Planet Alert June 2010

Today is the full moon of May 27, 2010 and what a powerful full moon this will be. The Sun is on 6 degrees Gemini and the moon is 6 degrees Sagittarius. This area focuses into the border between the United States and Mexico. It was announced on TV yesterday that we are sending 1200 National Guard troops to the border to help keep peace in that area.

Lots of people think that the full moon is a one day event. This is not necessarily true. The energy from it lasts until the new moon and sometimes longer. Events do happen on the full moon, although sometimes it takes longer for events to be triggered. I’m just saying that events can happen both before, during, and after the full moon. On May 29 the moon will trigger Saturn, which is in opposition to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. This will be heavy duty energy. The main energy will be over Europe, especially England, France, Spain, Greece, and Iceland. The other side of the world affected by this energy will be the lower South Pacific area like Samoa or Tonga. (I just heard that a 7.4 quake happened in Vanuata which is real close to Tonga.)

Right now land is rising in the ocean off the east coast of Australia at the rate of 13 feet a day. This is bound to cause a large earthquake in that area sooner or later. Jupiter is in Pisces, which rules the oceans. Uranus just moved into Aries, which is a fire sign and rules volcanoes. Saturn is in Virgo, which is an earth sign. This full moon energy could cause a large earthquake or volcanic eruption, either on land or in the South Pacific Ocean which could possibly trigger a Tsunami.

Uranus moves into Aries at 6:48pm PDT this evening May 27, 2010 – freedom anyone? Lots of people look around them at everything that is going on in the world and say that the dark is winning. Uranus rules light and is now in a fire sign. Have you ever tried to keep an Aries down, it just doesn’t work. Freedom is on its way although Uranus only stays in Aries until August 14, 2010, and then it retrogrades back into Pisces until February of 2011. This means we will still have what is considered dark events to go through on this Earth before freedom arrives. When Uranus moves back into Aries it will stay there for seven years. Aries rules the area from Alaska to Hawaii. I heard on the TV yesterday that they are expecting a volcanic eruption in Alaska at anytime and they were warning the airlines that there could be an ash cloud if the volcano does erupt.

Saturn will move out of its retrograde phase on May 30, and then it will start its journey toward the sign of Libra. It will move into Libra on July 22nd.  Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo which is an Earth sign and rules health issues of all kinds. Challenges with health issues have been rampant for the last three years. Now it’s time to be healthy and ready for Saturn’s sojourn into Libra which rules lawyers, judges, courts of law, relationships and the liver. Saturn feels very comfortable in the sign of Libra.

The Sun is now moving through the air sign Gemini which rules wind. I am expecting lots of wind or lightening storms as the Sun moves across the plains. Its tornado season and this month could bring a lot of wind because we are in the time of great change. It’s time to be prepared, especially mentally and emotionally as the Earth continues to go through its birthing process. Those who feel good and are vibrating in the new energy will be asked to help others who tend to freak out as Earth changes continue to happen. It’s time to think with your heart and be compassionate. Love is the glue that holds the Universe together.

Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct in the sign of Aries starting on June 6th and this will last for the rest of the month. This aspect can either bring a wonderful new beginning or karma from the past. Whatever happens expect the unexpected because you never know what Uranus will bring. It acts like a bolt of lightening coming to Earth. It’s a good idea to watch your temper and focus on positive events this month. Stay centered and stay in touch with your God within.

We are moving into cardinal fast acting energy with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and on June 21 the Sun moves into Cancer. This will make a T cross in fast-acting signs, action anyone? Then when Saturn moves into Libra we will have another planet in a fast-acting sign. Time will appear to almost vanish. Look at how fast time is moving now, it’s already almost June. Energy we have been holding onto from the past will no longer work because the emphasis from now on will be on fresh new energy.

Are you aware of the many events that have occurred in the past month or so? There was an uprising in Thailand and major violence in Iraq. Jamaica is having lots of violence along with Somalia which is in constant war. The Pacaya volcano, which is south of Guatemala City, erupted today. Poland was flooded along with Nashville, and a huge hail storm in Oklahoma caused much damage.  A United States Patriot missile unit is now in Poland and Russia is not too happy about that. North Korea attacked a South Korean ship and now North Korea is calling for all out war. Our Stock Market has been in a downfall along with challenges in the European countries, and the Jupiter/Saturn opposition could cause a new money system to emerge.

Then there is the major oil spill that is now destroying the coast of Louisiana. There is also another oil spill occurring in Alaska from their pipeline, although this one is not anywhere near the size of the other spill. Do you know that oil is considered the blood of Mother Earth? Have you ever thought that maybe Mother Earth is giving birth to a new way of being and she is having trouble and is hemorrhaging? Maybe we should ask our space friends to help with this spill and definitely send prayers to that area, or see it surrounded in The White Christ Light for its highest and best good. Our thoughts are important.

The turning point into the light happened on the full moon of April 28, 2010. It might not appear like light is getting stronger but it is. There are more people who are awake now then ever before. At the time of the last full moon Saturn was on 28 deg 41 minutes Virgo. Scheat, the death star is located on 28 deg 41 min Pisces. Scheat is in Pisces lined up with the constellation Pegasus. This event points to The White Horse (ships) appearing in the heavens. Read the 19th chapter of Revelation for more information. I was sent an email with a utube that showed an object next to our Sun on April 27, 2010 that was shaped like a heart. It was awesome!

In my last article I talked about going through a 40 day period of challenges that lasted until the new moon of May 13. I woke up that morning in a different space and have been happy every since then. It was like a change of attitude or something. Hope this new energy also happened to some of you. I believe we are on the verge of entering The Null Zone which is zero point energy. This is the time when magic can happen and the time when we will be able to change from mortal to light bodies. This is very exciting to me. I’m looking forward to living on a beautiful New Earth. Hang in there because that time is fast approaching. So Be It!


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Planetary Alignments

Here is an email I sent to a friend on May 6, 2010.

I’m assuming that you got the email about North Korea sinking a South Korean ship in March and the article about the oil spill and the alignment with Scheat and Pegasus, the White Horse.

In the last full moon of April 28, 2010 there was an almost perfect T cross in the heavens in fixed signs. The Sun was on 8 degrees Taurus, moon 8 degrees Scorpio, and Mars was on 11 degrees Leo, Neptune was in Aquarius at 29 degrees which was a little too far away to make it a four pointed cross. Eight degrees Taurus is just off the West Coast. Eight degrees Scorpio is over the Middle East, by Ethiopia, Somali, etc. Mars in Leo is over the Atlantic Ocean, just off the East Coast. (There was a 6.0 earthquake there in May.) The other point of the cross was in Aquarius over Korea. That full moon was the turning point in history, light is now getting stronger than dark, although it might not appear that way with all the drama that is occurring on Earth.

I was sent an article about the death star Scheat and the Blue Stork. If you are interested Google the Blue Stork and see what comes up. At the time of this last full moon Saturn was on 28 degrees 41 minutes Virgo-Uranus was on 28 degrees 51 minutes Pisces. Scheat is located on 28 degrees 41 minutes Pisces and is in the Pegasus constellation which in astrology is aligned with 28 degrees 41 minutes Pisces. This is the White Horse spoken of in the Bible-chapter 19 in Revelation. Saturn at 28 Virgo focus into England, as witnessed by the storm of ash, and is aligned with the great central Sun that holds 27 galaxies in place plus our Milky Way galaxy. Saturn rules old energy that needs to be changed. Uranus rules light. It’s time for the new.

Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a White Horse! He who sits upon it is called Faithful and true, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. Later in the chapter it says, and I saw the beast and the kings of the Earth with their armies gathered to make war against him who sits upon the horse and against his army. (space ships) And the Beast was captured and with it the false prophet who in its presence had worked the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worship its image. These two were thrown into the lake of fire and the rest were slain by the sword of him who sits upon the horse.

My interpretation of that is when the stars align with the White Horse, which they did on the April 28, 2010 full moon, this starts the final battle which has started with Korea. Don’t know how that will turn out yet. After that the Son of man comes out of the ocean. The Apocrypha, which was taken out of the Bible says, “As for you seeing a man come out of the Sea, this is he whom the Most High has been keeping for many ages, who will himself deliver his creation and he will direct those who are left. The sword is fire coming out of his mouth, by use of the law. I believe this refers to the Aden Star Gate where the Son of Man comes out of the ocean either in a space ship, or it’s an energy that comes out that will cover the Earth. This energy is supposed to make it so the weapons of war will not work anymore. This event may happen on The Conscious Convergence Wave Celebration scheduled for July 17-18, 2010. Time will tell.

Then we have the new moon of May 13, 2010, which is Ascension Day according to my Astrology calendar. The Mayan Dreamspell Glyph for that day is The Eagle, which is over Korea, and is ruled by Jupiter, the earthquake planet, which is over the South Pacific, or according to Mayan Astrology Korea. This will be a very powerful new moon because Saturn is still opposing Uranus which is conjunct Jupiter which makes both of those planets very powerful. And Venus the Goddess is on 22 Gemini which corresponds to the three stars in the belt of Orion which is a StarGate.

Is it possible that we are moving close to the time the Earth moves into the fifth dimension and we get out of all this war stuff that is being fought on the third and fourth dimension? Earth might just rise above fourth density. Those who are vibrating to heart energy are already manifesting fifth dimension energy. Our help is needed to help others through the drama being played out right now.  The 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelation talks about the New Heaven and the New Earth, sounds like a place I would like to be.

The other Mayan glyph for the new moon is the Monkey, ruled by Venus which is over the Arabian Sea which could activate the Gulf of Aden. This energy is in effect from New Moon to full moon or full moon to new moon, or new moon to new moon, it is not a one day energy.

Remember the movie The Dark Crystal? In that movie the three suns needed to be in alignment before the end comes. On May 20, 2010 our Sun lines-up with Alcyone, our central Sun and Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter line-up with the great Central Sun that focuses into England. This is the three Suns, our Sun, Alcyone, and the great Central Sun. Alcyone will focus into our Sun, and probably cause it to act up with solar flares or CMEs. (There was Sun activity on May 25 and the protons will hit Earth on May 27.)

Then we have the full moon of May 27 with the planets still in alignment but Uranus has moved to zero degrees Aries. It sounds like we are in for some amazing events this month. I guess time will tell just how they work out. We are definitely in the end times or a new beginning however you look at it. Then on Nov 8-11 the node will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn which rules death of the system and major events.

I received an email with a utube that showed an object next to the Sun and that object looked like a heart. It was awesome. This was on April 27, 2010.

*****Mahala Gayle*****

Events Mentioned in my May Planet Alert

In my last article I said that Europe would be experiencing great financial difficulties and that this would be triggered by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn which causes legal, business, financial, and professional problems. The Euro has been in trouble for quite some time. Actually the financial problem is world wide. I also said that by the full moon of May 27, Jupiter and Saturn will be in exact opposition so financial dealings will probably come to a head by that time. For the past week the United States Stock Market has been falling. Today, May 26, it fell below 10,000 K. The financial crisis continues in Europe.

I was concerned about the Pacific Northwest as the Sun and planets moved over our area. There were eight earthquakes off the Oregon coast measuring 4 to 5.1 magnitudes in the period of two weeks. These quakes were in the ocean just off Portland. Then there was a 4.5 quake in the Vancouver Island region. I’m glad they were off the coast and not on the mainland, although there was a small quake close to Carnation yesterday.

I also said that after the planets crossed the Pacific Northwest the Sun would move into Gemini and then California and Mexico will be under pressure. I just heard today that the United States is sending 1200 National Guard troops to the US/Mexican border to help control the violence there.

Jupiter is in the water sign Pisces and this planet ruled the last new moon, which was May 13, and the Dreamspell glyph was over Japan/Korea. Today’s’ news says that Hillary Clinton just came back from talks with South Korea about the bombing by North Korea of a South Korean ship in March of 2010. Looks like things are heating up in that area. Is a new war brewing?

Then I mentioned Mars and how it would probably stir up violence in the Middle East and possibly the Gulf of Aden. Right after I wrote that information there was major violence in Iraq, which was the largest violence experienced in a long time. Now they are doing a series on TV News about Somalia, which is on the Gulf of Aden and they mentioned this is the most dangerous country in the world for violence. There is constant war there and they have a new Terrorist Leader, who is from the United States. He is recruiting men from the United States to be trained as terrorists. This is not good. The United States is going to send more troops to Somalia to help calm things down, hopefully.

Then we have the ongoing oil spill which has been very detrimental to the ocean and wild life. Pluto, which rules oil is still over the Mexican Gulf and will probably continue to cause challenges in that area. The states that will be affected are the ones along the coast which includes Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and other surrounding states. Oil is considered the blood of Mother Earth, and she is hemorrhaging.

What will June bring? I am just writing my next article.

*****Mahala Gayle*****

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The Sun, Alcyone and the Central Sun align – now!

May 18/19/20, 2010

Today and tomorrow are very important days astrologically. There are seven planets on 27-28 degrees of various signs. Vulcan is moving into a conjunction with our Sun on May 20, and our Sun is making a conjunction with Alcyone which is our Central Sun that our Solar System rotates around every 26,000 years. Our Earth is the eighth planet in the Pleiadian star system. Venus is 29 Gemini, Saturn is 27 Virgo, Jupiter is 27 Pisces, Mars is 21 Leo, Uranus is 29 Pisces, and Neptune is 28 Aquarius. This is very unusual.

This means there are three Suns in an aspect early morning May 20, 2010 PST. The three Suns are: our Sun, Alcyone the central Sun, and the great Central Sun that holds 27 galaxies in place plus our Milky Way Galaxy. Then to have Jupiter/Uranus conjunct the great Central Sun and Saturn opposing that aspect  makes the energy very intense. In fact, I think this is telling us that we are at the end of the 26,000 year cycle. Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new. On the full moon of May 27, 2010 the planet Uranus moves into the constellation Aries which indicates new beginnings. How exciting!

I received an email saying that 13 Grandmothers were holding a world wide day of prayer today for the healing of the waters of Earth. Everyone is invited to join in the prayer group. Clean water anyone?

Planet Alert for May 2010

I’m writing this article on the full moon of April 28, 2010. The Mayan Dreamspell glyph for this day is The Yellow Sun which focuses into England. The glyph that goes along with the Sun glyph is the Yellow Hand which rules the heart and the Gulf of Alaska. This glyph is also ruled by the planet Uranus. There is very intense energy in the world right now with the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new. Time to let go of anything you have been holding onto that you need to release. This energy will be in effect for the better part of May. Then on the full moon of May 27, Uranus goes into Aries for the first time in 84 years and we start a new beginning.

It’s my understanding that the area just off the Scandinavian coast was the headquarters of Atlantis. I believe that Atlantis was similar to England in the fact that they ruled countries all over the world. I believe that Atlantis had outposts in different parts of the world like Bimini, and the sunken city off Greece. This means that Iceland was formerly part of Atlantis and that energy just exploded with a fiery violent eruption. Was that all the old Atlantian energy being released to be transformed into love and light?

When I said in my last article that there would be storms in England, France, and the surrounding areas, I never dreamed it would occur as an ash storm that would shut down the airports. England was considered the original Holy Land. The disciples of Jesus went there after the crucifixion and the story of King Arthur and the round table originates from the ancestors of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is also the area that receives energy from the great central Sun that holds 27 galaxies in place plus the Milky Way. There is a lot of energy focused into England. The dark took over that area and set up the World Bank. This area needs to be cleansed and this is happening because the planet Uranus (which rules storms) is right over that area and will continue to be there for a while longer. England’s government also needs some light.

Other parts of Europe are also experiencing great financial difficulties. This is triggered by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn which causes legal, business, financial, and professional problems. This is particularly focused on Europe right now, although the rest of the world is also feeling this energy, along with the United States. Our government has filed a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for fraud, and there is also discussion in our government about breaking up the banks. By the full moon of May 27, Jupiter and Saturn will be in exact opposition so financial dealings will probably come to a head by that time. Then when Saturn moves back into Libra again on July 22, Italy will definitely start feeling the affects of this energy, and lawsuits will continue against the Vatican for sexual abuse.

I have been experiencing a transformation process that started on Easter – April 4, 2010 and I think it will continue until the new moon of May 13, which my astrology calendar says is Ascension Day. I intuitively know it will last for a total of 40 days. It’s kind of like when Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and came out transformed, or when Moses led the people to the Promised Land. I think there are others who have been going through this same process because I usually experience what other people are going through. It has been a mental, emotional and physical cleansing. I know my DNA is changing, along with the chemicals in my body. It’s kind of like a moth transforming into a butterfly.

I was given a book called A Change of Heart-The Mystical Power of Love, by Jane Elizabeth Smith. It is a wonderful little book. When I started reading this book I noticed that she talked about a period of 40 days. I thought, wow, this is what I am going through. There is a chapter in this book called Forty Days to Love. It says, “You are now standing on the precipice of Heaven on Earth. Your soul’s quest for love has brought you here. The hidden treasure rests inside you. The keys to unlock the golden bounty are housed in your heart. Be at one with Divine Love and truly all things shall be added unto you.” Her web site is

Then I received an email of a channeling called “2010 Experiencing-Teleportation through the Secret Heart Chamber.” You can Google that title if you are interested in reading the channeling. It says, “in this year 2010, you will disappear so deep within your new experiences of heart creation, that you will feel like you have finally begun to live for the dream you originally came to Earth for in the beginning. In your own way, you will share and experience the secret of your greatest freedom; the return of the origination point of your Source through the blue-black hole sun chamber in your heart. All your miracles, your new creations, meditations, relationships, and joy will come and go; teleporting from this place as you begin to precipitate your dreams where choice will become creation. You have never experienced this secret in a multi-conscious universal DNA cell body before.” Is this the outcome of the 40 day search for love? I sure hope so.

Now what are the planets doing? The Sun is moving through the sign Taurus and because the area from San Francisco up through Canada is affected by this sign there is the possibility of some Earth or volcanic movement along the coast. We are still in the year of the earthquakes. The Sun will be over Seattle for six days starting on May 13 and culminating on May 19, when the Sun lines up with Alcyone our Central Sun. The Middle East is the opposite point of Seattle and will also feel the effects of the planets.

Then the Sun goes into Gemini and southern California and Mexico will be under pressure. After that the Sun will start to move across the Plains so look for more tornadoes and storms as it moves across the United States. There is a huge oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico right now. We just had a Scorpio full moon which is ruled by Pluto, and that planet rules oil and things underground. Pluto is stationary over the Gulf right now and it looks like it will be some time before they can stop the spill and clean up the mess.

Jupiter is in the water sign Pisces which rules ships and the oceans. This planet will rule the upcoming new moon. The Mayan Dreamspell for that day is the Blue Solar Eagle, which is over Japan. The glyph that goes with the Eagle is the Monkey, and this is over the Arabian Sea. The meaning of this glyph is I am guided by the power of magic. And of course Jupiter is opposing Saturn which brings financial challenges.

Mars, the red planet is still in the fire sign Leo and will stay there until June 6th. It is very powerful in Leo. The Sun will square Mars from May 1-5, so this might activate some violence in the Middle East, or possibly the Gulf of Aden area. Or it could cause people’s anger to flare in various parts of the world. The positive side of this energy is that Leo rules the heart so this is a good time to connect with your heart energy.

Chiron has just moved into Pisces and this means it is a very good time to heal the waters of Earth. Chiron is considered the wounded healer and now the energy from this planet can focus on healing the oceans, rivers, streams and all water on Earth, including what we drink. Don’t forget to bless the water you drink and the food you eat.

Thank goodness Mercury will be direct by the new moon of May 13th. I don’t know if Mercury retrograde affects you as much as it does me but I find it is a challenge. My computer doesn’t work right when Mercury is retrograde. I tell my computer it’s great but it still complains, and my phones go crazy.

We do live in challenging times. It’s definitely time to be heart centered. Let there be love in the world and let it begin with me. All is well in my world! So Be It!

I send you love and light!

                                               ***** Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for April 2010

Spring is here and everything is beautiful around my house and garden. The fruit trees, daffodils, and tulips are blooming and the other trees are starting to blossom out. The grass is green and there is lots of color everywhere. In a couple of months our Dahlias will be in full bloom and they are gorgeous. We also have a vegetable garden and I am looking forward to the fresh veggies. My husband does a wonderful job of gardening by taking care of the flowers and planting the veggies. I love having a house and garden.

Did you feel the energy from the past full moon that was on March 29, 2010? It about wiped me out. I felt like every ounce of energy was drained from my body. There was a lot of very intense releasing of old energy that went on for a couple of months that climaxed at this past full moon. There was also lots of violence in the news the past couple of days with the subway bombing in Russia and fires in various places. This will continue as the Sun moves through the fire sign Aries and Mars moves through the fire sign Leo. Unfortunately this brings lots of events such as fires, volcanic eruptions, and violence.

As the frequency of Earth gets higher and higher some people are in bliss and others freak out. It’s like when the energy from solar flares or CMEs hit the Earth’s magnetic field; it affects our brains and people who can’t handle the high energy kind of go crazy. There are also other manifestations such as Gamma Ray Bursts and planetary aspects. As long as Saturn and Uranus are in opposition, there will be crazy energy out there. Saturn rules the old way of doing things and Uranus rules the new. It gets kind of chaotic as things seem to fall apart before they get transformed into something new.

The Saturn/Uranus opposition also causes revolutions like what has been going on in our government for the past year with the battle between the Republicans and the Democrats. It gets kind of ridiculous at times. It’s also like there is a mind war going on across the Internet. There is a lot of information and disinformation on the Net. You really need to use your discernment with the emails that circulate all over the world. Some are true and others are not. And then there are the viruses that seem to arise every now and then. We do live in interesting times.

The health bill was passed in March. That was a little before I thought it would happen. I thought that would happen after Saturn went retrograde back into Virgo, which happens on April 7th. Maybe the energy was the strongest when it was getting ready to retrograde. Virgo rules health, healing, diet, digestion and illness. Saturn will be in Virgo, in opposition to Uranus, until July 21, 2010. What a turbulent time we have ahead of us. Then in July Saturn will move back into Libra to stay for another 2 plus years.

The energy of the sign Libra is a lot different than the sign Virgo. Libra rules lawyers, courts of law, judges, and lawsuits. Lots of people are in an uproar about the child molestation that has been going on in the Catholic churches for so long. This time they are going to court to fight it and they are even suing the Pope for ignoring what was going on in Germany when he lived there before he became Pope. The Vatican is asking for donations to fight this allegation. It’s interesting to me, from an astrological point of view, that the lawsuits were filed as Saturn was just starting to move through Libra. Saturn also rules Karma and what you put out comes back to you. It looks like the Catholic churches have some Karma coming back to them.

The sign of Libra affects Italy, according to the way I do Astrology. This means that Saturn will be there for the next two years, and lawsuits will continue against the Vatican. The Sun is in Aries right now and because Aries opposes Libra, there is the possibility of a volcanic eruption in Italy at any time, even now, or within the next two years. Maybe all the discord surrounding the Vatican will cause the Earth to respond. The Earth does respond to our emotions. This is why it is so important to remain peaceful inside and to become an observer instead of a participant. I do not mean that you don’t do anything, I mean that if you are going to get involved in something, do it in a peaceful manner.

I believe we are all connected to the God force by the spark of light that is within us. I do not believe there is a God sitting on a throne somewhere judging us for our sins. We are responsible for what we do in this life-time. Sometimes we choose to release ourselves from past life karma and then wonder why we have had such a hard life this time around. Karma explains why there is so much of what we consider injustice in this world. Who knows what someone did in a past life? This is why the Bible says “Judge not, lest ye be judged, or criticized”.   I believe criticism is a form of judgment.

I believe that God is love. In the beginning was love; then came sound, light, and material manifestation. Love encompasses everything; it is the force that holds the world together. Thought is what created our Universe. Think about how powerful our thoughts can be and what we end up creating for ourselves. Lots of thoughts run through our brains all the time and they do not create. It’s thoughts that have emotions behind them that create. Our emotions put these thoughts into manifestation. Emotion is energy in motion. This is why when you get very angry or upset about something that energy comes back to you in some way, and that is why it is so important to stay peaceful within. As long as there are people in the world who are angry and upset and ready to fight, the Earth feels this energy and responds by Earth changes. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. When enough people in the world feel peaceful, then there will be peace.

We need to be as clear and peaceful as we can be before the full moon of April 28, 2010. This is the most powerful full moon I have seen in a long time. It starts out by Mars opposing Pluto by declination. This is considered a dark manifestation. Mars is focused into 38 north latitude which might activate Tehran in some way. The Sun, Mercury and the moon will be activating the Middle East. There might be some war-like manifestation somewhere in the Middle East; possibly Yemen or The Gulf of Aden. The Sun, Mercury, and Moon are opposing each other on 13N-S latitude and this is right over the Gulf of Aden.

Then we have Saturn and Lilith (the dark moon) in exact opposition to the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter. This is a very powerful configuration. Then we throw Mercury retrograde into the bunch to help stir things up. Uranus is a wild card and you never know exactly what it will bring, although whatever it is will be sudden and unexpected. It’s a possibility there could be a solar flare or CME caused by this configuration. Uranus rules computers, wind, storms, lightening, electricity, and because it’s in Pisces, it rules water and the oceans. This means there may be more storms in England, France, and the surrounding areas, and don’t forget the US East Coast which continues to suffer from storms and flooding. This energy could bring more earthquakes to the South Pacific, Hawaii or Alaska, or somewhere along the Equator. There could also be a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean just off the West Coast of the United Stated now, or in the upcoming months.

I’ve heard that the New World Order has plans to totally control us within the next two years. Don’t they know that control will not work in high frequency energy? Don’t they know that God (natural law) will intervene? The planets say freedom is coming. Have you ever tried to control the planets? I believe there is a higher plan for this Earth and I believe this plan does not include control, although it might be a bit turbulent along the way to freedom. Maybe this upcoming full moon will be a big wake-up call and what appears negative might turn out to be positive. Time will tell! So Be It! I send you my love.

                                               ***** Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert for March 2010

March is already here. Where did the winter go? On March 20 we will experience the Spring Equinox and the Sun will move into the fire sign Aries. On March 10 the planet Mars will go direct again after three months in its retrograde phase. With Mars moving direct, we should see more action as events start happening faster and faster. Have you been looking for a job and not been able to find one? Maybe this energy will open up some opportunities for you.

The Sun was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (water sign) at the time of the full moon February 28. This aspect brings earthquakes and water events. Pisces rules the oceans and ships. (Editors note-this event happened in Chile on February 27 with an 8.8 quake.) March will bring more storms in various parts of the world. This aspect also favors business transactions so we will probably hear more news about the world financial situation. The meaning of the degree of that conjunction refers to man’s ability to develop powers and skills by transcending limitations. This will allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms. Like Carl Calleman says in one of his articles “We will in this coming night (Nov 2009-Nov 2010) experience the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind.”

On March 16 we will find the Sun conjunct Mercury and Uranus. Expect the unexpected at this time. This conjunction will probably activate wind or electrical storms in various places, especially over the South Pacific and maybe even Hawaii. If a storm goes into Hawaii it will probably come to the West Coast a couple of days later. This conjunction may also activate solar storms such as solar flares or CMEs. Look for lots of electrical events, rain storms, snow storms, and possible quakes because we are in the year of earthquakes.

The Spring Equinox chart is very powerful. The ascendant is in opposition to the Galactic Center and is making a 90 degree angle to Uranus. This will bring in a lot of energy from the heavens – maybe even a large solar flare. With the Sun in exact opposition to Saturn square Pluto there will be a lot of energy of transformation in the air. I agree it appears very dark right now but that is just an illusion. Of course illusions can appear very real, and the drums of war are beating again, like Israel threatening Iran. We will see where that goes, and what about all the war ships gathered in the Gulf of Aden?

The Spring Equinox is on one degree Aries which refers to a woman who has just risen from the sea. This is like the birth of a new baby who comes out of the womb (water) of the mother. This is very interesting if you read what it says in 2 Esdra chapter 13, a book that was taken out of the Bible. Here’s what it says,” After seven days, I dreamed a dream in the night, and behold, a wind arose from the sea and stirred up all its waves, and I looked, and behold, this wind made something like the figure of a man/woman come up out of the heart of the sea. And I looked and behold, that man flew with the clouds of heaven, and wherever he turned his face to look, everything under his gaze trembled, and whenever his voice issued from his mouth, all who heard his voice melted as wax melts when it feels the fire.” Is this a man/women in a UFO that comes out of the sea, or is it some kind of magnetic energy, or is it both?

“After this I looked, and behold, an innumerable multitude of men were gathered together from the four winds of heaven to make war against the man who came up out of the sea.” (Doesn’t that sound like what is happening in the Gulf of Aden with war ships from all over the world observing the Stargate that just opened in that area?) It goes on to say “After this I looked, and behold, all who had gathered together against him, to wage war with him, were much afraid, yet dared to fight. And behold, when he saw the onrush of the approaching multitude, he neither lifted his hand nor held a spear or any weapon of war; but I saw only how he sent forth from his mouth, as it were a stream of fire, and from his lips a flaming breath, and from his tongue he shot forth a storm of sparks. This destroyed the multitude that was prepared to make war on him.” Does this mean that if it is a UFO that comes out of the sea and someone fires on it they will be destroyed?

The book goes on to say, “As for you seeing a man come up from the heart of the sea, this is he whom the Most High has been keeping for many ages, who will himself deliver his creation; and he will direct those who are left. And as for your seeing wind and fire and a storm coming out of his mouth, and as for his not holding a spear or weapon of war, yet destroying the onrushing multitude which came to conquer him, this is the interpretation. Behold, the days are coming when the Most High will deliver those who are on the earth. And bewilderment of mind shall come over those who dwell on the earth. And they shall plan to make war against one another, city against city, place against place, people against people and kingdom against kingdom. And when these things come to pass and the signs occur which I showed you before, then my Son will be revealed, whom you saw as a man coming up from the sea.”

“And when all the nations hear his voice, every man shall leave his own land and the warfare that they have against one another, and an innumerable multitude shall be gathered together, as you saw, desiring to come and conquer him. But he will stand on the top of Mount Zion. And Zion will come and be made manifest to all people and he will destroy the multitude that come against him without effort by the law and he will defend the righteous and will show them many wonders. Just as no one can explore or know what is in the depths of the sea, so no one on earth can see my Son or those who are with him until the time of the end.” So Be It!

When I first read Esdra many years ago, I wondered what in the world it meant by saying a man will come out of the sea. Now it all makes sense with our knowledge of UFOs and the opening of the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden with all the war ships gathered together in that area.

The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation talk about the fall of Babylon (Baghdad) which has taken seven years to complete. The war started on March 20, 2003 and now we are at March 20, 2010. We have also been manifesting the 19th chapter of Revelation because in my interpretation it talks all about UFOs, like the White Horse (ship) appearing in the heavens. The end of the 19th chapter talks about how the beast and the kings of the earth gather to make war against him who sits upon the horse (ship) and against his army. The 20th chapter is the downfall of the beast. Then the 21st and 22nd chapters talk about the new heaven and the new earth.

I’m not saying that Stargate event will happen on March 20 because I don’t know, but I think it’s a good idea to keep your eye on that part of the world. I kind of feel like this year will be one of transition with lots of things going on along with the transformation of the world financial system. I did have a dream two times in a row saying to be mentally prepared for Christmas (solstice) this year. I think something is going to happen at that time which will be kind of amazing. There will be a total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 with the Sun and Mercury lined up with the Galactic Center making a square aspect to Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. This eclipse will be visible from northern Europe just before sunrise. It will be visible after midnight on Dec 21 in North and South America, then across the Pacific Ocean. The end of the eclipse will be visible rising at sunset in Japan and northeastern Asia. What a sight that will be. This would be a good time to celebrate.

All of our illusions have been right in our face the past few years. They had to surface so we could look at them in order to change them. There has been too much negativity in the world and there needs to be a balance between positive and negative energy. This balance will start to manifest soon because Saturn will be going through Libra, the scales of justice, for the next couple of years. This is when we can bring our life into balance. It’s up to us to create what we choose to experience. You can either live in fear, criticism, or control and remain on a lower dimension earth or live in love, happiness, and beauty on a peaceful world. What do you choose? It’s your choice! And, don’t forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet. So Be It!


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Mahala on Lance White’s Zany Mystic’s Fireside Chat radio program

Listen to a February 6, 2010 audio recording of Mahala on Lance White’s Zany Mystic’s Fireside Chat radio program. Please click on the following mp3 download link which will begin the audio download.

download Mahala_2010_02-06 Zany_Mystic_Fireside_Chat – please be patient as it may take a few minutes to download.

For those interested in Lance White’s Internet radio program show, please see cosmicpenguin.

Planet Alert for February 2010

We start the Chinese New Year of the Tiger on the new moon of February 14th 2010. This should really get things moving because this year is ruled by the planet Uranus, which rules change. I’ve always thought that Valentines Day should be a major holiday because this is the day we celebrate love. Instead of relationship love maybe we could celebrate it as the day of unconditional love.

We ended January with a full moon on the 29th with the Sun opposing Mars and the moon conjunct Mars. This energy will last until the new moon of February 14th. This full moon has already brought violence to Iraq and I’m sure we will hear of more violence as the days go by. When Mars is retrograde it is very powerful, especially in the fire sign of Leo. Mars will stay retrograde, and closest to Earth, until March 10th, so keep your cool. Mars will stay in Leo until June 7, 2010. You Leos can make use of this aspect by manifesting lots of energy. Leo is ruled by the Sun so look for more activity with the Sun. Maybe we will see more solar flares, and what are those round objects that appeared next to the Sun on January 18th – UFOs maybe?

Mars usually brings lots of violence with it on the world scene so maybe we can combine our thoughts to neutralize the energy from this planet. Energy is just energy and can be used either positively or negatively. Maybe we could visualize Mars as the planet of peace, instead of war. We, as light workers need to stay balanced and peaceful as the Earth goes through its changes. This will help bring in the energy of love and light. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

At this past full moon Saturn was in Libra in an exact 90 degree angle to Pluto in Capricorn. In fact, it will be in that aspect all through February. This is an Earth sign and rules earthquakes. The node is also in Capricorn and will be there all year so we could say this is the year of the earthquakes as witnessed by Haiti. My heart goes out to those people, I send them love and light every day for their highest and best good.

The eclipse on December 31, with the moon on 10 degrees Cancer set up that quake. I did not see it coming. I thought storms on the East Coast would be the manifestation of that eclipse and that did happen but I didn’t think about a quake in Haiti. When I looked to see where the planets were at the time of the quake I noticed that four planets were between 18 and 22 south declination plus Mars was in opposition at 19 north which corresponds to 18-22 north latitude in the sign of Cancer, which is where Haiti is located.

Saturn also rules governments, corporations, businesses, and all structures. Lots of structures went down in Haiti because of the earthquake. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. It also rules broken bones, teeth, and knees. How many of you are suffering from any of those problems? It seems like all of a sudden dentists have many new patients. Because Saturn is considered the tester and rules businesses, there have been lots of problems with business and unemployment. Structure is being broken down because it needs to be transformed into something new. We need to rethink how we do business. The large corporations have taken over and they have forgotten about treating people like human beings and consider them just a number. This needs to change.

Saturn is in Libra, an air sign, and will be there for two plus years. This sign rules the justice system and everything connected with lawyers, judges, lawsuits, etc. The Supreme Court just ruled that corporations can make large donations to the candidates of their choice. This has alarmed many people and they will probably do something to change that ruling, like maybe make a new law. I don’t think we have heard the last of that challenge. The last two plus years the energy highlighted health, healing, illness, etc. Now the energy will switch to areas of balance, and lawyers, judges, and lawsuits will be in the news a lot. Libra also rules the kidneys, and the adrenal glands.

We will also have lots and lots of water events since Jupiter just moved into the water sign Pisces. This will be a year long transit so look for lots of rain and snow storms, flooding, mud slides, and maybe tsunamis.

Right now the Sun is in Aquarius, which is an air sign, and two major airline crashes just happened. Aquarius also rules wind. There will probably be more wind storms as the Sun moves through that sign. Then on February 18, the Sun moves into the Sign Pisces. February will probably be a wild month as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and then Uranus. Then spring comes on March 20, and we move into a new energy.

As the Sun starts to flare it will affect the Earth’s magnetic field, and also our bodies, mind, and emotions. I would like to quote from an article by Kryon, “As the solar system moves around it creates different gravitational attributes and actual patterns between the parts. Each planet around the sun revolves independently on its course and during each independent minute of time this gravitational scenario creates a different setup of magnetism and gravity within the influence of your sun. In the time frame that you have selected there is a pattern that is delivered to the sun that is at the center of the orbits and therefore at the fulcrum of the gravitational source”.

“The magnetic/gravitational pattern developed through the movements of the planets, including Earth and also all the moons of the planets are delivered to Earth via what you call the solar wind – energy that is always passing from the sun to the earth. The solar wind delivers it onto the grid for both are magnetic and information is transferred within the influence of the field of the wind and that of the grid. The grid pattern therefore changes daily. It is interesting to note that the magnetic grid of the Earth is actually a product of the physics of Earth but its purpose for you is as a communication engine for Human DNA”.

Kryon goes on to say “One of the attributes of what is imprinted upon your DNA at birth is the oldest science on Earth and you have called it astrology. We have just given you the science that explains astrology, it’s a science that is not fully understood or known but it is science. When the ‘mother lode’ physics formula is known regarding magnetic gravity time and the location of matter it will explain astrology. Meanwhile you come to this planet and imprinted upon your DNA-on one of the interdimensional layers- is this astrological information, the pattern of the solar system’s magnetics and gravity when you were born. The name for the pattern which you have given in astrological terms establishes a setup, a personality type, a type of reaction to Human cause and effect. It is a magnetic/biological setup that continues throughout your life causing you to react to the solar system that created it in specific predictable ways”.

I believe our solar system is changing and when the Earth lines up with the Galactic Center within the next couple of years our DNA will be changed in the ‘Twinkling of an eye, and we will turn from mortal to immortal beings’. This will happen because of the higher frequency energy that resides at the center of our galaxy. Maybe this will also cause the Matrix to come down so we can see reality. When Pluto went through Sagittarius and lined up with the Galactic Center a few years ago time started speeding up because of the high frequency, and look at how fast time is moving now. Time is a manifestation of the 4th dimension. When we finally move totally into the 5th everything will change and time will be no more. The 5th is a manifestation of the Love frequency so those who are manifesting this energy have already touched the 5th dimension. Love is soft and gentle and happy.

The 3rd and 4th dimensions are the dimensions of power, control, wars and violence, and lots of other negative attributes. Look at all the wars we have been fighting for thousands of years. There have been physical wars for eons of time. With the technology we have had in the past few years there has been mind wars, terrorist wars, earthquake wars, weather wars, chemical and biological wars, financial wars, and space wars. A lot of the trauma on Earth has been caused by the powerful dark Beings that have controlled Earth for such a long period of time. Their control will be coming to an end soon. We started the Iraq war on March 20, 2003. Seven years later is March 20, 2010. Could this be the end of the Vedic Kali Yuga cycle? No month is given in that document; it just says it ends in 2010. Isn’t that interesting? Stay in the Love frequency and you will be fine as the Earth continues to go through her cleansing. So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!

                                               ***** Mahala Gayle *****


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