Planet Alert for February 2008

We just entered the Chinese New Year of the Rat. The rat is a very industrious rodent. It always manages to find something to eat because it is a survivor. The Rat Year corresponds with the sign of Sagittarius in the western zodiac. This means there will be lots of activity this year and people will desire their freedom. Have you ever tried to hold a Sagittarian down? This was also a very special Chinese New Year because it started with a new moon solar eclipse. The Sun is in Aquarius along with four other planets. They are Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and the Moon. The node is also there on 27 degrees Aquarius. This is an interesting line-up of planets and it will activate lots of Aquarian energy. The sun was exactly conjunct Mercury in its retrograde phase at the eclipse. Have you had computer problems, ankle injuries, or auto accidents? Mercury goes direct on February 18, and is out of its shadow a few days later.

They say that Aquarius is the Water Bearer although that never made sense to me because it is an intellectual air sign. It rules science, the Internet, TV, new inventions, air travel, UFOs, electricity, light, lightening, storms, wind, and change. There is an ancient stone zodiac in England that is ten miles long and it has the symbol of an Eagle for the sign of Aquarius. This makes more sense to me because an Eagle flies in the air. It also has a boat for the sign of Cancer. The first thing my Cancer son did when he started making his own money was to buy a boat. Maybe the ancients knew more about Astrology than we do.

This past solar eclipse was on February 6 at 7:44 PM – PST. The Sun was conjunct Mercury on 17 degrees Aquarius. This particular degree rules air, gas and gasoline. This degree has been in affect for a while and we know what has happened to the price of gasoline. It could also rule the gases that come from volcanoes. The areas that actually saw the darkness from this eclipse were Antarctica, Australia, and that general area. Those areas will be highlighted with events in the coming year.

We also found the Sun almost conjunct Neptune at this eclipse. This is a big deal. Neptune rules the female higher mind, and Uranus rules the male higher mind. Neptune (female) is in the sign of Aquarius (male) and has been there for a while. This is like the balancing of the male and female energies, or the balancing of our right and left brains. Our right brain is emotional and creative, and our left brain is intellectual and scientific. We need to balance them to move into the new energy of oneness.

Neptune is now on 21 degrees Aquarius. This is the degree of leaders, or someone who can accomplish anything they undertake. This is an interesting degree to be in effect this year because of the elections in the USA. The other meaning of this degree is that evil (dark) will be turned into light. Does that mean this is the turn around year? Does it mean that the dark Beings that have controlled the world for thousands of years will be suddenly out of power? Does it mean that the leaders of the New World Order will be stopped in their tracks? Is this eclipse the turning point? Time will tell! Remember that the effects from a solar eclipse are felt for at least a year.

The way I interpret Bible prophecies is that we are in the time period of the downfall of the controllers. It’s also the time period of meeting our brothers and sisters from space. Have you heard of all the UFO sightings around the world, and the landing of a ship in Mexico on December 31, 2007?

Life is a big illusion and it’s interesting to watch the dramas we create. The presidential election always becomes a big show and almost everyone is caught into the drama. It’s like a movie with everyone waiting to see how it turns out. When I try to see the results I just get a blank screen. I don’t know what that means except maybe the outcome will be surprising. I just hope we end up with an honest government that has the people’s best interest at heart.

Another important event that happened on February 5 was the passing of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who started the TM (transcendental meditation) movement in the USA in the sixties and seventies. His goal was to teach people how to meditate so they could get in touch with their higher selves. His group expanded to include thousands or even millions of people. He was a very powerful Being. Let’s bless him on his new journey.

Maharishi has said in the past that February starts a new cycle. We are there, and it’s time to start responding to the new energy. Of course Mercury is still retrograde until February 18, so it’s kind of hard to move forward when Mercury is retrograde. Mars was retrograde in January and what a month that was. I felt like I was pulled into a black hole that I couldn’t get out of and it was like the energy was spinning out of control. Mars rules energy and when that planet is retrograde it feels like the energy kind of stands still.

The fact that Mars was retrograde opposing Pluto brought up a lot of what we consider negative energy. Mars is still opposing Pluto but it is now in forward motion. It won’t be exactly opposing Pluto until March 5, which means that we will have a very powerful month of Mars/Pluto energy in February. Mars can be aggressive and cause people to get angry, so it’s still time to keep your cool. It can also cause problems with foreign countries.

To see how the Mars energy has been affecting Earth look at the tornadoes that went through the southern states as Fat Tuesday was in progress, along with the Super Tuesday elections. The Mars/Pluto opposition is still affecting the Midwestern and southern states along with the other side of the world which are Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Those areas will still be under pressure for several months to come. If you are wondering why there has been so much snow this year it is because Jupiter (the planet of abundance) is in the cold sign of Capricorn. There is also Global Warming going on which, as strange as it sounds, brings an abundance of snow as portrayed in the movie ‘The Day after Tomorrow’. When the Sun moves into Pisces and the snow starts to melt watch out for flooding, especially in the Western States where there has been so much snow in the mountains.

Jupiter is also affecting China and they have had an over abundance of snow and cold weather this year. Because of the snow they had problems with their transportation system at the time when people were looking forward to traveling home to enjoy their one holiday of the year which is the Chinese New Year. I hear they finally got their trains and buses moving and people were able to get home for the holiday. I bet they were happy. Watch China this year because this is their year.

On February 20 there is a lunar eclipse on 2 degrees Virgo, which will be visible in North America, (except the extreme Northwest), Central America, and South America. Last August there was a lunar eclipse that was seen over the West Coast and shortly after that eclipse the fires started in California. This time I think it will be floods. Pisces is a water sign, and Uranus is in that sign which activates lots of water events.

There are many predictions of dire events to happen this year. Is this what you choose to create for yourself, or are you ready to take control of your life and create what you choose to experience? Are you ready to create your day before you get out of bed each morning? To reprogram your brain you have to repeat what you want in positive affirmations every day, such as I am abundantly wealthy, or I am radiantly healthy. Our thoughts and emotions create our reality. What you focus on is what you get. Your old thoughts got stuck in a box and you need to think outside of that box to change your life. The first thing to do is to change your perception of life – look at things in a different way. I think there are enough of us who would like to see things change, and if we all started creating what we choose to experience I bet things would change in a hurry.

So Be It! I send you my love and blessings!     ***** Mahala Gayle*****

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Planet Alert January 2008

Happy New Year everyone! On New Year’s Eve there was a fireworks display here in Seattle that didn’t work as planned. At midnight everyone waited for the show to start and nothing happened. We all waited and several minutes later the display started and was very beautiful, although it was out of sync with the music.

This event was very symbolic to me because it has felt like everything is still on hold and nothing has started to move forward yet, probably because Mars is still retrograde.  Like the fireworks, there is a glitch and then everything starts to move forward into the light.

I believe 2008 will be a very exciting year once it gets going and there will be lots of changes on all levels. There will be many Earth changes, political changes and personal changes. This year adds up to ten which is a little different than a one year. Number one always indicates new beginnings but ten has a different meaning. Ten means that we have the number one (ourselves) with the zero (Christ energy) behind it.  This means it is time to manifest our inner power, and stand in our truth. Let’s make good use of this energy.

We’ve just completed a number nine year. I’m sure glad that year is over because it was very challenging for everyone. It was a very fast-paced year with lots of inner and outer changes. Now we have the force with us to go forward with new ideas and new ways of doing things. This year also has an eight (2008) in its number. Eight is known for the energy of money, power, control and business, which also includes financial institutions and the housing market. There could be challenges in all those areas this year. I believe there will also be more challenges with our money system because the bottom has dropped out of the dollar, and many countries are now trading in Euros. The European Common Market has become very powerful with so many countries trading in Euros. Could this be the new money system, for now?

Huge waves of energy have been permeating the Earth from the December planetary alignment and the comet Holmes.  Look how that comet expanded into light in just a few days to become the same size as our Sun, and it kept expanding until it was about three times the size of our Sun. The possibility is now here for us to expand into light and move into a place of joy and happiness. The new energy is here and we have a blank screen in front of us for our new creations.

On February 6 we move into the year of the Rat. The Rat year is supposed to be a year of plenty, bringing opportunity and good prospects. There will be speculation and fluctuations in the stock market and the prices of commodities. The year of the Rat is ruled by the cold of winter and the darkness of night. Those who speculate indiscriminately and overextend themselves will come to a sad reckoning. This will be a happier year for those who have learned how to release negative thoughts from their minds, and replaced them with joy. This will also be the year of many storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.

Speaking of blank screens, that is what I see when I try to see the outcome of our election. However, from my astrological point of view our new president will be either a woman, or a gentle man. I said that on a radio program about five years ago when I was looking forward to the 2008 election. Right now it looks like Barack Obama is taking the United States by storm, although Hillary Clinton is right up there too. According to the chart I got for Obama, he is a Leo, with Scorpio rising, and his moon is 0 degrees Gemini. His node is in Leo, which is where the south node is right now. He was born on August 4, 1961, just 6 months before seven planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius, which ushered in the New Age. He appears to be a very gentle man. Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947, and is a Scorpio who never gives up. I don’t have charts for the other candidates yet.

Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, which also rules business, the housing market, and governments. I’m sure there will be lots of changes in our government starting this year, especially after Pluto, the transformer, moves into Capricorn by the end of this month. Capricorn rules structures and we will see the destruction of many buildings and houses. This could also manifest as the housing crisis that has already started in some states and is expected to get worse this year.  Remember to be compassionate and stay in observation mode this year. Stand in your peace and don’t be drawn into the drama.

The major planetary line-up this past month brought lots of changes to us and the Earth. As I am writing this article, the planets are still in alignment by declination and causing all kinds of havoc. Comet Tuttle was close to Earth on January 2, and this added to the misery.  Comets have a bad reputation in our consciousness because they usually bring negative events like assassination of leaders, which of course happened to Benazir Bhutto. The positive aspect of comet Holmes is that it has been sending waves of light and love to Earth. As it was expanding into light, that energy was sent to Earth for our benefit.

In my last article I said that the alignment of planets would cause storms in the Midwest states, including the lower states like Oklahoma, and the plain states. This happened in a big way. The opposite point of that line-up is Pakistan and the energy is also working out there. I said to watch out West Coast. My timing was a little off because I thought the storms would happen when the moon was in Taurus, instead it waited until the moon was in Scorpio (water) and then the storms let loose on California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and surrounding states. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter were still lined-up by declination at that time and the moon triggered them on January 3-4 when the storms started. There were also 3 or 4 earthquakes in the Queen Charlotte Islands with the largest 6.5. There will be many more earthquakes this year all over the world. There were many storms in December and January because Mercury was in the alignment and Mercury rules storms.

Eclipses foretell events to happen.  Last year the eclipses were in Virgo and Pisces. This year there will be a solar eclipse on February 6 on 17 degrees Aquarius. This particular degree rules air, gas and gasoline.  I’m sure we will see the price of gasoline skyrocket. This degree is also associated with explosives and freedom. The north node of the moon (also called the Dragons head) is also going through the sign of Aquarius and I don’t see how they will be able to take away our freedom without lots of people rebelling against control.  This energy of rebellion sets the tone for the Chinese new year of the Rat that starts on February 6, 2008, PST.

There will be a lunar eclipse on February 20 at 1 degree Virgo, and then the eclipses move to the polarity of Leo and Aquarius. The Leo eclipses cause the death of famous men, and the scarcity of crops. It also rules the possibility of war, and stirs up the people to rebel. The Aquarius eclipses also cause rebellious action and change in all things. Last year there was a lunar eclipse in August on 4 degrees Virgo, and the eclipsed moon was seen over the West Coast. Shortly after that eclipse there were major fires in San Diego because that city’s birth Sun is 4 degrees Virgo. That’s how eclipses work.

Now we have Mercury moving into its retrograde position around January 26 through February 22. Mercury can cause things to get mixed up or not turn out right so it’s best to be aware of this energy. We started the year with Mars retrograde and opposing Pluto. Mars is very powerful in its retrograde phase because it is closest to Earth at that time.  Mars goes direct on January 30, and will then move into forward motion. It will again oppose Pluto the first week of March as Mars moves into Cancer.  Mars can be a violent planet in opposition to Pluto, so hope the leaders keep their cool and don’t start another war. We can use this Mars energy to our benefit by keeping our cool and not getting angry with everyone and everything.

This year will go by very fast because time has speeded up. The higher the Earth moves up in frequency the faster time goes until there is no time. I think that is what the Mayan Calendar is all about, the ending of time. The maximum solar cycle has started and they are expecting it to crest in 2010, 2011, or 2012. This Sun activity will cause many events on Earth and of course the photons hitting our magnetic field will also affect us. As the Sun bursts into light so do we. I also know we are in the new energy NOW because I can feel it.  This means that we have the ability to start creating our life the way we choose to experience it. Let go of the old way of doing things because the old way will not work anymore. Live in the joy of the moment and give thanks for everything. Develop an attitude of gratitude. All is well in my world!   So Be It!

I send you my love.          *****Mahala*****

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Planet Alert for December 2007

Here we are in December already, where has the year gone? Has time speeded up or is it just an illusion? The planetary aspects are awesome this month. What will they bring? We’ve already had major flooding in Washington State where I live. I’ve been working on cleaning up our flooded basement for the past 3 days. What a job! Every thing except the carpeting in the bedroom is dry and that is almost dry. What a mess that was, although. I consider myself very lucky compared to what happened to other people in this state.

The planetary aspects get stronger as we move closer to Christmas. Actually, I’ve never seen aspects like this before, especially with comet Holmes in the picture which is much larger than our Sun. If you haven’t seen a picture of it yet, look it up on It is awesome! The Winter Solstice is on December 21, 2007 at 10:08 PM, PST. The next day Venus is square Neptune, the moon is square Saturn, Mercury is opposing Mars, which brings storms and strong winds, the moon is square Uranus, which brings lots of water, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, possible large earthquakes, and the moon is trine Neptune. Basically we have four planets in an alignment including our Sun. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are opposing Mars, which is at its closest point to Earth and making an electrical alignment with the huge comet Holmes. The Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto are also conjunct the Galactic center or really close to it. This activates a tremendous amount of energy.

The moon is in Taurus on December 19, 20, and 21. If the energy decides to let loose on that day, watch out West Coast, Middle East, or Indonesia. Whatever happens the last ten days of December will be big. The exact conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto opposing Mars is right over the longitude of the Mississippi River and the surrounding states as far south as New Orleans or Texas. Mercury brings storms, and the Sun, Jupiter aspect could bring an earthquake. The opposite side of the world is Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Both sides of the world could be affected by this energy, especially around the full moon of December 23, when the moon is also at the closest point to Earth. Basically, the whole world will be affected by this strong energy.

I’ve been getting a strong impression since I first saw comet Holmes in October that it is The Star of Bethlehem coming to let us know that we are about ready to manifest our Christ consciousness and begin a new era of life. There have also been waves of energy hitting Earth since October 30, and they will continue to hit Earth throughout December and culminate around Christmas. Happy Holy days! I’ve been saying for a long time that life, as we know it is over by the end of 2007. This does not mean that the world comes to an end. It means that we will be choosing to change our perception of life, and that in itself will make our world change. It also means that it is time to start creating our new reality by manifesting love, joy, and happiness.

The year 2007 is a number nine. This is the number of completion. It also rules the ninth initiation of fire, and this is why there were so many fires this past year. It was also because Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto were all in fire signs. Now those planets will be in Earth signs and this brings Earth energy. Nine is the number that brings us face to face with our darkness. We have to accept our darkness and overcome all fears in order to manifest the light because it takes both light and dark to make the whole. Don’t buy into the negative energy that has been on Earth. Become an observer instead of an actor. It’s nice to know what is going on in the world but don’t buy into the fear (false evidence appearing real).

This energy also put leaders in charge to manifest darkness for all to see. Bless those leaders who are doing such a good job of letting us know what we do not want anymore. What have you experienced this past year? Have events appeared in your life that you no longer choose to experience, or have you managed to start manifesting what you want? This is also the time when the Rose starts to bloom in the heart. The heart is connected with the sign of Leo. It’s by making the lion lay down with the lamb that the Christ child is born within.

The year 2008 manifests the number ten. This is the sign of a new beginning. It is also the sign of perfection through completion. Men/women are now taking the rod of power and will start to create what they choose to experience. For years most of us have created from our subconscious minds and a lot of our creation was chaos. Because a lot of us are letting go of our Ego we will now start creating through the Holy Spirit or our Christ consciousness. This will bring more love, light, and joy into our lives.

The planetary aspects this December will change everything for us. It may not be apparent right away but it will manifest as the year goes on. A one world government with the anti-Christ in control is not part of my reality. It may be the reality for the lower level Earth; I choose not to manifest that into my life. There are as many realities out there as there are people on Earth. The New Earth is where I choose to be because I’ve seen it and it is beautiful. We are now manifesting a high enough frequency for the New Earth to manifest. The New Earth is one of light and beauty. The Artic has been lit up by a strange light for the past two years. Could that be a manifestation of the Photon Belt? The comet Holmes is huge and is giving out much light from the electrical energy that it manifests. The heavens are lit up by its glory. There are also two other comets out there that will manifest in our sky this Christmas.

We have finally made it. Don’t be afraid of the so called darkness on earth. That is only a manifestation of the 3rd and 4th dimensions. The 4th dimension, which we have manifested since 1987, is where the war in space and on earth happens. Everything of a negative manifestation is brought out into the open for all to see and darkness is rampant. Once we start manifesting the 5th dimension the darkness will be balanced and earth will appear as a beautiful jewel in the heavens.

We start the New Year with the planet Mars again opposing Pluto and the galactic center. What a powerful way to start the New Year, and maybe a new money system. I just heard today that the Arabs may start trading oil for Euros. If this happens it will give more power to the final kingdom on Earth which is the European Common Market, with a woman as their leader. It’s also time for a new kingdom to arise. People ask me who our new president will be. I don’t know. My dreams tell me that new leaders will appear suddenly to guide our earth. The dark leaders will go down and new ones will appear out of nowhere. How that comes about only time will tell.

Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December for a new cycle. Capricorn rules governments, houses, real estate, and big business. It is also an Earth sign and rules earthquakes. This year will become known as the year of the quakes and structures will fall. Jupiter by itself in Capricorn is usually a good sign but it moves into that sign with Pluto, which is the transformer. It’s time to transform the governments, big business and real estate.

The node is one of the most important things in an astrology chart. The node has been in Pisces for the past year and a half and has caused lots of storms and flooding, oil, ship, ocean, and fish problems. The energy will now shift to Aquarius on December 18. The node will be in Aquarius for the next year and a half. Aquarius rules light, electricity, changes, new inventions, space ships, and community living. I think it’s time to meet and communicate with our benevolent brothers and sisters from space. Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to start the New Year? I wish all of you a very happy holiday season and may love and light shine within you for all to see. Let’s create a great year for 2008. So Be It!

I have been unable to answer all of my emails for a while. I’m sorry if you haven’t heard from me. I would like to answer all my emails so I’ve been making some changes in my life so I will have more time to write. I really do enjoy reading your emails. I send you my love and blessings.


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Planet Alert for November 2007

The solar eclipse of September 11, 2007 really set things into motion. The sun and moon were opposing the planet Uranus at that time and this is what is bringing forth all of the protests, riots, strikes, and revolutionary action that is happening around the world. This energy will continue because the effect of a solar eclipse lasts for a long time. People are starting to stand up and say, no more violence and corruption, enough is enough.

Another big event that happened at the time of the solar eclipse was a break in the fabric of creation, our creation. For thousands of years our negative thoughts such as fear, anger, etc. were caught in a band around the earth. This band is what has kept us on a prison planet.

This band started disintegrating at the time of the eclipse on September 11, 2007. I don’t know how long it will take to disperse; although it might be gone completely by the time Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct the Galactic Center the first couple of weeks in December. At that time the Sun will be moving through the 13thsign of the zodiac which is called Asklepius.

Because of this band dispersing, negative energy has been flying all over the place to be looked at and transformed. If you are feeling this energy, don’t buy into the ‘poor me syndrome’. Tell the energy to go and transform it into a beautiful blue/purple flame of light. When this negative band is gone, photon energy will be able to bathe the Earth with light and Earth will then become a beautiful planet of light. So Be It!

There were also negative implants that were placed in the Earth and these are also being released. The Earth changes are helping with this process. These changes will continue for a long time because the Earth needs to be cleansed from all of her pollution, and we need to continue to release our fears until they are all gone.

In my last article I said that September 13, 2007 was the Islamic Ramadan, which is when the savior of Islam was pictured as making his appearance known. Right after that date on September 22, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared in the United States in front of the UnitedNations in New York City. He was seen by the whole world through TV. It has been said in the past that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad considers himself to be the Islamic Christ and his job is to bring about Armageddon.

It says in the 24th chapter of Matthew that when you see the abominable person standing in the holy land Jer (USA) lem then it is time to take to the hills because there will be a time of trouble like there has never been before. What is this time of trouble? Is it the change of the money system, earth changes, or war?

In Revelation it talks about another leader who holds power for seven years. George Bush was elected to run the most powerful country of the world in November of 2000. Seven years later is November of 2007, and the planet Mars turns retrograde on top of his Sun in mid November. This is a very powerful aspect. Because Mars was conjunct Bush’s node and the United States Mars at the time of the past solar eclipse, the possibility of another war is great unless mass consciousness changes it.

The 24th chapter of Matthew goes on to say, “For false Christs shall arise and false prophets so even God’s chosen people will be deceived. So if someone tells you the Messiah has returned, don’t believe it. For as lightning flashes across the sky from the east to the west so shall be the coming of the sons of man.”

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars (ships) will fall from the heavens, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And the nations of the world will see the ships arrive in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory and we shall send forth our angels with the sound of a mighty trumpet blast and they shall gather the chosen ones from the whole world.”

Some people call this the Rapture. I call it having open contact with our brothers and sisters in space. “No one knows the date and hour when God’s sons and daughters will appear. Only the father knows. So be prepared for their coming because it will be like a thief in the night. Two people will be working together in the fields, one will be taken, and the other left. (That sounds like a dimensional shift to me). So be prepared, for you do not know what day your Lord is coming.”

The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about the return of the ships of light. The French, English, and Mexican governments are working on convincing the US government to acknowledge the ships that are in our heavens. I’ve seen videos of whole fleets of ships in our skies. They have returned and are just waiting for the correct moment to make open contact with us.

I said in a recent article that Mars would be opposing Pluto in Sagittarius at the time of the solar eclipse. Sagittarius rules the banking system and that reached a crisis exactly on time (Sept 18 -21) as Mars was exactly opposing Pluto. The Fed lowered the interest rate, and the dollar fell which means big time inflation. The whole system is in a mess right now.

According to Benjamin Fulford, a former reporter for Forbes magazine, there are two factions fighting for control of the money system. One system is the Federal Reserve and the people associated with that banking system. The other faction is the Chinese system and all the people associated with that system, which includes most of the Arabs and Russia.

This crisis is very serious, although it is behind the scenes and not everyone is aware of the war that is going on between the banking systems. If you are interested check out the website of Jeff Rense and look under the achieves of July 5, 2007. That is when Benjamin Fulford was on his program.

In my last article I said that the 12 wings of an Eagle, which is the European Common Market, would be in power all year. This has happened. Many countries will now only trade in Euros and the dollar continues to drop in value. The European Common Market will eventually lose its power and two little wings (countries) that are under the Eagle will come to power and unite with one of the three heads of the Eagle.

The three heads are Russia, China, and the United States. Which country will these two little wings unite with? Are these two little wings a couple of Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai? The Sheik of Dubai has built a beautiful new city which I hear will be the gold banking capital in the near future.

Dubai is moving to acquire 19.9 percent of the NASDAQ in New York, placing the Arab government in an ownership position of the key U.S. stock exchange and raising concerns in Congress. Dubai will also acquire 28 percent of the London Stock Exchange, one of the oldest and largest in the world.

If they are planning a new money system where we trade in silver and gold, how will this manifest? Will the oil barons refuse to accept paper money for their oil and only accept gold? This event would change the whole money system. Incidentally, what happened to all of the gold that Saddam Hussein had in his possession? And what happened to 4 trillion dollars that is missing from our treasury?

Christopher Story says that at the time of the Reagan presidency, 4.5 trillion dollars was put in a trust fund for the American people and that Reagan appointed Leo Wanta as the trustee for this trust. Christopher also said that the trust matured last summer and that several trillion dollars is owed to the American people. Last November he said that if the money was paid back all would be well with the economy. If it was not paid back by the people who took it the economy would go down, which is in the process of happening right now. If you are interested check out:

Then we have Catherine Austin Fitts, who worked for the Reagan administration and the Hud Housing department as a financial advisor. She found out that 4 trillion dollars was missing from our treasury. She has been on Coast to Coast recently. If interested, check out her talks on their web site.

Several years ago the Federal Reserve System set up one of their headquarters in Israel. Haven’t you ever wondered why a little country like Israel has so much power and tells a big country like the USA what to do? If they are planning to change the money capital to Dubai, then what happens to Israel? Will it be destroyed?

Things seem to be heating up in the Middle East. Israel went into Syria in September and bombed something over there. The news has been kind of quiet about what happened, although there was an article in Newsweek, dated October 1 that talks about that event and the probability of what is to come. If more violence happens, the whole Middle East could be ignited and Israel will probably be affected. The fact that Mars turns retrograde on top of president Bush’s Sun in November is kind of scary.

Remember that fear is an illusion and that sometimes negative things have to happen to bring forward the positive. I believe there is a higher power in force that will cause the Earth to become new and beautiful again. In the meantime, live in the NOW and know that All is Well in my World.  So Be It! I send you my love.


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Planet Alert for September & October 2007

On July 26, 2004 we entered into the year of ‘The Storm’ in the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. Shortly after entering the storm year, the hurricane Charley blew into Cuba and Florida. Rain, storms, and flooding will continue throughout this year.

It’s interesting how Astrology works. At the time Charley blew in, the planet Saturn was in the sign of Cancer on 21 degrees. This transposes to 70 degrees west longitude which runs down the East Coast of the USA. The moon was also in Cancer. On a world map, Cancer rules the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast, or from 60 to 90 degrees west Longitude.

Venus was at 19 N declination (latitude) and Saturn was at 21 N declination. The moon was on 27 N declination on August 12, which is also the closest point to the northern hemisphere. On August 14, Charley blew into Florida. Look on a world map and see where the longitude and latitude lines cross. This is where the hurricane blew in. Maybe some scientist out there would like to take a look at how the moon and planets affect our Earth.

Some scientists are finally recognizing Astrology as a science. There was an article on the front page of the Seattle Times on Saturday August 21, 2004 entitled Doctors might soon ask, “What’s your sign?” Your birth month is linked to certain diseases. It’s a very interesting article.
There are other scientists like Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist, and Maurice Cotterell, international acclaimed writer and engineer, who have also proven that Astrology works.

I believe Astrology is God’s law in action. Before we came to Earth, we decided who our parents would be and when we wanted to be born. This set up a road map for us to follow. We can either follow that road map or not. This is where free will comes in. An example of destiny is the fact that George Bush’s node is on 19 degrees Gemini, conjunct Mars in the USA chart. This shows that he chose to be a war president.

Incidentally, both George Bush and John Kerry are going to be hard hit by the planetary aspects this month. John Kerry’s Sun is on 18 degrees Sagittarius and that is where Pluto has been hanging out for a long time. Pluto rules transformation and power. I don’t think the Republican Convention will go as planned because the Sun is opposing Uranus. This can cause unexpected events. (This worked out as thousands of people demonstrating in New York against Bush).

Just before the new moon in September, we find the Sun conjunction Mars on 19 degrees Virgo. This makes a 90 degree angle to Pluto, and affects the charts of both Kerry and Bush, and the USA. Mercury and Jupiter are also in Virgo. This is a very intense planetary aspect, so keep your cool. Mars rules fires, fighting, violence, terrorist action, wars, and volcanic eruptions.

Other interesting events transpired in August.

I have learned from experience that whenever a ‘Star Gate’ opens, it manifests on Earth by either an earthquake, wind storm, or possibly a volcanic eruption. A Sirian Star Gate opened on August 8, 2004. This affected the whole East Coast, and caused Charley to blow in a few days later.

Sirius corresponds with 13-14 degrees Cancer, and directly affects Washington, D.C. Venus was affecting Florida on 19 N latitude and Washington, D.C. on double that latitude which corresponds to 38 N latitude. Both areas were, and will continue to be affected by that Star Gate opening.

Sirius is a sixth dimension star. This is the level of Christ consciousness or the golden frequency. Because this energy was right over Washington, D.C. when the Star Gate opened, it means to me that we are in for a big change in our government.

I said in my last article that President Bush was given a time period of 1,290 days to rule everyone, and after that, his downfall would start to happen. This date corresponded to June 24, 2004. It also says in the same paragraph that blessed are the ones who come to the end of 1,335 days. If you count from the time the Supreme Court made the decision that Bush would be president, which was December 12, 2000, the end of that date was August 8, 2004. This means that Bush can no longer rule light workers, because we now vibrate to a different frequency.

Something good is bound to happen that will change our future because the Star Gate opened on that day, and Christ energy poured into Washington, D.C. from the star Sirius. Sometimes when a positive energy comes in so strong, it appears to manifest on a negative level to begin with because so many people can not handle the energy. This energy will not only affect Washington, D.C., it will affect the whole world; look what it did to Florida. Watch what happens in September because of the intense planetary energy in effect at that time.

It is now time for light workers to start receiving some rewards for their hard work. It has been a long hard battle, which is now over. As of August 15, 2004, the dark ones are no longer able to interfere with light workers. Isn’t that great? It will be full speed ahead for us after the September 14th new moon in Virgo, the Virgin. It’s now time to do our work on a larger scale. The opening of the Sirian Star Gate changed everything.

People have now made their choices whether they want to live on a higher, or lower level Earth. This will be expressed in the upcoming presidential election. We will be able to see if the people in the USA again choose a war leader. As the USA goes, so goes the rest of the world.

This is the time when the dark side will start to destroy itself. This is talked about in the 20th chapter of Revelations. Events may get very dark on the lower level Earth. I think this time period will last until September of 2007. We, anyone, can now start living in the new vibration which is safe energy. It’s simply a matter of living a joyful, happy, life with a loving attitude.


The Earth and our solar system revolve around the central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian constellation. Alcyone is a seventh dimension star. The Pleiadian system represents the seven stars before the throne in Orion. Remember, we have to go through the Star Gate in Orion (Saint Peter’s pearly gate) to see the throne of light. The Mayans say their ruler lives in a pyramid house in the sky in the Orion constellation. This is considered the throne of light in our galaxy.

Some people say that negative beings came from Orion. This is true; the negative ones were kicked out of heaven (Orion) after the great war was over. Some came to Earth to stir up wars and to control us. They are on Earth right now and they are the controllers.

The Mayans say that our Earth is the eighth star in the Pleiadian system. The seven stars in that system represent seven dimensions, our chakra system, the seven trumpets in the Bible, and the seven hills that Seattle was built on. The Pacific Northwest is directly aligned with Alcyone, the Central Sun.

On April 27, 2004 a Star Gate opened in the Pacific Northwest to seventh dimension energy. I originally thought it was sixth dimension energy. I was wrong. This Star Gate opened with a tremendous wind storm, and lightening on the West Coast. After that opening, we had lots of storms and lightening, particularly around the summer solstice. Once a Star Gate is open, it affects the whole world.

The Pleiadian system represents Goddess energy. Now everyone has the opportunity to open to the seventh dimension. This gives us the opportunity to connect all seven chakras to our heart. This will bring in our new immune system and this is when we will become healthy. This is also why those who connect and work through their heart energy will not be hurt as the world goes through the rest of her tribulation.

The goddess energy is an iridescent silvery crystalline energy ruled by the Platinum Ray. Platinum has a higher frequency than gold, and is much more expensive than other metals. This silver ray is a very beautiful energy. I saw it several years ago as a silver light (almost white) with all different colored sparkles in it. You might want to meditate on this ray coming into your body and connecting with your seven chakras and your heart.

In the beginning there was the gold and silver ray. Out of the silver ray came the other colors and all of creation. In other words, the goddess energy is the creator ray. It’s time to connect to this beautiful ray that is held deep within your emotional body, or heart chakra. This ray will expand the flame in your heart so you can live on a fifth dimension Earth, manifesting the love of the seventh level goddess ray. On March 23, 1993 all of the black holes in our galaxy opened to a new frequency. This energy was on one frequency not two. This is when the oneness energy first showed up on Earth. In December of 1993, there was a 5.2 earthquake in Egypt. This opened the acupuncture points of the pyramid so this new energy could travel around the world to all of the sacred sites.

Then in July of 1999, the Earth opened her vortexes to accept feminine energy. Many vortexes opened to the triple circular pattern of the magnetic flow of goddess energy. Then on August 11, 1999, there was a total solar eclipse with a cross in the heavens on the degree of Christ Consciousness. We have been in the process of clearing ourselves of negative thoughts and feelings since 1993.

The goddess energy is loving, watery, and emotional. The Earth is expressing this by all of the water events that are now happening on Earth. The ice at the North Pole has melted. There is hardly any ice left there anymore. In the Antarctic, two ice shelves have broken away and slipped off into the ocean. The third one has started to crack and when that breaks off and falls into the ocean, the level of the ocean will rise and flood all coastal lowlands. We are in the great tribulation.
It’s happening right now.

Don’t get caught up in fear. Love is letting go of fear. You can now live in safe energy because you are protected. So Be It! I send you my blessings!

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Planet Alert for September & October 2007

September is finally here and this is the month I have been waiting for since September 13, 1993. That was the day a peace treaty was signed between Bill Clinton, Yassir Arafat, and Yitzhak Rabin that brought peace to Israel for seven years. Then in September of 2000 the great tribulation started in Israel. Now we are in September of 2007 and have reached the end of this last seven year time period. The Bible prophecies are almost over.

We are in the time period when the 12 wings and the three heads of the eagle control the world. This prophecy is in the Apocypha, which was one of the books taken out of the Bible. The 12 wings are the European Union and the three heads are the United States, China, and Russia. There is a battle going on behind the scenes right now between the Federal Reserve Bank and China for control of this world. Whoever controls the money controls the world.

Then we have Valdimir Putin flexing his muscles and ordering his pilots to fly the skies with their planes that may or may not have nuclear bombs on them. Putin likes power and he likes to control things. His Mars is on 26 degrees Sagittarius and Pluto is sitting on that degree right now which means do not anger this person because he could become aggressive. Mars is on a military degree and he might feel like he has to fight for his survival. If Bush decides to attack Iran, watch out for the consequences, and what about Pakistan and Afghanistan? They are a power keg ready to explode.

The Bible prophecies relate to the events that the dark side of man has created for himself, which is the One World Order under the influence of the controllers. Are you aware that the USA is subject to the laws of the UN? This was quietly set up in September of 2000. This is something else that needs to be transformed because control will soom be coming to an end, possibly before the end of this year, although the Earth changes will continue and escalate because the world needs to be cleansed of all its pollution.

To be safe as these changes transpire we need to walk into a higher vibration world. The New World is on a higher frequency and is beautiful. To get there we need to walk through the Stargate of the Lion to get to the age of the virgin. This gate opened on August 21, 2007. We entered this Stargate when the Sun, Saturn, and Regulus were conjunct in the heavens.

My friend Lee Chin experienced a TIA (short circuit to the brain) when this Stargate opened and she was semi-conscious for four hours. All of her phones, except one, were knocked out, and her office TV was fried. I experienced the same energy in a little different way. My living room light fixture was fried, along with my wrist watch. Now that this doorway is open are you ready to walk through it into a new creation?

September will be quite a month with lots of activity. Are you prepared for all the changes that will occur this fall because they will be fast and furious? According to a channeling by Meg Blackburn, we are about to experience a breach in the fabric of creation. This will create a void which will let much light into our bodies and we will experience a rewiring of our system. Our particulates are about to be rearranged on September 14 at 6:02 AM EST.  Check out her article on the web site.

I received an email that says Yeshua will return on September 13, 2007. This article was written by Paul Sides and you can find it on It also says that September 13, is the Islamic Ramadan, which is when the savior of Islam is pictured as coming. Maybe they should say that the light returns on September 13-14 and fills our bodies as it rewires our system.

The Jewish New Year starts on September 13, 2007. Then Yom Kippur, called the Day of Judgment is on September 22, just before the fall equinox. This will be a very powerful time period. The Harvest festival starts on September 27, which is a 9-9-9 vibration. This festival is considered a very happy, joyful, celebration and it lasts for several days. Will our rewiring process make us happy and want to celebrate? Time will tell!

Saturn moves into Virgo on September 2, 2007. It will be on zero degrees Virgo which is mother energy. The Sphinx represents the turning point from the age of Leo the Lion, into the age of Virgo, the goddess. For the last 1,260 years we have watched Regulus, the royal star of the lion move through the constellation of Leo.

The Sphinx represents the head of a woman (Virgo) and the body of a lion (Leo). For eons of time the Sphinx has stood there waiting for this particular time in space when we would enter the age of the Virgin.

We have been in the beginning stage of the Goddess energy since July 11, 1991. At that time there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico City, and this is when Regulus moved onto zero degrees Virgo. This is when we moved into what is called the Sixth Sun according to some Mayan prophecies.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is the sign of the Goddess. That July eclipse was when space ships started appearing over Mexico City, and they continue to appear all over the world. The masters of light have returned and it’s just a matter of time before there is open contact.

The Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007 finds a mutable cross in the heavens (mother cross). The moon is opposing Uranus which is the planet that rules change. The Sun is in exact opposition to Uranus on September 9th right after Venus (the Goddess Planet) moves direct. This is a very important date because it is also the 9th day of the 9th month in the 9th year. Nine is the number of completion. It is also a universal number which encompasses everything.

On the eclipse day of September 11, the Dreamspell glyph is the Red Planetary Dragon which is ruled by Neptune. This planet is a higher manifestation of the Goddess energy. It’s like the higher consciousness of Venus. Neptune was also the first planet created in our Solar System, which was a long time ago. The Dragon Glyph says “I perfect in order to nurture and I seal the input of birth. With the planetary tone of manifestation, I am guided by the power of universal water.”

This eclipse chart is very powerful and will bring lots of changes to our planet. The planet Mars is on 21 degrees Gemini and the United States Mars is on 20 degrees Gemini. George Bush has his node (his destiny as a war president) on 20 degrees Gemini along with his Uranus. He could become very angry with this aspect and do something crazy like start another war, or maybe there will be another 9-11.

Something totally unexpected is about to happen. If he does start another war, I’m sure that action will take him out of power, because people will stand up and say, no more war. This planetary aspect will be very critical for him.

The super powers are flexing their muscles right now, and Russia has resurrected their nuclear bomber flights. Russia has signed a pact with China and together they want the United States to fall. Sounds like the end of prophecies to me. I was told many years ago that there will not be a major nuclear war but there could be a limited one like a terrorist attack.

If someone starts a nuclear war our space friends will neutralize it. Or maybe Mother Nature will interfere with their plans with some large earthquakes in various parts of the world. There will be lots of earth quakes this month because Virgo is an earth sign.

The planet Pluto is over the longitude line of the Mississippi River and has been stationary over that area for some time now. This is why there has been so much activity in that area. Katrina was under that vibration and that was two years ago. This year the bridge in Minneapolis came down. That was right next to where I grew up and I am very familiar with that area. There continues to be large storms in the states that are close to the Mississippi River. These storms will continue.

Pluto pulls in the energy from the Galactic center right now and this is very powerful energy. With Pluto stationary over that area and Jupiter fast approaching, it would not surprise me to see a large earthquake on the New Madrid fault.

I said many months ago that this would be a hot dry summer with lots of fires in the areas ruled by fire signs, and lots of water and storms in the areas ruled by water signs. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto have been in fire signs and Uranus is in the water sign of Pisces where it has been since 2003. Pisces rules ships, water, fish, and the oceans. Uranus will stay in that sign through 2010, which is the end of the Kali Yuga, and maybe the earth changes. When Uranus moves into Aries in 2010-2011, we start a new cycle.

In the beginning of 2008 we will find the planets Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is an earth sign and will bring lots of earthquakes. The time period from September of 2007 until the end of 2008 will be know as the year of the quakes.

Capricorn also rules governments, and big business. Look for changes in those areas. Pluto is the planet of transformation so we will soon see a whole new system of governing. The collapse has already started. I don’t think any of the people that came with George Bush from Texas are still in his cabinet, and today it was announced that Alberto Gonzales has decided to step down. Who is next?

Pluto has been in the sign of Sagittarius for a long time. This sign rules lawyers and the laws of the land. Notice how the Attorney General just resigned. It also rules schools, teachers, mountains, and the banking system. We have now reached a crisis in the battle between China and The Federal Reserve Bank for control of the world. Who will win? There could be a surprise factor as far as the money system is concerned.

At the time of the Fall Equinox we find the planet Mars in opposition to Pluto which is in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a very powerful aspect and will bring events to a climax. This could be the time the money system falls or changes, or it could bring an entirely new money system. It could also bring a new world leader to the foreground. Time will tell how it all works out.

Then from December 1-18, 2007 we find the planets Jupiter and Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. This aspect will bring a tremendous amount of light to Earth because Jupiter is a large planet. The festival of lights called Hanukkah starts on December 5th this year. Maybe this is the time we should celebrate.

The Sun will be moving through the sign of Asklepius at that time which is the 13th sign of the zodiac, and represents heart energy. Are you ready to live in a world of peace, love, light, and happiness? Remember, we create our own reality and our new job will be to create this beautiful new world.

So Be It!   I send you my love.


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planet alert for August 2007

We are in a very powerful time period and we have the ability right now to heal the lost chord of our Solar System. About 200,000 years ago or thereabouts, the planet Maldek (Lucifer) was destroyed by the dark lords. This started the Great War in our part of the Universe. When Maldek was destroyed we lost the chord of E sharp, also called Xymox.

The story of the fall of Lucifer refers to this planet being blown apart by a low frequency beam from the dark lords. The dark lords were jealous of the beings that lived on Maldek because they lived on a very blissful planet.

It says in the book, The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles, that the creation of Adam and Eve of the genesis story occurred on Maldek. It says, “Eve is of the serpent sprung, Adam called forth by the wizard. Thus the original tribes of the Serpent were female, and those of the Wizard, male.”

“The female brought down the knowledge of the crown chakra, the male the knowledge of the root chakra. From their pleasurable mating came the erotic lore called Xymox. This lore is considered the lost knowledge.” In other words, it’s the raising of the kundalini.

“The low-frequency beam projected on Maldek created an almost instantaneous dissonance within the planet body’s field resonance. Like an apple dropped from a great height and shattering as it hit the ground, Maldek broke apart.”

“Maldek was the lost Eden. The story you know of Eden is the rationalization of the guilty Jupiterians who destroyed Maldek. The tree of wisdom is the cosmic template of the thirteen dimensions. The knowledge which Eve “tasted” in the apple offered by the serpent descending from the crown of the tree of life is the knowledge called Xymox. The driving out of the garden of Adam and Eve is the dissemination of the lost tribes at the moment of Maldek’s destruction”.

“The only hope we Arturians saw for Earth was the creation of the time tunnel connecting the third and eighth planets. Within this time tunnel we would store our own lore, as well as the lost worlds now summed up in the Epic Chants and Lyric Songs of Xymox. At the appropriate moment, this tunnel would be opened, releasing this lore and the possibility of sounding the fifth chord.”

We reached that day on July 7, 2007. I just happened to be a speaker at James Gilliland’s ranch on that day and my talk was scheduled for 11:00 AM. I made a chart for 11:11 AM, PDT and when I saw the chart I knew something was up.

The Sun was on 17 degrees Cancer and was lined up with the star Sirius. The moon was in a perfect 90 degree angle to the Sun, which activated both Sirius and our Sun. The planet Mars, and the new dwarf planet Ceres were on 9 degrees Taurus. This is the degree of Atlantis. This planetary aspect opened a time tunnel to Sirius and old Atlantis energy.

Time is circular and we just reached the point in time when the Atlantis energy is once again open to us. This gives us the opportunity to heal that destructive energy and to activate the lost chord of Xymox, also called E sharp. This note is a beautiful color of green, which is also known as the color of creation.

The Bible says that in the beginning the planets sang together. When we lost the planet called Maldek or Lucifer, our whole system went out of synch. Now we have the opportunity to restore that lost chord. This chord has already been restored in the higher dimension. The masters of light worked on healing the Leo constellation for a long time and they were successful. Now it’s our turn to heal it on Earth.

There were all kinds of celebrations going on all over the world the weekend of July 7-8. This was a good start to restoring the lost vibration. This window of opportunity will be open from July 7 to September 23. After that the energy of bliss will be here for us to tune into. What an exciting time.

In the meantime continue celebrating and raising the vibration of Earth. Love, joy, and happiness are the vibrations of the fifth dimension. This energy corresponds with the fifth chord of E sharp and resonates to the fifth sign of the Zodiac which is Leo, the Lion.

Saturn is bringing us energy from the Leo constellation right now. Leo rules the heart and back and this energy is flowing into our heart chakras. This is why so many people have been having heart problems. If there is a blockage in your heart the energy cannot flow freely.

The color that is inside your heart chakra is the beautiful color of bright magenta pink which is also the color of the fifth dimension and the thirteenth tribe of Judah. Look at the eighth Tarot card. It is the Goddess (Virgo) taming the Lion (Leo). Regulus, the royal star of the Lion is now on 0 degrees Virgo.

Could it be that the fall of Lucifer was the destruction of the planet Maldek? Has the church kept the true knowledge from us in regard to Lucifer? Lucifer is a great Being of light from the planet Venus.

The Bible says in the last chapter of Revelation that, “I, Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright morning star.” The bright morning star is Venus/Lucifer.”

The name Lucifer adds up to the number two. The name Michael adds up to six. The word God adds up to eight. Put the word Michael (male) and the word Lucifer (female) together and they make the number eight, which is God.

Back to the book, The Arturus Probe.” Lucifer says, “A special planet was granted to me as my very own. Thus I moved my point of luminous entry from the sixth planet, Jupiter, to the second planet Venus.”

“The second planet, as I learned, was guarded by the Star and Monkey tribes. When the Star and Monkey tribes heard of my imminent transfer from Jupiter to Venus, they wanted to do something for their planet that would befit my unique history. By comparison to Jupiter, Venus was small, of roughly the same size as the blue planet Earth.”

“Summoning their magical powers of planetary design, upon my arrival the Venusians did a wondrous thing. They stopped the planet’s rotation in its tracks. After a pause the planet began its rotation again, but counterclockwise. The effect of this counterclockwise spin – the only instance of this in our solar system – was to make a Venusian day longer than a Venusian year! What a joke. The Venusians laughed and laughed.”

“Because a day is longer than a year, to be rooted in Venus is like being rooted in eternity. What a perfect place the Federation had prepared for me. They pointed out to me that on Earth some would still misuse my name to mean “the rebel angel” or “cosmic thief.” Venus would be commemorated by my name, Lucifer, meaning great dawn star of enlightenment.”

“In consideration of this, I devised among the Venusians a plan to send different messengers of light to the blue planet. Chief among these are the ones you know as Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, and Quetzalcoatl. In this way, I could begin to counteract the effects of my own karma. I am Lucifer, the light-bearing one.”

Now, does that sound like we’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes? I’ve been crucified before for suggesting that maybe there is more to the story of Lucifer than meets the eye. Maybe (she) was the one who set up the great experiment on Earth that went astray. Maybe we have moved full circle and it’s time for the great experiment to be over.

The planet Venus will be dominant all summer. On July 17 the moon will be exactly conjunct Venus and Regulus at 4:40 AM PDT, in the sign of the Goddess, Virgo. This is the perfect time to activate the lost chord of the Goddess. Then Venus goes retrograde on July 27 in Virgo back to Leo where it will stay until October 7.

At the time of the total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, the Sun was on 18 degrees Leo. This is the degree of Christ Consciousness. There was also a fixed cross in the heavens at that time. This set up an 8 year time period to look at all of our stuff and release it. Venus will again be on 18 degrees Leo on August 29 and again on September 16. It’s time to start manifesting Christ energy.

The Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana starts on the night of September 13. I would like to quote from the channeling of Meg Blackburn. “Coming in September of your time there is another major shift. On the 14th of September at 6:02 AM eastern time there comes a breach in the fabric of creation. With this, in an early attempt to heal that breach, anti-matter fills the void which is created and there comes a vacuum effect. As the vacuum effect initializes, there will be certain manifestations of balance required from the interior of your planet. This may take form in the nature of eventful sized earthquake activity. It will also affect your weather patterning.”

“Within your bodies you will feel this shift even if you are only slightly aware, for as the void opens, releasing anti-matter, there comes a lightening of the cosmic energies which will fill you. As the vacuum effect occurs, you are being filled with light energy. You will be cleansed, wiped clean, and initiated to the energies which follow.” So Be It!

Then the holiday of Yom Kippur (Day of Judgment) falls on the fall equinox which is on September 23 at 2:52 AM-PDT. This is also the time period when our Sun lines up with a black hole in space that holds 27 galaxies in place and focuses into England where most of the crop circles have appeared. This is always a powerful time of the year.

Then we move into the feast of Sukkoth on September 26, which is a major time of celebration and is called the harvest festival. The Feast of Sukkoth is a memorial to Israel, who are the children of light that goes back to Egypt. It’s time to celebrate!

The light has already won on the higher levels. There are already celebrations going on in the higher dimensions. It’s just a matter of time before we know that light has won on Earth, although we still have more negative energy to deal with like a major negative planetary aspect coming up on the full moon of July. This energy will focus into the Middle Ease, West Coast, and other places. We need to soften that energy.

Then we have the energy of Mars making a square to Uranus at the full moon of August. This is a very fiery, explosive energy and will focus into the Midwest states and Pakistan.

In the meantime, let’s activate the lost chord by focusing on it. Our higher self knows what that chord sounds like. Let’s sing, dance, chant, or meditate. Do whatever makes you happy. Let’s balance ourselves and our solar system again so the planets can sing together and let’s have fun doing it.

So Be It! I send you my love and blessings!

*** Mahala ***

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Planet Alert for June & July 2007

How has life been treating you? Are you happy, healthy, and full of energy or have you been tired with no energy? If you have been experiencing the tired part don’t worry about it, you are just experiencing the Ascension Blues. It’s been quite a ride since Easter, or shortly after that when the huge wave of energy hit us. It’s been a wild ride since then because that energy really purged old stuff out of us.

Last August we started experiencing the Saturn/Neptune opposition. This energy started bringing up core issues within us to be looked at and released. Weird events started appearing in our reality. This planetary aspect brought up issues of being extremely self-critical, issues of guilt, remorse for alleged past sins, feelings of unfulfilled responsibilities, depression and self-doubt. It also brought up irrational fears to be looked at and released. Our idea about the world was going through a process of change that may have left some of you feeling disoriented.

The people who were born with Pluto in Leo were the most affected by this energy. These people were born between the years 1940 to 1957. The ones born during the war or after the war are called Baby Boomers. A lot of those people were here at the time of Atlantis. They came back this time to help the Earth so it would not be destroyed like it was at the time of Atlantis. They also had a lot of emotional heart issues to experience.

The good news is that by July, we will start moving out of the Saturn/Neptune energy. Saturn is heavy energy and brings us our lessons and Neptune is the feminine Goddess who brings us higher consciousness.

In June Mars will be in Aries. This will have a tendency to bring up people’s anger so keep calm during this time period. Then the stressful energy of Mars moves into Taurus to form a fixed T cross which means watch out Middle East, lower West Coast, Japan, and Indonesia.

There is a very interesting chart for this Summer Solstice. Saturn will be on 21 degrees Leo exactly opposing Neptune on 21 degrees Aquarius. This particular degree of 21 Aquarius relates to defeat by evil later turned to success. This says to me we’ve made it through the battle between good and evil within us, but the battle in the world continues. The battle within has to be completed before we can bring peace to Earth. Although in reality there is no good or evil, it’s just our perception because God encompasses everything.

The moon will be opposing Uranus which brings surprising events. Uranus is in the water sign Pisces, where it has been since 2003 and continues to bring many water events like storms, flooding, ships, and ocean challenges. The Earth is taking a bath. Uranus will stay in that sign until 2010, which is the end according to the Kali Yuga. Uranus is the planet that rules change, and Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.

What is in store for us? Have we finally made it? Are we ready to ascend and stay in a higher dimension Earth? We’ve been moving in and out of dimensions for a long time. It would be nice to feel peaceful and calm for a change.

Also in the Summer Solstice chart Venus is conjunct Saturn which makes a nice trine to Jupiter. This is a good aspect and means it’s time to play. So many people are so serious most of the time. They seem to manifest the heavy energy of Saturn and forget to laugh or giggle. If you want to move into the energy of happiness don’t be so serious, lighten up.

Do you ever giggle? A giggle is like a bubble of joy coming out of your heart. Have you ever noticed the light, happy, feeling that comes from giggling? Have you ever watched little girls giggle? They are so full of joy and happiness when they are giggling. When someone starts to giggle it changes the whole energy to one of joy?

On a more serious note we have Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter all in fire signs. This means there is going to be fires, drought, and heat all across the United States this summer, and also around the world. If you think the fires were bad last year, watch what happens this year. The fires have already started because Jupiter went into Sagittarius last December. Jupiter will be in that sign until December of 2007. Jupiter is a huge planet which brings huge events.

Jupiter and Pluto will also be conjunct in alignment with the Galactic Center in December. To me this means the beginning of the end of the controllers on Earth. The real controllers are the bankers and the sign of Sagittarius rules banks. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in regard to the bankers.

Next year Jupiter will move into the Earth sign Capricorn which will be a whole new ball game. Capricorn rules governments, and of course this will be an election year for the United States. Saturn will be in the sign of Virgo, which is feminine by nature so it looks to me like we will have either a female leader or a gentle male leader. That is if we still have elections after the bill our president just signed.

Do you realize there is now a woman in charge of the G8 summit? She is also Chancellor of Germany and president of the European Common Market. Do you realize that she is one of the most powerful women in the world?

I’ve been waiting for this to happen because in the Book of Revelations, chapter 17 it says; “I saw a woman sitting on a beast which was full of blasphemous names and it had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and bedecked with gold and jewels and holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and impurities. On her forehead there was a name written Babylon, the great, the mother of harlots and Earth’s abominations.”

To me this is symbolic of what is happening in the world. The seven heads are the G8 financial group, which started with seven heads. The Bible says the eighth joins later, which was Russia.

In 1975 the French president invited the Leaders of Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy to a meeting in Paris. The idea was to discuss world issues of the day, dominated by the oil crisis, in an informal setting. The Leaders decided to make the event annual and invited Canada to join them to form the G7 in 1976. Russia formally joined the group in 1998.

The ten horns are the eight G8 countries, plus the leader of the United Nations and the Pope. If you look at a picture of their meetings there are almost always ten people in the picture.

The book called The Apocrypha, which was taken out of the Bible, gives information that is not in the Book of Revelation. In the Apocrypha it talks about an Eagle with twelve wings that comes to power in the end times. The Eagle also has eight smaller wings and 3 heads.

The 12 wings are the European Community. Their symbol has 12 stars in it. The eight other wings represent the G8 summit countries, and the three heads are the United States, Russia, and China. These heads fight with each other for control of the world, which has been going on for a long time. It says that one head awakes from slumber at the time of the end. China has been known as the sleeping dragon. It is now awake.

The 12 wings (EU) have come to power with a woman as their leader, they will rule for a short period of time. This has been in effect since the first of this year when Angela Merkel took over as head of the G8 summit. Last year Vladimir Putin was head of this group so there is apparently a new leader each year. This means that the year 2007 is a very important year.

The United States dollar has been dropping in value all year. In fact it started dropping last December when Jupiter went into Sagittarius. The dollar is now worth less than 70 cents in Europe against the EURO. The oil market is now trading in EUROs. The European community is now in control of the world financial dealings, with Germany at the head, and Russia is a close ally. The unit is now complete.

How long will they be in power and what will happen after that? The Apocrypha says that the three heads shall rule the earth more oppressively than all who were before them. Therefore they are called the heads of the eagle. This has been if effect for a while.

Did you know that on May 9, 2007 President Bush signed a bill (without the approval of congress) that gives him the power to take over as dictator in case of a national emergency? He also signed a treaty with the European unit, as did the queen of England. We are definitely in the end times, and on a higher level the new Earth is starting to manifest. All is well in my world!

Have you ever thought about how much disinformation we’ve been fed for thousands of years?

Have you ever read the Bible? Have you ever read the Old Testament and wondered why God was so violent? Isn’t God supposed to be a loving force? Could it be that the Old Testament is all about the history of two brothers Enki and Enlil and their descendants? Enki is the lineage of the fisher kings and Thoth (Quetzacoatl) is his son.

In Genesis it says that God created the heavens and the Earth. Later it says the Lord God created man. God and the lord God have two different meanings. Enki and his sister Ninhursag are our creators. We were created in their image as men and woman just like them. This information is in Zecharia Stitchin’s books!

The lineage from Enki and Ninhursag was suppose to stay pure by not mixing with the people of Earth (the reptilians). There are a couple of chapters in the Bible that talk about the mixing of the blood-lines. The tribe of Judah was suppose to stay pure so they could hold the light on Earth but they ended up intermarrying with the reptilian race. Now we are a mixture. We all have a reptilian brain. Not all reptilians are bad. Some are evolving just like we are and moving into a higher realm. Others choose to stay violent.

The reptilians were here on Earth long before we were and they claim Earth as their own. They are the ones who control many of our leaders. The Bible says that Satan (the reptilians) have control of Earth, not Lucifer who was a great being of light. Think about that!

Is the whole story of Lucifer a fairy tale, or was it a woman who fell in consciousness and came to Earth?

Back to the Apocrypha -And as for the lion whom you saw rousing up out of the forest and roaring and speaking to the eagle and reproving him for his unrighteousness, this is the Messiah whom the Most High has kept until the end of days, who will arise from the posterity of David, and will come and speak to them.

This is he whom the Most High has been keeping for many ages, who will himself/herself deliver their creation and they will direct those who are left. And no one on earth can see them or those who are with them, until the time of the end.

So Be It! I send you my love!

***** Mahala *****

Planet Alert Update for May 2007

I would like to let everyone know that the feminine Stargate in Iran started opening at 12:35 PM PDT, today April 27, 2007. This is a very important event. It will continue to open until the full moon of May 2, at 3:09 AM PDT.

The Stargate in Iraq has been controlled by the dark side for along time. Whoever controls that gate controls the world. For the past four years the USA has attempted to control this gate with violence. This has caused much fear, trauma, and death in that area. We do not want the controllers to control the feminine Stargate in Iran that has been dormant until now. We need an army of light workers sending unconditional love to that area as the gate continues to open.

I am asking for help to keep the Iranian Stargate surrounded with light until the full moon of May 2, 2007. The Wesak celebration is in progress right now and lots of people are gathering in the Tibetan mountains. If we ask them for help in this event I am sure they will be glad to help us.

There was a perfect mother cross in the heavens at 12:35 PM PDT today. This mother cross represents planets in the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini. The moon was 17 degrees Virgo, opposing the Mars/Uranus/node conjunction on 17 Pisces. Jupiter was on 19 Sagittarius and Venus (the goddess) 18 degrees Gemini.

The moon on 17degrees Virgo represents a volcanic eruption and the explosive energy of long repressed contents of the subconscious mind. The meaning of 17 Pisces is the capacity inherent in all individuals to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence. Venus on 18 Gemini is a very artistic and harmonious degree and Jupiter on 19 Sagittarius is connected with royalty and world leaders.

This full moon will be very powerful. The planet Mars will be on 20 degrees Pisces and this makes a perfect 90 degree angle to Bush’s node (which is his destiny) and his Uranus on 20 degrees Gemini. This means he is going to be very angry and could do something rash.

The USA Mars is also on 20 degrees Gemini. This could be the making of another war. The Mars/Uranus energy can be very violent and explosive, and this full moon will be right over Iran.

When the shooting at Virginia Tech occurred the planet Mars was on 8 degrees Pisces. This made a perfect 90 degree angle to the USA Uranus. The same energy will be in effect at this full moon.

To counter balance this energy we need an army of light workers sending love and light to Iran and the rest of the world. We are very powerful Beings. United we can do anything. Please pass this article to anyone
you think would be interested in helping mellow out this full moon energy.

In love and light.