The Master 11 Year

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

This morning as I walked the dogs down the singing river to where it crosses the canal at Lock 11, everything seemed to be especially magical and wondrous. As I complemented a female duck on her beauty a duck feather floated on the path before me. The white geese preened themselves splashing around. Realizing that it is 11 January 2018 (2+1+8+11) I decided today was the day to write a blog about the number 11 in astrology and the incredible sequence of 11 degree full moons which begin 2018.

The first Full Moon of the year was on the 2 January with the Sun at 11 degrees Capricorn and Moon 11 degrees Cancer. The New Moon is the seed phase when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the same sign. The Full Moon is the flowering phase of the moon cycle when it reaches its fruition and the Moon is 180 degrees away from the Sun. Thus, at a Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. They therefore bring the archetypal Mother and Father into opposition across what we call an axis – in this case Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is the sign of family and ancestors and is the Cardinal Water sign marking the Summer Solstice. Capricorn is cardinal Earth, the sign of career and structures, what we manifest in the outer world. All the Moons in the early part of the year are also Super moons making their closest approach to Earth. This first moon looked so stunning and bright.

The first Blue Moon of the year coincides with a Total Lunar Eclipse so it is going to be very powerful. This Moon on the 31st January is at 11 degrees Leo in a perfect alignment with Ceres the Mother Goddess and the Sun is in Aquarius. This axis in the zodiac is about how our creative self becomes part of the synergy of the collective in Aquarius. This is a challenging axis for the western mind set because whilst we pay a lot of attention to individuality, community is often considered unimportant. That is shifting over these few years as the eclipses will trigger issues that force us to contemplate this. One of the strongest issues arising with this eclipse is around attachment and self-nurturing. Food and relationships with parents and children may need attention as unresolved issues arise from the unconscious realm.

We don’t have a Full Moon in February which means we have two Blue Moons in the first quarter of the year – I don’t remember this happening before. The next Full Moon is on the 2nd March and this time the Moon is at 11 degrees Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. This is the mutable Earth and Water axis and it is about structures and forms in Virgo and the Oceanic dissolving energies of Pisces. Old forms dissolve and new forms are created. Virgo decides what to take forward on her journey – she sorts the wheat from the chaff. As Virgo relates to health, this is an excellent opportunity to review what is resonating with you now. Food habits are likely to be changing a lot this year towards less industrialized food. I’m feeling that there is going to be a movement towards vegetarianism and veganism in the general population. The welfare of farm animals and other environmental concerns will also be important.

The second Blue Moon of the year falls on the 31st March. This falls at 11 degrees across the Aries and Libra axis. This is a similar axis to Leo Aquarius because it about having a strong sense of self and using that to serve a higher purpose, in this case relationships.

This Full Moon sequence suggests that illumination and light are flowing forth in this 11 Master year. It is an expansive time. Jupiter has an orbit of 11 years and this is an important age when we move into adolescence.

Aquarius in the 11th sign of the zodiac and the 11th house rules friends and community so it feels that this is a good year for groups and communities. Is there a group calling you? Joining a new group or community can be scary. Will we be accepted? Will we be valued? Do we feel equals to the other members? These are all powerful issues I’ve experienced today. For anyone ever trying to be part of a collective you will be aware that it is not as easy as it should be for us humans.

This 11 Master Year is all about balancing different axis across the zodiac, balancing the masculine and feminine. This continues ongoing themes from the previous few years but it does feel these energies will be expanding this year. The work we have done on ourselves may well come to fruition this year.

Love and Blessings

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

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Thank you to my astrologer friend and colleague Margaret Mary Archer who alerted me to the 11 degree full moons – a perfect example of how the group consciousness works together!

Planet Alert January 2018

Happy New Year!

Here we are experiencing another new year. What will happen this year? I’m sure it will be a very interesting year with lots and lots of changes. We started this year with a Super Full Moon on January 1, 2018 at 6:24 PM PST. The next day Uranus went direct in conjunction with Eris the planet of chaos. This is a very big deal. Uranus has been spinning his wheels and now he is in direct motion and will cause a lot of chaotic energy and fast acting changes.

Uranus is the planet of light, electricity, new inventions, wind, demonstrations, and revolutions like Iran is experiencing right now. And there have been lots of demonstrations in various places all over the world in the past few years. During the past six and a half years Uranus has been in Aries which is ruled by Mars and this is what has been causing so much violence in the world. I’m looking forward to May when Uranus goes into Taurus which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

The sun is over Washington, D.C today which is January 3, 2018 and is activating energy in that city. Venus is almost conjunct the sun and Venus is in an exact 60 degree angle to Neptune, which rules dreams. Have you had any interesting dreams lately? Ones that seem like they are real? I sure have had them. The sun is activating the East Coast of the USA right now and there has been a lot of snow in that area. There are more storms to come with the conjunction of the sun and Pluto. Right now Saturn, Venus, sun, and Pluto are all in Capricorn which is the sign that rules snow.

Saturn is now in Capricorn and the emphasis will be on governments, leaders, corporations, and structures. Pluto is also in Capricorn and has been transforming governments and structures for several years now. Saturn will be in Capricorn for two and a half years. This means to look for changes in leaderships of many countries all over the world. The old is going out and the new will be coming in. I think January and February will be very chaotic with many changes.

Mars and Jupiter are both in Scorpio. Those two planets are conjunct over Iran right now and look at all the demonstrations that are going on in that country. The Mars energy is coming to the foreground along with Uranus which rules revolutions. At the same time Mars and Jupiter are making a 90 degree angle to North Korea and that country is again in the news. I don’t think there will be a major war although I think revolutions will continue to happen.

On January 26 Mars will move into Sagittarius and then the energy will shift to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the countries in that area. Jupiter will continue to be in Scorpio for several more months affecting mainly the Middle East, Korea, and the West Coast.

We have been in the Chinese year of the Rooster and that has been a very hard year. On the New Moon of February 15 at 1:05 PM PST we move into the sign of the Earth Dog. This should be the time when good things start to happen. Think of the energy of a dog. Most of them are known as “Man’s Best Friend”. There are some dogs that are fighters but most of them are very loving animals. It looks like this upcoming year will bring out the heart energy in a lot of people. Then it will be time to “Think with your Heart”. Manifest love energy.

We still have the golden light manifesting in our solar system and I believe this caused many people to move into the new frequency Earth. It may not appear that way right now but we have to create the new reality that we choose to experience. We will still be in breakdown mode for a few months although we are on our journey to create a higher frequency Earth. Those who have learned to live with the chaos and just watch what is going on in a detached manner are able to live in this world and not be part of the chaos. This is because they will be manifesting a higher frequency.

As we move into this number 11 year we will be able to draw on cosmic forces for inspiration and for attaining enlightenment and even Cosmic Consciousness. Your intuitive abilities can guide your inventive and creative mind. This will be a very creative year, full of new discoveries and inventions which will now come forward for the benefit of mankind. There will be a desire to uplift people and share our information with them.

The number 11 Tarot card is Justice. We will be seeking to bring about balance through justice this year. Legal issues will be settled and as the year moves on we will experience more peace. The Uranus energy is emphasized in the number 11. This is a testing vibration in which you are required to analyze the tremendous chaotic energy that will be thrown your way. This will be very noticeable during the first two months of January and February, Then Uranus will start moving away from Eris and the energy will change. Maybe March will be a quieter month.

This will also be a year for finding yourself and connecting to your higher self. It is the time to love with unconditional love. You are a great Being of love and light and it is time to manifest that energy. No more hiding your light because you think you are not worthy. This will be the year of coming into the light with all your glory. Let go of any fear that may still be affecting you and give your challenges to God (the force) and then forget about them. It is time to just love. This year is all about you.

Please send light to Saturn. She has gone from being a male dominant energy of control to the feminine energy of the Goddess. Please look at Saturn in a different way. We do not have to live a difficult life anymore. We are over being controlled and are now in the vibration of freedom. Change your perception of life and your life will change for the better. No more complaining. Change to a life of being grateful and then you will manifest abundance. We are all in this together and when one person changes it makes a difference in the world. Accept yourself just as you are. You are wonderful and you are beautiful. It is time to start manifesting that beauty. So Be It!

I read an article by Saint Germain and his idea of what is coming this year is the same as mine. It is an excellent article. Here is the link: St. Germain: New Year Message. Here is another link about Crystal energy: Pure Crystalline Energies Arriving.

I send you love and blessings!

Mahala Gayle

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Goddess Asteroids 2018 – Take Flight from Your Gilded Cage

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

In the beginning, God/Goddess created man and women as equals formed from the Earth, and having within them love, and spiraling galaxies of DNA.

However, Adam refused to respect Lilith as an equal and thus began a great distortion of human life. Eve, the replacement for Lilith, agreed to be submissive and not a whole human being in her own right – Eve exists to serve Adam. All women have a Lilith and Eve within us, and Lilith who is the archetypal equal woman who has her own creative source within her, is becoming stronger and stronger. Eve has been afraid to leave her gilded cage, but it is Lilith who will finally liberate her.

At Winter Solstice, the Rebirth of the Light was a very tangible experience in Bryn Celli Dhu in North Wales. Each year at the solstices the Sun enters the womb chamber, but this year was a very special as Venus, Saturn and Black Moon Lilith also aligned with the triangular entrance. Looking out from the cairn one looks up towards the Galactic Center and the constellation of Capricorn. The Sun enters Capricorn at Winter Solstice and at sunset enters the womb cave to fertilize the new cycle of life. Traditionally Capricorn is known as the sign of the third rebirth.

We enter 2018 with Saturn, Venus, Black Moon Lilith, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that the breakdown of the old order and the institutions most of us have known all our lives will continue apace. New seeds are being fertilized and that it is Yellow Crystal Seed year makes this more important. Those who are most adaptable will cope best. Those who cling to their gilded cages will experience great fear. Such transitional times in history offer unique opportunities for breakthroughs for artists, poets, and philosophers to create the new values by which we will live in the future.

On the 31st January, there is a highly potent Blue Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse across the Leo Aquarius axis which will unleash unprocessed shadow material for humanity. I love the Goddess Asteroids because they always show the solution, how to move to the higher ground and ride these powerful cosmic waves. Ceres is exactly conjunct the Moon/North Node pointing us clearly towards Mother Earth and the importance of environmentalism, food and nurturing. The connection between high vibrational food and our spiritual evolution will start to become more and more apparent to people. I have created some meditations called Love the Body You Are In on my You Tube channel to open multi-dimensional ‘food’ consciousness and will continue to develop this theme of how we move into closer harmony in our bodies and DNA structure with Mother Earth. In the UK, its interesting how well high quality, organic and local food producers are doing. High end farmer’s markets are flourishing even in the recession and this trend is set to continue.

The Sun in Aquarius at this eclipse points to another major theme we will continue to explore from 2017 which is our relationship with ‘Time’ and ‘Creativity’. The Sun is in exact conjunction with Astraea the Goddess of the Golden Age. She is an equivalent of the Indian Goddess Sarasvati representing music and all that is beautiful. She is opening our multi-dimensional channels, freeing creativity and light languages, star gifts and sensitivity to cosmic energies. We have lived in a numbed-out state for so long that this process can be challenging for many people. We then also have in this conjunction Venus, Hygeia, Juno, Neptune and Chiron who will be in a dance together all year. Attuning ourselves to natural cycles is most important – as time speeds up people will literally feel squashed and incredibly stressed if they don’t take steps to connect on a deeper level with nature. It is a very big leap for many people to live out of human made time and my feeling is it’s good to begin living by both the natural clock e.g. moon cycles, night and day, seasons, Mayan cycles and by the human clock. Think of human made time as an invisible program which is controlling all of us and which we feel our survival depends. Time is a hard habit to break.

Also at this eclipse we see a dance of Vesta and Mars beginning in the sign of Sagittarius. This will be a year of energized activity of women in the realm of spirituality, reclaiming what was once the domain of the patriarchy. There will be resistance to this and later in the year both Pluto and Saturn will be joining this dance as it moves into Capricorn indicating challenges, obstacles to be overcome and the forging of new pathways for the Vesta archetype who is the ‘priestess’.

Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess enters Taurus the Earth sign having liberated herself in the past 6 months through her journey with Uranus. I’m feeling that she is going to be a great support to Ceres the Earth Mother as an Activist in the year ahead and to Vesta in reclaiming her spiritual voice. She may also be an entrepreneur of new products which bring us closer to nature and wellness.

On the 15th February, the day after Valentine’s Day we have a Partial Solar Eclipse. The eclipse is conjunct Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage – also concerned with equality. Relationships are going to be hugely transformational continuing the past few years of alchemy in our inter-personal lives. Our greatest gift will be to see the bigger picture of change in gender roles and make our choices based on what we would like for the future generations.

On the 28th April Juno and Chiron, the Wounded Healer move into Aries together. This marks the beginning of a whole new zodiacal cycle for our relationships and we are going to be able to let go of a lot of old, dysfunctional stuff this year. The presence of Chiron will enable us to see deeper into the issues and our primal reactions. Where did they come from? How can we own our reactions without blaming or projecting onto others? Can we see the ancestral story in our relationships? When we can do this, we unleash the possibility of living without ‘dominance’ which has almost become second nature to us.

This need to dominate which we first saw in Adam extends to all life. The primal wound is between men and women, but it is not hard to see historically how some people have expanded on this ‘Adam’ complex and oppressed others out of a sense of their own right to do so and a false sense of superiority e.g. racism, homophobia. It also extends to the way we treat nature. The equality open to us now is the portal to a world of true happiness where nobody must batter somebody else down to survive.

I have been much intrigued by Gene Key 45 where the Shadow is Dominance, the Gift Synergy and the Siddhi Communion. Synergy is the being together with others in positive resonance. It’s a state that allows the creative genius of each person to blossom. When we sit in circles with the talking stick we create Synergy. Communion is a higher state of Synergy where the Oneness is experienced kinaesthetically with others. Through Holy Communion Jesus gave us his final teaching, that we are of the One Body and Blood. When we feel this, there is no way we can harm or oppress other people because we understand that we are harming the whole organism that is humanity and our Mother Earth when we do so. (Ref: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd)

In April Pluto, Mars and Saturn move into closer conjunction in Capricorn so we may see the collapse of old structures accelerate.  Neptune is conjunct Hygeia so this is a particularly good time for working with re-attuning to cosmic time. A stellium of planets and asteroids supporting living in natural time and creativity continues to hover over this great point of Life, Death and Rebirth of the ending of Pisces and beginning of Aries in the zodiac. It marks the beginning of a whole new Epoch, the Third Golden Age and the coming of the Holy Grail.

In May Saturn comes conjunct Vesta in Capricorn and this feels a very positive time for women involved in spirituality to begin new projects or training and for men to support that. It may also be a time where the limitations for women become more apparent in these areas. Saturn always helps us to focus through being able to see clearly what the obstacles are. Perseverance is the greatest gift of Saturn ruler of Capricorn.

In June Juno comes conjunct liberating Uranus. This may result in the end of some relationships where equilibrium has not been able to manifest. It’s a make or break time to become free emotionally and mentally from the past cultural patterning or leave a suffocating situation.  It will be interesting to see how this manifests across different cultures globally. Ceres moves into Earthy Virgo which is a very happy sign for her and Vesta is now crossing the Galactic Center in a retrograde motion. The Galactic Center always seems to energize and bring new levels of insight to whatever crosses its path so that should be exciting for the Priestess archetype.

On the 13th July, there is a Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Pallas Athena has just moved into Leo along with the North Node. Venus and Ceres are conjunct in Leo so it feels a positive eclipse and portal for the Goddess energies. Chiron is in an exact conjunction now with Astraea so as is Chiron’s way may bring up wounds to do with this archetype. How is our less dulled down, sensitive nature coping with life? Are their harsh energies around us we cannot cope with? Do we feel creatively blocked? Do we and those around us value arts, culture and beauty? Astraea is travelling all this year still with Hygeia so it feels that our circadian body rhythms are a very important part of this creative re-attunement process. The processing unfolding are doing so within our DNA.

The most potent time of 2018 is the Total Lunar Eclipse of 27th July. It comes just 2 days after the Day Out of Time and coincides with the closest run of Mars to Earth. Mars is also conjunct the Moon along with Pluto so will exert even more influence as the portal of the eclipse occurs. Total Lunar Eclipses uncover sub conscious collective material and exert great forces on the water of our planet. Traditionally Mars has been seen by astrologers as bringing war and strife so this may be a scary time as explosive world events unfold. The threat of a global war feels like a real possibility. When we look historically at the breakdown of civilizations we see that they can become very desperate and brutal in their dying days. We can only be grateful that there are so many Light workers and good people here too who can hopefully hold the balance. Working with our own feelings of being ‘oppressors’ and the ‘oppressed’ is a real key for liberation this year. Make the choice to be part of humans fully and to bring people together in your community in ways that are supportive and nurturing. Create synergy all around you.

This year the Leo Aquarius axis is very important as many of the eclipses occur here. Leo is the Creative Self and Aquarius the Collective, so we are finding our personal connection and unique role in the collective. Our own personal story will become less and less important and the questions of how we can serve the greater good the more pressing question for our times. Even our most personal relationships are about the collective.

The final eclipse of the year falls on 11 August in Leo and conjunct Pallas Athena and Mercury. This marks an important victory in the ascension of the Warrior Goddess energy within humanity. Perhaps we will see women moving into more influential positions of power this year. Uranus enters the sign of Taurus and this may highlight environmental concerns.

In September Juno enters Gemini and lighter energies come into relationships. Ceres also enters Libra supporting this. It a good time to travel, to learn something new together. Astraea, Chiron and Hygiea move back into Pisces giving an opportunity to understand what we need to drop in the new Golden Age. What do you feel marks a Golden Age and what can you do to begin that process? Neptune ruler of Pisces also makes its closest approach to Earth in September bringing its spiritual lofty energies.

October is a great time to dream about the future as Neptune and the Moon co-join Astraea, Chiron and Hygeia. Dreaming is the beginning of all transformation so allow your imagination to soar. It may only happen in a few thousand years’ time but every dream helps the creation process. In a few thousand years’ people will look back and remember this time when the new Golden Age was opening. That is a beautiful thought – a world living in Peace, in Communion finally fully understanding the teachings of Christ.

News Flash December 15, 2017

On the morning of December 11, 2017 I woke up just before the sun was rising. I looked at the sky and saw a perfect Ring of Light north of the sun. The sun came up in the SE.  The ring was quite far from the sun and was a large empty circle about the size of Earth. There were not any clouds next to it and the ring was beautiful. I wondered what it was for and then I thought about how the next day was the 12-12 Gateway and I thought I must have seen this round Gateway open a day before it was supposed to open. I tried to take a picture of it but my camera would not work.

When I was thinking about how beautiful this Ring of Light was a thought came to me about the movie Stargate. Do you remember that movie? I remember that when the right time came, the round Gateway opened in the movie and the actors went through the tunnel and came out in a different reality. I think that is what is happening to us right now. I think we just entered the energy of this tunnel of light and will come out at the time of the Winter Solstice manifesting a new consciousness that is on an entirely different frequency.

The first Gateway opened here in Seattle and now we are in the celebration of Hanukah, which is a celebration of light.  This holiday started on December 13 and lasts until the Winter Solstice, which occurs on December 21 at 8:29 AM PST. This is also the day when the sun conjuncts Saturn which starts a new 30 year cycle.  The negative energy of Saturn will not have any power over the people who walk through this tunnel of light because they will come out in a new reality. Here is an interesting link that I just received Portals Opened.

As we walk through this tunnel we need to release all of the fear we have carried for so long and held within our bodies. This has kept us on a lower frequency. As we release our fear our bodies and our minds start to lighten up and we move into a different frequency called love. The word FEAR adds up to the number 21. The word SATURN adds up to 21. This means that we will be through the cycle of Saturn by the Winter Solstice so it’s time to move fast-speed through any fear we might still have stored in our bodies. Mercury also turns direct on the Winter Solstice.

I just received an email from Dr. Meg. She says “three Stargates will open simultaneously on December 17, 2017 at 5:46 AM eastern time. She calls these Stargates the Pernacian Corridor. Two to three days after this triangulation passes magnified quakes will start to happen. This corridor will splinter off smaller versions of the same for nearly three weeks. It will shake things up universally, including the Earth.” Could this be the opening of the sixth seal in the Bible where the sky opens up like a scroll and there is a great earthquake? The seventh seal is the Rule of God on Earth. Her message is very long so if you go to The Message by the Masters the above information will be in that part. Here is the link to her article Message.

It is definitely time to “Think with our Hearts.” Our heart is our magnetic center and is the most powerful organ in our body. We need to connect our head brain with our solar plexus brain, and then connect those two brains with our heart brain. Then we can start thinking with our hearts and when we do that, judgment will disappear, criticism will be gone, and love will then replace that old energy.

Jesus said “Judge not lest you be judged”. Our solar plexus has held a lot of fear over the years. We do not need to live in fear anymore. It is time to live in love and carry the soft gentle energy of love. We are great Beings of Love and it is time for us to start manifesting that energy all of the time. The word fear adds up to 21, so does the word peace. The word anger adds up to 9, and so does the word love. Conquer fear and anger and you will manifest peace and love.

As of December 21 both Saturn and Pluto will be moving through the sign of Capricorn. This will be quite a combination. Saturn rules structures of all kinds and governments all over the world. There have been a lot of governments that have gone through major revolutions since January of 2011 when Pluto had just started its journey through Capricorn. Our government started changing when Pluto moved up to 13 degrees in 2015 because that is the degree that rules Washington, D.C. Now our government is in major chaos. This will continue until all of the corruption comes to the surface. Then it will change. People are starting to stand up and say “no more we have had enough; it is time for a change”.

With both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn it will bring major changes. This will include more earth changes and they will be large ones, like the fires that are burning in California right now. Those who decide to stay on 4D will experience some very large earth events. Those who choose to walk through the Gateway that is now open will move into a reality of love and peace. It’s all a matter of consciousness. The lower consciousness stays here and the higher consciousness moves on to a reality of peace, love, and unity consciousness.

I believe that we have reached the end of a major cycle and are ready to move into a new reality manifesting love and unity consciousness. It is time! Many of us have gone through a lot of trauma and body pain during this Ascension cycle. I am ready to live in a new reality of abundance.

Look at the challenge of creating a New Earth. I think that will be a lot of fun. Aren’t you tired of the old violent Earth?  Aren’t you ready for peace and unity? Aren’t you ready to live in abundance instead of having to watch every penny you spend? I know there are a lot of rich people out there who have not had the challenge of lack but I know so many light workers who have really had challenges with money this life-time. It is time for equality for everyone. The meek (the ones who manifest love) will inherit the New Earth.  No fear! Everything is going to be alright.  So Be It.

 Happy Holy Days to Everyone! Enjoy this beautiful season of light!

***** Mahala Gayle *****

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The Astrology of Non-Duality

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As the Geminids meteors cascade from Castor and Pollux in the sign of Gemini and the asteroid Phaeton does a fly by of Earth it seems a very good day to write something about astrology and non-duality which seems to be the buzz word of the moment.

Castor and Pollux are the Gemini Twins and they represent the earthly and the spiritual self and the journey through life to bring the different parts into wholeness. When we live in obedience to the divine laws we find happiness, peace and harmony. The highest divine law is to love all that is, because we are all that is. When we love our own shadow twin and can show kindness and compassion, it becomes easier and easier to offer it to those we find irritating or distasteful.

The Geminids meteors happen the same time each year as the sun enters Gene Key 11, and as the symbol for Gemini looks like the number 11. Gemini is the first Air sign which signifies working with the Mind. The symbol is a representation of the two outer pillars of the Qabalah which are the Divine Masculine and Feminine polarizing energies finding their resolution in the Middle Pillar. This corresponds beautifully with the Buddhist teachings of the Middle Way. All religions and paths have this one concept of the resolution of duality at their core.

This excerpt by Richard Rudd about Gene Key 11 shows a wonderful symmetry with this annual fire work display in Gemini. “As humans begin to think once again with our right brains, so we will bring much-needed balance to the world of form. The result will manifest in the world around us as the dominance of the patriarchal forms subsides and the power of the feminine pole comes into balance with the male.

This is the true meaning of the time we are living through. It is why so much ancient tribal knowledge is once again pouring into the collective consciousness of our planet. It is through this 11th Gift that the true art of magic is once again returning to our world. “

Our life purpose is fundamentally to bring about this resolution of dual forces which are completely natural and exist at an atomic level. Yesterday in my meditation group with my mentor Kath Reade, she talked about the words of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu and the importance of learning to be kind rather than right.

Our first opportunity to learn the lessons of love comes with the family into which we incarnated in this lifetime. Even on a physical level I am bemused by how different I am to my family, and yet because I love them over the years I have put my stringent political beliefs and need to be right aside and love first. Becoming a parent myself I forgave all I perceived my parents in lacking as I realized how difficult it is to be a perfect parent. Having done the charts of many other family members it is always intriguing how parents and children connect.

As we know from ‘real life’ sometimes these relationships are harmonious and effortless, we always just feel in tune with the loved one. Other times relationships are really challenging, we always seem at logger heads with a person or to just completely misunderstand them. It is a real challenge to a parent with such a child not to impose their will and allow the child their own natural intelligence. The sign of family is Cancer and again in this sign we see the dual nature of its energies. Astrology shows in detail how these energies are operating between people through Synastry readings.

One of the great lessons I’ve learnt from astrology is that we are all different AND the same. If you try to force somebody to go against their nature and be what you need them to be in a safe little box, eventually they will resent you and the relationship will lose its joy and love. In the case of children, they will grow up with wounds around self-belief and self-expression. It’s never too late to tell your child or parents that you love them exactly as they are and unconditionally.

The second area which is our learning ground for love, is relationships which are ruled by Libra. The symbol once again has a dual nature expressed within it. Relationships can be a life path towards spiritual awakening in themselves. Relationships are the primary area in which the fundamental wound between men and women arises, and this is true also in gay relationships. Lilith the first woman wanted equality and equal expression of herself. She refused to be dominated and ran away instead of giving into this. Eve agreed to be dominated which is the archetypal pattern which was set down for so many men and women. ‘Accept domination or you won’t survive’ is the sun conscious belief many women carry. ‘You will be rejected and unloved if you show your power and true nature’ is another. Thank goodness we are human though because we can rewrite this script any time we like for our own lives.

For many women, even the most enlightened, it is terrifying to stand in one’s power and face the possibility of rejection. It really is a primal fear that has existed from the beginning of human life on Earth, and which we are now trying to heal. Understanding the depths of these wounds can help to give us compassion for ourselves. Our generations will take a step forward and we can ask no more. If I think of how great a leap that has been from my great grandmothers it is huge indeed. My maternal great grandmother died giving birth to my grandmother who was her 13th child. This seemed a very common fate for women in the 1800’s before contraception and is perhaps still the case in many countries now.

This year wherever you are on Winter Solstice look up at the Sun and breath in its healing energies. Venus is just behind the Sun crossing the Galactic Center singing the song of the Love Goddess. The Mayans saw Venus as Quetzalcoatl – the returning light of the world as a snake bird god bearing remarkable similarities to Lilith. Saturn, the Dark Mother and creator of new forms is exactly conjunct the Sun and Black Moon Lilith is also in this cauldron of energies.

I’m feeling in this powerful cauldron that the original woman, Black Moon Lilith, is undergoing a rebirth at Winter Solstice. How this will unfold I don’t know but I feel it is connected to the fertilization of the Yellow Crystal Seed of the Magical Child, the Christ Child within each one of us. The possibility of Kindness and compassion transcending judgments and the need to be right. I also feel that we will feel more and more we can gently but firmly hold the out of control yang energies in the world as a small collective on this path.

My invitation to you for 2018 is to step boldly towards that which you don’t really like or feel wounded by because there you will find your shadow, but also your greatest jewels and gifts. Seeing family over Christmas value this wonderful process of learning about love and each person in your circle of life no matter how far removed they may seem from you in thinking.

Happy Winter Solstice and a Beautiful Christmas

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

In honoring of relationships I’m offering to do a Synastry Relationship chart either with a partner or a child which is much more involved that a single chart reading. It’s a buy one get one free kind of offer which highlights the harmonious and challenging areas between two people. Its aim is not to decide if you should be with someone or not, but rather know and accept who the other person is and who you are from a ‘soul matrix’ perspective and have some useful strategies for enhancing the relationship. This reading is £87.

I also have an excellent Solar Fire Optimum Child Report by Gloria Starr (15 pages) which is incredibly helpful to know the strengths and challenges of your children so you can support them accordingly. I love reading my own and reminding myself how to best support my inner child. This report costs £45 by email.

Email with your details. Personal charts will be available early next year now but I can email Optimum Child reports before Christmas.

Lilith and the Third Rebirth

Guest article By Alison Dhuanna

Lilith is the archetypal woman who wants to be an equal to man. She is a sovereign woman who moves from her core power. Said in this way one would wonder what all the fuss is about. Why should it be so hard for women to be equal to men? In this day and age we have proved our intellectual capacity, our physical prowess in sport. We have shown we can be valuable members of the armed forces, the church and every area of life. And yet still it feels that this desire for equality is so far away for so many from being a living reality.

Black Moon Lilith has just been crossing the Galactic Centre with Saturn and Mercury and has entered the early part of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the third rebirth and it is where the Sun aligns to at Winter Solstice, so it lines up with many sacred sites on our planet. Lilith is going to start taking new seed forms and all of us who believe in this vision of an equal world can be part of that. I feel at present her voice will be heard in many forms and places. Lilith the asteroid is in Gemini at present, so again a theme of communication is coming through.

I feel moved today to share a story today from my birth land South Africa. Following the end of apartheid and segregation when the ANC were newly in power I returned home to see whether I wanted to live there again. I had in most part left the country when I finished school as I didn’t want to live under Apartheid. I stayed in mountains called the Magaliesberg just north of Johannesburg, a very powerful place on the Earth. They are said to be some of the oldest mountains in the world because they have no fossil record – in other words they precede the time when first life existed in the oceans.

I met on this journey a poet called Keorapetse Kgositsile who was an African wise elder working in the ANC Arts and Culture department. I asked him if he would come and speak to the children where I was staying which was an orphanage. As you may know HIV was a massive problem in Africa then and many children were orphaned and had Aids themselves. The appointed day arrived when Keorapetse came to visit and as we sat in a circle around him we all waited with anticipation to see what words of wisdom he would impart.

What he said was that our focus for a better world should be the equality of men and women, this is what we should be most interested in if we want to live in a peaceful world. There was stunned silence. I was stunned but very happy actually he had said that. The whole struggle in South Africa had been about race, but he was wise enough to see that there was also a much deeper problem called the war of the sexes. I really hope the words went into those children and have influenced their lives. I felt most of the adults there were resistant or perhaps just bemused by what he said.

The dedication of his book If I Could Sing has the following dedication:

To all our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, ‘the rock-hard foundation of our struggle’, as Madiba (Nelson Mandela) correctly says. As long as any woman remains any patriarch’s occupied territory’ A Luta Continua! Malingbonwe!

Today, 5th December Yellow Warrior wavespell begins and it always feel to me that Lilith is like Pallas Athena, a warrior archetype. Often the things she talks about are challenging to the status quo so she needs a lot of courage to speak up. I feel the ‘Me Too’ campaign embodies Lilith very much.

Pallas Athena is conjunct Uranus at present and in a positive Fire Trine to Saturn and Mercury. The potential for Pallas Athena to break free from old chains that bind her freedom is very strong right now and supported by Lilith. For some this may be something big like being fully in their power with their partner who may not like it, or it may be as simple as writing a poem about how you truly feel. For men it is about addressing the resistance and deep fears that women being in their power bring up. The simple act of admitting there is fear and being willing to look at it, where it comes from would be an inner revolution of its own. I think many men are afraid that women will want to dominate them the way men have dominated women, but I think there is a third way where we find the balance. We all work towards integrating male and female within ourselves and neither is dominated.

At the beginning of this new wavespell there is also a Grand Trine in Water of the Moon aligned to Sirius, Vesta and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This feels like a real portal for developing a higher level of Emotional Intelligence to emerge and as I’m writing this I’m feeling the presence of dolphins and whales around me. It feels that emotional intelligence is absolutely a key to how we will make the leap from domination to trusting that each gender, if the Goddess energies succeed in transforming humanity, will be safe in the New World Order.

I’ve been listening recently to my wonderful friend Piers Cross talking about how he developed emotional intelligence as a man.  Previously he worked in the City of London, then became a monk and now lives in the hills of Hebden Bridge with his wife who is awesome. Piers’ course is called Awakening Happiness and it is really excellent. He is embodying the Goddess teachings in his course without knowing anything about astrology which I always love to see happening. Here is his web site

I offer one to one chart readings by CD and follow up Skype sessions. The cost of the chart is £87 and 60 minutes looking in depth at the Goddess Asteroids and others planets in your chart. It is a reading for the present moment and time ahead using the Honorary chart method. Please email me at with your birth details or for more information.

Ref: Keorapetse Kgositsile, If I Could Sing:Selected Poems

December Planet Alert 2017

We are now in December, the month of many celebrations.  We started this month with Mercury turning retrograde on December 2 at 11:34 PM PST. Then the super full moon is on December 3 at 7:47 AM PST, which will cause high tides.  The combination of Mercury turning retrograde at almost the same time as the full moon will cause a very chaotic full moon. Please stay calm as we continue to experience the energy of this full moon.  This energy will bring unexpected events so expect the unexpected this month.

Mercury will be conjunct Saturn at this full moon and they are both conjunct the Galactic Center. This will bring very intense energy to Earth. There may be problems with machines like computers, electronic devices, and other things involving communication or transportation. Mail may start getting mixed up and if you are waiting for something to come in the mail it may be late in arrival or get lost. Mercury rules communication of all kind.

With Saturn conjunct Mercury it causes events to arise concerning serious responsibilities which can weigh on your mind and sap your vitality. This serious responsibility may arise through groups or organizations. This energy often coincides with the signing of contracts and the formulation of serious agreements: like the Tax Cut Bill that was signed as Mercury was just starting to turn retrograde. Now the House and Senate will have to agree on one bill. This may be hard to do in the energy of Mercury retrograde which will last until the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2017.

We also have Mars opposing Uranus, which is still conjunct Eris, in this full moon chart. This energy causes arguments and disagreements.  Our Congress will have to work with the tax bill and the Indictments during this chaotic time period.

This full moon will be in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury and will be on 11 degrees. This degree rules “Liberation from the ghosts of the past”. That sounds good to me. Because Mercury is retrograde I am sure things from the past will continue to surface this month to be released from your consciousness and mass consciousness. More things from the past will surface on the world level.

Another interesting aspect in this full moon chart is that Lilith will be conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This means there will be a lot of healing energy coming to Earth this month. Continue releasing your stuff so when Mercury goes direct on the Winter Solstice you will be free from your past and ready for a new beginning.

Mars moves into Scorpio on December 9, 2017. Then both Jupiter and Mars will be in Scorpio. This will bring up more energy on sexual abuse and other legal issues. In my November 3 article I wrote “This full moon Astrology chart is very interesting. In the Washington D.C. chart the moon will be in the ninth house, which is the house of Sagittarius. This sign rules courts of law, judges, traveling, dealing with foreign countries and their leaders.” The sun is now in Sagittarius. The last full moon pulled us into the time period of dealing with legal issues, especially if they deal with a foreign country. Because Mike Flynn just admitted to lying to the FBI yesterday this appears to be the beginning of many legal issues that will surface in our government.

Pluto is the planet of birth, death and transformation. This planet has been affecting Washington, D.C. for a couple of years now. Pluto moves slowly and it has really been doing a job of transforming our government. What will be the outcome of this transformation? Does anyone know? Unexpected happenings are on the agenda so who knows how it will all turn out?  Our government appears to be in chaos right now and this will continue for a while longer.

Pluto will start affecting the city of New York now where our financial center is located. How is Pluto going to affect that city? The Stock Market is there and the price of stocks has gone up and up over the past couple of years. Is the money market ready for a major transformation? Are we ready for a new type of money system? Look at how much the Bitcoin is worth. And now there are other types of Crypto currencies. It’s time for a different type of money system where there is not such a difference between the poor and the wealthy.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio may also cause Earth changes or more violence in the Middle East area, especially Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and that general area. Moscow is also ruled by Scorpio as is Putin because he has Scorpio rising. He has a Libra sun. The West Coast of the United States will also be under pressure by the planets, along with North Korea and that area of the world.

Because Uranus has been in Aries which is ruled by Mars, we have been in a very violent period of time for the last six and a half years. In May of 2018 Uranus, the planet of change goes into Taurus which is ruled by Venus. Then we will start having the interaction between Venus (goddess energy) and Uranus which is male energy. Before we can start creating this peaceful energy everything corrupt from the past has to surface for everyone to see. Or we could just move into a higher frequency so we are above the chaotic energy.

December is meant to be a month of celebrating. First there is the celebration of Hanukkah which starts on December 13. Then we have the Winter Solstice on December 21. That celebration was considered the birth of light because the days started getting longer at that time. Then we have the Christmas holiday which is a very religious festival. Starting on December 26 we celebrate the 12 days of light which lasts until January 6, which is the day when Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas. At the end of December we have the New Year celebrations. This is a celebration of “out with the old and in with the new”.

I wonder what this next year will bring us. Maybe we will have visitors from space. Check out this video – Massive UFO. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about what we would like to create for this upcoming year. One of the most important things in life is to be grateful for all of your blessings. You could try waking up every morning being grateful for everything and see how your life starts to change. Grateful has the same frequency as the word love and the word money. They all add up to the number nine. Think about that.   So Be It!

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me donations of money in the past couple of months. I now have a new computer ready for my use. It is so fun to have something new to use. I send lots of blessings and Angel love to all of you. Edgar Cayce Past Life charts are still available for a $30 donation.  They make nice gifts for the person who has everything.  If you are interested in something like that just click on the button that says Edgar Cayce Charts on the front page of my blog  I would also like to thank my son Dave for all of the work he does for me. He is a wonderful son.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season blessed with much love, joy, and happiness.  *Mahala Gayle*

News Flash November 2017 New Moon

The November new moon was on November 18, 2017 at 3:42 AM PST.  The sun and moon were both in Scorpio along with Jupiter, Venus, and the Asteroid Vesta. However, the sun will move into Sagittarius on November 21 which will change the energy to the things Sagittarius rules like teachers, colleges, higher consciousness, judges, and freedom. I like the freedom part. We have been controlled for too long a period of time. Fear has actually been what has controlled us. If we finish releasing our fear, we will be free.

Saturn is what rules fear. Saturn adds up to the number 21 and so does the word fear. Saturn has been considered the karmic planet in the past. We know our karma is over so why do we still feel fear? For the past two plus years Saturn has been in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom. Have you been working hard on releasing your fears in the past two plus years? What are your fears? Are they about your health or lack of money? Or are you tuning into all the fear that is running rampant on this planet right now? Remember the chaos is just an illusion so watch it with a detached attitude. Everything is going to change and everything is going to be alright so don’t let fear creep into your reality.

Saturn will be in Sagittarius until the Winter Solstice. Let’s all release our fears by then because we don’t need them anymore. The planet Saturn is now free so it’s time for us to also be free. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. It is all an illusion. Pull yourself out of the Matrix. We do not have to be there anymore. I think Saturn is just sitting there watching us and saying “If I can be free so can you.”

Did you know that we have three brains in our bodies? One is in our head, one is in our solar plexus, and the other is in our heart. I think it is now time to start thinking with our hearts. Fear is held in your solar plexus. How many times have you felt like someone hit you in the solar plexus when something happened that you were not expecting? It’s time to be free because Saturn (fear) is in a nice trine with Uranus right now which rules freedom. Uranus is also conjunct Eris right now. Eris is our second sun and is our Creator Goddess. Eris is also called Wonder Woman.

What an opportunity to finish letting go of any fear we may still have in our solar plexus. Maybe we could talk to our solar plexus brain and tell it we no longer need to hold onto any fear. One simple thing we can do to release our fears is to sit quietly and write down what we do not want to experience anymore. Then when we are done, tear up the paper and throw it away. It can be as simple as that to release your fears.

Then when we are through releasing what we do not want any more, we can sit down again and write about what we choose to experience in our lives. This brings the energy out of our head and heart brains into manifestation. We are all creators and it is time to start creating what we choose to experience. Synchronicity is what starts to happen when you release your fears. It is called flowing with the force. Then all you have to do is think what you want and it will happen almost instantly. This new moon is an excellent time to put things into motion.

The time period from now until the Winter Solstice will be like a clean-up time for many. It is the time when we really need to face our fears and become free from them. This is a completion of a 30 year cycle of Saturn.

In 1987 both Saturn and Uranus were in the sign of Sagittarius. This energy jumped us into the 4D Earth and we began our search for freedom. This started with the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. It has been a long hard journey and we are almost at the end of this cycle. It’s my understanding that 4D is the dimension similar to the Astral where we experience everything; the good, the bad and the ugly. This is where the controllers exist and we had to look at how much we have been controlled.

Now it is time for the controllers to be exposed for what they have done in this life-time and other past lives. This means that we have all been looking at our shadow self and working on releasing what we do not want to experience anymore. The whole world, as a group has created all of this drama and chaos we are experiencing right now. We did this so we could look at our own issues. The way to get out of this chaos is to finish looking at your fears and become free. It is time.

Saturn moves into Capricorn on the Winter Solstice. Then both Saturn and Pluto will be in the sign of Capricorn which means it is time to create a whole new reality. The dark ones will soon be gone because they will not be on a high enough frequency to be on the new Earth. They will just disappear from sight.

I watched a video not too long ago that showed we had moved into higher frequency energy. This started when our Solar System crossed the Galactic Center in 2012. It has been fast forward since then and that is why everything is moving so fast and has become so chaotic. Out of the chaos comes a new creation. Saturn is starting to cross the Galactic Center now and this will continue until the end of December. This is when we will start to realize that we are in this very high frequency energy. Here is a link about that journey called: Where are we going Sun’s motion in the Galaxy. Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4.

The last video sounds kind of ominous although I believe the Earth is ascending and we all came here to help her ascend. She will not be destroyed, she will be changed into a new high frequency Earth and that is fast approaching. The golden light of the Age of Aquarius is now in our heavens. I think we are ready to live on the high frequency Earth.

The Earth has been moving through a cloud in space for a long time. When the Earth comes out of this Hydrogen Cloud it has been passing through we might see some fireworks in the heavens. This will be because the Hydrogen might ignite as the Earth leaves this cloud. If this does happen do not be afraid. It is just a sign to us that this is the end of an age and the beginning of a new reality.

The 13th sign of the Zodiac has been acknowledged by NASA. A solar wind comes to Earth when the sun is moving through that sign which is called Ophiuchus or Aesculapius. The Sun moves through this sign between November 30 and December 16. Aesculapius was the son/daughter of Apollo the Sun God. If you were born during that time period you are an Aesculapius. This sign refers to Goddess energy or love energy. We have almost made it and soon love will rule the world. So Be It!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to all of you. I would like to thank those of you who have sent me donations of money in the past month or so. Lots of blessing and Angel love to you. Edgar Cayce Past Life charts are still available for a $30 donation. They make nice gifts for the person who has everything. If you are interested in something like that just click on the button that says Edgar Cayce Charts on the front page of my blog

*****   Mahala Gayle    *****

Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

We have just entered the 5th moon cycle of 13 which is the Peacock Moon of Radiance. Peacock is the power bird of Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage. The Peacock just has awareness of its splendour, beauty and sovereign nature so it does perfectly embody Juno in her highest energy.

It has been a great journey personally and collectively to reach this point in our evolution that the old gender roles are really splitting open. If we think of where our grandmothers and fathers were in their lives in terms of education, health and human rights we have come a long way.

We see in many countries in the world that a spiritual revolution is taking place amidst the chaos of the breakdown of the old systems. I’m so thrilled that I have birthed this new Goddess Asteroid Astrology course which gives comprehensive information about the rapidly awakening exemplar archetypes embodied in the Goddess Asteroids. They also I feel have teachings that are fundamental to human health and well-being which begins with our relationship to our planet as Mother. All other relationships flow from there.

The course I have created, which honestly feels like a Golden Goose Egg, has 8 Modules exploring the Goddess Asteroids and one case study of the poet Sylvia Plath:

  1. Ceres –Mother Goddess, attachment, self-love and food
  2. Juno – Sacred Marriage and relationships
  3. Pallas Athena – Warrior Goddess and achievement in the outer world
  4. Vesta – Priestess and reclaiming spirituality for women
  5. Astraea – Sacred Arts and multi-dimensional awareness
  6. Hygeia – Circadian rhythms, ley lines and re-calibrating to cosmic and earth cycles
  7. Lilith, Dark Moon and Black Moon Lilith
  8. Chiron the Wounded Healer – a Centaur also vitally important for our times

So please enjoy listening in your own time and take it all into your heart. The energies of the Black Madonna of Montserrat were very present too in the making of the course in Catalonia. Share it with a friend or family member who will find value in it. At this great turning in time there is so much we can do to make our world a more loving, inclusive and nurturing place for everybody. Here is the link to the Introduction. Please also subscribe to my You Tube Channel Alison Dhuanna as I will be posting regular videos.

Warmest wishes,

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

Planet Alert November 3, 2017

Here we are experiencing another full moon that will occur at 10:22 PM on November 3 PDT. This one will be a Super Moon because it will be at the closest point to Earth on November 6. The Goddess rules this moon because both Eris (Wonder Woman) and Lilith will be taking their stand in the heavens. Eris will be activating Uranus, the planet of light, and Lilith will be activating Saturn, who has been considered the controller in the past. Because Uranus is light and Saturn rules our dark past, it looks like a lot of our past energy will be released to make way for the new energy that is coming in now. How many of you have been in a major release of old energy for the past month?

This full moon Astrology chart is very interesting. In the Washington D.C. chart the moon will be in the ninth house, which is the house of Sagittarius. This moon will interact with Saturn and Lilith which are both in Sagittarius right now. That sign rules courts of law, judges, traveling, dealing with foreign countries and their leaders. Saturn will bring up old stuff from the past, and Uranus will shine light on these old issues so they can come out into the open. Isn’t that exactly what is happening right now in Washington D.C.?

Unfortunately this full moon also ignited violence again. The sun is in Scorpio right now and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Pluto is right over New York City so violence was activated in that city. I have much compassion for all those people who suffered from one person’s violence. Let’s send lots of love to that area.

When will all this violence stop? The energy changes when Uranus goes into Taurus in May of 2018. That doesn’t mean it can’t change much sooner because Saturn goes into Capricorn around the time of the Winter Solstice. Saturn will then be out of the aspect of the Uranus/Eris energy. Eris was first announced as a dwarf planet in January of 2005. She came here to change the world and the first event was the Tsunami in Sumatra. It wasn’t until Eris started making a conjunction to Uranus a couple of years ago that it has been one Earth change after another. This will continue until Mother Earth says stop, I have had enough.

The Asteroid of great power is conjunct Venus (Earth goddess) on this full moon. Venus is in exact opposition to the Uranus/Eris conjunction and Eris is exactly trine to the Saturn/Lilith conjunction. This is a tremendously powerful Goddess aspect and hopefully it will activate a lot of love flowing over the whole Earth. This full moon would be a good time to sit in meditation and focus on love. If enough people would do that it would be awesome. The full moon is always in affect for at least three days after it is full so there is plenty of time to focus on love. Then another door will open on November 11 which is the 11-11 Gateway.

Mars is now in the sign of Libra, which rules relationships and the kidneys. Has anyone had any kidney problems in the past month or past year?  As Mars moves through the sign of Libra it will be opposing Aries, which rules the eyes. Uranus has been in Aries for 6 ½ years. This brought up lots of eye issues. Libra also rules lawyers, prosecutors and justice. This means it will be fast-speed ahead in the ongoing investigation of the people around President Trump. When Mars first entered Libra the first indictments were announced in that ongoing investigation. A major sexual issue concerning the Harvey Weinstein investigation came to light when Jupiter moved into Scorpio. That sign rules sexual issues and Jupiter will be in that sign for one year.

This full moon looks like it will not be very good for Trump. Saturn and Lilith are conjunct his moon and south node. This means his karma will be coming back to him. Saturn is exactly opposing his Sun and north node. When Saturn is opposing your sun it is a 29 year low period in your life. It brings up all kinds of issues including depression. It looks to me like this full moon will bring a major change into his life.

The energy of the Total Solar Eclipse in August is still affecting his chart. The eclipse was on 29 degrees Leo which is the same as Trumps ascendant and his Mars is 26 Leo. This is why there has been so much drama in his life and the life of the people around him. He has Leo rising which means he likes to be the top man and the world revolves around him. He is in a very stressful time period.

In the United States birth chart Pluto (the transformer) is being squared by Uranus and Eris. The past two years has been a time of much transformation for us, and for the world. Pluto is also considered the God of the Underworld. This is why all the corruption that has been going on for so long needs to come out into the open for everyone to see.

Now we have to go through the cleansing of our government. It has to happen so we can finish the 20th   Chapter of Revelation, which is the uncovering of the dark side. I do not know how long this will take although I do know that Jupiter will be in Scorpio for one year and during this time period more misuse of the sexual energy will come out into the open.

Mars is now moving through Libra and the part of the world that is activated by this sign are the European nations like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, etc. This includes the Vatican. Mars will be in Libra until December 9, 2017 and then Mars will move into Scorpio.  Mars and Jupiter will then be together in Scorpio. That is a very powerful energy. This could cause some challenges in the Middle East Countries and also the West Coast of the United States. It could also bring some good news to the world, especially after the Winter Solstice.

Speaking of Jupiter, there will be a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the heavens on November 13, 2017. According to the Astronomers this will be quite a sight. To me this means Jupiter will be honoring the Goddess Venus which will shine in all its brightness. Jupiter is now giving its power to Venus because the Goddess is being acknowledged at this full moon. What a change this will bring. There was a picture of a heart in the heavens on Halloween. This is another sign of love energy. Here is the link

This month we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States. I think it is time we all give thanks for our blessings. We were so lucky to be born in such a wonderful country. Our country will survive and be better off because of the cleansing we are going through right now. I know it doesn’t look like there will be peace on Earth anytime soon although you could be surprised. It could happen sooner than you think. It may start with this full moon for Light Workers and those who choose to live on a higher frequency Earth. It’s graduation time!             So Be It!

Love to all you beautiful people!       *Mahala Gayle*

Edgar Cayce Past Life Charts are still available for a $30 donation. They are very interesting and they tell you the characteristics that you brought with you into this life-time and your potential in this life. If you are interested in having a past life chart done just click the button on my web site that says Past Life Charts.