Rage: The Wisdom Keeper of the Body

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Guest Article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As we lead into the Lunar Eclipse on the 10/11 February 2017 subconscious material is being released from the collective emotional body. The eclipses this year cross the Leo Aquarius axis. The Leo part of us asks to stand boldly in the light honouring ourselves. The Aquarius part asks us to learn to be in synergy with others. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in this eclipse is ‘In A Circus the Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill’. The meaning is ‘the audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence

This year Chiron, Neptune and Pallas Athena are transiting the South Node so many ancestral issues regarding the power of women will be erupting to the surface. One of these wounds I have been facing in myself and seeing in others around me is deep rage because of a violation of natural laws which occurred in womb time or during childhood. The following may be symptoms of such rage and this is not an all inclusive list:

  • Addictions and behaviour which numbs feeling despite all your efforts to heal them
  • Severe loss of energy
  • Reacting very strongly when somebody violates your psychic or physical space, or tells you what to do
  • Strong feelings such as revulsion or fear when faced with an invasive medical procedure
  • Deep revulsion, fear and anger when seeing fracking or the DAPL pipeline issues, feeling your body is in resonance with violations of Earth Mother
  • Memories surfacing of trauma giving birth to your children, feeling helpless or separated from your child
  • Memories surfacing of violations in childhood or later in life such as abuse
  • Feeling paralysed and possibly manifesting this physically
  • Struggling to maintain connection with others
  • Having a troubled relationship with food
  • Feeling revulsion towards your body
  • Never feeling satisfied or that you have or are enough
  • Feeling unable to be intimate and present in a sexual relationship
  • Compulsive behaviour with a deep need to control others and what is happening in your environment

In contemplating this we need to not get into guilt and blame; If Astrology teaches us anything it is that karmic patterns unfold and until we know, we don’t know. We are swept along in great tides of collective issues and it takes strong will and support to turn things around. We are being presented with a portal of cosmic healing right now in which we may heal these deep traumas. It feels that it is a necessary part of the healing of the Warrior Woman archetype to heal there ‘violation’ traumas

I’m wanting this year to express how deeply the Goddess Asteroids affect human life. I had an Epiphany moment on the 1st January that these Goddess ways of being are the ‘Exemplar Archetypes of the New Emerging Culture’ for women and men. This was inspired by the Sabian Symbol of the New Moon. It is our future, our birth right to live as equals upon this beautiful Planet Earth. The Goddess Asteroids offer a detailed map of what is needed to be living the dream, the New Earth. I have created a free resource called ‘Love the Body You’re In’ to illuminate how astrology can transform your life. You can sign up to be sent the videos and healing practices I have found work at http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/online-courses

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The eclipse is visible from London from 22.34 on the 10th February and reaches maximum at 00.43 11 February 2017.

Planet Alert February 2017

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February is here already with the feeling of spring in the air; at least it feels that way here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been quite a winter for many people with an abundance of snow here on the West Coast. In fact, I think it set some records. I look forward to the early flowers starting to come up, and the dry sunny weather we usually have here in February. I also look forward to Valentine’s Day. I think we should make this into a major holiday and add unconditional love to this celebration. What could be a better holiday for the Age of Aquarius?

Mars just moved into Aries and the name of the game is more chaos until Mars moves into Taurus on March 9. Mars of course rules anger, violence, and war (I just heard we have a challenge with Iran.) On the positive side it rules energy and you have the choice of how you would like to manifest this energy in your life. The word anger adds up to nine and the word love also adds up to nine. This is a good time to go inward and see if you still have anger in your sub-conscious mind. If so, then this is a good time to “Let it all go”.

The best way to get through this turbulent time period is to have love in your heart and look at the events like a movie being played out on the world scene. It’s all a hologram anyway and will change when the time is right and people have learned what they need to know from this experience.

It appears like we have gone back in time to when women had no power. Do we want to go back to that period in time? Haven’t we worked hard enough to finally become equal with men with equal pay for a job well done and to have control over our bodies?  I am so happy to see so many people peacefully demonstrating saying “Enough is enough; we don’t need any more control over our lives. We need to be free.

The planets say that it is time to be free. Uranus is in the fire sign Aries along with Mars, and Saturn is in the fire sign Sagittarius. Uranus rules revolutions and new energy, and Saturn rules the old. Maybe we need to let the old go and bring in the new. Trump seems to be doing a good job of tearing down the structure of our government. The old has to go down before the new can come in. Maybe this whole mess will turn out differently than most people think it will.

Saturn (Satan) controls the Matrix, or hologram. Saturn only controls Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Earth. Uranus is a wild card and does not believe in the Matrix. Neptune is the planet of delusion or deception, and Pluto is the transformer. Uranus, a planet that rules light is working on bringing in freedom by causing the energy of revolution to be on Earth at this time. If we focus our minds on bringing in freedom and watching this drama from an observation point, we can help the world move through this chaos a lot better.

Remember, we are manifesting the 20th chapter of Revelation where the controllers all go down and then we manifest a whole new reality which is called the New Earth. Negativity has a tendency to destroy itself so maybe the really dark ones will self-destruct, or maybe there will be Divine Intervention. The Earth changes are getting stronger and stronger, and our second sun Nemesis is here. How will this affect us?

There is also the theory that 1/3 of the Earth will be leaving when the lower time-line Earth splits off from the higher time-line Earth. The dark ones will automatically exist on a lower time-line, unless they self-destruct. The people with love in their hearts will be on the higher time-line Earth.

I have thought a lot about the splitting Earth theory and it explains a lot to me. If the time-lines separate it is kind of like when a person dies and leaves his/her physical body to go to a higher reality. In this case the Earth will symbolically die and her higher self will then be in a higher frequency where love and peace will reign. I think this theory is a real possibility although who knows how this will all turn out. I do know that we are caught in a dark Matrix right now and it’s hard to see the light unless we change our perception of life.

Now back to the planets. There are two eclipses in February. The first one is a full moon eclipse on February 10 at 4:33 PM PST on 22 degrees Leo. The meaning of 22 degrees Leo is a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission of delivering the message it is meant to carry.  This is interesting to me because we just moved into the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology. The Rooster is kind of a cocky bird that rules the roost. This reminds me of Donald Trump and how he likes to be boss and do exactly what he chooses to do.

The Sun will be on 22 degrees Aquarius in this eclipse chart. This degree means “The warmth of understanding which comes to those who are open to new possibilities”. The asteroid Vesta, the goddess of the eternal flame, is in the sign of Cancer and it has been making a square aspect to Uranus, which is the revolutionary planet. Cancer is an emotional sign so this means there has been an abundance of emotional energy in effect for a while. Actually, there has been all kinds of emotional energy floating around since Trump’s Inauguration on January 20, 2017. This energy will increase as we move into the time of this upcoming full moon and continue up until Mars, Uranus, and Eris are conjunct in Aries opposing Jupiter in late February.

I said in my last article that we were about to start a full blown revolution in the United States and it has started. Actually, people are demonstrating all over the world and I think this is good because it shows me that we are all becoming united. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do in order to manifest unity consciousness?

The planet Jupiter is in the sign of Libra right now and this is the sign of relationships of all kinds. I was thinking about the world and how Trump has basically severed relations with Mexico, Iran, and the Muslims. Now that we have this problem with Iran, what will come from this event? Will it be another war? I sure hope not. There will also be problems in personal relationships as long as Jupiter is in Libra, which will be until October 2017.

What are the effects of negative thoughts? The moment a negative thought enters your mind; your body releases acid, your aura decreases, your resistance power decreases, your system’s functions are affected, your heart beat  increases, your blood pressure increases and unwanted hormones are released. Do you want to feel all of those effects? Then consider thinking more positive thoughts. Be grateful for what you have and bless each day as you wake up in the morning. Be kind to yourself and everyone else. It is important to stay positive with everything that is going on in the world.   So Be It!

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Planet Alert Mid January 2017

The big event this month in the United States is the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.  This will occur on January 20, 2017. I looked at that chart and I see that Pluto (the transformer) will be on 17 degrees Capricorn. I find this interesting because we are in the year (20)-(17), which is the Tarot Card of the Star. This card is one of hope and wonder and inspiration. In the realm of the star all is fresh and new, and all is innocence. This sounds wonderful for the people seeking spiritually, but will it manifest on the Earth as we perceive it now?

One of the meanings of 17 degrees Capricorn is violence. I hear there will be a lot of people who are going to the inauguration to protest the presidency of Donald Trump. I hope they don’t get out of hand. Another meaning of this degree is the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.  There will be thousands of military people there, along with police to keep everyone protected.

The sun will be on 0 degree Aquarius. This degree is “A meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs. It is the power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power”. No wonder they always have the inauguration on January 20th.

Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries and Mars rules energy that is either peaceful or violent. Mars will be exactly square Saturn on January 20th and that activates the energy of police protection or revolutionary action. This may be the start of a major revolution in our country. Mars moves into Aries on January 27, and will be in Aries until March 9. I believe the next couple of months will be very turbulent because of the Mars energy in Aries along with Uranus, the planet of change. All of the planets are now in forward motion until Jupiter goes retrograde on February 6, 2017. Here is a link to the forward moving planets Rare Astrological Event.

President Trump has Saturn in opposition to his north node and his Sun right now. When Saturn is opposing a person’s sun it usually causes a lot of challenges or opposition. The node can cause life or death events, or it can activate your destiny. Saturn is in Sagittarius right now and this sign rules law suits, the higher mind, teachers, and the banking system. Sagittarius also rules other things, although I think the law suits and banking system will be dominant during Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s node is on 20 degrees Gemini and his sun is on 22 Gemini. Mars in the United States birth chart is on 20 degrees Gemini. This means that he comes in as a war president. The war part could be a hacking war, a twitter war, challenges with half of the United States who did not vote for him, or a physical war. Because Trump’s south node is on 20 degrees Sagittarius it means he is bringing up stuff from the past that he will have to deal with, and so will we. One of the things we will have to deal with is the changing of Obamacare. Hopefully they will create a better plan. Only time will tell.

Pluto has been opposing the United States birth sun for quite a while and this means we have been in a phase of major transformation as witnessed by this election.  Pluto rules life, death, and transformation. Trump is obviously the right person to transform, or change the existing system. The old has to go out before the new can come in. I bless him on his journey.

Now let’s talk about ascension. What does the word ascension mean to you? To me it meant to manifest a higher frequency.  Now I’m not too sure about that. I did some research on the web and came up with a new understanding. Uranus is in the sign of Aries, which rules the head and our brains. Our brains then trigger other parts of our body. Uranus has been in Aries since January of 2011 or for six years. It will be in that sign until June of 2018. This is the time period of the major ascension process.

The brain has four different wave frequencies. They are Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. The lowest is Delta at 0-4 Hz. The second one is Theta which has a frequency of 4-7 Hz, and Alpha is 7-12 Hz. As we reach the 11-13 Hz time speeds up. This is what we are experiencing right now and have been for a couple of years. We still count our days as 24 hours although a day is now equivalent to 16 hours because of the higher frequency. Beta is from 13 to 40 Hz. I believe we are now manifesting between 13-16 Hz because this is the emotional fight or flight energy that causes the world to be in chaos. Once we reach 16Hz it is the end of a paradigm.  We are almost there.

The number 16 is the Tower Struck with Lightning, or the destroying of old structures. We experienced that energy for all of last year and it is spilling over into this year. It looks like this energy will continue for a while. A portal opens sometime in 2017 to the new paradigm. We are in the transition period right now of changing from one paradigm to another, and it is always darkest before the dawn. In the meantime we are spinning out of control because of the energy of 13-16 Hz that is affecting us right now. We need to balance our energy to vibrate to Alpha which is the 7-12 Hz range.

It’s my understanding that the energy from source is now here on Earth. It came in with the recent waves of light on December 19/20. Love is the strongest power in the Universe. We all came from love and we are all one. The word love adds up to the number nine. If that corresponds to 9 Hz then that is what we need to vibrate to if we are going to manifest Christ Consciousness. It has always been my understanding that Christ Consciousness vibrates to 9D. If this is true then we need to slow down to be able to manifest love and unity consciousness instead of getting all hyper and vibrating to the energy of fight or flight. This means it is a good idea to really focus on ‘Thinking with your Heart’ so we can manifest love energy.

Part of the love energy is being soft and gentle. There was an article in the  Parade Magazine of the Seattle Times on January 1, 2017 titled “Let’s make 2017 the Year of Being Kind.” I like that idea so here is the link to that article: Let’s Make 2017 the Year of Being Kind. Keep your focus on manifesting love and being kind to people as we continue to move through this turbulent energy.

Written in love and light from my heart to your heart.

*Mahala Gayle*

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Hang onto Your Cloaks in 2017

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

This is an Astrology message which recounts the story of the Goddess Asteroids, Weavers of Light, in 2017.

I’m living just as the century ends.

A great leaf, that God and you and I

have covered with writing

turns now, overhead, in strange hands.

We feel the sweep of it like a wind.


We see the brightness of a new page

where everything can yet happen.

Unmoved by us, the fates take its measure

and look at one another, saying nothing.

Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

What happens in the beginning is the pattern that will work itself out in the end. This is always the power of conception. This morning as I begin this adventure plotting the course of the Goddess Asteroids in 2017 the Crescent Moon is moving between Venus and Mars. Last night I saw them glimmering and crisp in a clear sky. The chart time when I have opened my computer places the ascendant at 0 Aquarius and the descendant as 0 Leo. This means that the sign of Aquarius, the collective humanitarian age is rising. Leo the sign of the individual is more hidden. This interplay between Venus and Mars (Sacred Marriage) and the Leo Aquarius (Individual/Collective) axis are important themes which play out this year.

In 2017 there is a beautiful line up of Goddesses Juno, Astraea and Hygeia. I shall refer to them as the ‘Golden Weavers of the Language of Light’ presently in Sagittarius. They are the bringers of the Chalice of the Golden Age. They are weaving new patterns, new languages, new ways of relating. I have included some links at the bottom of women from around the world who are sharing these languages. Strange songs are arising in me like the ancient voice of the earth and I believe this year many people are going to develop such creative gifts they never even dreamed they could have. Listening to others speak the language of light awakens deeply hidden memories in our DNA. These gifts are encoded into our DNA and they bring peace and unity. I have written a lot in 2016 about Weavers in relation to the Dakota people. We will continue to claim the internet as a web, a tool for world peace.

Neptune and Chiron have been healing and dissolving ancestral karma. They have been with the South Node all of 2016 – like a deep tissue massage squeezing out all the pain and suffering into the light. This year Pallas Athena and Chiron continue this journey with the South Node (the Serpents Tail) so the ancestral theme has a specific focus – the healing of the Warrior Woman Archetype. This is an excellent year to develop new forms of leadership which are inclusive and non-hierarchical. I will refer to this as ‘The Ancestral Healing’ point in Pisces.

Ceres is still travelling with Uranus and Eris and many astrologers have connected this transit with the shocking changes in world politics of Brexit and Donald Trump to name a few. On the surface, there is a worrying trend towards the right. It feels though that these massive cracks in the established system need to happen – like the Lightening Tower strike – so that the potential for new forms can emerge. It is vitally important now that we are wide awake, letting go of our inhibitions and fears so we can take advantage of this unique time in history.

Vesta the Medicine Woman has just entered Leo and it feels the Dakota protest has also been a catalyst for a new confidence in her archetype. The release of the new Disney film Moana is also perfect; it is the story of the healing of Vesta. Rather than taking direct political action we see now the possibility that we might achieve our global aim for peace through ceremony, prayer, focused intention through a sacred altar space to work with the invisible forces. Working with these invisible forces is more important than what is visible and conscious. There are many people on the Earth now able to do this and we are gathering together to raise our collective vibration. I am beginning an advanced course with don Oscar Miro Quesada the Peruvian Shamanic Teacher who has developed the Path of the Universal Shaman. I have also been studying the Gene Keys with Richard Rudd which is another Universal system. These online courses are a very powerful way to create global connection.

In February, the Weavers transit the Galactic Center along with Saturn, who brings form to the creative spark. Saturn is Binah, the Dark Mother who is birthing the Golden Age. This is an awesome energy as the Weavers cross the void of the Black Hole at the Galactic center, where the song of evolution issues forth. Saturn may also bring obstacles to be overcome but let these hone us into a perfect arrow heads, clear and strong. Do not be silenced by bullies, the time to speak up for yourself is 2017.

Mars and Venus join the ‘Ancestral Point’ to intensify the karmic healing of male/female, head/heart, thoughts/feelings. This will most likely center around families so it’s a good year to create a family tree and apply healing balm, songs, incense and love to it. What do we refuse to talk about in our family history? Who are the ghosts? Who and what is banished from your ancestral line? Suicides, abortions, criminals, HIV, gays, esoteric gifts – these are the painful wounds that the Mother wants to embrace.  Welcome them back in spirit, in your heart. Perhaps they are part of your own history that needs some loving. Unless we allow these banished ghosts into the light they will continue to wreak havoc in the collective subconscious. The new film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them expresses this energetic process beautifully and very much relates to the Vesta archetype.

On the 8th February, the Moon and Vesta align with Sirius bringing through a special vibration of sacred geometrical energies.

The first Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is on the 10th February visible from the Americas and across the Aquarius Leo axis. This intensifies the alchemical transformation of the Individual to the Collective way of being. This is quite a journey for those brought up in the West. We are quite ingrained in individualism and perceive our problems usually as being down to personal failure.

The Annular Solar Eclipse on the 26th February sweeps across Chile and Argentina crossing the ocean to Africa. It reaches maximum at Lake Musters and Colhue Huapi in Argentina. I feel this is a very sacred place, I saw the lakes as ancient rock art in my inner eye, their shape is special and I feel it is significant the eclipse reaches its peak here. When I googled this place, it seems just a wasteland now with lots of drilling for oil. As the portal of the eclipse opens it would be a wonderful moment to send healing here. If you can get there even better and if you know anything about its history, please share. The eclipse takes place on the ‘Ancestral Healing’ point in Pisces

On 29th March Ceres conjuncts Mars, Mercury, Moon in Taurus and Uranus so there may be some fireworks that day. In April, the Golden Weavers move into Capricorn, known in the zodiac as the Gateway of the Third Rebirth (Thrice Born Hermes). This signals a powerful point of increased intensity in the Ascension process. The Weavers begin to journey with Pluto and this is likely to bring their energies into a direct confrontation with patriarchal forces. Those of us on the creative path may meet many internal and external demons. See them for what they are, a last-ditch attempt to enslave humanity. Don’t give your power to these forces by becoming despondent. Let the challenge fire your soul to be the bright light in the world you were born to be at this time of darkness in the 3D realm. Saturn is still aligned to the Galactic Center so the birthing of new forms continues. Saturn and Pluto together influencing the Weavers is going to be interesting and very transformational. Pluto brings always the potential to increase our Power and Saturn our Wisdom.

In May Ceres is still travelling with fiery Mars and enters the sign of Gemini. My feeling is that her transit through Taurus and Gemini this year will bring an intensification of environmental campaigns globally. The voice of the Earth Mother will be heard in more ways than one, such as through song. The issue of Water is particularly important globally. Saturn forms several Grand Trines in Fire to Uranus in Aries this year and the Moon and North node in this special month of May.

In June Pallas Athena in Aries is conjunct Uranus and Venus. What shocks may we expect in this this area? It is a potent time where humanity may cast off the chains of patriarchy and ride this wave of liberation. My feeling is we may see women’s issues in countries such as Nigeria and the Middle East (the Yin nations) in the headlines.  The Sun and Mars then conjunct Ceres so there is an alchemical molding of yin and yang forces at play. We may see musicians, writers and artists from non-European countries making their mark and healing the world through their stories. Let’s encourage and support them in the West (Yang nations). We should remember that countries such as Iraq and Syria are very sacred places on the Globe and the refugee crisis will continue to play out until we as humanity recognize this and give both energetic and physical support (no guns as this perpetuates the karma). In terms of Yin and Yang the eclipses spanning North (Yang) and South (Yin) America are also important this year.

In late June Saturn opposes the Sun whilst conjunct the Galactic Center and makes its closest transit to Earth. This will be a good time for launching new ideas and courses which have been growing. The energies of Saturn bring longevity to all she touches. Take your time forming new structures this year as they are the foundation on which your creativity can flourish.

In July Vesta conjuncts, the North Node, a peak this year for the Medicine Women energies. A Grand Fire Trine forms with Saturn at the Galactic Center and Uranus in Aries. Pallas Athena has moved back towards Uranus and so this is a key moment for her too. I see in my inner vision women drumming and chanting for peace, a holy sound reaching into the heavens. A great fire burns in the center and these circles stretch out across the globe. Men are there too and I see them crying to know the loving touch of the Goddess is there and they have no need to be afraid.

August is a very exciting month. Firstly, there is a Partial Lunar Eclipse across Indian Ocean and the Leo Aquarius axis on the 7th August.

In the lead, up to the Total Solar Eclipse over America, Ceres is conjunct Venus and the Moon on 18-19th August, having just aligned with Sirius, gathering the Divine Feminine to the great portal opening. On the 20th August, the Moon then crosses over Mars and into the Eclipse aligned to the Royal Star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. Both Mercury and Vesta in the early degrees of Virgo are in this powerful energy field too. I hope all you ‘Priestesses’ out there are holding onto your cloaks because this is an awesome year for us. I’m hoping to make my first trip to the USA for this event.

The wonder does not end there though. Through a highly talented Astrologer Norma Tarango, now living in Mexico, I became aware that the path of this eclipse covers two very important parts of a Qabalisitc map of the USA which she visioned. The eclipse runs from Oregon on the Yin line to South Carolina on the Yang line, coast to coast. A link to her website is below.

In September, the Weavers have returned to the early degrees of Capricorn with Pluto and start moving forwards again. In this next period the other Goddess Asteroids travel alone, out of the influence of the major planets suggesting they have a period of freedom and respite from the deep transformations this year. Ceres is in watery Cancer; Pallas Athena is earthy Taurus and Vesta in devoted Virgo – all very nurturing signs for these Goddess energies. Ceres moves into Leo on the 24th September. Use September as a period of reflection and consolidation. There is another Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo on the 5th October anchoring the new frequencies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

In early November, the Golden Weavers are in very tight conjunction with Pluto and each other which may intensify the ascension process again and bring to the surface unfinished business. Pluto brings great challenges when we refuse to let go of who we think we are, but when we surrender we find the bliss point. 8th November is a key date so watch out for what happens in your life and in the news. Mahala has aid Pluto energies are very active in New York this year so it will be interesting to see what develops there.

In December Pallas Athena moves back into Aries for another cavorting with Uranus. This could potentially be very liberating but also explosive. We may decide enough is enough and leave jobs, lovers or whatever is stifling our sense of freedom. The Weavers start moving away from Pluto at this point which suggests as well that our situation may change in quite a profound way. It will however ultimately be to our benefit.

I end with the Winter Solstice where there is a Venus, Saturn alignment with the Sun as it enters Capricorn. I usually visit Bryn Celli Dhu in Wales now and it will be my first experience of Venus aligning with the womb space. At this time a very special energy will be born upon the Earth fertilizing the new cycle to come. Aho!

May the Weavers thread their gold and silver web above and below you, and keep you safe in these changing times. May your creative spirit soar and may you re-member the gifts of your ancestors. Sing to the water and the birds and they will sing to you. This is my prayer.

Love and Blessings, Blue Spectral Eagle (Alison Dhuanna)

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Moana: Sea Priestess

by Alison Dhuanna, Astrologer

This week I have been inspired by the latest Disney film, Moana, the new Polynesian princess challenging female stereotypes.

Moana’s story has many magical connections to my own journey, especially the theme of navigating by sea. For the past few years it has been a great adventure navigating the sacred Isles of Britain. Through the work of the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl I became familiar with the history of Moana’s people. Kon-tiki (2014) is a film about the extraordinary journey Heyerdahl took on a raft across the Pacific from South America, to prove that the people of Polynesia came from the West. Heyerdahl said they came from Peru and their god was called Kon-tiki. This is what the shaman had told him in the Polynesian tribe he lived with for many years.

The Inca say that these tall, fair gods which include the ‘good guy’ Kon-tiki came from the North. What we do know is that these navigating ancestors from all parts of the Globe were great adventurers, and their spirit calls to us again not to be afraid. To heal this world we must set out to sea beyond our comfort zone.

Moana sets off to sea against her father’s wishes, to heal the heart of the Earth Goddess with a gem stolen many generations earlier by the trickster god Maui. Moana is told the story by her Grandmother, who is a Medicine Woman who dances with the sea.

The film reflected two of the Goddess Asteroids in astrology and their transformation in humanity perfectly. Vesta the sacred priestess archetype is represented firstly by Moana’s grandmother. Moana also has to completely step into her power when she is let down by the Demi-god Maui – in fact in turns out to be her not the god who has to restore the Goddess. This is a very strong Vesta theme – the need to know our own spiritual power and not project this outside ourselves onto a patriarchal god.

In the Earth Goddess we see the rage of mythical Ceres as she ravages the land. As my friend sitting next to me whispered ‘she has a very bad case of PMT’. Eckhart Tolle has an interesting theory that PMT is the collective rage of the repressed Divine Feminine which all women process. This is why we cannot heal the outer world until the Goddess within is restored and honored in all her dimensions. Moana will go a long way to doing this in the popular culture.

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Planet Alert January 2017

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah celebration. The holidays are not over yet because we are still in the celebration of the High Holy Days. The celebration of the Orthodox Christmas will be on January 7.  How many of you know that the Roman Catholic Church divided into two groups in the year 1054? One is the Roman Catholic Church and the other group is the Orthodox churches. There are several branches of this church and I believe all of them celebrate Christmas on January 7.
I am writing this article on the day of the New Moon, which was December 29, 2016. On that day the planet Uranus moved direct in conjunction with Eris, the planet of chaos. Uranus was retrograde from July 29 to December 29. During that five month period of time it was like Uranus was standing still and stirring up everything in its path. Actually, no planet stands still or goes retrograde; it just appears that way from Earth. Uranus rules rebellion, demonstrations, light, high technology and the male higher mind. Now Uranus is in its fast-speed mode. This means it’s time to buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride.
The sun is in the sign of Capricorn right now and this is a cardinal fast-acting sign. Capricorn rules governments, corporations, structures of all kinds and heads of governments.  On December 29 Uranus was still on 20 degrees Aries in an exact opposition to Jupiter on 20 degrees Libra. This degree means a return to contact with the Mother-force of nature and social togetherness. Didn’t that happen in the Standing Rock event in North Dakota?
Both Uranus and Jupiter are now on 20 degrees which brings up the energy of the Tarot Card called Judgment. The Judgment card, in my Tarot book, is a picture of a woman with raised arms and wings rising up from a pot of old leaves. In other words, it is the Phoenix rising from the ashes and it is the ending of one phase of life and the beginning of another. It’s Ascension time. To reach a higher frequency we all need to stop judging ourselves and others.  Are you still judging yourself? Are you judging other people? Are you judging what is going on in the world? Are you judging what you hear on the news? Do you feel like you are not worthy?  Move into your heart energy where love lives. Stand in your power. You are a great Being of light and it is time to manifest that light.  Let go of judging and become the risen Phoenix.
Saturn is on 21 degrees Sagittarius and this represents the World in the Tarot cards.  This is the last card in the Major Arcana and means fulfillment, attainment, culmination, harmony and well-being. Whatever happens now will affect the whole world. Sagittarius is a fire sign and rules freedom. Saturn is, or has been considered our controller because it literally controlled all of the inner planets of our solar system and kept us in the Matrix. Saturn is no longer our controller if we just claim our freedom and stand in our power. Saturn also makes a nice trine to Uranus, which also rules freedom. Now it is the time for the old way of doing things to go away, and a new way of life to manifest.
The planet Pluto is on 16 degrees Capricorn and that of course represents the Tower Struck with Lightening. Pluto is directly affecting New York City right now. I find it interesting that the Trump Tower in New York had a bomb scare the other day.  I am glad no bomb was found, although it proves that the energy of Astrology works.
What other kind of event will Pluto bring to New York?  I hear the East Coast is having more storms and that is a Pluto event. New York is the financial center of the world and Pluto is the transformer. Will our financial system be transformed in any way by this aspect, and if it is will we hear about it? The United Nations is also located in New York.  China will also be affected by the energy of the sun in Capricorn.       I do think there will be more large weather events in China in this upcoming month.
Pluto was over Washington D.C at the time of our election. What a transforming event that was. It was a surprise to me that Donald Trump won, although the Web bot said he would. I guess we needed a change here in the United States. He will be inaugurated on January 20, just before we move into the year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster likes to express himself and be the center of attention.  Kind of sounds like Trump to me.
I’m sure there will be a lot of different events in January, and who knows exactly what will happen? The Sun will conjunct Pluto on January 6th.  Mercury goes direct on January 8. The Sun will square Uranus on January 10 and square Jupiter on January 11 right before the full moon on January 12. January will be a very interesting month starting with the first day of the New Year which is a 1-1-1. This is a new beginning.
There are a lot of things going on in our solar system, and one of them is the arrival of Planet X, also called Nibiru/Nemesis. I heard about Nemesis coming in many years ago. The Astronomers at that time expected Nemesis to be here by 2012, and then they recalculated and said it would be here by 2020. Apparently it is in our solar system now because the scientists have discovered Helium in our system. Nemesis is a brown dwarf star and is known to emit Helium. Nemesis is our second sun that Nostradamus talked about in his prophecies.
Scientists also say that we will be entering a dust cloud soon. I think this dust cloud is from the tail of Nemesis. This will be quite an event. The controllers built their underground cities so they can go there when we go through this dust cloud. We are in the ascension process right now and as soon as we reach a high enough frequency we will be in a different reality where everything is beautiful and people are very loving and kind. It’s called The New Earth. This is what I have been waiting for to manifest for many years and it is finally here, or almost here. In the new reality Nemesis will not be a problem.
I recently read an article by Lisa Rising Berry about the new activation of our DNA. This article is very interesting and I recommend that you read it. Her article talks about a major ascension process that is going on right now in our brains. Right in the middle of the brain is Ammon’s Horn, also known as the Hippocampus. It is our connection to God, or source. This part of our brain was activated on December 19/20 when a wave of energy covered the whole Earth. I felt that energy on those two days because I became very electrical. Maybe I had an electrical connection to source on those days. Here is a video that shows that wave: Massive Waves of Energy Are Hitting Earth, Picked Up On MIMIC Map. Here is another from dutchsinse. Here is the web site of Lisa Berry.
Here is a video of a comet that is in our heavens on New Year’s Eve, and for a few more days. It is beautiful.   What a way to start a new year. USA Today: Look to the sky for New Year’s Eve comet.
Happy New Year and I hope this will be your best year ever. Have you heard the song “I am the light of my soul”? It is a beautiful song. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e11zx5TzRxo. Let this light of our soul shine in all its glory for everyone to see in this upcoming year. So Be It!
 I send you my love and blessings.
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                                                                    Mahala Gayle

Astrology of the Sioux Constitution at Standing Rock

Guest article by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

Researching Standing Rock from England it was important that I find the history written  from a Native American Point of view. I found a PDF online by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard which is where I got the information for these blogs.

It struck me that the date the Sioux themselves formed a Constitution for the Standing Rock Reservation on the 24th April 1959 was particularly important. The Astrology for this date illuminates the greater cosmic patterns unfolding, especially when considered in relation to the planetary movements today.

The Constitution was signed on a day when the Moon was conjunct Ceres (Mother Goddess) and Jupiter in the last degrees of Scorpio. This is a very important part of the zodiac as it’s the place of emergence from the cosmic underworld. It is therefore highly syncronistic that what lies in this part of the zodiac today is a conjunction of Astraea, Hygeia and Juno. In a nutshell what this frequency represents is the Golden Age of Sacred Arts and Natural Rhythms being rebirthed. The equality of men and women is also very important. I have been involved in many political struggles in my life but what is different about Standing Rock is that it is unequivocally spiritual and creativity plays a central role in the way the Sioux express themselves. This is what gives it the Goddess touch.

The other wonderful aspect in the 1959 chart is that the North Node is aligned to Pallas Athena and Juno in Libra. This feels a harmonious expression of the Warrior Goddess and Sacred Lover energies – as if what would be born at Standing Rock was the celebration of the strength and power of women and equality with men. Jupiter has been transiting this part of the zodiac so we could expect an expansion of this consciousness now. This is further echoed in that Pallas Athena is transiting Chiron the Wounded Healer at the time the Constitution was signed. There is a strong energy present of the healing of the wounds of the archetypal Warrior Women.

In the blog for the founding of the Standing Rock Reservation I mentioned a very rare conjunction of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn at 3 degrees Taurus. What is interesting is that the Sun was also at 3 degrees Taurus when the constitution was formed connecting these two dates. The light and warmth of Father Sun was shining upon the previously very challenging patriarchal energies. Standing Rock in its name is very much the energy of Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign of the zodiac.

Finally, there is a Vesta return happening now – Vesta being in the same place in the zodiac as she was in April 1959 which is pretty awesome. Vesta is the archetypal Priestess or Medicine Woman. Even more importantly she helps us to re-member that we find our pathway to Spirit through our hearts – not through a male authority who gives us permission. This is a very special time for Priestesses, Medicine Women and the Power of Prayer. I know my fellow Sisters and Brother Shamans of Celtic, Viking and other enthnicities of the British Isles Stand with you at Standing Rock. Ho!

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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The Astrology of Standing Rock Reservation

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As an Astrologer working primarily with the Goddess Asteroids it has been phenomenal to see the largest, globalised Indigenous people’s protest in my lifetime. It is also very exciting to see how the Goddess energies are cracking through the patriarchal system bringing light, peace, nurture and creativity as the ‘House of Cards’ slowly starts to crumble.

Standing Rock Reservation was formed in a Treaty at Fort Laramie, Wyoming on the 17th September 1851.

The first major astrological event in this chart is a Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Pallas Athena conjunction. Saturn and Uranus are exact at 3 degrees Taurus. To have three-outer slow moving planets lined up is a very rare event, it may not have happened since then. It is an indicator of major collective change. All three of these planets you would associate with challenging circumstances which force change at a personal and collective level. My feeling is there was probably some very nasty, patriarchal politics going on behind the scenes. The presence of Pallas Athena suggests strong women may have been a key to negotiating this treaty despite the opposition. If you know more about this please let me/the blog comments know.

Venus was conjunct the Sun in Virgo on this day also indicating a strong presence of Goddess energies. This aspect is also associated with the returning god Quetzalcoatl in Mayan Astrology. The Goddess frequency is enhanced by Astraea being very close today to where she was then. Back then she was at the latter stages of Scorpio and today she has just entered Sagittarius – emerging from the underworld of Scorpio. Astraea brings the frequency of the new Golden Age expressed through Sacred arts, dance and music. Overall It suggests that this energy of the emerging Golden Age is important as a cycle is about to complete in Astraea’s orbital patterns.

On the day, the Treaty was signed there was also a conjunction of Chiron the Wounded Healer with Juno and Vesta each side. This suggests also a wounding of the Divine Feminine present. It feels with the whole chart that there would have been important issues going on with the Medicine Women of the Sioux Tribe and the chart shows both strength and vulnerability at this time. What is very interesting is that Saturn is transiting the same degree as Chiron was back then – 17 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is a very karmic planet so we see here strong suggestions that this is a rerun of old karma. I wasn’t around back then but it feels even if the Dakota hadn’t of succeeded in diverting the oil pipeline they would still have gained millions of people supporting them globally. I feel the karma has been transmuted by their peaceful stand. News at this present moment is that the pipeline will no longer go under their sacred lake but I’m wondering what will happen now? Wherever it goes it going to potentially cause great danger to water.

The bigger question which has been transmitted to me in the last few weeks is about the importance of harnessing natural earth energies to create electricity and power. We must look to the distant past when this was possible as these gifts are returning now. The work of Tesla may well see a strong revival in the next period.

I’ve written quite a few blogs about the shocking world events (e.g. Brexit) triggered by Ceres conjunct Uranus and Eris, who represents the ‘Sovereignty of the Land’. This would also equate to the sovereignty of the sacred lands of Indigenous peoples. It feels that this protest, and indeed in a ‘trickster’ fashion the election of Trump are opening both huge opportunities for humanity to quantum leap and great dangers. These often go hand in hand. Let’s face it as humans we are not that keen on real change – we have to be pushed to the edge before we jump.

In the next blog, I’m going to look at what for me is the most fascinating Astrology- that of the formation of the Standing Rock constitution on the 24th April 1959.

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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A Lakota Creation Myth and the Mysterious Trickster

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

For this blog, I wanted to research the founding of the Standing Rock Reservation and look at the planetary influences of the time, and how they are being triggered today. For a while I’ve been pondering that the new Secretary of State for Britain Boris Johnson bears a crazy resemblance to Donald Trump (The white hair!). The word ‘Trickster’ has been swilling around my thoughts, or perhaps more aptly ‘Dangerous Trickster’.

I was fascinated then to find a Lakota story of Standing Rock in a PDF written by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard which begins thus

“The Origin of the Oceti Sakowin-Pte Oyate

The Oceti Sakowin is represented in the sky the Red hoop is the womb with a new-born emerging, that new-born is Tokahe the leader, and the hoop is Wind cave with Tokahe leading them out. So we can see this is the Big Dipper of which the Oceti Sakowin is represented. This is our beginning.


In the beginning of time Maka’ or Mother Earth was created for all living beings. Life in this time was of harmony and happiness for those living creations of Wakan Tanka. Then one day, a trickster named Iktomni came to this world to persuade one of the two-legged beings to come out of this world by attempting to convince him that there was a better world above to live in. He came with his message to a man known as Tokahe or the first man. Pte, the holy man of the people, tried to warn Tokahe of the dangers that existed should he follow the trickster into this new world. Pte was a man of great wisdom or woksape. His power of wisdom and knowledge was the guidance of the two-legged, but the power of the Iktomni was so convincing that Tokahe followed the trickster into this new world through an entrance that is located in the Black Hills or He’ Sapa. This entrance was to become known as Washun Niya, or as Wind Cave. Tokahe returned from this new world had great praise for all the things that he experienced in his journey and attempted to convince the others that they should follow him back to this new world. He wanted them to see with their own eyes of all that was greater in this new world.

Pte, the holy man, being gifted with great wisdom had the power to foresee the future. Within this ability, he saw things that would cause great hardship and suffering for the people in this world above. But, despite the warnings, Tokahe was able to convince the people, as he was by Iktomni, to follow him into the new world through Washun Niye. The responsibility of Pte was to place the concerns of his people first, and himself, second. It often creates hardship for holy man but Pte accepted this great responsibility, and followed the people into this new world. He knew that the needs of the people for Wicozani or wholeness would be difficult, and harder to obtain in this new world. As Pte emerged from Washum Niya he changed into a great shaggy beast. A being that could provide the needs for the people in this new world. As Pte or Tatanka, he could provide food, shelter, clothing, ceremonial objects, and everyday things so the people could live. Pte gave his life so the people could live. The only requirement was for the people to never forget where they came from, and to acknowledge the past.”

One thing astrology teaches us is that patterns repeat, however all the time as humans we have the capacity to quantum leap to a new level. I feel the Dakota people in making this stand have changed the course of karmic history. The veterans who went to be with them have healed a deep wound collectively. We have been offered a dream of comfort in the West, and yet we face a mass extinction crisis on Earth and extreme poverty for millions of people.

Globally, and certainly where I live in England, the events at Standing Rock have been a catalyst of enormous awakening. It seems today that the powers of Yin have succeeded – by that I mean the Dakota have not taken up arms but have peacefully and creatively stood up for the Earth. This is a great triumph for the Goddess energies breaking through the patriarchal structures. Aho and thank you to all the people of Earth who through their ceremony, prayers and effort have contributed. Deepest Gratitude to those on the front line who stood firm against the cold water, the rubber bullets, tear gas and aggression. You are heroines and heroes.

Bog 2 will look at the Astrology chart of the formation of the Standing Rock Reservation and Blog 3 the Formation of a Constitution by the Dakota/Lakota peoples for the Reservation. Both give a fascinating insight into the greater cosmic energies at play and specifically the Goddess Asteroids.

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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