Planet Alert for May 2003

I think May is one of the most beautiful months on the West Coast. The flowers and trees are in full bloom and gorgeous in their display of colors. April showers bring May flowers and we have had our share of rain this past month. I think we are feeling the effect of Uranus in the water sign Pisces and Mercury in Taurus.

What do the planets have in store for us this month, and in the months to come? First of all Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus for the better part of May. It’s not a good idea to sign any contracts during this time period. If you have to sign one, be sure and read the fine print. It’s also not a good idea to have an operation with Mercury retrograde. Unfinished business from the past may also come forward to be settled. Mercury will stay retrograde, and in the shadow until May 24.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on May 15, 2003. On that day the moon will be in Scorpio activating the Middle East. Mercury will be making a ninety degree angle to Neptune which is over Korea and SE Asia. Mercury and Neptune in a stressful angle causes confusion, deception, or communication problems which can have undesirable consequences. Neptune goes stationary retrograde, which makes that planet very powerful. Some of the things Neptune rules are diseases like SARS. Mars will be conjunct Neptune activating those areas during the month of May so it looks like the epidemic will continue.

Mars is the war planet and it is moving over Korea right now. It will be there from April 21 to June 16, 2003. It’s crisis time! Lower SE Asia, like the Philippines and Indonesia, will probably experience more volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. The Sun will be moving through the sign of Taurus. This always affects the West Coast, Mexico, and the Middle East.

The solar eclipse on May 30, will be in Gemini. This sign rules laws. For the past one and a half years the moon’s north node was moving through the sign of Gemini. During that time period many laws were passed that took away people’s freedom like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. After this eclipse people will start rebelling against these laws.

Now the north node is moving through Taurus, which rules money and the Earth. Watch what happens to our money system as the node moves through this sign. Mother Earth will also become serious about cleansing herself. The node will stay in Taurus until December of 2004.

Many people say the Earth changes will start big time in the month of May because of planet X (Nibiri) passing by Earth. Time will tell! It is said that we, in the northern hemisphere, couldn’t see the part of the universe where Planet X was coming from until it was here. It is apparently here now because there are several pictures of it on the web site.

Something has definitely been affecting our solar system and has caused all of the planets to go through their change, except Earth. I don’t know if this has been caused by Planet X or not. However, Uranus and Neptune went through pole shifts, and Jupiter had several comet fragments smash into it. Something exploded around Saturn, which caused it to be encompassed by a white cloud. Our Sun has been going crazy since 1991, and just recently it went through a pole reversal. It has changed from a Hydrogen Sun to one of Helium and is now brighter than it has ever been. Earth is the last planet to be cleansed, and now it’s our turn.

We are just finishing the 18th chapter of revelation and Baghdad (Babylon) has fallen. Toward the end of the 18th chapter it mentions that a stone will fall from heaven. The 21st verse of the 18th chapter says: “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea.” That sounds like an asteroid to me.

Soon we will be experiencing the 19th and 20th chapters of Revelation. The 19th chapter talks about a white horse with a rider that appears in heaven with a great army. I interpret that to mean white ships appear as the stars fall from heaven, or the ships come down. White Knights also ride horses. Is it time for Nesara? The 20th chapter talks about the downfall of the controllers. The power structure will change during Saturn’s transit through Cancer which is June 4, 2003 to July 15, 2005.

The Bible talks about what happens after the fall of Babylon. It says: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken, then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. At that time there will be two men in the field; one is taken and one is left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left. Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect”. I believe this corresponds with the 19th chapter of Revelation.

The darkness may happen because of the Photon belt. The Sun appeared black on SOHO pictures when it was immersed into the Photon belt. Black light is Ultra Violet light. This high energy could cause the separation of people where one is taken (into a higher frequency) and one is left. People need to be spiritually ready at this point in time.

We, as a group consciousness, have been going through the 9th initiation which corresponds with the majority of Earth manifesting 9 Hertz. Some places on Earth are higher. We have already gone through the 7th initiation which corresponds to the 7th sign called Libra, which rules justice. This was the time period when we went through the O.J. Simpson trial. The 8th sign is Scorpio which rules sex. This is when Bill Clinton played his part so well that we all had the opportunity to look at our sexual issues.

The 9th sign is Sagittarius, the archer. This sign corresponds with the spiritual warrior. It also rules religion, and religious wars. We have to pass this initiation in order to move into a higher frequency. There is a 9th level grid around Earth which we need to transcend, or move through in order to be free and manifest Christ Consciousness.

We have been in a war of judgment. We have been judging ourselves and others. Our president George Bush and Saddam Hussein have played out this drama quite well. This war has given us an opportunity to judge on a world wide scale, and this war has been a manifestation of the war inside of us. Who have you been judging? Have you been judging yourself? Have you been judging other people? Have you been judging the energy of war? How long will this war go on? It depends on how long the war within continues. Look at what you have been judging and release that energy. Release judgment, or criticism, and you will be free because no one will be able to push your buttons anymore. Everyone we judge is a mirror of ourselves. The number 9 initiation is a time of isolation, or a time of being alone to go within to find God.

The 9th Hebrew letter is Teth, and is connected with the sign Leo, which rules the heart. It is only by overcoming the forces of the heart and making Leo the Lion tame and obedient to the will, that the Christ-child may lead you and make you lay down with the lamb. We are in the year of the Sheep or Lamb. Once we have passed the 9th initiation we will be able to meet our benevolent brothers and sisters from space because we will be manifesting a frequency high enough to be able to see them.

There have been three time lines since the time of Atlantis. In other words, the Earth split into three different Earths at that time. The melding of one time line was in 1988 when there was an atomic war on that particular time line that we weren’t even aware of. That was a lower level Earth and our bodies from that Earth started melding with us and that is when many people starting honoring their shadow self.

There have been two Earths with a bridge between them for a few years. Soon the bridge will be gone. Those who continue to vibrate to war and violence will stay on one Earth, and those who move forward will inherit the new earth which is talked about in the 21 and 22 chapters of Revelation.

All you have to do to move into the higher frequency Earth is to stop judging yourself and others. Then your Christ Consciousness will start manifesting in all it’s glory because you will love yourself. There is a world of joy and happiness overshadowing the world of darkness. It’s time to manifest joy! So Be It! I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala***

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Planet Alert for February & March 2003

We just entered the year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology. A young sheep is called a lamb. I think I prefer to call this the year of the LAMB. The lamb brings in the energy of the Christ. Both the word Christ and the number 2003 vibrate to the number five.

It’s interesting that Mars will be so dominant in the gentle year of the lamb, or maybe we should call it the year of the Ram. I’m sure Mars will bring up a lot of challenges for humanity. The war vibration that is very strong right now is a reflection of the anger found within people. Humanity has called up this dark energy so it can be transformed into light. Those who are awake and have cleansed their bodies, minds, and souls, will be able to help with this transformation process.

If you pray for peace and you are not peaceful within, you will just add your fearful energy to mass consciousness. The best way to call in peace is to feel peace within and then radiate that vibration out to those around you. If enough people radiate peace it will eventually encompass humanity.

The energy of February is very intense. The planets Mars, Saturn and Pluto will be fighting it out all month as Mars moves through the fire sign of Sagittarius. The explosion of the space shuttle is an example of the power of Mars and Pluto together in a fire sign. There was also an explosion in a chemical plant in North Carolina. This energy will be building to a peak in mid February when Mars makes an exact conjunction to Pluto. This energy activates aggressive action and intensifies will power. It rules police and military affairs. Then on March 5, Mars moves into the Earth sign of Capricorn and the energy will shift.

In mid February several planets will line up on the same declination. At the same time the Sun will be activating Uranus and Pluto. Uranus brings unexpected or surprising events and is over SE Asia, which includes North Korea. This is a very negative, intense, period of time. What an energy to have in effect on Valentines Day!

In the United States birth chart we find the planet Mars on 20 degree Gemini. George Bush’s Uranus is at 19 degrees Gemini, and his node (his destiny) is at 20 degrees. This is why I have said in the past that he came in as a war president. The chart for Baghdad shows the moon at 19 degrees Gemini. Right now Pluto is at 19 degrees Sagittarius activating all of this war energy. Mars will be on 19 degrees Sagittarius in mid February which means it will take a miracle to avoid war; however, I do believe in miracles. Jupiter is retrograde and this helped put the war on hold so we could move our troops over there.

Saddam Hussein has four planets in Taurus, which makes him very stubborn. He was born with his Sun conjunct Uranus, which means he does things without thinking about the consequences. His Mars, and his moon, are both in Sagittarius, which means he is a very angry man. His node is on 15 degrees Sagittarius with Pluto on top of it right now so it doesn’t look like he is long for this world.

This past December eclipse activated a lot of Sagittarius energy. There were four planets in that sign along with the south node. The south node activates events from the past, so we need to think about why this energy is being manifested now? What does the world and humanity need to learn through the manifestation, or possibility, of war?

George Bush has Leo rising with three planets in that sign which also makes him stubborn. With the Sagittarian energy activating his south node it means that he was destined for his job because the south node brings in your destiny. His Sun is on 13 degrees Cancer, which is the same degree as the United States Sun. He is obviously playing the part he chooses to experience. How would you like to have his job? How many people could handle that kind of power and responsibility?

Mars will continue to be very dominant for the better part of this year as it moves into its closest point to Earth in August 2003. Mars can be negative and cause a lot of trauma, or it can activate a lot of energy to get things done. It’s a good time to start a project that requires lots of energy. The Mars energy will change as it moves through different signs. In March and April Mars will be in Capricorn, and there will be a lot of energy around business and government.

On March 11, the planet Uranus moves into the sign of Pisces. There is a big difference between Uranus being in its own sign of Aquarius, where it belongs, and being in an emotional water sign. The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo, and this energy will also be activated. This energy will open up a lot of new healing techniques, and new methods of treating diseases.

Pisces is a very psychic sign. I think a lot of people who are still sleeping will wake up, particularly the star beings who are called either the Indigos or the crystal children. I believe they will wake up big time in the next seven years. Many of them are already awake. They are the ones who will refuse to fight, and will bring in the energy of peace. Pisces rules drugs. There will obviously be a lot of changes in the drug scene. I believe this is the time when natural healing will come in big time. Pisces also rules hospitals, the lymphatic system, and illness that is hard to diagnose. It rules all bodies of water, ships, rivers, fish, and the water we drink. It rules gas, gas stations, oil, and oil wells. All of the things that are ruled by Pisces are subject to change with Uranus in that sign. This also means that those born in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius will be subject to many changes in the next seven years.

Saturn will be moving into the water sign of Cancer on June 4. Cancer is a very feminine nurturing mother energy. It rules women in general. With Saturn in that sign we will find many women with a lot of responsibility. Cancer rules hotels, stores in general, grocery stores, and food. Most Cancer people like to eat. This sign rules families, countries, stomach gas, fluids, cancer, and digestion.

The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn. This energy will also be activated. Sagittarians have felt the pressure for the last couple of years. Now it is the Capricorn’s who will feel the stress, although they are used to feeling that way because their sign is ruled by Saturn. On the positive side it can bring rewards. Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years. During this time period there will be many challenges with the economy and business. Many governments will change leadership. There will be more women coming into a position of power.

Our Sun has been changing its vibration since 1991, when two new frequencies were discovered. We are children of the Sun, and as the Sun changes frequency so do we. Our Sun has been very active for the past few years. This is what is causing everything on Earth to change. Solar flares and CME affect the Earth very dramatically when they are directed this way. The Earth responds within 24 hours after a solar flare with either an earthquake, storm, or volcanic eruption. I hear that a doorway opened on the Sun that allows energy to flow through it from the Central Sun. This energy is now affecting Earth and is causing it to raise in frequency.

We are the last planet in this solar system to go through its change. At times the changes seem fearful or frightening. Those in charge use fear to control people and many still need to look at their fear issues. We were programmed with many false programs as we grew up, and many are still responding to those programs. It’s time to turn the switch, and bring in a new program. It’s time to live in joy and happiness on the new Earth. How do we accomplish that feat? Not by living in fear. Our main purpose in life is to live in joy and bliss.

Living in bliss is what the Bible means when it says that first you seek the kingdom of god, and then all else will be given unto you. Tobias says: “The final adjustment of the grids and the potential of empowerment for all humans creates a challenge for the old energy of duality. Perhaps humans do not realize, in their conscious mind, that they have the potential for empowerment. Humans all around the world are feeling something. It is uncomfortable at times. You know what we are talking about. Most of you had this experience prior to your awakening. It is a feeling of unrest, a feeling of not being at peace, a feeling that something is going to happen, but not knowing what. This is part of your awakening process. Humans all across your world are feeling this now. This feeling, this agitation is actually intensifying the energies of duality right now. It will continue for awhile. You do not need to participate in it. You do not need to be affected by it.”

Become an observer instead of an agitator. That does not mean to sit around doing nothing, although that is all right too. It means to go about your every day life in joy and happiness. Seek peace within. Walk in love. Experience the joy of living. When you live in joy you are immune to anything that is going on in this world. If more people lived in joy there would not be anymore wars on this beautiful planet.

Some people say they cannot see anything beyond the year 2003. Other remote viewers can see into the future. Which time line are they seeing? The ones who cannot see into the future are seeing the new Earth, which has no agenda. There is a blank screen waiting for us to create the future. What an exciting prospect. This opportunity has never been here before. The energy of the new Earth is on one frequency. No more duality. All you have to do to move into this new Earth is to live in joy. Isn’t that exciting?

I send you my blessings!

** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for January 2003

We’re now in the great year of 2003. What will this year bring? First of all it is a number five year which is the number of change. This year will also be expressed as a 23/5. The five rules freedom and discipline, the two rules balance, and the three rules expression. The energy of the number five is very active so it will be a year of action. Last year was a number four which rules work or limitation. This year will have an entirely different vibration.

The positive expression of the number five is feeling free inside. The five will take more chances than other numbers care to experience. This means there is no fear connected with the number five if it is manifesting on a positive level. This year will give us the opportunity to reach freedom within. Isn’t that great? All of you with a number five destiny will fit right in with this years’ vibration.

The negative expression of five is one of control and manipulation. No one can control you if you have no fears. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. You may be faced with situations this year that require decisions because five indicates two paths. This will be an important year because five is the middle number between one and nine. There will be continual change and activity this year, and many things will happen unexpectedly, which means we need to be flexible so we can handle this nervous, restless energy.

On February 1, we move into the year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology. This is one of the most feminine signs in the Chinese Horoscope. The Sheep’s influence will draw us closer to home and our families. The Sheep rules our creative force and artistic endeavors. Wars, international conflicts, and mutual animosities that start in the year of the Horse (2002) usually ends in the year of the Sheep. This is why the Kali Yuga says peace starts in the year 2003 – probably by the end of the year. At least on the higher dimension Earth.

There will be a major shift this year caused by two major planets moving into different signs. The planet Uranus has been in it’s own sign of Aquarius for the last seven years. Uranus is an electrical male energy planet. In March it will move into the feminine water sign of Pisces. It’s going to be interesting to see the outcome of such a powerful male planet in a feminine water sign.

Uranus is considered the planet of change. It started manifesting very strongly after 1962 when several planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius. Remember the turbulent sixties – that was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Uranus is also considered a rebellious planet. This planet rules the opening of the seals in the Bible. The first seal opened in February of 1962, and the White Horse appeared. Uranus was on 29 degrees Leo in February of 1962, and in August of that year it moved into Virgo to stay for seven years. Since 1962 Uranus has moved through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Each time it moves through another sign it opens a seal in the Bible.

We are in the part where it says, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates”. The four angels are released and war starts, unless something changes that vibration. This is referring to the sixth seal that may open this month with the Mars/Uranus square. The energy between those two planets is fiery, explosive and war like. Uranus is over Korea and Venezuela, and Mars is over the Persian Gulf. The opposite side of the world is also affected, which is the West Coast. The tremendous storm that came into the Pacific Northwest on December 27, occurred when Mars was square Jupiter.

After the sixth seal opens the Bible says; “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God upon their forehead.” This means that no harm will come to those who are ready to manifest the new frequency of unconditional love, joy, and happiness. I’m excited about this year. I think it will be great for those who have chosen to be a part of the higher frequency world. If you choose to change your life, the fastest way to do this is to be thankful for everything and quit complaining. All is well in my world! I send you my blessings!

** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for December 2002

It’s December already and Christmas is almost upon us. It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2003. Time is really going fast. On December 3 we had a solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. The darkness from that eclipse was seen over Africa and Australia. Those two countries have been in the spot light for the past couple of weeks. There are fires burning in Australia, and violence in Africa. I’m sure we will hear more from those countries because eclipses activate events.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This planet just went retrograde, and will stay that way until April 3, 2003. Jupiter is usually considered the jovial planet, although in the retrograde phase it is more serious. Jupiter rules religion. During this eclipse the Sun was conjunct Pluto which gives energy to that planet. Pluto is the planet that uncovers things that have been hidden for a long time. The Catholic church has had their challenges, this will continue. Some of the other things that will be affected by this eclipse are banks, schools, colleges, mountains, horses, teachers, etc.

The planets look very stressful from mid December until the Winter Solstice. The Sun will be opposing Saturn, which is transiting over the New Madrid Fault. Saturn also rules the economy. It looks like Christmas will be very low key this year because many people are out of work, which contributes to a depressive atmosphere. Christmas has become very materialistic. Maybe it’s time to change to a more spiritual, joyful celebration. A time of getting together with friends and family to simply enjoy each others company.

Another planet to look at is Mars. This planet is moving into position to be at the closest point to Earth in August of 2003. It will be the closest it has been in 50,000 years. That is pretty awesome. Maybe we will be able to see the structures on Mars with a simple telescope. Mars has always been considered the war planet, and is fiery in nature. I think we will see many volcanic eruptions during this time period. It is also the planet of war, and is transiting over the Middle East right now. The opposite side is the West Coast. It will be activating those areas until the end of February 2003.

Mars will be making a 90 degree angle to Neptune in mid December. This activates viruses, vaccinations, bacteria, and biological issues. Mars is also activating Jupiter which causes troop movement. In January Mars squares Uranus, which is over southeast Asia. This is a very explosive aspect. Mars will be very powerful as it moves closer to Earth. How many of you know there is a planet named Vulcan? Astrologers have known this planet exists for a long time. Vulcan is between the Sun and Mercury. In Mythology it is said to veil the heart of the Sun. We haven’t been able to see this planet because it is too close to the Sun. Could one of the objects seen on the SOHO satellite pictures be of the planet Vulcan?

This planet is going to be very dominant for the next six months because it rules the Dreamspell glyph that was in effect on the day of the lunar eclipse that happened on November 19, 2002. This glyph is called the Red Serpent. The Red Serpent represents the planet Vulcan, our double DNA helix, and our Kundalini energy. This energy rules our life-force, and is very passionate, resourceful, motivated, strong willed, powerful, creative, and wise. It is also the purifier, an extremist, and is very charismatic. This energy will be in effect until May 15, 2003 when there will be another lunar eclipse.

The Sun sends out solar rays. These rays are ruled by the planet Vulcan. The rays that come out of the Sun are considered serpent rays. These rays are sent to Earth and are absorbed into the ground where there are dragon lairs or vortexes. One such place is Stonehenge which is known for its serpent (or Lay) lines. The serpent woke up during this last lunar eclipse.

The chart for November 19 shows the Sun conjunct Mercury, and Vulcan which is on 4 degrees Sagittarius. This degree rules detectives, and undercover work. Could this have anything to do with Homeland Security, and the undercover work that goes along with this bill? This bill was passed on Monday, November 18. A few days later the president signed it into law. The New World Order now has complete control. How long will this controlled society last? Time will tell!

Because the moon was lined up with the Great Central Sun Alcyone at the time of that eclipse, much light was sent to Earth. This light is what is causing the Kundalini energy to begin its ascension. I received an email yesterday called, Lady Kadjina Speaks. If you wish to read her articles her address is: In her article it says; “The South Pole is similar to the root chakra of our planet. It says that Earth has now reached the point where she has taken back her power. She has broken the chains of the ‘battered woman’ syndrome. When this happened she connected her Kundalini energy and it rushed from her root chakra straight up to her crown chakra at the North Pole, which accounted for the great spike in Earth’s geomagnetic reading that occurred on November 25. She says that the 7.9 earthquake that occurred in Alaska on November 3, caused her to shake herself free, and opened her crown chakra.” She has now taken back her power, and it is time for us to do the same thing. No more fear. Fear is simply the lack of love.

I had a dream on the morning of November 20 where I had a huge snake for a pet. Then the scene changed and the snake was outside, and it was frozen. (Snakes go to sleep in the winter.) I was petting it to wake it up, and it was very hungry when it finally awoke. Then a whole group of very happy, joyful children came running down my driveway to play with the snake.

This dream is very symbolic. The snake represents the Kundalini force and the double DNA helix. The snake was frozen, (sleeping) and about to wake up. Once it woke up we moved into a very joyful time period as symbolized by the children. The snake will probably sleep, or slowly awaken until we reach the spring equinox in March. There is a Mayan celebration that honors the serpent as it starts moving up the pyramid at the exact time of the spring equinox every year. There are many people who attend this celebration.

The winter season is considered the dark night of the soul. I believe Earth will be going through some very intense challenges this winter as the Earth starts to shake herself free, and her inhabitants wake up. The November 19 lunar eclipse started moving our Kundalini energy. As this energy starts moving up your spine and through your chakras, you may experience more stuff in your face. The Red Serpent Fire cleanses as it moves through the chakras. Anything that needs to be released will appear before you in various different ways. I think it is important to be aware of this event so you don’t get all bent out of shape if stuff reappears that you thought you dealt with years ago.

In several creation myths, the serpent Vulcan is the father of twins, or our double DNA helix . The twins represent male and female, or positive and negative energy, which is symbolic of duality in our universe and in our bodies. The twins rule the sign of Gemini, and Saturn is moving through that sign right now. Saturn will be there until the end of May 2003. During this sojourn of Saturn through Gemini the twins need to be reunited in our bodies so we can manifest oneness. We are moving into a oneness universe. The energy that is here now is on one frequency, not two. This energy has never been here before, and we have a tremendous opportunity right now to move into the new frequency.

I read a very interesting book called, ‘The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom’, by Mark Pinkham. In this book it says that during the minor terrestrial destructive phases of Earth, the reunion of the Twins precipitates the full awakening of Vulcan, the Earth’s underworld, androgynous fire serpent. This activated serpent fire or planetary Kundalini then proceeds to reorganize and purify the Earth via earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

During Earth’s destructive phases, the Twins unite within the human body and awaken the androgynous fire serpent or spiritual Kundalini at the base of the spine. Once awakened, the spiritual Kundalini destroys limitation (form) and eventually makes a person immortal. Once the spiritual Kundalini is awakened within a person, it rises up the spine to the top of the head and eventually merges with the Crown Chakra, the seat of Spirit in the body. Along the way, this high frequency fire serpent fully activates all the chakras, destroys limitations on all levels of a person’s being, and finally transforms him or her into a god or goddess. When the snake reunites with the eagle (the brain) a person becomes a Serpent of Wisdom. Such accomplished Masters can elect to leave the physical world and travel within their Dragon Bodies to the upper dimensions of the universe, or remain on Earth as teachers.

According to the legends of the Hopi, the twins were instructed by their mother, Spider Woman, to migrate to the north and south poles and stabilize the Earth’s grid with their opposing polarities. Now we are at the end of the polarity creation and mother Earth has been shaken free. This means she is about to take control of her destiny and is not going to put up with anymore destruction to her planet. The Earth is about to start rocking and rolling as she cleanses her surface. Watch out big brother, you will be short lived. No more oil cartel. It’s time for new energy sources such as the power from the Sun.

The planet Vulcan rules the 13th sign of the zodiac which is called Ophiuchus, or Asklepius. The 13th sign also represents the woman goddess called Spider Woman. Asklepius was the son of Apollo, the Sun God. Asklepius had a Greek healing temple. He had snakes everywhere and people used to go to this dream temple to be healed. The medical caduceus was his symbol. This same caduceus is the emblem of our creator goddess. It symbolizes our DNA.

We do live in interesting times, and who knows what this new year will bring? The Kali Yuga says that peace begins in 2003 – probably in the later part of the year. Keep your light shining as we move through this holiday season. Stay balanced as the serpent starts moving up your spine. Express compassion, instead of anger, as you watch events unfold on the world scene. Remember, it’s all an illusion. The fastest way to create a new life is to give thanks for everything and quit complaining. All is well in my world. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for November 2002

Atlantis energy is being played out again on planet Earth. The planet Uranus, which ruled Atlantis, is parallel Pluto the transformer until the end of January 2003, and one degree away until March. This means we have about a five-month time period to experience old Atlantis energy. Are negative events surfacing i n your life to bring back memories of Atlantis? Isn’t it time to release that old energy? The world is also experiencing this energy. The right people are in the right place to play out this great Atlantean drama. Will they choose to play out this last scene by war and violence? Time will tell.

Uranus rules high technology such as computers and the Internet. It is felt as male electrical energy. Neptune ruled Lemuria and is feminine magnetic energy. When Uranus moves into Pisces, in March of 2003, we will start seeing a whole new energy pattern that will be feminine in nature. Maybe a feminine leader will come on the scene. Pisces is a water sign, and rules cosmic consciousness.

Mars, the planet that rules war, violence, and volcanic eruptions is transitting over Italy right now (Nov 1) and Mt Etna is erupting in all of her glory. The Russian country of Chechen also felt this Mars energy, and they experienced it as violence. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all moving through Scorpio right now, activating the Middle East. The challenge comes as Mars starts moving through Scorpio in December. By mid-December, Mars will be directly over the Middle East, including Iraq. The other planets will also be very intense at that time. This is a very explosive aspect, focused into the Middle East. The opposite side of the world that will also feel this energy is the West Coast of the USA and Mexico. Alaska, which is under the Taurus, Scorpio energy, already had a 7.9 earthquake as the Sun moved through the sign of Scorpio.

At the time of the full moon eclipse on November 19, the Sun will be directly over the Persian Gulf and will be square Uranus. This planet rules surprise events. This energy will also activate Indonesia, Korea, Japan , and other countries in that part of the world.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on 18 degrees Leo at the time of the new moon on December 4. Remember the eclipse on August 11, 1999, when the Sun was on 18 degrees Leo? That degree is the birth of Christ Consciousness. This energy really pushed us into an accelerated time period of change. On September 13, 1999, the image of a woman giving birth appeared in the heavens. This sign appears every 26,000 years.

In the twelfth chapter of Revelation, it talks about the woman who appears in heaven, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; she was with child (Christ Consciousness) and she cried out in her pangs of birth, in anguish for delivery. And another portent appeared in heaven; behold, a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads (The New World Order). And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child (those learning to manifest Christ Consciousness).

Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and there was no longer a place for them in heaven. The war in the higher heavens is over. The war in the lower heavens, which includes Mars, its moons, our moon, and Earth, continues until all of the dark Aliens leave our space. I hear they have been ordered off our planet by next year. I think this will happen by March because that is the end of 1,260 days.

According to the Bible, the deceiver of the whole world was thrown down to Earth on September 13, 1999. He has attempted to battle the children of light since then. The woman, the city that has the Statue of Liberty as its symbol, was attacked on September 11, 2001. The Bible gives a period of 1,260 days as the time the deceiver, along with the Alien controllers and the New World Order, have total control of Earth. The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about the war in the lower heavens, and the 20th chapter speaks of the downfall of the controllers. If I am interpreting Revelation right, we should see a change by March of next year.

The terrorist war started because of the energy of Saturn opposing Pluto. This opposition, by sign, ends the first part of June, 2003. The Saturn-Pluto opposition brings lack of jobs, money, business, etc. and this is why the world economy is in bad shape right now. Another important date is November 8, 2003. This will be the final triggering of the August 11, 1999 eclipse.

The path of the darkness from that total solar eclipse started at Stonehenge and continued through France, Turkey, the Middle East, and India. A couple of days later, there was a massive earthquake in Turkey. That’s why solar eclipses have been considered very unlucky if you happen to be in the path of darkness. Because Jupiter will be moving retrograde in December, on 18 degrees Leo, it will trigger that eclipse. With the other planets activating Mars, over the Middle East area, we will be in a very volatile time period. We are in the final throes of war on Earth and in our local heavens. It’s our job to manifest peace, love and compassion. Remember, the new Earth appears in the 21 and 22 chapters of Revelation, which is not that far away.

There is a world of light overshadowing the world of darkness. Stay in the oneness energy. The new Earth is already here for those who manifest that frequency. If you manifest love, you can walk through fire without getting burned. Keep your light shining – the Earth needs it! My blessings to you!

***By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for October 2002

Fall has arrived. Don’t you just love this season? The colors are gorgeous, at least in the northern hemisphere. I enjoy looking at all of the red, orange, and yellow trees. I also like the warm days and the cool nights, and the feeling of crispness in the air. Actually each season has its beauty. Earth itself is a beautiful planet. Why do people want to destroy this beauty? Maybe if we bless the Earth everyday we can change the energy of destruction to one of beauty.

As the world continues to change and evolve it may appear chaotic at times because negative energy is destroying itself, and this may work out as violence. Peace will come – it is on the agenda – although destruction may come first. I believe there are people who still need to experience war for their soul growth. When I pray for peace I always say for the highest and best good for all concerned. That way I am not interfering with anyone’s free will.

There are many people on Earth who think they are still living on the third dimension. It’s my understanding that the Earth first entered the fourth dimension on October 6, 1973, when Egypt attacked Israel and started the war of judgment. This was on their high holy day of Yom Kippur. When we first entered the fourth we were on the lowest level of that dimension. It has taken us this long to reach the higher levels of the fourth dimension.

I was told many years ago that when we moved through the fourth dimension things would become very chaotic. This was because everything that exists is on that dimension – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is where the alien controllers live. They have been working for years to completely control the Earth. Are we going to let them control us anymore? Isn’t it time for freedom?

We exist in the third dimension only by our thoughts, and belief systems. If we continue to hold onto thoughts from the past we are still in that dimension. It’s time to release any past memories, good or bad, if you wish to live in the now. When you release your good memories, state that you are only releasing the electrical charge from those thoughts. You can keep the feelings of love, joy, and happiness, that still exist with those events. The past is gone, and the future is not here yet. Live in the now in peace and happiness.

We have had three time lines since the time of Atlantis. A long time ago a comet hit off the coast of Florida and split the Earth into three different dimensions, or you could say three different Earths. Many people have integrated with their third dimension self. Now we need to merge with our fifth dimension self.

After the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the Earth decided to move into a higher dimension. In 1988 an atomic war happened on our third dimension parallel Earth, and negativity was destroyed on that planet. At that time our shadow self, from that Earth, started merging with our present bodies. This is when many people started working on releasing old thoughts and emotions from their energy field. It’s my understanding that this merging was complete for some people in January of 2002. This means the third dimension no longer exists for them because they are totally in the fourth dimension ready to move into the fifth.

Now we have two times lines left- the fourth and the fifth. The fourth dimension time line is getting ready to implode in on itself so we can move into the fifth dimension. Many events will happen to assist the Earth into this higher dimension. Negativity has to either destroy, or transform itself, in order for the light to manifest. This will probably manifest as war. You can help by releasing all thoughts of fear, anger, and control, so that your negative energy will not be added to mass thought. All is well in my world.

The fourth dimension is considered the psychic realm. Many people were born into the third dimension realm with a fourth dimension body. These are the people who are considered psychic. It is very nice to have mediums who can contact the psychic realm. However, now it’s time to move into the energy of the fifth and receive your own answers through your God self. Babies are being born now with fifth dimension bodies. They are the children of love. The fifth is a dimension of oneness, no more polarity.

Actually the oneness energy was first felt in March of 1994 when all of the black holes in this universe started emitting a new frequency. It has taken awhile for us to feel this new energy on Earth. Now for those who accept this energy, it is a reality. However, there are still a lot of people who are living in a polarity universe, and negative energy is what they will experience. They are the ones who buy into the fear that is generated by TV, and other media sources. Some people say it is a good idea to turn off, or unplug your TV. Have you ever noticed how quiet it is without a TV blaring in your ear? Maybe it’s time to enjoy some quiet, peaceful music. Gentle music is very good for the soul.

Once the Earth moves into the fifth dimension there will be no more control issues, or wars, because we will be in a different frequency and will be invisible to the lower dimension. Remember, peace is coming. It is promised in the 21 and 22 chapters of the book of Revelations. The 20th chapter talks about the downfall of the controllers. I hear that all alien controllers have been ordered off the planet by August 12, 2003. This will give us the opportunity to exist without their control. It may be a little chaotic at first as people realize that there are no more controllers. There may still be some people who choose to control others, although their control will be short lived when people wake up to what has actually been going on behind the scenes. Many people have already awakened and are angry at how they have been manipulated. They are the ones who are working for change.

I believe there will be a shifting of the dimensions before the end of this year. Some people will be on one dimension, and others will be on another. This has been a decision year for many because they are deciding which dimension they choose to live in. The higher dimension is a beautiful Earth where people live in peace and harmony. Your heart chakra has to be open in order to live in that dimension. The fifth dimension corresponds to the throat chakra, which is where we express love and creativity.

According to astrology a lot of things are happening in our solar system. Pluto is still moving through the sign of Sagittarius where it now resides on 15 degrees. There are black holes on 14 and 19 degrees of Sagittarius. Pluto has been sitting on the one at 14 degrees. Pluto is the transformer. According to Philip Sedgwick, who writes The Galactic Times, these black holes have been bursting out all over. He said that Australian astronomers noted that black hole GX 1630-47 renewed X-Ray activity on September 16 and 19. This black hole corresponds with the energy of no judgment.

Whenever a planet is on the degree of a black hole it increases the meaning of that planet and makes it very powerful. Being Pluto is transiting through Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, it brings to the forefront issues of fires, explosions, volcanic eruptions, war, and violence. This is the mirror we are looking at right now. It’s our choice how we respond to this energy. We can become angry at what is transpiring on Earth, or we can move into non judgment energy. This is the lesson we are facing right now. Judge not, least you be judged.

The planet Uranus is also activating a black hole that is on 28 degrees Aquarius. Uranus first reached 28 degrees in April of 2002. Now it is retrograde on 25 degrees. Uranus is the ruler of the new age of Aquarius. This is a very rebellious planet that demands freedom. All of October, November, December, and January, Pluto and Uranus will both be on 13 south declination. This is the same energy as a conjunction of the two

Pluto says that we need to transform into the new age of Aquarius, and we need to do it now. This in turn causes much confusion as the transformation process continues.

The veil around Earth is very thin during Halloween. A doorway is always open to a different dimension at this time. This year, in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, there will be a period of ten doorways which start opening on Halloween, and continue until November 9, 2002. This will be a very auspicious time period.

I was told many years ago that it would not be easy going through the fourth dimension. I was also told we would move through it very fast. If the Alien controllers only have until next year to exist on this planet we are fast approaching the end. I believe they will be off our planet by March of 2003, although others say August. I believe the seventh seal opens in February or March of next year.

The Bible talks about seals, trumpets and bowls. The first trumpet blew, and the first world war started. The second trumpet blew, and Pearl Harbor was the cause of the second world war. The third trumpet blew, and we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. The fourth trumpet blew in 1972 and the Sun would have destroyed us if the Sirians hadn’t put a shield of protection around the Earth. The fifth trumpet blew, and a person came out of the bottomless pit to rule over many. This person came to power at a place called Abaddon, which is on the Euphrates River. I believe this is referring to Saddam. Then the sixth trumpet blew, and the four angels who were bound at the great river Euphrates were released and the whole world gathered together to attack Iraq in 1991. This war has been ongoing since then, and we are now approaching the finale of the sixth trumpet. The seventh trumpet is the rule of God on the fifth dimension Earth.

Some people have a different interpretation of Revelations and are still waiting for the trumpets, seals, and bowls to open. If that is their belief system than that is what they will experience. I choose to believe that we are at the end of Revelations, and are about to witness peace on the fifth dimension Earth.

I don’t like to see anyone suffer. I pray that more people will wake up and move from the fourth dimension Earth of fear (false evidence appearing real) into the higher dimension of peace. It’s only our belief systems that hold us to a certain frequency. Let go of the past and live in the now. Release all anger and judgment from your consciousness. Forgive everyone for everything. It’s not good to hold a grudge. Don’t judge anyone, you could have walked in their shoes in a past life-time. We are immortal beings. It’s time we take our power back and manifest our greatness. We are an amazing race of people and the whole galaxy is here to witness our graduation. Lets make it a grand celebration. I send you my blessings!

*** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for September 2002

Have you ever read the Book of Revelations in the Bible? It is very interesting. It explains the drama we are now going through on Earth. Some people read it and become very fearful because they think the end of the world is coming. The world will not end although it is being changed and transformed. The 21st and 22nd chapters talk about the new Earth and how great it will be. Read those chapters, if you choose, and you may get a different perspective on life.

Right now we are working through the 17th and 18th chapters. Those two chapters talk about how the woman would be attacked, and the economy would fall. The woman is New York City, which is the banking capital of the world. This banking system is controlled by people from behind the scenes who choose to rule the world through money and power.

I published an article in September of 1996 stating that New York would be attacked. At that time I didn’t know how it would work out. I had no idea they would crash planes into the World Trade Center which sent everyone into shock. The dark ones are very creative, this dark energy of control has to be exposed before the light can shine. All of the dark deeds that have occurred on Earth need to come to the surface so people can become aware of what has been going on around them. This will cause many people to wake up. Then the controlling energy can be changed.

The 19th chapter talks about the beings in ships who are here to help us through the great tribulation. The Bible says: “And I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse (ship) and he that sat on the horse was called faithful and true, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.” (The constellation of Pegasus is the white horse. Does that mean there will be ships coming from that constellation?) “The armies (ships) which were with him in heaven followed him on white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And I saw the beast, and the kings of the Earth, and their armies gather to make war against him that is in the ship, and against his army.” There has been a war going on in space for a long time. Is their more to come from the beast kingdom on Earth?

The 20th chapter says: “And the beast was taken and cast into a lake of fire.” The beast is the controllers. To me this chapter talks about the downfall of the controllers which is fast approaching. How much longer will people stand for being controlled, and having their freedom taken away? Aquarius is the age of freedom. We’re really close to the end of Revelations where a new heaven and a new Earth will appear because the first Earth has passed away. The 21st chapter says; “And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband; and I heard a great voice from the throne saying, ‘Behold the dwelling of God is with man, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.” What is this holy city coming down from heaven? Is it a ship as big as a city, or maybe even a planet? Time will tell!

Many people who studied Revelations said there would be a peace treaty signed with Israel that would last for 7 years and then the great tribulation would start. A treaty was signed on September 13, 1993 by Yasser Arafat, president Clinton, and the leader of Israel. The object of this treaty was to bring peace to Israel. In September of 2000, exactly 7 years later, the violence in Israel started big time and has continued to this day.

Once a chapter in Revelations opens it stays open until the chapter is complete. We are also finishing the 13th -14th -15th- and 16th chapters. The 13th talks about the beast and the number 666. The beast is about to raise it’s head again because it looks like another war is about to start in Iraq. Nostradamus said there would be an anti- christ who would come to power in the Persian Gulf with the name of Mabus. Turn the letters around and you have the name Subam or Saddam. I believe he fulfills that prophecy.

The Bible speaks of 7 trumpets, 7 bowls, and 7 seals. The sixth trumpet sounded when the whole world gathered together to attack Iraq in 1991. The four angels who were bound at the Euphrates River were let loose and the war started which has been ongoing since then. It looks like we have reached the finale because the war trumpet is blowing again The right people are in power to play out this great drama; George Bush and Saddam Hussein are great actors – they are playing their part very well. George Bush’s node is conjunct the United States Mars. His destiny is to be a war president. The solar eclipse on June 10 of this year activated his node. He is doing what he came here to do. The destiny of the world is in his hands. Maybe we should bless him – prayer does wonders.

The 6th seal is about to open with a great earthquake. When this quake happens the whole Earth will shake. What will cause this quake? Will it be a stone or object from heaven, will it be an atomic blast, or what? Who knows the answer? I do know that when the great earthquake happens the 19th chapter of Revelations comes into play and we will receive help from the beings in space who are here to help us through the great tribulation. These space beings will not allow a nuclear holocaust because they know what it would do to the universe. They have the technology to stop an atomic war and they will intervene if someone starts one. Remember, the light ships come in love – the dark ones come in fear.

We’re in the Chinese year of the Horse. Maybe this time period refers to the 19th chapter of Revelations and the white horses coming from heaven. We will be in the year of the horse until February of 2003. Normally the year of the horse is great for financial success. However, because the Sun was conjunct Uranus (unexpected events) at the beginning of the new year on February 12, 2002, this year didn’t necessary follow suit. Some people have had great abundance this year although the majority have felt the crunch because of the stock market fall, and mass unemployment due to the slow down of the economy.

Maybe many people had to be unemployed in order to get to know themselves. They needed to release old belief systems, and old ways of doing things. Many people have gone into business for themselves this year, which has probably been a blessing in disguise because they are creating a new way of living.

For years people have been controlled by religious beliefs that have kept them in fear. They were taught they were born in sin. The word sin means missing the mark. We are all beautiful sparks of light from the creative force. Our sparks have been dimmed by all of the negativity on Earth. The more we learn to love ourselves, the larger our spark gets until we become beautiful, glowing, beings of light. Remember the hundredth monkey theory. Once one monkey learned how to wash his food, other monkeys followed suit. It only takes a few thousand beings to break through the control paradigm for others to follow. Are you one of those beings or are you still responding to what you were taught as a child? It’s time to break through that programming. You create your own reality according to your belief system. Do you have a poor me belief system, poverty consciousness, or are you a victim? If so, it’s time to start loving yourself unconditionally because you are a great being of light. There is no sin. That’s just mans perception of life. Everything is God, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Who made the rules you live by? Are they written in stone? Whose perception are they? Jesus gave us one commandment and that is to love one another including yourself. Once you love and accept yourself, you will be able to love others because they can not push your buttons. You will then become an observer instead of an actor. All is well in my world.

The Earth is going through one big play that is coming to an end, and it’s almost time for the new play to start. How do you want to create this new play? It’s your choice. In the oneness energy there is a blank screen waiting for the creators to create. Being aggressive and fighting won’t work in the new reality – that was part of polarity consciousness. The new reality is flowing with the force, and creating from a basis of love and joy instead of fear. Joy is the highest expression of Love. There is a major planetary alignment coming up on November 9, 2003 at 1:20 AM Universal time. There will be a star of David in the heavens at the time of a lunar eclipse on 18 degrees Scorpio. Astrologers have been talking about this particular chart for a long time.

The total solar eclipse that happened on August 11, 1999 was on 18 degrees Leo, which is the degree of Christ Consciousness, or you could call it the holy spirit. This eclipse caused many people to open up to their heart energy. Now we will be having an eclipse in November of 2003 that is exactly 90 degrees square to the one that happened in August of 1999. This means we will be opening to a deeper level of joy. I believe this chart ushers in a time of peace on Earth. At least on the higher dimension Earth. Remember, there are two Earths right now with a bridge between them. This year of 2002 is a year of decision. People are deciding if they want to go to the higher Earth, or if they wish to stay in the 3rd dimension. Others are choosing to leave this plane through death. What is your choice?

Remember, there is a world of light overshadowing the world of darkness. This world of light is the higher dimension Earth, and is what will manifest when we reach the 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelations. I believe many are on the verge of breaking through the darkness. The last act may be very dramatic so keep your cool, shine your light, and find peace and joy within. A whole new Earth is being created. Isn’t that exciting?

Blessings to you!

*** By Mahala ***

Planet Alert for July & August 2002

What will summer bring? How do you feel? Are you happy, or have you been pulled into the energy of fear, lack, or depression? Do you have a job and enough money to live comfortably? Does it feel like life is very hard right now? Do you wonder if life will every change? What is bringing up all of these fear thoughts? Could it be that we are in the final throes of a mind war? Is the dark side doing everything in their power to keep us in fear? Are you caught in that vibration?

There is a major mind war going on in our local part of the universe. Some people are aware of it, and others don’t have a clue. This war is manifesting on Earth, and this is why it’s time to stay centered in the light. It’s also time to pray for peace within, and to love yourself unconditionally. It’s time to praise and bless yourself instead of criticizing. Every time you criticize yourself or others, you are judging. This means you are not loving yourself, and you can very easily be pulled into the fear vibration. To change your life, change your perspective – look at everyone as great beings of light.

We are creators. We create everything in our life. Some people say, I didn’t create that, I am a victim of circumstances. There are no victims. You created the event for something you needed to look at. You created your whole life before you were born, and when the planets are in the right place, things happen. This may appear like it is an outside source causing events to happen in you life, when in reality you created it by setting up your birth chart the way you did. You are responsible for everything you create.

There is a new energy on Earth called oneness. It is on one frequency instead of two. This means we can finally move out of duality, and start creating our life the way we choose to live it. The first step is to realize that we can now create from the basis of love. I believe the way to do that is to live in the moment – in joy, peace, and happiness. Once you have reached joy, everything falls into place and all you have to do is think, and so shall it be. In the past we created from a duality consciousness which caused much chaos in our lives. Now we have the opportunity to create from unconditional love.

The gateway at Stonehenge has opened. I hear this gateway opened on the Summer Solstice. This is major news because that gateway has been closed for thousands of years. The dark side refused to let it open. This is a major doorway that opens to the great, great, central Sun in the constellation Virgo, or M87. Stonehenge corresponds to 29 degrees Virgo. This point in space lines up with a black hole that is big enough to hold five billion suns! Do you realize how big that is? This black hole holds 27 galaxies in place, which includes our Milky Way galaxy.

So what does that have to do with anything? By keeping that gateway closed we were forced to stay in the lower frequency Earth. I don’t think ascension was possible until that gateway opened. Now the opening to another dimension is possible. I heard that the main job of Jesus was to open that gateway. He couldn’t open it because the time wasn’t right -the frequency of Earth was not high enough.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus spent so much time in France and England. He traveled to those countries with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, who owned a fleet of ships. They went to those countries to mine tin, and to try to open that star gate. King Arthur also tried to open that gate, he failed. There is a legend that Avalon disappeared into the mist. Did it move to a different dimension?

Many different sources say that Jesus came from the House of David, and the Tribe of Judah. They have traced his lineage down through the Kings of Ireland, Scotland, France and England. In the Bible it says that there shall always be someone of the lineage of David ruling over us. Did you every wonder why England became so powerful? They ruled the world for a long time. Now they rule it behind the scenes through the world bank. The power to rule was taken away from the royal line of England in 1653, when Oliver Cromwell took control of parliament. King Charles lost his power and was executed. The king’s execution left Parliament as the government of England. Did the dark side take over the lineage of David at that time so they could rule the world? Another reason to take control of that lineage was to keep the star gate closed so the Earth could not ascend.

The star gate was controlled by the dark side. Now that the star gate is open again, there are many dark ones who are lost, and don’t know what to do with themselves, so they go around looking for mischief. They can cause all kinds of damage because they don’t care – they know their time is short. Bless these beings – they are also part of God. Stay centered in love and fill your body with the Golden light of the Christ. It is also a good idea to mentally clean your house by filling it with the Golden Light. Then you could put a crystal dome over your house or property. This will be a very pretty site from the etheric level. By filling our bodies with light we will appear as many candles all over the place. It takes just one little candle to light a dark room. Preparation for the star gate opening happened on August 11, 1999 when there was a total solar eclipse in that part of the world. I know many people who went to France and England to be on those lay lines as the eclipse occurred. That eclipse was on 18 degrees Leo, which is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This set the energy into motion to open that vortex. Then the Crystal Grid was activated on April 13, 2002. This energy took awhile to integrate.

A new surge of energy always comes in at the solstice and equinox. This solstice opened that star gate. Then on June 30 the planet Venus reached 18 degrees Leo, and on July 1st our Sun had a huge flare. It’s like the Sun said: Hey! You people on Earth, you finally made it. The doorway to a higher dimension is now open.

We are embarking on a very exciting time period where anything is possible. The Earth is splitting into two different dimensions. Right now we are on the bridge between the two. All you have to do is cross over the bridge to get to the other side. This is now possible.

The time period of Saturn opposing Pluto is still being felt by those manifesting a lower frequency. This is a very negative vibration, and is why we are in a terrorist war. This energy will be in effect until June of 2003. Many areas are experiencing drought right now. This energy will continue because of Saturn being in Gemini, a dry sign, and Pluto in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

There are cycles that are set up by the planets that cause certain events. The Earth has been in a cycle of drought since April of 2001. Drought has been very severe in the areas ruled by Gemini. This is the area between the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River which includes Colorado, California & Arizona which have had huge fires. The opposition of Saturn and Pluto, by sign, will continue for another year. This means that drought and fire will continue. Mars moves into Leo, a fire sign, in July and Jupiter moves into Leo in August. There will be a lot of emphasis on heat and fire all summer. The Saturn/Pluto opposition also rules lack of jobs and money if your personal chart is being affected negatively.

Saturn is starting to move over the New Madrid Fault, as witnessed by the earthquake there in June. By September and October of this year Saturn will be almost on top of that fault. When Saturn was on 25 degrees Taurus, and the moon was moving through that sign on February 28, 2001, there was a 6.8 earthquake in Seattle. Mount Saint Helens erupted when the Sun was on 27 degrees Taurus.

When planets are in the later degrees of Taurus it affects the West Coast. Now Saturn is affecting the midwest, and the same scenario is being set up over the New Madrid fault. I experienced the quake in Seattle with no damage to my house or anyone I knew. When a disaster is possible or occurring in your area, keep yourself and your family surrounded with the Golden Light. It works wonders. With Pluto in Sagittarius, which rules mountains, there have been many volcanic eruptions all over the world. This energy will continue, and probably increase now that Mars and Jupiter are moving into fire signs. War is another manifestation of fire. The areas experiencing most of this energy are the Middle East countries, along with Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Negative energy will continue in those countries unless we create a different reality. A lot of karma has built up in those countries that is being released.

With Mars and Jupiter conjunct for a couple of months there may be a temporary improvement in jobs and employment, which is good news for those who are out of work. It’s interesting to watch the changing cycles of the planets. Some planets move through a sign very fast, and others stay in the same sign for many years. Pluto is one of the slow moving planets and is called the transformer. This planet has been transforming things that are ruled by Sagittarius such as religion (priest scandal) schools, (pledge of allegiance) and the banking system (Enron and Worldcom).

We do live in interesting times. Aren’t you glad that you chose to be born at this time to experience all of these lessons. It’s only at the ending of an age that this great opportunity is present. There is a wonderful future ahead for those who choose to raise their frequency, and move into the oneness energy. Freedom comes when you live in joy!

So Be It!


Planet Alert for May & June 2002

May is such a beautiful month. Nature is expressing all of her glory with the abundance of beautiful flowers that are in full bloom. What a joy to behold. The heavens also proclaim their glory with an alignment of planets. This alignment will allow you to see every planet in our solar system in a single evening! After sunset you will be able to see the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. A few hours later at 4:00 AM you will be able to see Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by telescope. There are also two comets out there to watch.

On May 5, the bright planets Mars, Saturn and Venus formed a perfect equilateral triangle in the western sky. This dazzling configuration was visible almost everywhere on Earth. This pyramid-shaped configuration was directly above Bethlehem. The full moon on April 27, GMT, at 6 degrees Scorpio, was right over Jerusalem. Is this trying to tell us something? Then, on May 10, the planets Mars and Venus will appear to pass so close to one another that they will become one. Is this symbolic of the marriage between the male and female aspects within us? Is this the time we become one? This aspect will still be seen at the time of the new moon in May, which is May 12. This is also Mother’s day, which activates a lot of feminine energy.

At the time of the Mars/Venus conjunction, both planets will be in exact opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius, which is stationary on the degree of a black hole. A black hole is considered an energy gateway in Time and Space. You can pass through this doorway to a new life and creation. In other words, this is the time to change your life for the better. It’s the time to enter the doorway of a new dimension. This opportunity will be available for the whole month of May. Then the doorway will close, to reopen again in November of 2002.

The negative manifestation of 17 degrees Sagittarius is fires, heat, flame, homicidal tendencies, and bad morals. It’s interesting that we are hearing about sex scandals in the Catholic Church. The sign of Sagittarius rules churches, and Pluto rules sex. When Pluto reached 17 degrees Sagittarius, the scandal came to a head. Pluto is also the planet of transformation, so watch the changes that occur in churches. Banks are also ruled by Sagittarius. Look at the Enron scandal. There will also be a change in our money. The Europeans have already changed their system, which is now backed by gold.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and rules mountains, volcanoes, drought, foreign countries, clergymen, schools and colleges, commerce, courts of law, lawyers, travel, military service, horses, transportation accidents, and the Vatican. All of these areas are, or will be, going through a transformation of some kind. There will continue to be many transportation accidents as long as Saturn is in Gemini. It stays there until June of 2003.

May is a critical month because of the Mars/Saturn conjunction opposing Pluto and the node. There will be many deaths caused by various events during this time period. The Middle East (especially Israel) will feel the full brunt of this energy. Much karma has built up in that area because of all the fighting that has gone on for eons of time. Negative energy is being pulled out of that area and it manifests as war. Dark beings have used the vortex in that area to come and go in their ships for a long time. Whoever controls that vortex controls the world. Don’t be surprised at whatever manifests in the Middle East countries.

Because of the high energy that is now on Earth, all negativity is coming to the surface to be looked at and transformed. This is happening to both us, and Mother Earth. Have you gone through any kind of cleansing in the past month? Have any old diseases or body hurts reappeared that you thought you had healed long ago? Don’t take it too seriously – just bless it and move through the energy.

The month of June will also be critical because of the solar eclipse on June 10, at 20 degrees Gemini. This is the degree of the United States Mars, and our presidents node and Uranus. This is a military degree and military action could be activated by George Bush, or something could happen to our president because this is a very critical aspect. A solar eclipse stays in effect for at least a year. The darkness from this eclipse will be felt from the Islands above Australia to Mexico.

There are other things going on in our universe. Did you know that all of the crystals on Earth are being reprogrammed? Crystals are ruled by the sign of Gemini, and the planet Mercury. This planet rules communication, and we use crystals to communicate with different frequencies. Crystals also store knowledge from the past and the future. There is a huge crystal in the center of our Earth. Some of you may have seen this crystal. It stores all knowledge of this solar system. When we activated the crystal grid on April 13, we also activated this crystal. Our sunset, on April 14, was a beautiful golden color. This was a sign to let us know, here in Seattle, that the golden frequency did indeed infuse this area. Did anyone else in other parts of the world see a beautiful golden sunset? If so, please let me know.

There were, and will be, a total of four activations of this grid. The first was April 13, the second one happened on April 24, when Venus was on 28 degrees Taurus, and the third was April 28. On that day Mercury was on 28 degrees Taurus in an exact square to Uranus on 28 Aquarius, and the moon was 28 Scorpio. This brought in more golden light from Alcyone to activate all of our crystals. This was a major event, and corresponded with the Wesak festival which was extended through April 28 because of the grid activation. Because of this activation, the full moon of April was considered the crystal or Christ moon.

On May 19 we will receive the final activation from Alcyone. This is when our Sun reaches 29 Taurus, which is right over the Pacific Northwest, so be ready for this event by cleansing all of your crystals. Remember, we are changing from a carbon based entity to a crystal one. Now that our crystals are glowing with the golden light, we should also be glowing. Isn’t that exciting?

I read a very interesting book lately. It is called ‘Change you brain, Change your life’ by DR Daniel Amen. He talks about healing the hardware of your brain. The brain is like a computer. Whatever you program into your brain goes into your storage area. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, it is still there and you respond to those thoughts. Your thoughts are considered your soft ware. Your hardware is your physical brain. If your hardware gets damaged you will have many challenges. It can be damaged by accidents, head injuries, or toxins. You can also inherit brain disorders. Do you know anyone who changed from a very nice person to one with behavior problems after an accident? Chances are they damaged their brain.

DR Amen says that behavior problems are a manifestation of a malfunctioning brain. The brain has different parts to it. The Limbic system is the part that rules emotions. If you often become emotionally out of control, depressed, or very moody, chances are you have achallenge with that part of your brain.

If you have a hard time understanding language, retrieving words from your brain, dyslexia, or feelings of spaciness, you probably have problems with your left brain. The left brain is masculine, electrical, and logical. The right brain is feminine, magnetic, and creative. If you have anxiety attacks, or Parkinson’s disease, you probably have a problemwith your Basil Ganglia.

If you are one of those people who worry all of the time you probably have a challenge with your Cingulate System. This part of the brain rules worry, obsessions, and chronic pain. It also has a tendency to keep you stuck on thoughts that keep running through your mind and don’t seem to go away. You may become very argumentative and uncooperative. It also rules addictive behavior like alcohol, drug abuse, smoking and eating disorders. Are you disorganized and can’t keep your house clean? Do you challenge people or have anger outbursts at them? You may have ADD. Cingulate problems, in conjunction with prefrontal cortex (ADD) problems, can cause addictions or potentially violent situations. If you would like more information on your brain and how it works – read this interesting book. DR Amen gives suggestions on how to heal the different parts of your brain.

Magnesium also helps heal the brain. Your hormones need magnesium to help nourish tiny substances within your brain cells known as mitochondria. Magnesium nourished hormones work to activate enzymes to help oxidate glucose and produce thought and intelligence. Magnesium is used by the hormones to work with enzymes to produce youthful brain response. Magnesium empowers the hormones to mediate the movement of muscles, the process of breathing, the storage of energy, the digestion of food, the building of tissues, and the transmission of nerve impulses. This mineral can be very helpful to the brain. When solar flares hit the Earth’s magnetic field they affect our brain-especially the right side of the brain. Most people are left brain dominant. The Sun is transforming us into right brain gentle creative beings. Because we have been in a maximum solar cycle our brains have been strongly affected. We are in high speed transformation. The goal is to balance our brains.

We have liquid crystal in our brain cells, and our body cells. It’s time to accept the Golden Frequency into our cells. Unfortunately, not all of the people on Earth vibrate to the golden frequency, and that is why there will be many challenges in the year to come on planet Earth. When a high frequency comes in, and you are not capable of vibrating to that frequency, it causes chaos. This is what is happening on our planet as all of the negativity that has been rampant for so many years surfaces to be looked at and transformed.

Remember to reach for the world of light that is overshadowing the world of darkness. Dance, sing, chant, or meditate, and continue to activate the golden light of the Christ. Blessings to you! Mahala I can be reached at

I apologize if I have not answered your email, I do the best I can. My address book is full so I don’t have room to add any more names. I don’t have a web site yet although my article does appear on various sites so you could look it up in your search engine.


Planet Alert for April 2002

The emotional energy of Pisces has been in effect since mid-February.

First the planet Venus went through that sign, then the sun, and now Mercury is in Pisces until the full moon of March 28, 2002. Neptune rules Pisces and that planet rules water, fog, ships, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, addictions, abusive situations, diseases, infections, foresight, flexibility, fountains, idealism, healing, magnets, mediumship, pineal gland, rejuvenation, dancing, and cosmic consciousness.

This is the type of energy we have been dealing with since February.

During that time period many people were looking at their issues, going within, and hibernating. In April we will be moving into the Aries energy, which is fiery and active. Pisces is female emotional energy, and Aries is male action energy. It’s time to take action.

The planet Venus will move into Taurus on April 1, which means we will start feeling the energy of that sign. Taurus rules money, and with Venus in this sign, it looks like money issues will start to improve. The full moon of April 27 finds Venus making an aspect to Uranus, which is the planet of change and surprises, so look for some unexpected energy around money issues during that time period.

Mars is also moving through the sign of Taurus. It lines up with the Sun Alcyone at the time of the new moon on April 12. I hear the Crystal Grid will be activated on April 13 at 1:00 PM PST. It’s definitely a good day for this activation. There will be four planets in Taurus at that time – they are Mercury, Venus, Mars and the moon. At that time Mars will also be making a ninety degree angle to Uranus. This is a very powerful aspect and could also cause Earth changes.

The meaning of the degree in Taurus, that will be activated on April 13, is one that means humanity has the capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations. Let’s take advantage of this degree and activate the crystal grid. Picture this grid as strings connected like a spider web all over the world. Then picture the golden light coming in from Alcyone and activating this grid on Earth. Everyone will be at the right place at the right time to act as conduits for this light.

The exact placement of Mars conjunct Alcyone is right over the Pacific Northwest. This means the golden light from Alcyone will first activate the violet grid located off Vancouver Island, B.C.- then the energy will travel around the world. It’s very important to activate this grid so more people can wake up and become aware of what is transpiring around them. Many people will be amazed by how much control there is in the world. Once they wake up they will realize they are great beings of light, and will choose freedom over being controlled.

On April 13, the planet Uranus will be on the degree of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. This means we have the capacity to utterly transform the character of our consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships we enter into. This is another good reason to activate the grid. Uranus first touches this particular degree in April and stays there until it retrogrades in June. In February of 2003 it will reach this degree again, so if you miss this opportunity to transform your consciousness you will have another opportunity next year.

Uranus is the planet of change. It is electrical in nature and rules light, or enlightenment. It is considered the great awakener and is very rebellious by nature. When it moved through the sign of Capricorn, it transformed governments by revolutions. Capricorn rules governments, and Uranus rules rebellion. Look at the Berlin Wall – who would have ever thought that wall would come down and that Russia would fall apart. Then there were revolutions in the Balkan countries during that time period. There was much violence, death, and starvation in many countries.

Uranus moved into Aquarius in April of 1995 for a few months. Then it retrograded back into Capricorn, and in January of 1996 it went into Aquarius to stay for seven years until 2003. This started the computer revolution because that is one of the things Uranus rules. Look at how the Internet has grown and expanded in the last couple of years. We are now connected to a World Wide Web, and through this Web has come much information. Uranus rules High Tech, and when Saturn was in Taurus (the sign that rules money) making a ninety degree angle to Uranus, the bottom dropped out of the NASDAQ market.

Soon Uranus will move into Pisces. In fact it will be in that sign by March of 2003. This is when there will be a tremendous revolution in consciousness. Many will start experiencing cosmic consciousness on a regular basis. Pisces is a water and emotional sign. When Uranus moves through this sign from 2003-2010, there will be many changes on Earth concerning water. I think this will be the time to stay away from the coastal areas because the ice sheets of the Arctic, and the Antarctic, have already started to melt.

I would like to quote from Zecharia Sitchin’s book The 12th Planet . He says: ” One endeavor to unravel the puzzle of the Deluge, then, focuses on Earth’s climatic changes, and in particular the abrupt collapse of the ice age some 13,000 years ago. What could have caused a sudden climatic change of such magnitude? Of the many theories advanced by the scientists, we are intrigued by the one suggested by Dr. John T. Hollin of the University of Maine. He contended that the Antarctic ice sheet periodically breaks loose and slips into the sea, creating an abrupt and enormous tidal wave!

This hypothesis-accepted and elaborated upon by others-suggests that as the ice sheet grew thicker and thicker, it not only trapped more of Earth’s heat beneath the ice sheet but also created (by pressure and friction) a slushy, slippery layer at its bottom. Acting as a lubricant between the thick ice sheet above and the solid Earth below, this slushy layer sooner or later caused the ice sheet to slide into the surrounding ocean.

Hollin calculated that if only half the present ice sheet of Antarctica (which is, on the average, more than a mile in thickness) were to slip into the southern seas, an immense tidal wave would follow and raise the sea level all over the world. How could the Nefilim predict when the Deluge would burst out of Antarctica? The Mesopotamian texts relate it to the periodic passage of the Twelfth planet. Both Mesopotamian and biblical texts described how the Earth shook when the Celestial planet passed in Earth’s vicinity. Could it be that the Nefilim, observing the climatic changes and the instability of the Antarctic ice sheet, realized that the next passing would trigger the impending catastrophe.” End of quote!

The ice sheets started melting in 1995. Does that mean the twelfth planet will pass by Earth soon? Several people on the Internet seem to think so. In the mean-time we have other things to think about. At the March full moon, the moon’s node will be on 20 degrees Gemini. This is the degree of the planet Mars in the United States chart. Our president’s Uranus is on 19 degrees Gemini, along with his node at 20 degrees. This is a military degree, and if activated upon, may end in disaster. In other words, this means he should not start a war.

The Mars/Uranus aspect will be affecting Iraq and the other countries surrounding the Persian Gulf in April, so there will be more action in those countries. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, which is a fiery, violent energy, so we will be feeling that energy all month.

At the March full moon the planet Jupiter will be conjunct Jupiter in the USA chart. This means we should be starting a new money cycle or an upturn in the economy. Time will tell how that works out. In George Bush’s chart, Jupiter will be conjunct his Sun shortly. This planet is the largest one in our solar system and brings with it much power. He will be feeling that power for a few months. Jupiter also rules religious leaders and beliefs.

On June 10 there will be a solar eclipse on 19 degrees Gemini. This eclipse will be very powerful because of the fact that it activates the United States Mars, and also affects the planets in George Bush’s chart. Also, during that same time period, the planet Saturn will be opposing Pluto. This is the aspect that started the terrorist war in the first place.

Pluto is considered the God of the underworld. It is also the great transformer. Since February Pluto has been activating black hole energy. Picture a black hole as a vortex. A tornado manifests like a vortex, and you all know how powerful that energy can be. This energy can also be used to pull any remaining negativity out of your consciousness, or in other words – transform it into light.

Back to April. The full moon of April is a double-edged sword. We have the culmination of the Wesak Festival, which is a yearly celebration of light, and we have Mars conjunct Saturn opposing Pluto by sign. Mars and Saturn together rule police action, or control issues like a police state, and dealing with dark energy. Then we have the aspect of a Mercury/ Uranus square, which means accidents or communication problems.

This April full moon is exactly over Israel. There will be comets passing by Earth in April, which will stir up energy because of their magnetic force. Astrology works by the magnetic energy moving between planets when they make certain angles. This in turn affects us according to the placement of those planets in our chart. Astrology is God’s law in action.

The next few months will continue to be very intense. It’s nice to be aware of what is going on, although we don’t have to be part of the drama. Most of us came here to help the Earth through her change. By manifesting peace and love within our own being, we can act as channels for that energy. Once you have reached a state of peacefulness, others will follow. Remember, there is a world of light overshadowing the world of darkness. Who knows what may happen if enough reach for that world oflight. Let’s reach for the light – and lets be ready to activate the Crystal Grid on April 13, 2002.

I send you my blessings for a happy Easter.


There is an astrological interpretation in here of the date of April 13th for the Light Grid Activation. Very powerful! But the time is incorrect as it is listed as standard pacific time, when it should be daylight savings time. The Light Grid Activation time given in the Vision DOES INCLUDE the fact that we will be in daylight savings time. The Source is perfect in it’s information . Times are 3:00PM Daylight Savings Time for the US Central Time i.e. Chicago/Houston, 4:00PM Daylight Savings Time for the US Eastern Time i.e. New York/Atlanta, 2:00 PM Daylight Savings Time for the US Mountain Time i.e. Denver, 1:00 PM Daylight Savings Time for the US Pacific Time i.e. Los Angeles/Seattle for the continental US. Thanks so much. The Vision showed the synchronization of exact time was very important to activate the grid. The following has some very interesting information for your discernment.
Blessings to All!
All My Relations in Love and Golden Light,
Turtle Woman