Partial Solar Eclipse August 11th, 2018 (part I)

By Dave

I have always loved Eclipses whether it’s solar or lunar, it doesn’t really matter to me. I know that energy will be intense leading up to the event and through it, if only for a fleeting moment.

Not only are they interesting astrologically, they’re probably more interesting energetically. Before we look ahead at the energies coming our way, I found a couple GIFs from the NASA site to share. This first link Partial Solar Eclipse of 2018 Aug 11 is an image showing the path of the greatest eclipse. This second link is an animated GIF that shows the shadow Aug 11 2018 Eclipse. As you can see, it’s going to be up north. This removes the bulk of us from enjoying the physical activity of the show.

Energetically, there are a few aspects worth talking about. Here is a wheel representing the event.

Because it’s an eclipse, the Sun and Moon are conjunct on 18 degrees Leo.


  • Sun and Moon Conjunct 18 degrees Leo
  • Mercury joins the conjunction at 14 degrees Leo
  • This triple conjunction is square Jupiter 15 degrees into Scorpio
  • This triple conjunction is Quincunx Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn
  • This triple conjunction is Sesquiquadrate Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn
  • This triple conjunction is nearly Quincunx Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces (Mercury is closest)
  • Venus 4 degrees Libra is trine Mars on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius
  • Venus is also square Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn
  • Mars square Uranus 2 degrees Taurus
  • Mars Semi-square Neptune
  • Jupiter and Neptune trine
  • Saturn and Uranus in trine
  • Saturn and Neptune Quintile

On top of all that, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all in retrograde. As we all know, retrograde planets give us the opportunity to look back on things that have happened in the past. They highlight the karma. We’re going to get to revisit what we have done in a new way. So, we’ll keep that in mind when reviewing the aspects above.

The Sun and Moon represent the masculine and feminine energy and the conjunction shows it coming together in a unified manner. It is a focused, driven, aware, intuitive combination. It represents an energy of knowing what needs to be done and being able to make that happen. It can also be a powerful emotional combination, or emotion with power.

Now, where is this eclipse? In Leo. We’re going to get a show. Leo loves the limelight and wants to put on a show. There will be theatrics. It will be strong, in your face type of energy. We’ll probably see some very opinionated people make a lot of noise, or someone try to motivate people into action or see leaders stand up for something in a dynamic drama centered way. Expect it to be spirited, grandiose and egocentric, it will paint the stage.

What’s the first planet to join this conjunction? The messenger Mercury which dominates communication, intellect and our thought processes. Seeing that it’s conjunct this theatrical Leo, I would expect that this show we’re going to see will be spoken, or written, yet very calculated. Seeing that mercury is retrograde, there might be some big show about issues that should have stayed in the past. Or, someone may sing and dance trying to bring previous issues back to the surface. The show will be mentally stimulating and require active participation in order to track all the details.

With this triple conjunction, we find that it’s square Jupiter. Jupiter brings abundance, purpose, Optimism, yet the square will most likely bring out a more forced type of energy like being over-optimistic. Being in Scorpio, we find the influence can be serious, it wants to drive things forward, it’s stubborn and doesn’t want to lose. It would seem that this square is going to put some real zeal behind the theatrics that will be playing out in the conjunction. We’ll probably find that the news stories, or propaganda, could be seen as having that kill before we’re killed type of sting to them. The Mercury aspect of this square will tend to confuse the ability to focus. Think of going to a magic show and being stupefied by the disappearing elephant in the center of the room. So be careful, it’s just a show.

This eclipse conjunction also makes two aspects into Capricorn to Pluto and Saturn. As we know, Capricorn brings in energy that is determined, ambitious and realistic. Saturn tends to reign things in or put a noose on them. It wants to bring structure, rules, boundaries to situations. This hard aspect may bring out energy that is cynical or callus. We’ll probably have to look really close in order to see any real joy in this situation. Pluto wants to bring out what’s hidden and drive people to get to the deeper meanings of things. Being in Capricorn, people will not, generally, be open hearted or empathic to the situation. Bringing this back to the show, we will probably be critical of the details that we cannot see and not believe what we’re presented. There will probably be hidden meanings behind the outward theatrics, but it will not be greeted with open arms.

Finally, for this conjunction, it’s also triggered by Neptune. This planet will accentuate the imaginations and dreams of people or feed the illusion. On it’s good days, it might be a lighthearted song and dance, but in this case it’s Quincunx which is going to create a state of not understanding. This trigger could bring out the darker aspects like delusions or escapism. And, it’s also retrograde which may make us feel like we’re being forced to watch a bad movie again. The Neptunian energy could make people want to turn to mysticism in order to get a handle on what just happened.

On a bright side, we have Venus trine Mars which may accentuate the duality of situations. It may be that people love it or hate it, but there probably isn’t much middle ground. Mars is also retrograde moving back into Capricorn showing that there might still be some work left that must be looked at before we can move on.

Venus is also in Libra which is fairly soft. It brings out kind, evenhanded energy with a strong willingness to get along, but that is being attacked by a square Saturn which will probably upset a bunch of delicate people. Saturn doesn’t want to make it easy for anyone who wants to get along at this time. Think of it as wanting to get along, but you’re so pissed off that you just stand there with close fists fuming about the situation.

It gets even better when we look to see that Mars is square Uranus and Semi-square Neptune. Mars is going to light a fire under the situations that transpire around this eclipse. It is a planet of doing and it’s pronounced in these aspects. Mars, under the Uranus influence will bring out the I want it and I want it NOW type of energy. It’s impatient, high-strung and tense. This may show that whatever the show is that we’ll be going through, we will most likely be on the edge of our seats demanding it to stop regardless of the consequences.

Now that we’ve gotten through the bulk of the harder aspects, is there any good news?

Jupiter is trine Neptune. Jupiter is a source of abundant energy and Neptune is linked to mysteries and illusions. Dreams and abstract thoughts are ruled by Neptune and it’s sitting in a water sign which should amplify the emotional impact of things. We’ll probably find ourselves looking for the path of least resistance in order to get through the show, whatever that is.

The Saturn, Uranus trine should bring challenges and restrictions to high technologies. Uranus will want to bring up revolutionary and rebellious energy. Saturn will probably put some order to it or link it to the governing bodies.


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Yellow Crystal Star – the Heart of the Swan

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Yellow Crystal Star marks the Day Out of Time on the 25th July and then we begin the Galactic New Year of Red Cosmic Moon with the longest Total Lunar Eclipse recorded this century. These momentous events lead us into the final 13 years of Purification in the Mayan calendar and the number 13 is going to be important for this coming cycle. In this final year of Purification, we can call upon the Waters of Life to baptize and cleanse us. I feel in the same way St John the Baptist came to prepare the people for Christ, we are being prepared for a new wave of Christ consciousness.

The number 13 embodies the Holy Mother, Father and child’ the Sacred Trinity of Life. In the Golden Mean spiral the third energy is that of synthesis. It is a wonderful thing to find the good in both the thesis and antithesis and depolarize situations. When our mind enters the realm of 3 we can see beyond the limited truth we are presented with to the spiritual abundance and peace beyond. The notion of the Mother as the Holy Ghost always leaves me with a feeling that something is wrong because a Ghost is only half there. This does however perfectly describe how many people are living right now. So many have given up on their dreams and talents, the life they were born to lead and out of fear and believing in the limited vision offered to us by a failed system are deeply afraid to live.

The good news is that we are receiving powerful transmissions, and I’m sure many Lightworkers are embodying and channeling this now, from the Swan Cygnus who is orientated north in the heavens. The ancients showed that Cygnus fell in the Womb of Nuit (see the video below). Science has shown that the unique radiation from Cygnus has been responsible for evolutionary leaps before in humanity and now the portal is open for a new wave of life giving radiation. I perceive that Yellow Crystal Star Day Out of Time is an opportunity to open your own portal to the Heart of the Swan. There are so many beautiful stories, songs and mythologies about the swan from which to choose. Ultimately the Swan is connected to the Soul and being connecting with our soul means living a full life. Below is a link to my own poem The Red Troubadour about 1.5 mins.

Recently this poem emerged in my morning writings and the image on the video from left handed drawing – both perfect tools for accessing your sub-conscious. The well-known book The Artist’s Way is a wonderful book to work with in Red Cosmic Moon year because it’s all about accessing the sub-conscious realms.

Pallas Athena is conjunct the North Node and Sun at this Total Lunar Eclipse. She stands upon the mountain quiet, still and composed with her Magenta Spear of Fire. Her Shield reflects the Sun just as the Moon does, and she is able to deflect and transmute negative energies in her environment and self through her mastery of spiritual martial arts.  She carefully considers how and when she will respond for maximum effect understanding the patterns beyond the patterns and the laws of cause and effect.

Ceres and Venus embrace in the green and fertile sign of Virgo the Earth Goddess. This is such wonderful healing energy for the feminine. In my last blog I wrote about the teaching of Jesus with the bread and fish which expanded exponentially. I have been working with this and it is wonderful and miraculous. How will we the Lightworkers and healers of the world feed all those from the Grail Cup so that they may blossom into God’s perfect creation? When we ask this question, we enter into the realm of service and may access this realm of abundance.

Astrology is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and your family and to align yourself with the Divine Mind. Mahala’s new community is a perfect way to get regular reports to keep you on track. Details can be found on the website. I continue to provide one to one chart readings, please email me at for details. Here’s what one of my recent clients said

WOWOW – Alison Dhuanna sure wished I was doing radio again – it would be so exciting to share with humanity your superior skills as a reader and counselor.  The upliftment and directive you bring to others allows them to see and experience to higher degrees a way to capture their natural essence within their soul and grow.

Alison, there are no words for what you have directed my way in support of this next part of my journey … it was truly validating. I have never known anyone with such descriptive ways of delivering techniques to master what needs to be on one’s plate. Tazz Powers

Here is a link to Andrew Collins speaking at a conference recently in Glastonbury about The Cygnus Key – its about 1 hour long

Planet Alert August 2018

This is my August article although I am still talking about events that happened in July, and some that are still to happen. The first eclipse was a solar eclipse on July 12/13 depending on where you live. It was on July 12 here in Seattle. That was a very powerful eclipse because the sun and moon were in exact opposition to Pluto, the transformer, or the god of the underworld. Pluto is in Capricorn and that sign rules governments.

Saturn is also in Capricorn and is on 4 degrees of that sign.  Pluto is on 20 degrees and the difference between them is 16 degrees. This means the midpoint between those two planets was right over Washington D. C. at that eclipse. This means that Washington, D.C. was the main point of that eclipse. There has been a lot of talk about Trump and his meeting with Putin since then. The sun and moon were also in Cancer (water) which rules the East Coast and there were large storms all along the coast last weekend.

The word Trump adds up to the number 16. In the Tarot Cards number 16 is the Tower Struck with Lightning. The meeting between Trump and Putin was on Monday July 16th.  The outcome of that meeting really shook up some people in the United States because many of them thought Trump had given the United States over to Putin. This caused much dissension in our world and the result is more chaos.

Because the name Trump adds up to 16, it means he became president so he could tear down the structure of our government which is affecting the whole world. He is doing a good job. We have needed something to shake us up so we can move out of the control of the Matrix. We have been caught in the Matrix long enough and it is time we open our eyes and get ourselves out of that control. We need to be free. Here is an article about the Matrix that you might like to read. Do you choose the Matrix or Truth?.

Donald Trump was born with his Saturn on 23 degrees Cancer. The dwarf planet Eris, which is the Goddess that rules chaos, is on 23 degrees Aries making a perfect 90 degree angle to Trump’s Saturn.  This means that he came in to cause chaos and chaos has been the name of the game since he came to office. Right now Vesta, the powerful fire Goddess is on 23 degrees Sagittarius making a perfect trine to Eris the goddess of chaos. These two dwarf planets will be in that same aspect until mid-September when Vesta moves into Capricorn. Be open to many changes as we continue to move through this chaotic energy.

We are about to enter the new Mayan Dreamspell year of the Red Moon on July 26, 2018.  The Red Moon is a year of very intense feelings and emotions so it will be a year of working on staying balanced. This New Year also corresponds with the total red blood lunar eclipse on July 27. Mars will also be at its closest point to Earth at that time and will be making a 90 degree angle to Uranus.  This creates a very unexpected and explosive energy. Mercury also turns retrograde at that time. This will add to the chaotic energy. This will be a very powerful full moon.

July 27-28th, 2018

This upcoming total lunar eclipse will be on July 27 at 1:20 PM PDT. The moon will be exactly conjunct the south node which will be an accumulation of things from the past that will surface and come to light. Mars will be conjunct the moon and the node at this full moon and square Uranus. This is explosive fire energy and it will be over North Korea. It could also manifest as volcanic eruptions in various parts of the world. I hear there was a large fissure that just opened in Yellowstone. Here is a link: Hidden Falls closure is indefinite, for now. We are in the time of fire which can also cause angry feelings. Try to keep calm and stay balanced.

The meaning of this eclipse degree is “A council of ancestors is seen implanting the efforts of a new leader. The root foundation of past performances will power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual”.  This sounds like what is happening in the United States government. Vesta Is in Sagittarius and is in a perfect square to Eris which means the energy for jury trials is in the air.

The trial of Paul Manafort will start in this upcoming week and who knows what will come out in that trial. He was the campaign manager for Trump. We know the Russians interfered with our election and Trump also knows that. Will this come to light in this upcoming trial of Paul Manafort?  The moon will be conjunct the south node which means that things from the past will come to the surface and Mercury is in the shadow of being retrograde.

I really do not like to write about politics because everyone has their likes and dislikes and that is their choice.  I try to remain neutral and be an observer because it is as it is. I am writing about this because politics is affecting the whole world right now and we have reached the crisis point of this energy. We are going through a major change and we could be living in a whole new environment soon.

August 11th, 2018

The solar eclipse that will be occurring on August 11, 2018 will be on 18 degrees Leo, which is on the degree of Christ Consciousness. Those who are ready will be able to start manifesting that energy. I think that is great. Christ Consciousness is Love. On August 11, 1999 there was a total solar eclipse in England with a perfect fixed cross in the heavens. This was the beginning of the opening of Christ Consciousness. It has taken us a long time to go through the process of learning how to manifest that energy by releasing our past. It is now time for us to stand up for what we believe and start manifesting our great light. We are magnificent Beings of light.

The Lion’s Gate starts to open on July 26th when we enter the New Year of the Dreamspell Calendar. There is a black hole on 3 degrees Leo. That sign has the symbol of the Lion and that is why they call it The Lions Gate. This Gate will probably stay open until the eclipse on August 11, 2018. The ancient Egyptians celebrated this event at the time the star Sirius rose in the heavens over Egypt. It was a major celebration.

White crystals are Christ energy in a solid form. We have been working for a long time to turn our bodies into crystal bodies of light. There will be a large influx of light during this time period and we can now start shining our light for all to see. The Earth also has large crystals at its core. These crystals are being activated and will also start glowing with a lot of light. The light has won. It is only a matter of time before this becomes apparent in our world.

Please join us in meditation at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 27 at 1:20 pm PDT, if you feel inclined to do that. I don’t know what time the eclipse will be where you live so just meditate at the time of the eclipse in your area. Let’s fill the Earth with love and light so it shines like a jewel in the heavens.  So Be It!

Written in love and light by Mahala Gayle The Yellow Star in the Dreamspell calendar.


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Energy Report for July 16th, 2018

In the following video, Mahala talks about the position of the planets while she shows them on her map.

Link to 800 Jews, Christians, Muslims sing ‘One Love’ in Jerusalem

I have also included an image showing the locations of the planets and signs so if you can’t see them in the video, at least you can click this image and get a better view.

If you have questions or comments please let us know.


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Solar Eclipse Goddess forecast

Guest Article by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

As we approach the first of a summer of awesome Solar Eclipses on the 13th July I am receiving a powerful transmission about the power of sharing food to change the world. These mysteries are very familiar to us through the story of Jesus turning the Fishes and Loaves into a feast for 5000. In a vision I saw this as a golden spiral fractal of the energy of abundance which we can all access once we break free from our survival fears. Today I planned to make a Pomegranate Jewel cake for an event my partner is attending, so it seems fitting that this profound realisation should have arrived this morning.

As human beings we live by a mythical story, and I have been reminded of this a number of times in different ways the past month. The Universe has a way of sending information to highlight a theme. The theme is that we have collectively bought into a very dangerous and futile myth called ‘consumerism’.

In this myth we measure ourselves by how much we have. Our happiness is always based sometime in the future when we will have learnt and acquired all we feel we need and we set ourselves up to feel perpetually disappointed in ourselves, others and life.

In this myth we have to fight over finite resources in our families, communities and globally. If you imagine that the world’s wealth is owned by a very small minority of people, they have basically thrown some crumbs off the table for the rest of us and encourage us to fight at every opportunity. The same is true of the Western World and the ‘Third World’. The profound fear people feel of refugees and migrants is because they are deeply enmeshed in this frightening story of survival.

This eclipse offers us an opportunity to strip back the illusion, to see that there is a much deeper mystery that we can access, and it has been there all along. In Celtic faery stories the hero or heroine often is challenged to share their last piece of bread with the Crone, and in doing so they break the illusion and overcome the challenge.

This is perfectly represented in a Grand Earth Trine at the first eclipse at New Moon in Cancer. Ceres is conjunct Venus in the beautiful sign of the Earth Goddess Virgo. In Britain this year it has been an incredible summer of green abundance and this is the essence of this energy connecting straight to the heart chakra. The message is to trust deeply in our bones that Mother Earth can feed all of her children effortlessly. When enough of us have the feeling, reality will follow.

The next part of the trine takes us to Uranus conjunct Juno in Taurus the fixed Earth sign. Juno is the mid wife of the soul into the body (represented by the Seal of Solomon) and for some it may be time for an Epiphany. The prevailing fear of survival which the media loves to espouse is one of the key ways we continue to live half a life. We are afraid to die, but we are equally afraid to live. When our soul is securely pegged into our body we are a fountain of creativity, love and natural abundance. At the same time, we are happy to live a simple life with a lot less stuff and an open heart. We may also see some sudden breakthroughs or challenges in relationships at this time.

Uranus and Juno are also in a challenging square to Mars and the South Node in Aquarius sparking the non-conformist within us to speak out. If we want to rebel, lets rebel against consumerism and live a simpler life. Let’s rebel against our life force being numbed out by passing fashion, TV, drugs and alcohol. When we anchor our life in our heart, working on being kind and non-reactive to others we are on a true path to happiness. A T-square is formed then with the North Node and Pallas Athena who has just entered Leo. In Leo the Warrior Woman knows her power and creativity. Her confidence is supreme. If you have been stepped all over for a while you may find you now have the strong urge to do something about it.

The third part of the Earth trine leads to Saturn the Crone in Capricorn, breaking down the old systems and working her alchemy turning lead to gold. To live a golden life means to have transcended the need to acquire more to feel better. This disentangling from the Consumer myth is going to take time because in the Western mindset it’s what we grew up with and have accepted as truth.

Saturn and Pluto will be moving closer and closer together and in early 2019 will come into conjunction. This is going to trigger a breakdown of more and more systems and expose abuses of power. This eclipse is an opportunity to move away from worrying too much about the collapse of these systems and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Focus on what you want your new mythical story to be and use the energies of Saturn in Capricorn to build it step by step. The highest mythical story is ‘Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself’. As Pluto is directly opposite this eclipse it’s going to be a big shadow revealer! Love has no fear nor vengeance.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is in exact conjunction with Astraea and Hygeia who are the Guardians of the Holy Grail energies. If we keep bringing ourselves back to ‘the Grail Cup Serves All’ then we can heal these deep fractures in humanity. This energy has been activated very powerfully for me in the simple act of preparing for a Middle Eastern Feast to meet and raise money for Syrian people living in our community here in Britain. The making of the Pomegranate cake has been interesting because it is very expensive to make but when I started to falter towards a Victorian Sponge my intuition shouted ‘no’. The Pomegranate Cake is symbolic of the Earth’s inherent abundance. The final outcome was totally delicious!

I find it fascinating that the deeper mysteries taught by Jesus are what is now coming through the Goddess Asteroids. This is really the greatest gifts that the Goddess Asteroids and Centaur bodies offer us, ways of working with our deepest emotional responses and honoring fully being human.

I offer one to one astrology readings which one of my clients Jeanne Kelly recently described as a “5th Dimensional Transmission”. The Goddess Asteroids which I specialize in provide a further deep layer of soul nurturing material alongside the planets. Please email me at for further details.

“Thanks so much for your insight, validation, warmth & education! Your gift is phenomenal!” Jeanne Kelly BS,RN, Clairvoyant& Medium

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Wisdom of the Elder Women

by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

In the past year I have felt through the movements of the Goddess Asteroids the wisdom of older women in the world will become more influential and is being awakened by planetary forces to new levels. My recent journey to Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides, the most North Westerly tip of Europe provided a deepening of this connection to this powerful Goddess energy.

Lewis and Harris are very remote islands and the Christian church has pretty much obliterated the old ways over a few generations. I felt a sense of being there to in some way ‘depolarise’ the religious/goddess divide. In my own valley where I live in Yorkshire I have been experiencing a really different side of Christianity through the Non-Conformist movement that got thousands of working class women and children reading and rights for impoverished mill workers during the Industrial Revolution. It is a real teaching to me how this same revolutionary movement for justice that seemed deeply inspired by the true nature of Jesus could turn into a repressive strangulation of the creative life blood of a whole ancient culture.

Hag Mountain, Harris

However, the Goddess shows her presence strongly in the landscape. The first image here is of Hag mountain (Photo 1) and the second another special mountain called Sleeping Beauty (Photo 2). Every 19 years the Moon rises and follows the line of her body. The Callanish stone circle lies in the landscape before Sleeping Beauty, part of a huge complex that includes 8 circles. The name Callanish may well derive from ‘Calleaish’ the Celtic name for the Crone woman. Photo 3 is of sunset at Summer Solstice celebration. At this time the Moon was square to the Sun and aligned to the North South axis stones which connect with a central star Sadr of Cygnus the Swan. I could perceive as we drummed to bagpipes and an ancient bone horn that the unique radiation beams of Cygnus were exploding with light inside the body of Gaia.

Sleeping Beauty behind Callanish

Callanish Solstice 2018

The Moon was also over a womb cairn known locally as the Turtle Stones just outside the main circle. My partner felt very moved to go over there and when we did we met two young French women, also gay like ourselves who had had a pagan wedding and they travel the sacred sites. It was like meeting a reflection of our own souls and we had a deep hug with our sisters. Given they could speak little English and us no French it was remarkable how we established all this within minutes of meeting each other!

Our journey to Harris was of extraordinary beauty. The patterns of Harris Tweed are reputed to have been shared by the Tuatha de Danaan (Star beings) and originally the women wove to long and complex Gaelic songs to remember the sequence of colours. The colours in the landscape were extraordinary in the summer – the bright purple heather and foxgloves, yellow irises, wild water lilies in ponds between the pink, red and black mountains where an eagle led us down a remote road.

Some time ago Jamye Pryce had sent me a Light Language transmission called Elementals which I had the strong urge to listen to on a daily basis and it was awakening a deep primal connection with the Gaelic language. Finally, we visited the Southern Tip of Harris and a small church dedicated to St Clement. There were extraordinary carvings of what appear to be a Mongolian man holding the head of the Holy Grail which connected me immediately to the work of Peter Kingsley called ‘Abaris’. In this book he writes about how the ancient mysteries of sacred geometry were brought to Greece by a Mongolian shaman and Sun God called Abaris. (Photo 4) There are also two Sun Gods meeting and one looks European and the other distinctly Mayan. (Photo 5). There was no information given about these carvings but I was thrilled to notice that a Bardic Poetess called Mairi Nighean Alasdair Rualdh is buried here. There is also reputed to be beneath the sea a solar stone circle at this location.

A Holy Grail Guardian

Sun Gods

Having been without a computer for a few weeks I was curious to come home and see what was happening with the Goddess Asteroids and particularly with Saturn who is the Crone of our solar system. The last Full Moon 28th June was conjunct Saturn so a perfect illumination of these Crone energies. Saturn/Crone can often appear as a Challenger or Initiator, somebody or a situation which tells us to get our act together NOW!

A number of Goddess Asteroids have moved into new signs. Ceres has just moved into Virgo and this is one of her favourite signs. I have been noticing so much happening around food and ecology for the better – moving towards collectively taking responsibility for our planet and connecting into our Earth’s healing powers through food. I’ve been exploring the Christian mysteries around the Last Supper and one way I’m expressing this is through creating a Middle Eastern Feast to raise money for a local organisation supporting Syrian refugees who have moved into our community. I feel from the news discussion that people are also really understanding the psychological ‘attachment’ harm caused by taking the Mexican children away from their mothers and there is a big backlash against this kind of cruelty. This field of attachment is very much the realm of Ceres.

What Ceres is communicating to me is that this sharing of food in the family and community is incredibly important to create bonds of light between us and a sense of being nourished and cared for. It is vitally important we do all we can to bring peace in the Middle East and all refugee situations. Ceres is in a perfect Earth trine to Uranus so we may experience some big breakthroughs on the ‘daring to care’ front. Uranus in a challenging square to Mars may also kick start us into action where in the past we may have been fast asleep.

Astraea, Chiron and Hygeia have moved into Aries beginning a whole new cycle. The Sacred Artists and healers are working their magic to attune the world to higher and higher frequencies and to awaken our DNA. Chiron the Wounded Healer asks us to embrace the totality of our experience as human beings and to use our wounds to open our hearts with compassion to those who have the same issues as ourselves. They are never far away. I feel ever more convinced that these asteroids are signalling the awakening of the Holy Grail energies within the land and the rising of a new phase of Christ Consciousness.

Vesta is crossing the Galactic Centre and her transmission is about owning our spiritual path, to journey inward to find our strength rather than looking to priests or gurus. This archetype has great power at present to channel from the Galactic Centre, to hear the song of evolution and embody it.

I will be co-facilitating a retreat on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides Scotland for Samhain connecting to the Crone energies from 26th October to 2nd November 2018. Please email me at if you are interested in finding out more about it.

I do one to one chart readings which include the Goddess Asteroids. It is a deep soul reading that can answer many different questions. Please email for more information about this.

If you live nearby here is a Facebook link to the Middle Eastern Vegetarian/Vegan Mezze Feast. Tickets are selling fast so get in touch. Its on Sunday 9th September from 1-3pm at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge. A suggested donation of £15 is requested with funds going to Together We Grow in Rochdale.

The Elemental Light Language is available from

Ancient Astronauts: The Cygnus Mystery

Sadr (Gamma Cygni), the constellation’s second brightest star, is a blue-white supergiant (F8 lab) found 1,800 light years from our solar system with a visual magnitude of 2.23. It is estimated to be only 12 million years old, and has around 150 times the Sun’s radius, and twelve times its mass. Sadr forms the heart of the Northern Cross, and its name comes from the Arabic word for “the chest”.

Mahala’s Community

The who what where when why.

The information covered in this video is duplicated below. Feel free to comment on this post if you have questions!

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When do I get them?

  • A few at the start, once you can log in, others will be announced and published at different times during the year.

How will you get the information?

  • It will be published on the website behind a password of your choosing.

Where do I buy this?

  • Can’t yet.


  • Glad you asked…


It’s June 30th and we are in prelaunch!

What does that mean?

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Do I have to login every time I want to read my report?

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Why don’t you just do this in email?

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More Details

I have reviewed just about all the reports that we will focus on for the immediate future. I’ve written a few words about each one and recorded a video to show you what the report looks like and how it’s structured.

Note that when you buy your initial one-year subscription, we will help you get the account setup, make sure you can log in and get your personal information from you so that we can run your reports.

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Book of Destiny



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Planet Alert July 2018

The Summer solstice was awesome this year. Solar energy caused the sky to light up over the Pacific Ocean and part of the United States on the Solstice. The energy was so strong that it knocked me out for a period of three days. Some people felt the energy as very euphoric and others felt it in their bodies and emotions. I felt a combination of both. You can look at and look under June 21, 2018 and there is a map that shows the area where the sky lit up. Here is a link to the solar flare that caused that event. Solar storm hits Earth – storm FOUR times size of Earth disables radio technology.

Now we are experiencing the energy of the full moon. This full moon was on June 27, 2018 at 9:53 pm PDT. In that chart the planet Pluto was on the ascendant making a 90-degree angle to the dwarf planet Eris. She is the warrior Goddess who causes chaos. Pluto is the planet of transformation. The ascendant was on the degree that affects children. The meaning of this degree is “A five year old child carrying a bag filled with groceries”. No wonder the mistreatment of refugee children is on the scene here in the United States. Many of those children were separated from their mothers or fathers and this caused outrage from many people. I never thought something like that would happen in the United States.

The sun is now in the sign of Cancer which rules the home and family. Cancer also rules mothers. As the sun continues through the sign of Cancer the focus will be on women, children, and our families. The moon is in Capricorn and that rules governments. This means that what our government does will affect woman and children as the sun moves through the sign of Cancer.

One of the negative aspects of this full moon chart is that the planet Mars is in Aquarius making an aspect by sign to Uranus which is in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of quick changes. Taurus rules money and that could be a challenge right now.  Aquarius is a revolutionary sign and Mars is squaring Uranus, the revolutionary planet. A revolution could be brewing right now as Mars goes through its retrograde phase. Mars will be retrograde until August 27, 2018.  There could be demonstrations about the refugee issue or there could be demonstrations about woman’s issues. There could also be demonstrations about what our government is doing. Time will tell how that works out.

Now we come to the big month of July with seven major events. The first event is the solar eclipse on July 12, 2018 at 7:48 PM PDT. The sun will be on 20 degrees Cancer along with the moon. Pluto is still on 20 degrees Capricorn so this eclipse will activate more transformation energy. Because the East Coast feels the Cancer/Capricorn energy, that part of the United States will be hard hit by this eclipse energy, particularly Washington, D.C.  I hear there is going to be a summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin sometime in July. The Vatican energy is also coming to the foreground and there could be earth changes in that area.

On July 19 all of the planets will be on one side of the sun. It has been a long time since this has happened so this is a major event. It is kind of like the energy of all the planets lining up. This energy will be unbalanced so who knows what might happen.  Check out this video: Rare event to occur in Solar System July 19th, 2018 – Several Days.

The Mayan Dreamspell New Year will begin on July 26 and the glyph for this upcoming New Year will be The Red Cosmic Moon. Muluc is the glyph of the Red Moon. Muluc operates and relates to the world out of intensely strong feelings and reactions to these feelings and needs boundaries or some self-imposed control in which to live. Muluc needs to practice self-control and take responsibility for their lives. Muluc is ruled by the moon.

Then we have a lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018. Mars is on 3 degrees Aquarius. This degree means “The individuals self-realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable. The crisis symbolized here is one implying an irrevocable change of status”. This could be referring to the United States government in some way.

On July 27 Mars is also at its closest point to Earth since 2003. This makes Mars very powerful.

At this lunar eclipse the moon will be on 4 degrees Aquarius. This degree means “The goal of a true Western civilization means to a large extent the development of humanity composed of self-motivated and responsible individuals. They are clearly associating according to harmonic patterns in order to produce a vast spiritual chord of consciousness fully actualizing the potentials inherent in the archetype MAN”. This sounds good to me. It’s time to focus on manifesting peace and love within.

Pluto will cross the ecliptic in July.  Pluto is the planet ruling transformation. Does that mean our form of transformation will change at this time? Maybe we will move into our crystal bodies?

The Lion Stargate always opens on August 8. Here is an interesting article about that event.  Solstice June 2018 and the Lion’s Gate 8/8 2018.

The observatories’ in Hawaii picked up a flash of light they can’t explain yet. Its acting differently than anything they can explain. It was first detected a few days ago. Could this have anything to do with the inter-dimensional doorway that opened in Hawaii with the volcanic eruption there in May? It is an interesting development. Check out this link SPACE “Object” Like “Nothing Seen Before”

I think it is time for all of us to work together to create peace and love within. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. We could be very powerful in creating peaceful energy if we all work together. I think the lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 would be a good time to focus on creating this peaceful energy. That eclipse will be at 1:20 pm PDT.  Instead of changing the old, let’s create the new and raise above all the chaos that is occurring on Earth. If you are interested in something like this please join us to focus on peace and love within at the time of the eclipse in your area on July 27, 2018.

See you then.    Lots of love and blessings to all of you.

Mahala Gayle


Before you go, there are a couple of things I would like to make sure you’re aware of.

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The Bible says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God within you, then all will be given unto you” In other words that means to know and love yourself just like you are.

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