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Overview of the Cosmo Forecast Astrology Report

The Cosmo Forecast report is a ton of information that makes for a long and detailed report. It is a forecast report based on the transit of the planets and the aspects that they make to the birth chart.

In the following video, I show you what the report looks like. I’ve run both the full yearly report and the outer planet yearly report. Because Mercury and Venus move so fast, the aspects that they make with all the different birth planets creates pages of information that is not shown with just the outer planet report.

A key thing to notice with this report is that most of the aspects last for about two days. I’m sure that they reduced the Orb down to 1 degree in order to remove more information that would overly complicate the report. If Mercury or Venus play significant roles in your chart, the full report will be more interesting because the day to day triggering that you are probably already aware of will stand out. If the inner planets are less significant, it just clutters up the report so you just turn to the outer planet report and you’ll get the longer-term aspects and the energy influences that they provide.


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