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I am excited to share that I have teamed with my son, David, from, so that I can provide more Cayce Past Life Reports. He has been able to update my website so that the process of providing these reports is a bit more streamlined. Following the instruction beneath the video will get you in contact with him so he can email you your report.

If you’d really like to get information about yourself, look into the yearly subscription which contains this report as one of the many different reports he’s offering.

Here is a video he put together to give you a better understanding of the reports.

If you are interested in seeing what a sample report looks like, please see this report on Donald Trump or Elvis Presley or Queen Elizabeth I. If you would like more information about the report itself, please scroll to the bottom of this page and read through the details section.

In order to get an accurate report, we will need to know exactly when and where you were born. This includes the exact time of day. If you don’t know this, please still fill out the contact form and we’ll work together to make the best guess before you actually purchase the report. Note that even though most people know the time of day that they were born, if you don’t, the bulk of the report will still be accurate. The time of day affects the placement of the moon in the chart.

If you know the information there should be nothing blocking completing the order via PayPal.

Also note that when you press the send button in the form below, the website will automatically immediately send both you and us an email. That email will be from reports at MahalasAstrology dot com yet that information is forwarded to AmorStyleYoga at hotmail dot com. Please make sure that these emails don’t end up in your junk folder or, better yet, mark these senders as safe for he will handle the technical management of generating the report and you will receive your notification that it is ready to view from that email address.

Step one, fill out data form. Step two, pay via Paypal at the bottom of the page.

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The information needed to create your report comes to us when you click the send button above. Once that happens, you can complete the transaction by adding it to your cart (button below) and checking out via PayPal. Note that when you add this item to your cart, the page will refresh and the item will show up in your cart so that you can checkout via PayPal. Once the PayPal transaction has come through, we’ll run your report and send it to you in email.

Paypal: $27.27 + $2.73 tax = $30.00 (required)

Special Note

If for any reason you are unable to fill out the form above, the process can be handled via email. If you’re familiar with Paypal, just send the donation to AmorStyleYoga at Hotmail dot com. Then, email your birth date (month, day, year), time of birth (include am/pm) and location of birth (city, state, country) to the same email address.


All astrology reports are based upon the position of the planets. Every person is born in a specific place at a specific time. At that instant in time, the planets influence your life. At any moment in time after that, the planets will continue to influence your life, and you’ll get harmonic or in-harmonic relationships with the birth planetary configuration.

If you go to any book or article on astrology, you will find that they will talk about the different degrees of each planet and what they mean. Thus, every planet has 360 degrees of influence. Books will talk about degrees and ranges of degrees as having a particular type of influence. Do this for all the planets, nodes, sun and moon and you’ve got a lot of info.

Now, when it comes to the pastlife readings, these readings are based on the work that Ry Redd did regarding his research on Edgar Cayce’s interpretations of the planets. So, in a sense, the information is similar for everyone. But unique for everyone at the same time. Basically, rather than going to a book to pull out the meaning of sun 22 deg Gemini, we go to what Edgar Cayce said about this degree. This gives an interesting spin on the reading and they are known as pastlife readings because Edgar Cayce was big on past lives.

There is a sample report on the page that you read so you can see what it is like. Yet, the planetary configurations are based on your time, thus people find the influences surprisingly accurate.