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Planet Alert November 2021

Today is November 14 and I have been very busy and have not had time to write my November article until now. My husband and I had an accident in our car on October 26 and there are many things you have to do after an accident. We are both alright, but I got shaken up a bit in my neck and back and was given the opportunity to have chiropractor treatments and massages. These events have been really nice although they are also time consuming.

Two men in an old white truck, that was larger than my Honda CVS, ran into us on purpose and injured the driver’s side of my car. My husband was driving at the time although he did not get hurt, I did.  Then the men took off laughing and it became a hit and run accident. I did manage to get their license number and I hope the police find these guys so they won’t hurt anyone else by ramming into them.  

I am back to normal, I think, and my car is fixed and looks beautiful just like it did before our accident happened.  I am glad they did not hit us hard enough to push us into the river. We were on the inside lane and I could look down and see the river. I think some angels were protecting us. Incidentally, Saturn was exactly on the ascendant when it happened and Mars was in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, dark side aspect, and the moon was in Cancer. It is over, so that is enough on the accident! Now, what are the planets doing? 

We are moving into an eclipse cycle with a lunar full moon on Friday morning, Nov 19 at 12:57 AM PST. This will be a very strong eclipse and we will probably start feeling the energy from it this week before it happens. Most people start feeling a full moon before it happens, and this is an eclipse. Uranus will be conjunct Lilith (dark moon) opposing Mars in Scorpio and the moon will be in Taurus which will almost be conjunct Alcyone, our central sun. It takes 26,000 years for our Earth to cycle around Alcyone. Maybe this foretells the ending of an age of darkness and the beginning of an age of love and light. 

At the time of this eclipse there will be a T cross in the heavens between Saturn on 8 degrees Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio on 13 degrees and Uranus in Taurus on 12 degrees. With the moon in Taurus there may be some issues, either good or bad, depending on what happens, or some large earth event in either the Middle East or the West Coast. I had just written this when I looked at my email and saw there was a large earthquake in Iran.  Strong earthquakes hit southern Iran, felt in Dubai 

There is an underwater volcano off the Oregon coast. Maybe this volcano will start to erupt in a larger way. Scorpio rules Volcanos and water. The degree of this lunar eclipse is 27 Degrees Taurus and that is the degree that Mt Saint Helens erupted on in 1980. The sun was on 27 degrees Taurus when it erupted. Taurus also rules money, the earth, security, and food. This 27 degree energy also means “Man’s capacity to rise in consciousness and feeling above biological limitations.” That sounds good to me.  Ascension anyone? 

The next eclipse will be on December 4, 2021 and it will be a total solar eclipse. The location of this eclipse will be in the South Atlantic and the South Georgia Islands.  The sun will be in the sign of Ophiuchus, which is also called Asclepius, and is the 13 sign of the zodiac. This is the sign of feminine energy that has been hidden out of sight for ages. It kind of disappeared when the male energy took over and now on December 4, 2021 the feminine and male energy will arise like the phoenix and come together again because it is time for the Goddess (love energy within all of us) to arise. 

If you are not aware of an ancient healing center that was in Greece many years ago, look it up on the Internet. It was called the Asclepius Healing Center.  It was very famous and many people came to this dream temple to be healed. The sign in the heavens called Ophiuchus was named after the healer called Asclepius. The symbol of Asclepius is the caducei, or the snake running up a pole. This symbol is still used in the medical profession today. We again became aware of this sign in the heavens when it erupted in a Super Nova event this past August 10, 2021. It was saying to us “pay attention to me because my energy is coming back.” We want to be acknowledged again for the healers we are and the work we have done in the past and continue to do today. 

NASA has acknowledged the sign of Asclepius as the 13 sign of the zodiac and they say that between November 30 and December 16 there is a wind that comes to earth from that sign. They have actually acknowledged this sign. This is the only sign that has a wind that comes to earth. Some Astrologers have said that the sign of Asclepius is the Cog that holds the other signs together. The Hopi call it Spider Woman because this sign can be seen on Halloween. The Spider woman weaves a thread around all of the other signs and holds them together. Now there will be a solar eclipse in this sign bringing people’s attention back to Asclepius, which is a feminine sign because 13 is a feminine number. 

Isis is connected to Asclepius and also Egypt and Greece. The name Isis is portrayed as a woman wearing a headdress shaped like a throne with an Ankh in her hand. She was worshiped as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden, and she listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats, and rulers. Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children. The name Isis means throne. Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the earth, and Nut, goddess of the sky. She married her brother Osiris. The worship of Isis became very important during the Greco-Roman period. She is still well known today, and her energy is coming back. 

We are approaching Thanksgiving and I like this holiday. It is a holiday of celebration and people getting together to give thanks for their blessings. Thanksgiving occurs in the middle of the two upcoming eclipses.  I think that is very interesting. I have many things to be thankful for and I think it is very important to give thanks for your blessings every day. It could change your life. I also think it is important to manifest the thought of love every day. I wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving and much love as we move through these tremendously interesting days.  So Be It! 

I love you!         Mahala 

I can be reached at and if you wish to share this writing with others, it is fine with me. I am a galactic communicator from the Pleiades Star System and I am the Yellow Star in the Mayan System. I am also open to donations if you have some extra money lying around that you do not know what to do with. Just go to Paypal and type in    Thanks in advance! 

I write this article in Love and light and I send this love and light to all you beautiful Beings!


Planet Alert November 2021 — 5 Comments

  1. So glad you were not hurt badly in the accident and that you are fully on the mend. So many varied aspects to the fall of the dark ones and Earths and our ascension process. Workiing to keep my Light Bright and being as positive as I can. Still working as one of Gods Truth Seekers, which seems to be lessening now, since we are getting close to the close of the old and into the NEW. What God showed me a yr. ago Easter, brought me to tears, it was so BEAUTIFUL. Blessings of Love

  2. Mahala,

    Tried to send you some money via PayPal..whose name comes with your e-mail address?

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