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Overview of the Major Life Themes Report

What’s fun about this report is that it’s all based on harmonics. I know this video is a little longer than some of you like, but I can talk faster than I can type. So, here is my overview of this report.

Yet, like I’ve promised, I will attempt to give a written overview for those of you that are speed readers.

First off, we have to talk about what they mean by harmonics.

To give you a basic idea, the first harmonic is the number of degrees of a circle divided by one. With the next, the division is with a 2. As you can see from the list below, there are a number of well-known harmonics.


1st – Conjunct planets (360/1 = 360)

2nd – Opposition (360/2=180)

3rd – Trine (360/3 = 120)

4th – Square (360/4 = 90) Note it’s a multiple of 2.

5th – ?

6th – Sextile (360/6 = 60) Note it’s also a multiple of 2.

7th – ?

If you keep going the degrees of separation get smaller and smaller between the points in a circle.

And, the Most Common are the ones that generate 360, 180, 120, 90, 60-degree aspects.

In an effort to describe the harmonics a little better, I’d like to use the analogy of listening to different notes on a guitar or piano. Each note generates its specific frequency. If you line up the frequencies of two different notes, you’ll find that after some number of oscillations, the peaks of each note will come together at the same time to align. This would be considered a harmonic point.

Something similar seems to happen with the planets with you do a little math on them.

To get a harmonic chart, you calculate all the positions of the planets based on 360 degrees from the ascendant. If you’re wanting to look at the 5th harmonic, you multiply every planet’s full circle number by five. After that, you remove 360 degrees from the resulting number until you’re finally under 360.

Example. If you have 2 planets on the natal chart and they are 161 and 234 degrees around from the ascendant the math would look like:



On the harmonic chart, the first planet would be 85 degrees and the second would be 90 degrees.

Now, because the natal positions of the chart were amplified, so must the Orb for the aspects. Thus, if a conjunction on the natal chart is 1 1/5 degrees, the same configuration on the 5th harmonic might be 5 times larger or 7 ½ degrees.

Thus, in the example above, the two planets which sit at 161 and 234 degrees come together to be conjunct on the 5th harmonic.

So, what does the harmonic chart get us? It’s basically an easier way to see configurations in the chart.

Also, another key is that formations in the harmonic charts tend to only happen during small opportunities during the day. Unlike in the natal chart where everyone born during the day may have a very similar layout, the harmonics show the nuances that only appear during short periods of time.

Once you determine the interaction that the harmonic emphasizes, you look back at the Natal chart (from which the harmonic is derived) and you now see the importance of that particular aspect on the person’s personality.

Note: No signs or houses in harmonic charts.

Also note: A harmonic chart is a magnification of a Natal chart. The actual chart doesn’t really exist on its own, but it’s another way to see the details of the Natal chart.

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