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Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution

Poetry by Elizabeth Berg

We now have the Astro advantage of a great new start, of an opportunity to stop recreating the same old way to the same old frustrations.

We’re sick of it. Acting differently right now is pure magic …right now.

Inner talk, outer talk and how you take action.

It’s not done all at once. It can only be done in the present moment with each moment holding your heart in the center of it, being taken care of by you as your own beloved.

We’ve had lifetimes and especially this lifetime of well-developed habits, reacting the same way to the same kind of situations.

With so much to do and be aware of now, not to be overwhelmed with yet another thing to do, with that in mind, consider that peace is an applied solution.

A manifestation rejuvenation, a neglected aspect who’s self-consideration blooms instantly in renewal.

Instead of angst, dread, fear, overwhelm, a single movement of responds to what is before you accomplished in a new way with a truly fresh perspective changes how you experience your life and changes what you manifest., which means stay present and choose a more self-loving self-empowering reaction or responds… today.

The best news is: When we do this, we totally alter our future radically for the best,
starting right now.

It’s just like being in a play and realizing you actually don’t need to say the same things (to yourself). Or do the same things in the same way.

Imagine how your advanced self, your future self would say it to you, how she would walk, do, be.

Exhaustion is weariness of the same old stuff. Be New Now.

If the old way seems easier you haven’t tried the new one yet.

Let’s get onto the power of present moment for vitality and a fresh start 🌹for a truly refreshed new world.

P.S. No negativity is Not more rational than positivity.

Big hugs, Elizabeth

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