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Unity Consciousness with Mona Delfino

Guest posting for Mona Delfino.

Hello my dear friends and clients!
Here’s another wonderful opportunity to join together in UNITY Consciousness and hear the latest from world-renowned quantum physics-thinkers, healers, authors and spiritual teachers. I’ve been invited to join 23 other speakers on Healing Conversations Spring Series 2013 – Living in the Quantum Zone.
My interview on Healing Conversations with Media Host Lauren Galey is on Thursday, April 24th  at 3pm Pacific/4pm Mountain/5pm Central /6pm Eastern /11pm GMT.  (With recorded online playback if you miss it)
Register here:
Your free registration will allow you to listen in to my interview with and 23 others that will expand your consciousness, open your heart and give you some powerful tools and meditations and processes to help you make 2013 a powerful year of mastery as we anchor in the new energies!
Here is a note from Lauren Galey on what’s she’s put together for us this Spring Season with the latest information on quantum physics and spirituality.
*****From Lauren Galey of Healing Conversations*****
Access (& Accept)  the New Energies of the New Golden Age
Are you ready to ascend into a higher vibration and open your heart to unconditional love?  Are you feeling the call to discover your soul intention – your reason for being here on Earth at this time? Do you want to break free of limiting thoughts, behaviors and old baggage so you can manifest ANYTHING?  Would you like to learn about quantum physics and how you can heal yourself and others?
Then be sure to register now to hear some fascinating, mind-enhancing information from 24 incredible speakers on this Spring Series of Healing Conversations 2013 – Living in the Quantum Zone.  In two shows each week, (Tuesdays and Thursdays), this spectacular season features several speakers who appeared in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know, and they offer scientific evidence on spirituality, the existence of consciousness, and the power of unconditional love. This season’s speakers reinforce and confirm that we can literally create (and change) our world thru intention& attention with Meditation – as has been advised by spiritual teachers for eons.   This series includes mind-and-heart-expanding topics such as:
–        Change Your Habit Of Thinking To Change Your Reality
–        How To Lose Your Mind And Create A New One With Dr. Joe Dispenza
–        Interact With The Quantum Field By Achieving A S.T.A.R. State Of Being with Nina Brown
–        Quantum Proof: When We Change Our Inner World, Our Outer World Also Changes
–        The Consciousness Of Water And It’s Powers to Heal with Masaru Emoto
–        You Are A Quantum Being Living In A Quantum Field In A Quantum Universe Powered By Unconditional Love
–        The True Purpose Of Meditation – Backed By Scientific Research
–        Learn How To Get Out Of Time,  The Environment And Your Body To  Interact With The Waves Of Possibility
–        Techniques To Train The Mind And Brain To Work In Unison With The Heart
–        The Quantum Power Of Emotions: Energy In Motion
–        The Quantum Model Of Reality  – You Are The Observer And Conscious Co-Creator
–        Removing The Habits And Layers That Block Divine Intelligence
–        Sound Healing, Toning And Sonic Feng Shui To Create Resonant Fields & Miracles
–        Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Fractals And Crop Circles And How They Are Related
–        Healing Mandalas For Activating DNA And Your Divine Blueprint
–        Make A Quantum Leap In Your Awakening Process By Opening To Unconditional Love
–        The Physics Of Immortality With Dan Winter
–        How To Create A Field Of Life Force Around You And Your Environment
–        Manifesting Your Biggest Dreams with Playfulness, Intention, Attention & Emotion.
–        Know Thyself As Divine, Stand In Your Sovereignty& Become A Galactic Citizen
–        Shamanic Astrology, And The Venus Cycle And The Outlook For The Future
–        Healing Yourself And Others With Quantum Touch – A Hands-On Healing Experience Anyone Can Access
–        Short Meditation Practices To Instantly Connect You To Your Higher Self & Universal Consciousness, Source – All That Is.
–        Shamanic Journeys To Dreamtime With Sound Healing With Indigenous Instruments And The Whales In Hawaii With John Dumas
–        The Healing Effect Of The Solfeggio Tones And The Sound Frequency Of Planets, Suns, Moons And The Cosmos
Speakers include Mona Delfino, Barbara Berger, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Masaru Emoto,  Dr. Andrew Newberg, Barbara Evans, David Matthew Brown, Nina Brown, Richard Gordon, Randy Masters, Marc Allen, John Dumas, Daniel Winter, Barbara Hero, Raquel Spencer, Lori Spagna, Phil Mitchell, , Cayelin Castell, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Eric Rankin and more!
This series is completely free, you just need to register to get all the details, dates and times for each show:
We look forward to sharing this inspiring and life-changing information with you!
—- Blessings and much love to you,   Mona Delfino


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  1. Looking forward to joining UNITY… This is what we have been waiting for

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