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New Moon in Aries

By Alison Dhuanna McCabe

New Moon In Aries

There is a place where the Sky meets the Sea
called Leleakuonua by the Polynesian people’s;

and the closer it comes towards you
until it is right here,
the more you realise
the horizon in within as well as without.
That inside is a vast beauty reflected in the world

Reflected today in my Inner Landscape
a bog dance in fierce mud
covered with innocent grass
that could eat a whole boot it sucks so well;

Ancient rocks of lichens and mosses;
pale spiraling grey, vibrant starry moss, spiky black crunch, tiny orange sponges;
at a quartz waterfall of exquisite beauty
a rich geological soup
formed over thousands of years

A Peacock upon a castle wall
raises its tail, illuminated eyes in every feather
swirls for us revealing
his sacred geometry, his foundational strength
to produce this miraculous display

All of this is inside me;

The Beauty and the Struggle
and the realisation
The Beauty IS the Struggle

A the subtle horizon of myself with heaven
is the wind of breath;

On the wind of the breath is voice
ooooooh aaaaaaah eeeeeeh
the Creator’s greatest gift to humanity

Within the very DNA Gifts of Divinity
of tenderness, truth, grace and compassion awaken

Conflict and war have ceased where Beauty shines

The light of the sun streams through my eyes, my skin;
from flat and sterile I bulge
tender hands upon my spine supporting, listening
and I blossom
as the fruits on the trees
into the Inner Landscape of Beauty

In Human Design and Gene Keys the New Moon conjunction takes place in Gene Key 21 called A Noble Life with its Shadow of Control, Gift Authority of and Siddhi of Valoir.

The fifth Asteroid Goddess we will explore is Hygiea. For this we have our special guest, Astrologer Alison McCabe in the Inner Circle.

Time: Tuesday 29th at 10:30 am PT / 1:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm CET on zoom

🌱 Hygiea is one of the Daughters of Asclepius and she is a very special Goddess of Healing.




New Moon in Aries — 2 Comments

  1. I have the same question as Connie. I have not heard of the 2027 shift, nor of “Human Design” from which this prediction comes. Could you please explain what Human Design is, as well as more about this upcoming big shift? Thanks very much!

  2. Alison speaks of the Big Shift in 2027? I have never heard of that. Can you elaborate on what it is. Thank you so very much.

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