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Overview of the Edgar Cayce Past Life Reports

Like the other reviews, I have also done this one in video form.

And for those of you that prefer to speed read, here is the written companion to go with the video.

The Edgar Cayce Past Life reports are based on the Natal chart configuration yet presented in the context that your natal chart is directly related to your Karma. Through his work, Edgar Cayce learned about reincarnation and philosophized about it to the point where he considered it “the continuity of life.”

I highly recommend visiting the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment and read their article The Readings Approach to Philosophy and Reincarnation. The article is short and one of the key things that stands out to me about his philosophy is that “karma can simply be defined as memory.”

Now, with this in mind, Edgar Cayce was a psychic medium that gave hundreds of readings to different people which were recorded. This treasure trove of data would not be available to us if it wasn’t for Ry Redd. Ry Redd did the hard work of digging up the data and compiling it into a form that could be read to others.

Knowing that key aspects are held by multiple people, the information that Edgar Cayce provided for one person could be generalized to all people that have that same configuration in their chart. So, that’s what Ry Redd gave us.

The special note is that Ry Redd compiled the information and interpreted it. In other words, what we read is a report ‘in the spirit of’ Edgar Cayce.

With that background, we should see the birth chart as an indication of the karma that we have built up via our multiple human experiences. Thus, we should pay close attention to patterns that arise and consider the advice given in the report.


The report is broken up into a couple different parts. At the top, it describes harmonious and inharmonious aspects. Harmonious aspects are Trine or Sextile and inharmonious aspects are Square or Opposition.

The length of this section depends on the number of configurations in your chart that match these four harmonics.

Near the bottom of the report, it covers the signs of the sun and moon. The report does this from two different perspectives, both Tropical and Sidereal.

At the very bottom, we are shown the decanates that the sun and moon are in. In Vedic astrology, the energy brought through here should related directly to your past life experiences.


When interpreting a Natal chart, we generally expect to get information about the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon and key configurations. This report delivers with regards to the last three in such a way as we don’t miss the first. It looks at the sun and moon configurations a few different ways and each aspect is described in detail.

The report is easy to read, particularly if you understand psychics and clairvoyant personalities of the early 1900’s.

This is a great resource, compiled by Ry Redd that should be in everyone’s collection.


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