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Happy Full Moon

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct asteroid Medusa. Medusa represents the worst abuses to women and priestesses on our planet. She was raped by Neptune but not only that it took place in the sanctity of the temple as Medusa was a very beautiful Priestess. Following this her hair was turned to serpents and her sister Pallas Athena was not exactly supportive either, being part of her downfall. Medusa asks us to heal the many layers of this story today. Perhaps we know somebody holding and acting out that Medusa raging architype, or perhaps we feel it deep inside ourselves afraid all hell is going to break loose if that anger ever surfaces. The Sun in Gene Key 12 with the Gift of Discrimination and Siddhi Purity, with asteroids Vulcan the Sacred Artist and Harmonia, are supporting this deep transformation. Be aware also the last Total Lunar Eclipse was conjunct Algol the stellar representation of Medusa so she is firmly on the agenda. In the Inanna journey following Venus in the heavens she appears as the dark raging sister Erishkigal – they are pretty much the same archetype but Inanna is hoping to become one with her sister through her descent into the underworld. She knows the only way this will happen is to experience a metaphoric death herself.

Venus has now entered Gene Key 23 with its Gift of Simplicity and Siddhi of Quintessence. Are you over complicating things? Living too much from your intellect? When you live from the body things are much simpler – the body gives a yes or no – often we feel compelled to override this however it is the way forward to honor the Sanctity and Intelligence of your body. Also in Taurus are the North Node where the karmic energy is flowing towards, Pallas Athena Warrior Earth Goddess in this sign, Tantalus who represents heavy family karma and TNO Lempo, a Finnish Fertility Goddess now said to be evil by religion. Venus rules Taurus and having just had a conjunction with powerful Liberator Uranus in the pure Yin Codon Gene Key 2 of Unity she is now still in a very powerful position.

Yesterday I did a podcast on the opposition of two amazing Trans Neptunian Objects Salacia and Make Make in which I actually talk about the Medusa story and Salacia as the ‘healing’ energy for Medusa. I didn’t know Medusa was conjunct the Full Moon at that point. Last night though I dreamt about her and I awoke thinking virtually every woman I know has had the sanctity of her body corrupted in some way. As girls barely any of us are taught to treat our body as a Temple – and those who are its usually from a very strict religious point of view which creates its own problems. Boys are rarely taught to honor the female body and this is the source of many marriage conflicts deep down. My podcast offers some insights on the healing of Madusa through Salacia

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining my Venus Moon Inner Sanctuary following the Inanna journey of Venus of this powerful integration of the shadow self. Also, I offer one to one Goddess Asteroids readings and Gene Keys readings

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Happy Full Moon — 1 Comment

  1. Enragement of women by the duplicity of men (<far too "normal"!), is also caused by other women, to other wo/men (as shared by the "her/his" stories, you've given/ provided regarding the "god/ess(es)" numerous times~!)… This doesn't address and/or honor male victims, who also have been violated by both fe/males continuously as well! \ Stop with the indignations, and start offering how to move forward with; insight, strength and will, towards what will actually stop the duplicitous, and honor plus strengthen the innocent!… \ Victims are created by beliefs (<be-"lie"-fs) in good, keeping them blind to the bad and how to navigate this negative wormhole when encountering and having to engage with it/ them… Why? Because the duplicitous need innocence/ naiveté to feed on with no resistance, since no alternatives in how to fill themselves up, were ever provided! \ As I've stated numerous times to parents and grandparents… "Teach your children when it's “safe” to be in their pure innocence, and when to create boundaries to protect yourself from the duplicity of others! Learn to feel what is right within you, rather than believe what another tells you, in order to feed their inner emptinesses at your expense!” \ Different thought(s)… I wonder how many others are tired of the duality mix that pits each side against the other, rather than finding solutions that is truly good for “all”!?… Tired of sales pitches by leaders (<lead-errors) what’s good for them “and” their campaign contributors(!), at the expense of the people who put them in power~! I find it interesting that if any of us were to do the nefarious acts that have been done by our “leaders” (<lead-errors, “either” side~!), we would be in jail, experiencing the consequences of our choices!… But those who make the laws, apparently don’t have to abide and/or be punished by them~! Tired of the double standards, on “both” sides! \ We all need to get in touch with the Inner Divinity we were all born with (but narcissists ignore, in order to gain supply from other folks for their abysmal fodder!)… Until true guidance from within (“not” ego!) is found and followed, this “stuff” will continue! \ For those who choose to believe (<be-“lie”-ve) in 5D… Look at history through the ages and realize this fantasy has redundantly been repeated, as toted fodder for personal gain, since at least recorded history by Nostradamus in the 1500’s “and” even earlier from other cultures (<“cult”-tures) “all over the world” as well!… And yet, the insanity we all are experiencing, continues to redundantly repeat itself~!… Instead of 5D (<or whatever imaginary nirvana sales pitched rabbit hole outer place to get/ go to, created specifically to escape dealing with duplicitous reality, by taking real action to create the “new” world, in the here and now~!), we’re all dealing with duality! Why? Because, “Nirvana it’s an inner event that emerges outwardly!”!! Yes, we can learn from the past in hopes to create a better future, but if other’s aren’t in alignment, and their personal agendas are more important than unity… Then all is lost! \ It saddens me that all the work that has been done through the decades to improve folks lives, is repeatedly attacked by those who want power over others to feed their empty souls! It’s not our job to awaken them! We awaken, then change the world by example! We all are the 5D we are looking for! Blessings to those who actually work towards a better tomorrow and world… Thank you for your service! Namaste…

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