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Ring of Fire Eclipse lights New Prosperity Codes

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Are Astrologers always so excited? I feel that I am right now with the Solar Eclipse in Gemini and all the other many transits causing a lot of tension, but also, we see evolution pushing us relentlessly towards embracing a new way of being and new ideas about prosperity.

June 10th

The Solar Eclipse on the 10th June takes place at 19 Gemini 47’ conjunct Mercury in Gene Key 45 in the Codon Ring of Prosperity. These Gene keys link directly into our DNA so they are immensely powerful, especially if consciously activated. The shadow of this Gene Key is Domination, the Gift Synergy – that lovely buzzy feeling when you have a heart-to-heart connection with others, and the Siddhi is Communion. My experience of this Siddhi is perfectly captured in one of St Paul’s greatest teaching that as humanity we are all part of ‘One Body’. Indeed, the whole of the Cosmos it seems has one purpose, to remind of our interconnectedness with nature and each other. It is about the universal experience of breaking bread with each other, of sharing in the abundance of Mother Earth. It’s about the whole of humanity returning to Indigenous ways of thinking and living.

In order to enjoy this new prosperity, the Total Lunar Eclipse (see my last post) gave us some important clues about the deepest issues which need to be healed for humanity to move permanently into this new way of being, and this is the issue of shame held in the body and a deep sense of unworthiness felt in the collective. Our current system assigns us worth depending on class, on how much money we have, the color of our skin, which country we are born in, our sexuality and gender. All of this creates division and it is managed and manipulated globally through the shadow of Oppression. On the surface it seems the privileged benefit, but this is the greatest Maya there is. All of humanity and the Earth is suffering by maintaining the status quo.

In the new codes of Prosperity, we find our worthiness simply in the experience of being human, of being a single fragment of light of the Creator, the potential for Genius lying within each of us. I would like to name some of the issues which have crossed my path in this time which shine a light on the issue of shame, and in particular how denial and further oppression are used as a way of hiding from having to face the shame.

  • The issue of abuse of indigenous people and people of colour by the church and other institutions. This issue is particularly raging in Canada through a Pastor who wanted to address it and has been persecuted for daring to do so. An unmarked grave of over 200 children has recently been found, victims of this brutal system to assimilate Native American children into Christianity It is though hidden away in all countries who were colonies as an issue which needs to come into the light, no matter how painful that will be.
  • Ancestral sexual abuse
  • The issues around the Royal Family in Britain
  • The issue of why abuse patterns are so hard to change, because those who are privileged have to face the shame and anguish, the breaking of beliefs and ego structures that accompanies such a process. Forgiveness and grace are so central to this healing process. Born under Apartheid in South Africa I have experienced this first hand and it is still a tough journey at times.

Even our willingness to begin this journey, to say yes that was wrong and it’s time to change and say sorry, opens our hearts to the possibility of a true communion with others, opens the door to the new Prosperity codes.

The other stunning thing about this Solar Eclipse is that Ceres the Mother Goddess is exactly conjunct Uranus the Liberator at 12 degrees Taurus 54’ and in a challenging square to Saturn in Aquarius. This offers liberation to us as individuals in deeply embedded attachment wounds, but also, I feel a breaking free of the whole energy field of Gaia at this time from these old abuse patterns. In this period we may see highlighted eating patterns and food issues illuminating how we project prosperity ideas in ways that ultimately harm us. Another way this new energy is manifesting is through Apps and Social Networking outside of the usual corporate framework and ethical Bitcoin companies so look out for them leading the way.

We as humans are of course an intricate and important part of this energetic shift. Let’s not pretend though that this will be an easy time though, as its likely to be disorientating and bring up survival fears as we make the new adjustments – which could take hundreds of years. In this writing I hope to reach those forging the pathways of this change – to stay focused and clear and to be anchors for the new ways ahead.

My feeling is to keep returning to our innate sense of worthiness, our sense of Communion with life is the most useful thing we can do in the next decade ahead. Remembering that as soon as we are in that feeling of Synergy with another human, animal, tree or mountain we have activated the gift and moved from the shadow of Domination.

If those feelings of wanting to dominate others i.e. be better than them, keep them under control arise notice that compassionately as a shadow in yourself. The issue of the vaccines seems to have really triggered this shadow for many people – do you feel dominated by feeling forced to have the vaccine or wear a mask? Perhaps you feel this issue warrants people being forced to have it against their will and your fear of the effects of the pandemic would lead you to behave differently to how you might normally? Whichever side you fall on just knowing Domination is a shadow, as is feeling a victim of it, is a helpful and awake place to be.

This new direction feels totally supported by Venus moving into Cancer, the watery sign of family and tribe. Really, we couldn’t have a better energy to support us in Communion than this warm, loving face of Venus with the Cancerian persistence of a stream or river destined to reach the ocean. This river has a prized ability to be versatile – it can transform to mist or ice and even a mountain cannot stop its eventual victory to become one with the ocean. The next Inanna Venus gate falls 12th June conjunct Sirius so keep a look out for my posting in the next few days on that.

Finally, to close by saying that Mars opposing Pluto could bring up some anger, force some change to those things we have been denying or repressing. Let your anger flow into powering your dynamism in these transforming times.

I offer one to one readings on Zoom or you can be sent the reading by email, which include the Goddess Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, Astraea and Hygeia. It’s a great opportunity to create some synergy together and find out how these powerful planetary transits affect you individually. Please email me at for further information.

In the Autumn I will be leading a Gene Keys Activation sequence group online on a beautiful Kundalini yoga platform called Soul Tribe ( Soul Tribe is already holding a non-hierarchical, supportive space to blossom so the Activation Sequence I feel will be very powerful held in this cauldron of healing. The Activation Sequence begins an opening of specific codes within your DNA. If you enjoy reading about the Gene Keys I suggest reading The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Potential in your DNA by Richard Rudd and also getting your free Hologenetic Profile at


Ring of Fire Eclipse lights New Prosperity Codes — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Mahala for this post. It is indeed very timely for me…my earthly connection to Gaia, St Paul/Saul/Hilarion, and my native American past life as one of the ghost dancers..and then our reconnection to the divine as One…so much work to undergo to help even out the Oneness…

  2. Thanks for such comprehensive information.
    I really enjoyed your article.
    Blessings,in love and light

  3. This is totally how I feel and the information I have been getting too. I didn’t know how to put it into words. You did it so beautifully and with such grace. Thank you so much for sharing this update and with such a loving and sovereign frequency.

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