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Firing Up the Cosmic Solar Plexus

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

If you have been following my writings you will know I am on a deep exploration of Venus in her cycle with the Sun, Moon and other planets. If you have just joined this train, welcome aboard an extraordinary journey into the activation of Venus’s full spectrum of power within our DNA.

We are all familiar with Venus Aphrodite who is associated with music, dance, beauty and love and she is a wonderful face of Venus – but she is not the only one. Hidden behind Aphrodite are the more repressed and unacceptable faces of the Divine Feminine. You might say the pure transmission as a culture we can receive from Venus is actually quite low – but over the generations we can see that increasing as we rebalance the genders and reclaim these repressed, shadow aspects.

My journey with Venus as a Goddess started with a book in my late twenties called Inanna: Lady of the Largest Heart by Betty de Shong Meador. In its pages I found the most extraordinary poems written by a High Priestess of Inanna some 6000 years ago in Sumeria, called Enhedhuanna. These poems healed my soul because they expressed things like rage, sexuality and other powerful emotions I had been conditioned to repress and were destroying me through mental illness and addictions. The reason why I am still on this journey and want to share it with others, is because Venus has this incredible power to de-condition us and return us to our natural flow of energy.

The passage of Venus mirrors the Myth of Inanna as she descends by choice into the Underworld to meet her raging sister Erishkigal. Through a process of life, death and rebirth she integrates her shadow self and now begins her ascent as Queen of Heaven and Earth having mastered the underworld journey.

July 13th, 2021

On the 12th July 2021, following the New Moon in Cancer, Venus and the Moon come conjunct at 18 Leo 31’ creating the third ascending gate, resonant with the Solar Plexus. What is wonderful is that Mars is also conjunct at 19 Leo 09’ so this is a real fire burst of energy – so perfect to energize the Solar Plexus. Whenever we have Mars Venus conjunctions, they provide opportunities to balance our Yin and Yang creating possibilities for both Inner and Outer Sacred Union. The Sun is transiting Gene Key 53 with its Gift of Expansion and Siddhi of Superabundance so that feels like an incredible opportunity to shift that which blocks our natural sense of prosperity living on a super abundant planet as we do.

Venus and the Moon are in Gene Key 7.6 ‘Virtue is its Own Reward’ with the Shadow of Division, Gift of Guidance and Siddhi of Virtue. According to Richard Rudd founder of the Gene Keys, this Gene Key is one of great importance in the Human Genome as it directs where humanity will go in the future and at present we are entrenched in its shadow of division. Venus is associated with our values so this is a time to really feel into what our true values are rather than those imposed on us by culture and family. The futuristic 6th line helps us to see the bigger picture of how we may lose power in our solar center when we buy into others value systems we don’t actually believe, in but are perhaps afraid to question. Is this the time to claim our truth about who we really are?

“In the great Jewish book of mysticism, the Zohar, there is a powerful analogy to the journey through this 7th Gene Key. It is encapsulated in the Kabbalist concept known as Tikkun Olam — a phrase usually translated as repairing the world. The Kabbalists say that when the Creator made the world, he created a series of vessels to hold the Divine Light, but as the Light flowed down into these vessels, they shattered and fell towards the realm of matter. Thus, the world in which we live is made up of countless shards of the original vessels in which the Divine Light is trapped. The Kabbalists go on to say that every virtuous act committed by a human being helps to repair one of these broken shards.” Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

Mars falls into the next Gene Key 4.1 called A Universal Panacea with the Shadow of Intolerance, Gift Understanding of and Siddhi of Forgiveness and again this is a Gene Key working across many collective Gene pools. What I love about combining the Gene Keys/iChing into the Astrology story is it gives us much more specific information about what we are going to experience.

Some questions you could ask of yourself are:

  1. Where am I meeting Division and Intolerance in my inner and outer world?
  2. Am I pausing and softening to ask for inner Guidance and listening deeply on how to integrate and work with these experiences?
  3. Most often as humans we try and solve problems with our mind which encourages us to force things through, but can we ask for Guidance from our emotional and body wisdom or from a spiritual source?
  4. Have I experienced Virtue being its own reward?

It strikes me that when we use our minds primarily to run our lives we come from a place of lack, because the mind perceives everything as linear and limited. Thus, it immediately sets up a dynamic of division. The challenge of our times is to become more Yin and embodied in how we make decisions because then we come from a place of natural abundance and prosperity, which in turn leads to unity consciousness.

Lets also have a run through what else is happening in this healing portal.

Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage is conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius, so this also supports the theme of healing male female relationship issues. The South Node connects with our ancestors so this may be a powerful time for connecting with wounds of division beyond our own lives, understanding their roots in the past.

You may have felt the tension rising in recent weeks, the heatwave in the USA no doubt making it even more intense. Don’t be surprised if you snapped at a few people, and perhaps some very unexpected or shocking things happened? Uranus in Taurus is in a challenging square to Saturn in Aquarius and forming a T-square to our friend Mars in Leo. So, all of this may add more shocks, collapsing of limited structures and relationships. In all this – perhaps to help stabilize – we can look at how these old ways were perhaps limiting us in some way. Mahala’s last blog goes into more detail on this.

Mercury has just moved into 0 Cancer 55’ bringing heightened awareness to the all-important role emotions play in communication. It’s not so much what you say, as how you are feeling when you say it! Asteroids Dionysus #3671, Pan #4450 and Chaos #19521 (TNO) are all conjunct Mercury so that could make for some truly unruly fun. Make a play date to experience these wild, whirling energies! Mercury begins a harmonious Water Grand Trine supporting emotional expansion with Jupiter at 01 Pisces 25’ and Apollon #H44 at 3 Scorpio 9’and Rhadamanthus #38083 at 01 Scorpio 41’.

Apollon, a hypothetical Uranian body, is a higher octave of the Solar logos, music and creativity so we can activate this by making space for beauty and creativity in our lives. Imagine delicate yet penetrating Harp strings resounding in the heavens. If you are interested in Uranian Astrology have a read on my last post Poseidon: The New Human which gives more information about what these

Hypothetical bodies are all about. Rhadamanthus #38038 is a Trans-Neptunian body and like all these bodies represents a return to Indigenous Wisdom. Rhadamanthus is about Justice and so links well with these issues of division which often involve oppression.

I offer one to one Goddess Asteroid readings, a map for these very interesting and intense times of transformation. As a Gene Keys Guide, I now also offer one to one and group opportunities to explore the Gene Keys Golden Path and I invite you to email me for more information on for both of these.

I’m going to be doing more podcasts with some extraordinary Astrologers and Yogis from around the world over the rest of the Summer and Autumn – this is my You Tube Channel to follow this exciting, unfolding opening of a Global Galactic Culture[1]eNKb7IvxderlPMuT-A

Richard Rudd has done this wonderful, short podcast on Gene Key 7 called Transforming Division to Virtue

If you would like to start your Gene Keys journey today you can get your free Hologenetic profile and begin the Golden Path right here

This week I listened to the On Being podcast with writer Jason Reynolds who is the The National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature called ‘Imagination and Fortitude’. It offers some tangible and wise guidance on the issue of racism which really resonates with transcending this shadow of Division and Intolerance[1]fortitude

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