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The Personality of Bitcoin

Posted on August 9, 2018

I love crypto-currencies. Out of all the technologies that have come along in the last fifty years, this is one idea that has the potential to give the power of the purse back to the people. If you haven’t looked into cryptos, you should. I did. Everyone should. Once you understand why they are so powerful, you will make the effort to learn how to deal with them and front run the big change that is coming.

In this article, I figured I would take a slightly different approach to see if I could learn a bit more about the personality of Bitcoin.

In order to really do this, we need to know when and where Bitcoin was created. The closer we get to that time and location, the more precise the astronomical alignments and resulting personality traits will be.

After a bit of research, anyone can discover that the first mined block, or the first ledger entry, was published at 18:15:05 GMT on the 3rd of January 2009. This is a good representation of the ‘breath of life’ for Bitcoin. It would be similar to a birth moment for a person. Sure, the code would have been written before that time, but it wasn’t released to the world until then.

Now, where? Here you’ve got to dig a little deeper, do some critical thinking and do what mathematicians do – approximate! Even though the author Santoshi Nakamoto claimed to be Japanese, evidence suggests that he didn’t live in Japan. He left clues in the genesis block that he was aware of information published in The Times in London. Thus, it would be logical to extrapolate that the first mined block was probably mined around London.

As it turns out, the London area is the home of Greenwich, the location where time starts. This make it really easy to interpret the first block publication date of 18:15:05 GMT. Basically, it was published in time zone zero. Thus, 6:15:05 pm on the 3rd of January 2009.

If this is an accurate time for the birth of Bitcoin, we would expect it to have personality traits that align with the influences present at its time of birth. To get to that, we can easily run a Cosmo report and take a look.

To make this really easy, I’ve uploaded a PDF version of the report that you can click on and read. It will also make for a nice printout. You should go read the first few pages and then come back for the review.


Ha, Bitcoin has Leo as the rising sign! This coin is the leader in the crypto currency space and it has all been about the show for years now. There is an energy in this coin that makes people aware of the mission that cryptos are here to perform and Bitcoin is synonymous with crypto currencies. It’s the widest known brand there is right now, even for people that know nothing about cryptos.

This coin is also full of theatrics. It wants to make a big impression. There are so many characteristics of this sign that resonate in the Bitcoin community and how Bitcoin interacts with the rest of the crypto currency space in general.

Bitcoin’s Sun is in Capricorn. Yes, this coin is serious, disciplined, ambitious and driven to get it right in order to be successful. It has always been in control, capable and efficient. That list of characteristics seems to match perfectly.

The Sun is in the 6th house. This is about perfecting yourself, your techniques, skills and work. There is a strong motivation to be a perfectionist. Again, this is appropriate for this coin. Bitcoin is all about perfection and people in that community are very proud of the fact that the coin performs as expected. Bitcoin has never been hacked. Lots of other networks and exchanges have, but not the blockchain that supports Bitcoin.

The Moon is in Aries. Is the energy about Bitcoin fiery? Emotionally Impulsive? Does it strive to express itself honestly and not make you guess regarding its emotions? Well, true and true and true. Bitcoin has a strong masculine sense and the people in the community are willing to fight for what it stands for. When people get involved in this coin, they get very heated when talking about the fundamental principles. They will argue decentralization and independence with the conviction of a mathematician and the fire of a warrior!


Please take a look at the Cosmo Natal Report that I drew up for Bitcoin and tell me what you think. When I read it, it seems to match what Bitcoin represents. If this really does represent the birth of this crypto currency, I might just run some forecast software to see what types of energy might be coming along for this coin. You’ll have to stay tuned for those reports!

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Reference Data

The Cosmo Natal Report for

 Bitcoin Natal

January 3, 2009

6:15:05 PM

Greenwich, England

Calculated for:
Time Zone 0 hours West
Latitude: 51 N 29
Longitude: 0 W 00

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     position  is  13 deg.  31 min.  of  Capricorn
Moon    position  is   4 deg.  33 min.  of  Aries
Mercury position  is   2 deg.  48 min.  of  Aquarius
Venus   position  is   0 deg.  15 min.  of  Pisces
Mars    position  is   5 deg.  36 min.  of  Capricorn
Jupiter position  is  29 deg.  34 min.  of  Capricorn
Saturn  position  is  21 deg.  46 min.  of  Virgo
Uranus  position  is  19 deg.  19 min.  of  Pisces
Neptune position  is  22 deg.  31 min.  of  Aquarius
Pluto   position  is   1 deg.  21 min.  of  Capricorn
Asc.    position  is   8 deg.  58 min.  of  Leo

Get Ready for a Solar Return Report

Posted on August 2, 2018

For all of you that have bought the One Year Subscription, I am really excited to bring you this next report by Horacio Valsecia. It is a one-year Solar Return report.

Action Required: Before I go any further describing this report, it requires that you share with me the location you where at on your LAST birthday AND the location you plan on being on your NEXT birthday. This includes city, state, country, etc. Please send me an email so that I can update my records and run your reports for these two years.

Continuing… This report is an interpretation of the aspects that the planets make when the sun is at the same degree & minute in the sky, as it was when you where born. Because we all move around, the chart is corrected so that the degree & minute is accurate for where you are on your birthday.

The Solar Return charts are all about the energies of influence from birthday to birthday. This means that I’m going to generate two reports for you so that your complete subscription time will be covered. In other words, if your birthday is only a few days from now, don’t worry about it because I’m going to get you the current year that you’re in and the next year.

With these two reports, I’m also going to generate the associated wheel that shows the aspects that are covered in the report. Think of the Solar Return as your birth chart for the upcoming year.

If you want to know more about the layout of a Solar Return, is the overview video that I did or take a look at the sample report.

I’m waiting for your emails.


The Cosmo Forecast reports have been posted

Posted on August 1, 2018

Today, I’ve completed the posting of the Cosmo Forecast reports for all One Year Subscribers. You will find at least two new reports. Those of you that do not know your exact birth time (or guessed at it) will find ‘no birth time’ versions along with these two reports. The reports span a year of time starting in the month that you joined the community.

From the technical side, the Cosmo Forecast reports come in two flavors: All Planets & Outer Planets only (Mars-Pluto). When you open and view the reports, you’ll understand why!

Even though both reports are based on the same interpretation data, the Outer Planets report is about one half the size of the full report. By removing Moon, Mercury and Venus from the Outer Planets report, you get aspects and the corresponding interpretation data that lasts a bit longer than what you see with the faster moving planets.

Personally, I prefer the Outer Planets report because it fits my personality a bit better. I like to read about aspects that last long enough for me to figure them out. Aspects that last multiple weeks or months fit the bill for me here.

If you’re the type that loves to know all the little details regarding what will unfold in the coming days or weeks, you’ll find the full report more interesting. This will also hold true if you are highly influenced by either the Moon, Mercury of Venus.

For those of you that received ‘no birth time’ reports, the difference is that these reports to not have aspects in relations to the Ascendant or the Midheaven locations in your natal chart. Those two locations are based on the rotation of the signs based on earth rotation. Thus, the reports give you forecast interpretations on just the planetary configurations.

In a way, the information provided by these reports read like what you find in fortune cookies – its short and inspirational. It’s the type of report that you can print out and use like a tear off calendar. In other words, you tear off the information that’s gone behind you and the remaining top page shows what’s in your immediate future.

If you’re a bit more adept with Astrology (which you probably are), these reports show the aspects that are coming up for you. You’ll want to look at both the upcoming and recently pasted aspects. By looking both ways, you can learn from what you just experienced and you’ll get a feel for the magnitude of how the influential energy affects you and your surroundings.

I would also recommend looking over both reports before you choose to print one out. View them on a PC (if you can) and view them side by side. If you don’t need to print them both out, you’ll save yourself some ink.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the Cosmo Forecast.


Locating Planets in your Natal Wheel

Posted on July 31, 2018

I just received an email asking the following:

Hi Dave, had a question. With this big lunar eclipse today in Aquarius, some of the astrologers like Pam Gregory state to see where Aquarius falls on your chart what house. I could not determine that by the reports you provided. Also, Venus. Will these charts be showing that info?


{One Year Subscriber}

The short answer is, the Natal Wheel shows the exact location of the planets in the signs at the time you where born. The orientation of the wheel is determined by the position of the sign on the horizon. Or, the first house always starts on the eastern horizontal for everyone, it’s just the time of day (rotation of the earth) determines the exact degree of the particular sign it starts at.

Based on this, if you know that at the time of the eclipse the Moon was about 4 degrees in Aquarius, you’d simply find that sign location in the wheel and count 4 degrees into it. That is where the Moon is sitting during the event for you. It should then be easy to determine the house that the Moon sits in.

The longer answer is in video form.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Community Update July 18th, 2018

Posted on July 18, 2018

Just posting to let everyone know that I’ve posted the first three PDF files for the community members. As promised, you all now have an official Natal Wheel, a Cosmo Natal Report and a Major Life Themes report.

I’m sure you’ll all just jump in and start reading. Yet if you want a little more background on these two reports, please see the overviews that I did last month. Here are the two links: Cosmo Natal, Major Life Themes.

Remember, that to get to your file, you’ll want to visit the Reports page of the website and login using your Username and Password. The Username will be the email that you used to sign up and the password… Well, only you know that.

Once you are logged on and you visit the Reports page, you should see at least three posts for you.

I would encourage you to download the file to your own machine so that you have a record of it and even print it out (if you like hard copies).

As always, please check over the personal information displayed on your reports and let me know if it’s incorrect.


Coming soon… our first forecast report…

You can now buy subscriptions!

Posted on July 13, 2018

We are…

Open for Business

One Year Subscription

Regular price $163.16

!!Introductory Special!!
Price discounted to $98 + $9.36 tax for a total of *$107.36*

How do you buy?

Visit our Purchase Page

First Order of Business

Don’t worry, I’m going to help you get things setup. Keep in mind that the website is going to use the built-in security functionality in WordPress. Thus, if you haven’t dealt with that before, well, I might be guiding you through it.


Join the Community Email List. Each time I run a new report for everyone, I’ll broadcast it to all the people on the email list. I’m using MailChimp, thus you’ll get a standard form and you’ll have to confirm your email through their system. (In other words, they send you an email to validate that you’re legitimate when signing up.)


Buy the One Year Subscription. If you’re not familiar with what that is, watch the video on the Purchase page of the website. If you still have questions, take a look at the Mahala’s Community Post that I posted on July 1st. At the bottom of that article, there are a bunch of links to videos where I reviewed the different reports in the One Year Subscription package.


Now look for a registration email from the website. When I receive your notification of payment, I will create a user account on the website for you.

  • The User ID will be your email.
  • The password will be something you should change

Note that I will be setting these accounts up manually, so it will not happen instantly. If you don’t get this notification within a day, check your junk email folder! If it’s not there, email me!


After you’ve been registered on the site, you’ll need to Login. You can do that on the top of the reports page. Remember that you can tell the website to remember you on your device.


Once you can do all that, I’ll generate the first three reports for you. They will be:

  • Natal Wheel
  • Cosmo Natal
  • Major Life Themes

Please note that in order to do this, I will need to get your personal information. That will happen via email.

Can’t wait to run a report for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day.


Overview of the Indra Natal Report

Posted on June 28, 2018

I like both the depth and approach to how this report is covered! It really is a thorough report and it covers chart quadrants, elements, ascendant, midheaven, planets, crosses and north node.

I get the feeling that everyone will be pretty happy receiving this report. For the price, I would definitely be happy receiving this report for myself and my family members!


Overview of the Life Path Report

Posted on June 28, 2018

The Life Path report is another Natal report. I’ve covered it briefly in this video.

The basic rundown is that it provides the main basic influences for the rising sign, sun, moon and planets. It also covers the location of the north node, elemental influences and information about the houses.

It’s well written and provides a little context at the top of each section that provides context for the interpretation – which isn’t needed for someone that has a basic understanding of astrology.


Overview of the Solar Return Report

Posted on June 27, 2018

The Solar Return report that stood out to me was the report interpreted by Horacio Valsecia. As the advertisement says, it really is divided up into two parts and both sections are covered really well.

Here is a video where I show you what they’re covering.

Note that the ordering of the information is what you would expect for a standard report. We want to know the most powerful influences first and then explore the details. That’s what they’ve done by addressing the ascendant in the first second, the sun in the second section and the moon in the third. The report covers the major aspects in each situation. And, as it turns out, the amount of information presented really does align closely to half the report.

The second half of the report aligns houses and provides the interpreted influences that one may experience during the year. The key important aspects in that house are covered.

Overall, this report is well written and there isn’t a lot of filler information. I’m liking what I’m seeing and looking forward to running one for you.


Overview of the Cosmo Forecast Astrology Report

Posted on June 27, 2018

The Cosmo Forecast report is a ton of information that makes for a long and detailed report. It is a forecast report based on the transit of the planets and the aspects that they make to the birth chart.

In the following video, I show you what the report looks like. I’ve run both the full yearly report and the outer planet yearly report. Because Mercury and Venus move so fast, the aspects that they make with all the different birth planets creates pages of information that is not shown with just the outer planet report.

A key thing to notice with this report is that most of the aspects last for about two days. I’m sure that they reduced the Orb down to 1 degree in order to remove more information that would overly complicate the report. If Mercury or Venus play significant roles in your chart, the full report will be more interesting because the day to day triggering that you are probably already aware of will stand out. If the inner planets are less significant, it just clutters up the report so you just turn to the outer planet report and you’ll get the longer-term aspects and the energy influences that they provide.


Overview of the Book of Destiny Karma Report(s)

Posted on June 26, 2018

The Book of Destiny allows for printing out karma reports that have the exact same structure as the standard yearly reports. The only difference is that it’s a collection of cards that represent good or bad karma that you will be experiencing (in some way) during the designated calendar time frame.

I’ve created a video to cover this.

If you’re a text-oriented learner, the two reports are virtually identical to the standard yearly report generated by this program. The key difference is that the report is focused around negative and positive karma. One report is the negative energy or influences that are karmically related to you and your spiritual journey, and the other is the positive influences.


Overview of the Book of Destiny Money and Success Report(s)

Posted on June 26, 2018

Below, I’ve included a short video where I show the type of information that the Book of Destiny provides for the Find Money and Find Success report.

The way this report works is that it looks ahead over the next (in this case) five years and pulls out the most likely cards to have an influence over you for some short period of time. It ranks the cards and gives you the time period.

The idea with this report is to give you a preview that you can prepare for.

It is shorter than the others, but it gives the cards and in interpretation. It’s the type of report that you print out and post on your message board so that you can be prepared for that time to come your way.


Overview of the Book of Destiny Life Report

Posted on June 26, 2018

Here is a short overview of the Book of Destiny Life report that will be generated for everyone that joins the community. As with all Book of Destiny reports, they show the fixed energy that is there to greet you when you arrive, thus, they are a blend of a natal and forecast report.

In words, the Book of Destiny Life report brings up the cards that represent influences that will be in your entire life. Much like a Natal reading of a typical Astrology report, this report outlines general trends in the first half. It outlines the influences into seven 13-year periods.

The second half of the report focuses on auspicious events that will happen at known times into the future. As you know, because this system is a calendar, it’s already known what energies will come your way. Thus, I’ve listed 20 years’ worth of events so it will be in your records for as long as you want to keep the report.