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Poseidon #4341 – A New Archetypal Human

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

We are in one of the most important phases of human history where genetically we are undergoing a mutation, but what is this towards? One of the terms used to describe the future human is Homo Sanctus and he/she is genetically different to Homo Sapien.

Recently I have felt very much drawn to the Trans-Neptunian bodies used in Uranian Astrology such as Isis Trans-Pluto, Poseidon, Cupido, Vulcanus, Hades and Kronos. These are Hypothetical energies or bodies and their association with Uranus tells us that they are Liberators. These Uranian bodies were discovered by Alfred Witte a German Astrologer and his students. Alfred was a soldier during the first World War and he was inspired to create Uranian Astrology in order to predict accurately the timing of Russian bombs – what a phenomenal story! He noticed in his work certain parts of the zodiac were activated even though there was seemingly nothing there, and he called these first Hypothetical bodies Cupido and Hades. The discovery story of the Uranian hypothetical bodies suggests something new and more precise emerging to transcend the heavy energies of war and violence which we are still experiencing today on Planet Earth. Alfred took his own life 1941 when the Nazis were coming to power and were suppressing Astrology – as a visionary I wonder if he saw the terrible tragedy about to unfold and could not stop it or bear it?

Poseidon the visionary is currently transiting at 13 Scorpio 57’. In the Gene Keys/Zodiac synthesis wheel this is Gene Key 1.1 which is pure conception yang energy. Poseidon has been in this initiating position for some time and I’ve been feeling a stronger and stronger call to tell his story of transformation which is embedded in two myths, that of Medusa #149 and Amphritite #29 – both also named for asteroids.

Lets begin with the myth of Medusa which paints Poseidon in a very dark light and one in which he seemingly takes no responsibility for the havoc his untethered sexual advances cause In a nutshell, he rapes Medusa a beautiful young woman who is punished for the crime by turning her hair to serpents. Athena is complicit in this injustice siding with the patriarchal power. Medusa becomes so enraged that she is the one being punished, anyone who looks at her turns to stone.

This myth appears in a very illuminating book by Alice Bailey called The Labours of Hercules exploring the evolution of the soul incarnating in each sign of the zodiac. This is, as you can perhaps guess, the myth for Scorpio and it’s one I worked with deeply over 7 years when I had an adopted child who pressed every emotional button in my body. Working with Medusa is tricky – she is basically unresolved sexual trauma, repressed and raging. What I experienced over many painful years is it is impossible to beat her with your mind, because as soon as one serpent lock is cut off many more appear in its place. It is necessary to go right into the mud, right into the body and completely surrender to the powerful emotions of painful ancestral trauma before transformation can occur. Medusa’s gift is unconditional self-acceptance.

Other gifts of Medusa (recovery from trauma) appear in the creatures that come from her severed head; Pegasus the winged, white horse of freedom, Chryasor with his Golden Sword of clarity and truth piercing through the illusion; and two vials of blood that can end or restore life. I could say a lot more as this rich myth has many levels of meaning, but I will leave it there for now. The main point I am making here is that Poseidon gets off scott free and goes onto hurt many more women. He represents the privileged male who can do whatever he likes and have no consequences – but his actions join the collective karmic field of pain carried by the scapegoat Medusa.

Lets now look at a more positive myth, that of Water Nymph Amphitrite #29 (Greek) also known in the Roman pantheon as Salacia (Dwarf Planet #120347), which I feel holds the keys to an important genetic transformation happening for the male of the species. This can’t really be separated though from the female, and I as a female am feeling this Poseidon activation bringing in enhanced vision and creativity so perhaps even attempting to divide the genders here is the old way.

Amphitrite/Salacia a Water Nymph was another of Poseidon’s lusty targets but she managed to escape across the ocean, but Poseidon just couldn’t let her go. Having tried everything, he sent a dolphin to get her back. The dolphin. I feel, in this myth represents sensitivity, communication and love and also to accept her as a wild nymph she was. It is through these means that Poseidon wins the heart of Amphitrite – such a pleasing ending in comparison to that of Medusa. During the pandemic in Britain so many people have started wild swimming in rivers including myself and this really activates our inner water nymph; I can highly recommend it!

It is in this myth that I sense the seeding of a new Homo Sanctus and it’s interesting to see this reflected creatively in the media.

One of the most raved about films among my friends on Netflix this year is My Octopus Teacher, and if you haven’t watched it you will see before your eyes the story that I am sharing here. A South African man born by the ocean in the Cape becomes increasingly depressed with his life, and so he returns to the ocean, swimming each day. In a nutshell he falls in love with an Octopus and she falls in love with him – and oh my goodness how she changes him. He is stripped to the bone, his heart opened to a level of intimacy and sensitivity that is so moving to witness. I often feel the She Octopus as another asteroid Astraea #5 who is the bringer of the new light codes of the Golden Age: she is also a great sensitizer to subtle vibration.

The other film representing this archetype is Aquaman and what I liked about this film was that his Mother, Queen of Atlantis (Nicole Kidman) had such a positive relationship with her son and was a deep source of his strength.

In Poseidon we have a higher octave of planet Neptune bringing music, poetry, creativity, wisdom, transparency and clarity. Operating from his heart rather than his loins and animal instincts, Homo Sanctus is finally able to rise above lust to love, thus rewriting the human relationship story and setting us free from aeons of conflict. May it be so.

In the months of June and July I’m going to offer four extra Asteroids: Isis Trans-Pluto and Poseidon which are Hypothetical bodies, Medusa (asteroid) and Salacia (Dwarf Planet). My one-to-one Goddess Asteroid Soul reading also includes Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta, Astraea and Hygiea. Please email me at for more information about this specialized Goddess Asteroid reading.

In the Autumn, I will be leading a Gene Keys Activation sequence group online on a beautiful Kundalini Yoga platform called Soul Tribe ( Soul Tribe is already holding a non-hierarchical supportive space to blossom so the Activation Sequence I feel will be very powerful held in this membrane. The Activation Sequence begins an opening of specific individual codes within your DNA. If you enjoy reading about the Gene Keys, I suggest beginning the Golden Path with your free Hologenetic Profile at


Poseidon #4341 – A New Archetypal Human — 4 Comments

  1. Very informative post… Thank you for sharing! \ To add to the evolutionary journey… An article recently found (site below), where doctors are recommending birth certificate’s sex designation(s) to be listed as non-binary, and why:
    Unity means inclusion, which involves evolving elements of understanding, beyond the limited labels taught and toted as “normal”… Heraclitus (a Greek philosopher) stated, “Change is the only constant in life.”… The boundaries that have bound us, are dissolving… Evolution is here now! Namaste…

  2. That was such an amazing article. It is fascinating, and thrilling to listen and read words from an intuitive historian. My wish is to understand more about the Gene Keys. I would love to take this course.

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