Equinox Energy – It has begun!

Hi everyone,

I have been feeling the energy come in big time for the last two days. This is the strongest energy I have felt in a long time.  My whole body hurts and I know it is from the energy that is coming in right now. It looks like this might be the beginning of the massive energy that is expected this month.

With every Solstice and Equinox there is always a lot of energy that comes to Earth. This has been going on for a long time and that is why people celebrate at this time of year.  They celebrate to enjoy or ground the energy that comes in. Because the energy coming to Earth from the planets is so strong this year the energy coming in on this Equinox will be amplified and continue to be amplified during March and April. The Equinox is on March 20, 2018. We are already feeling the energy.

I received an email sometime last week that talked about the emerald light appearing first. Here is a picture from www.spaceweather.com to March 10th, 2018 showing the beautiful emerald light that arrived.

I would like to share a few emails I have received in the past few days because I think you might be interested in them.  Here are the links:

The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will

March Amplifications: Solar Flashes and the Ascended Lightbody

NEW Embodiment Level Incoming Now by Denise

Coronal Hole in Sun on SpaceWeather.com

Northern Lights

Love and blessing to all of you.

Energy Report for March 8th, 2018

Mahala and I recorded another Energy Report this morning. In that recording, Mahala read from and talked about a few articles and videos. Because it’s fun, I’ve duplicated the relevant information here in chronological order.

Here is the video. Below that is information that Mahala reads that you can follow along with if you’d like.

From Romeo Baron’s Facebook post:

“The Cosmic Event is Coming!

The Planetary Ascension – The Dimensional Shift – The New Earth

We stand at the threshold of a Great Dawning. There will be a massive wave of cosmic Golden Light that will completely descend upon our Earth, raising the vibrational frequency like no other. The Light codes will shine down and interpenetrate the density of matter, making it translucent, less dense. We will experience a dynamic re-calibration in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth’s grid system on a global scale.

This energetic wave pattern Event is what will trigger a radical shift in consciousness, activating our highest DNA potential. Resurrecting the ability for full regeneration that is our natural state. The activation of our bio-circuitry system, new neural pathways, and the recalibration of our DNA will trigger new perceptions, and new sensory impulses.

As our Earth transforms from the inside out which is a necessary purification, a great purge of all that is not in resonant with our ascending planet and all within us, the veil will be lifted, and our new earth will emerge. The formless will take form, the form that animates our divine blueprint. And we will perceive the world with unimaginable beauty. Multi-Dimensional reality and the interconnectedness to all things will be as clear as Sunlight.

Our majestic radiance of Cosmic Christ Light, Expanded Consciousness will set the world a Light in its magnificence. Our new Earth will be without fear, without war, without greed. In a safe custodianship of an awakened divine human species. Manifesting peace, love, light, and celebration.

Released and transformed, into a multi-dimensional, Soul Humanity. Conscious, Whole, and Free. ✨🌎✨

~Romeo Baron


Next, from Gary Stearman on June 9, 2015:

“Strange Trumpets – Is the World Being Warned?

Among the many strange phenomena we’re watching, a new development has emerged. There is a mystery afoot. For nearly a decade now, all over the world, people have begun to hear strange sounds … bone-chilling unexplainable, echoing, resonating, crashing, metallic clamoring racket. But it is most intriguing that many of them sound like a trumpet … or a chorus of trumpets. This phenomenon has forced many to think again about the coming apocalypse.

All over the world, people are experiencing strange, discordant music and noise from the earth and the firmament above. Sometimes, it comes from the sky as droning trumpets that sound notes in the lower to middle registers, but are nevertheless musical in nature. Lately, high-pitched trumpets are emerging. …”

Next, the video from Alison Coe

[Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvR7LmGSkU0]

Yet again, the woman who lost her son that started receiving information. Two different videos.

This video is the first link: Message from the Other Side about FUTURE 2018, there are other videos too: Messages From The New Earth (EVENT) [Angela Gabrielle]

Next to last, the Easter article

Mary Magdalene and the Easter Egg.

“According to tradition, after Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, the Magdalene—a wealthy woman of some importance—boldly presented herself to the Emperor Tiberius Caesar in Rome to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with an egg in hand to illustrate her message.

Holding the egg out to him, she exclaimed for the first time what is now the universal Easter proclamation among Christians, “Christ is risen!”

The emperor, mocking her, said that Jesus had no more risen than the egg in her hand was red. Immediately, the egg turned red as a sign from God to illustrate the truth of her message. The Emperor then heeded her complaints about Pilate condemning an innocent man to death, and had Pilate removed from Jerusalem under imperial displeasure. …”

Finally, the “Snow White” link from Wikipedia information.

(225088) 2007 OR10 is a binary trans-Neptunian object orbiting the Sun in the scattered disc, approximately 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) in diameter. It is the fourth-largest known body in the Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune,[9][10][14] and continues to be the largest known body in the Solar System without a name.[15]


Brown nicknamed the object “Snow White” for its presumed white color,[16] because it would have to be very large or very bright to be detected by their survey.[15] By that time, Brown’s team had already discovered “seven dwarves“: Quaoar in 2002, Sedna in 2003, Haumea, Salacia and Orcus in 2004, and Makemake and Eris in 2005. However, 2007 OR10 turned out to be one of the reddest objects in the Kuiper belt, comparable only to Quaoar, so the nickname was dropped.”

And yes, the affiliate link to the Pure-Light website http://www.Mahala.Pure-Light.com.

Have a great day!


The Great Dissolution in Pisces

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The activity in Pisces is at present quite remarkable with a line up of Sun, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces connected in a stellium with Juno, Hygeia and Astraea in Aquarius. Energetically this feels like the alchemical stage of ‘Albedo’ and big changes are occurring energetically on our planet. The Full Moon across the Virgo Pisces axis was the pinnacle of the cosmic purification.

For those who have read my blog before I have talked a lot over the past 13 months of the conjunction of Hygeia, Astraea and Juno which marks the rising of the Holy Grail mysteries in the Earth and within the DNA of all life. These codes are found within what scientists have termed junk DNA, but once they receive the right signal it will become clearer what they are all about. They have been mostky linked to language abilities. This ‘Great Dissolution’ in Pisces marks a further important opening of these codes. The connections between Neptune, Chiron as the Fisher King and Venus as a Goddess of Love appear together in myths across cultures from Egypt to Iran to Britain to Norway to name a few. It therefore feels the archetypal patterns involved are truly global in this cosmic transformation.

This morning I went to my local Indonesian style café where I enjoy Puer tea after a dragon ley line walk. The perfect way to start the day. There has been a lot of snow in Britain at present so that in itself has meant a shift in energy. Everything has stopped for a few days and the world is white. As I sat sipping my ceremonial tea a book on the café shelves jumped out at me; Astrotheology & Shamanism: Christianity’s Pagan Roots. A Revolutionary Reinterpretation of the Evidence by Jan Irvin. We have just been discussing a walk called Jacob’s Ladder with a guy sitting nearby and I open this enticing book at ‘Jacob’s Ladder’.

Jacob’s Ladder is a very Neptunian theme as its about dreaming and rising to a higher vibration. The stone on which Jacob rested his head is one of the Holy Grail objects, the Stone of Destiny. Neptune is the planet of poets and musicians, the sacred artists who are changing the world. Astraea as Goddess of Golden Age and Sacred Arts is very much in resonance with Neptune along with Hygeia who attunes our body to the highest solar frequencies our body’s can hold.

Flicking through the book again it opens at a page relating to Pisces and an image of a Fish Man, a King called Oeanna from Babylonian times. I do love book divination! The Sumerian records say that the Fish people came to Earth to teach us how to live in accordance with Divine Laws. The dolphins and whales are their forms, now taken completely to the oceans. According to the Dogon Tribe in Africa, who knew about Sirius B long before astronomers had discovered it, the dolphins came from Sirius.  Joy, expansiveness and wonder are the feelings Dolphins and Whales generate for human beings which gives me a great sense of heart glow for the future. Whatever male postering is going on in politics, there is also a wondrous story unfolding and all that is asked of us is to listen. Where attention goes energy flows.

Chiron in this aspect is asking us to enter into ‘Wilderness of Soul’, one of the deeper teachings of this mysterious asteroid who defines how we liberate ourselves through Uranus from the limitations of Saturn. Wilderness can mean many things for different people. There is a lot of activity of shamans globally purifying the land and water – we are many people but one consciousness guided by the Creator in our diverse work. In this state of dissolution race, gender, sexuality and nationality become meaningless as all the old stories simply vanish and we experience the Galactic Mind. We experience the true meaning of Holy Communion, that we are one organism with One Body and One Blood. This is the end of separation when we have felt this in our soul even once. Wilderness is a place outside your usual boundaries and knowledge. When we consciously step across this boundary, which can feel both exhilarating and scary, we cross the threshold.

Here is a poem I wrote about a recent wild and wintery walk across the moors and the coming of Christ consciousness. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rozZ8VlexRA

I offer one to one birth charts readings which include the Goddess Asteroids. It’s a deep soul path reading of the new, exemplar archetypes that can assist you to reroute your life to a higher frequency. Email me at astroalison@gmail.com for further information.

Planet Alert March 2018

How has your weather been for the past couple of weeks? We have had cold weather and some snow in Seattle and a lot of snow in the mountains. Snow in the lowlands is very unusual for this time of year. February is usually a very nice month with the Daffodil bulbs starting to sprout and buds on other plants and trees. I hope they all survive the cold weather. I’m ready for some warm spring weather.

It has also been a very challenging time period with a lot of Mars energy floating around all over the world.  Mars rules fires, violence, and anger on the lower frequency Earth. Vesta, the asteroid of great power has been conjunct Mars since February 14 when the shooting happened in Parkland, Florida. The Mars/Vesta energy has been in Sagittarius, and that sign rules schools. The opposite sign is Gemini which rules students.

It looks like that event was meant to happen to bring young people to the point of saying “no more shootings, enough is enough. We need to do something to stop these shootings”. I am so proud of the young people who are expressing their feelings by having peaceful demonstrations all over the United States. People are taking notice of them and offering to help them. Hopefully they will be able to change things including our gun laws. Check out this link from Oprah Winfrey [Warning: Turn down or off your audio before clicking link.] Winfrey Praises Students

This Mars/Vesta energy will be in effect until the new moon on March 17, 2018. Then Mars moves into Capricorn and we will experience a different energy. Mars also rules sports and so does Sagittarius. The positive side of this Mars energy was the Olympics. Isn’t it nice to see all those athletes from all over the world gather together in peace and harmony to give us a very interesting event to watch? I love the ice skating.

This upcoming full moon on March 1, 2018 at 4:51 PM will be very intense. On this full moon, the Mars/Vesta conjunction in Sagittarius will be making a perfect trine to the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries. This is very powerful Mars/Uranus energy and will probably cause a lot of angry energy to surface. This could revolve around the Mueller investigation which started when Saturn was in Sagittarius. Mars, the planet of energy is in Sagittarius. Uranus rules demonstrations so I am sure there will be more demonstrations during this time period.  With Mars/Uranus being such intense energy I hope the demonstrations will stay peaceful.

Since Mars went into Sagittarius on January 26th there has been a very strong drive to shine light on the corruption that occurred in the past between politicians and dishonest people. Now the public can see the results of what went on in the past and they are becoming aware of this activity. Sagittarius rules judges, courts of law, indictments, justice, and judging. This activity will continue until the Spring Equinox and then Mars moves into Capricorn which rules governments, structure of all kind, and leaders of governments.

Jupiter turns retrograde on March 8th and this will probably bring up more energy involving sexual abuse issues. Things from the past seem to come to the surface during the time a planet is retrograde. Good or bad issues may arise.  Then we have the Spring Equinox on March 20 at 9:16 AM PST. Mercury goes retrograde on March 22 on 16 degrees (the tower struck with lightning) Aries and will start stirring everything up.

Good Friday is on March 30 and Easter is on April 1. The holiday of Passover starts on the full moon of March 31. Mars will be conjunct Saturn on April 2, a day after Easter. This energy may cause professional problems, legal battles, conflicts with authorities or government agencies. Then on April 27 Mars will be conjunct Pluto which is the god of birth, death, and transformation. This could be the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one based on love.

The planet Pluto will cross the ecliptic in July of 2018. This is a major aspect. The last time it crossed the ecliptic was on July 2, 1770.  That was the beginning of the Revolution in the United States and the Declaration of Independence was approved by congress on July 4, 1776. Maybe this July will be the beginning of a new form of governing system based on love and unity. Our capital was set up by the Masons using the energy of Virgo and Venus the Goddess. If you are interested in more information on that subject read the book called “The Secret Architecture of the Nation’s Capital by David Ovason”.  It is a very interesting book.

Mars will stay in Capricorn until May 15. Then it will move into Aquarius on the same day that Uranus moves into Taurus and we will see the first inkling of the new age of love. I am looking forward to Uranus moving into Taurus because that sign is ruled by Venus. Taurus rules money and we will probably see a new money system begin during that seven year cycle of Uranus.

The sun is moving through the sign of Pisces right now and there are four planets in that sign, plus the sun at this full moon. The planets in the sign of Pisces are Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron. Mars conjunct Vesta will be making a 90 degree angle to the Mercury/Venus conjunction in Pisces. This can bring in love energy if you tune into it, although it still seems to manifest as anger, arguments, wind and violence in the lower frequency earth. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. The new astrological year starts on March 20, 2018.

The end of the astrological year is a good time to surrender and let go of all old fears that you still hold onto.    I have seen a lot of judging going on in every level of life. It is time to stop criticizing or complaining. Those negative aspects are just a manifestation of fear. What are you still afraid of? I know the past couple of years have been full of trials and tribulations. It is time to pull out of that energy. Here is a link that talks about our birthing process We are Giving Birth to Higher Aspects of Self.

I am ready to stay in the light. What we choose to manifest is our choice. I know people who are very happy right now because they feel the high frequency energy that is now manifesting on Earth. Then there are others who are still caught in the poor-me syndrome. It’s time to start looking at the positive side of life and give thanks for all of your blessings.

Once you start giving thanks every day you will see your life change for the better. It has to because what you give out comes back to you. If you give out thanks, you will receive many blessings. We are all great Beings of light and it is time to start manifesting that light. It is time to shine. It is also time to walk softly on this beautiful planet because love is a soft and gentle energy.    So Be It.

Edgar Cayce Past Life readings are still available for a $30 donation. If this is something you would be interested in receiving than check out the front page of my blog www.mahalasastrology.com and click on the button that says past life readings. There is also a sample reading there so you can see what the reading is like.

Love and blessings to all of you.    Mahala Gayle

Red Magnetic Dragon Medicine

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

On the 8th February, we began a new 13 day wavespell and a 260-day spin of Red Magnetic Dragon. Dragon Medicine has been coming to me strongly in many forms in the past year so I’m very excited. This is going to be a time where Dragon energy can help us transmute negative energy. Dragons exist in many cultures and have multiple benefits such as

  • increasing vitality
  • cleaning blood through movement
  • attuning to natural cycles through our endocrine system
  • connecting with our purpose and voice
  • helping us transmute our own and the collective shadow.

In some religions such as Christianity dragons have come to be seen as evil. However, clearly in the British Isles there is a very old tradition of building churches on ‘dragon’ lines – lines of stronger magnetic field in the Earth. It benefits the dragons to have Sunday praise and the people to feel the energy and the beauty of these places on the land.

I feel that dragons represent a type of ‘Transfiguration’. St Margaret for example was eaten by a dragon and then through an alchemical process and her faith burst forth from its stomach. Could this be a metaphor for facing inner demons and the shadow self?

Dragons are also about ‘Rebirth’ and the Mayan 260 cycle is another cosmic reset button following on the from the January Total Lunar Eclipse. The Predominant energy of this eclipse was Ceres exactly conjunct the Moon at 11 degrees Leo.

In the following days, Dr Jen Altman and myself held our first ‘Womb Healing’ session for a small group of women. Jen did a guided meditation unraveling our first 12 weeks of life. It was a miraculous revelation to me, they seemed to have missed some of this in my biology class!

I had this ecstatic experience as I recalled being a plasma disc – a whole galaxy as my cells replicated in beautiful patterns of geometry, a grace of movement and growth beyond words. It has made me love human beings so much more seeing this revelation.

Recently I’ve experienced a lot of healing around movement and now am walking several miles a day in Yorkshire along the dragon lines – so my thought was ‘what made me stagnate for so long?’ The answer to this is very complex – as a busy person out there you can appreciate the myriad of things you might consider more important than moving. However, without movement we stagnate and the sacred geometry fractal which is ‘our self’ stagnates too and starts to mutate. The ultimate mutation reaches to a cellular level which is the disease Cancer killing so many of us today.

We are at present in Hawk Moon of Integrity and this too can help us find clarity of our original geometric patterns. Measure for yourself the impact of lack of integrity on your anxiety levels. Where ever we are trying to cheat somebody, lie to avoid facing the reality of things it causes us more worry than it does us good. Use this moon cycle as an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of living a clear and moral life. Let the waters of your inner being run like a crystal waterfall from a pristine mountain of strength. When you have clear rules, made by you in your life they can make it so much more pleasant and reduce self-doubt and worry.

As you will see from my workshops and courses this year many relate to Dragons which as I say have been enchanting me with magic and healing since our ley line pilgrimage in summer 2017. These will be especially potent and apt for what we need in the now during this Dragon Kin Spin.

I am also deeply excited that I will be co-facilitating a new grass roots Goddess Asteroid Group with my colleague Susan Shanaz on the Gene Keys. There are 3 introductory sessions and then we will follow the course of the Sun through the Gene Keys. We are calling it Sundancers Gene Keys Community. This course can help at many levels with your physical health, awakening of genius, relationships and your connection to community. It’s an incredible system that has many levels of powerful awakening for human beings at this time. Its potential for changing the world in a meaningful way is enormous so please come along if you are in the area.


Wednesday Gong Bath at Calderdale Yoga Centre 1-2pm £5

Sat 17 Feb  – Sha-Gong Sound Journey at Calderdale Yoga Centre 7-8.30pm £10

Tuesday 6, 13 and 20th March – Sundancers Gene Keys Introduction  – 1.30-3.30pm, The Fielden Centre Todmorden OL14 with connections to Manchester and Leeds  (10 minutes from the station)

Sat 24th March – Introduction to The Swiss Method TM, an innovative yet ancient foundation system for health based on Circadian Rhythms 11-3pm £30 including a high vibrational lunch, Horse Spirit Ranch, Sowerby

Sat 14th April Sha-Gong Sound Journey 7-8.30pm £10

Sat 21st April Introduction to Horse Whispering What can horses teach us about how to live a better life? Horse Spirit Ranch, Sowerby  11-3pm £30

Saturday 12th May – Horse Dragon Earth Mysteries Day. A creative Equine led therapy experience working with ley dragons 10-4pm

Saturday 19th May  – The Dance of the Dragons Yoga and Gong Bath. Calderdale Yoga Centre, 7-9pm £15 . Booking essential

If you are interested in a personal chart reading or would like to book a workshop place please contact astroalison@gmail.com

Planet Alert February 2018

Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday February 14, 2018. I love that holiday and I wish it would be changed to a day of unconditional love. Wouldn’t it be nice to just celebrate the energy of love?  It is a nice time of year to celebrate because we are just coming out of a cold damp winter, at least here in the Pacific Northwest, and are ready for some sunshine and spring weather. Today it is sunny and beautiful although it is still cold.

We will have a partial solar eclipse on February 15 at 1:05 PM PST. Venus, the planet of love is in Pisces along with Neptune and Chiron. Mars is in Sagittarius in a 90 degree angle to Venus and Neptune. The asteroid of great power (Vesta) is conjunct Mars on February 15 and this will activate love energy if you tune into it. Maybe we could make Valentine’s Day last for two days this year. The new Chinese Year of the Dog also starts on February 15/16 depending on where you live. I like the Dog year. I relate it to heart energy.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it is a very emotional water sign. The Sun will move into that sign on February 18th this year. Because this will be a very emotional month please keep your cool because we don’t need more chaos. Pisces can also bring water events like rain, snow, storms, flooding and Tsunamis.

The Astrological New Year always starts on the spring equinox which is on March 20 at 9:16 AM PDT this year. This is when we move into Aries which is a fire sign ruled by Mars.  From March 20 to April 19 it will be a very fiery violent period of time.  With Uranus and Eris still conjunct in Aries a lot of chaos will still be happening. Now is the time to watch your anger so it does not get out of control.

Mars is in Sagittarius (fire) right now where it will stay until March 17. This will cause a lot of energy toward arguments, disagreements, legal events, issues concerning judges and the judicial system. Because the last lunar eclipse was on top of Trump’s Pluto and this energy rules birth, death and transformation, this will bring him a lot of energy for transforming things. This energy will also affect the United States because he is our leader.

With Mars in Sagittarius it will be opposing Trump’s Uranus, North node, and his Sun. When planets are opposing your planets, they can bring a lot of challenges into your life. Pluto was over New York City when the Stock Market crashed last week. The Stock Market is located in that city and so is the headquarters of the United Nations. Because Pluto is over that area it looks like there will be more challenges in that city. We are in the time period where our financial system may be affected again.

The huge planet Jupiter is in Scorpio right now, which is ruled by Pluto. There is a polarity in effect right now between Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus rules money so that is also affected by Jupiter in Scorpio. That sign also rules sexual issues and as soon as Jupiter went into Scorpio the sexual abuse issues surfaced. Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 7, 2018. Jupiter also rules the Republican Party and Saturn rules the Democrats, at least in the United States. It appears to me that we have a war going on between the Republicans and the Democrats. That war has been going on for a long time. Do you think they will ever be able to work together in harmony?

Jupiter is also affecting the Middle East and causing a lot of violence in that area. I hear Syria is at it again because they shot down a plane from Russia and a plane from Israel. Now Turkey is also in that war. They have been shooting at Syria for a while and it looks like things are getting a little hot in that area. Scorpio is also affecting the West Coast and it has caused a lot of rain in our area.

The eclipses have been in the Leo/Aquarius signs of the zodiac. They started in the sign of Leo last February 11, 2017 and they will end on January 21, 2019 on 0 degrees Leo. That eclipse will be a total lunar eclipse.  Eclipses are very important in Astrology. The sign Leo rules the heart, back and the ego. Aquarius rules the legs.

Has anyone had heart or back trouble in the past year or so? Did you think you were having a heart attack when your heart started beating really fast, or did you actually have a heart attack? We are in a time period of opening our hearts. Some people have a hard time opening their hearts and others do not. Or did the energy manifest in back problems? Aquarius rules the legs. Have you had any problems with your legs?

Uranus in Aries has been a very large challenge. Aries rules the head and everything in it like the eyes, brain, ears, and sinus problems.  That has been a seven-year cycle and I have really experienced it in my brain and have had blurry eyes. I will be so glad when Uranus moves into Taurus in May because that sign is ruled by Venus. Taurus also rules the neck and throat.

In our journey through the ascension process we are now experiencing the energy of the last paragraph in the 20th chapter of Revelation. We are at the part where we are being judged. Revelation was written a long time ago and it says that God will judge us. Well, it is the God within us that does the judging and we are very good at judging ourselves and other people.

I have watched a lot of judging in the world, especially since Trump became president. The Republicans judge the Democrats, and the Democrats judge the Republicans. People criticize each other about everything. There is a lot of anger, fear, and criticism in the world right now. Jesus says “Judge not, lest you be judged”. Maybe it is time we looked at who we are criticizing or judging and send them love instead. Then we can start manifesting the energy of the 21st chapter of Revelation where we start experiencing the energy of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Forget about fear. That is old energy. Move into the new energy where everything is beautiful. The old is just a hologram anyway, and it is time for a new hologram. We can all create this new hologram together on a totally new earth. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and happiness. Enjoy life; laugh a lot, see the beauty in everything, and enjoy the Olympics.      So Be It.

I will still be doing my articles in printed form. I thought it would be fun to also do videos so my son is helping me with the videos. I enjoy doing them and they will get better as time goes on. If you haven’t seen my new video it is on my blog at www.mahalasastrology.com

Past Life readings are still available for a $30 donation. If you are interested in something like that just click on the menu item that says Edgar Cayce Past life readings on the front page of my blog www.mahalasastrology.com Lots of love and blessings to everyone!

Mahala Gayle

Rare Blue Moon Eclipse

Guest article by Alison.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January will be a rare event as it is both a Blue Moon (the second full moon in a month) and a Super moon (making its closest approach to Earth). It is going to be chaotically potent and this is what it is going to do for us. Overall the theme across the Leo Aquarius axis is Creative Self and the Synarchy (Higher vibrational collective). This could be imagined as a Human Bee Hive with the Mother Goddess and Father Sun giving signals according to the light and seasons for changes to take place in the rhythm of the whole organism. Our priority aim as far as the cosmos is concerned is getting to where we can recognize the signals and act on them. It feels that there has been a shift and now we can longer think about purely our individual balance without considering the whole as we are in fact a cell of that organism.

Ceres is exactly conjunct the Moon at 11 degrees Leo. This will open a portal of opportunity to heal issues from childhood which impact our ability to blossom as an individual. Examples of what may arise for a deeper level of healing are wanting a greater sense of belonging and connection. Feelings may arise triggered by life events such as fears of rejection. Perhaps you have glorified your alienation status but that is no longer serving you?

If you go far enough back, even to your conception and womb experiences, energetic imprints may have been laid down which can now be transformed. A Total Lunar Eclipse brings things to the surface from the personal and collective shadow so it’s a good time to contemplate and honor the path of your ancestors, lay to rest things which happened which may not have been ideal but they were as they were. This eclipse really is potentially a reset button for the ‘magical’ inner child and this honoring of the past can be very transformative of family karma. If the only reason you can find to honor somebody is that it enabled your life to happen, then start there. Somebody was telling me about a program they saw of Trump’s family history which sounded not very conducive to him being a loving human being so perhaps too as he is part of the whole organism we can send him a wave of compassion down his ancestral line. The male line has learnt to be hard and rigid and only compassion, gentleness and kindness can provide the right conditions for that to relax.

Food and health are going to be high on the agendas of many this year. Rather than just ‘dieting’ and then failing we can go much deeper into the reasons why we sabotage our health, fail to nurture ourselves and don’t honor our bodies. Here is a link to a ‘Love the Body You’re In’ meditation I created from the Ceres teachings which will help to transform these patterns if you feel ready for that. The vibrant birdsong of Catalonia behind my voice is part of the neural re-patterning to be completely alive and in ones’ joyful, powerful voice. The voice is a good measure of the strength of your spirit in any moment.

Eat Mindfully’ Meditation for lasting change https://youtu.be/iF0nsZY9pL8

Animal welfare is also likely to be high on the agenda and other environmental issues as Ceres is our Mother Earth frequency in the asteroid belt. Healing at a quantum level in the DNA sequencing is also likely to be an expanding field this year. My life has exploded into the Gene Keys at an enhanced level so I’m sure my blogs shall have more on that.

Conjunct the Sun in Aquarius at this eclipse is a stellium of South node, Astraea, Venus, Hygeia, Juno and Neptune. The transit of Astraea, Hygeia and Juno has been fascinating over the past few years. They are a cosmic union of sacred masculine and feminine expressed in the Chalice and Spear which drips the blood of Christ. The further I dive into it, the more it leads to attuning to cosmic frequencies at higher and higher levels. This will occur through DNA activations, mythical stories, light and sound attunements. I feel systems such as the Gene Keys are going to become more and more popular as people reach this vibrational level. Sacred arts will continue to be a wonderful way in which these new energies can be captured and expressed. Make creative space a priority this year, not just for you but for the evolution of humanity. Whatever you do, do it with presence, heart and creative genius. There is no relationship or job that this cannot be applied to.

In my previous blog, I wrote about the extraordinary synchronicity that the first 4 full moons of this year fall at 11 degrees and in a Master 11 year. After I wrote it I had a thought that our legs might be an 11 in our body, the left leg representing the feminine and the right the masculine. The next day in my Feldenkrais somatic movement class we started a sequence of balancing the legs and I’m feeling more and more that imbalances this year may show up in the legs. So, give the legs some love and feel each foot firmly on the ground each time you stand up. This will help to anchor you in your masculine and feminine self no matter which gender you are.

The Sun falls in Gene Key 19.5 and the Hexagram Advancing. Line 5 expresses themes around ‘Leadership’.  As Pallas Athena and Saturn are in a harmonious trine in the Earth signs this is a good time for practical steps and new forms of leadership styles to emerge.

Shadow: Co-dependence        Gift: Sensitivity      Siddhi: Sacrifice

Power animal: Pelican

The Moon falls in Gene Key 33.5 Retreat. The opposing themes of Advance and Retreat suggest knowing when to be active and when to be receptive, leadership in balance. As regards Ceres and self-nurturing, mindfulness practice in eating and food can be immensely helpful. Mindfulness is being aware of what is going on inside you are deeper and deeper levels, and using awareness and breath to transmute it. Again, it’s not a quick fix but it will bring lasting changes and when you least expect it, ‘Revelation’. The meditation practice above will help you slow down and connect with the energy of your food and learn to love what you are eating and not to eat anything you don’t love.

Shadow: Forgetting   Gift: Mindfulness    Siddhi: Revelation

If you would like a one to one reading email me at astroalison@gmail.com . Visit https://society.genekeys.com If you visit soon my video on Gene Key 26 and the Earth’s Grid of Light will still be in the live feed.

Love and blessings

Alison Dhuanna, Blue Spectral Eagle

News Flash January 2018

We are at the beginning of a new world even though it might not seem that way right now with all of the chaos that is happening in our world. They say it is always darkest before the dawn and I believe that we are moving through that darkness and will soon come out into the light. There are huge cosmic waves of electrical energy that are hitting Earth right now. These waves have been coming in for a long time and have now reached the point where they are very large.

Uranus is the planet that rules electricity and since Uranus moved into Aries (fire) in January of 2011 we have been experiencing electrical charges from that planet. Eris, the dwarf Goddess sun causes chaos and when it became conjunct Uranus a couple of years ago (and it is still conjunct that planet) the cosmic waves of energy became larger and we experienced much more chaos. Soon Uranus will move out of the sign of Aries, where it has been for the past seven years, and will move into Taurus. This means to me that the next few months will be very dramatic as Uranus completes its time in Aries.  Check out the prophecy of fire by Peter Deunov. Here is the link http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/peterr/ProphecyOfPeterDeunov.html.

We are in the time of fire as prophesied long ago by Peter Deunov. He was a holy man who made a prophecy called “The Divine Fire” right before he died in 1944. In this prophecy he talks about how the earth will be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of cosmic electricity that will change everything. This has been happening for the past few years. Peter says that the force of which I speak will rejuvenate, purify, and reconstruct everything. Your heart will be liberated from anguish, trouble, and you will become luminous. Negativity will be consumed and destroyed. Sin (stuck in negativity) will be gone.

We are in the time of fire right now and will soon be finishing up that energy. Look at all the fires there were this past summer and fall and that energy is still in effect. The Bible says in 2 Peter, chapter 3 verse 11 that the day of the Lord will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire and the elements will melt in the heat. After that we will see a New Heaven and a New Earth. This fire could happen when the Earth moves out of the cloud in space that it has been going through for several years. The elements could catch fire in the heavens. If this does happen then the sky will light up with burning meteors.

After this a new culture will see the light of day. It will rest on three principles. The first is the elevation of women, the second is the meek and humble will inherit the earth (that means the people of love), and the third is that the rights of the people will be protected. The 6th race is love and the children of love will reign. We are almost there. Remember that when Uranus goes into Taurus (an Earth sign) in May we will start to be ruled by love and the planet Venus, which is the Goddess.

It is my understanding that when we fell long ago we fell from 6D reality. We are now in 5D reality and will shortly be in 6D which is also the vibration of magic and miracles. Some of us have been manifesting that reality for quite a while now. I have had a lot of miracles happen in my life in the past three and a half years. Once we pass the fire initiation we will go into the Earth initiation (starting in May) and that is when we learn how to manifest instantly. What we think is what we will receive so please watch your thoughts.

Many people know that we are in The Age of Aquarius, which started when the planets lined up in Aquarius in February of 1962. Shortly after that the song “This is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius” came out. I love that song. It has a very upbeat vibration to it. We have been in the vibration of that age for almost 56 years now. Aquarius rules air, wind, high technology, computers, cell phones, new inventions, revolutions and the desire for freedom. The amount of progress we have made in the past 56 years is amazing.

Although many people know that we are in the Golden Age of Aquarius not many know that we can be in more than one cycle at a time and that we are also in the cycle of Virgo. I have talked about this in my articles many times but I think it is time for a reminder because we are already experiencing the energy of the Goddess. Virgo is the sign of the Goddess and the symbol for that sign is a woman.

On July 11, 1991 there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico. According to Mayan information this is the time we entered the sixth sun. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and 1991 is when we entered the cycle of Virgo, the Goddess. I have a book called The Dawn of the Sixth Sun by Sergio Magana. He was given secret information that was passed down by his ancestors to him. He says that from 1991 to 2021 is the transition period into the sixth Sun energy. We are only 3 years away from being totally in the age of Virgo.

Look at all of the women marches we have had all over the world since Trump came to power. Women are saying “we do not want to be put down any longer”. We are great beings of light and we need to change the world to one of Unity Consciousness where we are all equal. The male hierarchy threw out the Goddess a long time ago and replaced it with control. Now it is time to be free.  Think about all we will be able to do once our negativity is gone. It is our challenge to dissolve any remaining fear we still have. We will be free when we wake up to the power of love.

PanSTARRS (C/2016 R2) from SpaceWeather.com Jan, 8th, 2018

There has been a very strange comet in our heavens for the past couple of months. This comet has a very strange tail. It consists of many spikes going out in all directions. It will be closest to the Sun in May 2018. I have a book of prophecy that was written in 1975. It says in that book that before the sky lights up with fire we will see a blue comet with many spikes in its tail in the heavens. This might be the comet he was speaking about. Here is a link to that comet Strange Blue Comet.   This other video mentions that we are in a debris field right now. Earth moving through debris/Asteroid detected moving at rare speed. This means we could be in the time of the fire in heaven right now.

Hopi prophecy says that the blue star will appear in the heavens first and then the red star will appear. What is the red star? Could this be Nibiru, the planet so many people are talking about being here now?  Check it out. There is much information on the Internet about Nibiru.

Major waves of light came to Earth in December and a lot of us changed our frequency in order to bring in the energy of the higher dimensions. We can now manifest energy up to 9D or higher. This is a very exciting time to be alive. Live in joy and laugh a lot. Laughing is very healing. When we laugh we feel happy and that is how we will make it through these chaotic times. So Be It!

Edgar Cayce Past Life Reports are still available for a donation of $30. If this is something you would be interested in receiving then click on the menu option that says Past Life Readings on the front page of my blog or click the following link. www.mahalasastrology.com

Lots of love and blessings to everyone!         Mahala Gayle

The Master 11 Year

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

This morning as I walked the dogs down the singing river to where it crosses the canal at Lock 11, everything seemed to be especially magical and wondrous. As I complemented a female duck on her beauty a duck feather floated on the path before me. The white geese preened themselves splashing around. Realizing that it is 11 January 2018 (2+1+8+11) I decided today was the day to write a blog about the number 11 in astrology and the incredible sequence of 11 degree full moons which begin 2018.

The first Full Moon of the year was on the 2 January with the Sun at 11 degrees Capricorn and Moon 11 degrees Cancer. The New Moon is the seed phase when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the same sign. The Full Moon is the flowering phase of the moon cycle when it reaches its fruition and the Moon is 180 degrees away from the Sun. Thus, at a Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. They therefore bring the archetypal Mother and Father into opposition across what we call an axis – in this case Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is the sign of family and ancestors and is the Cardinal Water sign marking the Summer Solstice. Capricorn is cardinal Earth, the sign of career and structures, what we manifest in the outer world. All the Moons in the early part of the year are also Super moons making their closest approach to Earth. This first moon looked so stunning and bright.

The first Blue Moon of the year coincides with a Total Lunar Eclipse so it is going to be very powerful. This Moon on the 31st January is at 11 degrees Leo in a perfect alignment with Ceres the Mother Goddess and the Sun is in Aquarius. This axis in the zodiac is about how our creative self becomes part of the synergy of the collective in Aquarius. This is a challenging axis for the western mind set because whilst we pay a lot of attention to individuality, community is often considered unimportant. That is shifting over these few years as the eclipses will trigger issues that force us to contemplate this. One of the strongest issues arising with this eclipse is around attachment and self-nurturing. Food and relationships with parents and children may need attention as unresolved issues arise from the unconscious realm.

We don’t have a Full Moon in February which means we have two Blue Moons in the first quarter of the year – I don’t remember this happening before. The next Full Moon is on the 2nd March and this time the Moon is at 11 degrees Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. This is the mutable Earth and Water axis and it is about structures and forms in Virgo and the Oceanic dissolving energies of Pisces. Old forms dissolve and new forms are created. Virgo decides what to take forward on her journey – she sorts the wheat from the chaff. As Virgo relates to health, this is an excellent opportunity to review what is resonating with you now. Food habits are likely to be changing a lot this year towards less industrialized food. I’m feeling that there is going to be a movement towards vegetarianism and veganism in the general population. The welfare of farm animals and other environmental concerns will also be important.

The second Blue Moon of the year falls on the 31st March. This falls at 11 degrees across the Aries and Libra axis. This is a similar axis to Leo Aquarius because it about having a strong sense of self and using that to serve a higher purpose, in this case relationships.

This Full Moon sequence suggests that illumination and light are flowing forth in this 11 Master year. It is an expansive time. Jupiter has an orbit of 11 years and this is an important age when we move into adolescence.

Aquarius in the 11th sign of the zodiac and the 11th house rules friends and community so it feels that this is a good year for groups and communities. Is there a group calling you? Joining a new group or community can be scary. Will we be accepted? Will we be valued? Do we feel equals to the other members? These are all powerful issues I’ve experienced today. For anyone ever trying to be part of a collective you will be aware that it is not as easy as it should be for us humans.

This 11 Master Year is all about balancing different axis across the zodiac, balancing the masculine and feminine. This continues ongoing themes from the previous few years but it does feel these energies will be expanding this year. The work we have done on ourselves may well come to fruition this year.

Love and Blessings

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

I offer several personal and Solar Fire chart readings. For more information please email me at astroalison@gmail.com

Thank you to my astrologer friend and colleague Margaret Mary Archer who alerted me to the 11 degree full moons – a perfect example of how the group consciousness works together!