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Astrology Report For April

Guest article by Dorene Carrel @ AstroConnections

          April is an active month, highlighted by three planetary stations and another grand earth trine at the New Moon.  Significant transitions can occur this month. Mercury and Mars turn direct by mid-month, allowing us to move forward with new goals and activities. 

          The month begins under the waxing March New Moon in Aries, with an energetic, restless and independent theme.  Due to the retrograde cycles, it hasn’t been a good time for taking direct action.  We may be feeling impatient and have pent up energies that await release. This is still a favorable time to receive fresh new ideas and insights that may lead to taking action later in the month. 

          On April 4, Mercury turns direct at 24 Pisces. During the past three weeks, we may have felt our energy being scattered in many directions, which has made it harder to stay focused or make decisions. Mercury will be in Pisces until April 17, giving us an opportunity to more finely tune our intuitive senses and inner guidance. Now is a good time to pay attention to our deeper feeling impulses, inspirations and dreams. Creative activities, such as music and art, can also stimulate and expand our intuitive, right-brain side. Mercury enters Aries on April 18, which will be a better time for taking direct action.  

          The Full Moon occurs on April 6 at 17 Libra.  Libra themes include harmony, cooperation, equality and seeing both sides of an issue; the shadow side is being indecisive and seeking peace at any price.  This is a good period for looking at how we can better meet our own personal needs within close relationships.  A Sun/Neptune aspect may bring some confusion, but can also infuse us with greater compassion for ourselves and others.  The Sabian symbols for these degrees, “An empty hammock stretched between two trees,” and “Two men placed under arrest” suggest the importance of cooperation and balance in our inner and outer lives.

          On April 10, Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde, which allows us to reassess how we are processing deeper issues, especially those connected to finances and relationships. Underlying power and control dynamics can also emerge. Issues from the past can come up to be transformed or released during these next several months (until September 18).

          Mars in Virgo turns direct on April 13, which brings renewed momentum for accomplishing our personal goals. The retrograde period of the past several weeks may have brought blocks or delays, but now results can manifest in a more tangible form. We can also act with more confidence, organization and discernment. 

          The New Moon occurs on April 21 at 1 Taurus 35.  This month will be favorable for examining the areas of finances, personal resources and values.  We can see more clearly the relationship between our values, beliefs and what we manifest into our lives. What beneficial changes can we make?  Taurus favors taking a more practical, deliberate and patient approach.  There is also a harmonious grand earth trine (Sun/Moon, Pluto and Mars) that can open new doors and create opportunities for prosperity.  The alignment between the Sun/Moon and Ceres in Taurus reminds us that it is important to support each other and to care for our precious natural resources. This month is also favorable for enjoying sensory experiences, such as going to a spa, having a massage or enjoying a nature walk.  The Sabian symbol for this degree, “An electrical storm; the cosmic power able to transform all the implications of natural existence” suggests that we have the power for manifesting positive life changes, which can come very quickly. 

          On April 22, Mercury will align with Uranus in Aries for the third and last time in this cycle.  Whatever was planned or started back in early March can now be completed easily and with greater success.  We are also more likely to receive creative ideas at this time that appear as sudden flashes of intuition. 

          The month ends on a favorable note, as the Sun makes harmonious trine aspects with both Mars and Pluto from April 23-29 (reinforcing the earlier grand earth trine).  These aspects provide a harmonious source of empowerment and outer drive for greater accomplishments and opportunities for fulfillment.    Have a great month!

          May brings a Solar Eclipse in Gemini.  Stay tuned!

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          Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience, offering birth chart, transits/progressions and relocation astrology readings.  She is certified in Astrocartography.  For more information, contact Dorene at  Paypal accepted.  Donations also gratefully accepted.  Send to P.O. Box 432, Seahurst, WA 98062. 

          Check out my astrology blog at for ongoing astrological observations on current events, people, trends, etc.   

          All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar. 


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