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Planet Alert June 2013

Here we are in June already and the year is half over. Has time ceased to exist? The Sun is in the sign of Gemini right now which is an air sign and rules wind. It also rules communication of all kinds. Have any of you had computer problems lately, like the last three weeks or so, or was it just me? This is why my article is late. I finally got my computer fixed after many challenges.

I am so grateful to be living in the Pacific Northwest. It is so beautiful here and so far we have missed the major Earth changes. The Earth is definitely in a shift. I have never seen so many events all over the world occurring simultaneously. There has been major flooding in the past month in several places in the world including Norway, many countries in Europe, China, India, the central part of the United States, Florida, Alaska, and probably other places that I am not aware of. Could this be caused by Planet X next to our sun? Many people have taken pictures of this object, and the prophecy is it will cause lots of flooding on Earth.

Cliff High made a prediction from his web bots that before the first week in June there would be a major global coastal event. I would say we have had a major global event with lots of water. Before the flooding happened it said a bridge would go down in the Pacific Northwest. That happened last month and made a mess of I-5. He also said there would be major computer glitches. I can attest to that event. And the flooding definitely happened all over the world.

The planet Jupiter was right over Moore, Oklahoma when the tornado went through that area causing a lot of damage. The next tornado on Friday had winds that were 300 miles an hour and the storm was 2 ½ miles wide. That was a huge storm. I was told years ago that when we went through a magnetic pole shift (which is happening now) the winds would be up to 300 miles an hour. This magnetic shift started way back in 1998. We are now in the finale.

The magnetic energy from the planets really activate a lot of events, along with the energy from the Sun that is making the core of the Earth heat up. Then there are gamma ray bursts that are affecting our bodies, and the body of Mother Earth. The magnetic north pole is moving and the people who can’t deal with this energy have been losing it lately. Then there is H.A.A.R.P. stirring up everything.  I also think the Photon Belt is a major event with all that Photon energy coming to Earth. Check out this link, it is very interesting.

This month Jupiter will be moving into the water sign Cancer. Venus and Mercury are already there and this is why a storm is coming into Florida and up the East Coast right now. Jupiter is a large planet which means there will be many large storms and flooding this upcoming year. The weather forecasters say there will be a lot of Hurricanes this year and I believe them because Jupiter will be over the East Coast this year and it will be making a 90 degree angle to Uranus and Pluto which will activate the cardinal cross. Jupiter will be activating a lot of water energy. Pluto is in an earth sign which rules earthquakes and Uranus is in Aries which is a fire sign and activates fires, volcanic eruptions, and violence.

When Mars moved into Gemini a few days ago the fires just north of Los Angeles were activated. Now Mars is ready to move across the plains, probably activating fires, violence, or more storms as it crosses the area  from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River. Mars will be in that area until July 14, 2013.

Incidentally, on April 21-22 of 2014 there will be a perfect cardinal cross in the heavens with Uranus on 13 Aries, Jupiter 13 Cancer (over Washington D.C.), Mars 13 Libra, and Pluto 13 Capricorn. I believe we can anticipate a major change in our government at that time. The number 13 is the number of birth, death, and transformation.

There was a major event that happened at the end of May.  Mars and Lilith lined up with our central sun Alcyone and I bet no one paid any attention to that event. Mars is of course a male planet and Lilith is our creator Goddess. She has many names. Isis is one of them. Lilith has been given a bad name and people do not think well of this Goddess when in actuality she is the Goddess Ninhursag  (Lilith) who helped Enki create our species as written about in the Zacharia Sitchin books.

The Anunnaki were worshiped as Gods by many people for thousands of years. Basically, the old testament of the Bible is all about the wars between the fierce fighting God Jehovah, the peaceful god Enki, (Yahweh) and Id, the female Goddess. The name Id adds up to the number 13, the Goddess number. The Goddess became subject to the male heirachy and was thrown out of heaven not having any kind of power for thousands of years. Now with the conjunction of the Goddess Lilith with the male energy of Mars and the central sun Alcyone, it made me aware that both male and female energies came together in balance as of May 31, 2013. Now let’s create peace and harmony on Earth.

In astrology Lilith is the dark moon. She is on such a high frequency that she can only be seen when she appears before the Sun, and then she appears as a red ball of light. With all of the infrared technology we now have I am sure she will be seen more often. I studied the dark moon Lilith for years in people’s charts and found her to be very powerful with triggering events in a person’s life. Most Astrologers seem to ignore her although I believe she will become well known when she is acknowledged as the ruler of the sign of Virgo, which is the sign of the Goddess. There is more than one object called Lilith in Astrology. I am talking about our second moon which is called the dark moon because it cannot be seen by the human eye. It is a companion of our moon and it takes ten days to go through one sign of the zodiac.

Neptune just turned retrograde on June 7th for 5 months. This planet rules illusions, delusions, movies, magic, and miracles. The veil has gone down but people don’t realize that yet, and this is why there is so much chaos. Once people start tuning into the higher energy of Neptune their lives will turn around.

Remember, Mercury also goes retrograde this month on June 27th. This will add more chaos to the mix. Slow down and take time to smell the roses. Find joy in life, jump out of the illusion and create what you choose to experience. So Be It!  Written in love and light.   *****Mahala Gayle*****

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Planet Alert June 2013 — 4 Comments

  1. Thank You, Mahala.

    Though I am late in reading this, it being July 1 and June now only a thing of the past, I found it delightful.

    It was just the other evening my hubby was kidding around. He asked me if 2 angels came to me, telling me God wanted me to have a baby – that God would take care of everything physically for me, what would I say?

    (I’m 57. I’ve raised 4 kids, had 1 child born dead. I feel Honored being a Mom.)

    This is how I responded:

    I would tell those 2 angels that I was a genuine daughter of Lilith and my answer the same as hers, “NO”. And then suggest they ask my husband to have the baby, instead.

    Lilith never forgot that All That Is, is an Absolute, so recognized the false when she heard and saw it. All That Is, has nothing TO dominate,since it’s all there is, was and ever will be to begin with. ‘Dominating’, how dumb for an Infinite and Eternal Being – it can only be the clarion call and self expression of a lesser Being – One that isn’t All That Is, just part of it.

    Lilith wasn’t so senseless as to have worshiped a limited unlimited or an impotent omnipotence – which is what Jehovah represented and expressed.

    I really admire your connection with Virgo and Lilith. Since it’s only Unconditional Love that is an Immaculate Concept. It’s Perfection is in its INclusiveness. It is Pure, free of all taints and corruptions of exclusion and condition.

    Always embraces all ways.

    Our issues are being caused because we do ~not~.

    Bless you Mahala, for sharing yourself. I have been made richer for knowing you.

  2. Good morning,
    I am a friend of Ariana of the Cloverleaf Connection. I do the computer editing for some of her material from Asthar. Ariana introduced me to your page on the internet. I am a Spiritualist minister and have done some work with astrology, but not to the degree you have. I am in a new begining point of my life with a birthday on June 14 when I turn 79 yr. Do you do individual charts and projections for the year? I would be very interested in what the universe has in store for me. Pleae tell me what you charge and how I can reach you,

    IN Love and Light,

  3. You may be disappointed but Annunaki is neutralized – they gave up and there are no planet x but only Andromeda Council biospheres that are working to hold on this planet during it’s transition to 4th density where you will experience physical existence with positive changes – still have to work, communicate, have sex, etc. but with many perks as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and levitation.

    Gave a nice day!

    P.S. Google Silver legion

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