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Planet Alert january 2013 – Part 2

In my last article I talked about how our air is changing. I had no idea so many people were having breathing problems. I have found that if I am having a problem I drink two glasses of water (8 oz each) and the problem will go away. Don’t know if this problem will work for everyone but it is worth a try.

I have a book called 2012-2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun. In this book it talks about a new breathing technique. First you close your eyes and then breathe in through your nose for a count of 13 with the intention of breathing in the power of the Sixth Sun, which is connected to the energy of the number 13. Then you breathe out to the count of nine while you release anything you choose to release. 

Inhaling while counting to 13 and exhaling while counting to 9 represent one entire breathing cycle, 13 cycles like this equate to completing one movement. In total there are 8 movements, that is to say 104 breathing cycles, by means of which our energy will then become aligned with the cosmos. There is more to this breathing technique, so please check out the book The Dawn of the Sixth Sun on your search engine.

We have moved into the Fifth world and the Sixth Sun. The fifth world is ruled by the element of Ether and our atmosphere is changing. The Sixth Sun is ruled by the sign of Virgo, and the element Earth.

I would like to share with you the channeling Mona did on December 30, 2012. She channels a being called Izora.

IZORA in Channeling   By Mona

Our world is beginning to recognize itself onto itself. What a beautiful time in the history of the entire world. The outcome will be wonderful, and of course, we have turbulence. There are potentials coming to the planet right now. I am sent here to be able to talk to you and Mona about the changes. You will find conspiracies that have been planted in the seeds of man for a very long time. These conspiracies have not only grown, but now, they are ready to wither. So if you look at life the way of a plant, you will see that nothing lasts forever on the Earth.

Great gratitude and great diversion are happening all at the same time. Many aspects of 3 types of worlds are occurring. Diversity, Divinity, and Delusion. You are ready to take on and move mountains. Human dignity and the force of sacredness within each soul is coming out. If our hearts speak, and not our head, empaths will take that intuition of knowledge and that sacred force through the heart center and to the world. It is not anymore just in the mind’s eye, but now the change has to come from the heart center in order to develop new insights and recognitions as well as creativity and manifestation.

People are crying because they understand on a higher level what is coming. They know that the influences of the past has shed its skin, and the transition into the future is faster and also, not necessarily in the way of speed, but in the way of manifestation. That is what is taking precedence over TIME. Manifestation over time is important to recognize. Jesus stated, “In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh.” Now we have more manifestations without the word. It is in the silence that Universal knowledge is addressed. It has turned around. It is no longer necessarily the word as it is within the silence. The truth lies in the silence. Human potential is understandable to this. The human potential can now become and made aware through action. This is why manifestation must happen.

The new information coming is a download. People will be crying sometimes without knowing why. They must become like little children to be able to enter “The Kingdom of Heaven.” It is part of what is necessary for the human race to survive. It is the only way, through becoming the child. Why do you think the children are “taking the hit?” The little children are taking the hit so the human race can survive. It hurts us on our planet, however this is what it has come down to. There had to be another way for the human race to survive. If it wasn’t for the babies who have been innocently killed, all human race would have been destroyed. The children are saving the race. If people do not become like the children, they can die. In order to be humble, you need to look through the eyes of a child. Self centered, Inhumane, and dangerous as an atomic bomb has been what this race could be. The children taken from us recently is to touch the heart of man. Every person feels a sadness when a child is abused or killed. It’s time to understand this.

Mid-February is going to be unsettling. Explosions of volcanoes are up. A reversal is occurring that will begin to actually take place as the north has become the south and the south has become the north. Magnetic North is the only answer to help science. There is no more true North. In February, the reversal begins. The Earth will shake for a very short time, and the eruptions will increase. Full speed ahead, and it is a done deal! When this occurs, do not freak out. It is a normal cycle in time. Being fearful will only increase personal worry. You will see more ships as we are helping with this balance.

December 21st did bring in different energies. The solar flares now occurring are effecting the way the planets are enticing their own energies. Their energies are getting stronger as the flares kick up. There is going to be more intensities around every planet, and each one will be talking to each other. The communication from planet to planet will not be hidden any longer. It is a reality that these planets must be heard. They are yelling “WAKE UP.” The people must rise and shine for our Earth to continue her venture well.

She will continue on a course that will keep intact as long as the people understand that true north is no longer and magnetic north rules the show. When you get this point, you will identify truth and intuitions to shift into messages rather than just the idea that “this is the way it’s always been.” This must stop. Magnetics are about intuition and guidance as well. The magnetics of the solar system are creating more atmospheric alignments with the air. The air you breathe is changing. People will die because they will not understand this and assume they are not breathing and become scared. A physical aspect of the body is changing with the air that you breathe. It is not because of chemtrails we are speaking, or atmospheric ash. It is from the shift in polarities from the North to the South.

The flu, coughing, etc. is happening because the air is changing. It’s becoming dryer all around the Earth. It is from the pulse rate around the earth, and will shift gears when the planet makes a firm decision on this pole shift. The birds will fall from the sky when the magnetics shift. There will be many more birds that die, not just because of magnetics, but because they cannot breath the same air. The air that you breathe will be a lot different in the future. The particles of the solar flares are creating an atmospheric pulse rate that is changing the dynamics of the solar system and the Earth. That is why there is more dryness. The lungs will have to become more adhering due to these particles. People come from their heads in their thoughts, so this must be understood. Not to freak out, but it’s like a new amphibious quality for the human to shift.

The asteroid will not hit the earth. (the one that will be close to earth on February 15) It will cause abruption because scientists cannot tell you what is going on there.

People on your planet are losing their senses. They are not able to tell direction anymore because of this true north not being true at all anymore. The Pleiadeans are concerned about the human race. People are becoming so scattered. These human minds are scattering into areas where people don’t know what is happening. Memory and info from what you knew is changing to a new shift in time. Light workers say, “know who you are.” How can people remember that if they do not even know what day it is? There is no way you can know who you are without realizing that these changes are about freeing yourself in order to create yourself. You are not the person who you thought you might be.

This information will continue into more channelings for your future. There will be many discussions in the future, and they will be priority.

Thank you Mona. We look forward to more channelings in the future.
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Love and light to everyone.            Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert january 2013 – Part 2 — 8 Comments

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  2. Thank you for your post! To re-member who we really are, means releasing the beliefs (be-lieve… the be- then immediately -leave aspect) that was entrained in us, specifically to cover or veil us from our true powerful Selves (by giving our power away to those who truly were powerless, left us feeling empty and open to their selfish motives). I see your message as saying… We are all Divine spiritual beings having a human experience… Open your divinity from within and stop seeking outside of self.

  3. Thanks for providing such a valuable information.
    it will be surely impart a great impact…The left brain is logic, linear thinking, keeps track of things like remembering to set alarm clock, turning off the stove, etc. Right brain is about relaxing into the void, art, whiling away the hours in peace. This process begins the opening of the passage between the left and right hemipsheres of the brain.
    I wll be seeking more of such posts…

  4. Do you think planetary alignments affect you? Read this interesting piece to zoom on the star trek. Don’t forget to share it across the like-minded anonymous community on the only number based social channel. Express yourself freely!

  5. Thank you Mona. One important thing, as you go thru this process your left brain shuts down for awhile so the right brain can make the shift within your body. Do not fear this. Take extra care when driving, when using sharp objects. If I made it thru this everyone can. The left brain is logic, linear thinking, keeps track of things like remembering to set alarm clock, turning off the stove, etc. Right brain is about relaxing into the void, art, whiling away the hours in peace. This process begins the opening of the passage between the left and right hemipsheres of the brain.I’ve been aware of this for several years now, so if you are becoming aware then you are just starting process and it is very unsettling at first. Two weeks ago I was driving in town and vibrating so high someone drove right thru my car. We did not crash because of my vibration. The driver did not see me. I even laid on the horn and driver did not hear me. It was interesting that it did not even scare me. Normally, my heart would beat fast but I was calm and watched the whole thing. This taught me first hand that we are not solid physical objects.

    This is the beginning of unity and looking to one person channeling for answers is not unity and lowers the vibration. Master yourself first then share your wisdom (wisdom being knowing from experience). Maybe pass the channeling info onto another person to then channel and combine info or something.

  6. Mahala, I can’t believe it’s been almost 18 months since I saw you in Seattle. I want to send you many blessings today and thanks for your service. Drop me a note if you have time. I’d love to hear from you.


  7. The value of this channeling for me is…to recognize that it does not represent the Truth of Who and What We Are at all and that the one that’s comming through belongs to the “predicted” fals propheths that would appear at the end of “times” to work against our God/Crist/Consciousness frequency….Everything that happens…HAPPENS IN US…the Cosmos IS IN US all the planets are IN US the WHOLE UNIVERS IS IN US…
    All IS WELL in Godly Order
    In Love Truth and Freedom,

  8. Bless you for sharing this important information. It certainly is reflective of energies I have been feeling for awhile now. It will be shared by me extensively. We must realize the value of these channelings for they help so much to dispel panic and fear. Thanking the Creator for you, I am

    Lydia Haley

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