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Brothers and sisters of the Light

Notes by Elizabeth Berg

We are beings of illumination of a very high frequency, visiting earth at a lower frequency. We selected to journey through ‘self-created colored geometric energy’ of ALL that is, to this 3d plane at its greatest transformation period. Our mission, to change matter into Light. To reveal the Light within all matter. To Allow this process to take place within our very human form. We are all given the power to create a dramatic story here that would return our bodies to Light and raise earths frequency through our own journey of self-awareness.

We are to remember what is eternal.

To remember that ALL is the Love frequency. Our very Being is simply and profoundly Frequency. That we are continuously shaping, coloring, telling, creating our ‘story of return’ every single Present Moment. We are to reveal our inner most authentic person in this created world to reflect the greatest amount of gathered Light filled identity, the higher self, a self that is with you now.

Our illumination is temporarily sheathed in a chrysalis. This temporary limited covering of our soul must at some point go through the last stages of reconfiguration to allow our predestined humanness a higher awareness that manifests throughout our body soul energy, while still residing on the earth plane.

This is what you are doing. It is that stage of giving up what you were; for what you are becoming. Your old self doesn’t fit you at all. You are processing destiny. Look to the other side of this process where completion is and follow that Light. For Earth’s Ascension.



Brothers and sisters of the Light — 6 Comments

  1. A true heart opens possibilities… Evolution means evolving from one limited mindset, encompassing multiple possibilities and probabilities (multiverses), encouraging and inspiring real; change, growth and total transformation “now” (not sometime in the future!)! If we continue to expect others to “rescue” us, rather than accept what we don’t like as an opportunity to; learn, shift approaches and perspectives (which is required for true metamorphous!), then we repeat the same experiences, rather than move forward with other’s and our own greatest probabilities… Awareness requires allowing differing multiple perceptual feasibilities, inspiring others innate wisdom to awaken, so they can be inspirational for others too (the butterfly effect!)… True guides/ healers/ inspirers understand, “We are responsible to heal ourselves”… Each can animate others towards healing, but can’t force anyone to choose to heal!… Ancient wisdom attributed but not limited to Hermes, “As above, so below, as within, so without”… Heal yourself, and the whole world heals “with” you!… Namaste…

  2. Hello dear Daia,
    Vulnerable and emotional, perhaps this message speaks the language of the heart.. Some of us are riding a wave of trust, as we surrender aspects of the reasoning mind, for the Universal, where direct reception and intention offer a baby step sweetened path. Blessing to you too.

  3. Thanks Dave for the e-mail… Sorry you chose to rescue Ms. Berg by deleting the posts… Awareness happens now, or we are all doomed repeating the same repetitive cycles… Best to you and all you love! Namaste…

  4. Namaste EL thank you, your final sentence was the cherry on the cake following your observations.

  5. Gracias Amada (thank you Beloved One) for bringing through this message – at the very moment that affirmed my Knowing. . . . Endless Love Forevermore

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