the landscape where we witnessed this very phenomena in nature. Thank you to my kinesiologist Shanaz who helped me to see the deeper meaning of what nature was teaching.

Astraea is a Goddess of culture, justice and bringing the gift of the arts to humanity. Whilst these might seem a luxury clearly for a Golden Age to be in existence humanity needs to refocus on beauty rather than productivity. The teachings which have been coming through our little Celestial group here in Britain are about the importance of creating space to do things which have no purpose but joy, play and creativity. In such a space something very special and magical happens which is impossible to capture in words. In a nutshell though one hour spent in Astraea’s company could generate billions of genius ideas and insights than slogging over a desk for twelve. A number of our group have started going to Balkan Circle Dancing before we do astrology which is very ancient and the wonderful feeling of connection and joy it generates is divine bliss. It feels very much that this circle dance has become energetically connected to our astrology circle through Astraea.

Working together Hygeia and Astraea bring teachings of how to adjust to the new photon belt energy. This week we were hit again by a massive CME and solar flare and the electromagnetic field of the earth is in constant flux. Their teachings seem to be that lots of sleep and rest time and also making some time in the week for creative space is important. ‘Purposeless Will’ exercises and their effect is one of the most powerful lessons I had as a priestess. An easy one to start with is emptying a box of matches every day and putting them back in one by one. This may bring up quite a lot of resistance and emotion as we are very much hard wired in Western countries to be doing something purposeful. However if you persevere you will be rewarded with the magical space that opens up and it feels this sense of ‘space’ is crucial to integrating the new arriving energies.

At present Astraea is travelling with Mars in Taurus hence why she seems to have woken up in a new way. Whilst she is heading towards alignment with Alcyone at 28 degrees Taurus Hygeia is heading towards alignment with Sirius at 13 degrees Cancer so we are in for more energy hits from these Goddesses as they align with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. Connect up with them in whatever ways your intuition guides you and I’d love to hear your experiences to get a better understanding of how they are working with different people.

I specialize in Goddess asteroid and centaur charts so if you want to find out what Hygeia and Astraea and the other asteroid bodies are up to in your chart get in touch for a reading at astroalison@gmail.com. I’m running several Chiron workshops with a horse whisperer and very special and highly evolved herd of horses (they do astrology and chakra healing!)  this summer in the UK, details are at www.inharmonywithhorses.co.uk

Planet Alert May 2015

We are now in the beautiful month of May and as I am writing this article it is May Day. I love spring with the weather starting to get warm and the flowers in bloom. The tulips bloomed in April, along with the blooming trees. The Rhododendrons and other flowers bloom in May, which makes this month very beautiful, and it is a pleasure to be alive to enjoy this beauty.

April was a very active month in regard to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The sun has been in Taurus, along with Mars. Taurus is an Earth sign. When the Sun is in an Earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, earthquakes increase. Mars, the energy planet, was also in Taurus and this created very powerful earth energy and the quake in Nepal occurred. What a disaster that is. Be compassionate but please don’t get caught in the drama of it all because that does not help anyone. Stay in the light, and then send light and love to the people in Nepal for their highest and best good. Sending money to help those people would also be nice.

Saturn is in Sagittarius right now, although it does retrograde back into Scorpio in mid-June where it will stay until mid-September 2015.  The areas that will be affected by Saturn in Sagittarius for the next two plus years will be the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. There was also a major flood in Pakistan at the same time the earthquake in Nepal happened. The opposite sign of Sagittarius is Gemini, and that area of the world will also be affected which is from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River.

Taurus/Scorpio rules the west coast of America and there were two earthquakes along this coast on April 24th. One was in Northern California and another off Queen Charlotte Island in British Columbia. There may be more quakes as the sun continues its journey through Taurus. On May 20th the sun will move into Gemini and southern California will then be affected, probably with more fires because it is a dry state. We are in the time of great Earth changes until the last blood red moon on September 27, 2015. I’m not saying that is the end of Earth changes because they will continue. I am saying that we are in a critical time period until the end of September.

We are in a time period of major consciousness change. It is time to wake up to the beautiful Light Beings we are and to manifest that beauty. Think about how lucky you are to be alive during this great change. We are moving from the energy of duality to one of Unity consciousness, and we are moving from a carbon based Being to a Crystal Being. Think how nice it will be when we can see everyone’s Crystal Light Body and watch the beautiful glow that will be around people. The change to a Crystal Light Being has not been an easy process, and we are not done yet.

When Uranus moved into Aries about four years ago we started a major process of change. Actually it moved into Aries in March of 2011 when the Tsunami in Japan happened, and the war in North Africa was just starting. That war continues to this day. Syria is still in it along with other countries, as well as I.S.I.S. Now the focus is on Yemen and Iran. I heard there are several ships off the coast of Yemen. Some are from the United States, and some from other countries like Iran and Russia. It’s my understanding that there is an underground base off the coast of Yemen. I heard it is a base of good ETs. That was in the news a few years ago when another event happened in that area.

Aries rules our head and brain and Uranus rules change. There have been a lot of brain and nervous system changes which involve our whole body. In fact our nervous system has been going through a major rewiring. This has caused a lot of challenges in our bodies. Our eyes have become blurred on occasion, especially when the Sun erupts. I can always tell when there has been a sun eruption because my eyes become blurred. There have also been all kinds of body pain with this change. If you go to the doctor and he/she says there is nothing wrong with you then you will know that what you are experiencing is an Ascension symptom.

Uranus in Aries rules revolutions and riots, and this energy has caused a lot of trauma and violence on Earth. People who cannot handle the high energy that is now coming to Earth tend to go crazy and kill people because their brains cannot handle the energy. This is the real reason people appear to be so violent lately. When I was in school many years ago there was no thought of being shot just because I was in school. Now many children have that fear because there are so many shootings everywhere. We have had several shootings in the Seattle area. Uranus will be in Aries for three more years of change. Let’s make the next three years a time of peace and harmony.

Then we have the Middle East where there is daily violence. Hopefully this will change soon. Saturn was in Scorpio for almost three years, and this sign rules the Middle East. This is why it has been so violent in those countries. Pluto, which rules Scorpio, is considered the transformer and it is also considered the God of the Underworld. All deep dark secrets are being uncovered and brought out into the open and this affects everyone.

All of the deep fears held in our bodies and our subconscious minds were brought forward in the past three years to look at and release. This is why it has been so painful to our bodies and our minds as all our fears were brought to the surface. There may be a few more fears to clear out between now and mid-September. That is when Saturn goes back into Sagittarius and the energy changes to one of a more spiritual nature. Welcome to the New World.

Taurus also rules money. There is a new money system being set up in the world. This has been going on for a long time and I think it is ready to come forward. It is called BRICS. China will be the head of it and they already have their world bank set up, and I think it is ready to go. I think most of the world has signed up to be part of this system. Only the United States has objected to it.

The full moon is on May 3 at 8:42 pm PDT. It is also the Wesak festival. This is an ancient festival that has been celebrated for thousands of years. It happens in a valley in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. It is interesting that the earthquake in Nepal happened shortly before this celebration. Nepal is north of India on the border of Tibet.

The Wesak festival is when a lot of high Beings appear in the Wesak valley in their etheric bodies plus some in their physical bodies. There are a lot of things that happen at this festival including the Buddha appearing in the sky above the people. There are people giving talks and for anyone who is ready, it is graduation time. It is a very fun celebration. The people there send out love to the world and you can join them in sending love, if you so choose.

Then we have Mother’s Day on May 10th. Honor your mother, she will love it. And I think it is an honor to be a mother.  If you don’t have a mother, I think this is a good day to honor Mother Earth. After all, she is the Mother of all the people on Earth. Without her we would be in a bad fix. Happy Mother’s Day!


So Be It!                Written in love and light.             *** Mahala Gayle ***

I am still doing Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings for a donation of $30. If you are interested in having a chart done please email me at planetalert@hotmail.com with reading in the subject line. I will need your birth information month, day, year you were born, time you were born, and where you were born. Then I will need a donation paid to Paypal.com. Just go into my blog and click on the donate button which is on the front page of my blog www.mahalasastrology.com  in the top right hand corner. If you have already ordered one and have not received it yet please let me know. My computer was down for about 10 days.

Love and blessings to everyone.   Mahala

Astrology Report for May

Guest article by Dorene Carrel

May contains abundant energy for examining and refining our long-term goals, values and beliefs. However, there are some notable challenges along the way. Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde in mid-month, which will affect our communications, travels and how we process information.  Since Mercury is in its own sign, the effects will be more pronounced.  We are still under the influence of the April New Moon in Aries until mid-month, with a theme of being self-assertive, pioneering and competitive.   The mid-month period also contains potential for conflicting energies and a need for caution.  Hence we have an underlying theme of the need to establish clarity before taking action, along with using discernment and discrimination.

On May 3 the Full Moon occurs at 13 Scorpio 23.  This lunation forms a challenging t-square to Jupiter in Leo, while in favorable alignment with Neptune and Pluto.  The influence of a fixed-sign pattern (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) encourages us to examine long-term patterns, goals and beliefs.  Jupiter provides expansive energy to assist in knowing and manifesting our true ideals and goals.  On the highest level it provides greater spiritual meaning and perspective. The Scorpio energy allows us to release and transform any lingering power and control issues, along with limiting beliefs.  It can also bring more depth, emotional intensity, resourcefulness and determination. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees include: “Returning to simpler joys for revitalization,” and “The need to establish new channels of communication.” We can ask our higher guidance to bring the deeper messages and insights we need to hear at this time for our greater growth and balance.

The Mercury retrograde shadow period begins on May 4.  Be alert for mistakes, delays and breakdowns beginning at this time.  Mercury in Gemini forms a challenging square to Neptune on May 9.  This aspect will repeat two more times over the next few months due to Mercury retrograde.  Our sensitivities are heightened and confusion and illusion may predominate.  It is best not to make important decisions at this time, as your feelings are likely to change later on.  On May 14, Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, which can bring unexpected delays, restrictions or limitations.  If possible, strive for a compromise in any disagreements.

The New Moon occurs on May 17 at 27 Taurus.  This lunation highlights our possessions, finances and values. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Cancer, which also brings focus to the home, family and our sense of security.  This month we can reflect on whether our home suits our needs for comfort and security, and what we can do to make improvements.  Instead of the usual new beginnings theme, it is best to think of renovating or rethinking our plans.  We can also develop our capacity for dependability, patience, practicality and stability. The shadow side of Taurus is stubbornness and being overly rigid. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by; peaceful adaptation to collective needs.”  We can now discover what has true value for us as well as the value of our gifts to others.

Mercury turns retrograde on May 18 at 13 Gemini.  It moves backward until June 11, when it turns direct at 4 Gemini.  During this cycle, it’s best to be more mindful concerning communication, technology and transportation. It is favorable to have another option in place for sudden changes. As breakdowns and misunderstandings are more likely to occur, it is best to be more cautious and clear when speaking or writing emails.  It is also advisable to avoid buying expensive items or signing important contracts.

Another challenging period for relationships and finances is May 21-25 when Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.  There can also be breakthroughs in these areas, if we are open-minded about making needed changes.  On May 25 a Mars-Neptune square can bring a lack of focus and possibility for deception.  A Mercury/Mars alignment on May 27 is good for reworking an older idea. Mercury forms a second square to Neptune on May 28, which brings the possibility to further clarify and refine what began during the first square on May 9.  We may also practice refining our intuition, or wait until the third square on June 23.  The Sun aligns with Mercury in Gemini on May 30, which is favorable for mental renewal and contemplation.

Saturn moves back into Scorpio in mid-June.  Have a great month!

* * * * * * * * *

Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience.  For more information on readings, contact dorenea5@yahoo.com.  Donations towards this column (even small ones) are appreciated.  Paypal accepted; use my email as reference.

Check out my astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.