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Venus Blossoming Throat Sutra

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

So gentle and yet relentless, the powerful cosmic waves open us from finite, small and afraid to heroines and heroes, boundless and immortal. The sun caresses the pure white petals of the lotus in the early morning, and like a languid lover over many hours she will open revealing her radiant yellow center. Then in the evening she will slowly close again enclosed by the moon; this is her sacred rhythm.

Venus in her Evening Star phase rises so bright in the sky, and her next Kumari Kiss meeting with the Moon will be on my 51st birthday, 10th September. In following the myth of Inanna this is the 5th Throat Gate where Venus/Inanna/Ishtar collects her jeweled necklace she gave up in her descending cycle. How wonderful it is when things you have had to let go of return to you in an even better way.

This meeting of Venus Moon takes place at 29 Libra 17’, a powerful point in the Zodiac for relationships. In Gene Keys (which emanates from the ancient I Ching) this is Gene Key 50.4 with its Gift of Equilibrium and Siddhi of Harmony. The Line 4 of this Hexagram relates to the heart so it contains within it great possibilities for the balancing of male and female polarities through which such a Harmony may be achieved. The Sun will also meet Venus here in this exact place on the 22 October 2022 at the next Superior conjunction which feels also very significant for the larger patterns unfolding.

This is greatly supported I feel by a Nova event in Ophiucus recently where the light of one of its stars massively increased. Ophiucus in known as the 13th sign of the zodiac because the Sun and other planets pass through it as well as the other 12 signs of the zodiac – as viewed from Earth. It crosses over part of Sagittarius. Ophiucus as a healer with his two serpents is connected with Asclepius, Moses and Thoth (Mercury). A similar event actually happened in Ophiucus in 1604 and was the first recorded supernova seen by humans. Below is a painting by Johfra of Libra in which you can see Thoth with the male and female serpents balanced perfectly with Hathor who is a representation of Venus.

Imagine being an alchemist in a laboratory having worked for hundreds of years to create light – and boom suddenly there it is. That light is now available to us humans here on Earth right inside our DNA. The painting shows us the ancient key is simply to be pure and light-hearted – joyful and even ecstatic. This is quite a challenge when all around people and animals are suffering. The Earth and humanity are experiencing the pain of this difficult time of transition, and yet within myself the possibility of an enhanced state of lightness and freedom as the old systems and beliefs die has stabilized. There is Grace in all that is happening. I feel for myself, and the Libra scales seem to speak of this, to take a balanced view on everything, try to see each side of the story and not get pulled into polarity and division. While this is a throat opening, discernment is also needed as to what effect our words will have.

Over in Virgo there is some wonderful alchemy going on too as the Sun, Hygeia and Mars swirl in a tango through the sign of the Goddess. Hygeia, a new esoteric ruler of Virgo, is the daughter of Asclepius and her symbol is the Caduceus. Right now, she unites two powerful yang energies. The Sun (Line 1 Stability) and Hygeia (Line 3 Movement) are in Gene Key 47 with its Gift of Transmutation and Siddhi of Transfiguration and Mars in Gene Key 6.5 with its Gift of Diplomacy and Siddhi of Peace. Mars is now exactly in the place of the previous Venus Moon conjunction in August in the Heart chakra. (See the prayer for peace based on the Aramaic translation of “Thy Kingdom Come” below which is perfect to practice for this energy.

Recently a friend said to me something along the lines of “I can keep silent and keep the peace with others around me, but then a war erupts inside myself’. I know that I have had a similar experience many times, over the years learning to speak my truth with clarity and non-violence but sometimes it is very tricky. Many of you reading this will be compassionate and empathic people who find it hard to upset others, and yet there is a calling so strong at the moment for authenticity and honesty and to trust in that process. I am in a couple of excellent groups and I find them invaluable to at least have some spaces I can completely express myself and keep nibbling away at the tougher ones.

Ceres the Mother Goddess has been travelling with the North Node recently in Gemini raising issues around communication and relationship problems which stem from attachment issues. In my new weekly Goddess Asteroid and Gene Keys podcast I’ve reflected on it in a number of contexts – our own Mother, our connection to Mother Earth and mushrooms, and in the last one a new Goddess Asteroid that jumped into my world recently Aschera (Thanks to my friend Midi Berry) who is the wife of Yaweh the Canaanite God, who has pretty much been written out of history. This is the link if you would like to hear more about her

Finally, to reflect on your own personal and collective blocks in the throat chakra:

  1. Are you experiencing stiff shoulders or neck, problems with the arteries in the neck, communication problems of any type? If so, this is a powerful time for that energy to shift.
  2. On the metaphysical level are their particular individuals or groups where you feel the throat chakra block up? Can you unravel the history of this in the context of your ancestral history and culture? In many ways we are doing very well when compared to our ancestors on this communication journey so it’s good to be able to appreciate that and have compassion for ourselves in this process.

I’ve been spending the week by a lake of water lilies which was wonderful as the ‘opening lotus sutra’ title of this writing came to me before arriving. I have been tuning into the way the lilies open slowly into the day and close at night. Also, when it rains, they stay closed, so perhaps we too can give ourselves permission to close our throat chakra when conditions are not right or safe to communicate.

I offer one to one readings which look at 6 Goddess Asteroids and the inner planets in a holographic matrix. The moon as your Soul, Mercury your mind, Venus your feelings and Mars your will. The reading draws on Sabian Symbols to unravel the mystery of you. Please do get in touch for more details at

From Prayers of the Cosmos: Meditations on the Aramaic words of Jesus
Translated by Neil Douglas-Klotz

The Creative Fire
Aramaic: Teytey Malkuthakh 
KJV Version: Thy Kingdom Come

Create your reigh of unity now –
through our fiery hearts
and willing hands.

Let your council rule our lives,
clearing our intention
for co-creation

Unite our ‘I Can’ to yours,
so that
we walk as kings and queens
with every creature

Desire with and through us
the rule of universal fruitfulness
onto the earth.

Your rule springs into existence
as our arms reach out to
embrace all creation

Come into the bedroom of our hearts,
prepare us for the marriage of
power and beauty.

From theis divine union,
let us birth
new images for a new world of peace.

Create your reign of unity now!

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