Planet Alert for June 2004

Rumors are rampant on the Internet about a major event that will transpire in June. I am paying attention to these rumors because they fit in with Bible prophecy. In my April Planet Alert I mentioned that it is time for the Earth to move through a debris cloud in space that is full of meteors. This cloud will cause the Sun and moon to darken, and the light will be reduced by about one-third.

We may have already started feeling the effects of this cloud. We felt the effect of a meteor exploding in our area on June 3, 2004. This caused a large bang as the meteor exploded into light which was seen all over the greater Seattle area. On June 5 another one exploded over Arkansas.

In Bible prophecy, we are finishing the 18th chapter of Revelation. New York was attacked and Babylon (Baghdad) was destroyed. The very end of that chapter says that a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone (asteroid or meteor?) and threw it into the sea, saying. “So shall Babylon be thrown down with violence, and shall be found no more.” I believe this is referring to a change in the world financial system because of some world wide event that happens, like maybe an asteroid falling into the ocean, or more bombs dropped somewhere on Earth. Only time will tell.

The 19th chapter, in my interpretation, refers to space ships appearing in our heavens and the return of Christ Beings. The Mexican defense minister has already come forth and said that UFOs are real. This happened in May of 2004. Then the 20th chapter of Revelation talks about the downfall of the controllers. The 21 and 22 chapters talk about living on the new Earth which some people call Planet Two.

In the last chapter of Daniel it says “How long shall it be till the end of these wonders?” The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the stream, raised his right hand and his left hand toward heaven; and I heard him swear by him who lives for ever that it would be for a time, two times, and half a time; and that when the shattering of the power of the holy people comes to an end all these things would be accomplished. I heard but I did not understand.

Then I said “O my lord, what shall be the issue of these things?” He said “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are shut up and sealed until the time of the end. Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand.”

>From the time that the burnt offering is taken away, (the election was taken away from Al Gore) and the abomination that makes desolate (or abominable person) is set up, there shall 1,290 days. I always wondered what the burnt offering meant so I looked up the meaning in my Bible dictionary. One meaning of the burnt offering is referring to a person who gives himself up to serve God, or in this case the people.

I believe the abominable person refers to George Bush who was set up by the United States Supreme Court to be our president on December 12, 2000. The end of his power, according to this prophecy if I am right, is June 24, 2004. That date is the end of 1,290 days. This date marks a turning point in history. The Bible then says blessed is he who waits and comes to 1,335 days. I’m not sure what that means, although it could mean 45 days of turmoil.

We’ve been in the tribulation for a few years. Now we are starting the great tribulation. Then Daniel goes on to say “go your way till the end; and you shall rest, and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days.” This is the very end of the chapter of Daniel.

In Thessalonians it says “Let no man deceive you in any way for the day of the Lord will not come until the man of lawlessness is revealed, who enthrones himself in the sanctuary (building) and claims to be the prophet of God.” According to news articles I have read, Bush has proclaimed himself to be a prophet of God, and according to him God told him to start the Iraq war. He seems to have fulfilled the above prophecies.

The 24th chapter of Matthew says it all in a nut shell. “When you see the abominable person spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place, then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, for then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and never will be.

And if those days are not shortened, no human being would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” As I am writing this article George Bush is meeting with the Pope. Does this event fulfill that prophecy of the abominable person standing in the holy place?

Then, if any one says to you. “Lo, here is the Christ or there he is!” Do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. This passage seems to refer to two different people. I believe the false prophet has been in power and now it’s time for the Anti-Christ to make his appearance under the New World Order, which will be short lived because Earth changes will cause the whole system to fall.

The verse goes on to say “Lo, I have told you beforehand. So, if anyone says to you, ‘Lo, he is in the wilderness, do not go out’ if they say, ‘Lo, he is in the inner rooms, do not believe.’ For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man.”

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken; then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven.” There is an eclipse of Venus and the Sun on June 8, 2004. The Mayans call this eclipse the return of Quetzalcoatl.

Then on June 12 there is a conjunction of Venus and Mercury. They will be together as one in the morning sky on June 13. The Masons call this the Shekinah or great light of God. Mercury represents male energy, and Venus represents female energy. The Masons refer to this conjunction as the stars representing Christ. This is the sign of the Son of man in the heavens. Venus represents love. Mercury is called the messenger of the Gods. The symbol of Mercury is a young man flying with wings. He carries a caduceus with two serpents entwined around his rod. This represents the 13th sign of the zodiac called Aesklepius, the home of the Goddess.

The effects from the Venus transit will end on June 29, when that planet turns direct. A doorway to Ascension opens on June 8, 2004, and stays open until June 6, 2012.

The planets are very awesome during this month of June. Saturn will be exactly over Washington, D.C and on top of George Bush’s Sun from June 8 to June 23. This is when Karma comes home to roost. Saturn will be conjunct Mars by declination for the whole month of June. Mars conjunct Saturn pertains to military action, police, firemen, and control issues. Last month on May 22, there was a Mars/Saturn conjunction on 11 degrees Cancer. There was a tremendous storm over Haiti at that time and over a thousand people died in the flood. Mars in Cancer rules water and emotions. Instead of the effects of that conjunction being felt in Washington, D.C. it was felt at a lower latitude. I also believe the Mars/Saturn conjunction has been working behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. and this month we should find out what is up.

The 24th chapter of Matthew goes on to say “Then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” Sounds like a space ship event to me or what the Church calls the Rapture, or it could also mean waking up on Planet Two, which is beautiful beyond belief. Are you ready for Ascension?

“Of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the son, but the father only. As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. And in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man. Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

It sounds like there are very interesting events on the horizon. The meteor cloud, the Sun and Moon turning dark, the end of the rule of George Bush, the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens, and the Rapture (however you perceive that). There is also on the agenda huge solar flares that will cause the Earth to wobble and shift which will cause large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tremendous storms. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. By the way, the planets form a cross in the heavens on June 8, 2004. This is considered a feminine cross and there will be 6 planets plus the moon in that cross. It’s time to open your heart to love energy.

Our minds create what we chose to experience. There are as many realities as there are people on Earth. Whatever you choose to experience is how it will be. My reality is that I think it’s time to buckle your seat belts because it looks like we are in for the ride of our lives. It’s very important to stay cool, calm and collected as these events transpire, and stay in the golden light of the Christ.

I send you my blessings!


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Planet Alert for April 2004

Spring is almost here, and with it comes a strong wave of energy. There is always an energy wave that comes to Earth at the time of the Spring Equinox. This year the wave will start on March 13, and will continue until the new moon of April. We have readied the mid point of the seven-year tribulation period that started on September 13, 2000. From this time forward, the Earth will go through major changes.

I have a book called The Nature of Reality which was written, or channeled, by Hilarion and published in 1978. This book says that in the midst of the tribulation, a number of natural catastrophes will be arranged to afflict the Earth. One of the most frightening of these catastrophes will be the discovery that a large asteroid will collide with the Earth and will be felt throughout the world as a tremendous shock-wave, initiating earthquake and volcanic activity on a scale unheard of in the written history of man. Anyone hear David Booth on Coast to Coast Monday night February 23? He says a planetary object will pass by the South Pole sometime this year and will cause a shock wave around the world.

David also says that this spring will bring to the Southern Hemisphere an incredible once in a lifetime event with the passing of Comets 2001Q4 NEAT and 2002 T7 LINEAR. Perhaps more interesting though is that the point of crossing for these two comet’s occurs by the star Sirius. Sirius is the largest and most brilliant star in our heavens. It is known as the Dog Star and is 8.6 light years from Earth. It is visible in the Northern Hemisphere evening sky from November through April. An ancient Hopi prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”. The Blue Star is Sirius. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana (Christ) will return.

Perhaps more ominous though will be that these two comets will form an X, or cross, directly under the Earth over the south pole at almost the same time Venus begins eclipsing the Sun on June 8, 2004. Venus is the ruling planet of the Mayan Calendar and signifies a very important time period. The Mayans look to this time period as the return of Quetzalcoatl, also known as Jesus.

I received an email from Carl Johan Calleman, who wrote an article about the passage of Venus. To read this article, go to He says, “To become real, the energy of Quetzacoatl must manifest in human beings. At this time this must happen through the absorption of the energy of light on the right brain and unifying this with the left. This is really about activating Kundalini energy for which humanity is now ripe. This is a winding energy of light in our bodies, a manifestation of the movement of the serpent of light”.

Another interesting event is that Supernova 1987 has become a raging ring of fire. This Cosmic Pineal has caught on fire. As above, so below! The Astronomers expected this to happen in 2005. It is happening now, and we will soon feel our Kundalini rising, and our bodies will fill with light. To obtain more information on this, go to the web site

The book, The Nature of Reality, and the Bible states that it’s now time for the SE Asian countries to come into the act with war and aggression. This could be either North Korea, China, or Taiwan. It’s time for the Kings from the East to play their part.

This book also says that before the march of the Chinese army has been completed, there will be a great storm over the entire world, which will be caused by the Earth passing through a cloud in space which contains harmful chemicals, hydrocarbon materials, debris and larger pieces of solid material. The hydrocarbons will ignite in the higher levels of the atmosphere and produce smoke and other products of combustion which will greatly cut down the amount of light that the Sun and Moon give to the Earth. The burning of the hydrocarbon gases will produce a terrifying display for all to see and will convince many that God is real, and that the final days have come.

The Bible says in 2 Peter, chapter 3, verse 10, that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, and then the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire. Then we will have a new heaven and a new Earth in which righteousness dwells.

The Nature of Reality book says, “Prior to the passage of the Earth through the cloud in space, a great sign will appear in the heavens, to indicate to those who have realized the truth, that the last days have come. This is the sign of the Son of Man spoken of in the scriptures. It will be constituted by a comet (or comets) whose tail is divided into a couple of spikes or fingers extending in different directions. Those finger’s as seen from the direction of the Earth will exactly form the Greek letter Chi, which is an X or the word Christ”. I believe this is what David Booth is talking about.

The Southern Hemisphere will start seeing the comets soon, and by the end of April they will be at the closest point to Earth. The comets will be in the heaven during the Easter season, which to me represents the risen Christ. It’s time to manifest the golden light of the Christ that is within all of us.

The planets are very stressful in April. Toward the end of the month, the planet Mars with be opposing Pluto, with the moon making a 90 degree angle to those two planets. This is a very fiery, violent, explosive, energy. The whole world will feel the explosive aspect of this energy. The areas most likely to be affected are the Yellowstone area, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. This could also affect Mexico. This explosive energy will come back even stronger in September.

The book goes on to say that those who fail to understand and heed the meaning of this sign in the heavens will not be able to escape the final period of the Tribulation. This means to choose love in your heart instead of anger, violence and hatred. Up to the time of the appearance of these comets, all of those who earnestly and with their whole heart change their old ways and take up the cross of service and dedication to their fellow man will become entitled to what the Scriptures call the Rapture.

The Rapture is essentially an escape from the horrors of the Tribulation to a place of safety where those who have assembled can work and learn in order to prepare themselves for the new world. The Rapture can work out in different ways. The Bible says we rise to meet the Lord in the air. This could mean being beamed onto a ship or a raise in consciousness into a higher dimension. However you perceive it, that’s how it shall be.

This book also says that after the sign of the cross (X) in the heavens, there will arise a great wave of religious zeal, which will burn like a flame in the hearts of its new converts. This religion will be the seed of a new Universal Faith for mankind in the years following the tribulation.

First, there was the book, the De Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, which is about Mary Magdalene. She is the Virgin Goddess, or connected with the sign of Virgo. All of the Temples in France are dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and the temples are built in such a way as to form the symbol of the sign Virgo. Now there is the movie The Passion. It is hitting the world like a steam roller.

The movie was released in the sign of Pisces. The planets signify religious zeal because Uranus is in Pisces and it will remain there for seven years. Pisces rules suffering, both emotional and physical. It signifies a suffering Messiah, thus the movie and the cross in the heavens. Don’t you think it’s time to take Jesus off the cross and honor him as the risen savior?

The Bible says that Jesus (Yeshua) was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Lion signifies the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. He gave us one commandment, which is to express unconditional love. He was born a Leo in the age of Pisces. Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, has been moving through the sign of Leo for the last 2,160 years. Now it is on 0 degrees Virgo and in the transition stage to the feminine energy.

The mirror image of Pisces is Leo. The mirror image is experienced by being six signs away from each other like Pisces/Leo – Aries/Virgo – Taurus/Libra, etc. We have been in the age of Pisces/Leo. The Pisces influence has brought us much suffering until we can open our hearts to experience unconditional love. The Leo energy rules kings and queens. England’s symbol is the Lion.

Now we are in the goddess energy, which started in July of 1991. This is when we first started experiencing the energy of Virgo. The mirror image of Virgo is Aquarius. Now we are in the transition stage of blending our male and female energy into one. This will happen during the time period of Uranus moving through Pisces. In 2010 Uranus moves into Aries, and we start a whole new cycle.

We are also moving from a 26,000 year cycle of Capricorn (materialism, structure, and control), into the Age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus. Tenth level light body is associated with Capricorn, and rules body pain such as knees, bones, dizziness, stomach pain, blurred vision and headaches.

Aquarius roles eleventh level light body. It also rules light, freedom and the Golden Age. We first started feeling the effects of this sign in February of 1962 when most of the planets lined up in Aquarius. Remember the song, This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

We have been moving into this age of freedom for a long time. Now, it’s time to start manifesting that freedom. Remember, there is a world of light that is overshadowing this world of darkness. Those who are ready will soon be living in the world of light, and will be through experiencing pain and suffering.

So Be It!


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Planet Alert for November 2003

The exciting month of November is finally arriving with its two eclipses. The first one is a lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003 at 5:13 PM, PST. This one is called the Harmonic Concordance and will open Star Gates that have never been opened before. Most people know there is a star gate in the constellation of Orion, although not many know there is also one in the sign of Aesklepius, which is also called Ophiuchus. This constellation is the 13th sign of the Zodiac and is considered Goddess energy. This is the gateway that is opening on November 8, 2003.

The Druids use a 13 sign Zodiac. The Mayans have 13 day wavespells. The 13th tribe of Israel is the Goddess one. There is a painting in an art museum in Israel of a woman that says, “the 13th tribe.” The United States was founded on the number 13. We had 13 colonies. There were 13 stars on our original flag. If you look at a dollar bill it has the number 13 all over it. Number 13 means transformation. We have been transforming for a number of years now into heart energy, which is feminine energy. This transformation is happening to both males and females.

This lunar eclipse will be greatly affecting the Middle East, the West Coast, Korea, and Mexico. This moon will be on the degree of explosions, bombs, and nuclear energy – look at how the Sun has already been erupting with huge flares. The Earth has been experiencing major photons (light) from the Sun. This will put the Earth into fast speed transformation.

Eclipses set up events that are long lasting. There was a full moon eclipse last year on November 20, 2002. The moon was on 27 degrees Taurus and the Sun was in Scorpio on that day. This activated the Middle East and the West Coast. In March of 2003 we started the war in Iraq.

On December 3, 2002 there was a solar eclipse in the fire sign Sagittarius on 11 degrees. This eclipse activated fire energy. Yellowstone felt the effects of this energy and started to wake up. California also felt the effects of this eclipse. When Jupiter moved onto 11 degrees Virgo, in October of 2003, it made a 90 degree angle to the eclipse degree and the fires started burning in California. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus were conjunct by declination, and the moon and Jupiter were in opposition when the fires started. That is pretty powerful fire energy. There was another solar eclipse on May 31, 2003 at 9 degrees Gemini. This sign rules wind.

This November 8th eclipse will find the moons node on top of the Pope’s Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being the Pope is quite sick it may be his time to leave.  According to Prophecy, there is suppose to be two more Popes and the next one will rule for a short period of time. According to this same prophecy the last Pope will be the true one.

The Hopi’s story of creation talks about their creator mother who is called Spider Woman. This is why the spider is one of the symbols of Halloween. We unknowingly honor her on this day. This holiday is also associated with the story of Cinderella because the pumpkin turns into a coach, and she changes from rags to riches. Will this be a time of change for some people? Will they turn from limitation to abundance?  Time will tell! The veils are very thin between the two worlds at the time of Halloween and this is when the first gate opens. This happens every year.

The next gate opens on November 8, directly over the Pacific Northwest, at the time of the total lunar eclipse. This is the one that has been closed for a long time. It will open to the higher dimension Earth, or Planet 2 as some people call it. It will remain open and will be the gateway to the new world. This is the time period light-workers will be exalted into the light. Are you ready for your illuminated body?

I would like to quote from a channeling I received from Athene. Her web site is AtheneRaefiel.

“We are quickly approaching a time upon your planet that is unprecedented. It is true that the intergalactic brotherhood and the council of nine are working together to assist the beings of not only your star system, but many others as well, for the mass opening of the stargate in November, 2003.

The portals opening will be interconnected with one another in a way none upon your planet have experienced before. As one star gate opens it will activate another and another and so on. The connections to other planetary systems and beings will be readily accessible to all. If you originated from another star system you will soon be able to ascertain from where, and will re-connect with your star family during this period of time.

The gateways will begin opening on November 4, and will continue to activate other doorways for centuries to come. Even though there will be a burst of energy throughout several weeks in November and December 2003, the momentum of the ripples being activated by light beings such as yourself will continue into the next millennium.

Congratulations, with your help we have succeeded in re-connecting the original 17 star systems back together for the first time since they were separated back in the Earth time of Mu and Atlantis.”

The energy from this opening will be felt around the world, although there are a couple of places that will feel it stronger than others. The East Coast chart shows 13 degrees Cancer rising. This means Sirius is rising over Washington, D.C. at the time of this lunar eclipse. The better part of the United States will feel the energy from this star. Sirius is considered our Mother Sun and we are her children.

The Egyptians considered the star Sirius very important, and they started their new year in July when Sirius rose over Egypt.  Lots of light from that star will be pouring into Washington, D. C. at this eclipse. How will this affect our leaders?  Light purges out darkness, and things that have been hidden from sight will emerge. I expect many changes in our leadership.

The other area that will be greatly affected by this lunar eclipse is the Pacific Northwest. The Sun Alcyone is rising over Seattle at 29 degrees Taurus at 5:13 PM November 8. There is great light that comes to Earth from this Sun. The frequency of Seattle is very high and this eclipse will cause it to rise even higher. High-frequency energy causes people, who can’t adjust to this energy, to become very unbalanced. It’s a cosmic picnic for those who can handle it.

The state of Washington has already experienced the Scorpio water energy. We had 5+ inches of rain in one day on October 20. The effects of eclipses are sometimes felt in advance like the fires burning in Southern California. The November 23 solar eclipse is on the degree of Los Angeles. The darkness from this total eclipse will be felt in Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and the South Pacific.

At the time I am writing this article our Sun has been going crazy. Something happened on October 14, that started activating our Sun. It might have been a Gamma Ray Burst. There have been several Coronal Mass Ejections, and solar flares will continue for awhile. There was an X-17 class flare that came off the Sun on October 28. 2003. The photons from that flare were Earth directed.

An X class flare is enormous. The last time we had a flare that size was in April of 2001, and this is when the Sun turned on its axis. What kind of energy will happen on Earth because of all the light we are receiving? Chances are there will be lots of Earth changing events because of this solar activity. Our bodies are also being activated.  

In my last article I talked about how Jupiter had moved into the Earth sign Virgo, and this set up a one year cycle of large Earth events. After Jupiter went into this sign there was an 8.2 earthquake in Japan with several 7 + aftershocks. There were also 7+ quakes in China and Russia, and a Russian volcano erupted big time. These events happened as the Sun was moving through the sign of Virgo.

In early December the Sun will be conjunct Pluto in the fire sign Sagittarius, and will make a 90 degree angle to Jupiter and Mars. This is very powerful energy. The force of it will be felt at Yellowstone National Park, and the surrounding states. The volcanoes in Mexico and Hawaii may also feel this energy. The other side of the world that will feel the effects will be India and Pakistan.

Mars moves into Aries in mid-December so there will be lots of energy for new beginnings. Enjoy the opening of these stargates, and put on your seat belts as these energies continue to increase. I send you my blessings!

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Planet Alert for September & October 2003

Today is August 27, and the planets are lining up in Virgo/Pisces. Some people think this is a one day event. It doesn’t work that way. When several planets lined up in Aquarius in February of 1962, it ushered in the era of the violent sixties. The effects lasted through 1969. The energy was so turbulent that year that riots broke out in several cities across the United States. Uranus, which rules Aquarius, also rules riots. Then we had the seventies and the era of the flower children. The eighties brought us back to materialism.

In January of 1991, there were several planets in Capricorn, which is an earth sign, and there were major earthquakes in California and Kobe, Japan. The sign of Capricorn also rules governments, and in August of 1991 the Russian empire fell. There are many governments that have fallen since that line-up. This is also the time our Sun started manifesting two new frequencies, and a whole new cycle of transformation started. 

Now we have several planets lining up in Virgo, which is the sign of the feminine goddess. Virgo rules health and health issues. I think we will see a revolution in our health care system.  I hear that a group of doctors are already trying to get a bill together to revamp our health system. I also think many people will turn to alternative health care. Virgo is an Earth sign. The giant planet Jupiter just moved into that sign and will be there for a year, which ushers in a time period of large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and storms.

Saturn is in Cancer, which is a water sign and rules our emotions. This energy is one of back to family  values. It’s also a time to make peace with those around you, and it’s time to recognize the God spark in everyone. We are all part of the God force – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything is God! This doesn’t mean you have to associate with people you don’t resonate with although you  can bless their God spark. It’s also a good idea to keep yourself enclosed in a bubble of golden Christ light.

The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn. This means we are going to see major transformations in our government, and in the world wide financial systems. I think this is fast approaching. We are also in the Mayan year of the White Wizard, which rules magic and deception. This is the year to be very cautious and aware of what is going on in your world. Use discernment before you accept other people’s truth because there will be schemes out there to confuse or control you.

It will also be a very exciting time period because some people have reached a high enough frequency to be able to manifest what they choose to experience. We have always been creators. We unconsciously created everything we have experienced in this life time. If you haven’t taken responsibility for what you have created, it’s time to do so now.  We are entering a time period where we will be able to consciously create what we choose to experience. This means instant manifestation.

I believe the Earth is about to make a giant step in her evolutionary path. This means lots of Earth changes will happen. This is the time to be prepared for anything. We are three years into the great tribulation, and only four more to go. This year is going to be a year of decision. Many people will leave. In fact, the line-up that is happening today, is on the Mayan glyph of death, and this glyph is ruled by Mars. This means lots of people will choose to leave because of  illness, heat, drought, fires, volcanic eruptions, or violence.

The Harvest moon of September 10, is very intense. The Sun will be on 17 degrees Virgo, and the Moon will be 17 Pisces. Pluto, at 17 degrees Sagittarius, will make a 90 degree angle to the Sun and moon. This makes a perfect T square in the heavens. Pluto is affecting the longitude of 103 West, and 7 degrees either side of that line. This line includes the volcano just outside of Mexico city, and Yellowstone Park. The fires that burned almost all summer in Northern Washington, Glacier Park, and Canada were caused by Pluto in the fire sign Sagittarius affecting those areas. The Sun and Moon lines will also be affected. The Sun line will probably activate the islands just north of Australia, and the Moon line may activate Vesuvius, or the coast of Africa.

The meaning of 17 degrees Virgo, according to the book by Dane Rudhyar called, An Astrological Mandala, rules volcanic eruptions. The book says; “We are dealing here with the dramatic release of energies which have been kept in check by the outer shell of the ego-controlled consciousness. It may be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths of destruction. Yet unless some form of purification by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the karmic past or of more recent frustrations would shake up perhaps even more destructively the very foundations of the personality.” What this means for the Earth is that the energies that have been building up are about to be released.

The Mayan Glyph for September 10, is the Yellow Sun. I think this means there may be something going on with our Sun at this time like a solar flare or more sun spots. On September 6, we moved into the Yellow Warrior Wavespell. Some people say one of the latest crop circles, that shows the Earth missing, referred to September 6. I think it refers to this 13 day wavespell that we will be in until September 19. Maybe this energy will cause us to ascend, or move into a higher frequency. After the fall equinox we are suppose to be able to manifest almost instantly.

The Yellow Warrior Wavespell is ruled by the planet Saturn, which rules governments. This means the energy will be focused on our world leaders for the next 13 days. On September 10, we will also experience the Abundance Chromatic, which is a Mayan glyph. Have you wondered why finances have been so low for so many light workers, and when will we start manifesting abundance? I think this full moon will start the ball rolling for abundance for light workers.

The two year anniversary of 9-11 is ruled by the planet Neptune, which rules chemicals or deceptive action, so we will see what manifests on that day. September 13, is a day ruled by Saturn and Pluto. This may trigger the Pluto line? The moon will trigger it on September 14. The effects from the full moon will be felt until the new moon of September 25.

I believe a great drama will be played out this year. The dark is fighting the dark for control of this planet. Dark energy is not necessarily bad. It’s the misuse of this energy that causes problems. Without negative energy there would be no positive. Dark energy is the glue that holds everything together. The fall happened because we brought dark energy into our bodies. This is why we have worked so hard to release the dark energy that we misused in the past from our bodies.

I believe that when Yahushua Ben Joseph (Jesus) transformed, he released all of the dark energy from his body and only the light remained. He was then manifesting his light body. The name Yahushua adds up to the number thirty two or five, as does the word Christ. The names Jesus and  Lucifer both add up to the number eleven. What happens when someone invites Jesus into their heart. Who are they inviting? Think about that! Have they been deceived?  Are we using the wrong name?  The name Sananda, which means a female saint, and the word love both add up to number nine.

Remember, love conquers all. Love is the feminine energy that is within all of us. We are now on an accelerated path to manifest  love energy on Earth. The dark lords can come as  brilliant beings of light and power. They cannot manifest love, and that is how you can tell the difference. The Bible says  the meek will inherit the Earth. The meek are the people who have found  joy and happiness in life. They are the ones who are strong because they are manifesting Christ energy. I send you my blessings! 


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Planet Alert for August 2003

Happy New Year! Today is July 26 and the first day of the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. This is the year of the White Wizard, which is ruled by the invisible planet Vulcan. This planet is invisible because it is either on a different frequency, or it is so close to the Sun that it can’t be seen. It’s orbit is between Mercury and our Sun.

There are several events that will transpire in August. The first event is the opening of the time tunnel on August 8. This time tunnel was first opened in 1943 by the Montauk experiment. This is the doorway that opened to let in a group of negative Ets. These Ets contacted our government and gave them new technology in exchange for experimenting on humans. Now the doorway is opening again, and I hear it’s time for them to go home. This means Earth will be on her own without negative ET interference although the Earth controllers will still be in charge. Can they handle this energy? Sometimes freedom causes chaos. This energy will be in effect from August 8-27. 

The next event is the full moon of August 12. This will be the four year anniversary since the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, which was the birth of Christ Conscious energy on Earth. The darkness from that eclipse started in England and went through the Middle East and ended in India. There has been much violence in those countries since that eclipse. The planets formed a cross in the fixed signs of the zodiac. This caused many people to feel like they were crucified because they have gone through so many challenges since then. Actually it has been a great opportunity to release old belief systems.

On November 8, the planets will form a Star of David in the heavens at the time of a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is a feminine sign and this eclipse will accentuate magnetic energy. Planet X rules Ophiuchus (or Aesklepius) the 13th sign, which is situated between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This may be the time period when we hear more about Planet X.

In August the Sun is in the hot fire sign of Leo. Jupiter has been in that sign for the past year. No wonder there has been fires and drought in many parts of the world – the parts that are not being flooded by too much rain caused by Uranus in the water sign Pisces. Saturn is in the water sign Cancer, which rules the areas from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. They have had their share of rain and flooding. The opposite side of the world that is affected by Saturn right now is China.

This full moon will find the moon conjunct the planet Neptune, which will give energy to that planet. Neptune is an ancient planet. In fact, in the books “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”, it says that Neptune was the first born of our planets. Neptune represents the female Goddess, and the color of this planet is light blue. Neptune is magnetic in nature which makes its energy soft and gentle.

The Earth’s magnetic field fell to zero on November 9, 1998. It stayed on zero magnetics for several hours, which means the Earth’s protective shield was down for a period of time. Because of this unprotected state, a seed from Father Sun was allowed to enter the core (or womb) of Mother Earth and the conception of a new energy took place. Nine months later on August 11, 1999, at the time of a total solar eclipse, a baby or new energy was born from Mother Earth. We have been nurturing this energy ever since then.

The actual birthing process started at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 28, 1999, when the Sun was conjunct Neptune. The energy that was born at that time was one of love. Although the Earth doesn’t feel very loving right now, the energy is there if we choose to manifest it.

Then in December of 1999 the Earth split into two Earths with a bridge between them. We have been on this bridge and walking between two worlds since then. I think the bridge is about to collapse, and those who are on one side will manifest the new energy, and those on the other side will continue along the path of war and destruction. Most people have made up their mind which reality they choose to live in. The separation has started.

There are still a lot of prophecies out there waiting to be fulfilled. Probably all of the prophecies of the past that were given have manifested on some level, although we were not aware of them happening because we were vibrating at a different frequency.

From my perspective, the Earth still has to finish her cleansing which will take a few more years. There will be wars, fires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in various places. You do not have to experience these events if you are on the right frequency. You will be at the right place, at the right time, to experience what your soul needs for its growth, or you will be in your light body manifesting love and light so you do not have to experience violence and destruction. Why worry, fear and worry is a manifestation of a low frequency. Joy is a manifestation of a higher frequency. If you are manifesting a high enough frequency you can walk through fire without getting burned.

Because we are having a full moon with the Sun on the degree of Christ Consciousness and the moon conjunct Neptune, I am reprinting information from my Planet Alert of December, 1999. 

I would like to quote from a channeling by Karen Danrich. She says: “We wish to make our readership aware of the impending changes in Earth’s electromagnetic energy flow. In order to explain the origin of your current source of chi, which is electromagnetic in nature, we must delve into Earth’s history. Two million years ago, Earth’s energy was only magnetic in nature. Earth had a species of Dinosaurs upon her that were vegetarian in nature. Earth made an agreement that was the karmic fulfillment from an earlier juncture of Earth’s history to receive or take on Electric energy from Alpha Centauri. It was the diamond and gold kingdoms upon Earth that agreed to allow the electric energy projected from Alpha Centauri.

The electric energy was nonresonate with the nervous system of the Dinosaurs residing upon the Earth plane. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs, along with all other life forms upon Earth, were designed to run upon magnetic energy only. As Earth began to receive electrical energy from Alpha Centauri, the energy was far stronger than had ever been present upon Earth before. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs began to deteriorate, and within the process, they became carnivorous and began to eat one another rather than just subsisting off of the vegetation. Such carnivorous behavior can be considered violent in nature, so one could assess that electric energy in a magnetic system leads to violence.

Magnetic energy is a circular energy flow, electric energy is a straight energy flow. The straight flow cuts holes into the rotation of the chakras of the human auric field thus causing a deterioration of the subtle bodies leading to disease. Magnetic energy gently flows in a circular manner, it fuels the rotation of the particles around each atom, which sustains life.

A magnetic energy flow is directly related to the triple circle energy flow. Gradually, within a human ascension, all energy flow within the form is altered from either a figure eight or Mer-ka-ba (star of David) energy flow to the triple circle. The triple circle pattern is a magnetic pattern, and as such, is the pattern most conducive to the health and well being of humanity.

Beginning in July of 1999, the Earth Mother began to embrace the triple circle pattern in all of her major and minor chakras around Earth. Over time, all electrical energy will be detoxified from Earth’s embodiment altogether. They anticipate this will take approximately 10 years.

Electric energy is equivalent to fear, anger and pain. All biological programming that confines humanity to a third dimensional thought-form is based upon pain, anger and fear and is locked in with electrical impulses. As all electrical impulses cease upon Earth, there will be an opportunity for mass conscious awakening.”

We are moving one step closer to a mass awakening with this line-up of planets in Virgo/Pisces on August 27, 2003. Virgo is the sign of the woman goddess, and Pisces rules cosmic consciousness. With four planets plus the moon in Virgo, and two in Pisces, we will surely feel the magnetic energy from this line-up. What an opportunity to move into bliss, or to meet our brothers and sisters from space.

However, whenever there is a line-up of planets, it causes much stress on Earth, and due to this there will be many earthquakes, fires, storms, volcanic eruptions, violence, rebellions, and anger all over the world. Many people will express this anger so keep your cool. Mars will be retrograde in Pisces until the end of September, and Mars is very powerful in it’s retrograde phase. At the same time this planet will be conjunct Pluto by declination. Mars and Pluto deal with dark energy and control issues.

We are three years into the great tribulation which started in September of 2000, and lasts until the end of 2007. The tribulation started big time in Israel in September of 2000, and continues to this day. We are involved in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Liberia. North Korea and China are another challenge. It’s time for the Kings from the East to play their part.

The Bible says the Earth will be transformed by fire. Some people are looking for a major fire event. I believe this time period started when the planet Pluto (the transformer) moved into Sagittarius (a fire sign) in January of 1995. On December 20, 2007 the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto will be conjunct on the degree of the Galactic Center. I believe this signifies the end of the great tribulation.

The Bible says that a stone (asteroid) from heaven will cause much destruction on Earth. This is the ending of the 18th chapter of Revelation. According to a book I read by Hilarion, it says that at the midpoint of the tribulation, (which would be March 2004) an asteroid would fall into the ocean and cause large tidal waves.

Saturn, which rules rocks, is in the water sign Cancer so if this event is going to happen, now is the time for it to occur. I guess that is why we have been told to move inland away from the coasts, particularly on the East Coast because that is the area affected by Saturn for the next two years

I believe August and September will be very intense and explosive. It is very important to continue the process of releasing old belief systems from your consciousness, especially anger, so you can hold more light. We’re here to help this planet transform. Mother Earth knows who we are and she will keep us safe as she moves through her tribulation period. Walk softly on this beautiful planet. I send you my blessings! 

                         * Mahala* 

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Planet Alert for June & July 2003

The month of May was very intense. There were many Earth changes all over the world in the form of storms, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Now we are fast approaching the summer solstice. Where does time go? Speaking of time, how fast do things manifest in your life? I’m finding that things manifest very fast in mine. I think a thought and it happens almost immediately; there is not the long delay there used to be.

The Sun is what runs our solar system, and what happens on the Sun affects us on Earth. What in the world is going on with our Sun? During the first part of June, there were 65 C-class flares, 16 M-class flares, and 2 X-class flares. That is an amazing number of flares. There were also several Coronal Mass Ejections (CME). What is causing all of this action? There was a huge object next to our Sun on May 29, 2003. This object looked like a large planet.  Could this object be a planet- sized ship? Is that what has been affecting our Sun? Check out

I also heard that when Hale Bopp was discovered in 1991, which was long before it was officially announced, a large planet was seen behind it which is rumored to be Planet X. This planet brings a whole entourage with it as it moves through our solar system. There have been many planet-sized objects  that have passed by our Sun recently and some have been mistaken for Planet X. They are coming in from the south, which is the direction Planet X comes from. Just in the past month there have been around 100 comets passing by our Sun, and they have all come from the south. Something is pushing this debris into our solar system? Is it Planet X?

Whatever happens on the Sun is reflected back to Earth. I’m finding that the flares seem to purge old thoughts out of my mind so I can release them and move into new energy. Solar flares affect your brain and that, in turn, may cause problems in your physical body so if you have been feeling a little strange lately, don’t take it so seriously.

How are you responding  to this energy? Did you find a lot on anger surfacing to be looked at and released, or did you find other people very irritable? The solar flares are purging out any remaining stuff we need to look at. As these flares continue, it will get better and better for those manifesting a high frequency, and more chaotic for those who choose to argue and fight. The Middle East is a good example of the way these flares are affecting people. There is a lot of anger in that area that needs to be purged.

When  CMEs and solar flares hit Earth, they affect the magnetic core, which is literally changing directions. The scientists don’t know why, but they know it is happening and are quite concerned about it. According to different news releases on this subject, they think it could result in a “magnetic shift” at anytime. Anyone see the movie “The Core?”

Many people have been waiting for a pole shift to happen. Is it possible that it has been going on for a long time and we have not been aware of the process? Edgar Cayce said the pole would start shifting in 1936. I believe Mother Earth decided then that it was time for her to start her ascension process.
 Because the core of the Earth is shifting, it increases the frequency of Earth. As the frequency gets higher and higher, time moves faster and faster. I think we have about half the time we used to have, even though our clocks still say there are 24 hours in a day. I think we actually experience about 12 hours a day.

I have heard that when the Earth goes to zero magnetics and 13 hertz, we will be in the change. The Earth first hit zero magnetics on November 9, 1998, for a short period of time. Our magnetic field is what protects us from the effects of the solar flares. When this shield is down, the full effect of the flare is felt on Earth. The Earth has experienced zero magnetics many times since 1998. We are in the change, and we’re almost through the book of Revelation in the Bible. There are many people still waiting for the first trumpet to sound. The blowing of the first trumpet was the first world war.

When comet Neat, which was planetary in size, was going around our Sun in mid-February 2003, it caused our Sun to flare and that flare hit Mercury. This in turn caused that planet to act like it was retrograde, which caused lots of communication problems. Mercury was again affected by a flare in May, which caused the same reaction. The first time I was aware that Mercury was hit by a flare was in June of 2000. There was a beautiful picture on the web from SOHO showing that event.

Mercury rules our mind and the way we think. If Mercury is changing, then the way we think is also changing. The old ways do not work anymore. We are in the new energy and in order to live in this energy we have to respond to life in a different way. If you have problems with people, or life in general, try responding to your problems in a different way. Think outside of the box.

There are other things that have been going on in our galaxy, like a Galactic core explosion that was observed on March 29, 2003. This explosion sent out a wave of energy estimated at a trillion times the total output of our Sun. It was termed a Hyper Nova by NASA. Check out the NASA web site if you are interested in more information. Who knows what effect this will have on our solar system? Galactic explosions don’t happen that often.

There was also a Gamma-Ray burst on the back of Leo the Lion in March. This Gamma-Ray burst was aimed at Earth and we received more energy to help us change. The Leo constellation had many challenges in the past because of a planet that blew up in that area. This caused many problems in being able to express heart energy on Earth because Leo rules the heart. This explosion gave us the opportunity to open that blockage so we can start manifesting love energy.

There was a super nova explosion in February of 1987 in the sign Aquarius. This preceded the Harmonic Convergence in August of that year, which changed the consciousness of Earth. What will this Galactic explosion precede? Is this what will trigger the manifestation of Christ Consciousness in people?
 Before the Galactic core erupted, there was an explosion in the Universe near the star Sirius. It came out of the Monoceros area. It was a very powerful explosion. In fact, it was one of the most powerful that has happened in recorded history. It spewed out energy waves equal to 600,000 of our Suns. This story came out in February of 2003. The pictures Hubble took of this phenomenon are incredible. The star bloomed into what looked like a beautiful flower after it blew itself up into a huge ball of orange. Its companion star, which is blue, danced across the sky in front of it as it was growing. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like a Hopi prophecy to me. 

Now, what are the other planets doing? The summer solstice chart shows the Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer. This starts a whole new cycle. The effects of Saturn in Gemini are a lot different than that planet in Cancer. Gemini is a mental air sign and rules transportation and communication. Cancer is an emotional water sign that rules the home, food, and country. The opposite sign is Capricorn, which rules governments, so look for many changes or problems in governments, particularly in China or SE Asia, and the USA. Capricorn rules control issues.

The areas that will be greatly affected by Saturn in the next two years are between the Mississippi River and the East Coast. When all those tornadoes came into the south and midwest in May, the moon was in Gemini (an air sign) making a conjunction to Saturn over those areas. As Saturn moved through Gemini, there were many wind storms. With Saturn in Cancer, there will be much flooding and maybe even an earthquake or two in those areas. In fact, right now Saturn is directly over the New Madrid fault and will be affecting it for the rest of this year.

Mars and Uranus are conjunct in the emotional water sign Pisces. Mars is fast approaching its closest point to Earth which happens in August. In fact, on the new moon of August 27, there are four planets plus the moon in Virgo, and they are opposed almost exactly by Mars and Uranus. This is a major line up in Virgo, which represents Goddess energy.

The Mayan Glyph for that day is the White World-Bridger, ruled by the planet Mars. This glyph is about death, release, and surrender. This is the time to surrender your limiting beliefs, the outgrown parts of yourself that no longer serve you, and it’s time to reveal your true self, the beautiful being that you are.
 The energy of Mars and Uranus together is one of  freedom. There will be a desire for independence in action, and greater initiative in business. This will bring a desire to change the status quo, which can lead to revolutionary action. The Mars/Uranus conjunction will basically be in effect for the rest of this year. The effects start this month.

Our president will have Saturn conjunct his sun sign for the next two years. When Saturn is transiting your sun sign, it usually brings lots of responsibility and challenges. Mars is moving into opposing his Mars for a long time, so he will experience lots of controversy. Pluto is conjunct his node right now opposing his Uranus. Something unexpected could very easily happen to him during this time period.

We do live in exciting times. I guess this is why we are all here. What an opportunity this is to experience  new energy that has never been here before, ever. We will be able to create a whole new Earth as soon as we figure out how this new energy works. I think it works by going with the flow. First, all of the garbage has to be purged out of your mind and body so you can manifest joy. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, then all else will be given unto you. Then you will be able to create what you choose to experience. What fun that will be.

I send you my blessings!      ***Mahala ***  

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Planet Alert for May 2003

I think May is one of the most beautiful months on the West Coast. The flowers and trees are in full bloom and gorgeous in their display of colors. April showers bring May flowers and we have had our share of rain this past month. I think we are feeling the effect of Uranus in the water sign Pisces and Mercury in Taurus.

What do the planets have in store for us this month, and in the months to come? First of all Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus for the better part of May. It’s not a good idea to sign any contracts during this time period. If you have to sign one, be sure and read the fine print. It’s also not a good idea to have an operation with Mercury retrograde. Unfinished business from the past may also come forward to be settled. Mercury will stay retrograde, and in the shadow until May 24.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on May 15, 2003. On that day the moon will be in Scorpio activating the Middle East. Mercury will be making a ninety degree angle to Neptune which is over Korea and SE Asia. Mercury and Neptune in a stressful angle causes confusion, deception, or communication problems which can have undesirable consequences. Neptune goes stationary retrograde, which makes that planet very powerful. Some of the things Neptune rules are diseases like SARS. Mars will be conjunct Neptune activating those areas during the month of May so it looks like the epidemic will continue.

Mars is the war planet and it is moving over Korea right now. It will be there from April 21 to June 16, 2003. It’s crisis time! Lower SE Asia, like the Philippines and Indonesia, will probably experience more volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. The Sun will be moving through the sign of Taurus. This always affects the West Coast, Mexico, and the Middle East.

The solar eclipse on May 30, will be in Gemini. This sign rules laws. For the past one and a half years the moon’s north node was moving through the sign of Gemini. During that time period many laws were passed that took away people’s freedom like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. After this eclipse people will start rebelling against these laws.

Now the north node is moving through Taurus, which rules money and the Earth. Watch what happens to our money system as the node moves through this sign. Mother Earth will also become serious about cleansing herself. The node will stay in Taurus until December of 2004.

Many people say the Earth changes will start big time in the month of May because of planet X (Nibiri) passing by Earth. Time will tell! It is said that we, in the northern hemisphere, couldn’t see the part of the universe where Planet X was coming from until it was here. It is apparently here now because there are several pictures of it on the web site.

Something has definitely been affecting our solar system and has caused all of the planets to go through their change, except Earth. I don’t know if this has been caused by Planet X or not. However, Uranus and Neptune went through pole shifts, and Jupiter had several comet fragments smash into it. Something exploded around Saturn, which caused it to be encompassed by a white cloud. Our Sun has been going crazy since 1991, and just recently it went through a pole reversal. It has changed from a Hydrogen Sun to one of Helium and is now brighter than it has ever been. Earth is the last planet to be cleansed, and now it’s our turn.

We are just finishing the 18th chapter of revelation and Baghdad (Babylon) has fallen. Toward the end of the 18th chapter it mentions that a stone will fall from heaven. The 21st verse of the 18th chapter says: “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea.” That sounds like an asteroid to me.

Soon we will be experiencing the 19th and 20th chapters of Revelation. The 19th chapter talks about a white horse with a rider that appears in heaven with a great army. I interpret that to mean white ships appear as the stars fall from heaven, or the ships come down. White Knights also ride horses. Is it time for Nesara? The 20th chapter talks about the downfall of the controllers. The power structure will change during Saturn’s transit through Cancer which is June 4, 2003 to July 15, 2005.

The Bible talks about what happens after the fall of Babylon. It says: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken, then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. At that time there will be two men in the field; one is taken and one is left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left. Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect”. I believe this corresponds with the 19th chapter of Revelation.

The darkness may happen because of the Photon belt. The Sun appeared black on SOHO pictures when it was immersed into the Photon belt. Black light is Ultra Violet light. This high energy could cause the separation of people where one is taken (into a higher frequency) and one is left. People need to be spiritually ready at this point in time.

We, as a group consciousness, have been going through the 9th initiation which corresponds with the majority of Earth manifesting 9 Hertz. Some places on Earth are higher. We have already gone through the 7th initiation which corresponds to the 7th sign called Libra, which rules justice. This was the time period when we went through the O.J. Simpson trial. The 8th sign is Scorpio which rules sex. This is when Bill Clinton played his part so well that we all had the opportunity to look at our sexual issues.

The 9th sign is Sagittarius, the archer. This sign corresponds with the spiritual warrior. It also rules religion, and religious wars. We have to pass this initiation in order to move into a higher frequency. There is a 9th level grid around Earth which we need to transcend, or move through in order to be free and manifest Christ Consciousness.

We have been in a war of judgment. We have been judging ourselves and others. Our president George Bush and Saddam Hussein have played out this drama quite well. This war has given us an opportunity to judge on a world wide scale, and this war has been a manifestation of the war inside of us. Who have you been judging? Have you been judging yourself? Have you been judging other people? Have you been judging the energy of war? How long will this war go on? It depends on how long the war within continues. Look at what you have been judging and release that energy. Release judgment, or criticism, and you will be free because no one will be able to push your buttons anymore. Everyone we judge is a mirror of ourselves. The number 9 initiation is a time of isolation, or a time of being alone to go within to find God.

The 9th Hebrew letter is Teth, and is connected with the sign Leo, which rules the heart. It is only by overcoming the forces of the heart and making Leo the Lion tame and obedient to the will, that the Christ-child may lead you and make you lay down with the lamb. We are in the year of the Sheep or Lamb. Once we have passed the 9th initiation we will be able to meet our benevolent brothers and sisters from space because we will be manifesting a frequency high enough to be able to see them.

There have been three time lines since the time of Atlantis. In other words, the Earth split into three different Earths at that time. The melding of one time line was in 1988 when there was an atomic war on that particular time line that we weren’t even aware of. That was a lower level Earth and our bodies from that Earth started melding with us and that is when many people starting honoring their shadow self.

There have been two Earths with a bridge between them for a few years. Soon the bridge will be gone. Those who continue to vibrate to war and violence will stay on one Earth, and those who move forward will inherit the new earth which is talked about in the 21 and 22 chapters of Revelation.

All you have to do to move into the higher frequency Earth is to stop judging yourself and others. Then your Christ Consciousness will start manifesting in all it’s glory because you will love yourself. There is a world of joy and happiness overshadowing the world of darkness. It’s time to manifest joy! So Be It! I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala***

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Planet Alert for February & March 2003

We just entered the year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology. A young sheep is called a lamb. I think I prefer to call this the year of the LAMB. The lamb brings in the energy of the Christ. Both the word Christ and the number 2003 vibrate to the number five.

It’s interesting that Mars will be so dominant in the gentle year of the lamb, or maybe we should call it the year of the Ram. I’m sure Mars will bring up a lot of challenges for humanity. The war vibration that is very strong right now is a reflection of the anger found within people. Humanity has called up this dark energy so it can be transformed into light. Those who are awake and have cleansed their bodies, minds, and souls, will be able to help with this transformation process.

If you pray for peace and you are not peaceful within, you will just add your fearful energy to mass consciousness. The best way to call in peace is to feel peace within and then radiate that vibration out to those around you. If enough people radiate peace it will eventually encompass humanity.

The energy of February is very intense. The planets Mars, Saturn and Pluto will be fighting it out all month as Mars moves through the fire sign of Sagittarius. The explosion of the space shuttle is an example of the power of Mars and Pluto together in a fire sign. There was also an explosion in a chemical plant in North Carolina. This energy will be building to a peak in mid February when Mars makes an exact conjunction to Pluto. This energy activates aggressive action and intensifies will power. It rules police and military affairs. Then on March 5, Mars moves into the Earth sign of Capricorn and the energy will shift.

In mid February several planets will line up on the same declination. At the same time the Sun will be activating Uranus and Pluto. Uranus brings unexpected or surprising events and is over SE Asia, which includes North Korea. This is a very negative, intense, period of time. What an energy to have in effect on Valentines Day!

In the United States birth chart we find the planet Mars on 20 degree Gemini. George Bush’s Uranus is at 19 degrees Gemini, and his node (his destiny) is at 20 degrees. This is why I have said in the past that he came in as a war president. The chart for Baghdad shows the moon at 19 degrees Gemini. Right now Pluto is at 19 degrees Sagittarius activating all of this war energy. Mars will be on 19 degrees Sagittarius in mid February which means it will take a miracle to avoid war; however, I do believe in miracles. Jupiter is retrograde and this helped put the war on hold so we could move our troops over there.

Saddam Hussein has four planets in Taurus, which makes him very stubborn. He was born with his Sun conjunct Uranus, which means he does things without thinking about the consequences. His Mars, and his moon, are both in Sagittarius, which means he is a very angry man. His node is on 15 degrees Sagittarius with Pluto on top of it right now so it doesn’t look like he is long for this world.

This past December eclipse activated a lot of Sagittarius energy. There were four planets in that sign along with the south node. The south node activates events from the past, so we need to think about why this energy is being manifested now? What does the world and humanity need to learn through the manifestation, or possibility, of war?

George Bush has Leo rising with three planets in that sign which also makes him stubborn. With the Sagittarian energy activating his south node it means that he was destined for his job because the south node brings in your destiny. His Sun is on 13 degrees Cancer, which is the same degree as the United States Sun. He is obviously playing the part he chooses to experience. How would you like to have his job? How many people could handle that kind of power and responsibility?

Mars will continue to be very dominant for the better part of this year as it moves into its closest point to Earth in August 2003. Mars can be negative and cause a lot of trauma, or it can activate a lot of energy to get things done. It’s a good time to start a project that requires lots of energy. The Mars energy will change as it moves through different signs. In March and April Mars will be in Capricorn, and there will be a lot of energy around business and government.

On March 11, the planet Uranus moves into the sign of Pisces. There is a big difference between Uranus being in its own sign of Aquarius, where it belongs, and being in an emotional water sign. The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo, and this energy will also be activated. This energy will open up a lot of new healing techniques, and new methods of treating diseases.

Pisces is a very psychic sign. I think a lot of people who are still sleeping will wake up, particularly the star beings who are called either the Indigos or the crystal children. I believe they will wake up big time in the next seven years. Many of them are already awake. They are the ones who will refuse to fight, and will bring in the energy of peace. Pisces rules drugs. There will obviously be a lot of changes in the drug scene. I believe this is the time when natural healing will come in big time. Pisces also rules hospitals, the lymphatic system, and illness that is hard to diagnose. It rules all bodies of water, ships, rivers, fish, and the water we drink. It rules gas, gas stations, oil, and oil wells. All of the things that are ruled by Pisces are subject to change with Uranus in that sign. This also means that those born in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius will be subject to many changes in the next seven years.

Saturn will be moving into the water sign of Cancer on June 4. Cancer is a very feminine nurturing mother energy. It rules women in general. With Saturn in that sign we will find many women with a lot of responsibility. Cancer rules hotels, stores in general, grocery stores, and food. Most Cancer people like to eat. This sign rules families, countries, stomach gas, fluids, cancer, and digestion.

The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn. This energy will also be activated. Sagittarians have felt the pressure for the last couple of years. Now it is the Capricorn’s who will feel the stress, although they are used to feeling that way because their sign is ruled by Saturn. On the positive side it can bring rewards. Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years. During this time period there will be many challenges with the economy and business. Many governments will change leadership. There will be more women coming into a position of power.

Our Sun has been changing its vibration since 1991, when two new frequencies were discovered. We are children of the Sun, and as the Sun changes frequency so do we. Our Sun has been very active for the past few years. This is what is causing everything on Earth to change. Solar flares and CME affect the Earth very dramatically when they are directed this way. The Earth responds within 24 hours after a solar flare with either an earthquake, storm, or volcanic eruption. I hear that a doorway opened on the Sun that allows energy to flow through it from the Central Sun. This energy is now affecting Earth and is causing it to raise in frequency.

We are the last planet in this solar system to go through its change. At times the changes seem fearful or frightening. Those in charge use fear to control people and many still need to look at their fear issues. We were programmed with many false programs as we grew up, and many are still responding to those programs. It’s time to turn the switch, and bring in a new program. It’s time to live in joy and happiness on the new Earth. How do we accomplish that feat? Not by living in fear. Our main purpose in life is to live in joy and bliss.

Living in bliss is what the Bible means when it says that first you seek the kingdom of god, and then all else will be given unto you. Tobias says: “The final adjustment of the grids and the potential of empowerment for all humans creates a challenge for the old energy of duality. Perhaps humans do not realize, in their conscious mind, that they have the potential for empowerment. Humans all around the world are feeling something. It is uncomfortable at times. You know what we are talking about. Most of you had this experience prior to your awakening. It is a feeling of unrest, a feeling of not being at peace, a feeling that something is going to happen, but not knowing what. This is part of your awakening process. Humans all across your world are feeling this now. This feeling, this agitation is actually intensifying the energies of duality right now. It will continue for awhile. You do not need to participate in it. You do not need to be affected by it.”

Become an observer instead of an agitator. That does not mean to sit around doing nothing, although that is all right too. It means to go about your every day life in joy and happiness. Seek peace within. Walk in love. Experience the joy of living. When you live in joy you are immune to anything that is going on in this world. If more people lived in joy there would not be anymore wars on this beautiful planet.

Some people say they cannot see anything beyond the year 2003. Other remote viewers can see into the future. Which time line are they seeing? The ones who cannot see into the future are seeing the new Earth, which has no agenda. There is a blank screen waiting for us to create the future. What an exciting prospect. This opportunity has never been here before. The energy of the new Earth is on one frequency. No more duality. All you have to do to move into this new Earth is to live in joy. Isn’t that exciting?

I send you my blessings!

** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for January 2003

We’re now in the great year of 2003. What will this year bring? First of all it is a number five year which is the number of change. This year will also be expressed as a 23/5. The five rules freedom and discipline, the two rules balance, and the three rules expression. The energy of the number five is very active so it will be a year of action. Last year was a number four which rules work or limitation. This year will have an entirely different vibration.

The positive expression of the number five is feeling free inside. The five will take more chances than other numbers care to experience. This means there is no fear connected with the number five if it is manifesting on a positive level. This year will give us the opportunity to reach freedom within. Isn’t that great? All of you with a number five destiny will fit right in with this years’ vibration.

The negative expression of five is one of control and manipulation. No one can control you if you have no fears. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. You may be faced with situations this year that require decisions because five indicates two paths. This will be an important year because five is the middle number between one and nine. There will be continual change and activity this year, and many things will happen unexpectedly, which means we need to be flexible so we can handle this nervous, restless energy.

On February 1, we move into the year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology. This is one of the most feminine signs in the Chinese Horoscope. The Sheep’s influence will draw us closer to home and our families. The Sheep rules our creative force and artistic endeavors. Wars, international conflicts, and mutual animosities that start in the year of the Horse (2002) usually ends in the year of the Sheep. This is why the Kali Yuga says peace starts in the year 2003 – probably by the end of the year. At least on the higher dimension Earth.

There will be a major shift this year caused by two major planets moving into different signs. The planet Uranus has been in it’s own sign of Aquarius for the last seven years. Uranus is an electrical male energy planet. In March it will move into the feminine water sign of Pisces. It’s going to be interesting to see the outcome of such a powerful male planet in a feminine water sign.

Uranus is considered the planet of change. It started manifesting very strongly after 1962 when several planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius. Remember the turbulent sixties – that was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Uranus is also considered a rebellious planet. This planet rules the opening of the seals in the Bible. The first seal opened in February of 1962, and the White Horse appeared. Uranus was on 29 degrees Leo in February of 1962, and in August of that year it moved into Virgo to stay for seven years. Since 1962 Uranus has moved through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Each time it moves through another sign it opens a seal in the Bible.

We are in the part where it says, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates”. The four angels are released and war starts, unless something changes that vibration. This is referring to the sixth seal that may open this month with the Mars/Uranus square. The energy between those two planets is fiery, explosive and war like. Uranus is over Korea and Venezuela, and Mars is over the Persian Gulf. The opposite side of the world is also affected, which is the West Coast. The tremendous storm that came into the Pacific Northwest on December 27, occurred when Mars was square Jupiter.

After the sixth seal opens the Bible says; “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God upon their forehead.” This means that no harm will come to those who are ready to manifest the new frequency of unconditional love, joy, and happiness. I’m excited about this year. I think it will be great for those who have chosen to be a part of the higher frequency world. If you choose to change your life, the fastest way to do this is to be thankful for everything and quit complaining. All is well in my world! I send you my blessings!

** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for December 2002

It’s December already and Christmas is almost upon us. It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2003. Time is really going fast. On December 3 we had a solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. The darkness from that eclipse was seen over Africa and Australia. Those two countries have been in the spot light for the past couple of weeks. There are fires burning in Australia, and violence in Africa. I’m sure we will hear more from those countries because eclipses activate events.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This planet just went retrograde, and will stay that way until April 3, 2003. Jupiter is usually considered the jovial planet, although in the retrograde phase it is more serious. Jupiter rules religion. During this eclipse the Sun was conjunct Pluto which gives energy to that planet. Pluto is the planet that uncovers things that have been hidden for a long time. The Catholic church has had their challenges, this will continue. Some of the other things that will be affected by this eclipse are banks, schools, colleges, mountains, horses, teachers, etc.

The planets look very stressful from mid December until the Winter Solstice. The Sun will be opposing Saturn, which is transiting over the New Madrid Fault. Saturn also rules the economy. It looks like Christmas will be very low key this year because many people are out of work, which contributes to a depressive atmosphere. Christmas has become very materialistic. Maybe it’s time to change to a more spiritual, joyful celebration. A time of getting together with friends and family to simply enjoy each others company.

Another planet to look at is Mars. This planet is moving into position to be at the closest point to Earth in August of 2003. It will be the closest it has been in 50,000 years. That is pretty awesome. Maybe we will be able to see the structures on Mars with a simple telescope. Mars has always been considered the war planet, and is fiery in nature. I think we will see many volcanic eruptions during this time period. It is also the planet of war, and is transiting over the Middle East right now. The opposite side is the West Coast. It will be activating those areas until the end of February 2003.

Mars will be making a 90 degree angle to Neptune in mid December. This activates viruses, vaccinations, bacteria, and biological issues. Mars is also activating Jupiter which causes troop movement. In January Mars squares Uranus, which is over southeast Asia. This is a very explosive aspect. Mars will be very powerful as it moves closer to Earth. How many of you know there is a planet named Vulcan? Astrologers have known this planet exists for a long time. Vulcan is between the Sun and Mercury. In Mythology it is said to veil the heart of the Sun. We haven’t been able to see this planet because it is too close to the Sun. Could one of the objects seen on the SOHO satellite pictures be of the planet Vulcan?

This planet is going to be very dominant for the next six months because it rules the Dreamspell glyph that was in effect on the day of the lunar eclipse that happened on November 19, 2002. This glyph is called the Red Serpent. The Red Serpent represents the planet Vulcan, our double DNA helix, and our Kundalini energy. This energy rules our life-force, and is very passionate, resourceful, motivated, strong willed, powerful, creative, and wise. It is also the purifier, an extremist, and is very charismatic. This energy will be in effect until May 15, 2003 when there will be another lunar eclipse.

The Sun sends out solar rays. These rays are ruled by the planet Vulcan. The rays that come out of the Sun are considered serpent rays. These rays are sent to Earth and are absorbed into the ground where there are dragon lairs or vortexes. One such place is Stonehenge which is known for its serpent (or Lay) lines. The serpent woke up during this last lunar eclipse.

The chart for November 19 shows the Sun conjunct Mercury, and Vulcan which is on 4 degrees Sagittarius. This degree rules detectives, and undercover work. Could this have anything to do with Homeland Security, and the undercover work that goes along with this bill? This bill was passed on Monday, November 18. A few days later the president signed it into law. The New World Order now has complete control. How long will this controlled society last? Time will tell!

Because the moon was lined up with the Great Central Sun Alcyone at the time of that eclipse, much light was sent to Earth. This light is what is causing the Kundalini energy to begin its ascension. I received an email yesterday called, Lady Kadjina Speaks. If you wish to read her articles her address is: In her article it says; “The South Pole is similar to the root chakra of our planet. It says that Earth has now reached the point where she has taken back her power. She has broken the chains of the ‘battered woman’ syndrome. When this happened she connected her Kundalini energy and it rushed from her root chakra straight up to her crown chakra at the North Pole, which accounted for the great spike in Earth’s geomagnetic reading that occurred on November 25. She says that the 7.9 earthquake that occurred in Alaska on November 3, caused her to shake herself free, and opened her crown chakra.” She has now taken back her power, and it is time for us to do the same thing. No more fear. Fear is simply the lack of love.

I had a dream on the morning of November 20 where I had a huge snake for a pet. Then the scene changed and the snake was outside, and it was frozen. (Snakes go to sleep in the winter.) I was petting it to wake it up, and it was very hungry when it finally awoke. Then a whole group of very happy, joyful children came running down my driveway to play with the snake.

This dream is very symbolic. The snake represents the Kundalini force and the double DNA helix. The snake was frozen, (sleeping) and about to wake up. Once it woke up we moved into a very joyful time period as symbolized by the children. The snake will probably sleep, or slowly awaken until we reach the spring equinox in March. There is a Mayan celebration that honors the serpent as it starts moving up the pyramid at the exact time of the spring equinox every year. There are many people who attend this celebration.

The winter season is considered the dark night of the soul. I believe Earth will be going through some very intense challenges this winter as the Earth starts to shake herself free, and her inhabitants wake up. The November 19 lunar eclipse started moving our Kundalini energy. As this energy starts moving up your spine and through your chakras, you may experience more stuff in your face. The Red Serpent Fire cleanses as it moves through the chakras. Anything that needs to be released will appear before you in various different ways. I think it is important to be aware of this event so you don’t get all bent out of shape if stuff reappears that you thought you dealt with years ago.

In several creation myths, the serpent Vulcan is the father of twins, or our double DNA helix . The twins represent male and female, or positive and negative energy, which is symbolic of duality in our universe and in our bodies. The twins rule the sign of Gemini, and Saturn is moving through that sign right now. Saturn will be there until the end of May 2003. During this sojourn of Saturn through Gemini the twins need to be reunited in our bodies so we can manifest oneness. We are moving into a oneness universe. The energy that is here now is on one frequency, not two. This energy has never been here before, and we have a tremendous opportunity right now to move into the new frequency.

I read a very interesting book called, ‘The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom’, by Mark Pinkham. In this book it says that during the minor terrestrial destructive phases of Earth, the reunion of the Twins precipitates the full awakening of Vulcan, the Earth’s underworld, androgynous fire serpent. This activated serpent fire or planetary Kundalini then proceeds to reorganize and purify the Earth via earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

During Earth’s destructive phases, the Twins unite within the human body and awaken the androgynous fire serpent or spiritual Kundalini at the base of the spine. Once awakened, the spiritual Kundalini destroys limitation (form) and eventually makes a person immortal. Once the spiritual Kundalini is awakened within a person, it rises up the spine to the top of the head and eventually merges with the Crown Chakra, the seat of Spirit in the body. Along the way, this high frequency fire serpent fully activates all the chakras, destroys limitations on all levels of a person’s being, and finally transforms him or her into a god or goddess. When the snake reunites with the eagle (the brain) a person becomes a Serpent of Wisdom. Such accomplished Masters can elect to leave the physical world and travel within their Dragon Bodies to the upper dimensions of the universe, or remain on Earth as teachers.

According to the legends of the Hopi, the twins were instructed by their mother, Spider Woman, to migrate to the north and south poles and stabilize the Earth’s grid with their opposing polarities. Now we are at the end of the polarity creation and mother Earth has been shaken free. This means she is about to take control of her destiny and is not going to put up with anymore destruction to her planet. The Earth is about to start rocking and rolling as she cleanses her surface. Watch out big brother, you will be short lived. No more oil cartel. It’s time for new energy sources such as the power from the Sun.

The planet Vulcan rules the 13th sign of the zodiac which is called Ophiuchus, or Asklepius. The 13th sign also represents the woman goddess called Spider Woman. Asklepius was the son of Apollo, the Sun God. Asklepius had a Greek healing temple. He had snakes everywhere and people used to go to this dream temple to be healed. The medical caduceus was his symbol. This same caduceus is the emblem of our creator goddess. It symbolizes our DNA.

We do live in interesting times, and who knows what this new year will bring? The Kali Yuga says that peace begins in 2003 – probably in the later part of the year. Keep your light shining as we move through this holiday season. Stay balanced as the serpent starts moving up your spine. Express compassion, instead of anger, as you watch events unfold on the world scene. Remember, it’s all an illusion. The fastest way to create a new life is to give thanks for everything and quit complaining. All is well in my world. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*** By Mahala ***