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Overview of the Solar Return Report

The Solar Return report that stood out to me was the report interpreted by Horacio Valsecia. As the advertisement says, it really is divided up into two parts and both sections are covered really well.

Here is a video where I show you what they’re covering.

Note that the ordering of the information is what you would expect for a standard report. We want to know the most powerful influences first and then explore the details. That’s what they’ve done by addressing the ascendant in the first second, the sun in the second section and the moon in the third. The report covers the major aspects in each situation. And, as it turns out, the amount of information presented really does align closely to half the report.

The second half of the report aligns houses and provides the interpreted influences that one may experience during the year. The key important aspects in that house are covered.

Overall, this report is well written and there isn’t a lot of filler information. I’m liking what I’m seeing and looking forward to running one for you.


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