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Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution – The Ever Available Panorama

Guest post by Elizabeth Berg

There was a time in our souls history when our goal was purely self-satisfying. In this incarnation at this remarkable time of the Ending of dark and the Illumination into Unity, this lifetime holds not only our souls satisfaction for self but the larger mission to enhance Good at every turn possible.

We came in with a Gracious share of ability to make things happen that bring about beauty and order for ourselves and for others. The fulfillment of this chosen mission is actually a blissful path. It is accomplished through the gifts we selected to translate our love through.

The old ways of being in body are very limited and subject to self-assaulting fears.

There is a plane of existence available to us that expands our perspective so greatly that our powers can be utilized to transform what is before us, what was within us and what can be.

We lose nothing by giving way into this larger perspective. We gain fulfillment and actual delight, no matter where we are and what seems to be going on. We are to establish our being in a larger context to gain balance in health and mind set. To gain wealth and affective solutions. This could be the most interesting, important and exciting portion on our way to greater beauty and even greater personal fulfillment.

Shift higher, to the mountain top for a panoramic view of what is really going on. As dark is dissipating and Light is filling everything. That is why we have such contrast now. It is all coming up and out to be revealed and dissolved by the Light of Unity.

No need to fear that which is loud and as a bully seems to take over. This is dark’s last vestiges of its certain death.

We live through this and thrive, as we clearly chose to do so.

So be Conscious creation,


Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution – The Ever Available Panorama — 3 Comments

  1. There is a saying from Lao Tzu that first states, “When the student is ready, a teacher appears…” A great allegorical reference to someone else’s experience can be read in the site below:
    The rest of the above quote is, “… When the student is truly ready, the teacher disappears.” \ What you aren’t aware of and don’t realize… This interchange helps evolve perspectives (beyond adopted limited dualistic “either/or” learned egocentric ideologies (created in 3D)), in order to bring about (or issue) the multiverse (or 5D unity) into Being! \ As numerous others (on this site and elsewhere) have stated, ’… In order for the new earth to emerge, a metamorphosis is necessary, where worn out perspectives dissolve, so inclusive transformation can materialize, and “all” can truly thrive! \ Evolve your perspective (emerging from the adopted false learned limited ego self, to your true infinite Self (already within)), by learning from this experience, so your transformational wings can actually emerge and you can truly fly!… \ Stop being “disrespectful” (<when you know better, you can do better!)… Again, it’s “humanhood”! Not everyone and/or any other “living” (<depending on your definition of this label!) organism on this planet, is born or created specifically, “female, or male”… Nor do other entities that exist on this planet, need these limited narrated designations, to replicate! (Hence the reason some of the sciences (that aren’t profit oriented!) are important to help dis-cover other possibilities, rather than continue limited viewpoints grounded in egocentric manipulative ideologies! (<Note: This isn’t a “personal” swipe (not everything is about “you”), instead this comment is based on decades of study… "Discernment", the other multiverse (or 5D) means towards transformation!)…\ Also, remove the hypocritical aspects from your dialog (saying unity in one sentence, then later wishing death to others who don't agree with you~!)… As Paul stated in I Cor 15:31, “I die daily”, this statement can also be attributed and/or interpreted as, ‘Once what we believed in has died, this allows a new perspective(s) to be born’… \ Consider this, sometimes fire is needed to burn the dross that is no longer needed and/or useful… Once the debris is removed, you become the fire, then you are no longer burned by it! \ Re-member if you win, everyone (including yourself!) loses… Your growth and healing is everyone else’s too! Thank you for the opportunity to serve… Namaste…

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