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Overview of the Book of Destiny Yearly Report

Hi everyone, in this video, I’m briefly touching on the layout of the Book of Destiny Yearly report that we’re offering to the people that sign up to the community.

And, for the written version.

The Book of Destiny Yearly report is report that starts on your birthday and runs until your next birthday.

It contains a number of cards that represent energies and influences that are yearlong, along with planetary rules segments that are 52 days long.

For the year long cards, the report provides a Birth card, Long Range card, Pluto card, Result card, Environmental card and Displacement card. Each position is defined in the report and the card is interpreted in the specific placement. Note that the same cards are provided when the Planetary Ruling card is selected to be read (second half of report).

With either configuration, there are cards that represent the energies coming your way during each of the 52 day segments of the year – starting from your birthday. The grouping aligns to the planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Each card is interpreted with its planetary influence.

It’s also worth pointing out that this system treats the cards as a calendar, thus everyone gets the same spread for the same age. It’s read differently for each person because we all have different birth cards.

Logically, this system would suggest that two people born on the same day will have the same influences throughout their lives. This doesn’t mean that they will have identical experiences, but they should have the same general interactions to have to go through.

One significant aspect that is not covered in the report is how cards can represent people in your life. When they show up in your spread, it indicates that you will be working with them or someone else that has that same birth card.

The overall destiny card interpretation system can be fairly complex, but the yearly report is clear and clean.


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