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Get Ready for a Solar Return Report

For all of you that have bought the One Year Subscription, I am really excited to bring you this next report by Horacio Valsecia. It is a one-year Solar Return report.

Action Required: Before I go any further describing this report, it requires that you share with me the location you where at on your LAST birthday AND the location you plan on being on your NEXT birthday. This includes city, state, country, etc. Please send me an email so that I can update my records and run your reports for these two years.

Continuing… This report is an interpretation of the aspects that the planets make when the sun is at the same degree & minute in the sky, as it was when you where born. Because we all move around, the chart is corrected so that the degree & minute is accurate for where you are on your birthday.

The Solar Return charts are all about the energies of influence from birthday to birthday. This means that I’m going to generate two reports for you so that your complete subscription time will be covered. In other words, if your birthday is only a few days from now, don’t worry about it because I’m going to get you the current year that you’re in and the next year.

With these two reports, I’m also going to generate the associated wheel that shows the aspects that are covered in the report. Think of the Solar Return as your birth chart for the upcoming year.

If you want to know more about the layout of a Solar Return, is the overview video that I did or take a look at the sample report.

I’m waiting for your emails.



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