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The Power of Non-conformity

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

In the next 7 months Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius in a challenging square to each other will be doing energetically something akin to an Argentinian Tango as the Earth’s Light Grid awakens at ever deepening levels.

Mars in Aquarius is the archetypal rebel, so it’s a good time to reclaim that part of yourself. This is a part naturally very active in adolescence as we define our values as a human being in relation to our family and culture. Historically non-conformists have led the way in bringing about the furtherance of social justice and have often had to endure persecution.

Reflecting on Mahalas’ last post about clearing the Akashic records, there is much to heal on this level. The non-conformists within us can make much progress when we recognise the role fear plays in suffocating this part of ourselves in apathy and despair. It is also a part particularly prone to addictions. The tobacco industry for example targeted women of a non-conformist nature. Unfortunately, over time we can see how these addictions acted to weaken those who perhaps had the most fight in them.

We arrive at a different place as Uranus moves into Taurus, moving deeper into Gaia and Solar consciousness. In the past few months I have become aware of the Non-conformist Christian movement that began in the late 1800’s in the Pennines where I live. It was and still is a wild place, still attracting non-conformers of a different sort. In this valley people refused to be told how to pray by the government and many non-conformist chapels were set up – a hundred to be exact in one small area.

These churches and their Sunday Schools were a massive leap forward in terms of ordinary people managing their lives for the first time. It was an early democracy and both women and many hundreds of children learnt to read who were otherwise consigned to a life of misery working in the mills. Today we take this for granted, but our ability to communicate with others – now globally as I am doing here – gives us a great power to send a message of social justice into the world.

The Non-conformist movements seem most relevant because we are going to experience another wave of this energy during this transit. If we want to see someone standing totally in their power as a Non-conformist Rev. Michael Curry of the Royal Wedding is a wonderful inspiration. There is still much Social Injustice around the world and there is still much to do to bring about peace and equality for all human beings. I also feel that Christianity is going to show itself to have much to offer as we undergo this collective Transfiguration. Christ was after all a Non-conformist to his very roots and prepared to stand up for his beliefs. It always seems incredibly ironical how much this is ignored by the mainstream church.

In the past year I have had one experience after another of Christ consciousness emerging from the Earth’s Light Grid – this is quite unexpected as I always seem to expect it to come from above – from heaven. Uranus in Taurus has the potential to free the energy of Gaia, and as is Uranus’s nature always has some surprises in the bag.

In Britain there has been historically a lot of locking down of the light grid, but there are many working on releasing that. Sometimes it was Druids themselves who shut down sites so that nobody could interfere with them. The Earth’s Light Grid is also intricately connected to the many churches across the country built on ley lines. It’s a fascinating time to see how this will all unfold.

This next six months nurture your inner rebel and notice fears that come up around your non-conformist nature. What are you afraid to say and why? How do you feel when somebody elses’ ‘non-conformist‘ contradicts yours? These are ways in which we can clear those Akashic records through mindfulness of our own fear.

One of my favourite non-conformist movements were the Wesley Brothers who spent much time preaching in this valley. There is a beautiful Octagonal Wesleyan chapel in Heptonstall close to where I live. John Wesley was one of the few preachers who had women preaching with him so he was very forward thinking for his time. Below is a link to one of my favourite Charles Wesley hymns- I love the verse where his dungeon fills with light and his heart breaks free from chains. This is how I feel myself. This to me is the essence of Uranus in Taurus squaring Mars in Uranus.

The summer eclipses are all connected with the Uranus Mars tango so blogs on each of those will follow in due course.

I offer one to one chart readings which include the Goddess Asteroids. This is what Judith said about her reading

 “I decided to have a reading with Alison Dhuanna, wow, I was astounded at how accurate, insightful and healing the reading was.

 She has a wonderful sense of humour and  it was such a pleasure to listen to as she unfolded me to me, absolutely loved it, thank you Alison.”

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 Reference: Valley of a Hundred Chapels by Amy Binns

Planet Alert June 2018

We just passed the full moon of May, which was on May 29, 2018. I would like to share with you the meaning of the degree of that moon.  It was on eight degrees Sagittarius. This degree means that within the core of Earth new elements are being formed. This alchemical fire will purify and transform the Earth. In other words, Mother Earth is giving birth to new elements that are on a new frequency.

When I realized that new elements were being formed from the core of Earth, I thought about how the Hawaiian volcano is erupting and creating new elements. That volcano is on 19.4 degrees.  The greatest power point on Earth is 19.5 degrees. This point connects with all of the other planets in our solar system. This means that the energy from this Hawaiian volcano opened doorways to other planets in our solar system. We are now connected to the whole solar system and will be able to connect with other dimensions such as the 5th to the 13thdimension. My understanding is that our sun manifests the energy of the 13th dimension.

We are now living on a higher frequency Earth. This means that we need to learn how to create from a higher frequency. Most of us have been creating from our subconscious minds and then we wonder why our creations do not manifest. Look at what you have held in your subconscious mind for a very long time. You have created from your poor me energy such as; I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve to have what I choose to manifest, and so forth.  I know that I have been working for years to release that energy from my body, mind, and emotions. From now on I am going to create from my higher consciousness or heart energy. I also choose to look at life from a whole new perspective.

I received an email the other day containing a script from a channeling by Kryon of magnetic service.  It is an awesome channeling and has new information in it that I really enjoyed. I knew about our Akashic records although I had never thought about addressing that part of me and cleaning it from all negative thoughts. The Akash belongs to an older energy and needs to be cleaned so we can take our power back and be in charge of our own lives instead of our subconscious mind controlling us. Then we can create what we choose to experience instead of what our subconscious mind thinks we should experience.

Here is a question from that channeling “Is it possible for a Human Being to rewrite the energy they remember from a thousand lives? Does humanity have that power? The answer is yes.” This is why I am including the link to this message for you to enjoy. Message

When we start manifesting higher frequency energy we will no longer be controlled by our Astrology chart because the planets have all changed. All of the planets in our solar system are vibrating on a new frequency.  Saturn no longer controls the Earth and the people on it because the good ETs destroyed all of the equipment the dark side put on that planet to control us. The ETs also destroyed the big machine that was on the moon that was a broadcasting station from Saturn. This caused a lot of people to become very disturbed during the full moon period. That machine is gone so we can now enjoy the energy of the beautiful full moons. We are now free; all we have to do is to start claiming our freedom.

Mars was hit by a comet a couple of years ago and its energy completely changed from war and violence to peace. Now it is up to us to create the peace we choose to experience. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me. I know that many people have been on a fast-speed track for the past couple of years to release all of their anger and fear. Fear, which adds up to the number three is the same energy that we receive from the past Karmic planet named Saturn. That planet now brings us rewards for work well done. Anger, which adds up to the number nine is the opposite energy of the word love. Release all of your anger and you will automatically manifest love because that is how it works.

The planets have changed so let’s start manifesting their higher frequency energy. Saturn can become the planet who brings us gifts. Mars can be the one who brings us peace and love, Pluto can transform us into light. We can now become great creators of what we choose to experience and enjoy life to its fullest.

Pluto will be crossing the Ecliptic from North to South in July of 2018. This is a big deal. The last time Pluto crossed the Ecliptic from South to North was in September of 1930.  To me this means that Pluto has been dominant on Earth since 1930. Pluto is considered the God of the Underworld and negative in nature because of its desire to control everything.  Pluto is also considered the transformer and is in Capricorn right now and it is very obvious that it has been transforming our government here in the United States and many other governments in the last 7 years or so.

There will be a partial eclipse of the sun on July 13, 2018. The sun will be on 20 degrees Cancer and this is the degree of happiness.  Everything plays its part, and on this degree man experiences social happiness and a sense of fulfillment. It appears like we are going to start feeling happy so the energy from Pluto will probably become less dominant as it crosses the Ecliptic.

Here is another link to a Kryon channeling that I think you will enjoy! Kryon Video Kryon Channeling

I think life is meant to be happy. Be grateful for all you have and give thanks every day for your blessings.  Walk softly on this beautiful planet because the energy of love is soft and gentle. Think how nice this planet would be if everyone just forgot about their problems and started enjoying life.         All is well in my world.                 Let’s create HOME!              Heaven on Mother Earth.       So Be It!

Written in love and light by Mahala Gayle – A Galactic communicator from The Pleiades Star System.

We are still doing Edgar Cayce Past Life readings for a $30 donation. My son Dave is the one who does these readings and I really appreciate that. He also does the work on my web site. If having one of these readings appeals to you just listen to the short video he put on my blog Help understanding the Pastlife Reports there are also three sample charts for you to look at to see what they are like.

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Help Understanding the Pastlife Reports

I(Dave) finally got around to creating a video to help show what the Edgar Cayce Pastlife report is and how you can get one from Mahala’s Astrology. It’s just under six minutes long, so if you’ve been deterred by the process, this video should help you out.

Also, the biggest problem that people have had getting these reports is getting in contact with us in order to get one. I tend to receive emails for requests, but when I send out the reports, my emails tend to go into your junk folder. Thus, if you don’t hear from me within a day or so, look in your junk folder or send me an email.

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Planet Alert Video

By Mahala with Dave

Here Mahala covers the transit of a few planets particularly Mars through Aquarius, Uranus through Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, along with others. With Uranus just moving into Taurus it brings birth of earth energy. The video is just under 30 minutes. Feel free to comment.

Written in love and light


The Royal Alchemical Wedding

Guest article By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

I wonder if you asked Martin Luther King all those years ago, when prophetic words about the Old Earth being swept away by the power of love flowed from his tongue, that one day they would be heard by billions around the world, he would have believed it? How could anyone not believe in miracles, believe that God has the power to pick us up and put us down where we belong – no matter how impossible that path may seem.

A few days before the Royal Wedding as Uranus entered Taurus I was reading a chapter of ‘Guardians of the Holy Grail’ about St John the Baptist and the Cupbearers. The Mandean Tribe of Iraq say that they came from another dimension where there is an Eden. Originally, they came to our Earth in Sri Lanka which most closely resembled their Eden led by Sanat Kumara from Arcturus. The Sufi and Christian mysteries emanate from this tradition and Jesus the Shepherd, Magdalen the Tower, Mother Mary, John the Baptist and others all came to teach us about love. It was prophesied that one day in the distant future their Eden would become one with the Earth.

As I read this I felt a visceral rush of energy and knowing that Uranus moving into Taurus marks a time when this merging will become more possible than it has been before. At Pentecost 2018, the Holy Spirit moved big time and as history unfolds into the future it will be a day to be remembered. I see this merging of Edens as the two triangles of Fire and Water in the Seal of Solomon coming together. It is an embodiment of the Sacred Marriage. The way has been prepared by many and now is the time for the wider manifestation. Spirit ask me rather exuberantly to watch the Royal Wedding as this was all part of their plan.

Imagine then my delight in this context to hear the words of Martin Luther King spoken not once but twice by Rev. Michael Curry. Curry, the first African-American presiding bishop of the American Episcopal Church encouraged all receiving his message to discover the power of love to make of “this old world a new world.”

It is highly significant and wonderful that Meghan is of mixed race. In a program after the wedding it seems that she is also not the first in the Royal Family. Princess Charlotte was of mixed origin and the Queen is very proud of this previously hidden heritage in her family. The whole wedding blew the snobbery of the British Establishment out the water in a way which was most delightful to behold. In one day so many precepts that have enforced oppression in our world were smashed to pieces by the power of love and the Pentecostal sermon. One could almost feel the musty cobwebs of the Church of England being blasted by a trumpet from heaven in St George’s Chapel.

Meghan shines with independence, strength and purity and together with Harry they will do important work towards peace in the world. A Black and a White dove have joined together. Juno has moved into Aries and it felt also an expression of this in her choosing to walk alone down the aisle. This is not a marriage about ownership but of equality and it will influence many others in a positive way.

Their work will center on the 52 countries of the Commonwealth which too seems to have acquired a miraculously spiritual nature recently. The Commonwealth Games in Australia recently included a stunning opening which was an Aboriginal peace ceremony for the wold with a glorious white Migaloo whale that swam between the continents connecting us all. My partner and I were in tears as we watched it, but the press hardly covered it at all. Recently too I watched a program about a project called The Queen’s Canopy where the Commonwealth countries are reconnecting the forests around the world and growing new ones in places like Namibia to help global warming. Prince Harry is the main tree planter for this and he was so positive about this work which Meghan will now be part of. There are many indigenous tribes involved who will infuse the Queen’s canopy with their wisdom and I feel certain the Royal couple will truly honor their wisdom. I get the feeling that the Queen in her later years has decided to do what she thinks is right rather than always listen to her stuffy advisers. There will always be people of privilege, but when that it used for the betterment of humanity it feels so much better.

I felt moved to share this experience of the Royal Wedding and its significance in the bigger changes globally. It really will change the course of history forever and create a Rainbow Bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. A bridge also between the United States and the United Kingdom that is beyond military alliances. As Meaghan and Harry stand as equals in their marriage, this sends a powerful message to people everywhere that equality and inclusiveness is the way to go. I conclude with the words of the Pentecost:

Blessed are you, sovereign God, overflowing in love.

With Pentecost dawns the age of the Spirit.

Now the flame of heaven rests on every believer.

Strong and weak, women and men tell out your word;

The young receive visions, the old receive dreams.

With the new wine of the Spirit

They proclaim your reign of love.

Amid the birth pangs of the new Creation

The way of light is made known.

Source of freedom, giver of life,

Blessed are you Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit

Blessed Be Forever

From the Song of Solomon in the Bible: Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.

I offer one to one chart readings. Here’s what Judith from Australia had to say about hers:

“I decided to have a reading with Alison Dhuanna, wow, I was astounded at how accurate, insightful and healing the reading was. She has a wonderful sense of humour and it was such a pleasure to listen to as she unfolded me to me, absolutely loved it, thank you Alison.”

Ref: ‘Guardians of the Holy Grail’ by Mark Amaru Pinkham 

Announcing the Holy Grail

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

This New Moon in Taurus herald’s new beginnings on many levels. It is aligned to the Pleaides stars which globally are seen to be helpers of our awakening on earth.

Chiron the Wounded Healer has just entered Aries beginning a whole new cycle. I am tremendously excited about this as I believe it heralds a new aeon of the awakening Christ Consciousness. For the past year, you may too have been hearing the heart call of Christ, Mary Magdalen, John the Baptist and other deities associated with Christianity? I feel a revival like that of the Quakers led by George Fox is on the cards – it has already begun. He had his vision of people in white washing in the river some 20 miles from where I live, so this part of Albion in the North does historically seem to be a hot bed of revolution in the spiritual realms. A return to simplicity.

This is through a world-wide phenomenon that will ultimately bring East and West together. Jesus showed us that it is our wounds that make us human. This is very much a Chiron theme in astrology – you can’t eradicate the wound no matter how hard you try or how many training courses you attend. It can however make you much, much more compassionate to others. You, like me, may have tried many things to fix yourself. Each one is a subtle act of aggression because it assumes you are not already perfect. I had a very powerful teaching about this the other day. Even after the resurrection Jesus still had his wounds. Contemplate the enormity of that. He could raise himself from the dead but still the wounds persisted – or perhaps he chose to keep them to be at one with humanity and not above us.

Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage has also entered Aries and is travelling with Chiron. In the past 6 months, I’ve been experiencing a profound integration of masculine energy. For many years, I have been integrating the Goddess archetypes and have gone through some major life changes in achieving that. Its’ clear to me now that all along I have also been seeking the sacred masculine. The first time I experienced the sacred masculine in a big way was in a womb cairn in Wales, Bryn Celli Dhu, when the Sun entered the passage at Winter Solstice. It was ecstatic, I can’t really describe it in words. I have been twice subsequently and had the same powerful experience, but it still felt outside myself.

My personal integration of the masculine has come through walking on the land. I have come across a few historic people who embodied this same energy such as the Japanese poet Basho. It will be different for everybody but it feels that movement may be an integral part of the masculine energy awakening in women combined with creativity.

John the Baptist, another nomad, has been a very strong calling and I believe represents a long line of Fisher Kings. Women also follow this path of sovereignty and are known as the Fisher Queens. Juno entering Aries signals a new cycle has begun for her ‘sacred marriage’ energies too and I feel sure that many others will also be feeling this integration at a new level of the ‘other’ gender. The shadow issue for the Fisher Kings and Queens is ‘pride’. When the personal transcends the collective transformation, pride is at its core and it leads to corruption. There have been many Fisher Kings who fell through pride such as Lucifer. In the end its our choice – will we serve ourselves or the greater good with the power we have been given?

Ceres the Mother Goddess is aligned to the Moon’s north node in Leo indicating where the energy is moving towards – the revolution in food. This is happening on many levels. We are becoming more sensitive to what we are eating and thus becoming purified in our energy. This increased sensitivity to life and beauty is also related to Astraea Goddess of the Sacred Arts. The light body, as shown by Christ in the Transfiguration and by the Buddha is awakening in the DNA of many human beings now. Its’ not just what we eat though, its’ our feelings about our food. You can be eating a healthy diet, but if you hate your body and take no pleasure in eating then the food is no good for you. You are better off eating a chocolate bar in a state of ecstatic bliss and gratitude. The sharing of food and the blessing of food are all central to the sense of ‘communion’ which more and more people are feeling now. The sense of unity is sometimes difficult to hold. We are so chained to ideas that keep us separated, but slowly it’s all dropping away.

Uranus will enter Taurus under this New Moon which gives me tingles. Taurus is the Earth sign par excellence. She is all about fertility and love. Uranus will enhance and support the revolution in food and hopefully it will also mean our political leaders sway towards diplomacy rather than war. Venus and Pallas Athena are conjunct in Gemini the sign of communication, so this is a time for the feminine to heard. The feminine is all about diplomacy, about understanding cause and effect. Things don’t happen in this world for no reason. We stop world karma the same way we stop personal karma, by being genuinely sorry for the hurt we have caused and ceasing to behave in ways that cause further harm. The feminine ways applied to the world stage will be the pathway to peace we have been searching for.

Really enjoy this moon cycle and pay attention to what it brings you. It’s one of those rare moments in the heavens where all the indicators are for all we have been longing for to suddenly and unexpectedly arrive. I am writing the end of this at the New Moon and this morning I just met a beautiful young woman who I will be doing Grandmothers and Earth Light Grid work with, Eleanor. She has just moved to my town and by a miracle we have become connected. She is this weekend graduating as an acupuncturist and joining the Healing Order of St John. Bring it on St John, the world is ready for your Baptism of Spirit.

Planet Alert May 2018

Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 13 this year. What a beautiful time of year to have Mother’s Day celebrations. It is very beautiful where I live because of all the flowers that are blooming right now.  The number 13 is also a very special number. The Mayan calendar was based on the number 13 along with the planet Venus. Venus is considered the Goddess and she is different from other planets because she rotates backwards.  Venus is also different because it takes her eight years to make a five-pointed star in her cycle in the heavens. Five and thirteen are the numbers of the Goddess energy. The planets have been very intense lately and have been very hard to deal with for some of us. Do you feel like you just went through the “Dark Night of the Soul,” or are you happy and feeling the positive side of this intense energy?  Saturn, Pluto, Mars, and Vesta, the dwarf planet of much power, are all in the sign of Capricorn which rules governments and structures. There is much transformation that is occurring in our government and also in our personal lives right now. The frequency of the Earth keeps rising and this causes many changes in everyone.

I am writing this article on May 5, and today is the opening of the gateway to inter-dimensional energy. All of the planets in our solar system have a power source that lines up with 19.5 degrees, and that degree connects to all of the planets in our solar system. The Kilauea Volcano that just erupted on May 3 is located on 19.4 degrees longitude. There was also a 5.6 and a 6.9 earthquake close to the volcano on May 4, 2018. The volcanic eruption and the earthquakes opened up the energy in that area and caused an inter-dimensional Gateway to open. We can now access any dimension we choose to experience and everything is going to start changing. The planet Mercury was on 19 degrees Aries on that day along with Eris on 24 Aries and Uranus on 29 Aries. Lisa Brown wrote an interesting article about her experience with the Gateway opening. Here is the link to her article Lisa Brown Facebook.

On April 27 Mars and Pluto were conjunct on 21 degrees Capricorn. Mars is the planet of war, violence and energy, and Pluto is the transformer. On Sunday morning April 29, which was the full moon day, a voice said to me just before I woke up that a shield from Mars that was around Earth had been taken down and Mars just lost its power for war and violence. It was like Mars and Pluto came together so Pluto could transform Mars into being a planet of peace instead of war and violence.

I wondered what the voice meant by a shield and then I saw a picture in my mind’s eye of a ring around the Earth. I thought to myself “I did not know there was a ring of Mars energy around Earth”. Where did that energy come from? I then thought about how a comet flew by Mars on October 21, 2014 and the comet hit part of Mars and Mars exploded into light. The video I watched was beautiful and I literally saw Mars turned into light. The negative energy that came off of Mars must have gotten caught around the Earth and made a ring around our planet. One of the waves of energy that came in recently probably dissolved that energy.

Now that ring is gone and we can look at Mars as the planet of peace. Wow! What an event. This will eventually change the whole world although I think it will probably take some time for that to take effect. We also have to do our job by seeing Mars as a peaceful planet. Our thoughts do create our reality. Here is a video about a comet hitting Mars in 2014. Huge Explosion Spotted on Mars After Comet Siding Spring Passes.

Next we will have the New Moon on May 15, 2018 at 4:49 AM PDT. This will be a very powerful New Moon because Uranus and Mars will both move into different signs on that day. The planet Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus and Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius. Uranus is the big daddy of our solar system. He is the God who throws electrical bolts of energy through the air and causes a lot of electrical sparks which can hit Earth and cause chaos. There has been an interesting interplay between Uranus and Mars for the past seven years. This is why there was so much war and violence on Earth during that time period. Because Uranus is now moving into Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, peace will finally arrive on our planet.

Uranus is considered male energy in Astrology and rules the male higher mind. Neptune is female energy and rules the female higher mind. Neptune is the higher octaves of Venus. The Goddess Neptune is on 16 degrees Pisces at this new moon and the number 16 in the Tarot Cards is “The Tower Struck with Lightening”. Does this mean that the male energy of Mars will now take a back seat to the love energy of Venus, the Goddess? Venus will be dominant for the next 7 years.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and is in retrograde motion until July 12, 2018 when we have another Solar Eclipse. The Sun will be on 20 degrees Cancer at that time in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. As long as Jupiter is retrograde it will continue to expose things from the past that need to be exposed in regard to governments.

We are fast moving into the energy of the New Earth. If people would stop complaining, arguing, and judging each other and themselves, we could move faster into the New Earth energy. We are experiencing the end of the 20th chapter of Revelation and when we finish judging we move into the 21st chapter which is all about the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is time for the wave of love to arrive. Here is Allison Coe’s new video about the New Earth Ascending to the New Earth – Client QHHT Sessions.

“I am at Peace and all the chaos around me does not disturb my Peace of Mind for all is well in my world”.


Here are a couple beautiful roses from my garden to you.

“Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine Love which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing”      Rumi

We are still doing Edgar Cayce Past Life readings for a $30 donation. My son Dave is the one who does these readings and I really appreciate that. He also does the work on my web site. If having one of these readings appeals to you just click on the button on the front page of my blog and follow the directions. There are also three sample charts for you to look at to see what they are like.

If you have already had your chart done and would still like to donate money, I am open to donations of any amount.  I am continually connected to abundance and I graciously accept my unlimited abundance now.        So Be It!  Send donations to and look for    Thank you Angels of love!

Written by a Galactic Communicator from the Pleiades Star System. *Mahala Gayle*


The Big Shift

Guest article by Mona Delfino of SacredReconnections

We are not victims of illness, we are creators of health!  Mona Delfino

The Big Shift

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have been observing so many of us on the planet (and working with their internal shifting) that I thought I’d share with you the current experiences, mainly because we are in Unity Consciousness more today than I have ever seen! As a healer, it pleases me to bring people together, realizing none of us are ever alone! To hear what others experience might give you a better understanding that you too might be feeling a certain way, or even get an idea of a better way to respond to your situation.

If you haven’t noticed lately, people are shifting inside on their perspectives, beliefs, emotions, and learning new identities through opening their minds to current events, as well as getting stronger within. Many people have had anger issues for a long time, or have been holding grudges from past experiences that hadn’t given them clarity… sometimes needing to forgive the past instead of being angry and holding on. So rather than telling you all the details that I’ve witnessed, I felt it was more important to share the “bottom line” simply by seeing the results on a daily basis!

For people to truly shift gears and start living a 5D life by not holding on to anger, disappointment, and all of those emotions that hold us back, we have to want to change. That’s the first step. This will change your body’s functioning. When you are used to old patterns, the body reacts. Therefore, the adrenal glands (fight or flight) have been taxed, and unfortunately, used to it… which is why so many are coming down with auto immune dysfunctions.

By making conscious decisions to surrender, that means we must let go of ideas that holding on to the past emotions is for our protection or safety. Actually, it’s just the opposite. Protection is a form of conditioning based in an idea that you are avoiding harm. However, it is a survival instinct that bears no encouragement for your future endeavors. It puts a wall up and refuses to accept signs to relieve you from the stronghold. That also keeps the flight or fight active, and rest is obsolete. The body needs calm to heal itself.

Today many people are fed up with not feeling well. Again, we are saying “enough is enough.” NOW comes surrender… a time when life is needing to be recognized as an open door. As we become more open ourselves about this process of surrendering the patterns, thoughts, ideas and emotions, we are more apt to thrive and definitely not survive! Survival takes effort. Surrender means you are clearly allowing yourself to walk your talk and hear more of what is happening around you without defense.

We are all changing, Chiron is just moving out of Pisces, which is sometimes called the poor-me sign and Pisces people are very emotional. Our emotions are what needed to be cleared in the past seven years. Chiron has been in Pisces since 2011 and now it is just moving into Aries, a fire sign and a sign of new beginnings. I think this energy will bring in a new way of healing ourselves and others.

Today, it is a more adjusting time to new love waves coming through that we are unsure of. Be assured: this Spirit is Love and we are now in the throes of recognition of it. Rejoice on the Pink Full moon on the 30th of April! Our time of love in Unity Consciousness has arrived! Stay loving, stay healthy,    Mona~