Planet Alert for August & September 2001

This summer has been very intense. The energy from Mars caused a very hot, humid, and fiery summer. Mars has been in a fire sign since February of 2001, and it will continue in that sign until September 9. Mars rules such things as war, violence, erupting volcanoes, fires, explosions, and accidents. It also causes people to be short tempered – especially in hot weather. This energy has already manifested as fires in various places, violence in the Middle East, and Mt. Etna erupted – as did other volcanoes.

Mars moves into Capricorn in September, and will stay there until October 28. Capricorn is an Earth sign. Mars will be opposing Jupiter the end of September and the first week in October. This aspect usually causes troop movement in various parts of the world, and brings with it a war vibration. Conflicts with foreign countries are a possibility at this time. As Jupiter moves through Cancer it will activate George Bush’s Sun. He will have to deal with some challenges during September and October because Mars will be opposing his sun. This is a war-like violent aspect. This aspect will also affect the United States birth chart. Jupiter rules religion. Conflicts that arise at this time will probably be over religious beliefs, and with this energy in effect, I believe we are headed for a major confrontation in the Middle East.

Mother Earth is ascending. As she ascends, she needs to transform negative thoughts that are still happening in her world. There has been fighting in the Middle East for eons of time. This has built up a lot of karma in that area which needs to be cleansed. There is, and has been, a war going on for control of the vortex over that area. Space ships from other places enter the Earth’s vibration through this vortex. In the past, whoever controlled this vortex controlled Earth. This is why there may be a major event in the Middle East to change the vibration of that vortex.

We cannot control what someone else does. They have to work out their own karma. We can help by continuing to release all fear thoughts from our consciousness. Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me. This sets the ball rolling so others can experience your vibration of peace. This works like the hundredth monkey theory. Once one monkey learned how to wash his food, monkeys all over the world started doing the same thing. It takes a few brave souls to move into the wonderful vibration of the new energy that is now on Earth so others can follow. Are you one of those souls?

We started the Mayan New Year on July 26 with Mars and Pluto opposing Saturn. What a way to start a new year. This is a yellow seed year, ruled by the planet Jupiter. The yellow tribe represents harvest and power. The seed represents your intention. In this year your intention will be charged with your true desire or vision. This is the year to manifest your desires. Mars opposing Jupiter also rules money matters, so there will probably be challenges or disagreements over business matters, finances, and taxes in the next two months. This may affect the stock market, our economy, or our financial systems.

Have you ever noticed how Mother Earth responds to people? There was much violence in Italy at the time of the G8 summit meeting. Mt. Etna responded by erupting. The places on Earth where there has been a lot of violence will receive the greatest Earth changes. Look at the Battle in Seattle in November of 1999, then the violence that erupted at the Mardi-Gras celebration in February of 2001. This was followed by a 6.8 earthquake in Seattle on February 28, 2001, that caused billions of dollars in damage. Mother earth does not like violence.

Many people say that the Bible prophecies are not happening, and all is great on this old planet. I disagree. I have watched as one prophecy after another is fulfilled. We are in the end times as prophesied. We are also in the beginning times. A new energy that is magnetic in nature is manifesting on Earth. Those who vibrate to this energy can manifest great things in their lives. However, there is still an overlapping energy going on. Negativity is still occurring on Earth, and needs to be transformed into light. Not everyone is manifesting a high consciousness.

From my study of Revelations, I can see events happening. The 13th chapter of Revelations talks about a beast with seven heads, and ten horns that comes to power in the end times. In fact the whole chapter talks about the New World Order under the United Nations. This unit has been in effect since September of last year. Ten leaders met in Italy at the G 8 summit meeting this summer. These leaders included the original seven heads which are England, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Japan and the United States. The eighth is Russia, which has been included in that meeting for a few years. This year the head of the United Nations, and the head of the European Common Market were also at the summit meeting, which made ten leaders.

The European Common Market is the unit of 12 wings, spoken of in the Bible, that also comes to power in the end times. We are there! There is no more waiting. We’ve been in the tribulation period since January of 1991 when all of the world gathered together against Iraq, which was the former Babylon. At this time the sixth trumpet sounded which released the energy at the Euphrates river. This also ushered in a period of great Earth changes that have been occurring since then. We are in the tribulation. The seventh trumpet is when the whole Earth shakes. This hasn’t happened yet, although I believe it will happen soon.

In 1991 our Sun started emitting two new frequencies. This was the beginning of Earth’s transformation. Our Sun greatly affects Earth, and the people living on this planet. In July of 1991 there was a total solar eclipse in Mexico, which started the Mayan cycle of the sixth Sun. In their prophecy this Sun ushered in a period of great Earth changes. This Sun also corresponds to the sign of Virgo, the Virgin. This eclipse started the activation of female energy on Earth.

There have been many events in space. These events have caused energy to manifest on Earth that is helping her change her frequency. There was a gamma ray blast in 1993. Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves having a higher frequency than X-rays, and thus greater penetrating power. The next event was a gamma ray blast from a star in the Aquila (Eagle) constellation that happened on August 27, 1998. This blast came from a tiny, ultra-dense neutron star with the strongest magnetic field ever detected. This sudden blast of radiation hit on the Earth’s night side, which at the time included much of the Pacific, including Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States.

The Seattle Times, dated September 30, 1998, said, “It was as if night was briefly turned into day in the ionosphere,” referring to the blasts sudden ionization of the upper atmosphere. We now know that Earth’s physical environment is affected not only by our own sun, but by energy originating from distant parts of our universe. The blast caused the night-side ionosphere to descend from about 55,000 feet, it’s normal night-time level, down to its daytime level of about 37,000 feet. The ionosphere is a layer of ionized gases created by ultraviolet light from the sun, which tends to bounce radio signals back down to the ground. It allows radio communications over long distances, especially at night. This was the most powerful energy wave ever detected coming from outside our solar system. The Earth shifted into a higher frequency at that time.

The Earth’s magnetic field fell to zero, for the first time in thousands of years, on November 9, 1998. It stayed on zero magnetics for several hours, which means the Earth’s protective shield was down for a period of time. Because of this unprotected state, a seed from our Sun was allowed to enter the core (or womb) of Mother Earth and the conception of a new energy took place. Nine months later on August 11, 1999, at the time of a total solar eclipse, a baby or new energy was born from Mother Earth. That eclipse was on 18 degrees Leo, which is the degree of the birth of Christ Conscious energy on Earth. The planets formed a cross in the heavens at that time, which is a sign of the Christ.

The actual labor started on the lunar eclipse of July 28, 1999, when the Sun was conjunct Neptune, which is a female magnetic planet. Neptune is a beautiful blue/green or aqua planet. On July 28 we moved into a new flow of energy which is a magnetic circular pattern. Magnetic energy is directly related to a triple circle energy flow. The triple circle is the most conducive pattern to the health, well being and life span of all life-forms upon Earth, including humanity. Mother Earth’s chakras were opened to this magnetic flow of energy at that time. Maybe we should live in round houses.

We have been vibrating to electrical energy for a long time. That is a male energy pattern, and is conducive to anger, aggression, and violence. This pattern is like a straight line, or you could compare that energy to a bolt of lightning. Magnetic is feminine, and that is why we are moving into a cycle where people will be experiencing the feminine energy within which is soft, gentle and loving. Right now we are working on balancing the electrical (positive) and magnetic (negative) energy within us to obtain the balance, which is love.

In January of 1999 Neptune moved into the sign of Aquarius. That sign rules the age of light. Our Earth split in consciousness in December of 1999, and created two Earths existing side by side with a bridge between them. The Earth that split off is existing in the new consciousness. We have been jumping back and forth between these two worlds since that happened. When you are living in joy and happiness you are in one reality, and when you are into poor me, you are existing in the other reality, or old energy. Which reality do you choose to live in? I prefer the new energy Earth because it’s much more fun.

The tribulation that started in 1991 moved into an accelerated time period in 1998. The Bible says we will be tested for ten years. Does this mean that the testing period ends in December of 2001? Is this when man’s will to destroy our world stops, and Divine will takes over and cleanses the world to make it new? Our solar system started lining up with the galactic center in December of 1998. Every year since then our solar system has continued to line up and form a cross in the heavens. The last time it lines up is December 21, 2001.

There is an article on the Internet that says the last date given in the pyramid in Egypt is September 17, 2001. This corresponds with Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year celebration. Ten days later on September 27, they have the celebration of Yom Kippur, which is considered judgment day. This is when Mars and Jupiter start opposing each other, and this could cause challenges. Following that is the Feast of Trumpets, which is their harvest festival.

Many people seem to be waiting for an antichrist to appear in the Middle East. Nostradamus says his name is Mabus and he comes from Persia. If you turn the name Mabus around, you have the name Subam or Sudam. Nostradumas says that the Earth would experience a 27 year war. Egypt attacked Israel on October 6, 1973, on Yom Kippur, and wars have continued since then. We had the war between Iran and Iraq. During that war there was a fountain of blood in the middle of the city of Tehran, just like the Bible said would happen. There were wars in Africa that turned the Nile River to blood from all the people that died. There were wars in almost all of the Balkan countries after the Russian empire fell in August of 1991. Saddam remained in power all through those wars. He took control of the BAHTH party in 1968. He became president of Iraq in 1979. He has been in power all during this 27-28 year war. What I am saying is that the events that many people are still waiting to happen have already happened. We are in the Tribulation, which I think is fast approaching a climax.

There have been many anti-christs on Earth. Hitler was one of them, although the real control is by a group of unseen people. Money talks! The bankers took control of this world and have kept us barefoot and pregnant for many years. This is the cycle that is coming to an end. It’s wake up time.

I believe the Earth started shifting on its axis in 1936, and has continued to shift ever since then. It’s been a slow shift. I believe that the earthquake in India, in January of 2001, activated the core of the Earth and started an accelerated period of change. There have been many large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since then. I think we are fast approaching the end of this world as we know it. The Earth will not be destroyed, although it will be changed.

Some people say the end comes in 2001, others say 2002 or 2003. The most popular date is the Mayan one of 2012. The Kali Yuga gives the date of 2003 as the beginning of peace on Earth. This would start in a Neptune cycle. That sounds good to me.

A crop circle appeared in England on August 1, 2001 in the form of a Scorpion. To me that represents the sign of Scorpio. It’s my understanding that the final downfall of Atlantis happened on Halloween. The veil between worlds is very thin at this time, and a doorway opens to a different dimension for a couple of days. The spider is a symbol of this celebration. This represents Spider Woman who is our creator goddess.

On this full moon Halloween the planet Saturn will be opposing Pluto on 13 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. To me this is the ending of old energy. I believe this is when the old goes out, and the new comes in. Saturn represents the old, and Pluto is the transformer. It could also indicate the end of our body transformation period. That would be nice. Maybe many of us will move into the new energy to stay at that time. I believe the end of the world, as we know it, is the downfall of the controllers. I believe that when Divine will takes over the Earth will be cleansed and made new. It may take a few years for these Earth changes to be complete. Gone will be control. We will then be able to live in love and peace.

An awesome crop circle appeared in England on August 13, 2001. It looks like a picture of our galaxy. You can see the circle on Art Bell’s web site. The crop circle has six spiral arms with thirteen circles in each arm. It looks like six pearl necklaces. There are a total of 490 circles, which also adds up to thirteen. The number thirteen represents the woman tribe of Israel. The Bible says the new kingdom will go to the woman tribe. To me this represents feminine energy, which is becoming dominant on this planet. Those who don’t vibrate to the thirteenth frequency will not be able to move into the new Earth reality, because their bodies will not be able to handle that vibration. The meek shall inherit the Earth. These are the people who think with their hearts, and are gentle and loving. That’s what the new energy is all about.

The Mayan calendar is based on the numbers 13, 20 and 52. There are thirteen signs in their astrological system. The thirteenth sign is Aesclepius. The number thirteen is the number of creation, and is what the flower of life is all about. I believe some people have started vibrating to the thirteenth frequency, and this is what the crop circle is all about. There were twelve disciples and Jesus. There are twelve planets in our solar system. Our Sun is the thirteenth. When we start vibrating to the thirteenth frequency, we will be one with the Sun and our transformation process will be over. We will then be able to live in our divine bodies in love and light.

Be prepared for this fall because I think we will see much chaos in the world. Do not be afraid because there is nothing to fear. We are immortal beings. What can we do to help the Earth? We can do our part by flowing with the changes. We can become observers instead of actors. We can stop judging people. The most important thing to do is to release any residue of fear that may still be in your consciousness. Love is the absence of fear. Start creating from your Divine will instead of free will. Divine will creates from a basis of love. Free will creates from your subconscious fears, and this can result in chaos. Live in joy. Walk softly on this beautiful planet. Enjoy the flowers and nature. Bless everyone and everything, and may you be blessed as we move through these exciting and challenging times

* * * * * * * *

Mahala has been an Astrologer for about 20 years and specializes in World Astrology. She edits a newsletter called Asklepius of Light which is published every 2 months. Mahala can be reached at

Planet Alert for March 2001

We’re heading toward the Spring Equinox and a new beginning. How exciting! The influence of the fixed cross we’ve been under since the total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, will be over on April 20, 2001. This is when Saturn moves into Gemini. Did you survive the challenges that occurred because of this cross? Did you feel like you were being crucified? The cross that occurred at that eclipse was in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This particular cross is considered the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. Many Astrologers said that the energy generated by this cross would not be easy to deal with. I think they were right.Taurus rules money. Saturn in Taurus is a little challenging. Look at what happened to our Stock Market, and the financial situation of many light workers during the last couple of years. You have to pass the lessons of Saturn before you can experience the freedom of Uranus. The energy from Saturn changes when it moves into Gemini in April.

Leo rules the heart. This brought up relationship issues to be looked at and released. This energy also inspired us to open up to the Christ energy within, the beautiful creative energy of Leo, the lion. Scorpio rules sex, and transformation. We were given the opportunity to look at our sexual issues through watching our former president Bill Clinton. This was also the time we went into high gear in our DNA transformation process. Some people have completed this process. This means they don’t get sick anymore.

Aquarius rules electricity. This caused the energy crisis on the West Coast. We now have the opportunity to look at our energy problems so we can create a new source of power. Aquarius also rules computers. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, went into that sign in January of 1996. This opened up the World Wide Web which connects the whole world together. We are indeed one. Uranus stays in Aquarius until 2003. Starting in April we will have the opportunity to experience the energy from the mutable cross. This cross consists of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. It is considered the mother cross. The two giants, Jupiter and Saturn, will both be in the sign of Gemini, which rules transportation and communication.

Mars and Pluto are in the fire sign Sagittarius. The energy from these two planets are very volatile, especially in a fire sign. Mars, of course, will be over the Middle East for months because it stays in Sagittarius until September 9. Mars turns retrograde in May, and is very powerful in that position. This means it is basically stationary in a fire sign all summer. Along with fires there will be droughts in various countries around the world this spring and summer. This includes the desert areas of the United States.

Jupiter and Saturn will be opposing Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius until July. This aspect causes intense energy, especially as the Sun moves through a mutable sign. As the Sun goes through Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo, the planets form a T cross in the heavens, and changeable energy will come in very strong.

Sagittarius rules mountains, sports, religion, and law. What is one of the first things George Bush did when he became president? He gave money to the churches to help those in need. He also appears to be a very religious man. The moral majority are now in power, and they wish to change our countries values back to home, family, and religion, even though Bush came in as a war president. Isn’t it interesting to watch how the planets affect the world?

Astrology is a science that works on magnetism. According to an English astronomer named Dr. Percy Seymore, who also has a degree in astrophysics, the Sun, Moon and planets, communicate to us through magnetic signals. Dr Seymore’s theory proposes that the planets raise tides in the gases of the Sun, creating sunspots and their particle emissions, which then travel across interplanetary space to strike Earth’s magnetosphere. These planetary magnetic signals are then perceived by the neural network of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, heralding the child’s birth. These signals are felt throughout our life-time by our neural network. The signals change as the planets move through the zodiac.

It says in the Bible that in the beginning the planets sang together. How did they sing? Music is a frequency – just like each of us is different. Some are harmonic, and some are disharmonic. To sign together they must have been in harmony. When the planet Maldek, also called Lucifer, fell from heaven because it was destroyed – the planets could no longer sing in harmony because one was missing.

When you find you have a challenge with a person it’s probably because their frequency is disharmonic with yours. In order to be healthy we need to stay in a balanced condition. When we become out of balance, sickness occurs. Walter Russell says: “Consider our bodily condition from the standpoint of electrical balance, or unbalance, based upon the fact that our bodies are a multiplicity of light-waves emanating as electric currents flowing through myriads of nerve wires from countless storage battery cells of our bodies.”

Russell states: “Everyone knows that a storage battery is divided into two opposite and equal cells, one of which is positive and the other negative. Balanced electric currents from balanced electric cells insure a sound body and steady nerves, while the uneven currents from unbalanced body cells tear nerves to pisces an disintegrate the body in the measure of unbalance between the two pulsations and their centering fulcrum.”

Sudden and violent anger, or long continued hatred, can start the seed of cancer or other diseases. Fears, worries and long continued emotions, which are devoid of love or inner joyousness, will develop many such effects as stomach ulcers, neuritis, arthritis and other toxic conditions.” We need to stay balanced to be healthy. The balance is unconditional love for ourselves and others, which means no guilt or judgment of any kind. All is well with my world!

The planets convey their message trough magnetic signals. Male energy is electrical, and female energy is magnetic. Neptune is a female magnetic planet, and Uranus is an electrical male planet. They are both in the sign of Aquarius, which is the new age we are now manifesting. This means it is very important to balance the male and female energy within us so we can manifest health.

The placements of planets foretell possible events on Earth. Saturn in Taurus, which is an Earth sign, foretold the manifestation of large Earthquakes on our planet. In February we moved into the fire vibration which rules volcanic eruptions. There have been, and will be many eruptions this year. They have already started erupting because Pluto has been in Sagittarius for awhile.

The eclipses have been in Cancer and Capricorn this year. Cancer rules our food supply. It looks like there will be challenges in this area because of fires, drought, and Mad Cow Disease. Maybe it’s time to become a Vegetarian. I’ve heard people say they eat meat to become grounded. Maybe it’s time to be a little ungrounded if we want to learn how to levitate and walk on water, which is possible in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

The Capricorn part rules governments, and power and control issues. Certain beings are fighting for control of this planet. The controllers live in the lower fourth dimension. This dimension is breaking down, and the effects from this break-down may manifest as war on Earth. We have been moving through the fourth dimension since 1973, and are now in a higher level of that dimension. When we live in the moment, in peace and love, we are manifesting the fifth dimension.

The Sun affects the Earth greatly. I believe the Sun started changing it’s magnetic poles on September 11, 2000, when the Sun went blank for a day, except for a few Sun spots. It changes polarity every eleven and a half years. It breaths in for 11 plus years, and then it breathes out for 11 plus years. We have been in the out breathing cycle which causes tremendous solar flares.

The actual switching of the poles takes a few months. NASA states: “The Sun’s magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just a few months ago, now points south. It’s a topsy-turvy situation, but not an unexpected one. This always happens around the time of solar maximum.” The next pole shift on the Sun will b e in 2012, which marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new world. The Sun’s magnetic field envelops the entire solar system in a bubble that scientists call the ‘heliosphere’. The heliosphere extends 50 to 100 astronomical units beyond the orbit of Pluto. Inside it is the solar system – outside is interstellar space. It takes about a year for disturbances to propagate all the way from the Sun to the outer bounds of the heliosphere.

As above, so below. The Earth started it’s magnetic shift in November of 1998 when it reached zero magnetics for a period of hours. The Earth’s magnetic shift takes longer than the Sun because we are on a slower frequency. We are already manifesting this shift in our personal lives through mental, emotional, and physical problems. The Earth feels it with earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

Keep yourself balanced as we move through these challenging and exciting times. Manifest love and light. It takes just one little candle to light a dark room. If everyone consciously turned on their light, think of how brilliant Earth would look with brightly colored God sparks all over the place. May God bless you.

By Mahala

I can be reached at

Planet Alert for February & March 2001

Did you feel the energy from the festival in India? I felt it very strongly. This festival was foretold by the holy people of India for many centuries. They believe it ends the dark cycle of life, and ushers in unity consciousness. This festival started with the lunar eclipse on January 9, 2001, and continues until February 21. The high holy days were from January 14 to the new moon of January 24. This day also started the Chinese new year – the year of the snake.

They said there was a particular star alignment with this festival. I wondered what this alignment might be, and discovered that the planet Saturn has been, and is, conjunct the star Algol. This particular star has been considered, by Astrologers, to be the worst star in the heavens. It probably got its reputation from some dark event that happened in the past. This star is very close to the seven stars in the Pleiadian constellation.

This celebration is based on the ending of the dark cycle of the Kali Yuga. The Hindu believe that by bathing in the Ganges River at this time, they will cleanse themselves from all of their Karma, and will be able to jump off the cycle of rebirth. According to many peoples’ belief systems, Saturn is the planet of Karma. Because that planet is conjunct Algol during this time period, it does look like this is the end of the old way of doing things, and the birth of a new cycle.

It is also the time when the Rod of Power was transferred from the East to the West for manifestation. The Hindu belief system is one of going within and finding peace through meditation. The West has been more action oriented. Now there will be a balance between going within, and taking action.

On January 4, we moved into the Red Castle of Birth in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. This birthing period lasts for 52 days until we start a new castle on February 25. The glyph on January 4 was Red Magnetic Dragon, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. This planet is feminine energy. The Red Dragon wavespell nurtures birth. It is energetic, receptive, powerful, protective, creative, and sensitive. It rules mother energy and blood. We started the birthing process on December 17, 2000. We are now nurturing the Christ child within us that wants expression.

How do we manifest this Christ energy? There are four steps to manifestation.

1. Accept everything as it is – including yourself.
2. Step out of polarity – do not judge anything. All is well in the world.
3. See unity or everything interconnected.
4. Manifest love in your heart.

By manifesting the above energy we will automatically change our DNA, and become brilliant light beings.

Because there is still energy on Earth that needs to be transformed, there may be what some consider very negative events that transpire on Earth in the next couple of months. The large planet Saturn remains on 24-25 degrees Taurus, conjunct Algol, until the spring equinox. This can be considered the period of darkness before the dawn.

On April 20, Saturn moves out of Taurus, which rules money, and moves into Gemini. If money has been a problem, it’s now time to start creating abundance. We create by our thoughts and emotions. When Saturn moves out of Taurus, we should see a new energy around abundance.

In my last article, I said we were moving into a very intense time period. This was because the planet Mars was moving into a 90 degree angle to Uranus. Uranus rules electricity, and Mars rules energy. Look what happened in California during that time period – they had rolling black outs. This energy also manifested in the Philippines as they ousted their president. Uranus is considered the rebellious planet

Both Uranus and Neptune are in Aquarius. These planets are activating the Philippines, Taiwan, New Guinea, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and the east coast of China. This energy is stationary there, and continues to manifest as Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and social unrest.

The two giant planets – Jupiter and Saturn – went direct on January 24-25. Planets are very powerful on the day they turn direct. On January 25, our time, there was a 7.9 earthquake in India. On that day the moon was making a 90 degree angle to Jupiter which was activating the energy in India, and they had a large earthquake.

The opposite point of this energy is California. They manifested this energy as an electrical crisis. The earthquake could have gone to California, although the Mayan glyph pulled it into India. I also think that the tremendous energy activated by the festival in India helped pull the energy to that part of the world. The festival was on one side of India and the earthquake was on the other side.

In my study of Astrology, I have found that Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus play a large part in activating earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Mars and Jupiter activate military action. Neptune rules oceans, ships, gas, oil, drugs, and chemicals. Pluto rules land slides. The planet Saturn is stationary over the West Coast, and the Middle East, until the end of April. There may be Earth activity on the coast as Saturn moves closer to shore. This can work out in storms, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

When planets are retrograde, it appears like they are moving backward. This stirs up a lot of energy within people that needs to be looked at and released. Now all the large planets are in forward motion. This means that events will manifest very fast, although there will be some confusion when Mercury goes retrograde from February 3 to February 25.

In early February the planets form a T cross in fixed signs. This is very stressful energy for people who have planets in the last ten degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Mars moves into Sagittarius, a fire sign, in mid February and opposes the giant planet Jupiter. At this time we may see troop movement, or military action, somewhere in the world. If any kind of military action is taken at this time, it will not work out as planned because of Mercury retrograde.

Our president George Bush was born with his node, and Uranus on 20 degrees Gemini. The United States Mars is on 20 degrees Gemini. This means he came in as a Mars president. His Uranus and node are on the degree of military action, which he could activate suddenly and unexpectedly. This degree may give him great military honor, or dishonor, depending on how he uses this energy.

The first activation of this energy will be when Mars opposes Jupiter in mid February. Then in mid March, the planet Mars conjuncts Pluto. This energy will continue to be in effect throughout March. This aspect can cause terrorist action, or it can work itself out in fires, or volcanic eruptions. The Mexican volcano is just one of many that may erupt with Mars opposing Jupiter in a fire sign. Southern California will also feel this energy in mid February. We are in for a couple of months of intense energy. The old way of doing things is not going to work anymore with the new energy that is manifesting on Earth. We’ve waited for this time period for thousands of years and beings from all over the Universe are here to observe how we play out this drama.

There are events happening in Florida that are very exciting in nature. According to an email I received – the City of Ancients has risen in Vero Beach, Florida. Etheric cities have always been here, except they exist in a dimension that most people can’t see. Since the Earth is increasing in frequency, some people are now able to see this city in Florida.

In early November, the founders of Higher Path discovered what they thought to be an ‘energy vortex’ during a night-time walk on a public beach in Vero Beach. In late November, a small group watched from the beach as the city broke the surface approximately 2 miles off-shore. The first reaction was incredulous, followed by a mutually-voiced decision that it must be Atlantis – because visible – in the center – was a HUGE crystal tower from which colored light emitted in horizontal and vertical bursts, often visible to the naked eye, clearly visible to the ‘third eye’.

Around December 20, it made landfall when equally spaced etheric pyramids – visible to the naked eye as shimmering energy fields formed as pyramids – appeared on the beach. Since then, it has been moving inland at a steady rate. As of January 8, 2001 it has been seen to extend approximately 8 miles south, 10-12 miles north and 7-10 miles offshore – where another tall crystal pyramid is intermittently spotted with the naked eye. They have been told the city is moving inland to an unknown destination.

I find this information very interesting because I was told that the old Atlantis energy cycle ended on November 2, 2000. Florida and the East Coast were all part of Atlantis energy. Atlantis may have extended further inland to the Mississippi River, or maybe even further. I know the West Coast was part of Lemuria. Now it’s time for the new energy to manifest in all kinds of interesting ways. For more information on this new city, go to the web site called Higher Path.

I hope you have released all of your negative experiences so you can enjoy these incredible times. Oneness energy is here. It’s time to experience this energy by manifesting peace, love, joy, and happiness. May God bless you.

* * * * * * * *

Mahala has been an Astrologer for about 20 years and specializes in World Astrology. She edits a newsletter called Asklepius of Light which is published every 2 months. Mahala can be reached at