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Election Day Astrology – What’s Your Take?

Article by Dave

I have to give a big thank you to all the community members! Your support has directly funded the astrology software that was used to generate data for this article. At the end of this article you will find links to all the data files so you can review and interpret the data from your own point of view. I would love to see your comments or suggestions, particularly – your interpretation of the data.

Election Day – Can astrology help predict the outcome?

If anyone were to use astrology to predict the outcome of the election, what would they look for? Or maybe I should word it this way, can astrology give us an idea regarding who might win an election?

My approach is to look to see what types of energies should be flowing for each political party on election day in order to see who will be ‘swimming upstream’ and who will be ‘going with the flow.’

Drum roll please…

Wait! Before you take my word for it, skip to the reference section at the bottom of this article and go look at the data. If I left out some key data, please let me know so I can include that information in this article too. When you do analyze the data, please share influences that you think are critically important to consider so we can all get a clearer image regarding what’s coming our way this November.


To me, the energies show situations that are currently harmonious for the republican party and restrictive to the democratic party. The democratic transits-to-natal report sums it up with the Saturn square Pluto interpretation seen in the Cosmo Natal Interpretation:

“Your personal aims, ambitions, and interests meet with unexpected obstacles at this time. Doors that you have been hoping would open are closing instead.”

Likewise, the Uranus trine Mars interpretation for the republicans:

“With confidence and courage, you assert yourself boldly. You energetically accomplish a great deal during this time period. Your energy level is much higher than usual, and you can work for long hours without fatigue. You will find yourself up late into the night, without getting sleepy.”

The biggest thing that I see as a detriment for the democratic party is that the energies are aligned to force the party to deal with emotional issues which they will not be able to control. The energy is aligned for ‘death like’ experiences and their leadership communication ability is restricted. It’s like they will be in a situation where they will have to plan a funeral, watch their company go under, have their computer break and then they forget their password. The energy doesn’t seem conducive to coming out on top.

Now, please, review the details.

Democratic Party

The time selected for the birth of the democratic party is January 8th, 1828 @ 10am in Washington DC. This is a widely accepted time which gives confidence to the placement of the houses. Here is the wheel.

Please note that I’ve included five major asteroids, the mean nodes and the standard planets. For clarity, I only included the major aspects of the standard planets.

What immediately stands out?

  • Pallas is conjunct the ascendant, yet in the 12th house
  • Pluto is in Aries in the 1st house
  • Pluto is opposing the Moon where both are square Mercury
  • Sun and Neptune are conjunct in opposition to Saturn
  • Mars and Jupiter are conjunct trine the ascendant

Pallas is the Goddess of just warfare. This asteroid carries with it the influence of wisdom, courage, strategy and skill. This energy is conjunct the ascendant which would make you think that the energy is in direct relation the what defines the democratic identity, Yet, it’s in the 12th house. This puts it at the end of the cycle where that energy is put to work in order to digest what has gone right or wrong. The 12th house is where you either fight to hang onto what didn’t work or you release that energy and regroup for what’s coming. It gives me the feeling that the energy comes from a position of weakness rather than strength. If so, it might manifest as a calculating feminine energy that works from behind the scenes or from a hidden vantage point, rather then standing for justice in the open.

Pallas and the Ascendant are in Pisces which give’s the overall character of the party a likable energy. It’s a softer energy that is gentle, wise, musical and forgiving. Yet, the planetary influence in the 1st house is Pluto. This is the planet of the underworld, secrets, hidden agendas, violence, transformation, terrorists and dictatorship. Because the 1st house is directly related to the concept of self, Pluto should have a large influence here. And, this is not going to be a tame Pluto energy, it’s in Aries. It’s going to be on fire. Its aggressive, physical, impulsive, short-tempered and competitive.

Pluto then sits in opposition to the Moon which resides in the 7th house which has to do with stepping outside yourself and building relationships with others. The Moon will make all the partnerships emotional and with Pluto in dissidence, you might expect the darker aspects to be at the root of the emotion.

The Moon and Pluto are both square Mercury in the 10th house. That house is all about the intent of the leaders. In this case, it’s all about communication. Seeing that the square is with the planet of the underworld and emotions, it would seem that the leaders of this party will have a strong understanding of the transformational aspects of emotion.

Neptune is the ruling planet and it’s conjunct the Sun in Capricorn both in the 11th house. The Capricorn sign is going to bring up the type of energy that will make this party dislike just about everything at one time or another. They can be responsible and disciplined, yet at the same time unforgiving and condescending. Neptune is all about water and it’s the planet with the strongest ties to socialism. This planet is linked to fraud and deception. Together, both of these planets are in the 11th house which is all about emotional maturity and all the aspects associated with making decisions. The sun represents the leaders, figureheads, prime ministers, presidents, etc.

Taking that conjunction one step further, we can see that Saturn is in direct opposition to it. Saturn is all about restrictions, regulations, structure, poverty, elderly and the like. It’s in the 5th house that is all about how you want to be seen and what your moral actions are. This puts the leadership in an emotional position that is at odds with their morals. It that politics, or what?

The last natal aspect that stands out to me is the Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th house all trine the ascendant. Mars is the planet of war, violent crime, aggression, force, violence, sport and competition. Jupiter is about overflowing abundance, prosperity, law, justice, religious figures, religion, etc. Scorpio will bring out the brave, passionate, stubborn and resourceful aspects of both planets, yet, because they are in the 8th house, these traits will be attributed to how they deal with others. The 8th house is the testing house. It is all about what you love or what you hate. You will be confronted by things that are out of your control and you’ll be forced to have to deal with it. Seeing that this conjunction is trine the ascendant, one might expect that this party will thrive on the energy of conflict and abundance. They will be at home with dealing with these highly emotional interactions between people.

Follow planetary ruler – Rising is Pisces which is ruled by Neptune which is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn which is in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon which is in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury which is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Thus, Saturn is the sole dispositor and it will be a key player for this organization.

Republican Party

The time selected for the birth of the republican party is March 20th, 1854 @ 2 pm in New York, New York. As with the case of the democratic birth time, this time is also widely accepted which in turn gives us confidence with regards to the house placement. Here is its wheel.

What immediately stands out?

  • Leo Rising
  • Mars in the 1st house in Virgo
  • Mars conjunct Venus; both square Saturn
  • Mars Trine MC and Pluto
  • Mars Quincunx Sun

There we have a chart that shows a clean Leo rising. We can expect that this party will identify with Leo characteristics that include being creative, passionate, generous, arrogant, stubborn, self-centered and inflexible. Leo’s are natural born leaders and tend to be pretty self-confident.

When you look energy that will be pivotal in determining what the party identifies with, you’ll find the energies of Mars in Virgo. As I’m sure you’re well aware, Mars is the planet of war, violence, crime, military action, riots, fighting, sports, etc. Seeing that Mars has just changed signs into Virgo, it doesn’t amplify the showy Leo aspects of the war like energy, but rather brings in an analytical, loyal, hardworking aspect of the energy. The Virgo energy is methodical making sure nothing is left to chance, thus one might interpret the Mars influence as being violence with purpose, or war when it’s necessary rather than being emotionally triggered or initiated on a whim.

Mars is in direct opposition to Venus which is in Pisces at the end of the 7th house. Venus is going to represent the arts, fashion, leisure, luxury, entertainment, money and peace. The softness of Venus is magnified in Pisces which is the gentle, wise, musical, intuitive energy that can be overly trusting and fearful. Venus sits on the edge of the 7th house which is all about partnerships and agreements. This is the house where you make emotional connections to other.

When I look at this aspect, I see a party that has a very strong identity to a nit-picky masculine energy that is at odds with the emotional free flowing feminine energy. It might represent an energy that will find flaws in everything artistic or it might be that it will fight anything that is emotionally based.

As it turns out, both Mars and Venus are square Saturn. As with all squares, this will create agitation between the planets by amplifying the restrictive, controlling properties of Saturn. These squares are going to highlight the need for rules and regulations and push for the establishments of contracts. Seeing that Saturn is in Taurus, this party may put lots of effort into creating contracts. They will want the marriage set in stone so no one can change it. You might look at this three-planet configuration as the man saying to the woman – ‘we signed a contract. Fulfill your end of the deal or you’ll be sorry.’

Here, we also want to look towards the Midheaven and we’ll find a couple more aspects with Mars.

Pluto is in Taurus in the 10th house. As we know, the 10th house is all about the intent of the leaders. It is the house that shows how they rule and what their principles are. In this case, we find Pluto (and Uranus and Saturn all independent). With this placement of Pluto, we find that the underworld is a little more grounded. We’re still dealing with secrets, hidden resources, violence, transformation, dictatorship and secret police, but the energy is more reserved. It’s as if the leaders of this party are willing to use the power of Pluto to accomplish their objectives, but they’re not going to jump into it. The only complication is that Pluto is trine Mars. The energy of Pluto and Mars will work together when it’s needed and the trine suggests that there will be good uses of this energy.

It’s also worth noting that in the 10th house, which represents the attributes of the leaders of this party (their principles and mission), we find Uranus, which can bring an explosive energy and Saturn, which brings in restrictions. This is a very strong trio with ties to the ascendant and Mars, which is fortunately grounded in Taurus.

Its also worth looking at the Sun. The Sun influences come from Pisces and are applied in the 9th house which shows a strong understanding to how the social order works. This is the house of higher education and social growth. The unfortunate part is that it’s at odds with Mars in the first house. This might indicate that the energy at the heart of the party is threatened by higher education. Or that the party both wants and doesn’t want higher education or that it only wants a particular type of higher education. Or maybe that this party is very passionate and actively pursues higher education.

Follow planetary ruler – Rising is Leo which is ruled by the sun which is in Pisces which is ruled by Neptune which is in Pisces. Thus, Neptune is the sole dispositor.

Election Day

Now we want to look ahead at November 6th, 2018. Ultimately, we’re going to want to know where the planets are and how they might affect the two different political parties.

Rather than drawing a chart for election day, we’re going to simply create a bi-wheel that shows the transits relative to the natal charts for both parties during the election. This way, we can look for aspects that might be interesting and interpret at what they might mean.

Election Day – Democrats

To review, we know that:

  • The identity of the party has Pluto at its core
  • The Pluto traits of the identity are in a hard aspect to the Moon and Mercury
  • The Sun and Neptune are in a hard position with Saturn
  • Mars and Jupiter are connected directly to the ascendant and Pallas
  • Saturn plays a key karmic role for this entity

Now, do you see any aspects in the biwheel that are worth noting?

To me, there are a few aspects worth talking about.

Transit Sun is Conjunct natal Mars

Notice the Transit Sun is just coming out of a perfect conjunction with Mars and a few days before that, Jupiter. In the natal chart these are harmonious aspects to the identity of the party. Seeing that the Midheaven is also aligned to the ascendant, it would seem that there will be an abundance of fighting energy particularly with regards to emotions that are outside the party’s control. This would be the influence of the 8th house.

Transit Saturn is Conjunct natal Mercury

Also, we know that Saturn plays a key karmic role in this chart and it’s sitting next to the natal Mercury all in the 10th house. Keep in mind that this is the house that shows the traits of the leaders in this organization. Saturn is going to bring the resistance, rules and regulations as it influences how the leadership is able to communicate. I would expect all aspects of communication to be impacted by this aspect.

Transit Pluto is Conjunct natal Sun + Neptune

We also know that Pluto plays a key role in the identity of this party. That underworld energy is nearly on top of the natal Sun + Neptune pair all in the 11th house of emotional maturity. This is the house that represents the most mature aspects of the organization. It touches on how it is run and how the long-term decisions are made. Pluto, in this role, will most likely bring transformation to the leadership and how decisions are made. Note that this is a longer-term transit so some of the effects should have already been felt.

Transit Pluto is Opposing natal Saturn

This transit might be a little out, but Pluto seems to really have an impact on this party. If you roll back the clock to July 24th 2016, you’ll see that Pluto was perfectly conjunct Neptune and nearly perfectly in opposition to Saturn right around the time that news broke that Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down from her leadership position in the party which was a time where the party was pledged by scandals and secrets.

If you want to look at nearly perfect aspects, I ran the software to give me the exact list of nearly perfect transits-to-natal and this is what it produced.

25 Oct 2018     11:54 AM  ( 9 Oct to  6 Nov)            Sat Sqr Plu
 5 Nov 2018     12:34 AM  ( 4 Nov to  6 Nov)           Sun SSqr Moo
 5 Nov 2018      2:26 AM  ( 2 Nov to  7 Nov)           Ven SSxt Moo
 5 Nov 2018      8:00 AM  ( 3 Nov to  7 Nov)            Ven Sqr Ura
 7 Nov 2018     11:28 PM  ( 6 Nov to  9 Nov)            Mer Sqr Asc

From this collection, it would seem that the transit Saturn will be in a hard aspect with the natal Pluto. If we where to see any transformation, it’s going to be with regards to the identity of the party.


The leading days right up to the election has the Sun amplifying the Jupiter and Mars energies in the 8th house. This is the house of death and birth, but more importantly, it’s about having to deal with things that happen to you that are outside your control. They are generally deeply emotional and force you to have to mourn. It’s not a great place to have your key power planet.

In the 10th house of leadership, this party has restrictive energy. As seen in the natal chart, the strength of this party is to be able to lead in an emotional way. How they communicate is critically important to how they lead. With Saturn creating resistance here, I would expect that there will be breakdowns in communication or restrictions that hinder how this party gets the message out.

What makes this even worse is that Pluto is in the 11th house which deals with the long-term aspects of ruling the organization. That is the house where structures are put in place to make sure the organization functions successfully over generations. Pluto has passed Neptune and still has a little hold on the Sun, which suggests that the transformations to the party have already been taking place. This is not a good sign for the long-term functioning of this group.

As I see it, the energy for this organization is more aligned with fighting for its survival and having to defend itself against emotional energies that it has no control over. It’s more of a struggle then a celebration.

Election Day – Republicans

Let’s do the same thing for the republican chart.

To review, we know:

  • Mars energy is at the heart of the identity of this party
  • Mars and Venus are at odds with each other
  • Saturn is in a hard aspect with both Mars and Venus
  • Mars and the Sun energy can be misunderstood
  • Neptune has a key karmic role to play

When I look at this chart, I want to find aspects that challenge Mars or cause conflicts with any of the planets in the 10th house of leadership. Yet the first thing that stands out is Neptune.

Transit Neptune Conjunct natal Neptune

We’ve already established that Neptune is a planet with karmic significance for this party. Even though it’s a longer transit, it’s probably going to carry strong undertones that will make this party feel ‘at home’, ‘in sync’, ‘aligned’ allowing the mind to dream and entertain ideas that are not grounded in the physical.

Transit Uranus Nearly Conjunct natal Pluto

The current location of Uranus is in Taurus moving retrograde. It falls back into Aries exactly during the election. It doesn’t come back out of Aries until March of next year. Uranus can signify radical change, upheaval, rebellion, anarchy, independence and unexpected events. Uranus is temporally moving from a grounded feminine sign of Taurus into the fiery masculine sign of Aries. This planet is also playing with the cusp of the Midheaven between the 9th and 10th houses. I would expect that this sign transition will accentuate the differences between male and female and we’ll see this again after it turns direct.

Looking forward, Uranus will be coming back to transverse the 10th house and complete its conjunction with Pluto on April 4th, 2019. We might be in for some explosive transformational changes to the leadership of the party come springtime.

Transit Pluto nearly Conjunct natal Jupiter

Pluto is starting to work on transforming the influence of natal Jupiter. Natal Jupiter is in the house that represents the results of your work. It is a karma type situation. If the work is harmful, the results will show in sickness or disharmony. Likewise, if the work is helpful, the results will show a new state of health. The interesting thing about this aspect is that it doesn’t come exact until March 24th 2019. It’s as if this chart is setting up for some significant transformations next spring.

When I run the transit-to-natal report, I get the following aspects that are in effect on the 6th of November.

21 Oct 2018      2:38 AM  ( 9 Sep to  3 Feb 2019)      Nep Conj Nep
27 Oct 2018      9:11 AM  ( 2 Oct to 22 Nov)          Ura Trine Mar
28 Oct 2018      7:59 AM  (13 Oct to  9 Nov)          Sat Qucnx Nod
 4 Nov 2018      5:23 PM  (11 Oct to  3 Dec)            Ura Conj MC
 5 Nov 2018      8:37 PM  ( 3 Nov to  8 Nov)          Ven Qucnx Sat
 6 Nov 2018      7:09 AM  ( 6 Nov to  7 Nov)          Sun Trine Nep
 7 Nov 2018      2:10 AM  ( 6 Nov to  8 Nov)           Mer SSqr Jup
 7 Nov 2018      2:59 AM  (25 Oct to 17 Nov)            Sat Sqr Mer
 7 Nov 2018      3:10 AM  ( 6 Nov to  8 Nov)          Sun Sesqu Sun
 7 Nov 2018      4:17 PM  ( 3 Nov to 12 Nov)          Jup Trine Sun
 8 Nov 2018      3:40 PM  ( 4 Nov to 13 Nov)           Jup Qucnx MC
10 Nov 2018      4:37 AM  (16 Oct to 12 Dec)           Ura SSxt Sun
10 Nov 2018      4:38 AM  ( 5 Nov to 14 Nov)            Jup Sqr Mar
 1 Dec 2018      1:27 PM  (14 Jun to  2 Jan 2019)     Plu Sesqu Nod
28 Dec 2018      7:33 PM  ( 9 Sep to  3 Feb 2019)      Nep Conj Nep
 6 Feb 2019     11:27 PM  ( 6 Nov 2018 to  6 Mar)      Ura SSqr Nep

With these aspects, we’re looking to see if there is anything to activate Mars in the natal chart. There are a few:

Transit Uranus trine natal Mars

This should be a very favorable transit for this party. Uranus will energize, encourage and give confidence to the party. It will feel like they will be able to get a lot done and that they can make forward progress.

Transit Jupiter square natal Mars

Even though this is a square, it’s going to kick the Mars energy into action. It will bring that bold, daring willingness to make your next step and break free of limitations. It’s going to open up new opportunities and possibly inspire the party deep down to its core.

Transit Sun trine natal Neptune

This transit is really going to empower the imagination. The party will feel very creative and will spend time enjoying the figments of their imagination.


There is a lot of activity unfolding for this party on election day. The energies seem to embolden and give courage to what they are doing. The ruling energy seems to be exalted and unopposed.

And, if you follow the Part of Fortune, you’ll see that Uranus, the planet that rules technology and unexpected changes is nearly perfectly conjunct. It would seem that their good lucky is energized.


This is a collection of data and interpretation files that were used.


Biwheel for day of election

Natal Wheel


Transits to Natal Data

Transit Interpretations

Natal Asteroids


Biwheel for day of election

Natal Wheel


Transits to Natal Data

Transit Interpretations

Natal Asteroids


Election Wheel

Election Data

Election Asteroids

Election Cosmo

Donald Trump natal Wheel

Donald Trump Election Biwheel


Election Day Astrology – What’s Your Take? — 26 Comments

  1. Hi Victoria, Thanks for the comments. I can’t tell if I should interpret your words as a statement or question. At the time that I wrote the article, there was a lot of talk of a blue wave come election time. The press talked about it and lots of people (around where I live) talked as if the blue wave would arrive to save the day. Well, as you can see, I wanted to look ahead to see how the energies would influence things. As you can see, I came to the conclusion that the democrats would have limited ability – or the doors would be closed to them and the republicans would be emboldened and even push harder.
    When I look at what actually happened, democrats did win the house, but they din’t do so in a big way. And, in the senate, they actually lost ground. When this unfolded, I saw celebration from the democrats and sorrow from the republicans on election night, but after a few days I saw the democrats settle back to ‘at least we won the house’ and the republicans excited that they actually grew their side in the senate.
    So, what do we get from astrology? Well, we don’t get lottery numbers, but we do get an idea for how people will feel about the lottery.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  2. Dave, thanks for the response. In the USA, voting for a third party candidate unfortunately usually means just a protest vote which more often than not hands a victory to the greater of two evils. I was thinking more of countries that have representative congresses, parliaments, etc where the votes are divvied up into a more diverse make up–not just into two opposing/ polarizing systems (as Trevor Noah also was referring to). Of course this is not automatically a good thing as fascistic tendencies rise around the world but where, exactly is the perfect system? The solutions are ultimately in changes of hearts and developing consciousnesses, I’m sure we here would all agree. Good to know that Mahala is okay!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yes, Mahala is ok and yes, she penned that last post. Keep in mind that she is empathic which makes her highly sensitive to the energies of discourse or harmony. Most everyone would agree that the energies around are not in harmony with who she is, thus, my take is that the article reflected that. Her latest article is more aligned to how she feels. … and regarding politics, I kind of agree with you. I like it when I can vote for a candidate that is outside the two party system.

  4. I agree that this is an interesting report that seems unbiased. Too bad things got a bit heated and partisan here about it. I agree with Trevor Noah’s wise comment that one of the worst things about the political system in the U.S. is having just 2 political parties, unlike some other countries where more options sometimes help to create more honest and vigorous dialogues. The 2 party model does magnify the us/them, duality/polarity consciousness, and never have we seen it more than in recent years. It will be interesting to see what comes of the midterm election since there are always unknowns and hidden factors. Dave, I appreciate your column and am just wondering if Mahala is okay? The last column, though in her name, was rather alarmist for her and thus some of us wondered if it was not penned by her either. Keep us posted and healing thoughts to all!

  5. Thanks, Dave, appreciate your analysis. Is there anyway to do a chart for a point in time when consciousness shifts, e.g. the August Solar eclipse when it was over DC and how that would progress on election day? It’s all about states of consciousness really, not political parties. This may be an odd question but is there a way to track the birth of a state of consciousness? The little I know about Astrology, I can see how setting “birth” time and location would be a challenge. Curious … Blessings!

  6. Thank you for a very interesting report. I thought it was very unbiased just looking at the aspects without taking sides. I am very excited about what is coming in November. I think much of the illusion we have been accustomed to and have accepted for decades will be exposed and people will be shocked. Whether you are a republican or a democrat is not really the issue it’s about us waking up one way or another. It’s about having the truth in our hands finally. And it’s especially about our evolution. Thanks again for a very well done report.

  7. Thanks EL. Feels like a sunny day here today. Sorry about the pot. I look forward to understanding your point of view. 🙂 Dave

  8. So Dave, stirring the pot concerning an “individual interpretation” focusing the “illusional divide”, is intending to create and serve what purpose!? How about creating a “new paradigm of collaboration” based on current astrology, thus creating what is “good for “All”~! Want to be a true “teacher”— guide!\ The rest of you… It amazes me how many are allowing their; false, limited, learned, “egos” to “exceed their diaper sizes” (<both sides)!… Grow up folks! The fence is illusionary, specifically created to distract your attention away from what is really going on “behind the scenes”! Behind the scenes, "both sides" are working “together”, fulfilling industry agendas just to pad their own individual pockets… Why? Because you wasted your; attention, energy and time “believing their sales pitches and the illusion division stories they purposely created!”, instead of getting off your “entitled egotistical ass(es)” (<created by them~!), utilizing your innate God/dess energy into creating and focusing on what is literally “good for all”!… This whole mess is a ruse to distract from the real truth! By taking a stand, you create a divide… You want something different? Start creating what is good for “all” in your own lives and around you… Or the energy that continues to create the divide, will continue creating either; natural disasters, or WAR, then creating the necessary unity, which doesn’t give a damn about what side of the illusionary fence you stand behind, because we will all be too busy having to “work together”, to literally “survive”~! If war begins, you know who wins? The “politicians and industry” (<“neither of them” will be on the front-lines possibly losing their “life”)! Get a clue and start focusing on working “together”!… Bottom line, “we are the leaders” we want to see in the world, in order to thrive!… Namaste…

  9. Thank you Irene, When it comes to right or wrong, it’s really just a matter of interpreting the data. I would have loved to write up a report showing balanced, attractive, harmonious energy that we could all look forward too. Hopefully, I’ll look back on this report and laugh. 🙂

  10. Well if you want to get a lot of comments, write about politics and election outcomes. We shall all have to see what comes from people’s free will choices.

  11. Thank you Dave, this was great. And I hope your right. You really do good work, and I am grateful for what you have sent me. I have been a democrat all of my life except for now. The hatred, anger, out there is so disturbing. My family is now divided. If I don’t think like they do, I am a racist and they don’t talk to me or the rest of the family. Friends to, I can’t deal with it any more. I want our country back, I want peace, I want to be able to voice my opinion without hatred.

  12. Hi Toni,
    I had a half republican, half democrat friend that used that phrase all the time. As I’ve mentioned before, everyone that reads astrology does so from their point of view. I posted the data and am willing to run more charts for those that want to find a balance to this report. 🙂 Dave

  13. Dave
    1) I have never meet a politician that I found as trustworthy – Agreed but things change.
    2) the energies of influence seem to favor the republicans but people have Free Will – Yes we do, and many of us have chosen to be part of the Great Awakening and the Positive Timeline (which is neither democrat nor republican but pro-liberty and pro-humanity as my friend Gillian says on her site)
    3) It’s all a show until people go to jail…and even then politician flip the pardon card. – Yes it is, until things change. Then it’s game on. I don’t see pardons happening as they did under Bush, Clinton, and Obama. Many of us sense that a great change is here. But believe what you want.

    Meanwhile, Yes, I should do a birth chart on Q. Do you know the timestamp of the first message? – You should hopefully be able to find that online.

  14. I hope you are wrong because I feel our country is “going to hell in a hand
    basket,” as they say, under Republican Rule.

  15. Hi Jane,
    People like yourself that are sensitive make the best astrologers! Just like you can feel the warmth of a fire, you can feel the influences of the planets. Astrology is a fundamental element of consciousness that, if we are still and observant, we should be able to see what the energy flow is. The fun part about it is that people have Free Will to choose what they want to do regardless of the influences that are in play. Astrology doesn’t determine the outcome, it just helps shape how the game is played. Dave

  16. Hi K,
    Couple things 1) I have never meet a politician that I found as trustworthy, 2) the energies of influence seem to favor the republicans but people have Free Will and 3) It’s all a show until people go to jail…. and even then politician flip the pardon card. Meanwhile, Yes, I should do a birth chart on Q. Do you know the timestamp of the first message? …

  17. Hi Joyce,
    It would be great if you reviewed the asteroid data (found at the end of the article) to see what the goddesses have to say. I didn’t really dig into that much. They might tell a different story then what I saw in the standard planets. Dave

  18. Hi Mary,
    Anyone that interprets the stars does so from their own point-of-view. It’s like reading tea leaves, what you see might be completely different than what I see. Thus, it’s important to make sure that we’re all looking at the same tea leaves. 🙂 So, one of the most helpful aspects of astrology is to use to so that you can be prepared for the influences that are coming and you can act accordingly. Be the change you want to see in the world. 🙂 Dave

  19. My initial response is to echo that of Joyce, Dave!!!
    I do not have the experience or skills to interpret your findings for myself –
    My take from this is to reinforce what I sense this particular era is enforcing:
    Namely that each individual must goes within to locate, nurture, and strengthen that inner-most core which is our highest essence. External circumstances and/or environment may not be so supportive. We must look within to discover our true nature, our inner light and strength. And then to support and empower individuals/communities that are also seeking a higher understanding of themselves and their world. To implement those efforts in unity and with compassion – not from a basis of separation, retaliation and fear.

  20. God/Goddess IS helping us. It’s a Red Wave of Truth by a landslide. People are fed up with the corruption and false ‘resistance’ that does not represent the American people. People I know (including myself) are tired of the swamp, the lies, the outrageous violent behavior instigated by the Dems and their lying MSM deep-state propaganda. The’resistance’ is being overblown by the MSM; it’s really a small minority and they don’t enjoy any popular support, and many former Dems have walked away. The silent majority that is in control now. The Dem party will cease to exist as we know it by 2020. All because they never thought Hillary would lose. Will you still support the Dem party/leaders (and many cowardly republicans) once the truth about their crimes are revealed and people start seeing the depths of corruption and treason?

  21. This is the most depressing analysis of the election I’ve read so far.
    I fervently hope you are wrong

    Thanks for your hard work.

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