Planet Alert for February 2010

We start the Chinese New Year of the Tiger on the new moon of February 14th 2010. This should really get things moving because this year is ruled by the planet Uranus, which rules change. I’ve always thought that Valentines Day should be a major holiday because this is the day we celebrate love. Instead of relationship love maybe we could celebrate it as the day of unconditional love.

We ended January with a full moon on the 29th with the Sun opposing Mars and the moon conjunct Mars. This energy will last until the new moon of February 14th. This full moon has already brought violence to Iraq and I’m sure we will hear of more violence as the days go by. When Mars is retrograde it is very powerful, especially in the fire sign of Leo. Mars will stay retrograde, and closest to Earth, until March 10th, so keep your cool. Mars will stay in Leo until June 7, 2010. You Leos can make use of this aspect by manifesting lots of energy. Leo is ruled by the Sun so look for more activity with the Sun. Maybe we will see more solar flares, and what are those round objects that appeared next to the Sun on January 18th – UFOs maybe?

Mars usually brings lots of violence with it on the world scene so maybe we can combine our thoughts to neutralize the energy from this planet. Energy is just energy and can be used either positively or negatively. Maybe we could visualize Mars as the planet of peace, instead of war. We, as light workers need to stay balanced and peaceful as the Earth goes through its changes. This will help bring in the energy of love and light. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

At this past full moon Saturn was in Libra in an exact 90 degree angle to Pluto in Capricorn. In fact, it will be in that aspect all through February. This is an Earth sign and rules earthquakes. The node is also in Capricorn and will be there all year so we could say this is the year of the earthquakes as witnessed by Haiti. My heart goes out to those people, I send them love and light every day for their highest and best good.

The eclipse on December 31, with the moon on 10 degrees Cancer set up that quake. I did not see it coming. I thought storms on the East Coast would be the manifestation of that eclipse and that did happen but I didn’t think about a quake in Haiti. When I looked to see where the planets were at the time of the quake I noticed that four planets were between 18 and 22 south declination plus Mars was in opposition at 19 north which corresponds to 18-22 north latitude in the sign of Cancer, which is where Haiti is located.

Saturn also rules governments, corporations, businesses, and all structures. Lots of structures went down in Haiti because of the earthquake. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. It also rules broken bones, teeth, and knees. How many of you are suffering from any of those problems? It seems like all of a sudden dentists have many new patients. Because Saturn is considered the tester and rules businesses, there have been lots of problems with business and unemployment. Structure is being broken down because it needs to be transformed into something new. We need to rethink how we do business. The large corporations have taken over and they have forgotten about treating people like human beings and consider them just a number. This needs to change.

Saturn is in Libra, an air sign, and will be there for two plus years. This sign rules the justice system and everything connected with lawyers, judges, lawsuits, etc. The Supreme Court just ruled that corporations can make large donations to the candidates of their choice. This has alarmed many people and they will probably do something to change that ruling, like maybe make a new law. I don’t think we have heard the last of that challenge. The last two plus years the energy highlighted health, healing, illness, etc. Now the energy will switch to areas of balance, and lawyers, judges, and lawsuits will be in the news a lot. Libra also rules the kidneys, and the adrenal glands.

We will also have lots and lots of water events since Jupiter just moved into the water sign Pisces. This will be a year long transit so look for lots of rain and snow storms, flooding, mud slides, and maybe tsunamis.

Right now the Sun is in Aquarius, which is an air sign, and two major airline crashes just happened. Aquarius also rules wind. There will probably be more wind storms as the Sun moves through that sign. Then on February 18, the Sun moves into the Sign Pisces. February will probably be a wild month as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and then Uranus. Then spring comes on March 20, and we move into a new energy.

As the Sun starts to flare it will affect the Earth’s magnetic field, and also our bodies, mind, and emotions. I would like to quote from an article by Kryon, “As the solar system moves around it creates different gravitational attributes and actual patterns between the parts. Each planet around the sun revolves independently on its course and during each independent minute of time this gravitational scenario creates a different setup of magnetism and gravity within the influence of your sun. In the time frame that you have selected there is a pattern that is delivered to the sun that is at the center of the orbits and therefore at the fulcrum of the gravitational source”.

“The magnetic/gravitational pattern developed through the movements of the planets, including Earth and also all the moons of the planets are delivered to Earth via what you call the solar wind – energy that is always passing from the sun to the earth. The solar wind delivers it onto the grid for both are magnetic and information is transferred within the influence of the field of the wind and that of the grid. The grid pattern therefore changes daily. It is interesting to note that the magnetic grid of the Earth is actually a product of the physics of Earth but its purpose for you is as a communication engine for Human DNA”.

Kryon goes on to say “One of the attributes of what is imprinted upon your DNA at birth is the oldest science on Earth and you have called it astrology. We have just given you the science that explains astrology, it’s a science that is not fully understood or known but it is science. When the ‘mother lode’ physics formula is known regarding magnetic gravity time and the location of matter it will explain astrology. Meanwhile you come to this planet and imprinted upon your DNA-on one of the interdimensional layers- is this astrological information, the pattern of the solar system’s magnetics and gravity when you were born. The name for the pattern which you have given in astrological terms establishes a setup, a personality type, a type of reaction to Human cause and effect. It is a magnetic/biological setup that continues throughout your life causing you to react to the solar system that created it in specific predictable ways”.

I believe our solar system is changing and when the Earth lines up with the Galactic Center within the next couple of years our DNA will be changed in the ‘Twinkling of an eye, and we will turn from mortal to immortal beings’. This will happen because of the higher frequency energy that resides at the center of our galaxy. Maybe this will also cause the Matrix to come down so we can see reality. When Pluto went through Sagittarius and lined up with the Galactic Center a few years ago time started speeding up because of the high frequency, and look at how fast time is moving now. Time is a manifestation of the 4th dimension. When we finally move totally into the 5th everything will change and time will be no more. The 5th is a manifestation of the Love frequency so those who are manifesting this energy have already touched the 5th dimension. Love is soft and gentle and happy.

The 3rd and 4th dimensions are the dimensions of power, control, wars and violence, and lots of other negative attributes. Look at all the wars we have been fighting for thousands of years. There have been physical wars for eons of time. With the technology we have had in the past few years there has been mind wars, terrorist wars, earthquake wars, weather wars, chemical and biological wars, financial wars, and space wars. A lot of the trauma on Earth has been caused by the powerful dark Beings that have controlled Earth for such a long period of time. Their control will be coming to an end soon. We started the Iraq war on March 20, 2003. Seven years later is March 20, 2010. Could this be the end of the Vedic Kali Yuga cycle? No month is given in that document; it just says it ends in 2010. Isn’t that interesting? Stay in the Love frequency and you will be fine as the Earth continues to go through her cleansing. So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!

                                               ***** Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for January 2010

Happy New Year, and what a year this will be. It’s full of potential for new beginnings. It’s a number 10 year (2010), and it’s also a 2+1 = 3 year. The number 10 gives the opportunity for new experiences. What we think and believe is what we create, and this year it is very important to think good thoughts because the frequency of Earth is so high that things now manifest almost instantly. The number three rules social life and travel.

We ended 2009 with a full moon partial lunar eclipse on December 31, and will end 2010 with a total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010. This will happen at the time of the Winter Solstice. This is when the Sun and Mercury will line up with the Galactic Center. Wow! What an eclipse that will be. Kali Yuga information (Vedic Astrology) says the great cycle will end in 2010, not 2011 or 2012. Who is right?

On February 14 we enter into the year of the Metal Tiger. This year will be ruled by the planet Uranus, which is considered the planet of change. The tiger symbolizes power, passion and daring. The Metal Tiger is bound to be active, aggressive and passionate. Problems will be solved in a direct or even a radical way. The Tiger is sudden, unorthodox and drastic in his actions. This particular Tiger is easily stirred by both good and bad influences and will tend to act independently because he hates having his freedom curtailed. The fiery heat of the Tiger’s year will touch everyone’s life. In spite of its negative aspects, we must realize that it could have a cleansing effect.

Last year we were in the year of the Ox, which was ruled by Saturn the tester. This brought a year of many challenges on many different levels. This year will be ruled by Uranus which is considered the planet of strikes, revolutions, upheavals and change. It will be a very fast-paced year with totally unexpected events happening all over the world. Uranus has been going through the sign of Pisces since March of 2003, which is when we attacked Iraq. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is also a water sign. The Bible says that the end of the cycle will come with floods. Look at all the major storms and flooding there has been since 2003, and water will continue to cleanse the Earth for a while.

On May 28 Uranus will move into the fire sign Aries and will stay there until August 13, 2010. Then it will retrograde back into Pisces for a few months before it goes into Aries to stay for seven years. It takes approximately 84 years for Uranus to move through the zodiac. The last time Uranus went into Aries was in 1927. Shortly after that year the Stock Market crashed and a new era began. Will we again see more problems with our economy, or will it work out in a different way? The Earth is on a higher frequency now than it was in 1927. This could be the year when new inventions that have been held back will start coming out into the public. This could be pertaining to free energy devices, electric cars, new healing modalities, or anything else that is new or technical.

Jupiter will move into Pisces on January 18, 2010 where it will stay for approximately one year. This means that both Jupiter and Uranus will be in Pisces for the first few months of 2010, so look for more large water events in various parts of the world. Uranus has been affecting England and the South Pacific. When Uranus moves into Aries we will start seeing more events in Hawaii and Alaska. Jupiter will move into Aries from June 6 to September 9, 2010, and then it will retrograde back into Pisces for the rest of the year. Mars will stay in the hot fiery sign of Leo until June of 2010, so watch your temper, and Mercury is retrograde this month.

Saturn was in Virgo, the sign that rules health issues, the last couple of years and many people had health challenges as that planet went through Virgo. We had a flu pandemic and the House and Senate both voted for a new health care system here in the United States. Saturn will retrograde back into Virgo on April 7, and stay there until July 21, 2010. This will give our congressmen time to fine tune the Health Care Bill if they haven’t finished it by that time.

Then Saturn will move into Libra to stay for the next two and a half years. This is an entirely different vibration. Libra rules lawyers, courts of law, the justice system, foreign policies and trade, and social consciousness of the people. I think that the people who have been trying to control us for so long will finally see their day in court.

We start 2010 with a lunar eclipse on ten degrees Cancer with the Sun in Capricorn, both are cardinal signs. This means there will be many changes in the year to come. It is better to go with the flow then to fight events as these changes continue to happen. Being the United States astrological chart has the Sun on 13 degrees Cancer there will be lots of changes in our government that will start at the beginning of this year.

There were many people expecting Barack Obama to sign away our freedom at the global warming summit in Copenhagen in December. This did not happen because the meeting kind of fell apart. I don’t believe we are causing Global Warming. We have totally polluted our world and this needs to be cleaned up, but the warming is caused by something else because all the planets in our solar system have heated up. I have a book called Global Tyranny Step by Step by William F. Jasper that was printed in December of 1992. It’s about the United Nations and the Emerging New World Order. If the treaty was not signed, doesn’t that mean we won the first rung against a New World Order under the United Nations? Is this the beginning of our freedom?

In the above book he states “The first UN Environmental Conference, held in Stockholm, Sweden June 5-16, 1972 proved to be the launching pad for the worldwide campaign to establish a UN planetary environmental authority. One result of the conference was the establishment of a United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) intended as the overseer of a future monitoring system of the world’s environment. The man selected to be the first executive director of this new agency was Maurice Strong, a Canadian, who had served as secretary-general of the Stockholm event and was at that time a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. This same Maurice Strong was named 20 years later to serve as secretary-general of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development summit in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago.” The people who run this environment group would end up getting billions of dollars, which would put them in a position of power over others.

The modern world’s financial system was perfected in Frankfurt in the province of Hesse. Mayer Amschel Bauer (later called Rothschild) discovered that although loans to farmers and small businesses could be profitable, the real profits lay in making loans to governments. Mayer Amschel was born in Frankfort in 1743. He served a three year apprenticeship in Hanover at the Bank of Oppenheim. During this time he met Gen Baron von Estorff who was the principal adviser to Landgrave Frederick II of Hesse.

Landgrave was the wealthiest man in Europe at that time. He inherited most of his money from his father, Wilhelm the Eighth, brother of the King of Sweden. Landgrave died in 1785 and Rothschild attained absolute influence over his successor Elector Wilhelm 1. Landgrave’s sudden death had placed Rothschild in charge of the largest fortune in Europe. This large fortune originally came from Sweden and was taken over by Rothschild and out of that came the beginning of The New World Order.

Why has there been so much emphasis on the Scandinavian countries lately? Have all of you seen the spiral that appeared in the sky over Norway on December 9, at the time Barack Obama was given his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo? Is that a coincidence or not? There has been much speculation about what caused this spiral. Some say it was a missile, others say it was HAARP or the Blue Beam Project. Could our ET friends have done something to cause a spiral in the sky? I don’t know what caused it, but it did open up a black hole and it’s my understanding that a black hole is a doorway to another dimension. Did you feel the Stargate open?

Did you know that on December 9, the Mayan Dreamspell glyph was that of the Sun which activates Orkney Island just north of Scotland which is 3 degrees away from Stonehenge? The area of Stonehenge receives energy from a huge black hole in space that holds 27 galaxies in place which includes our Milky Way galaxy. In other words powerful energy came to Earth from our great Central Sun. I believe that is when England had a very large storm.

Did you know that the word Elohim (our creator gods) came from the word Ella, which means The Shining Ones? The Shining Ones are often depicted with horns on their heads like the Vikings. This was a symbol of wisdom and rulership and to indicate they were descendents of the Atlantians who were endowed with power. Michelangelo sculpted Moses with horns on his head to show his connection with royalty.

Did you also know that the oldest complete version of the Ring Lord Cycle comes from the Norse mythology of the Volsunga Saga. Compiled from more than forty separate legends, the 13th century Icelandic tale relates to the god Odin, to the kingdom of the Nine Worlds, and to a dark forest called Mirkwood – a name later repeated by Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings. It also tells of how Prince Sigmund of the Volsung dynasty was the only warrior able to pull the great sword of Odin from a tree in which the god had driven it to its hilt – as replicated in the Arthurian story of the sword and the stone.

The story of the Ring Lords relates to nine rings or the council of nine. Anunnaki overlords were said to have governed by way of a Grand Assembly of nine councilors who sat at Nippur. The nine consisted of eight members (seven males and a female) who held the Rings of divine justice, along with their president, Anu, who held the One Ring to bind them all. This corresponds with the seven archangels (Elohim) of Hebrew record.

According to Zecharia Stitchin, Enki and his sister Ninhursag were our main creator gods. It’s my understanding that Enki and Ninhursag came from the Fischer King lineage that originally came from Neptune a long time ago. This is the same lineage Jesus (Yeshua) came from. The Old Testament in the Bible is the story of two brothers who fought with each other. Enki felt like a father to the people he had created and wanted to protect them. Enlil was the fierce god known as Jehovah who wanted to destroy earthlings.

The tale of the Ring Lords pertains to the Inner Earth. Where is the largest entrance to the Inner Earth? Its north of Norway. Are we about to meet our brothers and sisters of the inner earth? Are they trying to point our attention to that area with all the signs in the sky and UFO activity around Norway? Did you know there was a UFO that warped into a cross as seen in the heavens above Norway on December 22, 2009? Is that the cross in the sky predicted to appear at the end times? We do live in interesting times.

I listened to a very interesting program on Coast to Coast on December 21, 2009, with David Sereda who is a scientist and spiritual explorer. By comparing the quantum universe to astronomical models, as well as correlating Hopi prophecy, he theorizes there is going to be a massive energy shift as our solar system crosses into another “galactic shell.” After this shift, he believes the solar system will become lighter, both in weight and spiritual energy. As we enter this new area/dimension of the galaxy, the sun will release a super high burst of energy and everything will be different. A blue vapor or cloud will appear suddenly and earth will enter it. When this happens we will all change in the twinkling of an eye. He correlates this to happen around 2012, or before when the earth lines up with the galactic center.

Cliff High of Web Bots says the Sun is being wound up like a clock and ready to let go at any time. It’s being wound up by magnetic strings and when it lets go, a large magnetic ball will come off the Sun followed by a CME. Could this be the super high burst of energy that David Sereda expects to happen? This could occur at any time. The Bible says, “The heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire. Then we will have a new heaven and a New Earth where righteousness dwells. In the twinkling of an eye the New Earth will appear, and we will change from mortal to immortal bodies.” Then we will be able to live as long as we desire on a new planet Earth. Sounds good to me. So Be It!

Be peaceful, and walk softly on this beautiful planet! I send you my love!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for December 2009

On November 30 the Sun moved into the sign of Ophiuchus (Asclepius) the 13th sign of the zodiac. I haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate that sign into a 12 sign zodiac. Maybe we need a whole new zodiac. There are many lunar calendars which use 13 signs. The Mayans and others have had a 13 sign zodiac for years. Thirteen is the number of the Goddess and that energy was suppressed for years until the roaring twenties when women started to rebel. Then along came the sixties and people really rebelled against the establishment. What a turbulent time that turned out to be. Events seem to occur in cycles and some people are now in the cycle of opening their hearts to Christ Consciousness. What an exciting thought that is.

Every year when the Sun moves through Asclepius there is an interstellar wind that hits Earth from that sign. It’s a helium-rich breeze from the stars flowing into our solar system from the direction of Asclepius. The Sun’s gravity focuses the material into a cone and Earth passes through that cone during the first weeks of December. If you were born between Nov 30 and December 17 and thought you were a Sagittarian, you are really an Asklepian. If you were born around Halloween you are also an Asklepian because it is a divided sign. If you would like to find out more about the interstellar wind check a very interesting article from NASA on the Articles section of our web site.

It’s also full moon time again and with Mars in the fire sign Leo it could get a little fiery and violent this month, as witnessed by Obama sending more troops to Afghanistan. It’s time to keep our cool. Take time for yourself during this busy holiday season and focus on opening your heart center to universal love. There will be another door opening December 12, and I have heard that lots of love will be sent to Earth at that time. Then we have the Winter solstice on December 21, which is the celebration of light. This holiday has been celebrated for eons as the birth of the Sun. It’s the time when we have passed the darkest part of the year and the Sun moves forward and the days gets longer. In other words it’s the birth of light. Do you think we will actually birth the Christ-light within us this December? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I think the year 2009 =11 was a very stressful year in many ways. Lots of people have been in learning situations whatever that may be. It seemed like it was a year of many tests on many levels. I looked up the number 11 in one of my books and it said “When we have reached the number 11, in an initiation process, we are ready consciously to unite with the fiery stream of the Christ-life and we gladly allow it to burn out the dross in our bodies. All that cannot be transmuted is consumed and cast out of our system like dead ashes out of a furnace. Hence there is often much sickness during this time period”. How many of you have been sick this past year, or has it worked out in bone issues like teeth or actual bones in your body needing replacement or healing? Or the sickness could have been on an emotional level. It’s time to heal our minds and bodies.

I have been reading a book called The Mechanics of Consciousness by Boston Carter. It is a wonderful book and talks about the core issues for fire signs, air signs, water signs, and earth signs.

          The water sign fear is unworthiness and the core wound is rejection.

          The fire sign fear is commitment and enlightenment and the core wound is betrayal.

          The air sign fear is abandonment and the core wound is shame and guilt.

          The earth sign fear is confrontation and the core wound is chaos.

I’m an earth sign and the description of chaos fits me to a tee. Virgo also rules health issues and with Saturn in that sign for the better part of 2009 I had to look at my own health issues as did many people. I actually got kind of paranoid over my issues the last two months. It seemed like there was nothing I could do to stop the paranoia until today. I realized that issues from my past concerning my health was again in my face and I had to live through that fear. Today I realized that there is nothing wrong with me, I had just been going through an initiation process and am now ready to let go of all my fear issues concerning health, even the ones I thought I had already let go of. Have you experienced the issue concerned with your fear or your core wound in the last couple of months? Have you fire signs been betrayed by a relationship or some event with money lately? Have you air signs been feeling the energy of abandonment or shame again, and have you water signs had to look at your rejection issues lately? I found that I had to look at my rising sign and also my moon sign for my core wounds. We can experience all of those fears and wounds but our Sun and moon signs are the strongest. If you are interested in finding out what to do about your issues I suggest you get that book.

If you think you have released all of your issues than you are probably ready to experience the love energy that will be sent to Earth from the doorway opening on December 12th. You might want to set aside that day to nurture yourself and have fun. Then we will have the Winter Solstice on December 21. This is always a fun time for me. That chart looks interesting because the Sun will be conjunct Pluto at that time. This will bring big time transformation in the year to come.

There are other events happening this month such as Uranus going direct at this full moon of December 1st, and Mercury will be retrograde on Christmas so don’t expect your plans to go like you think they should. Remember, no control. Control is now obsolete because that is old energy. Control is going to go down fast from this time forward. We now need to go with the flow. Let go and let God. There is also a lunar eclipse on December 31, on 10 degrees Cancer which will start off our new year of 2010.

In my last article I asked if you would send the White Christ Light to the Howard Hansen Dam in the outskirts of Seattle and I am happy to report that the chance of flooding has gone from 1 in 3 to 1 in 25. They were able to repair the dam so it has been holding but I would appreciate your continued support whenever you have an extra moment. I used to go for walks along that river all the time and now there is a sand bag fence that is very large and they put it right on the path so there is no place to walk anymore. That was a real change in my life-style but I’ve found another place to walk.

I would also like to thank you for keeping the West Coast in the light. I was really concerned for my area during November because the planets were very powerful as the Sun went through Scorpio. There were a lot of storms and rain here during that time period and a small town called Westport had 25 foot waves and was flooded for a day or so. The earthquake I expected happened in the Pacific Ocean just off Queen Charlotte Island which is just above Vancouver, B.C. It was a 6.6 quake with no apparent damage. The East Coast also got lots of rain and flooding during November.

Our combined thoughts are very powerful. I was listening to Gregg Braden on Coast to Coast a few nights ago and he talked about how on 9-11 the needle on the chart the scientists use to measure The Field went off the scale. Our combined thoughts and emotions really make a difference. If we all got together in thought we could really change the world. We don’t want to control anything so if we send the White Christ Light for the highest and best good we are not controlling, we are just letting the light work.

We have a light center called The Asklepius Light Center and we meet every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. Our address is on our web site on our Calendar section. We are inviting you to join us in thought, or physically if you live in Seattle, to send the shimmering White Christ Light with sparkles of gold and silver in it to President Obama and the House and Senate for the highest and best good. We could also send that light to the Banking systems all over the world. It could also be sent to other places in the world like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. We will focus that light around 12:00 noon every Sunday. Please join us if you can.

I send you my love for a very Joyous and Happy Holiday Season, and maybe this is the month we have open contact with our space brothers and sisters. Wouldn’t that be an interesting Christmas present?

So Be It!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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I hope you have the best holiday season you have ever experienced. I send you love and light.


                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****

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Planet Alert for November 2009

Halloween has come and gone. I planned on writing my article sooner but I had computer problems. The veil is very thin around Earth at this time of year because this holiday lines up with a black hole on seven degrees Scorpio. Every year this doorway to the stars opens and we have closer contact with those on the other side of the veil. This doorway stays open for a few days as we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2, which is also the full moon of this month.

The 13th sign of the zodiac is called Asclepius and is visible this time of year. If you look at a map of the elliptic you will see that the man/woman holding the snake has one foot on the elliptic at the time of Halloween and the second foot between November 30 to December 16 when a solar wind comes to Earth from that sign.

The Hopi celebrate Spider Woman as their creator Goddess. This is why Halloween has the symbol of a spider. The true meaning of Halloween has been hidden. It is actually the holiday celebrating our creator Goddess, Spider Woman. The pumpkin of course represents the Harvest. In the story of Cinderella, it represents the changing of a woman from rags to riches and Cinderella becomes a beautiful shining light. This is what is upon us right now for those who are ready. They are about to turn into beautiful beacons of light.

I received an email of a channeling from Metatron by Lauren C. Gorgo which said “In the light of the next full moon (November 2) there will be a changing of the guard. This change will commence as a result of new galactic and interstellar alignments that will precede the entrance of a new cycle,” There is a major alignment in force right now as I am writing this article. The planet Saturn has moved out of Virgo into Libra and is on one degree Libra at this time. Pluto on 1 degree Capricorn makes a perfect 90 degree angle to Saturn. Pluto square Saturn brings up challenges with economic, political, and professional power struggles. This is the time corruption and dishonesty will come to the foreground. Any attempts to use dishonorable means to obtain personal advantage can result in damage to a person’s career or reputation. Much stuff will surface to be looked at and released.

At this time Saturn lines up with a black hole in space that holds twenty-seven galaxies in place, which includes the Milky Way. This is a huge black hole (great great central sun) and it focuses into England and the holy land of Glastonbury. Have you read the book “The Mists of Avalon?” When things got too bad on Earth, Avalon disappeared into the mist, or went into a higher dimension. Haven’t you wondered why the Da Vinci Code and the Holy Grail became so popular on Earth? It’s because France, England, and Scotland were the lands of the Holy family and Goddess energy. It was considered Camelot, the place of higher teachings. It was considered very holy because of all the energy pouring into the sacred sites from the great great central sun. Most of the crop circles appear in that area because of the energy that is focused there.

Unfortunately, the dark side took over that area and placed The World Bank in London, a military base close by, and cameras all over England to spy on the people. This control is about to change because of the planetary alignment that is taking place right now. The controllers are in for a surprise because they are about to go down fast. Saturn rules structures and control and Pluto rules transformation.

I took my two younger grandchildren to see the latest Harry Potter Movie. The setting for this movie is England. I found it very interesting. I read most of the books a while ago to see what the attraction was in those books that made them such a huge best seller. I didn’t read the 7th book until after I saw the movie. This book mirrors what is going on right now. It is about the war between the light and the dark and the final scene is where one group (the light beings) say, enough is enough and start fighting the dark ones with their magic wands. The dark lord has taken over the town and the school and it is totally under his control. Then the light ones decide they have had enough and start to fight. The battle goes on but the outcome is up to Harry Potter. He has to stand up to the dark lord and face him face to face. Harry decides that he will stand in his power of love and when they come face to face they both send their power at each other and the energy sent by the dark Lord goes back to him and he is destroyed. Then all the people get to live in peace and harmony. Negativity destroys itself. We do not need to fight. We need to stand in our power.

Let’s go back to the changing of the guard. Maybe this means that from this time forward there will be balance between male and female energy. In other words we will learn how to balance our brains so we can become neutral and that is where the power is. Won’t that be nice? Libra does rule balance, and Aries, the opposite sign rules the brain. Our brains are being rewired right now and our brain centers are being activated. We can help with this activation by using pure oils in aromatherapy. The smells go into our Limbic system and from there activate the Amgydala part of the brain and the Pineal gland. If you know someone who works with the living oils you could ask them which ones to use. When our Amygdala is activated, we will be able to connect with our own Divinity. In other words we will be able to manifest Christ Consciousness.

I receive many emails that I consider negative that portray a very dark future for mankind. I know what is going on in our world but the dark is about to crumble because the planets say so. The dark is holding on real tight and sending out lots of scare tactics to bring us off balance. This is the time when we really need to keep our balance within and to hold the light. Don’t get caught in the negativity. I know that is hard to do if you have lost your job, have no money, and cannot see a way out of your dilemma. It’s very hard to stay centered when something like that is going on in your life. Something we could do is send love and light to our leaders instead of criticizing them and then watch what happens. We might be pleasantly surprised.

We are about to enter the Sixth night in the Mayan Calendar on November 8, 2009. Carl Callaman says in his recent article that we will, in this coming night, be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. I like that! He also says that the birth will be very traumatic. We also have the 11-11-11 this month, which is a major opening to higher consciousness.

I’m concerned about the energy coming in this full moon, and around the time of the New Moon on November 16, 2009. At that time the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be over the West Coast in a water sign, and Pluto is square Saturn in Earth and Air signs. This means there could be a large earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that causes a tidal wave on the coast. The asteroid Nemesis is on 3 degrees Cancer in almost exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Nemesis tends to stir things up a bit. Maybe we could send some light to disperse some of that energy. I have a feeling a large event is on the horizon.

I live on a hill in Seattle but the valley down the hill from me is in danger of flooding. The Howard Hansen Dam, that holds back the water in the Green River, was damaged in the flood we had here this past January. It has not been fixed and they say it will take a few years to repair the dam. There are 30,000 people in this valley that would be in danger if a flood came. I’ve been seeing the dam surrounded in the White Christ Light. The White Christ Light contains all colors in balance, and is also the color of Goddess light. It is a beautiful shimmering white light with gold and silver specks in it. I would appreciate some help in keeping that dam in the light during the rainy season.

We do live in interesting times. I don’t remember anyone saying the Ascension process would be this hard. I guess the outcome will be worth the trauma we have all gone through. Hang in there because we are in the home stretch. I look forward to the New Earth as promised in the Book of Revelation. Focus on the larger picture, not on all the negativity that is out there right now. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Manifest peace and love in your heart and stand in your power. All is well in my world! So Be It! I send you my love.

                                               Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for October 2009

Today is October 1, and we are a couple of days away from the full moon. I think the energy from this full moon has already happened with the flooding in Georgia, the Typhoon in the Philippines, the 8.3 earthquake and tsunami in Samoa on September 29, and the 7.6 quake in Sumatra on September 30. All of those events were devastating to the people who experienced that energy. My heart goes out to those people.

The darkness from the total solar eclipse on July 21, 2009 was over India, Southern China, and the South Pacific. Eclipses set up events that happen at the time of the eclipse, like the Typhoon in southern China on July 19, and events that transpire later as a planet triggers that point in space. The trigger for the South Pacific events was the moon’s node in Capricorn opposing that eclipse degree over the area of darkness, which was the South Pacific. The Sun was in Libra which activated Samoa. I also believe that the close approach of Planet X is affecting the core of our planet which causes weird weather and earth changes.

It’s my understanding that Planet X is bringing space debris with it as witnessed by the objects that hit Jupiter and one ring of Saturn. It’s also my understanding that the Earth has guardians that look after this planet and they will not let this Earth be destroyed by a comet, nuclear war, or any other way. The Earth changes will continue, and if some country tries to start a nuclear war I think the guardians will interfere and stop it. We have been in a weather war for years and this has been allowed because the Earth needs to be cleansed and that is why all the storms and floods are occurring. Mother Earth is taking a very long bath.

Uranus is still in the water sign Pisces. Uranus (the planet of change) went into that sign shortly before the tsunami in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 which I believe started the seven years of tribulation. Uranus will be in that water sign until May of 2010, then it will move into Aries for 3 months until August 13, 2010. After that it will retrograde back into Pisces until March 12, 2011. At that time it will move into the fire sign Aries for seven years. This means there will be more storms and flooding until March of 2011. The Bible says that at the end times there will be floods. That sure has been happening.

In my August article I had written that Pluto, along with the moon’s node, is now in the sign of Capricorn. This sign rules the death of the old way of doing things and the birth of the new. Capricorn rules structures of all kinds like houses, buildings, apartments, governments, businesses, banks, and bridges. It also rules earthquakes which could be what causes structures to fall. This sure happened in those earthquakes, and also the tsunami and floods. The moon’s node will be in Capricorn for one and a half years. This means there will be many earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and a total change in our form of government during this time period.

An astrologer friend of mine told me a long time ago to pay attention to the day that Mercury turns retrograde or direct because chances are there will be earth events. Well, Mercury turned direct on September 29 when the quake in Samoa happened. It’s also interesting that our Messenger spacecraft flew by Mercury only 142 miles from the planet’s surface on that day. The object of the fly-by is to investigate Mercury’s hyperactive space weather. Mercury’s magnetic field is buffeted by solar wind as much as fifteen times stronger than the solar wind we experience on Earth.

During an earlier fly-by Messenger encountered magnetic tornadoes – twisted bundles of magnetic fields connecting Mercury to interplanetary space. The twisters are formed by explosive magnetic reconnection events at the solar wind-magnetic field boundary. I wonder what kind of information they got from this fly-by. Mercury must send out lots of magnetic energy when it turns, or appears to go retrograde from Earth. This last retrograde period was a challenge.

I had been expecting some major events to happen in September as the node triggered this past solar eclipse. Mars will be triggering the solar eclipse the second week of October. This could bring some more major Earth events. I think it will also affect our financial system. Mars was activating Pittsburgh when the G20 meeting took place. They said after the meeting that they had solved our financial crisis. I believe they did, although we have not heard the outcome yet. It’s my understanding that all of the gold the Templers have been holding onto for all these years was divided among those 20 countries. I also believe that organization will be our new governing system and the Federal Reserve Bank and all of their connections will be gone, or dissolved in the not to distant future. I think we have a very exciting future in front of us.

The planet Mars is on the ascendant of this full moon chart. Mars will be on 23 degrees Cancer, Mercury will be on 23 degrees Virgo, and Uranus will be on 23 degrees Pisces. There will be a few planets triggering each other. Pluto in the United States birth chart is on 29 degrees Capricorn in the house of money. In a few days Mars will be triggering this energy. Looks like there will be a change in our money system or some kind of financial event. This could also bring a violent act to our country. I hope not, but it is a possibility.

This is the time period when there are many different realities occurring simultaneously. Every one of us creates what we choose to experience and everyone is different. Some people are still caught in the doom and gloom and that is what they will experience. It is very hard to predict the future these days because who are you predicting for? You might be predicting some event and it won’t happen in this reality but will happen in another reality. We are starting to manifest fifth dimension energy and this is like a blank screen waiting for us to create what we choose to experience. I personally look forward to the future with much hope and joy. I see a Divine Governing System of Light manifesting on Earth and I think it will be great. I’m not saying that everything will be fine right away because the Earth still has some challenges to go through but we can create the future we choose to live in NOW- ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD!

One of the most important issues to look at right now is our emotions. Do you get upset with everything that is put in front of you? Are you still angry about something from your past? Do you get emotionally over stimulated and end up crying your eyes out? Do you get caught up in the events that are transpiring on Earth, or are you peaceful and happy? Being calm in all situations is the sign that you are ready for fifth dimension energy because our out-of-control emotions rule the fourth dimension. Love rules the fifth dimension.

Do you still have fear of not having enough money to exist? Look closely at that fear because that is what you will create. Do you know that the word Love adds up to the number nine? The word Money also adds up to nine. Is that telling you something? There is nothing wrong with having money. Some of us came in with a poverty consciousness thinking that money was the root of all evil. This is not true. Money cannot buy you happiness but it sure can help make life easier. Just think of the freedom money can bring you. Vacations become a possibility or anything else you choose to experience. It’s time for abundance so let’s create that reality.

We also need to ask for what we want. The Bible says to ask and it shall be given unto you. What do you want? Ask for it! I’ve found that if I write down what I choose to have on a piece of paper and then put it where I can see it when I get up in the morning, or whenever, it seems to manifest very fast. I think this is because I am bringing it out of my head and onto paper where I can see it and this causes it to manifest. The planets also seem to have an effect in manifesting certain events. When the time is right the event happens.

Thank goodness Saturn is moving out of the sign of Virgo. Are you ready to become healthy? Virgo rules illness. How many of you have had some kind of illness in the past two plus years? Saturn moves out of Virgo the end of October. The Swine Flu will probably start to disappear once Saturn moves into Libra because the energy for a pandemic will be over as we start manifesting a different vibration. Libra rules justice. Maybe justice will finally reign because it’s time for everything to change. Stay calm as events transpire and think good thoughts. So Be It! Happy Halloween everyone!

I send you my love!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for September 2009

There are a lot of things going on in our world, and in our solar system. In July an object hit Jupiter and another event happened in August. This time it was on Saturn when something hit and shattered the rings around that planet. This is a major event because Astrologers have considered Saturn (the task master) to be the planet that controls us until we learn the lesson it is there to teach us. Then it brings rewards. If a planet has rings around it, the rings keep it under control. Now that the rings have been broken, Saturn can be free and no longer needs to control Earth, or us. If Saturn becomes free, so do we because that event changed the vibration of Saturn. Now all we have to do is claim our freedom, especially during mid September when Saturn is opposing Uranus, the planet of freedom. Saturn rules the old ways of doing things and Uranus rules the new.

The planet Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo for the past couple of years. On October 29, 2009 Saturn will move into the sign of Libra, which rules lawyers, lawsuits, judges and investigations. This will change the vibration on Earth. However, it will only stay in Libra until April 7, 2010 and then it will retrograde back into Virgo for a couple of months. On July 22, 2010 Saturn will move into Libra to stay for a couple of years and then hopefully justice will start to reign. The controllers will really be on a downward spiral from that energy. I heard on TV last night that president Obama has given the OK to start an investigation about the torture used on the prisoners in the Guantanamo prison.

The sign of Virgo rules health issues, health care, sickness, epidemics, and healing. What is one of the biggest issues on Earth right now? It is the Swine Flu epidemic and the possibility of a new health care system. It’s interesting that there is so much fear around the flu at this particular time period. The powers that be are trying to create fear (false evidence appearing real) in mass consciousness. Are we powerful enough to change those thoughts? Are we peaceful inside and full of love? Love cures anything.

This major transit coming up in mid September will change everything. I’m talking about the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Saturn in Virgo rules health issues and Uranus in Pisces rules drugs. There is, and has been, a major war going on between the people of Earth and the drug companies. Do you know that pharmaceutical drugs kill more people in the United States than anything else? Look at the drugs Michael Jackson took before his death. I’m not saying that all drugs are bad because many people need certain drugs to survive. It’s the overuse that needs to change. What will people do about the Swine Flu vaccinations? Will they get totally upset and start to rebel against taking it, or will they just quietly get vaccinated?

Because Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new, who will win in the health care issue? Saturn just had its rings clipped. Does this mean Uranus will win and a new health care system will come to be? Isn’t it time for a more holistic type of health care to come forward, which should include dental care? There are many alternative ways of healing. There is acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, meditation, herbs, vitamins, prayer, and many other methods of healing which includes the food we eat. I also believe moderate exercise is important to keep the stress level down.

I’m not saying that regular medical doctors are not important because they have their part to play in the scheme of things, although I do think they should have more education on the use of vitamins and minerals and the importance of the food we eat and the thoughts we think. What we think is what we create and our emotions put that energy into action. The most important thing about what we eat is what we think about what we eat. If you think a certain food is not good for you, it will not be good for you. This can be changed by blessing any thing you put in your mouth, such as the food you eat and the water you drink.

When Barack Obama was elected president it was on the day that Saturn and Uranus (change) were in exact opposition. He won on the theme of change. Since then he has had restriction in his chart because his Mars is on 22 degrees Virgo and Uranus has been opposing it. This causes a lot of stress in a person’s life and he has not been able to put his goals into action. Saturn and Uranus will be opposed on 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces. This means that the pressure on him will start coming off in mid September. Once that pressure is off he may be able to start doing the things he would like to see accomplished like a new health care system. However, Mercury will be retrograde the better part of September, which causes a few challenges, so the forward energy will be more powerful in October.

Another major event is the fact that Pluto goes direct on September 12, at the same time Saturn opposes Uranus. Since last April the energy from Pluto has forced us to go within to find our answers. Now Pluto will be in forward motion and it will be time for action. Since Pluto is now in Capricorn, along with the node, the action will be one of transformation of control issues on all levels. Our belief systems have kept us under control. What you were programmed with will manifest until you change your belief system. This is what we have been working on in the past few months. Mass consciousness has also been working on this thought process. Many are worried about Martial Law and the control of everyone. This thought process needs to be changed. The opposition between Saturn and Uranus (freedom) will help with this challenge.

This is the time period when many different realities are occurring at the same time. There are many different levels of reality. I listen to what people say and if I don’t agree with them I say to myself, I have a different reality. I choose freedom and I choose to live in peace and harmony. If there is love in your heart you can walk through fire without getting burned. The bridge between the 4th and 5th dimension is now in place and it’s time to walk over that bridge into a new world.

In my July article I said that I had heard there was an object heading for Earth that is 15 to 20 miles in diameter. I suggested it might be a ship. Did you see the SOHO pictures of the Sun on August 16th? It showed a huge object next to the Sun that was a round sphere with a huge energy field around it. Could that be a ship, or was it something else? It really moved fast past the Sun.

In the 19th chapter of Revelation it says,” Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse (ship) appeared. He who was in it is called Faithfull and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war (or stops the war)”. “And I saw the beast and the Kings of Earth, with their armies gathered to make war against him who sat on the horse (is in the ship). The beast and his armies lost”. Is this ship headed toward Earth? If so, this is when the Ark of the Covenant will be opened.

Another energy aspect that is in effect right now is Mars in Cancer. This is a very powerful place for Mars because it is close to Earth at this time. It will stay in that sign until mid October. Mars rules energy, violence, and fires. The total eclipse in July was in the sign of Cancer. When Mars reaches the later degrees of Cancer in mid October it will trigger the energy from that eclipse. This will, and already has been affecting the Asian countries. There are already six Kamchatka volcanoes that are showing possible signs of eruption. Watch the storms (Cyclones) that come into Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and India. This is the area where the darkness from that eclipse was experienced. Taiwan has already been greatly affected. Storm, earthquake, and volcanic energy is very strong in that part of the world. The Midwest and the East Coast will also feel the effect of Mars and will probably have more storms. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large hurricane came in during September. Mars will be affecting the Earth between 23 and 46 N latitude.

Planet X will be coming in through the 13th sign of the zodiac called Asklepius (Ophiuchus). NASA says there is a wind that comes to Earth every year from this sign between November 30 and December 16th. The Sun is also in Asclepius at that time. Planet X is already causing havoc in our inner solar system which means it should be getting closer to Earth. This is the time we have been preparing for all these years. It’s my understanding that the Earth will not be destroyed but it is being cleansed. Are you ready? Have you released all of your control issues so you can live on the new energy Earth?             So Be It!

I send you my love!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for August 2009

Happy New Year! July 26 was the New Year of the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. I’ve been following the Mayan Dreamspell since 1987 and have found it to be very accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was based on this calendar, and we all know how important that event was. This calendar bases its new year on the time that Sirius rises before the Sun over Egypt. It’s called the opening of the Lion’s Gate. The opening of the Lion’s Gate might also have something to do with the fact that the Sun lines up with a black hole (doorway) in space on July 26 on three degrees Leo. The lion of course rules the sign of Leo. The Egyptians celebrated Sirius rising as a very important time period.

The glyph for the start of this New Year is the Yellow Seed, which is ruled by Jupiter. Did you know that a huge object hit Jupiter on July 20? The hole that it caused was larger than the Earth. Anyway, the explanation for the seed year is of course planting new seeds and what we plant is what we will harvest. Thoughts are things so watch what you create this year. This year also started in the wavespell of the Red Dragon. This glyph represents the root source of life, and within it is found the primal waters of unity. It is the primal spiral of creation whose face can be seen as the primordial Mother in sacred union with the spiral of God.

We just had a total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 which is the feast day of Mary Magdalene. Isn’t that interesting? This eclipse was also lined up with a black hole (doorway) in space which corresponds to 29 degree Cancer, which is the degree of The Daughters of the American Revolution. Maybe it’s time for more women to come into their power. Because this was a total solar eclipse, and energy came in from a black hole in space it was a very powerful eclipse. The solar wind also brought us many photons from the Sun during this time period which caused northern lights in various parts of the world. This brought light seeds to Earth for the coming year.

There was a major storm in Denver on the eclipse day with lots of hail and damage to the city. Watch the other events that will unfold from this eclipse because they will be awesome. The events will be both positive and negative. Pluto was the dominant planet of this eclipse and that planet rules life, death, and transformation. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and the effects from this energy will be the death of the old way of doing things and the birth of the new. Sometimes the death of the old can be very painful and difficult to move through but the birth of the new can be awesome. Capricorn rules structures of all kinds like houses, apartments, buildings. governments, businesses, banks, and bridges. It also rules earthquakes which could be what causes some structures to fall. These are the things that will be changed, or transformed in the next year and a half.

Starting on August 22 the node moves into Capricorn and with Pluto in that sign watch everything start to transform before your eyes. The energy from the sign Capricorn is to control people and Pluto says no more, enough is enough. This next year or so will be the completion of the downfall of the controlling bankers and those who like to control things and people. The United States Pluto is on 28 Capricorn in its birth chart of July 4, 1776. This means that the Sun and Moon were in exact opposition to Pluto at that eclipse and this means transformation.

I also received Dr. Meg Blackburn’s channeling about Pluto. She said there was a three hour anomaly in the rotation of Pluto on July 18. This was a reset to the interrelations to intergalactic energy patterns. Pluto was moved slightly out of its orbital alignment. This will change the gravitational relationships within our solar system. What caused this event on Pluto? Could it be Planet X? Or what is called Planet X. One of our satellites discovered a large object in 1982 that was headed toward Earth. They discovered this object by their heat sensing device. Since it was discovered by heat sensing I assume it must be a brown dwarf star. This information was published and then hushed up. What happened to this object, did it just disappear?

Then a few years ago I heard that Astronomers had discovered an object they called Nemeses that was heading toward Earth. This object is considered the companion to our Sun and has an orbit that comes by Earth and causes havoc every few thousand years. I first heard that Astronomers thought this object would hit Earth in 2012. Then they recalculated and said it would not be here until 2029 and that it would not hit Earth. I think their calculations are a bit off because it looks like this object is close enough now, and has been for the past few years to affect our solar system which includes Earth. According to scientists all the planets in our solar system are going through major changes. Something has to be causing these changes.

The first major change on Earth was a huge tsunami on December 26, 2004. It looks like this was the beginning of the major tribulation on Earth. Then we had Katrina, the city in Texas that was extremely damaged by a hurricane, the earthquakes in China, the earthquakes in Italy, storms and flooding all over the world and major fires in various places. Now look at all the people who are out of work. These changes have been happening to thousands or even millions of people. They have been going through their own personal Armageddon. The Bible says the Earth tribulation lasts for seven years. Seven years later is December 26, 2011, or the ending of Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, which ends on October 28, 2011.

There was a show on Coast to Coast about Planet X on June 29, 2009. You might want to check out that program. The person being interviewed is Gilbert Eriksen. His web site is He says this object is actually a brown dwarf star, a huge iron oxide ball on an elliptical orbit in our solar system of 1800 years. This object can currently be seen by infrared telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere, and is inside the orbital radius of Neptune (right ascension 18). He said that we would be feeling the effects of this object this summer. Shortly after that statement an object crashed into Jupiter, Pluto was moved slightly out of its orbital alignment and a bright spot appeared on Venus. What will happen on Earth as this object passes by us? I believe the object that hit Jupiter was from the debris that is with this star. The pull from this object could affect our magnetic field and cause many changes. I believe it is close enough now to really affect Earth. I don’t think it will hit earth but it will probably cause Earth Changes.

In the book The 12th Planet it says, “When from the station of Jupiter, the Planet passes towards the west and. increases in brilliance and in the zodiac of Cancer will come the Planet.” The Sun was in Cancer when that object hit Jupiter. It goes on to say “When the Planet attains its perigee, the Gods will give peace. It’s close to perigee right now. I think it’s closest in summer 2010.

The Catholics have been talking about a red ball heading for Earth for years. They call it the Ball of Redemption. I first heard about this in 1973. They have built telescopes to look for it. The Hopis say to watch for a Red ball in the heavens. They have a prophecy about a blue Kachina appearing in the heavens first. I believe that was the Super Nova that happened in February of 1987. Now we have Betelgeuse which could possibly explode into another Super Nova at any time. A couple of my friends have had dreams about a red ball appearing in the sky and in their dreams this is what causes major changes. This object heading for Earth will appear as a red ball, like iron. Some people have already seen it coming in from the south.

Let’s get back to the eclipses. The darkness from that solar eclipse was over China and India. There was a Typhoon that came into south China on July 19, 2009. Sometimes events happen before the eclipse, during the eclipse, or several months after an eclipse. As an example there was a total solar eclipse over Mt St Helens on Feb 26, 1979. Many people gathered in Goldendale (at the site of our Stonehenge) to watch the total darkness. It wasn’t until a year later that Mt Saint Helens started to rumble and then on May 18, 1980 that mountain erupted. The ash went in the same direction as the path of that solar eclipse. It waited until the Sun was on 27 degrees Taurus in opposition to Uranus in Scorpio to erupt. This is how eclipses work. I had been studying Astrology for a couple of years before that event happened but I really got interested in it when I noticed that according to my world map the sun was right over Mt Saint Helens when it erupted. Astrology is a science and it really works.

On August 5 there will be another lunar eclipse on 13 degrees Aquarius conjunct Cygnus X-1, which is another black hole. Cygnus is the constellation of The Swan. The Cygnus constellation allows us to perceive of it as the place from which the first word was spoken: the source of the divine sound or vibration that brought the universe into manifestation. That is pretty powerful. Did this vibration come through the black hole (doorway) of Cygnus X-1? If so, what are we in for with this eclipse? Could it be more high energy particles sent to us from this black hole to transform us?

This eclipse is conjunct Barack Obama’s birthday, and his rising sign is 14 degrees Aquarius. What a high energy time he will be in. The degree of his rising is the ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill and physical self-discipline. He sure has those qualities. This eclipse will be seen over Africa, the Middle East, Europe, western Russia, western Asia, South America, except the extreme East, and North America, except the Northwest.

It looks like we are in for some major changes. We’re also approaching the Hurricane season, and the fire season which could get a little hairy this year. Several planets have been retrograde this summer and one of them is Pluto. When Pluto retrogrades people tend to go within and search for peace. With Pluto going direct on September 12, we will probably see more outer events occurring.

How is your world? Are you living in peace and happiness? Have you conquered all your fears? Do you like yourself? Are you watching your thoughts? Are you creating what you choose to experience? Mother Earth has to cleanse herself and I don’t think anyone can stop that process but we can live in our own world of peace and happiness. All Is Well In My World! The Bible promises us a new heaven and a new earth, and all we have to do is create it.

I send you my love and blessing!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


From Brian Roberts – Holy Water Clear Light

             Information on the high frequency Clear Water
        (It only takes one drop in a gallon of water to raise your frequency.)

For you the Curious few who dare to drink this Accelerating Brew

I do not have any vacuum cleaners to sell you but I’ve got a friend who is an Alchemist and he has been able to charge water in such a way as to put quite a little sparkle back in your eyes, some more pulsation in the heart and maybe a little twinkle in your toes. I AM totally not kidding. is where you want to go to find out about it and order some. (My offering here is a public service for the Water).

There is not room enough to put all the testimonials but you may contact me directly if you want to talk about it. Brian at Clear Light has given me the Clarity and the Edge that I need to continue producing and recording music and writing the training manual for the 12 step DNA Activation work that is unfolding. But be very Clear about this when you expand your awareness and consciousness you have to be willing to do some diligence and clean up on your four lower bodies. Do it and get a head start. Drink this Eden brew, Holy Water, Rainbow beverage, the awesome Clear Light!

Try it – you might just like it!

Brian Roberts


I am taking a break from doing Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings this month, time to enjoy summer. Mahala

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Planet Alert for July 2009

The summer solstice on June 20-21 set the stage for the whole summer. The solstice chart showed the Sun in opposition to Pluto. This energy activates power and control issues on all levels. Are you still trying to control anything at all? Control will not work in the new energy because the new energy is one of freedom. Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules governments and business. An example of this energy was the demonstrations in Iran right after their election. Mars just happened to be affecting their area at that time so the demonstrations became somewhat violent. This is the energy the polarity earth will be experiencing this summer. Hopefully we have moved into a new frequency where this type of energy can exist, but it won’t affect those who are manifesting love in their hearts. If you have love in your heart you can walk through fire without getting burned.

The New Madrid fault will feel the effects of this energy either by earthquakes or water events like storms and flooding. Pluto also rules transformation so there is a very strong energy to transform Earth and to continue transforming our bodies into the new vibration energy. I think some of us have finished our rewiring process. I think this was completed at the Summer Solstice. I sure went through lots of electrical surges in my body the better part of June, and it was not comfortable. Did you have any problems with electrical surges or electrical appliances not working for you? Maybe you should keep all your electrical stuff surrounded in the Christ light so their energy becomes compatible with your energy. This works for cars, computers and anything electrical. They also like to be talked to and acknowledged. I always call my car by its name, and I also thank it for a safe journey whenever I go somewhere. I also fill my house with the Christ light. Love works wonders!

July will be a very powerful month because there will be two eclipses, along with the planetary aspect of Mars in Taurus in a 90 degree angle to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron in Aquarius. This aspect will be exact at the lunar eclipse full moon in Capricorn on July 7, 2009. The triple conjunction is affecting the Koreas and Mars is affecting the West Coast. Wow! What a powerful energy. N. Korea has been flexing its muscles and it looks like a crisis is still building. With that Mars energy in effect, something is bound to happen. Mars of course is a fiery type of energy. My area (Seattle) had a 3.7 earthquake today (July 1) and there was a large fire in Renton, along with a couple of other large fires. This is the type of energy that is in effect right now.

Eclipses are very important events. They activate a certain point in space and when a planet crosses that point things happen. Lunar eclipses are in effect for several months, and solar eclipses can stay in effect for several years. They definitely stay in effect for at least a year; they are not a one day event. The effects of an eclipse can also be felt before the actual eclipse happens like the earthquake and fires here in Seattle.

There are several areas that may be affected by this eclipse besides Korea and the West Coast. Washington D.C. and the East Coast are a couple of other areas that may experience challenges, along with the areas surrounding the Mississippi River. The longitude line of the Sun, at the solstice, was affecting Honduras and they just overthrew their leader. This energy will also continue to affect northern Iran, which includes Tehran. This eclipse will be seen in Indonesia, Eastern Australia, Antarctica, South America, North America and Eastern Asia. It’s time to hold onto your hat because who knows what is ahead for us.

I do know there has been a war going on in space, in fact right over our heads. I had a dream on May 8, 2009 that I was on a space ship and was watching the ships fight each other. It was an awesome dream and I know it was actually happening. It looked like the ships were shooting laser beams at each other. After my dream I was listening to Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast and he was talking about the war that is going on in space. He thinks it is between two different factions, or groups who are vying for control of this planet. I think it is between negative Aliens (who came to Earth last November 22, 2008) and our secret government. Our secret government has had space ships at least since the Second World War. They are capable of going to the Moon, Mars and maybe even farther out into space. Our space ships do not have the capability of the ships from outer space. Ours are like an old model ford compared to theirs.

I have also heard there is an object coming toward Earth that is fifteen to twenty miles in diameter. It is moving very slowly and changing course as it moves. Sounds like a large ship to me. Maybe it is coming to put a stop to all this war-type energy we seem to find ourselves involved in. Maybe it’s like a parent coming to say, ‘you kids have played long enough in this energy and enough is enough.’ It’s time to move out of the old energy and into the new. The last part of my dream was a huge celebration. Let’s finish up this war stuff and get to the party. Incidentally, the meaning of this lunar eclipse degree is – Guests relax after a huge banquet.

In the 19th chapter of Revelation it says,” Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse (ship) appeared. He who was in it is called Faithfull and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war (or stops the war). And I saw the beast and the kings of Earth, with their armies gathered to make war against him who sits in the ship. The beast and his armies lost.” Is this a light ship moving toward Earth? Time will tell. If it is a ship coming in it sounds like it will come in with lots of fanfare because it also says in Revelation that God’s temple was opened and the Ark of his Covenant was seen within his temple and there were flashes of lightning, loud noises, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

I received an email a couple of weeks ago talking about the Ark being in a temple in Ethiopia. This email said that Abuna Pauolos of Ethiopia had a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI and confirmed that the Ark of the Covenant did exist and was kept in a church is his homeland of Ethiopia. The email said that the Ark would be revealed on Friday June 26, 2009 but that did not happen. Maybe they changed their minds but the fact that information was put on the Internet means that it could still be revealed. If that does happen then you will know that it is one of the Bible prophecies. Incidentally, Barack Obama’s lineage has been traced back to Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia. In fact his lineage has been traced back to King Soloman. If you are interested in Obama’s lineage look it up on the Internet.

Now back to the eclipses. There will be a total Solar Eclipse on July 21, 2009 at 7:38 pm PDT. This will be the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the 21st century – the longest until June 13, 2132. It will last 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Totality, or near totality will be visible in many cities such as Calcutta, Delhi, Katmandu, Shanghai and Wuhan. The Sun and Moon will be on 29 degrees Cancer, which is a critical degree. This eclipse will oppose the planet Pluto in the United States birth chart. This means there will be major transformation occurring in our government in the coming months. There will also be a transformation of the financial system. There is a possibility of the world going on a world wide financial system backed by gold.

The meaning of the degree of the solar eclipse is, “Here we have a symbol of the proud preservation of social cultural values. After several generations the ancestor who was perhaps a violent revolutionist acquires a halo of respectability. The tradition that once was born of revolution now extols ‘law and order’. The symbol for this degree is, “A daughter of the American Revolution.” Taken from the book, An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar. This eclipse means there is hope for the United States and the world.   So Be It!

Isn’t life interesting? You never know what a day will bring. Enjoy the summer and live in joy and happiness. I send you my love and blessings.

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****

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From Brian Roberts – Holy Water Clear Light

             Information on the high frequency Clear Water
        (It only takes one drop in a gallon of water to raise your frequency.)

For you the Curious few who dare to drink this Accelerating Brew

I do not have any vacuum cleaners to sell you but I’ve got a friend who is an Alchemist and he has been able to charge water in such a way as to put quite a little sparkle back in your eyes, some more pulsation in the heart and maybe a little twinkle in your toes. I AM totally not kidding. is where you want to go to find out about it and order some. (My offering here is a public service for the Water).

There is not room enough to put all the testimonials but you may contact me directly if you want to talk about it. Brian at Clear Light has given me the Clarity and the Edge that I need to continue producing and recording music and writing the training manual for the 12 step DNA Activation work that is unfolding. But be very Clear about this when you expand your awareness and consciousness you have to be willing to do some diligence and clean up on your four lower bodies. Do it and get a head start. Drink this Eden brew, Holy Water, Rainbow beverage, the awesome Clear Light!

Try it – you might just like it!

Brian Roberts


Planet Alert for June 2009

I send my greetings to all of you from the beautiful city of Seattle. It’s June 4, and the Sun is out in all its glory. Summer is here! My article is a little late this month because I am having a hard time keeping up with myself. Time just disappears into the ethers and then I wonder where the day has gone. Do any of you have the same thing happening? Soon we will be in the time of no time, isn’t that exciting? According to the Mayan prophecies the time of the nine hells started on June 7, 2000. Does this mean the nine hells are over on June 7, 2009? This full moon is on June 7. Maybe a major event will happen that will affect everyone. Time will tell!

The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron (which has been in effect for a while) is over Korea and Mars is moving to oppose that conjunction right now. This means there is a crisis building in that country. The US and China are not happy with what North Korea is doing. The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has already tested a nuclear bomb and in his hands this power could be disastrous. Mars will be opposing this conjunction all month, by declination, so that energy will be in effect for a while. Tempers may flare as this energy manifests. Mars opposing Jupiter means troop movements or a war type vibration.

Mars is in the sign of Taurus which rules money. Mars will stay in Taurus until July 11, 2009. Mars and Jupiter opposing each other may also create challenges with money like the banking system crisis, or the crisis so many people are going through right now with the loss of their jobs and financial support. I also feel there is something going on behind the scenes with the bankers that is about to surface although I don’t know exactly what is happening.

There are military exercises going on in Israel right now. They started as soon as Mars moved into Taurus because that sign affects Israel. It is so interesting to watch the energy of the planets in action. The hard part is trying to figure out how the events will manifest because man has free-will. Because so many people are awake, mass consciousness can change a lot of events that were scheduled to occur. With Mars energy over Israel is it possible that this energy could also work into a crisis for that area?

In my last article I said there would be a major focus on either the Middle East or the west coast in May. There were major fires on the coast and there was a major event in Israel with the visit of Pope Benedict to the holy land. The third prophecy of Fatima stated that the Pope would go to Israel, walk up the hill to the Dome of the Rock, and be killed. He went to Israel, stood on the holy ground with thousands of people with him, and was NOT killed. I believe mass consciousness changed that prophecy so the event happened without harm. I was impressed to look in the Bible at the 14th chapter of Revelation, and information came to me. I realized that Pope Benedict had just fulfilled the prophecy in that chapter.

In chapter 14 it says, “Then I saw a lamb (a non-violent person – Pope Benedict) standing on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and with him were 144,000 (there were thousands of people there) who had his name and his father’s name written on their foreheads (third eye). And I heard a sound from heaven like the roaring of a great waterfall or the rolling of mighty thunder. It was the singing of a choir accompanied by harps.”

People have interpreted the lamb as Jesus but the meaning of a lamb is a gentle non-violent person. With that idea in mind, the Pope fulfilled this prophecy. There were thousands of people with him when he visited the Dome of the Rock – the site where The Temple of Solomon originally stood. Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News said on Coast to Coast last April that she listened to the speech given by the Pope at the Easter ceremony of 2008 and her interpretation of the speech was that the Pope was basically talking about throwing out the money changers who have controlled Earth for so long. Is this control about to change?

There has been a major challenge going on behind the scenes between the New World Order bankers and the order of the Templars. The agenda of the Templars is entirely different than the agenda of New World Order. The Templars were the ones who were in charge of the treasures of Solomon and they were also in charge of taking care of the Holy Grail masters, or the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. There are many Templars working behind the scenes to disintegrate the plan of the One World Order.

The Templars have tremendous financial backing with all the gold they have been in charge of for so many years. What the Pope said at his Easter service may indicate that he is connected with the Templar order, behind the scenes of course. One year after his Easter speech, there were tremendous earthquakes just outside of Rome that totally destroyed the country-side. Were these quakes caused by the dark ones who play with the Haarp? Were they saying to the Pope – you better watch what you say because we are in charge?

Revelation goes on to say, “This tremendous choir – 144,000 strong – sang a wonderful new song (frequency) in front of the throne of God (temple mount) and no one could sing this song except the 144,000 (Symbolic number) who had been redeemed from the earth. This is referring to spiritual people who worship the God spark that is within everyone. They are the ones who will start manifesting Christ Consciousness on Earth. Do you know what the word redeemed means? The dictionary states it to mean the forgiveness of sins, freedom from the law’s curse, adoption into God’s family, deliverance from bondage, peace with God, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I’m all for that – it’s about time.

The 14th chapter goes on to say, “Love God, and extol his greatness. For the time has come when he will sit as Judge. (In other words, the change is here). Worship him who made the heaven and the earth, the sea and all its sources.” Then another angel followed him saying, “Babylon, Babylon (Iraq) the great has fallen. Then another angel followed them shouting, anyone worshiping the beast and accepting his mark on the forehead or the hand will drink the wine of the anger of God.” Aren’t we at the time period where some people will start taking the mark of the beast? It appears that way. This is not good news for those who choose to be marked because they will stay on the old energy Earth instead of moving forward into the high frequency Earth.

“And I heard a voice in the heavens above me saying, “Write this down; at last the time has come for his martyrs to enter into their full reward. Yes, says the spirit, they are blest indeed, for now they shall rest from all their toils and trials; for their good deeds follow them to heaven! Then the scene changed and I saw a white cloud, and someone was sitting on it that looked like Jesus, who was called “The son of man” with a crown of gold upon his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. He begins to use the sickle for the harvest time has come”.

Many people are waiting for December 21, 2012 for the turning point. I think we have reached it now! After the Summer Solstice of June 21, the energy will be right for manifesting the New Earth. This will be our new job. It’s time to live in love and joy and just be who we are. The New Earth is like a blank screen where we will be able to create whatever we want to experience. Our thoughts are very powerful – what you think is what you will create.

You cannot control anything in the new energy. Hopefully we have learned that lesson well. The controllers will not be able to control us anymore because the energy will not let that happen. In other words we have had Divine intervention by the manifesting of this high frequency energy that is here now. All we have to do is learn how to create with this new energy.

I think there are many things going on behind the scenes. It appears really dark right now but it’s always darkest before the dawn and I believe we are at the dawn of a wonderful new age. The dark has reached the end of their reign and are about to fall because they will not be able to handle the frequency. There are a lot of good people in the government right now who are working behind the scenes and when the time is right I think they will come forward and manifest a government of light with Barack Obama as their leader. So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


How the Holy Water Clear Light Changed my Life

By Brian Roberts

No one guided me to the product, (Spirit did) which I purchased, on line for curiosity sake. When it arrived I was about to exchange some healing sessions with a student and thought this is a great time to explore the Clear Light. I was right, bingo, and lights on. I immediately got a sense of expansion and clarity. One drop in a gallon of water and onto another frequency altogether, after nine days I decided to contact Keith Perry and talk to him about how blessed this product really is. He had heard this before.

There is much that will be said and brought forth about this water but the most impressive point is how my attention has been focused for meditation and for my music study. It is powerfully focused but relaxed at the same time. I actually went without ANY meat or chicken for almost two months as my INNATE WISDOM was directing my new dietary agenda. I exercise about 6 hours a week, meditate daily, eat better, talk to God gratefully and drink plenty of water, Holy Water that is. I wonder if my DNA is transforming?

Try some yourself and tell Keith you heard about it here and get a special deal. Check out or you can contact Keith at 512-267-0099 or contact Brian at

I have been drinking this water for a couple of months and it gives me a feeling of well being.

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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I send love and blessings to all of you.

Mahala Gayle

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Planet Alert for May 2009

We are almost in May. Where does the time go? May is such a beautiful month here in Seattle, the flowers start to bloom and the trees are out in all their glory. I love the month of May. The beauty of this month is from the positive energy of Venus. Do you know that Venus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates backwards? Why do you think it does that? Could it be because it manifests the Goddess energy which is negative and magnetic? Do you also know that Venus has a spin force around it just like we do? This spin force can be huge. Some people’s spin force is clockwise and others are counter clockwise. It’s my understanding that there are actually two spin forces around a person. One is inner and the other is outer, like a Star of David.

Do you also know that when Venus is retrograde and close to Earth the spin force around that planet can interact with the Earth’s spin force and cause physical Earth changes like the volcanic eruptions in Alaska, the earthquakes in Italy, and all the snow and storms that went across the United States in March and early April. Venus was retrograde at that time. Venus went retrograde in the sign of Aries. This sign rules Alaska and the opposite sign of Libra rules Italy and the Midwest is right in the middle. The force really hit those areas. Venus went direct on April 16th and is now in forward motion in the sign of Aries. Now the Sun is in Taurus (earth sign) and the West Coast, Middle East, Koreas, the lower South Pacific Islands, and Mexico will experience a lot of energy and possible earthquakes. There is a strong planetary aspect in mid May.

As Mars went through Pisces in March and most of April there were lots of stuff we had to look at and release. Some people got sick because that is their way of releasing and cleansing their body. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and brings up things from the past that needs to be looked at and released. Now Mars is in Aries, which is its own sign. It is very strong and sometimes war-like in that position, so keep your cool. It’s also time to move forward and start new things, even if Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 6th and stays there all month. This is not a good time to sign contracts because things tend to get mixed up when Mercury is retrograde. Accidents may increase during this month because Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini, which rules transportation and communications. The positive side of Mercury retrograde is that things from the past that need to be settled can be settled during this time period. Mercury will be in Taurus for half of this retrograde period. Taurus rules money, so issues around money may arise at this time which can be either positive or negative. It depends on how you view life.

Pluto stays retrograde from April 4, 2009 until September 12, 2009 in the sign of Capricorn which rules business, governments, houses and structures of all kinds. Pluto is The God of Transformation and is also considered The God of the Underworld. We will see lots of Saturn/Pluto energy this summer. This energy will affect bankers, business people, and our leaders. This could be the time period when control issues come up to be looked at and transformed. There may also be demonstrations in various parts of the world when people start to wake up and realize how much they have been controlled. This could be an interesting summer.

Uranus is the planet that rules change, revolutions, and riots. It has been in the sign of Pisces since 2003 and will stay there until March 12, 2011. Being Pisces is a water sign, the Earth has been taking a bath. This means that the storms, winds, and flooding that have been covering the Earth for several years will continue for a while yet. This includes melting of the Ice Sheets. When Uranus moves into Aries in 2011, we will start a whole new seven year fire cycle. Pisces also rules ships. Now we have the Pirate War. Could there be more to this war than meets the eye? It’s my understanding that there is an underground base in the Gulf of Aden. Maybe the Dolphins are guarding this base. Did you see the picture of hundreds of Dolphins coming out of the ocean and blocking an attempted attack against a Chinese ship by a group of pirates? What an amazing event. I believe we will see more wondrous events in the year to come.

I received an email by Jose Jaramillo that said we have completed the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells of the Mayan Calendar that started with the Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17 1987. I believe that is when we jumped a time-line into the fourth dimension, and most people did not even know that happened. The 13 Heavens started on August 16, 1987 and lasted until June 7, 2000 when we entered into the 9 hells. I must admit that the energy on Earth has been very violent in the past nine years.

Thinking back from 1987 to 2000 it was quite peaceful on Earth. Then in September of 2000 tremendous violence broke out in Israel. Then we had 9-11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq in 2003, and many other wars in various countries. Israel and the surrounding area of the Middle East, which includes Somalia, has experienced much violence. Violence all over the world escalated as we went through the 9 Hells.

I believe we jumped another time-line October 14, 2008, although we still had to finish the fire initiation. In November we elected a new world leader. There were celebrations all over the world after Barack Obama was elected. I felt the energy from those celebrations. It was a wonderful energy. According to his chart he has had a lot of Saturn/Uranus/Mars energy against him which has made it difficult for him to make the changes he would like to make. We need to give him a chance. Look at how he is trying to bring the leaders of the world together so they can settle their differences in a peaceful way.

We have been walking between two worlds for several months. Now we have completed the Fire Initiation and will be able to manifest Christ consciousness on Earth. This is what I have been waiting for all these years. I think it is very exciting! I’m not saying that everything will be great on Earth right away because Pluto is still retrograde until September 12, 2009, and Mars is in Aries right now. What I am saying is I believe that light workers, and others who have love in their hearts, will be experiencing a new energy on Earth. I thought some of us passed the fire initiation three years ago but I was wrong. It was just the start of that initiation and now we have indeed passed the 9th initiation at the ending of the 9 Hells in the Mayan Calendar.

The fire initiation is the manifestation of love in our hearts. Some people believe that love is only a wayward feeling or an emotion. No, love is the first cause of all life. Love is light and heat and life itself. Fire brings warmth and light and beauty into life. Have you said to yourself in the past few years, “How can I become free? No matter how I struggle I cannot break my bonds!” The reason for this is you have been striving through logic to find your way out. This you will never do. The way to release your self from bondage is through simple love. The fire initiation opens the door for us to love unconditionally because we have looked at all our garbage and are becoming free spirits.

The spinal fluid or spirit fire in our bodies is ruled by the planet Neptune. This planet on the lower level is the deceiver, and on the higher lever is the master of spiritual energy. We have been living under an illusion for a long time. In fact we live in a holographic Universe. Now we will be able to break free of the illusion and become free spirits, but we still need to use discernment in life. We are about to see the last act in the drama of the Dark Masters. In the last few years we have come under the control of those Beings, and they are very cunning. Most of the world is not aware of this and there is going to be a big wake up call this summer. Before long the dark ones will leave Earth because they will not be able to handle the high frequency.

We need to be grounded on Earth if we are to live here in love and harmony. Your base chakra is what grounds you to Earth. This chakra is red in color and is ruled by the planet Mars. Red and Green are color opposites. If you stare at Red you can see the green energy of its polarity. Green rules the heart chakra and if we focus on sending out green energy from our heart chakra we will attract red energy. Actually the base chakra has been infused with white light which makes it more of a red/pink color. This red/pink energy can heal our base chakra where all of our fears of survival have been stored. It’s the chakra of fight or flight. We need to make sure this chakra is in good condition.

I received an email of a channeling by Lord Kuthumi through Michelle Eloff. In this channeling it talks about a shift in energy that happened on April 4, 2009. Quote “In this key date activation the 4:4 Gateway is also the Ninth Fire Gate. You have come to a point now where a new structure will be born; this will be integrated through the four lower bodies as you have come to know them – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. As you integrate and anchor energy through these four aspects of self you begin to learn how the various mechanism of life influence you and how fate often governs the direction your life moves in, not because you don’t have a say in the matter but simply because your understanding of that dynamic has as not yet moved to the next level. When you remain within one level of understanding you are like a dog chasing its tail, running around in circles working with the same ideas, the same morals, values, truths and preconceived notions of what that dynamic in your life is all about.” In other words; change your thoughts, change your life.

It’s my understanding that when we moved into the 4th dimension in 1987 we needed to look at our shadow self and own and accept who we are. Then we needed to love ourselves unconditionally so we can move into our God power. Love is the strongest force in this Universe. The 4th dimension is where everything exists, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is also where the war in heaven and Earth has been played out. This war culminated on the Sun on November 22, 2008. At that time many negative entities were teleported to Earth to cause trouble. They have definitely been causing much trouble the last few months.

Just because we went through the Fire Gate on April 4th does not mean that there will magically be peace on Earth over night. In fact, the 5 months that Pluto will be retrograde could be very challenging. You graduate from school and then go look for a job. It may take a while to find that job. The Fire Gate channeling says “after this activation you are required to give a lot of thought to where you are at on your journey right now. The new structure that comes into play is a result of this time and energy that we are asking you to invest in observing the patterns, the habits, the beliefs and attitudes that you have adopted that play out in your life.”

There is another interesting thought in that channeling. It talks about changing the way the dynamic of the law of attraction works for you by looking at life as being something that you are attracted to rather than everything being attracted to you. In the past we have brought our experiences to us by our old programming and fears. Now, if we finally accept the fact that we are great Beings of Light, maybe we can start creating what we choose to experience instead of garbage from the past. The Bible says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, then all else will be given unto you.” This means that if you have released your garbage and are ready to manifest love, you will have everything you need in life plus more abundance than you ever dreamed possible.

I love all of you and don’t forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet. Love is soft and gentle. So Be It!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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If I missed your email about wanting a Past Life Chart done, please contact me again. Sometimes emails just seem to disappear. I am still doing Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings at the bargain price of a $25 donation. If you are interested contact me at I will need your birth data (month, day, year) time you were born and where you were born. You can either pay by PayPal at or send a check, money order, or cash to: Gayle Flenniken   PO Box 69613   SeaTac, WA 98168 – No out of country checks please.

I am also open to donations for my writings!    Thanks in advance!

Blessings to all of you!

Mahala Gayle

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