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Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution – The Ease of Unity

by Elizabeth Berg

Earth is flying through the center of the Milky Way. So much is affecting us to evolve. We are experiencing a Leo burst of creative inspiration. What a brilliantly organized sentient system we reside in.

Soul altering baby steps gather us to a point of greater self-awareness where collectively we have reached the long hoped for tipping point of movement into Unity. We have crossed beyond the point of seemingly externalized limitations into the grand realization of our infinite potential. The new world is all around us, within and emerging out of us. So many have awakened!

Though it seems the outside is demanding a diminishment of self-expression and blind obedience to uniformity, this image is but a rapidly dematerializing hologram upon which the true world that of our unlimited sacred soul.

Although we may seem individuated like snowflakes, we are in an ever more consistently cooperating divine-expression.

We will discover the magi’s miracle gifts: ‘Magic’ is simply abilities laid dormant within us until we have reached an age of responsibility for our choices and our authority. “This you will do and more”. We are becoming as it was said…a nation of priests.

It is time, to act upon the inspiration come alive. Unlock your creative expression. Make manifest your next moments by responsibility to your present thoughts and emotions as it is the high calling of your best life. Let us encourage each other to be open to the sweet poetry of life lived in a state respectful wonder. Awaken to life’s well-deserved reverence.

Let us return safety and sacred innocence back to all children.

Time has come to acknowledge earths beautiful animals. Acknowledge their experience of complex emotions, that they are indeed sentient beings.
Let us honor their right to live on earth.

Time to awaken to the intricate and truly holy inner workings of all with all.

As we make way in our being for the Light of the One to bring us all into the next phase of maturity, we will discover our hearts innate understanding for the true meaning of Love. Not as an idea but as a profound and endlessly wonder-causing frequency of High Holy Embrace. It is time to live and be loved existing in the inexpressibly satiating Embrace of God, of the All that is, to the All that is.

May we renew our home here on earth and to each other in the establishment of dignity to her and to all living things in the choices we make every day.

At this point on the path we are able to receive divine input of majestic ideas and invention. Brilliant lightning bolts of revelation that aid all life. Let us be open to highly unique individuated interpretations of any number of delights. Here we are the leaders who disallow the staid thinking of the archaic in science, archeology, governing, learning, health and welfare, unity and love.

Open your soul to free-flowing possibilities. We can go beyond what was once thought could be possible.

Here it is, finally we break through the old world of sameness, suppression oppression and antagonistic angst as we in our heart of hearts that we belong to much larger universal system that supports itself as an evolved being. Contrast may still be vivid at this point, yet we are awakening from a 25,000 year slumber! A bad dream of fear and division. Oh courageous one, we have lifetimes of witness to the bad actions upon the natural wonders of life at every level. Perhaps participating ourselves, in other lives, which give forth understanding and maturity in this lifetime of great responsibility.

We are awakening now to our authority, as we are creator beings remembering ourselves as divine.

Mindless ways are no longer invisible to us. Sparks of DNA are igniting personal clarity. A fine tuning to our predestined evolution. Ascension, playing upon the strings of our hearts, beckoning us to take the road less traveled and move forward filled with illumination.

Let us shine our sacred diversity into a freedom of expressive and Wisdom Filled Unity.

🦋To know thyself doesn’t mean you know it all. It means your place and space has been divinely arranged for your self-discovery and the that discovery is never ending.
We are now building in our very present moment what we shall become.

With great love and blessings of certainty,



Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution – The Ease of Unity — 7 Comments

  1. There is no brotherhood or sisterhood, only humanhood!… It’s time to respect those who choose a different life, away from the limited egotistical labels others gave/ give, simply to reduce folks to some manipulative i-dent-it-y box! \ I’ve seen too many on this site (both authors and commenters) speak of “love” but don’t seem to have a viable description to help folks actually evolve… As commented in previous posts, love is beyond description (I.e., what may seem unloving now, may show up as loving later, it’s all about perspective!) \ Utopia is different for different folks… We can dream, imagine, write about what this is, etc., but in the next instant (or some other awakening moment), be back in the duality reality we all live in… If multiverse realities (beyond someone’s interpretation of 5D) are to become possible, then everyone needs to participate by creating this in their own lives now, thus inspiring folks to also create this in their lives… Hopefully at some point, the differing views of what this is and how we all can participate in it (or would want to!), will meet somewhere in the middle, towards a collaborative collective, where everyone is satisfied… But in the meantime, “life is”… What you make and perceive of it, is yours to choose to create… Just don’t imagine that your limited description, should be another’s, or that others would want to participate in your minuscule version of it! \ Individually and metamorphically, we are imaginary tiny drops of water in an infinite ocean… Open to immeasurable Being (uniting with the Beloved (<Sufi version!), already within) and Multiverse portals will offer passage to possibilities, leading to actual probabilities… Namaste…

  2. Hello dear Stravoula, Kim , El, Mahala
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your thoughts. ✨✨
    We all have a voice and a song to sing. Don’t you think its so lovely to give voice to what’s in our hearts and allow a sense of sisterhood, together.
    So much love Elizabeth

  3. What an incredible letter from Mahala/Elizabeth Berg. A friend sent this and I was moved by the clear and hopeful predictions. I especially liked the closing: had never seen: “blessings of certainty” and finding it an invitation to uncover and discover more about this blessing. THANK YOU!!

    To know thyself doesn’t mean you know it all. It means your place and space has been divinely arranged for your self-discovery and the that discovery is never ending.
    We are now building in our very present moment what we shall become.

    With great love and blessings of certainty,

  4. This was a fantastic message. Thank you. We need this reminder to be spoken near and far.
    Thank you!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

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