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Mahala’s Astrology Community Update August 2, 2018

There are three new posts in the Community. If you bought a One Year Subscription, you’ll want to read the first one. I need to gather a bit more information in order to run a Solar Return for you.

Get Ready for a Solar Return Report


The Cosmo Forecast Reports have been posted

Finally, a question was asked by a Subscriber regarding locating current planetary positions in the Natal Wheel. Here is a link to that posting.

Locating Planets in your Natal Wheel

What’s coming?

The Edgar Cayce Past Life and Solar Return reports are both on-deck. You should see those in the next couple weeks. After that, I’ve got a few Book of Destiny reports to post for you all.

It’s never to late to Join the Community. We’re also still offering our introductory discount.

I look forward to running reports for you!



Mahala’s Astrology Community Update August 2, 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. Dave, I’m now in Firefox Mozilla and it is fine but still shows up huge in Google Chrome.

  2. Hi Martha, Sorry that this is the first time that I’ve heard of this. Oh course, I’m going to want to fix it. Can you send me an email so I can figure out why you’re seeing it differently than everyone else? Please?

  3. Type is STILL showing up 2 inches high. This is my 4th time telling this. Any & all linked sites are fine & Mahala’s used to be too—until Dave stepped in to mess it up. I wrote I’d only sign up when this was fixed. Mahala told Dave to do so BUT Still not fixed. I don’t want more headaches reading these. It should be real simple. The code is messed up–something Dave did ‘cuz it was fine for years and is OK in Chimp Mail…

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