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Stormy Moon Goddess

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The New Moon in Libra and brings two important and inter connected themes – connections with the Divine Mother as it is conjunct Ceres, and relationships.

Yesterday I visited a wonderful artist Simant Bostock in the wilderness of Bernera, Outer Hebrides, Scotland who has worked with the Gaelic Goddess energies for many years. Driving through the mountains three golden eagles flew over us as we headed into this autumnal place of enormous sky, ancient gniess rocks and selkie lochs on the far West of the British Isles.

Simant related to us over a cup of tea in his studio, filled with mythical sculptures, paintings and skeletons of swans found on the beach, the story of Boana the Mother Goddess. Boana is a Cow Goddess all giving and often depicted as pregnant. She has connections with Mona the Celtic Cow Goddess and Hathor from Egypt. Boana has blue skin.

Boana was married to Nuada Silver Arm, Chieftain of the Tuatha de Danann and they resided at Newgrange in Ireland. However, as reflected in many other Goddess traditions like Ceres, Boana broke with conventional morality. In this case by having an affair and conceiving a child. Nuada during this time had been enchanted and entered another dimension which he could not leave.

What mysterious light can this archetypal myth shine on the unfolding relationship patterns for this month? This unfaithfulness of the Goddess almost always points to the ‘wild spirit’ part of feminine consciousness being in need of attention. This part is creative, independent and pleases itself. On a soul level this part must be nurtured by a deepest connection to oneself, to ones still place within. The lover is therefore the core part of ourselves, the Beloved talked of in every mystical tradition. To not feed the wild woman within, to suppress her needs results in depression and other forms of mental and emotional distress and sometimes physical illness. The pregnancy of Boana points to the fertility and abundance of the Goddess.

This moon cycle with Venus in a challenging square to Mars and Uranus opposing Mercury is likely to bring the unheard voice of the wild woman or man to the surface. The level of disruption of this will depend on one thing only, the willingness to listen to that voice which is deeply connected to your intuitive self.  You already know the answers. Retreating to a place of wilderness where you can be with the Beloved within will bring miraculous results in your relationships in the outer world. In a world that is always calling for our attention outwardly though this takes discipline and ruthlessly making space for our inner world to flourish.

If you would like to check out Simant’s work here is his web site.

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