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Brothers and Sisters of the Light: The Power of Personal Peace

by Elizabeth Berg

Did you ever think you might have volunteered for a peace and rebalancing mission on earth?

Exactly where we are, is where our assignment is. You have a set amount of time to be an influence right where you are.

As a new system begins its expression through humanity, where strife and fear used to rule, we can by evolutionary-nature, discover that our thoughts, words and actions are manifesting before us., the so-called, Secret power of creation.

We have been cycling through a sluffing-off the blows and traumas of our souls wild gauntlet journey here in body. A regular purge cycle that might feel like a total reliving of the worst of the worst. However, I believe these are soul trenching expeditions. These purge cycles are so varied in release of the old. They can seem to be anywhere from a light sanding to that deep archeological dig of life altering release. It seems that, as the saying goes, we are never given more than we can handle. Perhaps Chiron, the wounded healer, is helping us with that.

I very recently experienced yet another layer of hidden accumulated psychological debris. Lifetimes of recycled unfinished business. These layers if not cleaned up, leave a kind of dirt covered window to our choices and perspectives, to our self worth. This veil can become a layer between ourselves and a much better life.

We are being cleared for divine guidance, divine data, divine Light.

Trust in life’s Order is often a perspective gained by years of recognition that years before an event and years after reveal.

Trust is also understood through personal revelation. When a panorama of life is offered by divine providence. A deep knowing of ones place in the sacred interconnection of every aspect of being.

Stillness with seemingly separated days hours and minutes makes way for a super-conscious flow in the unfolding progression of our soul awakening.

It is the internal world of feelings and thoughts that we must be responsible for. Creation is happening so much faster now. We have a new relationship with time.

When we choose to feel and believe, think and act in the affirmative we set creation into motion for what some have called miracles. While the energy waves of tear-down make their way through the old outdated systems. We can take the higher ground, manifesting solutions.

Being a mother, guide and teacher for many years I recognize that the best state for learning is one of peace, of being in the flow. When one is in fear the ability to think clearly us greatly diminished. Humanity has been beset with fear and terror for way too long, weakening our trust and intuition. Diminishing our capacity to love.
We have not known real and lasting peace for a very long time. Even peacemakers have traces of cynicism between themselves and others as a kind of protective armor of their hearts.

Like the Ruby Slippers, we have always had inside of us, a link to intuition. The connectivity that trust peace and love affords us. Because it Is our natural state.

Being in the flow when the peace of inner guidance is nurtured, wisdom and compassion follow.

Unity becomes majestic living.

Being in the flow is a state of receptivity where intuition may be heard, felt and lived into.

Intuition is direct reception. It is connectedness to a larger state of Being. It is an inclusive nature instinctually united with all of life.

Fear dashes intuition and causes disconnect with receptivity. We are no longer present for ourselves. It is a very real kind of self abandonment. There are so many dis-eases caused by self abandonment.

Living in the present is the ‘location’ where your life is actually being lived! Sounds so funny to say that, but it’s a easy habit to live in memory. Further, living life in fear of unknowns in the future is illusionary, ungrounding. It is a loop that can create the very thing we fear.

The present moment is where all of the power lies! This is where confidence is. ‘In the flow’ is an extraordinary state of being. It means that by keeping present for insight and intuition, we become available for a certain lineup of synchronistic events that support the very best for us in all manner of things.

We are in support of the unfolding story of our spirits mission.

In the flow grows our trust and contentment. It serves the soul to be it’s best.
Being in the flow is a way of Self realizing we are supported, loved and guided.
It affords us the opportunity to provide love and support to ourselves to others and to the world.

With the Great Shift of the Ages upon us, we have been divinely prepared by amazing people, angels and friends, amazing experiences and intuitive insights.
we have received workable ideas and inspiration of many kinds.

As we act from a place of New Earth, simplicity calls out. So often the most simple thing Is the answer. Behind that answer often lies the act of generosity, physically and spiritually.

Among the Awakening ones is the impetus to create a peaceful world. We might begin to see ourselves as stilled, even distilled by a divine hand of refinement. So many things have sidetracked humanity from real mission at hand., that of bringing unity and peace to Earth.

Mere survival has been the norm. As we sync up with uniting energies a natural flow of abundance will follow. Survival as a way of life will be less and less of an issue.

It is not Pollyanna to believe in Love Bounty Unity Compassion & Divine Order as the natural manifestation of a life lived spiritually connected, holistically expressed.
Where we are is our assignment. The exact location we find ourselves in is the place we apply caretaker-ship of the souls that are around us. This is the very place we are learning to recognize the divine in everything. Each encounter a variation to be loved and nurtured.

We’ve had eons of earth time competition and judgement to build up a hardened personality of entitlement. This facade now falls away.

♥️Here is a lovely practice:

  • Intermittently self realize other as self and self as other.
  • We are an ambassador of the love., here to channel the Light of the divine.
  • We are in a Renaissance of the life expression and a renewal of the arts.
  • Creativity is an Akashic incoming for the rebuilding of New Earth.
  • Make courageous room for the breakdown of the old, without falling into it.

Freed of conventional ties, a new society can being formed. This is an Age of Joy!

Every child here now has taken on the task of Light bearer. Though their surroundings may still lie damp with the dark waters receding. It may be our responsibility to encourage them, to reveal what essence of wholeness is here Now to build upon.

This Illumination, it is here inside of us. Blessings are the Certainty.

Thank you, Elizabeth

🦋I offer a testimonial to Mahala’s readers.

I recently requested a tarot reading from Mahala’s son David. Just before we were to talk, I was triggered internally by a memory I thought I had healed. Going into it, I thought my reading was going to be another matter.

Yet, as I was to discover, a long chain of connections was extracted from my soul during the course of the reading with David that lifted an exceptionally challenging chunk of history from my soul.

An entirely new energy has filled me. David’s reading helped me to loosen and finally untie the knot around my own heart with love for myself as the veil of memory was dissolved.

The process he used was clear, concise, measured, wise and completely renewing.

Let it be known that not only do we have our precious Mahala at hand for her masterful overviews, but also her brilliant son David whom I greatly recommend to you dear readers for his high energy healing, clarifying and powerfully transformative readings.

Thank you family, humanity, brothers and sisters, Elizabeth


Brothers and Sisters of the Light: The Power of Personal Peace — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for your contact replies Dai Anna and Helene. The intention of your messages is Well received. So lovely to be able to connect at the heart. As the ancients have foundation in the fire circle, where chanting together gave us strength, we continue this heritage of quiet intention toward tremendous peace. Huge love Elizabeth

  2. Dear Elizabeth this is just what I needed to hear specially after the other reading I sent you God bless you my sister we must meet again soon love you Helene

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for your radiant articulation that has affirmed and enlightened my own Knowing.
    With greater ease, I Live and thus radiate – Luz Paz Amor (Light, Peace, Love ❤️)

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