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From Mahala’s Admin Dave…

First, the Giveaway!

One of the two free Tarot card readings has been delivered. I’m still looking for an email from a ‘petrella’. If you registered on my Tarot website as petrella, please email me and we’ll setup a reading.

My offer from last month still holds for April! I’ll be selecting two user names from the list of registered users on my website To enter the drawing, please see the instructions on my Join Our Email List page. I’m looking to do this in a week or so, so if you want to be included, don’t drag your feet.


Did you notice Mahala’s Video which featured her lecture at the dowser’s meeting mid March? If not, here is a link. We would like to do a lot more of these moving forward. The complication is that the video editing software trail expires in 30 days. If you have an extra Camtasia license that you wouldn’t mind gifting or if you’d like to help contribute towards the software, we’re looking to raise $200 to buy it and put it to work. Please comment on this post if this is something that you would be willing to contribute too. When you comment, I will receive a message from the website which will include your email address and I’ll get right back to you. Also, once we’ve reached our goal, I will post that in the comment section for everyone to see. Thanks much!


If you’ve requested a Pastlife Report and you’re wondering where it is, you’ve probably missed my email! Anytime anyone fills out a form on the website the information comes to me and within hours I will have responded to it. If you did not see that email, please check your junk folder. If you’re wondering about the status of your report, please comment on this post and I’ll email you right back. Also, if you see your name on the “All Reports” page, your report is done and posted.

And finally, the Tarot card.

This card is drawn for Mahala’s readers indicating the general energy coming your way over the next two weeks.

The King of Wands represents the energy that is associated with a natural-born leader. He is fair, confident, enthusiastic and honorable. Being a court card, it generally represents something that we want to aspire to be, or someone that comes into our life carrying these attributes. There is a strong sense of leadership and passion. It is a uniting energy that brings people together and motivates them to join the cause. Fan your passion and show others how it’s done!


News Flash – April 2, 2017


We are now in the month of April and it is still raining here in the great Pacific Northwest. The Daffodils are in full bloom along with the beautiful cherry trees. I guess this makes up for all the rain. I’m expecting the sun to come out this month so it will be more pleasant to be outside.

There is a lot going on in our heavens right now. There has been a lot of solar wind that has been hitting the Earth’s magnetic field in the past week and this has made many people feel dizzy, nauseated, and like they have the flu. Some people could actually have the flu, although the magnetic field has been moving very fast and that makes a lot of people dizzy and nauseated, myself included. We are all connected to this field and the ones who are very sensitive feel it more than others when flares or solar wind hits this field.

There is also a beautiful comet in our heavens right now that is close to the Big Dipper. It is almost visible with the naked eye, or you can see it on  there is also a large sunspot that is directly facing Earth. This means we will probably be feeling the same energy again when this solar wind starts hitting the Earth. Comets have also been known to stir up energy on Earth so be prepared for more chaos in the world.

The chaos in the world is pretty strong and has been for a long time now so we should be getting used to that energy. We are also in the process of jumping a time-line right now. I think the energy climax will come this month, and it will start with the cardinal cross in the heavens on April 8, 2017. Mercury turns retrograde on April 9, and the full moon is on April 10. By that time we will probably be feeling the energy of chaos very strongly unless we are totally experiencing the fifth density Earth energy. If we are in that energy we will be able to handle the chaos very well.

This April energy will probably be focused on governmental issues like the investigation of Trump because of his connection with Russia, and the upcoming elections in France and Germany. The planets in the cross will be Pluto on 19 degrees Capricorn, which rules the transformation of our government. Jupiter is on 18 degrees Libra, which rules the governments in France and Germany. The Sun will be on 19 degrees Aries and almost conjunct Uranus and Eris. That energy is over Hawaii and Alaska. Than the Dwarf planet Vesta will be on 23 degrees Cancer which completes the cross. The Cancer energy will probably bring more storms, rain, and flooding, all over the world. We are still in the Dreamspell year of storms and flooding which will not be over until July 25, 2017. The Dreamspell moon that lasts from April 4 to May 1 is the moon of manifestation.

There are three planets that are retrograde right now, and Saturn will be shortly. This means we will need to relook at things from the past. Venus is going direct on April 15th and it will be on the degree of 27 Pisces and will be exactly square Saturn on 27 Sagittarius. The degree of 27 Pisces means that we will start to feel the fulfillment of work well done, and it is time to reap what we have sown. This could be either positive or negative depending on what you have sown. We are in very interesting times right now so please stay balanced, enjoy life, and send lots of love to Mother Earth. So Be It!  Have a Happy Easter or Passover.

Lots of love to everyone.

Mahala Gayle

Planet Alert Special Edition Mid-March 2017

There has been a lot of confusion about Planet X on the Internet. Some say it is called Nemesis, others say it is Nibiru, and still others say it is Maldek.  It is my understanding that Maldek, also called Nibiru, was destroyed several thousand years ago by a beam sent from the planet Jupiter by the Time Bandits from that planet. That was when Maldek was between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.  This area became the Asteroid Belt. The remains of that planet are still in the Asteroid Belt and are called Dwarf planets or Asteroids.  We have had a missing planet in our solar system for a long time. When Maldek/Nibiru was destroyed it threw our solar system out of balance.

It says in the Bible that when the Planets were first created they sang together in perfect harmony. Ever since Maldek was destroyed thousands of years ago our solar system has been out of balance because it is missing the lost chord which is called Xymox. This chord is waiting to be sounded again so we can move through the time tunnel that was closed between Uranus and Earth and kept Earth stuck in the lower dimensions. Maldek was the fifth chord and that chord holds the key to all because it is the key that has the power to ring in the new dimensions. The keepers of this chord are the survivors of Maldek/Nibiru who are now stationed next to our Sun in a huge round space ship.

This ship Nibiru arrived in 1998 and I have a picture of it next to the sun. The picture was taken by the Hubble telescope, and this ship is a round ball with wings. It looks exactly like ancient pictures of Nibiru. When I first saw that picture on the Internet I immediately printed it out. I think that ship came here in 1998 to watch over Earth as we continue going through our pole shift. Our physical creators are Enki, Enlil and their sister Ninhursag. They are here along with all their friends and relatives.

Now Astronomers have discovered another planet in our solar system and they call it Planet Nine. I heard that the ring node from that planet is keeping our planet from tipping over.  Our magnetic north pole started moving in 1994 and it has been moving ever since then. It has also speed-ed up. I don’t think our Earth is meant to totally flip over so the ship and planet are here to keep us steady as we continue going through our magnetic shift. I hope they continue to keep Earth steady.

Now Nemesis is a dwarf planet and some call it our second sun. This second sun is now called Eris.  This dwarf planet is larger and closer to Earth than Pluto. Our Astronomers first spotted this dwarf planet in 2003 although they did not announce it until January of 2005.  They first named it Xena but later changed the name to Eris, which means chaos. The name Eris was accepted on September 13, 2006. Eris has one moon. After Eris was discovered they demoted Pluto to a dwarf planet in 2006. Actually Pluto and Eris are considered twin planets. Pluto rules transformation and Eris rules chaos.

Eris was discovered in the sign of Aries and is still there. It moves very slowly. It is now up to 21 degrees Aries and is, and has been conjunct Uranus. The discovery of Eris was announced in January of 2005 right after the major Tsunami in Sumatra on December 26, 2004. That should have been a clue to us that we were at the starting point of major earth changes. There have also been major weather changes since then with the help of HAARP and Cern.  The major changes started with the discovery of Eris. Now that Eris is conjunct Uranus, the planet of change, we are in major change on all levels of life.

Changes can be either good or bad depending on how you perceive them. The good part is that the lost chord is about to be heard again in our solar system. Part of this information is from the book “Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles. This book says that the origins of the virus from the dark entities started when the time bandits of Jupiter and Saturn wanted to take over our local star system. Trouble started when the planet Maldek blew up so violently that parts of that planet became the Asteroid Belt. Mars was also affected and that planet self-destructed leaving an uninhabitable red planet 200,000 years ago.

Jupiter and Saturn took over the 6th and 7th orbits and formed a block between the 3rd and 8th planet leaving the time tunnel to the Galactic Center shut down. The 3rd is Earth and the 8th is Uranus, the planet of light. We then moved into a dark period of time and Beings from Saturn created the Matrix that kept Earth in prison. The cosmic 5th force became missing when Maldek was destroyed. Because this time tunnel has been closed the Earth has not been able to move totally into fifth density.

We have not been able to manifest the missing chord because the time has not been right. I think the time is now because of the planetary aspects that are coming up in April. Our sun has always been exalted on 19.5 degrees Aries. Astrologers have known this for a long time. The planet Uranus has been on and off that degree for a few months now. Uranus has also been conjunct Eris (our second sun) for quite a while and this is why there is so much chaos in the world.

On April 8, right before the full moon of April 10th, the sun will be on 19 degrees Aries (conjunct Eris) in opposition to Jupiter on 18 Libra and square Pluto on 19 degrees Capricorn.  Vesta, the Asteroid of great power will be on 23 degrees Cancer. This will make a very powerful cross in the heavens. From April 8th to the full moon on April 10 those transits could cause a major event to happen that might open the doorway to a higher frequency reality. This could also be the opening of the 6th seal in Revelation.

This degree of 19.5  Aries connects with all of the other planets in our solar system and opens a doorway to the Galactic Center on 27-28 degrees Sagittarius, which is where Saturn is now located.. This appears to be a very important event and it could be time for the opening of the time tunnel between Uranus and Earth and the sounding of the lost chord. It could also cause the splitting of the time-lines. If this happens it will be the beginning of our Freedom here on planet Earth. We will be out of the Matrix and able to enter a new reality that could possibly be the beginning of the Golden Age.

We will feel the first energy wave on the Spring Equinox because a wave of energy always comes in at the solstices and the equinox. Last year on the Spring Equinox the final war on the Astral happened and the dark ones were thrown down to Earth for the final battle here. We are definitely in this final battle right now between the light and dark.  Are we about to have Divine intervention where the powers that be say “Enough is enough”? Only time will tell.

The Spring Equinox is on March 20, Palm Sunday will be on April 9, Passover on April 11, and Easter on April 16. Enjoy the High Holy Days. Stay in the light and manifest love from the inside out.  So Be It!

Lots of love to all of you!

Mahala Gayle     (The Yellow Star and Galactic Communicator)

I would like to thank you all for supporting me over the years. My son and I are still offering Edgar Cayce pastlife reports for a small fee. If you would like to learn more about them or get one for yourself (or a friend), please see the Edgar Cayce Reports page on my website.

Also, my son has offered to perform a couple private readings for people that read my articles. See his post AmorStyle Tarot Giveaways for March to see the details about signing up to be included in the drawing. These readings can be fun and informative; I highly recommend giving it a try.

AmorStyle Tarot Giveaways for March

Guest article by Dave

First the Giveaway!

At the end of the month I will be giving away one, or two, private Tarot Card Readings to readers of Mahala’s Astrology and the Planet Alerts Newsletters. These readings take about 90 minutes (or more) of my time in order to put together the right questions, perform the reading and summarize it on my website for you to read.

If this sounds interesting to you, to qualify, you must be a subscriber to my website: This is easy to do and I promise not to pester you with many emails! Please note that when you register the website will send you an email with the instructions for logging into the site. Dig that email out of your junk folder and log in to my site. As an immediate benefit, you will notice that the descriptions for the cards become available to you. Behind the scenes, I will add you to my list of people eligible for a private reading! Regardless to whether you are a fan of Tarot or not, this is a good deal so tell your friends!

Second, play along with my Tarot Projections

I do Tarot readings for Metro Areas! This is a public process where the cards are used to get a feeling for the types of events that are coming to different locations around the world. I’ve limited the cards to 30-60 days worth of lead time so anyone following along can actually remember out that far.

I’ve read for a few different areas including: Cincinnati, Boston, Fort Knox, Atlanta, Salem, LA, Chicago, etc. To view the summaries, see the cards, and view the reading, visit my readings page and then scroll down to the area that interests you.

Third, I may have read the cards for you already!

Every month I perform some brief readings for people, but I’m only given the person’s first name. I then draw a card or two to define what the problem is for this person. The cards that follow are advice, suggestions and outcome type cards. The rule is: If your name matches the name on the reading and you can identify with the problem statement, then the reading is probably for you!

I have a bunch of these readings on my readings page. I call them Gifted Readings. Feel free to scroll through the list on my website and see if your name is there or if your friends name is there.

Here are a few names that I have read for: Maria, Makayla, Jon, Francis, Emma, Branna, Jeffery, Olivia, etc.

News Stories

I read news stories for free! (ok, there is a catch, you have to be a registered user of my site to be considered.) The idea here is to get your questions answered regarding topics in the news. I’m open to reading just about anything! If you want to know about aliens, ghosts, spirits, politics, religion, or any number of other topics, I’m open to crafting some questions for you and drawing cards. These readings tend to be like the Gifted Readings, thus they are brief. You get to help with the questions! Again, you’ll find these on my readings page.

Finally, the Tarot Card – The Sun

AmorStyle Tarot - The SunThis card represents the energy that is coming to readers of Mahala’s Astrology over the next couple weeks.

The Sun is the card of illuminated power. It is the full spectrum, free of illusion. It brings warmth, joy, confidence and success. The feeling is such that it will brighten your soul and lighten your day. It is conscious energy in the raw unfiltered form. It brings focus to the mind and manifestation to the body.

The hummingbird brings energy that helps people transcend the contradiction of duality. Its hum is a purifying vibration and messenger of joy. Be ready to laugh and dance.

The power is based in the ether, yet directly affects all matter.

If you embrace the energy of The Sun, the next couple weeks will be well received!


Tarot Reporter on YouTube

News Flash March 12th 2017

It’s full moon time again. What kind of energy will this full moon bring to us? This full moon is on March 12 at 7:54 AM PDT.  It looks like there will be more chaos and transformation because Eris is conjunct Uranus close to the ascendant and it is opposing Jupiter which will bring more relationship issues. I think the relationship issues will be mostly on the world scene, although it could also bring up challenges on a personal level. Pluto will be on 19 degrees Capricorn which rules structure and Pluto is the transformer. There sure have been a lot of structures that have changed in our government since Trump has been president.


The sun will be on 22 degrees Pisces. What my book says about this degree is “a prophet carrying tablets of the New Law walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai”. That is very interesting because there have been all kinds of new laws trying to be put into place by Trump.


Jupiter is on 21 degrees Libra. This degree is “A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature”. This is also interesting because the Mother-force is really making itself felt with all of the women demonstrations against our existing president. 


Pluto is on 19 degrees Capricorn. This degree is “The Union Jack Flag flies from a British warship”. This could refer to an Ex British spy named Christopher Steele who has a lot of evidence against Trump and Putin and is willing to disclose it. He has been in hiding for several months and has just come out of hiding and is ready to give his information to the Justice Department of our government. There is a lot of force against Trump right now and there are a lot of people working on taking him down from the status of president. A lot of people do not like what he has done so far and want him out as president. 


My opinion is that he was meant to be president so he could do all kinds of things that people do not like and in this process bring down our government, or transform it by exposing the dark side. We are in the time period where all of the negative Beings who have controlled us for so long need to be exposed for who they are so we can become free. We are manifesting the 20th chapter of Revelation right now and the next chapter is the starting of the New Heaven and the New Earth energy.


I personally do not like the fact that Vladimir Putin is trying to take over our government. I know a lot of people think he is wonderful but if they did any research on him they would find out that he is not that nice a man.  I have done a lot of research on him over the years and his goal is to take over the world, especially the USA from the inside out. I am amazed that is happening right before my eyes.


This full moon will activate more Earth changes that seem to be accelerating all over the world. We have a lot of fire and water energy in effect right now. We are in the end times and this is why there have been so many changes all over the world. This will continue and they will get stronger as time moves on.


Anyway, watch your temper at this full moon and try to keep your anger at a minimum. Full moons have a tendency to bring up negative emotions. Walk in the light and manifest love and all will be well in your world.                                                              

Mahala Gayle

News Flash for March 4th, 2017

My son is giving Tarot Card readings now using his own cards.

Venus goes retrograde today on 13 degrees Aries. Everyone will be affected by this retrograde. If you have any planets on 13 Aries or 13 Libra, or close to that degree you will be more affected by this retrograde. Venus will stay retrograde until April 15th. On April 2 Venus will move back into Pisces for the first two weeks of April.  Then it will turn direct on 27 degrees Pisces on April 15th.

There is also a shadow period before and after a planet goes retrograde. Venus actually moved onto 13 degrees Aries at the time of the last eclipse, which was February 26th. Events can also happen during this shadow period and being the shadow period was during the solar eclipse, this could be an interesting retrograde for Venus.

Venus is the Goddess planet and she rules feminine issues, relationships of all kinds, and money. When a planet turns retrograde it brings back issues from the past. For example Venus might bring you money that was owed to you from the past that you thought you would never see again. It could also bring back an old boyfriend or girlfriend for a chance to have closure on that relationship. Or it could bring an old relationship back to life.

Venus is considered a very nice planet and I look at it as a guardian angel. If I see Venus in a good position in a chart for an operation or buying a large item I feel like that event will turn out good even if it is retrograde, although I prefer it to be in direct motion. If it is retrograde and in a nice aspect to another planet I consider it will bring good results.

Venus is not as harsh as Mercury when it turns retrograde. Mercury can bring a lot of challenges with it when it is retrograde, especially accidents. Mercury rules communications, cars, trucks, trains, and anything in the area of travel or communication.

Venus is in Aries right now and Jupiter is in Libra, which is the sign that rules relationships. Jupiter will be in Libra until October of 2017. Then Jupiter moves into Scorpio.  There have been a lot of relationship issues since last September when Jupiter moved into Libra. There will be more relationship issues until Jupiter moves out of Libra in October. This could manifest as a personal issue with a friend or it could be on a larger scale between different countries.

Anyway, I don’t think Venus is that bad in its retrograde phase. Who knows; maybe you could win the lottery. That would be fun.

Have a wonderful day.

Love you!

Tarot Giveaway for February

A moment ago, I asked the Tarot “what card represents the energy that is coming to readers of Mahala’s Astrology over the next couple weeks?” The idea behind this question was to get an idea for some words of wisdom that could be shared with Mahala’s audience while introducing my Tarot Giveaway for February. Well, the card of Strength turned up – upright.

In the classic sense, this card represents the challenge of controlling the fluctuations of the mind. It suggests that there is no greater beast then the mind when it is uncontrolled for it tends to destroy anything and everything in its path. The reason why we would find it in the Tarot is that at the root of it all, he who can tame his mind is the strongest of all!

It may be that we will all be called upon to tap into our own strength over the next couple weeks.

Because this card was drawn out of a custom deck, we really need to look closer at the specific assignments associated with this card. If you follow the link to my website for the classic Strength meaning, you will see that the key principle is: Do no harm.

My interpretation is simple. As the card suggests, we will be challenged to do no harm over the next couple weeks. Likewise, have courage, use your inner resources and show some compassion. Whatever is coming our way may kick you mind up in a way that will feel uncontrollable.

Reading Giveaway for February

I have been compelled to perform a few very short readings for Mahala’s readers and friends. The following names came to me as being people that might be in need of a little advice from the Tarot right now.

Olivia, Jeffery, Brianna, Emma and Francis

The way these readings work is, if you’re name matches a name in the list AND you identify with the problem statement exposed by the cards, then the reading is most likely for you. What’s also interesting is the reading may not be for a regular follower of this site, but may be for one of your friends. Thus, if you know someone with one of these first names, feel free to forward them this article or point them to the specific reading on my website.

If it turns out that one of these readings was for you, I would love to hear about it in the comment section for that reading.


Planet Alert March 2017

My son is giving Tarot Card readings now using his own cards.

How are you handling all of the chaos that is going on in the world?  Has it been hard to stay on a high frequency? I try to keep a positive attitude about what is going on right now so I can remain neutral, although I must say it is very interesting watching all of the drama. Pandora’s Box has been opened, and people are ready to demonstrate for their rights and for their freedom. It appears that we entered a very dark spot in our reality and it seems like the energy went from light to dark. What happened?

We started experiencing the 20th chapter of Revelation in the Bible. This is a very dark period of time in the scheme of things. The 19th chapter was all about the Third World War that started in North Africa in January of 2011 and continued to encompass many Middle East Countries which included the recent war in Syria. This war seems to be toning down, at least I hope so. If that is the case then we are definitely manifesting the 20thchapter of Revelation, which is the last chapter before the new Earth appears.

A war between the light and dark was going on for eons of time on the astral level. This war ended on March 19, 2016 and the dark ones were thrown down to Earth. The light won on the astral plane. Now the war between the light and dark is in full force on the Earth plane. It will be over after all of the dark stuff comes to the surface and has been revealed to humanity so they can see how much corruption has occurred on Earth for many thousands of years. Basically it is wake up time for all of humanity.

The 20th chapter of Revelation talks about how high frequency energy will come down from heaven and destroy the really dark ones who came here to take over the world. Their bodies cannot handle the high frequency energy so they will have to leave. They will soon be gone, at least from the higher frequency world. The separation is here now. Look at how the United States is divided. What will happen to cause us to start working together again so we can become a unit of one? Is this why there is so much chaos? Out of chaos comes a new creation and that is what Revelation says we will start manifesting after the dark ones are gone from our reality. The rest of us will then be living on a 5th dimension Earth.

Recently I have felt like I have been floating in and out of different realities. It is an interesting experience. A couple of days ago I received an email saying that the Astronomers had just located a new galaxy in our Universe, and they said it just appeared out of nowhere. My thought was that it was always there although we could not see it because it was on a different frequency and invisible to us. Now that we have raised our frequency we can see it.  We are definitely moving into a higher frequency reality even if it doesn’t appear that way right now.

There will be a solar eclipse on February 26, 2017 at 6:55 AM PST. This is a very important eclipse and the last one in a series of Virgo/Pisces eclipses. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and this means the ending of a certain phase of progression and the beginning of the cry for freedom. The degree of this eclipse is “A call to participate in the service to humanity as an evolutionary crisis approaches.”  Being this is the end of the Pisces/Virgo (health issues) eclipses for a while; it might mean that Obamacare will stay as is. I know a lot of people would like that to happen. The energy from the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius will be much different and I think this will pull us totally into the Age of Aquarius which is the age of light.  We have been in the transition stage since 1962 when the revolution of the sixties started.

The book “An Astrological Mandala” goes on to say that this eclipse degree is related to the feminist movement or the present women’s liberation movement. How true that is. Just look at all the demonstrations that have been happening all over the world and the women’s march right after Trump was elected president. Women want their rights and are ready to stand up for equality. The Goddess energy has awakened.

We are in a very critical time period right now because there are some very challenging planetary aspects in effect at this eclipse. There is a Cardinal (fast acting male Cross) in the heavens with Mars conjunct Uranus and Eris. This is a very explosive aspect. Mars and Uranus together bring in a very strong energy of discord, fires, fighting, arguments, and people can get out of hand. This conjunction is in the sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars so it is a double whammy.

Then we have Vesta, the goddess of great power in Cancer, the sign of emotions or water. Look at what is happening in California with all of their rain. Jupiter is in Libra and that is relationship challenges, both personal or between countries. Look at the challenge between the United States and Mexico right now. Pluto is in Capricorn and that rules all structures or governments. Pluto is the transformer and it was right over Washington D.C. when Trump was elected president. He is definitely a transformer, or trying to be one.

Saturn was opposing Trump’s Sun, node, and Uranus at the time he was elected. This caused a lot of angry energy against him from all over the world. The Democrats are ruled by Saturn, and he will have to neutralize Saturn’s energy if he is going to get along with them. This energy will also cause lots of law suits against him. Trump’s Node in Gemini at birth is conjunct Mars in the United States birth chart which is 20 Gemini. This energy is what is causing a lot of chaos in his life, and the lives of the people in the United States.  Trump has a very challenging chart at this time. The Uranus, Mars, Eris conjunction in the heavens are all in a perfect trine to his Sun and Node. The node is his destiny. His Sun is on 22 Gemini and the last eclipse was on 22 Leo. He needs to have good protection around him at this particular time and for the next couple of months.

The energy from the February 10th lunar eclipse will be in effect until August 21, 2017 when there will be a total solar eclipse which will cover almost all of the United States. This eclipse will be on 29 degrees Leo and lines up with Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, which is now on one degree Virgo, the sign of the Goddess.

We are in a tremendous revolutionary time period and it is important that we not lose our cool, at least not too often. It’s time to do deep breathing when you feel stressed and take time to relax and enjoy life. We are in a time of change so let’s make it a good change. There is a wonderful world out there if you can find it. Our attitude is very important to living a good life. If you don’t like something, change your perception of it. It’s all an illusion anyway so enjoy the ride.      So Be it!  Written in light and love.

Mahala Gayle

I have a new link on my blog that is for whoever would like an Edgar Cayce Past life reading for a donation of $30. The link is at the top of the first page and all you have to do is click on that link. There is a sample past life reading on the link so you can see what you would be getting. Check it out if you are interested. There is also a donation button on the front page. Thanks to all of you who have donated to me over the years. It has helped me tremendously to do my work of writing articles to help you understand what is going on in the world. I send lots of love and blessings to all of you.    Mahala Gayle

Healing A Hoop – The Americas and Europe

Guest article by Alison.

The Earth Grid lines are webs that may become reignited by cosmic events. Since I first read about this eclipse in one of my favourite books, ‘Celestial Delights’ up to 2020 by Francis Reddy, I have been struck by the similarities between a place it passes over called Lake Musters and Colhue Haupi in Argentina, and the Ness of Broghar in the Orkney Islands, where I witnessed a very powerful Solar eclipse on 20th March 2015.

Since then I’ve had this nagging feeling that these eclipses are connected, that they are healing a ‘Hoop’. Despite trying to ignore the feeling I’ve dreamt about it twice, so now somewhat reluctantly I am writing about it. Events do seem to be confirming that a special Hoop of healing between the Left Brain (European) and Right brained (Indigenous peoples) in the world.

The Indigenous shamanic teachings of South America are crucial in how we will be able to transform the social problems facing us globally. One of these teachings is that of Ayni, sacred reciprocity. The Hoop that is being healed is a re-connection to the lineage of these teachings which will enable us to restore harmony.

At present there is a special portal involving larger numbers of people reconnecting with the South American lineage. These teachings are being made more widely available to North American’s of European descent and now also Europeans. This is mostly taking place through Internet courses of which I have been participating myself. In 2017 we will have at least two traditions of in person teachers in the UK for the first time – the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and Q’ero Tradition.

Around a year ago I embarked on an online course Path of the Universal Shaman in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) with don Oscar Miro-Quesada. His teachers were from the Andean Mountain and Coastal traditions, which have miraculously been kept intact and woven together in the PMT. don Oscar was asked to take the teachings to North America rather than risk them dying out altogether, or not serving their purpose of global transformation. This has been very successful with many people embracing the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition from many walks of life. It is the karma of many of us born in European bodies to heal and balance this very old wound.

Those of you who read my blogs will know that one of the core issues I have been exploring through the Goddess Asteroids is ‘attachment’. The issue of ‘lineage’ feels very similar. Its perhaps something that unless you’ve ever had it, you may not know it is missing in your psyche. Once you do have it though, it is like being reconnected to your Spiritual Parents. It brings a deep feeling of security and stability in the same way a strong, positive attachment to one’s biological parents does. For most Europeans, magical traditions have been obliterated – either through intellectual discrediting (the left brain massacre) or through more tyrannical methods such as the Witch hunts. Lineage for us is often vague past life memories, synchronicities that connect us to different traditions and the remnants of forgotten practices of the Druids or other Indigenous people’s living in Europe. These experiences are wonderful when they happen, but it is even better to get plugged back into a tangible lineage and to feel welcomed generously and trusted that this time, as Europeans, we will do the right thing.

Don Oscar talks in his apprenticeships about the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and the ‘Rainbow Tribe’ awakening. This was also the term used to describe the Asteroid Belt by Barbara Hand Clow in her ground-breaking book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets first published in 1987. The Wounded Healer (Chiron) is also very much the Path of the Shamanic Initiate. The healing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are central to these teachings of how the world is transforming.

I do love Astrology. Yesterday at my Pachakuti Mesa altar I was learning from don Oscar by video how to use ritual instruments to activate different energies. I went online to look at ordering a Conch shell to play. This morning as I sat down to write this I checked out the Sabian Symbol for the position of the eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces. It is “A Girl Blowing a Bugle” and the meaning is ‘a call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches’. This girl (Alison) is calling to all Europeans in origin who feel it is their time to reconnect with Indigenous People’s Wisdom. We can have faith that we are on the right path and all we need to do is keep our hearts strong and open.

This eclipse falls on a line-up of planets and asteroids which are bringing deep levels of ancestral healing to humanity. In other parts of the Globe this may be being expressed differently and towards the teachings of different Indigenous peoples. In the line-up are Mercury (Communication), South Node (Ancestry), Sun (Yang), Moon (Yin), Neptune (Creativity/grief), Pallas Athena (Leadership/power) and Chiron (Wounded Healer).

Venus and Mars are still both in fiery Aries, and Mars is in an exact conjunction with Uranus at the eclipse, so let’s expect the unexpected. It is beautiful to see Venus and Mars travelling together, Venus seems exceptionally bright this year.

Returning to the where I began with the sacred sites in Argentina and the Orkneys, how do they connect? The book Uriel’s Machine by Christopher Knight makes very convincing connections between the tall, fair skinned Star people being in various locations across the Earth. A Patagonian tribe of ‘giant’ people called the Tehuelche first named these lakes in Argentina.

There is therefore a tangible connection of lineage between Britain and South America. In the Orkneys, an incredible Temple complex has lain hidden for almost 7000 years which is now being uncovered by archaeologists. It even includes a pyramid, perhaps the oldest in the world. There is evidence that some 6000BC the Orkneys was the centre of a great spiritual civilisation.

Was Lake Musters and Colhue Haupi once a similar place? It is intriguing to wonder what may be hidden beneath the Earth there. It appears there is not much going on now but oil drilling. Please if you are reading this, spend a minute sending love and gratitude to Mother Earth over this path of the eclipse and connecting this magical Earth grid hoop in your mind. We have exploited Mother Earth for oil and gas and perhaps this was necessary in the past, but it isn’t now. We have all the new technologies we need, the only issue that stands between good sense to change or not change is money for a few individuals who are invested in these old energies.

If you would like to find out more about don Oscar’s work please visit I am going to be sponsoring the first authorised Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teacher to come to Britain, Cynthia Greer, in September 2017 for an intense 6 day course.  For full details visit