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Lion’s Gate New Moon

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Today is an awesome New Moon in the Lion’s Gate, aligned with the Sacred Geometry of the rising star Sirius offering us such help in these transforming times. The New Moon today is at 16 Leo 14’ in a challenging T square with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. Expect the unexpected and for tensions to run high when we use our minds to try and control events. Keep surrendering through the breath to see what may arise from the cracks in the walls of your life and of course look out for the new opportunities. Make your intentions in this Yellow Crystal Seed year of Service and it is a Red Electric Earth day today so perhaps she may be part of your intentions for the new life ahead?

In the days following this explosive New Moon we will experience, if we are tuned in. the pinnacle of the Heart opening of Venus in her ascending cycle. The transformation that Venus can bring to the heart is surely one of the most powerful healings a human being can know. Since I have been following Venus and consciously embodying her journey, I have experienced unprecedented opening and joy to life despite everything happening in the world and in my own family with ailing parents. My intention is to share some of her secrets so you too might experience this transition from a small, afraid self to a vast courageous sense of self.

At each monthly conjunction of the Moon and Venus, she passes through a metaphorical gateway which echoes the story of Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld. On the 11 August Venus will meet her 4th ascending ‘Heart Chakra’ gate presenting an opportunity for ever deeper levels of surrender and compassion for self and others.

New Moon, Aug 8th, 2021

This meeting of the Moon and Venus takes place in Virgo, the sign of discernment. This need for discernment in relationships is one that can be quite confusing for us humans because there has been a strong idea that to be compassionate means accepting any type of behavior from others and to deny our true feelings. Trying to be compassionate can therefore lead to many problems when there are no boundaries. Sometimes we also think we are being compassionate but we may actually be complicit in somebody’s addiction pattern leading in ever more dangerous circles. Sometimes a ‘no’ is more compassionate than a ‘yes’ when we are helping people stay stuck in their shadows, but that may feel very challenging to our natural tendency to want to help others. There are some questions that can highlight when we are out of balance in relationships, and its easily done

  • Am I feeling drained by a person or situation?
  • Do I feel uncomfortable, tension in my body or shallow breathing? The body knows very quickly when something is off
  • Is the person I think I am helping responding in a positive way?
  • What need is there in me to be in a negatively expressed relationship?
  • Am I acting out of love or the need for control or to rescue?

Lets have a look at what the other Goddess Asteroids are up to to see what else we can understand of what is being offered for this heart opening. Hygeia Goddess of Healing and attuning to natural rhythms is exactly conjunct Mars also in Virgo. This speaks to me of the liberation of vitality and energy that can come when we start focusing on being compassionate to ourselves first and stop judging how we truly feel. After writing this I found myself in a situation with someone I was angry with. It was very challenging not to leave, to feel the excruciating discomfort of not being the perfect compassionate person I aspire to be and choosing instead to honor my authentic self ‘as is’.

Rescuing others can be an enormous drain on energy and a distraction from being in our own gifts. The cultural programming around this co-dependent pattern is very strong so it takes a lot of awareness, patience and courage to break free.

The moon’s nodes are aligned to two important Goddess asteroids – the North Node in Gemini Ceres and Juno the South Node in Sagittarius. Ceres is all about self-nurturing which is very much related to our early attachment to our mother. Ceres helps us develop our inner nurturing Mother, that archetype within who makes the healthy choices. The South Node has to do with our early years and past lives, so Juno here asks us to look at how our experience of relationships has shaped how we self-nurture. Historically women were taught not to self-nurture and to put everyone else first. This is how you qualified as a ‘good’ mother, wife or friend. However, we also know that an empty vessel cannot give much to anyone else, so this balance of give and take is actually really fundamental to the well-being of any relationship.

Pallas Athena is travelling with Neptune in Pisces and this is another marker for new depths of compassion to emerge. Pallas in Pisces is the Bodhisattva, the Spiritual Warrior. This transit offers the possibility of a very deep transcendence of fear and the small self, tapping into something much, much bigger. This falls directly opposite the Venus Moon conjunction so this will be particularly powerful. We live in times where there is a lot to feel afraid about; the world has changed forever and we can never go back to where we were. I have longed for a world where there is equality for my whole life, but even so as the old systems crumble that keep that divisive status quo in place it is pretty challenging to step into the void.

This Venus Heart Gate offers us precisely what we need most, to step from that self that is afraid of the future into the Spiritual Warrior in the present, staying embodied and facing with faith all that arises within ourselves.

In terms of Gene Keys, a system which emanates from the ancient i Ching correlations with our DNA and the Zodiac, this is where these transits fall:

The New Moon in Leo is in Gene Key 7 which its Shadow of Division, Gift of Guidance and Siddhi of Virtue. In the i Ching it is called ‘The Army’ which is your virtue.

Moon and Venus are in Gene Key 6.3 (Virgo) with its Shadow of Conflict, Gift of Diplomacy and Siddhi of Peace. Neptune and Pallas Athena are in the Programming Partner GK36 (Pisces) with its Shadow of Turbulence, Gift of Humanity and Siddhi of Compassion.

Mars and Hygeia are in GK 40.3 (Virgo) with its Shadow of Exhaustion, Gift of Resolve and Siddhi of Divine Will.

Ceres the Mother Goddess is in Gene Key 20.4 with its Shadow of Superficiality, Gift of Self-assurance and Siddhi of Presence.

North Node is in GK16.2 with its Shadow of Indifference, Gift of Versatility and Siddhi of Mastery.

Juno is in Gene Key 9.2 and South Node Gene Key 9.3 with its Shadow of Inertia, Gift of Determination and Siddhi of Invincibility.

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Lion’s Gate New Moon — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Judy that’s so good to hear these things are so immensely hard to let go of. Lots of love

  2. Wow, did the part about being compassionate/rescuing others ever hit home. I thought being patient would help, but for 2-3 years I’d been allowing someone’s hurtful behavior to harm me. Not only got weary of it, but realized I’d been blocking her karmic movement. I’ve finally let the chips fall where they may, not “causing” her consequences but allowing them to flow. What you’ve written affirms and validates my conclusion. Thank you!!

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