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Mahala on BlogTalkRadio this Monday

From the blogtalkradio website:

Hello Everyone, Get ready to hear Mahala an Extraordinary World Astrologer this Monday 05/21/12 at 6:30 pm, CST.

To access this show go to, this will take you to the Searchers Roadmap, scroll down until you see COSMIC CONTACT WITH PAM AND MAHALA. If you are not at a computer at that time you can just call in – 347-838-9142.

Don’t miss out on this interview, Mahala’s predictions are always right on. 

From the Heart ,



Mahala on BlogTalkRadio this Monday — 1 Comment

  1. There was so much information, I will have to listen to this again. I am certainly feeling the symptoms mentioned and I just told a friend, the day seems more like 16 hours instead of 24. Time just speeds on by…perhaps this is what they meant when they say, 12/21/12, the end of “time”…

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