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Overview of the Cosmo Natal Astrology Report

In this video, I cover the basic format or layout of the Cosmo Natal Astrology Report that we’ll be producing for Community Members. If you want to become a community member, please sign up on or email list and make sure the “Community News” checkbox is selected.

For those of you that love the written overview, here it is.

There are a few key elements that you look for when you generate a chart for someone. They include:

  • The Ascendant sign
  • The location of the Sun
  • The location of the Moon

Any basic report should provide information on these and more.

How does the Cosmo Report do this? It divides the report up into chapters and then places the appropriate planet or sign in the chapter. Those chapters are:

1 – How you approach life and how you appear to others

This chapter talks about the rising sign and any important aspect to that degree.

2 – The inner you: Your Real Motivation

Here, the report talks about your sun. Including the sign and house influences.

3 – Mental Interests and Abilities

Rather than covering the moon, the report jumps into the aspects of mercury.

4 – Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

In the emotions section it covers both the moon and Venus.

5 – Drive and Ambition: How you achieve your goals

Here the report talks about Mars.

6 – Other Influences

After that, the report makes sure to cover the house and sign of each of the rest of the planets. They are listed in order and some aspects are covered.

Overall, this is a great – simple natal report. You really do get the major influences that help make up a person’s personality and there is really little noise. The writing is clear with no real fluff.


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