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The Cosmo Forecast reports have been posted

Today, I’ve completed the posting of the Cosmo Forecast reports for all One Year Subscribers. You will find at least two new reports. Those of you that do not know your exact birth time (or guessed at it) will find ‘no birth time’ versions along with these two reports. The reports span a year of time starting in the month that you joined the community.

From the technical side, the Cosmo Forecast reports come in two flavors: All Planets & Outer Planets only (Mars-Pluto). When you open and view the reports, you’ll understand why!

Even though both reports are based on the same interpretation data, the Outer Planets report is about one half the size of the full report. By removing Moon, Mercury and Venus from the Outer Planets report, you get aspects and the corresponding interpretation data that lasts a bit longer than what you see with the faster moving planets.

Personally, I prefer the Outer Planets report because it fits my personality a bit better. I like to read about aspects that last long enough for me to figure them out. Aspects that last multiple weeks or months fit the bill for me here.

If you’re the type that loves to know all the little details regarding what will unfold in the coming days or weeks, you’ll find the full report more interesting. This will also hold true if you are highly influenced by either the Moon, Mercury of Venus.

For those of you that received ‘no birth time’ reports, the difference is that these reports to not have aspects in relations to the Ascendant or the Midheaven locations in your natal chart. Those two locations are based on the rotation of the signs based on earth rotation. Thus, the reports give you forecast interpretations on just the planetary configurations.

In a way, the information provided by these reports read like what you find in fortune cookies – its short and inspirational. It’s the type of report that you can print out and use like a tear off calendar. In other words, you tear off the information that’s gone behind you and the remaining top page shows what’s in your immediate future.

If you’re a bit more adept with Astrology (which you probably are), these reports show the aspects that are coming up for you. You’ll want to look at both the upcoming and recently pasted aspects. By looking both ways, you can learn from what you just experienced and you’ll get a feel for the magnitude of how the influential energy affects you and your surroundings.

I would also recommend looking over both reports before you choose to print one out. View them on a PC (if you can) and view them side by side. If you don’t need to print them both out, you’ll save yourself some ink.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the Cosmo Forecast.


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