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Overview of the Book of Destiny Yearly Report

Posted on June 25, 2018

Hi everyone, in this video, I’m briefly touching on the layout of the Book of Destiny Yearly report that we’re offering to the people that sign up to the community.

And, for the written version.

The Book of Destiny Yearly report is report that starts on your birthday and runs until your next birthday.

It contains a number of cards that represent energies and influences that are yearlong, along with planetary rules segments that are 52 days long.

For the year long cards, the report provides a Birth card, Long Range card, Pluto card, Result card, Environmental card and Displacement card. Each position is defined in the report and the card is interpreted in the specific placement. Note that the same cards are provided when the Planetary Ruling card is selected to be read (second half of report).

With either configuration, there are cards that represent the energies coming your way during each of the 52 day segments of the year – starting from your birthday. The grouping aligns to the planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Each card is interpreted with its planetary influence.

It’s also worth pointing out that this system treats the cards as a calendar, thus everyone gets the same spread for the same age. It’s read differently for each person because we all have different birth cards.

Logically, this system would suggest that two people born on the same day will have the same influences throughout their lives. This doesn’t mean that they will have identical experiences, but they should have the same general interactions to have to go through.

One significant aspect that is not covered in the report is how cards can represent people in your life. When they show up in your spread, it indicates that you will be working with them or someone else that has that same birth card.

The overall destiny card interpretation system can be fairly complex, but the yearly report is clear and clean.


Overview of the Edgar Cayce Past Life Reports

Posted on June 23, 2018

Like the other reviews, I have also done this one in video form.

And for those of you that prefer to speed read, here is the written companion to go with the video.

The Edgar Cayce Past Life reports are based on the Natal chart configuration yet presented in the context that your natal chart is directly related to your Karma. Through his work, Edgar Cayce learned about reincarnation and philosophized about it to the point where he considered it “the continuity of life.”

I highly recommend visiting the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment and read their article The Readings Approach to Philosophy and Reincarnation. The article is short and one of the key things that stands out to me about his philosophy is that “karma can simply be defined as memory.”

Now, with this in mind, Edgar Cayce was a psychic medium that gave hundreds of readings to different people which were recorded. This treasure trove of data would not be available to us if it wasn’t for Ry Redd. Ry Redd did the hard work of digging up the data and compiling it into a form that could be read to others.

Knowing that key aspects are held by multiple people, the information that Edgar Cayce provided for one person could be generalized to all people that have that same configuration in their chart. So, that’s what Ry Redd gave us.

The special note is that Ry Redd compiled the information and interpreted it. In other words, what we read is a report ‘in the spirit of’ Edgar Cayce.

With that background, we should see the birth chart as an indication of the karma that we have built up via our multiple human experiences. Thus, we should pay close attention to patterns that arise and consider the advice given in the report.


The report is broken up into a couple different parts. At the top, it describes harmonious and inharmonious aspects. Harmonious aspects are Trine or Sextile and inharmonious aspects are Square or Opposition.

The length of this section depends on the number of configurations in your chart that match these four harmonics.

Near the bottom of the report, it covers the signs of the sun and moon. The report does this from two different perspectives, both Tropical and Sidereal.

At the very bottom, we are shown the decanates that the sun and moon are in. In Vedic astrology, the energy brought through here should related directly to your past life experiences.


When interpreting a Natal chart, we generally expect to get information about the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon and key configurations. This report delivers with regards to the last three in such a way as we don’t miss the first. It looks at the sun and moon configurations a few different ways and each aspect is described in detail.

The report is easy to read, particularly if you understand psychics and clairvoyant personalities of the early 1900’s.

This is a great resource, compiled by Ry Redd that should be in everyone’s collection.


Overview of the Major Life Themes Report

Posted on June 22, 2018

What’s fun about this report is that it’s all based on harmonics. I know this video is a little longer than some of you like, but I can talk faster than I can type. So, here is my overview of this report.

Yet, like I’ve promised, I will attempt to give a written overview for those of you that are speed readers.

First off, we have to talk about what they mean by harmonics.

To give you a basic idea, the first harmonic is the number of degrees of a circle divided by one. With the next, the division is with a 2. As you can see from the list below, there are a number of well-known harmonics.


1st – Conjunct planets (360/1 = 360)

2nd – Opposition (360/2=180)

3rd – Trine (360/3 = 120)

4th – Square (360/4 = 90) Note it’s a multiple of 2.

5th – ?

6th – Sextile (360/6 = 60) Note it’s also a multiple of 2.

7th – ?

If you keep going the degrees of separation get smaller and smaller between the points in a circle.

And, the Most Common are the ones that generate 360, 180, 120, 90, 60-degree aspects.

In an effort to describe the harmonics a little better, I’d like to use the analogy of listening to different notes on a guitar or piano. Each note generates its specific frequency. If you line up the frequencies of two different notes, you’ll find that after some number of oscillations, the peaks of each note will come together at the same time to align. This would be considered a harmonic point.

Something similar seems to happen with the planets with you do a little math on them.

To get a harmonic chart, you calculate all the positions of the planets based on 360 degrees from the ascendant. If you’re wanting to look at the 5th harmonic, you multiply every planet’s full circle number by five. After that, you remove 360 degrees from the resulting number until you’re finally under 360.

Example. If you have 2 planets on the natal chart and they are 161 and 234 degrees around from the ascendant the math would look like:



On the harmonic chart, the first planet would be 85 degrees and the second would be 90 degrees.

Now, because the natal positions of the chart were amplified, so must the Orb for the aspects. Thus, if a conjunction on the natal chart is 1 1/5 degrees, the same configuration on the 5th harmonic might be 5 times larger or 7 ½ degrees.

Thus, in the example above, the two planets which sit at 161 and 234 degrees come together to be conjunct on the 5th harmonic.

So, what does the harmonic chart get us? It’s basically an easier way to see configurations in the chart.

Also, another key is that formations in the harmonic charts tend to only happen during small opportunities during the day. Unlike in the natal chart where everyone born during the day may have a very similar layout, the harmonics show the nuances that only appear during short periods of time.

Once you determine the interaction that the harmonic emphasizes, you look back at the Natal chart (from which the harmonic is derived) and you now see the importance of that particular aspect on the person’s personality.

Note: No signs or houses in harmonic charts.

Also note: A harmonic chart is a magnification of a Natal chart. The actual chart doesn’t really exist on its own, but it’s another way to see the details of the Natal chart.

Join the community so that I can run one of these charts for you!


Overview of the Cosmo Natal Astrology Report

Posted on June 22, 2018

In this video, I cover the basic format or layout of the Cosmo Natal Astrology Report that we’ll be producing for Community Members. If you want to become a community member, please sign up on or email list and make sure the “Community News” checkbox is selected.

For those of you that love the written overview, here it is.

There are a few key elements that you look for when you generate a chart for someone. They include:

  • The Ascendant sign
  • The location of the Sun
  • The location of the Moon

Any basic report should provide information on these and more.

How does the Cosmo Report do this? It divides the report up into chapters and then places the appropriate planet or sign in the chapter. Those chapters are:

1 – How you approach life and how you appear to others

This chapter talks about the rising sign and any important aspect to that degree.

2 – The inner you: Your Real Motivation

Here, the report talks about your sun. Including the sign and house influences.

3 – Mental Interests and Abilities

Rather than covering the moon, the report jumps into the aspects of mercury.

4 – Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

In the emotions section it covers both the moon and Venus.

5 – Drive and Ambition: How you achieve your goals

Here the report talks about Mars.

6 – Other Influences

After that, the report makes sure to cover the house and sign of each of the rest of the planets. They are listed in order and some aspects are covered.

Overall, this is a great – simple natal report. You really do get the major influences that help make up a person’s personality and there is really little noise. The writing is clear with no real fluff.


Conversation on Astrology and body Influences

Posted on June 17, 2018

In the first half of this video, Mahala talks about how astrology works. After about half way through, she talks about how the different signs affect different areas of the body.

Very brief summary of signs.

  • Aries rules head and brain. 2011-2018
  • Taurus rules the physical body and body of mother earth. Throat, neck and speaking.
  • Gemini rules the lungs, arms. Sign of the twins (positive and negative).
  • Cancer rules the stomach. Home, family, emotions.
  • Leo rules the heart and the back. north node and heart issues.
  • Virgo rules the intestines and nervous system. Woman for symbol, thus feminine energy.
  • Libra rules balance and lawyers.
  • Scorpio rules the sex organs and the emotions are deep.
  • Sagittarius rules the hips. active sign.
  • Capricorn rules the knees. Saturn is there for a couple more years.
  • Aquarius rules the legs. Mars is there right now.
  • Pisces rules the feet. Your understanding.


Deeper Description of the Community Package

Posted on June 15, 2018

As I promised earlier, here is a video of me explaining more about the community to Mahala. I go into detail regarding how reports are generated and talk about how they can be used.

I am looking forward to getting into a couple reports in greater detail and sharing that here in the community.


What’s the first step?

Posted on June 13, 2018

As many of you have already noticed, you can’t buy these packages yet. In order for the offer to really fill out, we need to raise a list of people that are seriously interested. Once we find our minimum number of people, we’ll have the funds to build the infrastructure to generate the reports.

So, the first step to really kick starting this new community is build the list of interested people. If you are interested, please join our Community Email List at the top of this page.

Second, tell a friend! The more people that come together, the faster this project will manifest.


Announcing Mahala’s Astrology Community

Posted on June 10, 2018

I would like to announce that I’ve teamed with my son to provide more astrology reports to all of you, just like I do with the Edgar Cayce past life reports. The difference here is that he will generate a number of the most common types of reports that are on the market for you when you join the community.

I love the collection of reports that he is going to offer and I think you will too!

You might have noticed some changes to the website and he’s just about ready to open the community to the world.

Stay tuned, for he says that he’ll create posts and videos that will describe exactly what we have planned.

I’m looking forward to this.

** Mahala **