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Planet Alert February 2022

Yesterday was February 1st and the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger is associated with the sign Aquarius and I hope this brings us a good year. We are now totally into The Age of Aquarius and high technology. It was just a few days ago that the powers that be turned on the 5G network. I find it very interesting that we are now in 5D and they turn on the 5G system. What will that activate?

We have been experiencing the energy of chaos for several years now and that became dominant when the Covid-19 started. It has been a very challenging time-period and I am glad the virus is almost over. Remember the Hopi prophecy says that when we start to take off our masks, we come to the end of one cycle and we start a new cycle. Ireland, Austria, England and other countries have started taking off their masks so that is a good sign we are now reaching the end of this cycle and are ready for a new one. I think we will start seeing many changes in the world and I hope it does not start with a war. I hope we are beyond war consciousness.

We are just finishing the part in the Bible where it says “Two will be in the field, one will be taken and one will be left.” How many people have left your life in this past couple of years? I have lost three good friends to Cancer in the past year, and one to the Covid virus. It looks like the virus is finally starting to leave. I sure hope so. It has been a very challenging time-period.

One of my friends who just left was Mona Delfino and I will really miss her. She was a wonderful person and helped many people in this life-time. I know that she is fine because of a dream I had a couple of days ago. She was very radiant and happy to be on the other side, and out of pain. Apparently, we need her help from the other side.

I have some good memories of Mona. One time she came up from Oregon to heal me from a near death experience that I had just gone through. When she walked through my front door, I could feel her power coming up my stairs. This was shortly after I had come home from the hospital. That was at the end of June, 2019. She gave me a very good healing and I felt much better after that healing. The doctor let me out of the hospital with a blood count of 8.2. The normal blood count for a woman is 11 to 15. Below 11 was critical. It took me a while to get my blood count back to normal but I did. Bless you Mona for that healing!

I also had a friend named Pat Delafield that left the Earth on August 11, 2020. I have really missed her too. We had been friends for several years. She died of Cancer and was in the hospital for a long time. I could not go and see her because I was not well enough yet to go to a hospital, especially since Covid had just started. Pat was very psychic and she stayed around me in spirit after she died. I finally had to tell her that I would be alright and she could leave for the light. A few days later she left. She was a very good friend.

The pandemic is the last prophecy to happen in the Bible before the ships come down from Heaven. “The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light and the stars (ships) will come down from Heaven”. I still have a large ship out my window and can see it every night when the sky is clear. It has been there since February of 2020. I talk to it and it answers me by flying around in circles and turning on its light. I know I have been on this ship many times although I do not remember what happened when I come back. Sometimes I see other people I know on that ship and often wonder if they can remember being there. I call it The Blue Star.


Now, what are the planets doing? Mercury turns direct on Friday February 4, on 24 degrees Capricorn. That sign rules China, and the Olympics are happening there right now. The East Coast USA is ruled by Cancer and is the opposite point of China, and they just had a major snow storm a few days ago. That degree of Capricorn rules darkness. There must have been many power outages on the East Coast because of the major snow storm that just happened there. When there are planets in Capricorn it also affects Cancer, which is the opposite side of the world.

Wuhan, China is on 24/25 degrees Capricorn and Pluto is on 27 degrees Capricorn and almost conjunct Mercury at 24 degrees. Pluto rules viruses and Wuhan is where the Covid virus first started. Maybe this signifies the beginning of the end of that virus. Pluto Also rules birth and death. Mercury will also be in an exact conjunction with Pluto on February 11. What will that bring?

Maybe China will stop threatening Taiwan by flying their fighter jets over that country every day. Or maybe there will be an incident around that area. Whatever happens, it will be a destiny thing because the Mercury/Pluto conjunction will be in a perfect trine to the North Node. The North Node rules birth and death.

The drums of war are sounding again in the Ukraine, and according to the news the USA just sent 3,000 troops to the border of that country. Russia is, or will be angry at the USA for doing that. I think that sending our troops there is a bad idea. They are just looking for an escalation of the war. On February 11 and 12 Mars will be affecting Washington, D.C. so look for more action around that time period, or before. Mars is sometimes called the planet of war. Mars will be in a perfect triangle to Uranus on February 9. Mars and Uranus in a trine aspect can be very explosive and war-like. This is the time when we need to focus on peace.

We need more people to wake up and see the light. Maybe this is why the Earth is starting to split dimensions right now. Those who want to stay on the 3/4 D Earth can do so if they want too, but that Earth will be a very challenging place to live. There will be many Earth changes on that dimension. Look at all the snow on the East Coast right now. That is because there are 5 planets in Capricorn and that sign rules snow. You just need to raise your vibrations to live on a higher frequency Earth.

Stay peaceful, manifest Love, and be positive in all the chaos that is going on right now. Out of chaos comes a new creation. Things are changing very fast and we will soon be living on a higher frequency Earth. Manifest Love, be Love, be kind to people, and be happy. Give everyone you see a smile and watch how they glow! That is how we can make our home (Home on Mother Earth) a better place to live.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY – The day of unconditional love!

****** (I am a Galactic Communicator from the Pleiades Star System) *****

***** Mahala *****

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Planet Alert February 2022 — 8 Comments

  1. I am so sorry for your loss of your dear friend Mona. She will be missed by all of us who really enjoyed her teachings as your guest on this website. Rest in spirit, Mona.

  2. To celebrate and perpetuate love (within and without)… Happy Valentines Day! May the love we were all born with, ignite in our hearts, spread outwardly, inspire loving actions and B/being everywhere in all; timelines, dimensions, parallels, no time and anything else known and unknown, seen and unseen! Have gratitude for those who loved us and we lost (they inspired us by example!) … Also, share love with those around us now, appreciation begets and inspires more love!… Love Is, Be it! Namaste…

  3. I also will miss Mona dearly. She was such a wonderful teacher. I have taken 4 classes and when she closed the last one due to her illness, I was gifted with two more and so much more. Did you get the letter from her family. It was sent to us from The Shift Network.
    I think of Pat many times. especially when working with the pendulum. Pat was a Master with it.
    We can be Blessed in having known them.

  4. Great appreciation and blessings to Mona for her work! Love and peace on your way, Polly

  5. Mona is happy to be where she is, it was all planned this way. Sometimes help and support is more effective when you haved crossed over. As a Spirit now she is with us all and still in service.

  6. Thank you so much for your validation of the things I have been compelled to write about. I shared them with the wrong ears, and then stopped for they misinterpreted them. You are a lifeline to me and so appreciated. May peace in our heart be our way home.

  7. I’m sorry to hear of Monas passing, that comes as a shock to me… I believe those who cross watch and help from that side also…with live and light

  8. Mahala ,I AM so sorry for your loss of Moba,BUT KNOW she is watching you and your great work from above

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