News Flash June 23, 2017

We just had the summer solstice a couple of days ago and the sun is now moving through the sign of Cancer. This sign rules the home, family, food and emotions. Usually Cancer people like to eat, and part of the reason is because it makes them feel good. Food can be very comforting at certain times. Mars is also going through the sign of Cancer and at the new moon of June 23 Mars was exactly on top of the birth Sun of the United States, which is 13 degrees Cancer. It also made a square aspect to the planet Jupiter on 13 degrees Libra. This energy will definitely affect Washington D.C. and the surrounding area, and this energy will continue until the full moon of July.

The energy of Mars square Jupiter affects finances, business, and legal affairs. This energy causes people to become involved in legal battles and caution should be used in dealing with foreign countries. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and that sign rules foreign countries, judges, and legal affairs. Mars will also conjunct Mercury on June 29, 2017, and will then oppose Pluto. This is a very strong aspect and means there is the possibility of a large storm coming into the East coast, which includes the southern SE states. Chances are that China will also have storms around that time period.

The Mars/Pluto/Mercury energy could also work out on the level of arguments, accidents or violence. Right now the Health Care Bill is coming up for a vote next week. In fact, I think it will be on June 29th.  Mercury will give its power to Mars who will then oppose the dark lord Pluto. This is a very controversial bill. Instead of robbing the rich to pay the poor, this bill will rob the poor to pay the rich. That is one of the reasons this bill is so controversial. There will be a big tax cut for the rich, and the loss of health care for 24 million poor and disabled people because Medicaid will basically be eliminated.

The meaning of 13 degrees Cancer, where Mars is located at this new moon is “The power of will in shaping events.” The basic meaning of this degree is that individuality can only express itself through a strong will which is required to face the issues at stake. We have been a very strong nation and we will come through this challenge as we transform into a new society.

The meaning of 13 degrees Libra, where Jupiter is now located, means that this is a good time to have sacred ceremonies and other events that affect the whole of society. This could be referring to the many people who are demonstrating against the signing of the Health Care Bill.

On a positive level it could refer to the high frequency energy we have been experiencing during this time period. It is a good time to focus on raising your own frequency so you don’t have to experience the negative affect of this energy. It is transformation time into a higher frequency for those who are ready.

Mars will exactly oppose Pluto, the transformer, on July 2, 2017. Pluto is on 18 degrees Capricorn. This degree means that protection is afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. This degree reflects conditions from the past surfacing to be transformed into something new. Power is required to maintain social order.

The birth of this great nation called The United States of America was on July 4, 1776. Washington D.C. lines up with the great sun called Sirius. Beings from this Star have been watching over us for a long time, and they helped form our government.  The United States birth chart was exactly in alignment with that star when we were created. We were meant to be free and a great light for the rest of the world. Then the ones who wanted to control the world came to power behind the scene and those power issues are what we are looking at right now. We have to go through this process of learning about all of the control and corruption that has come to the foreground recently and we have had to face and release our own darkness. It may take a while longer to go through this process before we can be free.

The United States is not the only country that is facing challenges right now. There are many countries in chaos. We, as a united world have created this chaos for everyone to go through. After we finish looking at this chaos and come to an understanding that we do not have to experience this negativity anymore, then will come the great awakening. Hang in there because out of this chaos will come a new creation, or a splitting of the time-lines from 3/4 Density to 5/6 Density and we will finally live on a higher frequency Earth where love and peace exist.

The way to the new world is through your heart. Your sacred heart is your magnetic center. It is the source of higher intelligence and your life force. Your heart contains a great and powerful magnet. You are love and once you learn to connect to your loving heart you will be able to create anything you choose to have. Our heart magnet is what draws things to us and through this heart center we can manifest love, and that is the greatest force there is in this Universe. This is why Jesus said to look within because that is where you will find God. Learn to think with your heart.

        So Be It!

My love to all of you!       *     Mahala Gayle  *      A galactic communicator from the Pleiades Star System

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Living From Spiritual Wisdom

Guest article from Mona Delfino @

In today’s world, it’s very easy to get caught up in the drama and confusion that seems to be circling the world. Sometimes people think that the world is going down so bad that we may not make it through another year! And yet, beautiful babies are being born that are so enlightened; produce and flowers are blooming like never before; the rain came back to California, and the American people are being given an opportunity to think and feel for themselves in these major times of change.

It might be best if we understand that in the world of spirit, there is no right or wrong, bad or  good, however there is light and dark. The dark stems from the light and the light stems from the dark. When I was being trained many moons ago by my Cherokee mentor, Karen Land, she used to say that the light cannot live without the dark and the dark cannot live without the light. Therefore, she said it will never be a perfect world as lessons will always present themselves in order for us to be wiser. If we were learning from all that has been in our lives, we would not only help achieve a more peaceful world inside and out, but we would also be able to intuit each other much more easily and humanity could live without judgment.

The other day I was driving to see my brand-new baby grandson, and as I was on the road, I received this message:

” We need to perceive the word “challenge” in a new way. When we see life as a challenge, we can feel victimized. It is a blessing within a challenge that is needed in order to see clearer. We make better choices when we learn lessons. Life is constantly changing and so are we. How we do that is up to us. It’s important to realize that we can make choices based on what we are feeling in the moment. We could be better grateful for these lessons called challenges that provide for us a deeper wisdom and a greater learning. When we learn these lessons, we can become better balanced and are able to make higher and clearer decisions according to our souls contract.

It’s fun to know that we are creative beings without limitation. Taking life a day at a time and appreciating it every step of the way will help us to lighten up and achieve more recognition that truly, we really have always been taken care of. When we understand this, we will soon begin to live in gratitude and make it become a part of our daily living. Freedom of knowing that we have a free will and choice is true power. It stems from the love of source, God, Our higher self or whatever you want to call it. It’s a love that encompasses all around us when we don’t even know it’s happening.”

Living from spiritual wisdom is allowing and becoming more resilient as time goes on. It’s recognition that we are making choices to suit our better good, our deeper feelings and acceptance of ourselves more than anything else. Judging is a factor that has been done for so many years that sometimes we don’t even know or are aware we are doing it.

In the work that I have done for practically my whole life, I learned that people have been hurt and became attached to that pain instead of learning from it and moving on. If anything, this is what I have seen that has held us back more than anything else. If we really recognized what was in our hearts and in our muscle memory, I feel most of us would make better choices and wash away the past so that we can become new every single day.

Nature is the first one to teach us this wisdom. Animals are next. Nature is made of balance and unconditional love… Animals come from that same energy. My wish for our entire world is for us to see each other as individuals who have all had pain at some point in time, and teach each other to recognize more of what today brings. Being real, being honest, and realizing you are never alone is the most comforting peace a person can have.

Here’s to our new world and our new spiritual living with eyes wide open!
Love and blessings, Mona~

Planet Alert June 2017

Today is June 8, 2017 and I just finished listening to the Comey Hearing. This is just the beginning of the investigation. Only time will tell how it all turns out. This hearing is just before the full moon which is on June 9, 2017. This is starting out to be a very interesting full moon. It will activate more intense energy because Mars will be opposing Pluto by sign all month. Mars is now in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn. Cancer rules the home, family, food, and comfort, and Pluto rules the governments of the world. It is also considered the transformer, or the God of the Underworld. This is why all the hidden information that we have not been aware of is coming to the surface for all to see. This corruption has been going on for a very long period of time.

Around the Summer Solstice Mars will be on 13 degrees Cancer. That is right on top of the United States birth sun. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2009 and Capricorn rules governments. Then Uranus moved into Aries in March of 2011 and the revolutions in the Middle East became very dominant and many governments were overthrown, or changed during the following years. Syria seems to be the ending of those revolutions unless Qatar moves into one. Now we are having a revolution here in the United States, which is affecting the whole world.

The revolution in the United States has been going on for quite a while and we have recently witnessed it as a battle between the Republicans and the Democrats. This started with the presidency of Barack Obama. The Republicans opposed almost everything he tried to do, although he did manage to create health care for everyone, and there were no scandals during his presidency.

This opposing energy causes a lot of polarity energy.  Right now part of the people are happy that Trump is president and the other part is not happy. We live in a divided country right now and we have reached the climax of this battle between the two sides. The climax will happen soon because Mars will be over Washington D.C. in a couple of weeks and will be opposing Pluto. In fact Mars, will be opposing Pluto by declination for almost the whole month of July. Mars will be over the east coast, particularly New York on July 2 and will be exactly opposing Pluto.

The sun is moving through the sign of Gemini right now and will be opposing Saturn on June 15. Both Gemini and Sagittarius rules legal events, law suits, courts of law, judges and the judiciary system. Watch what transpires in regard to legal affairs this month and next month.

How can we manifest Unity consciousness when there is such a large division between people? This energy brings up fighting and disagreements and no one wins when that happens.  When you resist something you are adding to the energy of fighting. If you wish to stay out of this battle, then the thing to do is to remain neutral. That way you are not adding negative energy to it.

Remember Love always wins because that is all there is. Love is the glue that holds the Universe together.  It’s time to stand in our own power and be united in love. Everything is going to turn out alright because we are just in the drama where everything hidden has to come out into the open for everyone all over the world to witness.  This has to happen before the New World can manifest, although we can personally live in a world of peace and love. We are here to ground the new energy so others can start to feel it.

The time-lines are in the process of splitting and like it says in the Bible “two will be standing in the field, one will be taken and one will be left”. One will be on one time-line and the other one will be on another time-line.  Those on the higher time-line will experience a higher frequency Earth.

There is also a lot of very high energy that is here right now and if we tune into that energy we can manifest Christ Consciousness. It’s my understanding that if you are living in 5 Density energy, it is very easy to manifest Christ Consciousness. If you can manifest 6 Density than you will be living in a world of magic and miracles.  That energy also flows very nicely to bring you what you choose to experience. Manifesting 6 Density is a lot of fun.

We do live in very exciting times. Aren’t you glad to be here to experience this change? When it is over we will be in such a nice place that it will have been worth the wait. I have seen the New Earth and that is what has kept me going and writing my articles for all of these years. I came here to help people move through this change and give them hope for the future. We have almost made it and it is about time. It has been a long wait.

Incidentally, we are in the Crystal Moon of Cooperation and the glyph for this full moon is the Red Self-existing Earth which rules the second chakra. Please pull this energy into your heart.

Here is a link to two interesting articles by Lisa Rising Berry: The 13th Gate, The God Particle, And the connection to the 13th Cranial Nerve – Part 1, Part 2.

Love to everyone from a Galactic Communicator from the Pleiades Star System. I am the Yellow Star according to the Mayan Calendar, which is ruled by Venus.

*****  Mahala Gayle *****

I write my articles from my heart energy and hope you accept the love I send to you. You are all wonderful angels of love and light. Keep up the good work. I also thank those who donate money to me. It is so appreciated.

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Red Dragon Awakening

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

I have been planning a trip along the St Michael and Mary ley lines of Britain this summer and so I was delighted to find that Red Magnetic Dragon wavespell and a new 260 day cycle began on the 24th May. These ley lines are known as Dragon lines and they connect to Europe and beyond. I feel a strong sense that the mountains ranges across the world are in communication with each other.

I have become more drawn lately to seeing the connections between the Mayan Astrology and what the Goddess Asteroids are up to. This month the Sun moves into Gemini and as you can see from the Johfra image above Dragons also appear in the symbolism of this fascinating sign. I love Johfra’s paintings. Years ago this book came to me and for a whole year when I was 29 years old I lived each sign of the zodiac. Back then some 15 years ago I also went on an amazing journey along these ley lines which cross with each other in very powerful points in places such as Avebury and Glastonbury Tor. I once met a man on top of Glastonbury Tor who had cured himself of a brain tumour by standing on the cross over point every day and he was kind enough to show me where it is.

There are exciting things going on in Gemini this month. Mars in Gemini is opposing Saturn in Sagittarius crossing the Galactic Centre. I feel Saturn very much as the presence of the Dark Mother Binah birthing new forms from the powerful waves of evolutionary force flowing into the Galaxy. The Galactic Centre is the portal to the Ninth Dimension so I was very interested to hear from Mahala’s blog that Carl Calleman has said 24th May is also a Ninth Dimensional opening. In this scenario could Saturn also be interacting with Mars energy through the ley lines? It feels as though their power is rising which is what we would associate with Mars. These ley lines also have a very direct connection with the human energy field too.

I am very excited as well that Ceres the Mother Goddess energy is conjoining the Sun at 6-7th June. I feel this will be a particularly powerful time and that perhaps events may lead politicians to take environmental concerns more seriously. I feel sure the Mother Goddess will in some way make her voice heard. I found out after writing this there is a new RHS Flower Show so that is perfect! On a personal level it is a great time to assess and transform your relationship with food. There is only one rule – the closer it is to how Mother Earth intended the better it is for us. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years with the plants and animals and when we don’t mess around with the system we can have excellent health. I’m really enjoying growing my own food and being part of the journey from seed to plate, it gives me such joy. It is the best way to feel an intimate connection with your food. The only thing that gives me more joy is growing flowers!

As if to confirm we are on the right track here my friend M who follows the crop circles closely sent me this one yesterday. It is aligned to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwell and the ley line may pass through it…it is certainly close by. Apparently crop circles are very rare in Cornwall. What I see in it is a bird or a fish maybe? Here is the link below to see it.

Gemini being an Air sign, I’ve had some lovely bird experiences in the past week. In the nearby woods where I live there have been some baby woodpeckers singing their hearts out. The sound goes up when mum feeds them. I recorded it and its on my You Tube channel. And if that wasn’t good enough today we witnessed the fledgling flight of 2 tiny wrens. Pretty incredible!

If you want to find out how these alignments are affecting you personally I do a personal reading, usually on CD. Email me at for more details

Love and Blessings

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

News Flash May 24, 2017

Today is a major energy day according to Carl Calleman, who is an expert on the Mayan Calendar. People from all over the world are meditating to anchor this energy into Mother Earth. The object is to open your heart to the 9th wave, which is a very high frequency. It’s my understanding that Jesus manifested 9D energy when he was on Earth and this is why I call this energy Christ Consciousness. It is also the beginning of Unity consciousness on a large scale and it is time to focus on opening your heart to receive this energy and ground it into Mother Earth. Here is a link about the 9th wave MORAG: “Mayan Prophesy 24.05.17”.

The New Moon is tomorrow on May 25 at 12:44 PDT. This New Moon energy is working up to the culmination of the Mars opposing Saturn energy that has been cresting in the past few days. Do you feel angry? A lot of people do feel this way so keep your cool.  The culmination actually occurs on May 28 when Mars is on 26 Gemini exactly opposing Saturn on 26 degrees Sagittarius, which is where the Galactic Center is located. Saturn is the judge and the negative aspect of Mars is violence. The terrorist attack in England happened on Monday May 22 because the Mars/Saturn energy was in effect.

The affects from a Mars/Saturn opposition can also cause problems with authority figures, government officials, and it can cause people to have to deal with law suits, investigation issues, or police action.  Saturn is in Sagittarius, which rules laws, judges, and the court system. The lawsuit issues seem to be one of the largest challenges with this Mars/Saturn opposition.

The reason I have been talking about this Mars/Saturn energy is because it has been so hard to deal with because it makes so many people angry. This is why it is so important to be peaceful and grounded during this upcoming holiday weekend, at least for those of us who are living in the United States.  On June 1st we enter the Mayan Dreamspell month of The Crystal Moon of Cooperation. During this time period we should be able to tune into the 9th wave of energy a lot easier.

When Mars moves into Cancer on June 4th it will start affecting the East Coast of the United States. It will be right over Washington D.C. on the Summer Solstice, which is on June 20, 2017.  This means that the energy from the Mars/Jupiter square will start building before the full moon of June 9, 2017. This Mars/Jupiter aspect rules business and financial affairs, including legal or illegal financial dealings. The investigation that has been ongoing with Trump and his business associates might culminate around the time of the Summer Solstice.

I realize that this article sounds like we have more chaos to go through, which is what the planets say for this time period. We do create our own reality and this is why it is so important for us light workers to stay grounded and at peace during this time period. We can either stay in our anger, or decide to create a new perception of life and enjoy the ride. It’s your choice which reality you choose to exist in from now on. All you have to do to enjoy the 9th wave is to open your heart and express love.        So Be It!

Here are a couple of inspiring articles The Gift Within & The Second Phase of The Acceleration into the Ascension Has Begun.

Love to all of you     Mahala Gayle


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Planet Alert May 2017

The full moon on May 10 was a very powerful one. It was the climax of the Mercury/Uranus conjunction that started on April 28, 2017.  The period of time from April 28 to May 10 was very challenging because of that conjunction. Mercury rules transportation and communication and Uranus rules sudden unexpected events. How did you experience this past period of time up to the full moon? Did it feel like Mercury was still retrograde? A Mercury/Uranus conjunction makes it feel like Mercury is still retrograde. This caused lots of computer problems, phone challenges, and lots of accidents.

Were you very agitated or angry about something or someone during this past full moon, or did you have major physical symptoms because of the increase in energy?   Or were you one of the lucky ones that got through this period of time experiencing peace and love? I experienced the physical symptoms, and they were very intense. This energy is over now because the climax occurred at the full moon, although we still have to deal with the Saturn/Uranus trine which will be in effect until the end of this month. Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new which means out with the old and in with the new.

Whenever high energy, like the solar wind comes to Earth, people seem to get a little agitated. This is because the solar energy hits our magnetic field and those that cannot handle this high energy go a little crazy. We are all connected to Earth’s magnetic field, and in that sense we are all one. Maybe it’s time to start manifesting this unity consciousness.

Trump has been a real challenge to the world so maybe we could change our perception of him and see him as creating unity consciousness. He is creating this because so many people are joining together against him.  He is bringing many people together on a negative level, and they are saying “enough is enough”, we want our freedom and we do not want to be controlled anymore. He is like Shiva, the destroyer who comes to destroy things so a new reality can be created. Out of chaos comes a new creation. Incidentally, Carl Calleman says that a new wave of energy starts on May 24 when we move into a new wave on the 9th level of consciousness. (That level is Christ Consciousness).

In my last article I mentioned there would be lots of lawsuits and legal action against Trump during this time period, and that is coming true.  I am referring to what is going on in our government here in the United States and the investigation of Trump on money laundering and the charge that Russia hacked our election. I heard that two summons have been issued to Trump already. One of them is from New York and the other one is from Virginia. This is just the beginning. There has been an investigation going on in the FBI about the Russian connection to our election for months.

Sally Yates, the former acting attorney general of the USA, told our senators on May 8 about how she warned Trump not to hire Michael Flynn because of his illegal activities. Lots of action and upsets have occurred because of her testimony. The next thing that happened was Trump fired James Comey, the head of the FBI. He was in charge of the investigation of Trump for illegal activity. Now things have moved into fast-speed. What will happen next in this big drama?

Trump does not have a very good chart right now because he is a Gemini and Mars is moving through that sign. Mars was on 13 degrees Gemini on this past full moon and Trump’s Uranus is on 17 degrees Gemini. His Uranus was within orb when he unexpectedly fired James Comey although that energy will still be in effect until Mather’s Day on May 14th.  What else will he do with this unexpected energy?

The next major aspect in his chart will be when Mars conjuncts his north node on May 19-20. His node is his destiny. What major event will happen around that time? It is a war-like energy which means he might start another war, maybe in Afghanistan or Korea, or he may be in danger himself. Trump’s north node is on 20 degrees Gemini and Mars in the United States birth chart is on 20 degrees Gemini. We will see what happens with that powerful aspect. The next major aspect is when Mars conjuncts his sun on May 22-23.

Now let’s talk about Earth changes. There were a lot of Earth changes this past month like storms all over the world. In fact we had a huge storm here in the Pacific Northwest on Thursday May 4 that lasted from 3:00 pm until 3:00 am. It ended with a tremendous loud blast of thunder. That blast woke me up and I bet it woke up a lot of other people. We also had another event across our mountains where the Hanford Nuclear plant is located. A tunnel collapsed there and this could be a dangerous situation if it leaks radiation. They have said it is fixed. I sure hope so. We also had a couple of small earthquakes in our area.

I did mention in my last article that there would be a lot of storms, especially across the Midwest. This did happen and there will be more large storms in that same area. We are still in the year of the Blue Storm in the Dreamspell Calendar and that energy will continue until July 25, 2017. The sun moves into Gemini on May 20 and the Midwest will be affected by the sun for another month. Mars moves out of Gemini on June 4, 2017. Then the water energy of Cancer will become dominant and this will bring storms and flooding to the East Coast. Pluto is also being activated now which could also bring storms to the East Coast.

Our thoughts are electrical and our emotions are magnetic. We create with our thoughts and manifest with our emotions. We need to have our hearts open to manifest Christ Consciousness. Think with your heart. Love with your heart. Our heart is our magnetic center and your heart is the most powerful organ in your body. It also connects to Earth’s magnetic field and by us all connecting to this field we all become united in love.       So Be It!      All is well in my world and hope it is the same in your world.


             Love and light to everyone!  Mahala Gayle


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News Flash April 22, 2017

Today is Earth day and I think it would be nice to celebrate Earth Day the whole month of May because this is such a beautiful time of year; at least it is here in Seattle. The trees and some of the flowers are in full bloom and it is gorgeous. I love looking out my living room windows to see all the flowers and trees in bloom. Now all we need is more Sunshine. The reason we have had so much rain this year is because the dwarf planet Sedna, which rules oceans and water, has been stationary over the Pacific Northwest and it will be there for a while longer. Maybe it is time to visualize more Sunshine for our area.

The energy of the planets will be changing soon because the sun just moved out of Aries, which is ruled by Mars. Mercury and Uranus are still in Aries so it may be a couple of weeks before we feel a more peaceful energy. The energy of violence is still being expressed by Mercury and Uranus in Aries. Mars rules war on the lower density Earth. This war energy was activated when Trump bombed Syria and Afghanistan. I think those events might have been a diversion to take people’s minds off the investigation of Trump that is going on right now because of his illegal activities.

When I looked at the New Moon Chart of April 26 I saw that Uranus and Mercury (retrograde) are conjunct in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. This means we are not out of that strong violent energy until Mercury goes direct and moves past 25 degrees Aries around the full moon of May 10. The meaning of 25 Aries is the possibility for man to live on two levels of consciousness at the same time.

If enough of us can manifest a high level of consciousness and find our peace within, we might not be aware of war and violence anymore because we will be living on a higher frequency time-line. I know that a portal opened just before the full moon of April and it has been very hard moving into that new energy. Many people have been tired, depressed, slept a lot and some even got sick. Many of us have been going through a major change in frequency that will move us into a new time-line.

Mars is now in Gemini and this will create an entirely different energy and a lesser chance of war this month, except for the fact that Trump is a Gemini and he has two planets, plus his north node in that sign. Mars will be conjunct his Uranus on May 15-16, which can bring unexpected events. Mars will be conjunct his node on May 19-20, which could cause a major event in his life. Then Mars will be conjunct his sun on May 22-23, which will give him a lot of energy. Mars will be in Gemini until June 3rd.  Mercury rules Gemini, which means that we will have a Mars/Mercury interaction.  This energy will focus on arguments so please watch your temper.

Mars in Gemini will not be the best energy for Trump to communicate with people and other countries. Gemini is the sign of communication and transportation and it also rules law.  This will be the time period when there will be lots of law suits and legal action against Trump, and the energy for impeachment may come up at this time. Saturn is the judge that now sits conjunct the Galactic Center on 27 Sagittarius opposing Trump’s sun. It looks like it might be judgment time for Trump.

I don’t mean to judge Trump because he is just playing the part of bringing all the corruption out into the open for all of us to see.  We are experiencing the 20th chapter of Revelation. After we are through with this energy we will experience the New Heaven and the New Earth, however that works out. We should bless him for playing his part in this drama.

The Mars/Mercury energy in Gemini will also bring a lot of storms, particularly from the West Coast to the Mississippi River. The other side of the world that will be affected by this energy includes India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  It will actually affect the whole world because it is such a strong energy for storms and flooding. Mars and Mercury together have a tendency to cause wind storms and of course rain, hail, or lightning might come with it.  It is also the energy of accidents.

The sun is now in the Earth sign Taurus which means the West Coast, the Middle East, Korea and Japan will also be affected by this energy, along with South America. Taurus is ruled by Venus so that might bring in some good energy along the lines of abundance.

For the past year and a half the north node was going through the sign of Virgo and this gave us the opportunity to look at all of our pain and suffering. Pisces in the south node allowed us to remove the poor-me energy from our energy field. That was a really hard time period and I am so glad the node is now moving into Leo.

I believe we are about to enter the Golden Age on April 27 when the north node of the moon moves onto 29 degrees Leo, which connects to Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion. During the next one and a half years we will be experiencing the energy of Leo and Aquarius. Leo is the golden lion and represents the Sphinx that has the head of a woman and the body of a lion. This will be the blending of male and female energy, or the balancing of our brains that will bring us to the energy of Oneness. Aquarius rules new inventions that will come forth for the benefit of mankind.

I received a link to a song a few days ago and I thought “this is interesting.” The link is a popular song called The Lion Sleeps. Well, the Lion is about to start roaring as the node moves into Leo. Here is the link to that song The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens.   Here is another link to an interesting article Dimensional Shift.

It is time to start enjoying the playful energy of Leo. Enjoy life, do what you want to do because it is also time for freedom from control. It doesn’t appear that way right now but things can change in an instant, especially with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries on April 27.  Then Mercury continues retrograde until it comes back to conjunct Uranus again on 25 degrees Aries on the full moon day of May 10, 2017. This will probably be an important full moon because the Goddess Venus will be dominant. This is why Mothers Day is celebrated in May.

Lots of love to all of you!

Mahala Gayle               (Yellow Star and  Galactic Communicator)

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Connecting to the Divine – Retreat

Guest article by Mona form

Hello Everyone!

We are in major times of change. Our worlds inside and out are be being confronted in ways we couldn’t even have imagined or could even make up! Many of us are having dreams as well that are having us feeling different when we wake up in the morning. What is actually happening is that we are opening up to new neuro pathways in our bodies to help reconstruct, redirect and redshift old memory that no longer suite or serve us. This ends up in the physical body to help us expand into our truth. It may sound foreign, but we really are shifting into new beings. The only thing we need to do is Trust, Honor the process, and Allow our spirits once again align to our heart.

Sometimes even though you might wake up wondering if your physical body is getting healed, the answer will be YES if you “know” that you are in good hands! ( Spiritual connectedness!)


I am planning on holding a very spiritual and “Connecting to the Divine” retreat in Sedona, Arizona in July. For those of you who might be interested, the dates are July 7th through the 10th, with people leaving on the 11th. This will be a very integrative workshop where we will be connecting to Source within, as well as having time to do some hiking. This will not be strenuous at all… but we will go to a special place to open our hearts and do ceremony.

If you might be interested in this event, the cost is $1,000.00 per person, and will cover room and board, food and drink. Dining will be separate. This does not cover airfare or transportation to the house. There is room for 12 so please visit It is first come first serve. There will be more events added shortly, so STAY TUNED!!
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Chariklo the Carer Archetype

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Following the discovery of Chiron in 1977 it took over a decade for the rest of his herd to be discovered in the heavens. Like Chiron the Centaurs all have unusually strange orbital patterns crossing the path of the outer planets. From an Astrological point of view, they are important bodies in illuminating the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and emergence of a trans-personal, interconnected global culture. The Rainbow Bridge refers to the area of the solar system between Mars and Jupiter and a state of consciousness.

Chariklo like Chiron crosses the path of both Saturn (Underworld) and Uranus (Revolution). This is one of the reasons both are strongly connected to the emergence and liberation from an underworld journey. Chariklo is the first small body discovered to have rings – could this mean she shares traits of Saturn such as feeling limited by her role? She almost certainly has a moon yet undiscovered.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer who learns through recovering from his own illness, a wound to his leg. Chariklo was his wife, a Nymph and the Daughter of Apollo. In mythology, we never hear directly about Chariklo but we know she is there on a life long journey supporting Chiron. She embodies many of the qualities of the Carer archetype – she is invisible, undervalued and not paid for her healing services. In other words, she has had to let go of all status and reward in her role as Carer and Healer.

The archetype of the Carer has been part of my life for many years now despite my futile resistance to it. My adopted son has extreme behaviors which made normal parenting, going places and socializing with other families an impossibility. I know there are many families in this position and its very isolating and challenging being desperately worried about the one you love, having no time to yourself so your resources gradually become depleted no matter how strong a person you are.

The reason I decided to look up Chariklo today is my partner has been in hospital with angina. My resistance to being a Carer has risen again in the early days of the diagnosis (I apologize darling for being like Nurse Ratchet). Chariklo helps me to see that being a Carer is part of my path – not a diversion from my path. When I accept the role with Grace and the gifts it brings – I know a lot about a range of health problems, attachment, trauma – which I never would have known without the people in my life I have cared for. I would not be doing the Astrology I am doing or know the things I do were it not for these direct life experiences.

The path of ‘surrender’ and service to others may lead one spiritually to explore the Carer archetype as a way of letting go of ‘self’. A strong Pisces/Neptune theme in charts for example would point to this. How challenging this is to achieve will be determined by what else is in the chart. A strong Aries/Mars theme for example interacting with Pisces/Neptune would create challenging feelings about taking on such a role.

Last summer I attended a Native American Indian teachings workshop and was paired up with a woman who was ill and struggling with the whole caring thing from the other side of the fence. This helped me understand how frightening it can be to become ill and feel alone and a burden on those you love. It must be also a deep ancestral fear because in days gone by you would just have been left to die. Some exceptions have been found for example in the Orkney Islands. Anthropologists believe people with disabilities thought of as shamans were looked after but this was not the norm.

It is also very hard for people who are ill not to feel stigmatized, less than other people. Illness may bring poverty and social isolation with it. The power dynamics which can arise in relationships where one partner is ill and one the carer can be difficult to negotiate and not fall into victim/oppressor roles. Often children must make sacrifices where parents or other siblings are ill which can shape who they are and their feelings about illness, being supported. Saturn often highlights such issues.

It did not surprise me to find that Chariklo is travelling with the Golden Trio of Goddesses in Capricorn, Astraea, Juno and Hygiea. They are coming up to a meeting with Pluto which is why the intensity of their issues is growing. In a nutshell, these could be summarized as the need to harmonize with natural rhythms and create an environment of beautiful, harmonious energy to be in. Also underlying problems with partners and power imbalances may come to the surface to be looked at again.

For the next 2 weeks, I’m going to offer a special chart reading which also includes Chariklo plus a £20 voucher off the cost of a reading for Carers and those in need of caring. The reading would therefore be £67. Email me at to book quoting Chariklo reading. I donate 10% of all my readings to Mahala to say a big thank you for sharing my blogs.

Below is a video about the discovery of the Rings of Chariklo which astounded astronomers [Editor’s note: turn your computer volume down before connecting, a commerical runs on the video before the news clip]