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The Neptune Jupiter Conjunction – the Power of Communion

by Alison Dhuanna Goddess Asteroid Astrologer and Gene Keys Guide

All around the snow is falling
softly, silently like great white feathers from heaven
each one a jewel,
resting perfectly on tree branches and dark stones

until the world is so white
that the place that defines sky and earth is no more
and I am lost;

In awe and alarmed aloneness
I am forced to reach inside myself for courage

There is nothing now to show me the way
all markers are lost in this soft, silent storm

only some kind of inner orientation,
some great sense of mythical adventure
will carry me across this mountain home,
or into the hands of death



The Neptune Jupiter Conjunction – the Power of Communion — 4 Comments

  1. A very beautiful and powerful poem. Also, I love the extra depth your use of the Gene Keys brings to the astrology!

  2. Beautiful poem and insights.

    I was fortunate enough to also dance the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, but with Neil himself at a weekend workshop on sacred dance here in California many years ago.

    Thank you for these helpful higher perspectives during these “interesting” times.

  3. Beautiful poem and analysis. I was fortunate enough to once do a whole weekend retreat with Neil, which was also, as you did, doing sacred dance to that prayer (and other sacred and prayers and poems). My memory is that he translated it in the interest of dancing it, but I could be wrong. At any rate, it was magical.

    What a time we are in. Many unknowns, but helpful to have these higher perspectives.

  4. You words resonate but because of many obstacles and obligations I am unable to join you at this momentous time in our evolutionary history.

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