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The Universe is in us, or, Even the sun must die

Guest article by Jon Waldrup @ Sense Of Vision Astrology

The awakening is spreading so fast!

I recently caught a video on Huffpost in which the celebrity astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked, “What do you think is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the universe?”  The video is here:… His answer is one which should delight and empower metaphysicians for a long time, and I encourage you to watch the video.

In it, he talks about the molecular connection we share with the universe.  As I understand it (which is to say, imperfectly), besides Helium, all of the elements in the periodic table have been ejected from dying stars.  So, at the atomic level, we are made of the same stuff as stars.

It’s the kind of thing you just “know” when you hear it but that you may have not put into words so clearly yourself.  And it is so juicy!  From his answer you can derive so much of what esotericists, arcanists, and metaphysicians have pondered for millenia. 

At the humanitarian level, his statement is an ultimate rebuttal to any sense of racial or religious separation.  We are all composed of matter from the same supernovae.  No matter what looks or sounds different about us, our origins are ultimately the same.

At an energetic level, it says a lot about the interaction between humans and energy.  If you are able to visualize a galaxy, if you can imagine the swirling and spinning components of the solar system, then you are close to imagining the way human consciousness operates within the field. 

I predict that we will find a consciousness, similar to our own, at the center of every “galaxy” there is – the galaxy of a single atom must be formed by a singularity of some kind, some thing that “needs” to have unity.  (What is a black hole but ultimate Need?).  Similarly, any identifiable collection of atoms must be pulled together or given identity by the Need which forms it. 

So, there is a need for you.  There is a need for the solar system we live in.  For each galaxy and ultimately for the universe itself.  Science will really be getting somewhere when it finds that singular need which gives the universe its identity, within which all known identities exist. 

Did I just say that consciousness is need?  Oh my. 

Another really interesting thing I thought of after watching that video is that it gives a beautiful example of the regenerative, life-giving truth about death.  These massive stars “died,” and from them we have been born. 

For me, this is really significant   Nothing separates us more from the Creator, from nature, from life itself than our fear of death.  And yet stars much greater than our own Sun have died so that we may be born.  What will arise from the ashes of your death?  Can you empower it with gratitude for your life? 
To learn more about where your crown is and where it wants to go, please contact me for a reading.

“We perceive the world through the lens of our Karma.   Fate creates opportunities for change.  The Destiny path opens once we embrace the creative power of our perceptions.”


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The Universe is in us, or, Even the sun must die — 3 Comments

  1. So beautifully put. And it is written: The last enemy you shall overcome is DEATH…..

  2. blessings. thank you so much for this insightful, amazing information!feels like truth. what you’ve shared resonates with me deeply. i would love to read more.i am very intent upon gaining a deeper understanding of my path in this life. it has seemed extremely important to be receptive, open to new information, which sometimes when it comes to me,seems like hearing something i’d already known, yet forgotten.
    this awakening, i feel it at a very deep level, and it seems to be pulling the rug from under my feet, much of the time…but in my moments of reflection, i see how vital receptivity is, and letting the energy flow in and out, without hinderance, as i let go of trauma, fear, confusion,insecurity, disappointment,etc., and allowing the healing, compassion, faith, tolerance, patience, discernment,forgiveness, love and light to flow both in and thru me, and back into the world where these elements are so greatly needed.
    i hope you are enjoying the waves that ripple from all the earth changes and soulful changes afoot. i hope to hear more from you!
    thankyou for all you do, for all you are!

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