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Locating Planets in your Natal Wheel

I just received an email asking the following:

Hi Dave, had a question. With this big lunar eclipse today in Aquarius, some of the astrologers like Pam Gregory state to see where Aquarius falls on your chart what house. I could not determine that by the reports you provided. Also, Venus. Will these charts be showing that info?


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The short answer is, the Natal Wheel shows the exact location of the planets in the signs at the time you where born. The orientation of the wheel is determined by the position of the sign on the horizon. Or, the first house always starts on the eastern horizontal for everyone, it’s just the time of day (rotation of the earth) determines the exact degree of the particular sign it starts at.

Based on this, if you know that at the time of the eclipse the Moon was about 4 degrees in Aquarius, you’d simply find that sign location in the wheel and count 4 degrees into it. That is where the Moon is sitting during the event for you. It should then be easy to determine the house that the Moon sits in.

The longer answer is in video form.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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