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Planet Alert April 2012

We’re moving into spring here in the Pacific Northwest. The flowers and trees are starting to bloom and it’s beautiful to behold. Now all we need is some sunshine to enhance the beauty. It’s April already, I can’t believe how fast time has speeded up.

The full moon occurs on April 6 at 12:10 PM PDT this month. This is also Good Friday and the beginning of the celebration of Passover, which starts after sundown on April 6. These holidays are major celebrations for the Christian community, and also for the Jewish people.  Passover and Easter seem to be occurring together this year, and Ascension Day is May 17, 2012.

May 20, 2012 is when there is a solar eclipse at 4:47 PM PDT and our Sun lines up with the great central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star System. This is the Sun that our solar system takes 25,920 years to circle around and I believe this signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. The Pleiadian system is where the Photon Belt is located. Alcyone is in the Photon Belt all the time. Our local system has just moved into this belt. This belt/cloud was outside our solar system for a long time and now it is inside our system and Earth is being affected by it.

Please check out when the site comes up type into their search engine-World’s Pyramids Beaming Energy to Mysterious Space Cloud (or just click here!). It is a very interesting article. The affects from this cloud will get stronger as we become surrounded by this energy. This energy vibrates at a very high frequency. It has been affecting our Sun for a long time, which in turn has caused many changes on Earth. There have been many, quakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, winds and other manifestations on our planet. The photon energy from the sun also affects our bodies and this is causing us to move into higher frequency bodies, which are also called light bodies.

To attain these light bodies we have to let go of our negative past. To do this, along comes Pluto the transformer. Pluto transforms energy from our dark hidden past and turns it into light. Pluto also rules birth and death. This planet is on nine degrees Capricorn. This degree says that heaven is within us. All we have to do is be open and listen to the harmony of life. In order to do this we have to surrender our ego and listen to the spirit of God that is within us.

We also have to continue to release all negative fears from our consciousness; this means there will be different dramas that will be played out on Earth that will show us what we need to change. These dramas might get pretty intense because Pluto is showing the whole world what needs to be changed. Pluto will remain on nine degrees Capricorn until the eclipse on May 20, 2012. This means that April and May will probably be challenging months, unless we all find and manifest the love that is within us.

Because there are two or more dimensions manifesting on Earth at the same time there can be all kinds of experiences happening simultaneously. It depends on which reality a person chooses to tune into. You can be frozen with fear or totally happy and enjoying life. I prefer the higher frequency Earth. All Is Well in my World.

The Sun is in Aries right now and this sign is ruled by the planet Mars. This planet seems to cause a lot of violence on Earth. Mars has been retrograde for a long time and it will go direct on April 13, 2012. This means that things that have been on hold for a long time will start to move forward.

Mars has been making an aspect to Jupiter, which has been activating Syria for the last few months. Now it is over Iran. Hopefully there will not be another war.  Maybe we need to seriously start thinking about Mars as the planet of peace. Mars also rules fires, as witnessed by the large fire that is/was burning just outside of Denver.

The moon, by declination, will be triggering Jupiter and Mars this upcoming full moon. Jupiter and Mars in aspect rules problems concerning finances, corporate business, legal affairs, and insurance. These problems have sure  been staring us in the face the past few months. Legal problems have been very dominant lately. The Supreme Court heard arguments on the Health Care Bill the other day. This case has not been settled yet and the discussion will go on until June.

There have also been many challenges with the banking system. Many head bankers have resigned, and there is talk of a new system being formed. Dr. Jim Yong Kim, president of Dartmouth College has been nominated to be the head of the World Bank. His background is medicine, not economics or business. He has worked with international organizations, serving as a senior official of the World Health Organization. He is expected to be approved the week of April 16th.

Then we have the rumor of Pope Benedict XVI resigning soon. Haven’t seen that confirmed yet, although if it does happen it will be the fulfillment of a major prophecy. He will turn 85 on April 16, 2012. I have a book called Nostradamus’ Unpublished Prophecies that were published in 1983. There are some interesting prophecies in this book.    Here are a couple of the prophecies;

#1 The red hats rejoice; Rome lays its palms, Smoke rises from ashes as multitudes cry out in anguish against the agony of conflict. But a man comes to end it for an eon of peace.

The red hats are the cardinals, the palms could relate to Easter, the conflict could be all the law suits against the corrupt priests, and maybe a new Pope comes to bring peace. The last Pope is supposed to be Peter Romulus who walks over the ruins of Rome. The ruin of Rome could be referring to the corrupt Vatican Bank that controls almost all of the banks in the world. It is time for control to be gone. Then a man comes to bring peace to the world.

#2 Twenty plus two times six will see the lore of the heavens visit our planet in great elation. Disease. pestilences, and famine die. Rome rejoices for souls are saved. The learned smile in awe. Astrology confirmed, for science, a new beginning.

This is really easy to understand. It means that in 2012 the light ships will come from the heavens to visit our planet and the wise will be very happy. A new era begins. Is it possible that this new era starts in May? Only time will tell.  So Be It!         

Love and happiness to everyone-enjoy life.          


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Planet Alert April 2012 — 8 Comments

  1. “May 20, 2012 is when there is a solar eclipse at 4:47 PM PDT and our Sun lines up with the great central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star System.”

    Was not this alignment supposed to occur on Dic 21, 2012?
    I’m really confused…

  2. perhaps we need to think of Mars as being passionately creative and in love with his twin flame, Venus/Aphroite who is now in Gemini – Virgo’s intellectual, mercurial twin. Instead of war, they could be inspiring us with humor, innovative ideas, poetry, rewriting laws. thanks for this entry. It has shed a lot of insight on the here and now (whatever that is these days :)) for me.

  3. Wow…past life reading.
    i have serious issues in my Atlantean incarnations that are now ready to be resolved. But I need more information.
    Can you help..?

  4. Great update, thanks! I think I would like a reading, can you tell me what a Edgar Cayce Past life reading is?

  5. Mahala, I would like to pay $25.00 for a past life reading. My full birth name is Linda Marie Friedl, I was born on March 10, 1963 at 10:47 P.M. in Van Nuys, California. May married name is Linda Marie Goodman. Thank you so much in advance.

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