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The who what where when why.

The information covered in this video is duplicated below. Feel free to comment on this post if you have questions!

What is it?

  • You buy a one-year subscription to the community.

What does that get you?

  • A bunch of personal reports from the collection of Natal and Forecast Reports that we publish during the year.
  • To view a collection of the report set, see our sample page here.

When do I get them?

  • A few at the start, once you can log in, others will be announced and published at different times during the year.

How will you get the information?

  • It will be published on the website behind a password of your choosing.

Where do I buy this?

  • Can’t yet.


  • Glad you asked…


It’s June 30th and we are in prelaunch!

What does that mean?

  • In order to be able to fulfill our contract with you, we need a minimum number of people to buy a subscription. So, before I start accepting people’s money, we need to gather a count, thus signing up shows your interest in the program.

How do you do that?

  • Subscribe to our Community Email List and you’ll be placed on the list of interested people.
  • See the email signup on the top of the community page.

I don’t want to join another email list!

  • When you buy the subscription, we want to make sure you get a notification that your next report has been published. We will use the email list to make announcements about the community.

I already get Mahala’s email

  • The community email list, which is a subset of the main list, will be the only group of people to receive community specific information. The main list will remain much like it is today. Thus, if you want all Mahala’s emails, you’ll want to join both lists.


Shooting to start on July 13th

What’s stopping you from starting today?

  • We need a minimum of 40 people to make the program worthwhile.

What can I expect around July 13th?

  • If there are enough interested people by when, you’ll get an email from me that the purchase button on the website has been activated and we’ll start accepting money and help people get their accounts setup.

Why should I buy on July 13th?

  • The first 50 people that purchase a yearly subscription will be able to at the promotional price of $98 plus tax! The regular price is $149. That’s a $51 discount for being first! (34% discount)


Do you have to setup an account?

  • The reports contain personal information (birthday and name) that only you should have access too. Thus, you will need to get a login password and login to see your reports.

Do I have to login every time I want to read my report?

  • Every report is a PDF file. This makes it really easy to download to your own computer and print out. Thus, once the report is published, all you have to do it come get it.

Why don’t you just do this in email?

  • Email takes too much time, which would make the subscription way more expensive. And, as it turns out, email hosts like to place emails from me in the junk folder. That makes it hard to get your information to you.


More Details

I have reviewed just about all the reports that we will focus on for the immediate future. I’ve written a few words about each one and recorded a video to show you what the report looks like and how it’s structured.

Note that when you buy your initial one-year subscription, we will help you get the account setup, make sure you can log in and get your personal information from you so that we can run your reports.

Once that is all setup, you can look forward to receiving ALL the following reports generated off your personal information.

One-year subscription package





  • Cosmo Forecast for current year
  • Cosmo Forecast for next year
  • Cosmo Outer Planet Forecast for current year
  • Cosmo Outer Planet Forecast for next year
  • Solar Return for current age
  • Solar Return for current age+1
  • Destiny and Decisions forecast for current year*
  • Advanced Forecast for current year*

Book of Destiny



* We expect that there will be two of these reports but are unsure until we run the software.

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